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Played Tues aug 11th at 7am, called for check in at 6:48, fast and easy and since walking asked for a score card and got it, out on time. First tee into the sun, you basically hit and hope your partners see some of the ball and start walking. The course was in very good shape, tee boxes level, fairways green, rough a little long and a little penal, 1 bunker, sand was wet, green receptive and rolled nice,. Another course i like because there are a few hole you have to think and not just grab driver off the tee. POP was 3:48 so done before 11am. Was pretty busy around that time.
Played Fri Aug 7th at 7:12, check in very fast, was also disappointed putting green closed, just don't understand that. I haven't been here in 2 years and our group have the L A County Senior card and wanted to use it, $28.50 to ride with senior card. Got out on time. Agree with past reviews, some tee boxes were unlevel, fairways pretty good shape, rough was very penal and hard to advance ball, bunkers not great, and the greens were very soggy and soft. Actually left foot prints in them and splashed water when walking. Very slow by 16 the sun was out and dried the last few up so they speed up a little, but not much. This course takes course knowledge, everything slopes away from the mountain and putts break that way also. There are many large trees that can get in the way. We played the whites and there were many holes driver was not required, ,but I like that as you have to think while playing. I didn't shoot well but want to come back soon since I just played here so I can use some course knowledge. POP was 4:23, not great , but the front 9 was much faster than the back 9, we caught a 4 some on 11 and then waited every shot.
Played Tues Aug 4th at 6:58. Got out on time. Played the golds. Course was busy and we waited every shot POP was 4:19 course is in pretty good shape with exception of the bunkers, they should be played as ground under repair. Course was very wet in the morning anticipating the heat, but when the sun came out around 10 the greens got a little quicker. The greens are showing some abuse as they are soft with many ball marks. We play here alot as we have the week day card and riding is $37 senior. It is a good deal and that is why they are always so busy here.
Played Fri jul 31st at 8:12, got out on time, staff in the club house are all very friendly, this is the way to start a round. Course was in good shape with the greens being the best, fairways were a little thin and the ball ran, not in any bunkers, some of the tee boxes were a little messed up, especially #9 it was very hot 105* and the cart girl came around 5 times, and she took cash, very good, stay hydrated. You have to play here more than once every 9 months to get comfortable with some of the holes and to know the breaks on the greens, POP was a little slow at 435. As stated in other reviews, holes #6 & #18 are really not good design for the average golfer, the course needs to let the grass grow at the water edge to give some buffer for the water to not roll into the water. I mean if you hit it into water, take your penalty but to hit it 30 yards to the left of the water and have it roll into the water is just not right. The course needs a 10 foot long grass buffer at the water, you slicers take you chance with the water, but stop killing everyone else.
Played Fri jul 24th at 654, check in fast , got out on time, you now have to sign out for cart again, not sure why, but this slows everything up at the starters shack. The course is very busy between 615 and 745, many many players. The course is in real good shape, everything pretty nice , the greens were real nice. The first 3 holes played faster and we thought things would go faster but was wrong, they really slowed up and again at 8 and stayed slow. POP was 431, FYI, we finished close to 1120 and there were no carts waiting, looks like they ran out of carts, so if you have a later tee time, think about that. We have the players card for weekday and for $37 senior a good value.
Played Tues Jul 21st at 7am, got out on time, still no practice putting green
Tees - mostly level dead grass, very hard, broke many tees
Fairways - mostly green and they were wet so not much run out, a few yellow spots
Rough - medium length not too penal
Bunkers - wet sand but the two I was in actually had some sand
Greens - were a little slow, they have metal which raises the flag and actually affected two putts today, pool noodles are much better
POP: 4:05 which is slow for us here
Played Fri jul 17th at 640, check in fast, price good for senior at $36 riding
Tees - mostly level but longer grass and soft, tee just went in and didn't stop
Fairways - mostly green, , a few had brown and bare spots
Rough - no change from last time, first few feet 1 1/2 and then what ever weeds grow
Traps - hard pan dirt and wet sand
Greens - practice green was fantastic, on the course a mixed bag, a little slow,
POP 413, course was very busy, parking lot was full so I think both courses were packed
Played Tues Jul 14th at 6:58 got out on time, playing the golds
Tee - all level in good shape
Fairways - green with very few brown spots
Rough - nof to penal close to the fairway, get farther off and you get weeds and bare spots
Traps - hard pan dirt and wet sand
Greens - were very clean, very receptive always a ball mark to repair and rolled very true, big improvement from 2 weeks ago
POP 4:14 Waited ever shot
Side note, got my 200th birdie today, I know not much compared to others but cool to achieve
Played friday July 10th at 6:54 got out on time
Not much different from last review, first 3 holes very very slow, watched a guy in group in front of us on par 3 number 2 swing 3 times before he hit the ball, and BTW he was playing the blues.
Fairways were starting to have a few brown spots because of the heat.
Bunkers still hard mud/dirt and a sprinkle of hard wet sand
Greens receptive and rolled nice, hole 18 green is healed and nice.
POP was 4:23, felt slow in the heat
Played Tues Jul 7th at 7am, got out on time
Tees - always found a level spot but mostly dormant grass
Fairways - green in most spots, but starting to get brown and bare spots on several holes, also quite a few divid marks.
Rough - mostly 1 1/2" grass between adjacent fairways, affected distance
Bunkers - nothing changed, hard wet thin sand
Greens - receptive always a ball mark to fix, were a little slow , over watered because of the expected heat
POP 3:45
Played Fri july 3rd at 6:40, got out on time, played the white tees
Tees - it was difficult to find a level spot on many holes
Fairways - some green tight lies but many browned out dead grass, many bare spots
Rough - just weeds that grow and bare spots
Traps - hard pan dirt with a dusting of sand
Greens - receptive , had ball marks to repair, little on the slow side, but no bare spots
POP 3:53
Played Tues june 30 at 7:06 got out on time playing the golds
Tee boxes - could always find a level spot, golds aren't used much
Fairways - green with very few bare spots
Rough - 1st few feet about 1 1/2" get farther off mixed weeds
Bunkers - just mud with layer of wet sand, many rocks in some
Greens - usually good but were lightly sanded with mud dropings on many, did not roll real well
POP 3:45
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