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Played Tues feb 23rd at 822, check in fast and friendly in fact i showed my players card and id and the young clerk said even with the small mask I had on he knew who i was, he said you play here all the time, LOL, the course was in pretty much the same as the south last week, decent winter conditions, sand traps nice sand and since out early not many foot prints, and greens very hard and fast, with next to no ball marks to repair, there were some very difficult pin placements and you really need to be below the hole. Since the greens are so hard it takes a different approach strategy because if you shoot for the center of the green you are going off the back, so playing for the front on the greens is the way to go. I heard they are punching the greens this monday, also heard the price goes up next week.
Played Fri Feb 19th at 803. Made the trip from Norco to OC, not my favorite drive, and the the trip home on the 91 was worse. Check in fast, course was very very crowded. The course is definitely showing the wear and tear of all the rounds being pkayed, several fairways were almost just dirt, many tee boxes are very chewed up, especially the par 3's, traps had good sand, greens were extremely hard are ran, no ball marks to fix. This course is up to $61 for senior to ride on a Friday and IMHO is not worth the drive from the IE or the money.
Played Tues feb 16th at 836, check in quick. We play here about once a month and we are getting very comfortable here, it is very true the more you play a course the better you score. Got out 20 minutes early following the womens club, POP was 426, but the back 9 was much faster as the womens club only plays 9 holes. Condition here is about the same as jan, greens are drying out, only had 1 plugged ball on #8, fairways are running away from the mountain alot of green with a few brown spots, some of the tee boxes have seen better days, especially the par 3's. Looking behind us the course was very busy later in the day, we will be bad next month.
Played Fri Feb 12th at 938. Check in quick, putting and driving range open. POP was slow at 4:34 there was a very slow 4 some in front of the 2 some in front of us. And it was obvious that there were new people playing the course because one group came up to us on the 15 tee box looking for the 18 tee box. Course played well greens rolled nice, this is a no frill track and simple golf which i like and that is what you got. One of our partners was in the bunkers and he said the sand was pretty good. Because of the low cost of the course you can tell it is getting allot of "newbees" because we were seeing groups in front of us all over other fairways, yes not their own LOL and I think the later you play here the more of that you will get.
Played Tues feb 9th at 826, check in fast, was fairly busy. POP was slow at 4.23, they are letting the course dry up quite a bit, some tee boxes were hard and pushing in the tee was difficult, fairways were short and ran some, traps appeared to be hard, and greens were very hard, and ran, next to no ball marks to repair. Hit some good approach shots but when got to the green had a much longer putt than i thought I would have. The putting green open but they are always doing maintenance on the driving range so maybe it doesn't open until 9am.
Played Fri Feb 5th at 812. Check in fast. I usually walk this course but my body was really sore and stiff so decided to ride. I played this course twice in Nov thinking it was going to close dec 31st and was amazed at how good a shape it was in back then. I will say it has slipped a little, maybe because of the extra play, maybe because eventually it will close, or maybe just winter conditions. Some of the par 3 tee boxes are really chewed up, fairways had bare spots with 10 13 being cart path only, almost looked like they plugged them and there was not much grass in both of them, was in 1 trap and sand was ok, greens rolled pretty good. That seems to be the plan for most golf courses now a days, as long as the greens are nice there are other parts of the course that they just let go, be it tee boxes, fairways, or traps. The course is getting alot of play, I barely got out of the cart and they took it to charge. I live in norco and the traffic is getting worse both ways so not sure when I will be back
Played Tues feb 2nd at 818. Got out on time following a 4 some from the blues, they struggled the first nine holes but all of a sudden they really picked up the pace. First few holes the fairways were a little soft but the sun dried up the course pretty good. I played terrible and chunked many of my iron shots and it was me, not being too muddy. Hole 11 is still cart path only and a few holes like#1 had large ropped off areas. With the rain friday, I expected soft greens, but the course has let the greens dry out allot. The outside eating is now open from 7am to 4pm if you want breakfast or lunch. POP was 409 We will be back next week.
Played Tues January 26th at 810, check in fast and friendly, course was not very busy at check in because it was 32 degrees, LOL the first 6 holes went very slow, but the pace picked up at hole 8. There are allot of roped off areas and hole 11 was cart path only. We played the gold tees as usual which makes the front 9 allot more fun if you are a shorter hitter or beginner. IMHO allot more groups should be playing the golds but we all know it is an ego thing that prevents guys from doing that, I shot 85 and that is allot more fun than shooting 97 from the whites or 107 from the blues. Some fairways were a little wet from the rain, was not in any traps but looked very wet, greens rolled good. No beverage cart but the clubhouse is not tented any more. The parking lot was very crowded when we left so people waited for warmer weather. We will be back next Tuesday
Played Tues jan 19th at 824. I live in norco and the winds were really strong at 7am when I left. Thought I would go to the course and see if I wanted to play. Well not a breath of wind when I got there so we played. A breeze picked up just as we finished 18. Check in very fast and friendly, putting green still not open. We followed a womens club on the front 9 but they only played 9. Course was in good shape, a little dryer than usual. Second green was very soft and my ball plugged to only 1/4" was above ground. As we continued to play I realized why the greens are soft, when they dry out the slopes make them extremely difficult and fast with major down hill run outs. There were no deer at the club house or the first tee, but when we got to the 13th green there were 18 deer hanging out there. They are cool to look at but I do keep my distance or at least have a club in my hand, sometimes they are around your ball and you have to walk to get them away, and some of them have large horns. We will be back here friday.
Played Fri Jan 15th at 820, check in fast. It was very windy, 40 MPH gusts,or more.1 of our 4 groups showed up but did not play. There has been wind here for 4 of the last 8 days or so, so the course was very dry. Tee boxes were good, fairways ran like mad, I am 68 with average drive of 205 to 215 and I had 2 280 yard drives. My 8 iron is usually 134 yards and it was going 108. Balls hit sideways with the wind would move 40 yards. Driving was not the issue playing in wind, your irons are very difficult to play as they get the ball higher in the air. I was in 7 bunkers and all of them had good sand. Greens were very hard and dry from the days of wind. I must say the course does a really good job of moving all the tee boxes forward for holes into the wind and leaving the tees back on holes with the wind behind you. This course is in a housing track, but the houses really do not come in play, even with the wind as I hit 13 of 14 fairways. I like the layout of the course allot, just think $55 is too much for this course.
Played Tues jan 12th at 750. The club house and starter shack are tented for termites, so it was a little conjested around the outside. They have 4 porto potties and wash stations out front. No food or coffee, putting and driving range open. Don't know how long this will be. Check in was actually guick and easy. Got out on time, playing from the golds, following a 3 some, waited on the first 2 holes but then they took off, we caught them again on 16 so POP was ok at 411. Because of tenting, no cart girl. Tee boxes from golds were ok except #3 was very wet and soggy. Fairways were ok, a few wet soggy spots, a few bare spots, traps were a mix, some decent sand and some not, don't get in the lefy green side bunker on 17, very hard packed dirt. Greens had a light coating of sand, no holes just sand, made them a little slower but they rolled semi ok, we will be back in 2 weeks.
Played Fri Jan 8th at 838. Check in fast and friendly. Driving range and putting greens open. It was nice teeing off a little later and be in warmer weather. The course is playing very well. When you putted on the practice greens, down hill putts were quick and the course was the same. Grens rolled true, I am just struggling putting right now. Some bare spots in a few holes, holes 12 and 16 are down hill tee shots and the ball was really running. The cart we had needed to be scrapped, but I still like this place and will be back soon. POP was 413, IMHO a little slow.
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