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Played Friday may 7th at 7am. Course is not busy at this time of the morning, i think you could walk on and get out. check in fast. Tee boxes were again hard, in fact 1 of my guys was complaining he broke another tee on hole 12 and I finally said to him, you are a multi millionaire, stop complaining about breaking those cheap wood tees and buy something plastic ones, Lol, the next hole he hit a terrible tee shot but didn't break his tee and one of the other guys said, at least you didn't break your tee lol, anyway, fairways were good, looks like all the over seeding is done. Some of the spot next to the greens were very wet and balls plugged, greens rolled very nice. POP was 338, but felt slow as a 3 some was pushing us. Snack bar open for breakfast and lunch, eat in or out.
Played Tues may 4th at 706. Check in fast played as a 2some and got out at 648. No one in front or behind us, then caught a 3 some on hole 8 but still had a 3:18 minute round. Course was in pretty good shape, no issues with tee boxes, fairways green but a little wet so not much run out and you always have a few bare spots here, after all it is a dairy patch but it has decent holes for "just golf", greens were a touch faster than they looked, but rolled pretty good as I had a good putting day. They were grooming the traps with a tractor and the sand was not bad, I am just a terrible sand player so it didn't really matter LOL everything was open so if you like their scones I think you can get them. I am coming back Thursday with a 4 some.
Played Monday may 3rd at 8:10 with David, Nick, & Gray of the Gk guru and had a good time. Thanks to Johnny for setting this up. I probably live the closest to this course and never play it as my friends live in orange county and don't want to make the drive. This is the first time I have played here with the new hole numbers and I must say it is a vast improvement, nice relaxing first tee shot and 2nd shot before you get to some of the tricky carry and elevation holes. The previous reviews pretty much hit the nail on the head for conditions. Fairways real nice and greens were holding iron shots with small ball marks to repair. Some of the fairways are very generous with just a few being tight. There are many holes where you have to think about what club you hit from the tee and play to your strength on your approach shot. Interesting course when a par 3 is the #1 handicap hole. The wind did come up and did make a few holes tricky. Thanks again Johnny
Played Friday April 30th at 650, driving range open early on Friday as I hit a few shag balls, course was fairly busy. It was nice to tee off before 7am and not have 40 degree weather, but that did mean by the time we finished at just before 11 it was hot. POP was 4:00, for some reason the 1st hole is now cart path only, don't know why but it does slow the start, it looks in great shape. Other fairways looked good, the traps are still bad with water and mud in many of them, the greens have healed and rolled pretty nice. We are all over 65 years of age and we play the golds, we hit our drivers 180 to 215 and really think that is the correct tee box for us, even from playing the golds, I shot 89 with the other guys posting 98, 107 and 113 so the point is if you are older, shorter, or just shoot higher scores, and are still playing the whites you need to play the golds and enjoy the course. I enjoy shooting 89 allot more than shooting 98 or 102 I have a low of 81 from the gold's and a 6 years ago I shot 87 from the whites, can't do that now with my length and really enjoy this course from the golds. Yes there are 2 holes I hit fairway wood off tee toget a full club into the green, but that is good golf course management. If you are constantly over 100 playing the whites, try the golds, it really changes some holes on the front, the back not so much. It was very busy when we finished, we will be back in 2 weeks.
Played Tues April 27th at 7am, got there early and got out 10 minutes early as a 3 some as 1 of our guys was stuck in traffic. No one in front of us and a single played caught us on 6, on 7 we waved him up but he said no so we just played. POP was fast at 3:08, tee boxes were good fairways green, and as it rained the night before the rough was brutal, 3" long and wet, was in the 18th hole green side trap and was rather hard. The greens were supposed to be punched April 5th and if they were are completely healed, they rolled really nice with down hill putts being fast, this is a difficult place to putt and I was happy with no 3 putts and 32 total putts. They are doing construction and now have temporary bathrooms outside, they said snack bar was also but couldn't find it, driving range and putting green open.
Played Friday April 23rd at 736, snack bar is now open. No driving range but putting is open. Check in was not really friendly, she must have been having a bad day. You could not pay until exactly 10 minutes before tee time. Was here is March and was pleasantly surprised at the conditions, this time I think it was just a little rougher around the collar, not unplayable but just not as good. Tee boxes very hard, fairways green but had a few issues, bunkers had some sand but was wet and heavy, greens were fast and rolled well except for the 6 that were still recovering from being punched. It was difficult to go from fast greens all of a sudden to a slightly sand green. The more I play here the more I learn what clubs to use on certain holes. POP was a little slow at 420. I would still come back.
Played Tues April 20th at 723, it was very busy as the men's club were going out behind us. Check in fast and it was $51 again for senior, disappointing it should be $46. Some tee boxes were a little hard, some fairways were chewed up as they were seeding, rough is getting longer, not in any traps, greens were all healed and very fast. This place usually has slower spongy greens, not soggy like Marshall Canyon, but just soft, they were hard and ran, very difficult to get used to after putting on sanded, cut greens the last 2 weeks, I had 33 putts but 3 putted 4 times. The last hole I was below the green by 15 feet and when I hit the putt the guys said that is short, it ended up 6" from the hole, the ball was really running out. POP was 342 which is good, but I felt pushed on the back 9 as a 2 some with the men's club was on our butts. Still like this place but it is 1 of the mid courses that has raised their price too much.
Played Tues April 13th at 746, was a little busy early but got out on time, the south was punched 3 weeks ago so rates are still down a little. The 1st fairway looked great this time out and the 11th hole is no longer cart path only. I said 2 weeks ago that it woukd be 4 weeks for the greens to recover and I think that is close, still very bumpy but the holes do not direct the ball away from the cup. We play the gold and tee hoxes were fine. They really need to do something about the bunkers, 1/4" of sand in some places in the bunkers, otherwise just wet dirt. The wind came up and it really changes the holes and the clubs you choose to use, very different course with the wind. POP was a little slow at 417, last time 345.
Played Friday April 9th at 7am. Played here 5 weeks ago and was very dissatisfied, the only reason I came back was our group scheduled it so I wanted to play with them. I paid at course this time and it was $55, $10 cheaper than last time. I assume it was because the greens were punched 10 days earlier. Check in fast, starter is by the putting green now instead of the 1st hole. Got out on time following a 4 some playing the blues, they were very slow, we waited on every shot, Marshall drove past a few time but said nothing, POP was 4.29, played the whites and again tee boxes were very hard, don't forget your hammer to put your tee in. Fairways have not changed, very hard and runs, there is more grass around the greens and they are letting it grow. A few spots just off the fairways have longer grass also. Bunkers no change, hard packed sand. Greens were hard with still seeing signs of being punched, longer grass and on the slower side, which these greens need to be slower with the amount of undulations they have, we are not the pros and don't need that. There were next to no ball marks to repair. There are still coots on the course but 18 green was puttable this time. There was allot of people eating outside when we finished. The course is scoreable but you have to play to the front of the green as the ball hits and runs, don't miss the green as there are alot of uphill fronts on them. The course still needs some work but it was better than last time, still think this is a $46 course, not $65 or $55
Played Tues April 6th at 715, course was very busy as they had some big tourney right behind us. Everything is open, tee boxes were level but the grass was long, when using a short tee for fairway tee off, the grass touched the ball. The fairways were be moved as we played them and the first 7 holes we had the guy in the fairways for our tee shots, they should go backwards, start at 9 and go to 1 so you only get the mower for 1 hole, not 8 hole in a row. Fairways were very green and nice, the rough was long and penal, really had to hunt for the ball, traps the usual bad sand in the I.E. greens were punched a while back but are still very slow and bumpy, they need 2 to 3 more weeks. It was impossible to make 4 to 6 foot putts because as you don't hit the ball as hard the ball just takes those holes and moves all over the place. Still for the price I like this no frills golf course and hope to return soon. The guy in our 4 some who schedules our outings doesn't like it here and very rarely books this place. Us other 3 have to get him to book here more often.
Played Friday April 2nd at 728. Everything open. Check in fast, was disappointed at the price of $51 for senior, not sure if that is the new price or holiday rate as it was good Friday. As stated before they are areating a few holes each week and yesterday it was 4, 8 and 14, if they did it Monday and since it was Friday, those greens were actually not in that bad of condition. Some of the other greens were really nice. POP was a little slow at 4:17,but we saw the Marshall 4 times and he appeared to be trying to get a group going faster. Fairways are in good winter conditions, tee boxes level and not bad, bunkers were not good at all. It was extremely busy when we finished. I like this course and hope to be bad soon.
Played Tues March 30th at 730. Check in fast and wasn't too busy. Driving range must open at 9am on Tuesday because maintenance was being done. The south was punched last week so we didn't expect much, they reduced rates allot. The punch job was 3/8" hole 1 1/2" apart and yes it affected roll, lol. On approach shots your ball always came to rest in a hole, not much sand on the greens but very slow and the holes moved the ball around. The first hole had some major weeds growing by the cart part where your 2nd shot would land. If you kept in the fairways you had a decent shot, the rough was hit and miss and it was getting longer. A few tee boxes have seen better days. There were no rakes for bunkers, but you didn't need them, there was no sand and just hard dirt and mud, very disappointing from the nice bunkers at Sierra lakes last Friday. IMHO the greens will take 4 weeks at least to heal, so if you go just be in a mind set that putting will not be good. That said we will be back in 2 weeks, lol The course was very busy at 11:30 when we finished. POP was ok at 345.
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