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This review is going to sound like I work for Falcon Ridge but this was hands down the best course on our recent trip to Mesquite. This might actually be my favorite course that I have ever played.

Everything about this place was excellent. The layout is absolutely awesome. It winds through a new housing development with some spectacular views and some spectacular homes. The back 9 is especially a treat. #10-#16 really stand out. They are definitely target golf but that is the type of golf I enjoy. It may not be for everyone but I loved it. The 10th was one of my favorite holes out of any that I have played. The large lake at the bottom and the stream running down the middle of the split fairway was awesome. I tried to take some pictures here but it did not look anything like it did in person.

If you are in the area, this place is a absolute must play, especially with the conditions right now. The is what I remember Coyote Springs looking like a few years ago when I played it. The fairways are the greenest you will ever see and the rough is all brown or yellow. It is absolutely an amazing sight. You have to see it to believe it.

It is very simple here right now:
Fairways - Outstanding
Rough - Outstanding
Greens - Outstanding
Bunkers - Outstanding
Layout - Outstanding
Starter/Staff - Outstanding
Weather - Pretty much garbage again - cold and rain

The scariest thing about this course is the 2nd shot on #3. You hit from an elevated tee to the fairway and then from the fairway to an elevated green. The thing is, when you look up at the green for that second shot, all you see if the flag and this giant 10ft+ high by 30ft+ long curved glass window. I am a fairly decent golfer and that view even had me a little scared. A bit thin and it will end up going right through this guy's window. We could see him sitting on his bed watching us play as well. Luckily for us (and him), everyone hit good shots.

Go play this place. You will not be disappointed. I actually enjoyed this course more than Wolf Creek (which is saying something if you ask me). Our entire group agreed that this was the best course on the trip. It is true that it does have some strange holes and some blind shots but they are all playable. I wish I lived closer so I could play this place more often. This was also the cheapest of the three Mesquite courses that we played. Absolute must play and we will be playing it again on a future trip. Well done everyone at Falcon Ridge and thank you for a great day. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

P.S. - I do have to mention that there is no traditional driving range. There is an area to warm up that is simply a few mats where you hit into a net.
Our second round of our recent Mesquite golf trip was to Coyote Springs. We played this course on our last trip to Mesquite and we all agreed that we needed to add it to the rotation again since we all enjoyed it so much. To be honest, this is the course I was most looking forward to playing on the entire trip. I enjoyed it that much.

This course is literally in the middle of nowhere. It is about a 50 minute drive from Mesquite. There is nothing around this course for as far as you can see. It is actually quite sad to be honest. They must have had huge plans for this place a few years ago. There are house pads graded everywhere around the course. You can see areas where it was going to obviously be a grand entrance to a private gated community. The rumor is that there was supposed to be some 6,000 homes and two courses at this place and there is not one single home to be seen and only one course. It is crazy. Someone really lost their shorts here! It's hard not to feel for them.

The weather was by far the worst I have every played in. It was in the mid to high 30s and it rained the entire day. I packed a ton of layers of clothes in my bag but I didn't think to put the clothes in plastic bags. The rain soaked my bag and everything in it. I had no dry clothes to put on through the round so I just had to be wet and freezing. I actually stopped playing after 9 holes because I could not stop shaking and my fingers were starting to tingle. I am definitely a fair weather golfer. This was a struggle for me.

The weather was obviously not the fault of the course. The marshal actually come by on about hole 8 and just looked at us, shook his head, and laughed.

The course was not in the same shape that I remembered it a few years ago but it was also a different time of the year - November last time, March this time. I remember the greenest fairways and the nicest course conditions I have ever played last time. This time was not the case. I could have had my expectations too high or the terrible weather could have had me down - I don't know. It just was not what I expected.

The course had the winter look to it. Brownish dormant fairways and rough. It is conditions I would expect for a course that did not overseed. I am not sure if they did or not, but it had that feel. This was the most expensive round of golf on our entire trip ($160) and it was definitely in the worst condition. It was very playable but just not what I had expected. Again, I may have had too high of expectations or it could have been the weather but I just felt like it was not really worth the green fee at the moment. My opinion.

As for the course, the layout is absolutely awesome. It is one of my favorites. The greens are typical Nicklaus greens. Not one section of the green is flat and it looks like they buried cars under each of them. They would be brutal is they were rocket fast.

This course is definitely worth the drive from Mesquite just not the very high green fees. I think when the weather gets a little warmer, the course will be in awesome shape. It was playable but it did not have that wow factor like I remember from last time. Give it a little time and think it will be back to glory.
Played Primm - Lakes on the way out to our 8 man golf outing on Thursday 3/11. The course is right on the CA/NV line so it helps to break up the pretty long drive to Mesquite from Riverside. We had a 1:00pm tee time and we thought we knew what we were in for with the weather........we were wrong.

When we arrived, the sky was getting black. We could see in the distance that things were about to get ugly. There was no one at the course (everyone else was smarter than we were) so they actually asked us which course we wanted to play. Our tee time was for the Desert course but the nice lady that came to take our bags actually told us that we should play the Lakes course since it was in better condition. We really appreciated that.

As soon as we hit the first tee, it started to hail/snow quite hard. It was definitely a first for everyone in our group being from SoCal. We were all in agreement that we were playing so off we went. The course actually turned white. It was a pretty awesome sight. The afternoon actually turned out to be pretty decent. We got a mix of rain and a little sunshine but we had a good time.

As for the course, all in our group had nothing bad to say about the conditions of the course. If you are just driving by on the 15 fwy, you would have no idea that there was such incredible courses inside that giant dirt bank.

The fairways were in great condition. They were obviously a little soggy from all the weather they were having but that was to be expected. The coverage was great although there were a few bare spots. Nothing at all to complain about.

The greens were in pretty decent shape as well. There were a few rough areas but for the most part, they putted really well. It was pretty crazy to putt the first few greens with snow and hail on them. The ball actually picks up the snow and gets bigger as it rolls. We had a lot of fun with that.

I was in one greenside bunker and it was in great shape. Very easy to hit out of. It was wet/heavy sand but it was easy to tell that if these bunkers were not so wet, they would be outstanding.

The layout of this course is a lot of fun. There are tons of trees and a good amount of bunkers and water areas/features. It is a very flat course but it does not have that feel of going down and back and playing the same holes over again.

I would highly recommend this course if you are in the area. Everyone in our group really enjoyed it and 4 of them actually stopped to play it again on their way home on Sunday. I would have done the same but I needed to get home. Great day even with the crazy weather and we will definitely be back to this facility on our next Mesquite outing.
Took a "sick day" yesterday to go out and support the CBU baseball team in their annual alumni golf outing. I try not to miss this event each year as it is awesome to see some of the guys and catch up on old times.

This year we played at Canyon Crest Country Club. I had played this course one time in the past so I kinda of knew what to expect with the course. If you like traditional, old school golf courses, then this is the place for you. Some of the holes are tree lined (as you would expect with an older course) while other holes are lined with homes. The course pretty much flat so I think this would not be too difficult of a course to walk. There are a few holes on the back 9 that will make you out of breath though so beware of that.

The greens were outstanding. The were as smooth as glass and rocket fast compared to come of the courses I have been playing recently. A missed putt here could not be blamed on the course conditions. I think the greenskeeper was in a bit of a bad mood that morning though because most of the pins were in some pretty tough areas.

The fairways were in pretty decent shape. The all had good coverage. We were playing a scramble format so we were able to pick out lies but, for the most part, I don't think there were too many bad lies to be had out there.

The rough was a little rough. It was patchy and really wet in most areas. Some of the holes were just simply mud on the outer edges. The middle of the course is in a bit of a drainage area so I am not sure if it was still trying to dry out from the recent rains or if it was just from over watering. Either way, we did have a few shots from the rough and in some areas, we struggled to find some good areas to hit from within a club length.

We were in one greenside bunker on #2 and the sand was great. I cannot comment on any other bunkers on the course but visually, they all looked to be in about the same condition.

All in all, a fun day on the course. Personally, this is not my favorite type of golf course but that is just my preference. Others may love the old school feel and layout. I would come back and play again. I would definitely recommend that you give this course a try if you are invited (this is a fully private club, afterall).
I got out of work a little early on Tuesday so I headed out to Soboba. I played this course 3-4 times while the course was being renovated and the casino was being built. I have not been able to get out there to check it out since the course full opened back up with the new back 9.

Check-in was a breeze. I booked the time online and paid when I get to the course. There was someone at the entrance of the pro shop that takes your temperature before you are able to enter. The lady at the pro shop counter was very friendly and welcoming.

The course was WIDE open. I did not have a single person in front of me the entire 18 holes. Behind me was a group of college kids that were walking so I basically had the course to myself. I don't know if this is normal for a weekday afternoon out there but I was not going to complain.

Layout - The new layout is awesome. I have played the front 9 quite a few times and nothing has really changed with these holes. The revamp of the back 9 was outstanding. Holes 13, 14, 15, & 16 are all new (to me) and very well done. The short par 4 13th is one of the best holes I have played. There are a ton of ways you can play that hole. It was really well thought out. These new holes really are spectacular, with the water all around and the brand new hotel/casino in the background. I tried to take some pictures but it really doesn't tell the story. Impressive.

Greens, Fairway, Rough - All were in great shape. The greens were smooth as can be an fast. The greens have a lot more slope in them that it looks like. Fairway and rough was in great shape with great coverage (especially for the dead of winter). The par 3 tee boxes were a little chewed up but that (obviously) is to be expected.

Traps - Some of the best traps I have ever seen. I was only in a couple but it looked like every trap was in the same condition. The sand was fluffy and consistent which makes it really easy to hit shots out of. Since it was so fluffy, you do have to watch out for the "fried egg" though. The sand will eat your ball up if it comes from a very high trajectory.

My only complaint with the course is the mud hens or whatever the heck those birds are called. There are literally a hundred of them on every hole that has water (which is quite a few). It was so bad on the 14th hole that I actually picked up my ball and didn't even putt out because there was so much poop on the green. Also, I did see that if you want a cart to yourself, you will have to pay an extra $25. Just wanted to throw that out there if you are one that likes to ride in a cart by yourself during these COVID times.

Enough about the negative. Well done Soboba on the golf course. The conditions were excellent. The new layout is excellent. The customer service is excellent. The price is a little steep at $75 for a weekday afternoon round but we all kind of expected prices like this when the casino was opened and the new renovation was complete. Because of the price and the distance from me, I won't say that this will be a regular on my list but it was a great experience and I am glad I made the drive out. I will be back.
I have not been able to get out much lately to play but I got some time today so I looked to see what courses were pretty wide open so I could get some practice in. I saw Hidden Valley had a bunch of tee times and I had not played here in a while so I thought it would be fun.

I was really disappointed with the course today. This place has been booked solid for the past few months so I had pretty high expectations based on the amount of play this place was getting. I was pretty disappointed once I got out on the course.

First off, GolfNow did not mention anywhere that the course was cart path only. Anyone that has every played this course could agree with me that this course is not one you really want to play on cart path only conditions. It was really odd that the course was cart path only with the conditions I saw. The course was actually really dry and I even saw holes that had sprinklers on. Really weird situation if you ask me.

The fairways and rough were in decent shape. There were a ton of divots but I expected that with the amount of play they have been getting. They can't really help that to be honest.

The tee boxes were absolutely horrible. I have never in my life seen tee boxes like these. Most had literally zero grass on them - especially on the par 3's. I found myself trying to find an area that just had some grass to hit off of - whether is was between the tee markers or not. If you played the entire 18 between the markers, you would have been hitting off actual dirt on at least 9 of the 18 holes. Probably the worst tee boxes I have ever played and I have played some crappy courses!

The pace of play was absolutely horrible. I understand that I was a single but the groups in front of me were absolutely brutal. It would have been a 6 hour round if I would have stayed behind them. I ended up going back to the first tee after #9 and was able to fly though my "back 9". I don't think I would have finished 14 holes before dark if I would have gone to the back. Brutal pace of play but understandable with cart path only conditions on this course.

I guess I had too high of expectations today. I have not been on Greenskeeper in a while since I have not been playing much so I did not see the previous reviews about the course. If I had seen those, I probably would have picked something else today. Unfortunately, I would not recommend this course right now. Slow play and poor course conditions did not add up to a very fun day.
My second round of the day yesterday was at Classic Club for the GK Guru event. Man was I spoiled on this trip - first a trip to Indian Wells and then onto Classic Club. Just another average Monday.......

This place is awesome all the way around. As you have probably seen from a number of reviews on here, this place is a gem. This is my first experience playing in the Palm Springs area in the winter time. All of my other PS rounds have been in the dead of summer. Winter in the desert is a completely different experience. This place is beautiful beyond words.

This was my third time playing this course and the conditions this time were by far the best I have seen here (or anywhere in this area - as I said, I usually play here when it is 115 outside). The bright green fairways against the brownish rough areas is a sight to behold. Even the bunkers have a brown ring around most of them against the bright white sand and the green of the fairways - awesome. I want to be clear that when I say brown, I do not mean dead or unplayable. It is just something you need to see and experience.

As everyone before me has said, everything around here is top notch. All aspects of the course are A+ in my opinion - tee boxes, fairways, greens, bunkers, clubhouse, etc. The only thing that needs mentioning is a few minor imperfections in the greens. I am not sure what was going on but most greens had a few burn areas in them. They were mostly just not pleasant to look at. They did not have any influence over the putts. I feel that we were also very spoiled with the weather. He did not even have a puff of breeze and it was like 70 degrees outside - not bad for December golf!

The layout and condition of this course is outstanding. No hole feels like you are playing a hole that you have previously played. You really have to play here to understand the beauty of the holes. I do not feel that pictures do this place justice. A absolute must play if you are in the area. Nick - you are spoiled to have such great courses in your home town. I am jealous.

I know that this may not be the place for this type of comment but if you have not played in one of the GK'er events, make sure you check one out. This was my first one and I was lucky enough to play with Johnny, Ron, and Nick who made the experience very enjoyable. Give one of these events a try - I promise you will not be disappointed. Everyone was very friendly and I think this a great place to make some new golfing buddies. It took me like 5 holes to get the nerves out during this event but once I calmed down, I played better and had a great time. Thank you again guys for a great 36 hole day and a special thanks to Johnny for setting it all up. I will be doing another event in the future for sure. Be sure to check one out if you have not played in one. It was a blast!
I played the Celebrity course yesterday for the first time. I was a little late getting a spot with the GK'er group so I booked a tee time on GolfNow for the group right behind the two GK'er groups.

I made the 1:10 drive from Riverside and arrived about 40 minutes before my tee time. Check in was a breeze and I was informed that they were about 10-20 minutes behind due to a frost delay.

Range balls were made available with my tee time. I hit a few balls and a few putts on the practice green and I was off to the first tee. The starter was excellent and took the time to speak with me for quite some time before I teed off. He gave me some tips and talked to me about some differences about this course and the Players Course (which I had played previously). He paired me with a couple of gentlemen from Los Angeles. Both were very nice and fun to play with.

As for the course:

Tee Boxes: All were excellent. They all had good coverage and were flat. There is nothing to complain about here.

Fairways: Excellent. I have not been playing much lately due to an injury but these fairways were ridiculous (in a good way) compared to what I have been playing lately. To me, they were like carpet. There were no bad lies to be had here. Very well done.

Rough: The rough was in very good shape as well. There were a few thin areas but they were pretty few and far between. Not very difficult to hit out of.

Greens: Common theme here with my review - Excellent. The greens had very few ball marks and rolled very smooth. I am used to putting on Bermuda greens in this area since I usually only play in the summer time. The greens were medium/fast in my opinion. I missed putt on these greens were "user error" rather than a miss due to course conditions.

COVID: Masks are required around and inside the clubhouse. They are also required in the first tee area. I was given a single cart but my playing partners shared a chart and their cart had a plastic divider between them.

Overall, a great experience at the Celebrity course. The layout is a lot of fun. The holes around the drainage canal get very narrow (#8, 9, 10, 11) but are very playable. As others have said, the back 9 is a treat. The views of the mountains in the distance against this immaculate course is quite a sight. A must play if you are in the area. Well worth the hour plus drive for me! I will be back!
Made the drive out to Oak Valley yesterday to get in my first round since destroying my wrist on a tree root a few weeks back. I love this course and it looked wide open on GolfNow so I figured what the heck.

I arrived and noticed that the clubhouse is closed. The stairs up to where you usually check in were completely roped off. You now check in downstairs next to the range ball dispensing machine (for those that have been here before).

I was able to head right away as a single. The course was pretty much wide open. I did catch a couple of groups on #7 but I think they only played 9 holes because once I got on the back, I had the course to myself.

The course is pretty much what you would expect right now. There are areas of bright green grass and then there are patches of dormant Bermuda. This has to be a tough winter for golf courses. It has been fairly warm most days and reasonably cold at night so I am sure getting the winter grasses to grow during this time has to be tough.

The fairways were in pretty good shape even with the patches of grass. I only came across a few bare areas. For the most part, the fairways (and rough for that matter) was definitely playable. No complaints here.

The bunkers were the best I have seen since all this COVID stuff started. Most of the courses I have played seemed to be letting the bunkers go since they are not allowed to have rakes. The bunkers here had plenty of sand and most looked like they had not had a person step foot in them all day. I was only in one and it was perfect in my opinion.

The greens (as usual) were the standout point here. You can still SEE the holes from where they were punched but it had no influence on any of my putts. The greens seemed rocket fast to me but that could be because I have not played in quite a few weeks. The greens here have a lot of undulation so putts seem to break a lot more than you would expect. Even with me blowing putts 6 feet by because of my lack of feel for the speed, I still seemed to miss on the low side about 90% of the time. I am sure a lot of others that have played this golf course would agree with me that these are some of the trickiest greens around. Greens were 10/10 in my book.

The tee boxes did seem like they needed a little work. The par 3s were especially chewed up (#11 in particular). This does not bother me too much at all but it may bother some so I figured it was worth mentioning.

All in all, I could not ask for a better day to get back at it. A fun layout that was in typical winter shape (even though it was close to 80 degrees when I hit the first tee). Definitely worth it if you are in the area. Don't expect Augusta National but don't expect a typical muni either. Well worth the 40 min drive for me after work. I will be back.
My second round of my weekend in Palm Springs was at Terra Lago North. During this round, my father-in-law joined me. We had a 8:10am tee time on a VERY hot and VERY humid Saturday morning.

I absolutely hate to write a negative review about a golf course but this particular outing was pretty rough to say the least. I know golf courses do the best they can with what they have to work with so I hate to give them a hard time.

The staff at this course was not friendly at all. The guy behind the counter basically told us to go pick up your bag, go find your cart, go load up your bag, and get out of the pro shop. My father-in-law and I were joking about it when we left the clubhouse but it was actually pretty unwelcoming to say the least. We were also not made aware that the range was closed. We showed up early to hit some balls. The only explanation we got was "it has been closed all year". We hit some putts but we had like a half hour to kill so we ended up standing around a lot.

There were multiple groups on the first tee. There were the normal tee times teeing off and there was also the groups coming up that started on the back nine. I see what other have complained about with the back nine groups coming up and jumping in before your tee time. It was brutal. Luckily, the starter took us over and let us go off on #10. By doing that, he probably saved us an hour and a half or more in the heat. We didn't not see a single group in front of us the entire round. It was actually pretty awesome. Thank you to the starter for that.

The course conditions were pretty bad compared to other courses in the area. The fairways had a lot of bare areas. The rough did as well. The bunkers were actually in really good shape and were the bright spot of the course.

The greens were absolutely brutal and brutal is a complement. We were not made aware that the greens were punched. These greens were punched in a way that I have never seen before. Every green had these lines about 1/4" wide and about an inch apart that ran all the way across the green. The ball would literally get stuck in one of these lines when you would putt. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen.

The layout of the course is actually quite fun. The holes around the clubhouse are awesome (and tough) with the island greens and the massive lakes. They would be absolutely beautiful holes if the course was in better condition. The front nine actually has quite a few elevation changes.....I was pleasantly surprised. The layout is really really good in my opinion.

Again, I hate to write negative reviews because I know this can have a negative influence on the golf course. Hopefully this course is able to turn it around after the summer heat is over but right now, there are way to many other great courses in the area. I personally (as well as my father-in-law) probably will not be back to this course. It is a shame too because the layout seems that it could be quite fun in better condition.
Took a trip out to Palm Springs over the weekend. We usually head out to PS a few times each summer. There are so many golf course in the area, I always try to play something different each time we go.

I have been wanting to play SilverRock for quite some time. Usually, all of the early morning tee times are booked up so I am not able to play. This trip, I was able to score a 6:40 Friday tee time (which I assume is due to the fact that they punched the greens earlier in the week).

There is a massive amount of construction going on around the course. They have a temporary clubhouse (doublewide) and a temporary cart barn. I never steeped foot in the actual clubhouse. I simply gave the two gentlemen at the bag drop my last name and they told me to load up and head out.

They told me to follow the signs to the driving range. The driving range is literally almost a mile from the clubhouse. It was insane. I swore I was lost. Once I arrived, the driving range was all grass and was in decent shape. The range balls were in good condition. I was a single so was paired with Gary, his son Andrew, and Bill. All three were awesome...if you see this, thanks for the great round.

Once on the course, the layout is awesome. It is one of the best I have ever played in the Palm Springs area. The fairways are very generous. I did not feel like I was playing the same hole over and over again. I felt that the layout was similar to the Mountain course which is just down the road and a layout that I also really enjoyed.

Overall Condition: I thought the condition of the course was great considering the hot summer temps. It ranks up there with any of the courses that I played in the area in the summer.

Tee Boxes: Perfect shape. All of the tee boxes were level and had good coverage. Even the par 3's were in good shape.

Fairways: The fairways were in great shape. I did not have a bad lie the entire day. They were not rock hard like you would assume they would be with the hot temperatures. Nothing at all to complain about here.

Bunkers: The bunkers were in good condition early in the morning. I was told by the starter that they rake the bunkers once each morning and they are not maintained the rest of the day. With no rakes on the course, I could see how some might complain about the bunkers in the afternoon. Since I was in one of the first groups off, the bunkers were in great shape. I was in a couple of them and I had not problem hitting shots out of them.

Green: I have to be honest, the greens were pretty bad. BUT......I was made aware that they punched the greens via GolfNow when I booked the tee time so I know what I was signing up for. They would punched only a few days earlier so they were still pretty rough and had a fair amount of sand on them. They will be awesome in a few weeks. Had to be negative when a golf course is just doing routine maintenance but it does need to be noted in case you are considering a trip to SilverRock.

Overall, I will be back to this course and it will probably be on my next trip to PS. I enjoyed the course that much. When the resort that is currently under construction is finished, I have a feeling it is going to be even more difficult than it is now to get a tee time. Hopefully I can make it back out before that happens. If you are considering playing SilverRock, do it. You will not be disappointed.
My second round of my annual Palm Springs Father's Day trip was to Eagle Falls. This is another course that I have never played in the PS area so I wanted to give it a try. It is always highly ranked on the Top25 so I figured it would not disappoint - and it did not.

I had read previous reviews that some golfers were a little scared when they arrived that Eagle Falls. The club house is a double wide trailer with an attached cart barn. It looks like something you would see at your local muni........but then.......

You are instructed to cross a large bridge and head out to the golf course. Once you get across that bridge, you see what the course really has to offer. There is a massive practice putting green and a very nice all grass diving range. You have views of the first and 10th holes which look immaculate. I was a little nervous when we first arrived but realized what everyone else was talking about when I got across that bridge.

A coworker of mine drove out from the Winchester area to play with me. We ended up being the first group at at 6:30am. We finished just before 8:30am so we were done in less that 2 hours! He was just as impressed with the layout and conditions of the course as I was.

Layout - The layout of the course is great. You do not feel like you are playing the same hole over and over even though this is a pretty flat course. Some of the holes are parallel but you do not get that feeling due to the native areas and the trees that border the holes. Both of us had nothing negative to say about the layout of the course. We really enjoyed it. Be aware of the snakes in the summer time though. We saw two groundskeepers picking up King snakes and moving them off the golf course! Careful where you step!

Fairways / Rough / Greens - I would put the condition of all three up against any course around. I had just come off a spectacular round at The Mountain course. I felt that the Mountain Course would really set the bar high and I felt that this course met or exceeded those expectations. The greens at Eagle Falls were 10 times better than the greens at The Mountain course. The fairways and rough were every bit as good as the higher priced Mountain course.

Bunkers - I was not actually in a bunker so I cannot comment on their condition.

In conclusion, I was spoiled on this trip. I got to play two great courses and both courses did not disappoint. I don't really want to say this out loud but I feel that Eagle Falls is a steal at $59 on a Saturday morning. I do not think you will find a better deal in the desert. Going back to my normal IE rotation of courses is going to be rough after the weekend that I had in Palm Springs. Give Eagle Falls a shot. It is also at the Fantasy Springs hotel so, if you do not have a good day at the course, you can try your luck at the casino.

Thank you Eagle Falls for a great Saturday morning. We will be back!
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* Oak Creek Golf Club, Irvine, CA
* Oak Quarry Golf Club, Riverside, CA
Olivas Links, Ventura, CA
* Omni La Costa Resort, Carlsbad, CA
* Paiute Golf Resort Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV
* Paradise Valley Golf Course, Fairfield, CA
* Quail Lodge Golf Club, Carmel, CA
* Rams Hill Golf Club, Borrego Springs, CA
* Rancho Solano Golf Club, Fairfield, CA
* Reflection Bay Golf Club, Las Vegas, NV
* Ridge Creek Dinuba, Dinuba, CA
* Rio Secco Golf Club, Las Vegas, NV
* Riverwalk Golf Club, San Diego, CA
* Royal Links Golf Club, Las Vegas, NV
* Sandpiper Golf Club, Santa Barbara, CA
* Sterling Hills Golf Club, Camarillo, CA
* The Club at Sunrise, Las Vegas, NV
* Sun City West Golf, Phoenix, AZ

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