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Enjoyed a fun albeit 3 lost balls round @ 9:15 2/3/20 for residents rate of $37. Very reasonable rate for residents, seniors, and military/veterans. Exceptional cheery check-in at the well stocked pro shop. Nice little bar/eating area inside and seating outside.
Course (and practice areas) was certainly packed; hence the frustrating 5 hour POP.
We were a twosome following a group of 4 and followed by a group of 3. Waited significantly on basically every hole making it difficult to get into any consistent game rhythm. Group in front of us hustled through each hole as quickly as they could. Starter was verrrrrry pleasant and informative. Driving range nearby the starter for a quick warm-up. Carts equipped with GPS, USB power port, No windshield, but comfortable. For a Par 70 course it makes up for it with trouble on pretty much every hole on the front 9. Course typically backs up between Holes 2 and 3, then normally frees back up. I feel the back nine is much nicer visually and more open. Holes 10 and 18 be sure to keep and eye on your ball as they run parallel to the driving range and many errant range balls clutter the rough/fairways and even the bunker on the 18th. Wind can be a factor starting around mid-day. Tee boxes (we played from the Silver), were nice, level, on the thin side (due to winter dormancy) but no major divots except for typical Par 3s. Bunkers were inconsistent. Some ample heavy sand, others quite sparse and one I saw had waaay too many small rocks throughout for my liking...encountered small rocks on the greens from players hitting out of greenside bunkers. Greens were the nicest part of the course. Soft to firm, quite receptive. Fringes nicely maintained as well. Putts rolled out medium to fast. Many subtle breaks. Surprisingly minimal ball marks for the amount of play this course sees. Beware of hidden water hazards. Note: If your ball goes OB or in the deep stuff, course policy is to treat the areas as environmentally protected areas and they ask that players do not tromp around and trample the fauna to retrieve errant balls. Fairways were typical for most courses this time of year. Typical browning, on the thin side, and quite patchy with what looks like different types of grass. Rough was a nice length and very playable (1-2" length). Overall, enjoyed the round, the excellent customer service, nice large chipping/putting practice area adjacent to the cart barn, nice thick mats on the driving range, and overall experience of this course. Pace of Play could be better, but a full/busy course is a good thing especially in light of several local courses closing.
A nice challenging and scenic course (back 9 my fav, which runs adjacent to Orfillia Winery ;) Worth the green fee and a visit if you are in the area.... Just this humble golfin gals opinion.
How do I begin?'s been awhile. Oh yeh, date/time...
Played Thurs 4/26 @ 1000; Friday 4/27 @ 0810; Saturday 4/28 @ 0800; and one more go round on Sunday 4/29 @ 8:20 (my birthday/anniversary) - As Winner of the House on the Hill (overlooks the 15th fairway and gorgeous mountain vistas) getaway, I was blessed to have had the opportunity to stay and play with family and friends at this, my absolute FAVORITE golf course. Friends bsparks; tobster; cpennbo; and sboggio flew in from TX and drove down from the mountains to join us for the stay and Unlimited Free golf for four days. Two of our sons, nephew and brother in law also joined us for a couple rounds each. I certainly would've played twice a day if I could've, but family and friends at the house clamoured for our attention as well. Invited folks from our home club Friday afternoon, and several from GK for Saturday afternoon rounds, and only ones available and brave enough to venture the windy rounds were dconnally, itslikeimsayin, and ratpatrol (Huge Thank you for joining us and glad to see you enjoyed the free round and dinner - sorry you couldn't make it by the was EPIC!)
As the fellow GKers relayed the course played hard in the afternoon winds...our morning rounds were beautiful in the early morning and by the turn, winds started making you work for that perfect shot to the green. Very nice practice area past the clubhouse, and large chipping area (adjcent to Hole 1). As the season wanes down for this course you do see some brown/thin areas which I've never seen on this course in early season play (ever). But, it was still in much better condition than those in the local areas we play for sure. Ground crews were hard at work on Thurs/Friday reworking several bunker areas on the 18th. Nice roll out in the fairways, and if you know where to hit the ball to benefit from the 'speed slots' and slopes around the greens, you could certainly capitalize on pars/birdies. Seed bottles for divot repairs, but it seems some golfers simply don't know or care to fix their divots/ball marks or rake bunkers. Common theme it seems. So we simply fixed ours and then some to do our part as us GKers often do. Bunkers were deep and penalizing, with the sand being moist and firmer in the morning then drying out to soft fluffy consistencey later in the day, making adjustments critical. Rough was very easy to hit out of only being about an inch or so in length, and still quite lush/minimum thinning. Greens ran pretty true, and in the morning were quite receptive. Difficult to read at times with the subtle breaks. You'd think it would run toward the valley, but not always so. As the day's sun dried things out, and the winds became a factor, keeping shots on track increased the difficulty factor, but a fun challenge for everyone nonetheless. No GPS on the brand new comfy carts, but coolers w/ice and 2 bottles of water were great; only saw several ball washers throughout the course. New snack bar on 10th (take the dirt path right over the hill to the building), or wait until heading to the 14th for your stop. Other than that, there is only one other rest area stop to get ice/water on the front nine. No cart girl while we were out there as I believe the course is prepping to close down for their season to help get this emerald in the desert back in tip top shape for next season. The pride they have for their course shows. The staff here at Ram's Hill are TOP NOTCH...the restaurant staff were the Best!!! Always very welcoming and accomodating to our large/ever changing groups. Pro Shop staff and Concierge were professional and ensured our stay and play was nothing short of remarkable. Sad to have missed sharing a cheery (shared birthday) Hello with GM Bill, but maybe next time. I can't thank him or his entire staff enough for making this 'House on the Hill' hoorah the most AMAZING EPIC MEMORABLE Birthday/Anniversary celebration for Us, Our Ohana (family), and fantastic friends. You simply can't beat RAM'S HILL. You just want to keep going back again and again...I know we will.
GK event 4/23/17 - Paired with dconnally, rstang06, and my son mdkaplan90.
I've not much more to add that others haven't alread stated; or in addition to my prior reviews of this course, other than enjoying the wonderful comraderie of fellow GKers familiar and Newbies. :)
Having played here twice before, it made this round my best ever.
I certainly want to add the AMAZING BOULDER BURGER & FRIES. OMG!!! BEST Burger I've had by far (thinking this will be our new go to for a burger fix)...and what a Great GKer deal they gave us all. Wonderful Staff.
Apparently the plan is for a practice area to warm up being in place within the next 90 days (much needed). Nice to see the GPS watch worked now with the course layout as well as driving guidance directions to the course.
Don't let the size fool you...its no easy feat from the tips.
Played today 4/22 w/Club Mbrs. Considering recent aeration the greens are "almost" healed. Still a little bumpy/a little tricky to manage that fine line to the cup. Soft/receptive; quite a lot of unfixed ball marks. Fairways I really liked a lot! Easy to hit off of. A few GUR marked areas, but a steady improvement for sure. Tees are in good shape other than the typical uneven ones (especially forward tees), but it is what it is and theyre big enough to find a stance. Course has a lot of burrowing animals and I'm sure it's a full time job to keep them from being as destructive as they are known to be. The fallen trees from prior storms have been cleared away, the bridge from 12 to 13 reapired nicely; they've run the tractors/grading the rain worn DG areas; and overall I can see continued efforts to keep this muni in good shape. The Rough was about 1-3 inches and is growing in nicely. If you stay in the fairway or rough fringe, you're good to go. In the DG you will booger up your irons. There are still some weeds, hardpan and animal mounds. I managed to find 2 bunkers today, and although they were on the thin side, was still able to aggressively make the shot out. Pro Shop staff are always very friendly, Clubhouse quaint, friendly, with excellent bar/grill staff. Saw the Cart Lady on course twice. With majority of the club members out of town, it was as if we had the course to ourselves. Weather was amazing, no wind - an amazing surprise, and our group went out first settin the pace and we finished two holes ahead of the 2nd group with POP: just over 4 hours if that long. Thinking another week and the greens will be back in the spotlight of reviews once again. This is a wonderful muni, great locals, nice practice areas (grass driving range), two putting areas, and a little chipping area. This course can be challenging, as well as rewarding. Just this golfin gals humble opinion. :)
Got home early enough today (4/20) to get a match play practice round in for Rstang06 @ 2:40 (grabbed a course website online deal $20 w/cart, at check out saved another $10, so both of us played for $30 w/cart...can't beat that with a stick. This was one of the original 'learner' courses I played (once), about 6 years ago. Local very casual (atmosphere/attire vibe) short course...But don't let that fool you. Heck, just make the green in one and allow 2 putts to the hole for standard Par or Birdies, and you're golden! ;)
Quaint clubhouse/pro shop. Very pleasant young man assisted with check in, and advised course was open if we wanted to head out a little early. They do have a driving range (off grass) behind the Building. We went out cold just to get through the round (we should've warmed up). 2 balls lost/OB. Tee boxes showed signs of use, lots of divot damage due majority of Par 3 holes, many a bit unlevel. Fairways, hard/very thin. Bare areas throughout. Rough, playable but sparse. Greens were Beautiful! Very soft, receptive, but many sloped back down towards hazards penalizing even a great shot. Tricky to read. Ran very slow and broke significantly. Pin placement on some of the holes sloping down to the water will certainly make or break even the best game. Fun little course to hone your iron game and putting prowess. :) Popular with the locals for an after work quick round for sure. Oh, wind stays behind you typically on the front nine assisting with distance; and either cross or in your face on the back 9. Neat little short course, very casual, and welcoming. Just this novice golfin gals thoughts. :)
Played 4/18/17 @ 12:40 - for the first time ever due to a Last Minute Golfer Hot Deal price of $51 per person w/cart...couldn't pass it up, and I've always wanted to give it a go.
Checked in and was directed to The Creek course and Stonehouse course.
To quote GK aeration alert: schedule Oak Nine 4/6 - 5/8, Creek Nine 5/9 - 6/11 and Stonehouse Nine 6/12 - 7/10, Oaks 9 was closed for aerafication. Very nice facilities. Beautiful Pro Shop and pleasant staff.
Driving range, off older mats was a surprise for such a nice facility. The starter was helpful in giving advise for us first timers as well. We went out as a twosome behind a group of 3.
Course was quite full for a Thursday afternoon.
Started on the Creek 9, (my fav of the two), as it was in pretty good shape, not a lot of water hazards, park-like layout. Tee boxes were in good shape, fairways rolled out nice, minimal divot damage. A few areas heavily soaked with water/muddy/standing sprinkler obviously leaking. I was only in one greenside bunker and had no issues getting out of it. Greens varied from hole to hole...some soft/receptive, slow to the hole; and others firm and medium/fast. Hard to get dialed in. Surprisingly quite a lot of unrepaired ball frustrating. Can't understand the lack of course courtesy/etiquette. Concrete drainage zig zags through the fairways so missing them so your ball doesn't ricochet off to Egypt is a plus. Rough was playable; not too penalizing, about 3 inches. Course crew out in force doing routine maintenance. Pace of play on this 9 moved right along.
We then proceeded to the Stonehouse 9 (named aptly due to the Stone House on Par 3/Hole 17, they eargerly advised us upon check-in w/starter, is available for special events rental. Okay :) Cool Cool. Nice to know.
By the time we started this 9 the typical Temecula winds had flared up with a vengance. Hole 1 a blind mega dogleg up hill to the left. I can see where players in front could get hit up into very easily (no GPS on carts, which would be nice especially if they showed whereabouts of group in front of you ;) Did I already mention this 9 is like a movie, "Beauty and the BEAST!! Course knowledge a definite stroke saver, but even playing with someone "in the know", the fairways sloping right/left/up/down with blind shots throughout quickly turned my stellar round to a frustrating mess quickly. I was told playing from the tips was a real adventure! Fun yet a real challenge to your A-game. I felt this set was in rougher shape probably due to the increased play from the Oaks being closed. Much tighter fairways, so rolled out quickly/long. More unrepaired fairway divots. I wasn't in any bunkers but was told they were on the thin side/wet/compacted underneath. Tee boxes showed wear as well. On several of the forward tees it was hard to get tee down in. Strong winds resulted in cavetating balls on tees and movement at address on the greens. Made this difficult (beautiful) 9 even more treacherous. Greens were not too bad. Ran faster than the Creek. Forgot to mention while waiting to tee off Hole 1 on Stonehouse, we invited the twosome sent out after us, to join us; naturally slowing our pace, but was nice to have them play along. May have to go back for a 'redemption' round if we snag another 'Hot Deal'. Nice practice green area. Cart girl pleasant/attentive. Overall, an enjoyable golf experience. Hope to get back and give the Oaks 9 a go. :) Just this novice golfin gals 2 cents.
Played today 4/9/17 - with Oceanside Muni group of 18 club golfers @ 8:30. Arrowood clubhouse is very nice and the practice facilities for chipping/bunker shots/putting are top notch. Driving range typically off of mats but today got to hit off of grass. Henry the starter is Stellar and welcoming as always. Went out in 2nd group...course was packed and pace of play a tidge on the slower side but quickly picked up by the back 9. Fairways were on the thin side and a few quite soaked from heavy watering, but those not soaked rolled out for some very nice distance gains. Fairway and greenside bunkers were for the most part damp/heavy sand, to muddy/residual puddles. But others were dry and if raked, receptive to well hit exit shots/easy outs.
Well executed shots typically rewarded but errant shots could easily roll out/off into deep hazards/OB areas.
Rough was lush and a nice manageable length. Greens were in very good shape; several still showing signs of healing from being aerated. Minimal unrepaired ball marks. Greens were receptive to shots and rolled medium speeds, and well to the hole. Some very subtle breaks and misleading reads could easily result in 3 putts. We saw the cart girl once when we reached Hole 17. Golf carts certainly had some get up and go; No GPs. Tee boxes were lush, level, minimal divot damage except for the typical Par 3s. Wind started to pick up resulting in clubbing up 1 or 2 later in the day. Handled one of my nemesis holes #16 with a par, coming up short 3 inches of a birdie; but 18th hole over water I didn't plan my set-up (very important) and wind/water claimed my shot to the green. Sigh. Overall we definitely enjoyed the round. Facilites and Staff are wonderful; cheery young man at the 18th to clean clubs (if you desired), and everyone else was truly friendly and professional. :) Go Play! :) Just this novice golfin gals thoughts for the day.
Played afternoon 4/5/17 - after an earlier round at the Goat...Why not? :)
Had an expired Golf Southern California coupon so basically played two courses today for what we would pay to play that's my kind of golf deal. Was very happy to see the major storms we've had, and the damage they inflicted on so many courses, that The Boulder has rebounded quite well. Still some areas needing attention from water damage drainage issues, but the course overall is in great playable condition. Tee time availability was pretty much wide open.
We were greeted in the parking lot with a cart delivered to our car - nice! Thank you!!
Pro shop Staff was pleasant and got us right out. With a paid round you get a nice discount ticket for a renowned gourmet Boulder Burger, fries, and domestic brew for only $10 (can't verify the greatness of it as neither of us have stayed afterwards to taste test the clubhouse's claim to fame burger).
A couple of the greens were showing signs of a disease or something?? One was really bad with a patchwork hodge podge looking attempt to repair/heal it. Most were in pretty good shape though. Soft, some firm, minimal ball damage, rolled pretty true, at times a little bumpy, but very good for an afternoon round. Slow/Medium speeds. Hole 18 green was pretty marked up. Fairways rolled out nicely, sometimes too nice...a lot of sloping from side to side, and with the bare areas (i.e. turf reduction/birancas), can keep on rolling. Beautiful blooms and scenary take the sting out of errant shots ;) okay, maybe that's a girl thing ;)
Tee boxes are good - the majority were lush & level...typical par 3s having majority of divot damage. Some were hard to place a tee down into/very firm. Bunkers were not consistent, except for consistency that some looked good, some looked thin/crusty from storms, and some folks just simply didn't rake. Nice white sand though. Rough is a good length. Some thin/bare areas, as mentioned above. Cart paths a mix of nice concrete, and others bumpy/rutted gravel. Note: This course only has a putting area, no driving range/net or chipping/bunker practice areas, so plan on going out cold. I see discount coupons for this course quite frequently and we had a $45 for 2 w/cart and same day replay (day/time restrictions apply); but week rates reasonable. Weekends tend to get pretty crowded and back up. POP today was great, enjoyed our 2fer day and will certainly be on the lookout for future Boulder Oaks deals...another pleasant (Par 70) track with plenty of challenging holes for all skill levels. Just this novice golfin gals opinion.
Played today 4/5/17 with 2 groups fm Oside early morning. Said I'd never play here again after it brought me to tears of disappointment years ago... so my review will be based off of comparison of waaaaaaay back then and how it rolled today. One word sums it up (in my humble opinion) = Impressed. Adams family haunted mansion entry gate, fixed. Clubhouse outside facelift, nice. Practice Putting/chipping area, Excellent. Driving range (although downhill), neat surfboard looking targets, level (albeit a bit divotted up today from all the use). Staff, as before, very welcoming/pleasant and obviously proud of the Goat (as they should be). Course layout changed around as Hole 1 was 10 and 10 was 1, as well as some other changes; a definite improvement. Tee boxes level, with Grass. Playing from the tips, even on this short course, can humble even the best. Fairways rolled out nicely and had, dare I say it, Grass - Awesome. Rough - well, a marked improvement for sure, but very punishing if you stray too far left or right. Simply keep it in the middle (riiiiiiiiight!) ;)
Bunkers had adequate sand, very playable, again a mega improvement from when I last played. The Greens were above and beyond remarkable, but far from easy. Soft, receptive, undulating, rolled pretty true, but very slow today. No major ball mark damage that I recall. Course knowledge is certainly a must for good scoring. There are several areas on the course that can be very misleading, and great shots off the tee, not so good after all. Pace of play was great...course was not crowded so it made for a very enjoyable, non-pressured round. Cart paths still could use some improvement, but hey...the Goat has my thumbs up vote. It is laid back, welcoming, family friendly and worth the green fee. Never thought I'd ever say it, but I truly did enjoy this quirky, quaint, Oceanside gem. Note: there is a disc golf course that winds through the golf course as well. We didn't run into anyone playing on it today, nice. In summary: Way to go owners/management and staff - hope others see fit to Give the Goat a Go!! I'm glad we did. Oh, nice Linksoul aparrel available in the pro shop also; along with neat pictures and other offerings.
Played Sunday 4/2/17 w/Rstang06 for the first time ever at this course. 10:53 tee time and even with the amount of golfers in wait, we were paired with another twosome and got out pretty much on time. Starter was very informative; but I don't think anything could've prepared us for the many blind holes. Golf card helped a little. Thankfully twosome we played with had played here numerous times before and were extremly helpful on where to line up for the best follow on shots.
Course was planning on punching greens this Sunday evening and into the following Monday,, untill done.
Practice greens over adjacent to Holes 1 & 10.
No Driving range; however there is a 3 station practice net area/off mat.
On course the tee boxes were a little long; but level overall
Fairways were tight, some areas browned by cart travel and weather. Balls ran out a lot.
Bunkers were mixed. Some full of heavy sand; others packed due to heavy rain/watering
Most had unraked bunker traffic.
Course knowledge an absolute to ensure low scoring.
Rough medium to long and quite penalizing on some holes compared to others.
Back 9 opens up and is prone to cross traffic miss hits. Some really quirky holes
Greens were fairly large, a lot are multi-tiered, and speeds inconsistent. Slow/Fast.
**We were advised greens were going to be aerated that afternoon and work completed the following day. Which is probably why there were so many unrepaired ball marks.
Greens were very soft, and exhibiting mid-day foot traffic wear, making for difficult putting conditions. Interesting golf course. Standard carts (No GPS or cooler). Cart girl made rounds and was friendly as were all the course staff. Pace of play was relaxed. Rarely saw the group behind us all day. May need a redemption round some time down the road, if another good coupon deal were to arise. :) just this novice golfin gals thoughts. :)
Played 12/29/16 on a whim to go golfing. Found a deal and booked for 12:52. Haven't played here for several years as our first experience with the prior manager was less than stellar and that's all it took for us not to return. However, upon prompting of my son's recommendation to give it another try; we did. We arrived early and the Check in staff were a definate improvement. Pleasant and welcoming. Walked back down to check in with the starter and 'wait' for a cart. We had arrived early and probably a good thing. This date they had booked tee times going off every FIVE minutes, resulting in a 30+ minute backlog; and not enough carts. A hurry and wait scenario. Only practice area I saw was the putting green (in very good shape). Starter kept his cool and did his utmost to keep everyone moving to the best of his ability. We were sent off to the 1st tee box and met our other twosome and waited as the group in front waited to tee off once the group in front of them cleared the fairway. This 2 to 3 group back-up on every hole lasted for the front nine and finally started to clear either by groups ahead of us leaving or??? All, for the most part, were patient and friendly knowing there was nothing we could do, but wait and enjoy the round best we could. Delays typical at the Par 3s and the blind holes (several) you had to send someone ahead to report when the coast was clear to fire away. Beautiful warm sunny day so was grateful just to be out on a course.
DEFINITELY MAJOR course improvements under the new ownership so BIG KUDOS there. Still a work in progress obviously, but Wow, when things mature and fill in and these crazy winter rain storms quit pounding the beautiful white bunkers and landscaping to oblivion, it'll have a chance to recover and become a very nice local course to hone your game. As others have mentioned there are some quirky holes. I for one can do without that big boulder right in the vicinity of where I'm teeing off. Grrrr. (Directly in line of sight/shot from the Blues/Blacks); Q u i r k y & unique.
Tee boxes are newly rennovated, very nice size, well grown in/good length (some black tee boxes are still growing in/closed), some divot damage on the Par 3s as typical.
Fairways were in Great shape. You really need to factor in all the ups/downs/side to side slopes to keep from rolling all the way off (Note: Don't hit ball out of the bark; they want you to move it into play no closer to the hole without penalty) ...I think I managed to reap the benefit of 3 or 4 flat lies all day. Cart paths gravel / concrete mixed bag due to rennovations. Most fairways were adequately marked with exits.
Rough was a healthy length, grass-wise, but with the econ layout; penalties a plenty if you rolled off the fairway and onto the dirt/granite/bark.
Bunker I was in was in great shape with good quality sand. Others on the course were still dealing with some excess water accumulation.
Greens were AWESOME!! Soft, and VERY receptive; minimal unrepaired ball marks, rolling medium/slow speeds; a tidge bumpy from all the foot traffic of prior rounds.
Only ONE water jug on the entire course and that was empty as you can imagine with the packed course; made worse by no cart service or access to a 9th Hole turn to obtain additional drinks/snacks. Sign in parking lot indicated absolutely no outside drinks/food; so stock up in the pro shop (No onboard coolers). Also, No GPS on carts, and really didn't expect them; however, I would like to go on record saying if there was a GPS system on the carts that showed where groups were in front of you, it could certainly speed things up by alleviating delays in driving forward, waiting, and driving back to the tee box on those blind holes. Ball washers on each hole. Divot mix at the turn, most were empty (a good sign that folks were repairing fairway divots, so no gripe there from me). Due to the overly packed course, we were unable to finish our round as it simply got too dark to see. Beautiful views of the mountains and to see the ongoing hard work being put into this course is a wonderful positive in light of so many courses going by the wayside. Our hats are off to the owner for their efforts (it truly shows), and kudos to the course crews working hard to preserve what they've accomplished thus far, and their continued efforts with new improvements. Never thought I'd say it....., but I believe this novice golfin gal will be back to give it another go. (I played from the Whites as the course does play short).
Note: They have not changed their signage (Still Hidden Meadows Golf Course), and your GPS may be of NO use either since the revision of the course layout. I was on hole 2 (Par 3) and it was showing as hole 14 (Par 4) on my GPS watch. So you'll probably need to rely on a rangefinder for accurate reads. I didn't feel the 100 yard markers were totally accurate, but I could be wrong there. If you need directions to the course (GPS for car), don't use Boulder Oaks as a destination to locate (for now). Again, just this novice golfin gals humble opinion. Fouuuuuuurrrrr!!! ;)
12Dec2016: 10:00 a.m. -- Played at the GK end-of-the-year outing at my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE #1 GC, Rams Hill. LOVE LOVE LOVE this AMAZING course. What could make this course any more wonderful than a group of Great GKers, Fabulous Staff, and Pristine Practice facilities?? unusually PERFECT day weatherwise. Sunny, cool, and NO Big Wind all day. AWESOME!!! Echoing what others have mentioned in their reviews..., the course was in top notch shape.
Green Green Green which speaks volumes for the exceptional course maintenance crews. Astounding how this desert course is manicured to its level of perfection.
Okay, so the fairways and tee boxes may have been a tidge longer than summer conditions might be, and the Yes, the areas directly surrounding the bunkers were uniformly browned, but I didn't feel these were detracting factors at all, but moreso smart maintenance to keep things healthy and safe from upcoming colder temps/frosts. Yes?/No? Greens were remarkable in their large deep emerald green beauty. They were receptive to well hit shots, and there were signs of earlier day's play footprint traffic, and occassional un/ill-repaired ball marks, but they all rolled fairly true; not as fast as the practice greens, but fast enough to challenge your putting game. Bunkers (and there are plenty), were consistent throughout. Ample good quality sand. No onboard GPS on carts, but they do have ball/club washer, and a cooler with ice/water. The Cart service was frequent/friendly and reasonably priced. The Clubhouse, Pro Shop, Restaurant, and Food are Top Shelf!!!! Did I mention I Luv Luv Luv this course? Lady friendly forward tee boxes made for decent scoring opportunities if you could capitalize with your A-game. My game finally started to awaken on the back 9. This course is simply Beautiful in design, conditioning, and professionalism from the minute you arrive until you head home after a great meal/libation. Certainly Worth the drive; a Must 'Go Play'. Exceptional end to the GK Events Season. Just this novice golfin gals opinion.
Thank you Johnny for another Great year of friendship and dedication to improving the golf experience through social media awareness for golfers and courses alike. Thank you to all those sponsors and GKers who give of their time, products, and unyielding support of this wonderful "Know Before You Go" Greenskeeper world. Thank you All -- Can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for us.
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