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Played on 03/16, so obviously the greens are still healing. Fws were perfect. Gorgeous day. Give it about 2-3 weeks and the greens will be perfect.
Solid conditions. Greens rolled true, albeit on the soft side. Fairways overall were solid. Some of the tees, like 4, were quite unlevel and there were bare spots in some areas overall. Still, it's a great place to bring the family to play and how can one complain with being in and out in 2 hours? Play it!
I promised myself I wouldn't come here again after my last visit, which was horrible. Well, my wife and kids wanted to play and I decided to give it another chance. Should have stood by my promise....

Lots of ball marks on the greens. I repaired at least 5-6 every green, and that's no exaggeration. Not to mention they were all sanded, which we were never told when I called. Sand in the bunkers was decent as were the fairways.

But, as last time, the resort guests are clueless. Kids playing soccer on the fairways, parents playing with kids on tee boxes, adults with their kids using the cart paths as side walks to get around the property, parents with kids fishing with in the greenside water hazards, and on and on. There are signs instructing the resort guests not to loiter on the course or cart paths, but they are ignored. It's just a zoo here.

If the resort wants to feature a golf course and cater to golfers, then take care of the guests who are paying the green fees who are playing. It's not too much to ask to not have to worry about maneuvering around folks that should not be there in the first place.

By the time we got to 17, there were a dozen kids and parents running around all the tee boxes and completely ignored us when we drove up. We had to skip over to 18, but there were kids taking selfies from the middle of the fairway. So, we left and didn't get to finish.

Fool me twice, shame on me......won't be back. Period.
Played on 6/24 and teed off at 3, finished at 6:45. Greens were very good. Fairways overall were good, but not quite as good as I've recently experienced. Sand was consistent. Pace of play was good.

Despite the yardage, this is not a beginner's course. It is tough for a beginner. Lots of forced carries and do or die shots. Some of the toughest par 3's in the county (or state for that matter!) Can be found here. 5-7 are 3 of the hardest you will ever see. Still, it's great fun and the place as always has a very cool vibe.
Teed off as a single at 3pm and finished at 6:15. Not bad for a Saturday.

Course is in fantastic condition. Greens were pure. Fairways and sand consistent. Typical wind blew and made the course all the more fun and challenging. The place is in the best shape I have ever seen it. Such a solid course!
Played on 06/16 and teed off at 10:30. Some wind and slightly cooler temps made the course more challenging than it normally would be and made it a lot of fun. It had been years since I had been here and I forgot how cool the course is. Some great, quirky old features throughout. The conditions are probably about as good as it can get there now, so now's the time to play it. Greens rolled pretty true. 17's green has to be seen to be believed. Very cool. Fws for the most part were fine.

Rough around the edges? Sure. But it's fun golf for what it is, and $40 on the weekend in OC is a bargain. It's a cool, historic course. Get out there and see.
Played on 6/13/18. Pace of play was solid, teed off at 3:15 and finished at 6:50. The new ownership has really turned this place around. Really solid conditions. Greens rolled true, if not actually "fast". Fairways right now are just fantastic. A few goofy holes, like 7 and 16, but overall, a fun course.
Played on June 23rd. I have never played here before, but I will make some 2 cent observations.

The conditions were very good, with some of the best fw conditions I've seen in a long time in San Diego. They were just about San Diego Country Club fw conditions, and those are some of the best in the state. Greens rolled true, with some tricky reads at times. I can't complain about the conditions at all, and they probably are at peak conditions now.

Now.....the design. While the course offers come stout challenge, it's for the wrong reasons. Simply put, the property is ill suited for a course. I know about the challenges the architect Greg Nash faced when routing the course, so I give the benefit of the doubt. The scale of the course is BIG, but the terraced holes on the back 9 are goofy at times. There are some decent holes, but the debacle at 13 is just a joke. I have never seen a hole that required driving the entire hole backwards to get to the tee. I suspect there was no other way the design team could route the hole. A shame. Not to mention the over shaping around that green site. Very goofy.

The collection of par 3's is quite good, if not over bunkered, much like some of the other holes.

Taken in the right spirit, it's a fun and times wild golf course. I would not rate it as among the best in the county, but it's better than most of the run of mill housing development courses in SD county.

The clubhouse is solid and the place has a cool vibe. If you haven't seen it, it's worth a look, if for nothing else to see the task the designer had in routing the holes through some brutal landscape.
Played on 08/03. Greens were bumpier than the previous few weeks, which I think can be attributed to the cooler night time temps prior. The afternoon wind was stronger than usual, and there's already a consistent afternoon wind that blows through the canyon there. Fun day!
Greens are very good right now. Fairways are great. Played on 8/14 and it was hot, but the prevailing breeze made it much more tolerable. Course is in top shape now, but the bunkers need sand as they were thin at times.
Greens are rolling pure and fast now. Fairways are in the best condition I've seen for this course. Bunkers could use either a bit more sand, or more raking, but they are playable. Great day out there today.
While the conditions have improved greatly compared to several years ago, I cannot recommend this place. Why? Simple: the resort guests wonder all over the course. Between kids running and playing on the fws and bunkers, to kids skateboarding on the cart paths, to soccer games being played on tee boxes, to people fishing in the water hazards and paying no attention to who's on the tee, it's a joke. No monitoring from the facility at all. It's a zoo. Side note: I watched from the 2nd fairway a couple of guys flip their golf cart into the 17th's frontside bunker and severely damage said bunker. They were lucky no one was killed.

I will never come here again.
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