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Played Friday April 1st at 722, we play here every other Friday. We knew the greens were punched but decided to play anyway, why not every where the greens are punched lol. What we didn't know and wasn't told was 3 of the 4 par 3's they were redoing the tee boxes, they were laying the rolls of sod as we played. They had temporary tee boxes, one of them was a mat put on a spot in front of the tee, it was crooked and uneven, the other 2 were just placed in the rough, one on an uphill lie and one on a very uneven down hill lie, yes you hit an iron out of the rough, down hill lie for a par three.
We like playing south but 3 things should have happened
1) they should have made the temp tee boxes much more playable.
2) they should have told us about the temp tee boxes at check in
3) they should have reduced the price more than $2 for 3 bad holes.
The rest of the course was ok, tee boxes level, fairways ok, bunkers not good, hard and mud. Rough in some places was 6" long, looks like they are putting all their work on tee boxes instead of grass cutting.
I am not a golf maintenance person, but since they were putting down the sod on April 1st I bet it takes 10 to 14 days before the tee boxes are ready. Just consider this there.
Played Friday March 25th at 715, knew the greens were sanded so price was $27. Check in fast and friendly. Had a great breakfast at 6am. Greens had sand but it was below the grass, the grass was long with holes and slow, I 3 putted the first green but none other, all legit no 2 putt gimmicks for sand greens, and ended with 32 putts, so you just had to get used to hitting harder and straighter, my group didn't adjust very well. Overall the course was in decent shape, bunkers of course were hard like the majority of courses in socal, POP was 345, although it seemed slower as we waited on a 2 some at every shot. Course was very busy so it is getting some likes.
Played Tues March 22nd at 7am, very friendly check in and great breakfast, they are punching the greens now 2 per day, one on front 9 and one on back nine. There was a sign at check in saying 7 and 18, as we played it was obvious other greens had been done earlier. Otherwise course in in good shape. We play here every Tuesday morning, driving range open, putting green and a chipping area and great breakfast.
Played Sunday March 20th with the greenskeeper group. Teed off at 1230, meet a nice father and son to play with and the kid is a good high school player. There have been other reports of issues with the starter and marshalls at this course in past reviews and since I never had any before I was surprised. Well now add me to the list of very dissatisfied golfers for this course. As I was driving the cart to the first tee the starter got out of his cart and approached me, I proceeded to give him a wide berth so I didn't run him over and started with a very friendly "good morning, or should I say afternoon " the first words out of his mouth in a very nasty tone was "you can park that cart on the pavement and not the grass, we are trying to grow grass there" I proceeded to back the cart up and position the right side tires on the concrete and got out and said to him"well I don't need to be friendly to you any more" that is NOT the way to greet people on the first tee. This course is supposed to be one of the better, elite course in the I.E. and they should be ashamed to have a starter greet a player like that. This pi$$ed me off so much it affect my first 4 holes.
As far as the course conditions, it was in very good shape. I agree with the previous review the mats are not good as you can not put a tee into them and practice with the driver.
Played Friday nov19th at 6:15. We were the 1st group out and there should have been a fog delay, we could see 50 feet, standing behind the hitter you could not even see the ball off the club, 3 of us were playing orange balls which is a must in fog and still could not see them off the club. By the 4th hole we could see the direction so we went from there. I guess the course had so many tee times they decided not to hold us up. The fog was so bad that on hole 10, 2 hours later on a 127 yard par 3 we still could not see the flag. Overall the course was just way too wet, from tee boxes to fairways to greens, way to wet. I was in 6 bunkers and only found decent sand in 1 of they, hard dirt is the norm. I need to talk to my guys about a later tee time now that it is winter and cold.
Played Thursday Nov 18h at 12:20 in the 2nd group of GK guru's. First time I played here in 20 months even though I live 2 miles away. Played with Gary, Marv, and Vince and had a great time, very fun group. POP was good at 4:07. The course is in great shape, they had just rolled the greens that day and were on the fast side and very smooth. Played the whites which is now the #3 tee boxes and they were in good shape all level and mowed, fairways looked real green and are nice to hit from, I was in 1 fairway bunker and the white fluffy sand was beautiful but since we have had hard sand or mud at all the rest of the courses we played it takes practice to play in soft sand. Alot of the course was soft, especially around the greens where I had 2 balls plug and got no roll out onto the greens. Greens rolled very well. The visual of the white bunkers from the tee boxes was quite a sight. I agree Goose should upgrade their carts to have gps. I want to thank Gary, Marv, and Vince for a really relaxed and fun round. Also want to thank Johnny for setting this up.
Played Friday Oct 15th at 702, hit a few balls on the range to warm up, check in fast, got out on time. It has been 4 months since we played the North course, we played the whites, tee boxes were ok, it seems like on fridays the markers are moved back just a bit, hole 11 the tee box was being reseeded so all tees were from the red, fairways were ok with a few wet spots, you get off the fairways and you start to see bare spots, I was in 7 traps and I must say the sand was wet but decent, actually had a fried egg on one shot. The greens were very soft, big ball marks to repair everytime, but rolled nice. POP was 4.07, we tees off behind a 4 some playing from the blues and by the 4th or 5th hole we never waited again, and there was no one behind us. The wind picked up on the last 4 holes and made hole 18 play allot longer.
Played Friday Oct 1st at 7:06 it has been a month since I have been here, they have punched the south and they are large holes fairly close, had enough sand to get on your ball and stay there. The practice green is also punched so get a feel before you go out, you have to hit it harder and just aim for the hole, I actually made a few 12 footers and had the speed down to other were within 12" and had 30 legit punts, not get on the green and automatic 2 putts. When you hit the green you saw a puff of sand. They are again assigning golf carts and when you can load up, not sure why, POP was 416, we felt slow as we waited every hole on a 3 some, we were 4 some, they have reduced price to compensate for the punched greens. Gold tee boxes were fine, fairways good with a few brown spots, get off the fairway and you find allot more bare/dirt spots, was not in bunkers Will be back in 2 weeks and play the north.
Played Tues Sept 28th at 645, I play here allot and they have a card that you pay for 9 rounds and get the 10th free. I agree $51 is a bit high here but with the free round it averages about $46. Greens 2 and 17 have been punched and were sanded, the others were very soft as they were watering and you can tell they will be punching them soon. Over all conditions were pretty good as we played the white tees. Allot of courses have something weird on a hole or two (power poles etc.) and you just learn to play around it. Doesn't bother me as I like the course. They have really good breakfast here. Carts are basic but reliable and good power. POP was 3:30 We will be back next Tuesday
Played Tues Sept 21 at 649, check in fast, restaurant open, they have good breakfast here, got out on time. Been a while since I played Butterfield, we usually play chino creek, but the course was in decent shape, tee boxes were level, fairways were green with a few brown spots, bunkers are never good and I putted out of the one I was in, greens were very soft, we had large ballmarks to repair all day long but they rolled nice. I seem to score better on chino creek, but want to play this more often because I should be able to play here. POP was 4:04 which wasn't bad, if you play here, definitely bring bug spray as the nats are terrible, had many shots where they were all over my eyes so I put sunglasses on, then they started in my ears. My friend gave me bug spray and I had no issues the last 5 holes. Bug spray in now going in my bag.
Played Friday Sept 3rd at 634 and Tues Sept 7th at 642 for a couple of free birthday rounds. Got out on time Friday and 20min late on Tues. Friday the driving range was open early and was nice to hit 10 balls or so, Tues the driving range opens later. They must be trying to save money as they give you 2 score cards at the starter shack now, they are not out there for you to take. The course is not really in that good of shape, they appeared to be over watering and the are allot of mushy places in the fairways along with allot of brown places,we played gold tees and they were ok, the rough is getting longer by the trees and searching for your ball takes time. The bunkers are HORRIBLE, nothing but wet mud and in some standing wet mud that one of the guys was just slipping just walking around. There were rakes at all bunkers but you didn't need them, they were the worst I have seen here. Greens held shots and had large ball marks to repair. A few of the greens were in bad shape also around the edges. POP was just over 4 hours both days. We have 1 more birthday round this Tuesday sept 14th. I don't expect a big improvement. But it is free, LOL
Played Friday Aug 27th at 809, check in is now inside, fast and friendly, I actually had breakfast inside also, 1st time in 21 months at a golf course. Course was very busy. They used allot of water on the course because of the heat, tee boxes were good, fairways were damp with not much run out, that also goes for the rough as it was a little damp in the morning. Was in 1 green side bunker and while the sand was thin I did manage to get out in 1 shot, (I am not the best trap player on hard sand or dirt) Greens rolled nice and always had a ball mark to repair. The price is really good for seniors $38 riding and that is why it is so busy. The biggest problem with the course is the "nats" buzzing in your eyes and ears when you are trying to hit the ball. POP was 413.
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