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Played Friday Oct 15th at 702, hit a few balls on the range to warm up, check in fast, got out on time. It has been 4 months since we played the North course, we played the whites, tee boxes were ok, it seems like on fridays the markers are moved back just a bit, hole 11 the tee box was being reseeded so all tees were from the red, fairways were ok with a few wet spots, you get off the fairways and you start to see bare spots, I was in 7 traps and I must say the sand was wet but decent, actually had a fried egg on one shot. The greens were very soft, big ball marks to repair everytime, but rolled nice. POP was 4.07, we tees off behind a 4 some playing from the blues and by the 4th or 5th hole we never waited again, and there was no one behind us. The wind picked up on the last 4 holes and made hole 18 play allot longer.
Played Friday Oct 1st at 7:06 it has been a month since I have been here, they have punched the south and they are large holes fairly close, had enough sand to get on your ball and stay there. The practice green is also punched so get a feel before you go out, you have to hit it harder and just aim for the hole, I actually made a few 12 footers and had the speed down to other were within 12" and had 30 legit punts, not get on the green and automatic 2 putts. When you hit the green you saw a puff of sand. They are again assigning golf carts and when you can load up, not sure why, POP was 416, we felt slow as we waited every hole on a 3 some, we were 4 some, they have reduced price to compensate for the punched greens. Gold tee boxes were fine, fairways good with a few brown spots, get off the fairway and you find allot more bare/dirt spots, was not in bunkers Will be back in 2 weeks and play the north.
Played Tues Sept 28th at 645, I play here allot and they have a card that you pay for 9 rounds and get the 10th free. I agree $51 is a bit high here but with the free round it averages about $46. Greens 2 and 17 have been punched and were sanded, the others were very soft as they were watering and you can tell they will be punching them soon. Over all conditions were pretty good as we played the white tees. Allot of courses have something weird on a hole or two (power poles etc.) and you just learn to play around it. Doesn't bother me as I like the course. They have really good breakfast here. Carts are basic but reliable and good power. POP was 3:30 We will be back next Tuesday
Played Tues Sept 21 at 649, check in fast, restaurant open, they have good breakfast here, got out on time. Been a while since I played Butterfield, we usually play chino creek, but the course was in decent shape, tee boxes were level, fairways were green with a few brown spots, bunkers are never good and I putted out of the one I was in, greens were very soft, we had large ballmarks to repair all day long but they rolled nice. I seem to score better on chino creek, but want to play this more often because I should be able to play here. POP was 4:04 which wasn't bad, if you play here, definitely bring bug spray as the nats are terrible, had many shots where they were all over my eyes so I put sunglasses on, then they started in my ears. My friend gave me bug spray and I had no issues the last 5 holes. Bug spray in now going in my bag.
Played Friday Sept 3rd at 634 and Tues Sept 7th at 642 for a couple of free birthday rounds. Got out on time Friday and 20min late on Tues. Friday the driving range was open early and was nice to hit 10 balls or so, Tues the driving range opens later. They must be trying to save money as they give you 2 score cards at the starter shack now, they are not out there for you to take. The course is not really in that good of shape, they appeared to be over watering and the are allot of mushy places in the fairways along with allot of brown places,we played gold tees and they were ok, the rough is getting longer by the trees and searching for your ball takes time. The bunkers are HORRIBLE, nothing but wet mud and in some standing wet mud that one of the guys was just slipping just walking around. There were rakes at all bunkers but you didn't need them, they were the worst I have seen here. Greens held shots and had large ball marks to repair. A few of the greens were in bad shape also around the edges. POP was just over 4 hours both days. We have 1 more birthday round this Tuesday sept 14th. I don't expect a big improvement. But it is free, LOL
Played Friday Aug 27th at 809, check in is now inside, fast and friendly, I actually had breakfast inside also, 1st time in 21 months at a golf course. Course was very busy. They used allot of water on the course because of the heat, tee boxes were good, fairways were damp with not much run out, that also goes for the rough as it was a little damp in the morning. Was in 1 green side bunker and while the sand was thin I did manage to get out in 1 shot, (I am not the best trap player on hard sand or dirt) Greens rolled nice and always had a ball mark to repair. The price is really good for seniors $38 riding and that is why it is so busy. The biggest problem with the course is the "nats" buzzing in your eyes and ears when you are trying to hit the ball. POP was 413.
Played Tues Aug 24th at 634, getting to the course that early is still difficult as the freeway construction wall is still going on, check in was fast, but he wears a mast and talks low so I can never hear or understand him, good my buddy was there because I ask him what he says, they had the white tee box on the first hole on the left side and it is a much better view of the fairway. Conditions haven't changed much, first hole green is getting better but still needs time, #12 green is much better, the rest of the greens are still very good. Tee boxes are fine as are the fairways with allot of green with a few brown spots, rough it the trees is long and you have to hunt for your ball. Taking the cart off the fairways it is like you are off roading it is so bumpy, some of the dirt cart paths are also getting very bumpy, drive slow or you will put your back out or hit your head on the cart roof, lol No marshalls, no beverage cart, but for $39 senior riding we will play here twice a month. POP was good at 339
Played both Friday Aug 13th and Tue Aug 17th, the personal here are really nice, check in and the snack shop are great, the round Friday we tees off 1/2 hour late and it turned out to be a 4:40 round, today we teed off on time and had a 3:12 round, the course is in great shape, tee boxes and fairways are great, rough is a little long under the trees and you pay for not bringing the fairways, greens are very receptive and rolled very true, traps.... well this is a SOCAL golf course that is not a resort, LOL enough said. We will be playing here probably 3 to 4 times a month, just a real nice relaxed day.
Played Friday July 30th at 7am. Check in was fast, cost was too high at $62, the starter is up at the club house signing out carts, but there is no one at the first tee to get people out. Our group of three had tee times of 7: 00,7:10 &7:20, so I started asking groups what their tee times were to get things moving and I got 6:56 & 7:04, looks like the club house doesn't know what they are doing how can you have tee times 4 minutes apart. Then there was a 2 some group just waiting for their third member to show up, needless to say we got out 20 minutes late. Most of the tee boxes were un mowed, when you used a short tee for a fairway wood to tee off the grass was above the tee, the fairways were ok, the rough was 4 to 5 inches in some places, wasn't in any traps thank goodness, and the greens were not mowed either, extremely slow. Our cart had a flat tire and they did bring out a new cart quickly. They had carts diving around giving cold water to the golfers. I said before I would not come back here and only did because our group did and I like playing with the group. POP was horrible at 4:45. The scenery is nice here but this course and the conditions of it are not worth $62. I will not be back until our group schedules it again next year.
Played Friday July 23rd at 6am. Course was a little busier than I thought it would be at that time. Have not played here for 2 1/2 months. Check in very fast, just grap a cart now, not being called up, driving range and putting greens all open. They were over watering the course because of the heat so the first few holes the fairways and greens were a little wet, there is no cart path only on the south now. Fairways were good to hit from, rough in the trees were a little long and you had to hunt for your ball, I found 6 shag balls looking for my buddies ball LOL, traps were not good, very hard sand/mud and even water because of the over watering, first 2 greens were slower but when the sun came out they were a nice speed, looks like they are repairing some tee boxes, specifically #9, it is all done and very level and nice. POP was 4:17, not great but ok, we will be back in 2 weeks.
Played Tues July 20th at 6:46. Check in fast, restaurant was open and had a one egg sandwich to go, very good. Got out 5 minutes before the men's club. Due to the heat wave they had sprinklers on at every hole and you had to avoid them, wasn't much roll in the fairways because of that. The first 2 greens were a little soggy that time of the morning but I am sure they dried out. Some of the rough was a little long under the trees, and some of the bunkers had good sand, others had water from the sprinklers. Tee boxes were good, a few hard spots but always had a level lie. Greens rolled a touch slow, they usually do here, but I know they added extra water because of the heat, rolled true thought. Always a pleasure to play this course. POP was 3:45 we were done by 10:30 but it was still hot and humid
Played Friday July 16th at 7am, check in fast, starter got us out on time. The tee markers were on the left tee box on the first hole and with the bushes being over grown it really narrows your view of the fairway. The 1st hole got rid of the temp green but the actual green is horrible, all the rest of the greens were nice and rolled well except #12 which also has issues. There are some nice green spots in the fairways, but also some brown spots. The bunkers are groomed nice but are nothing but hard packed sand. Wind always comes up on the back 9 and the holes run east towest and it really affects the ball. Actually ate lunch afterwards as we had 11 guys, 1st time in 18 months I ate lunch after a round. The course is not pristine but for $39 senior riding I will be back.
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