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From the moment you pull up and have to ring the buzzer, you feel the luxury. The double wide gates open and you drive up to, what other courses would call "Bag Drop". I would call this, the meet and greet. Valet takes your car and your clubs, just take your shoes with you. You are then escorted to your locker room, where your assigned locker is marked with a laser etched name tag (that you can keep after your round). I thought that was totally cool!!

Get here early to enjoy the inner scenery as well as enjoy breakfast, I recommend the Eggs Benedict.

Then its time to golf. Walk down the stairs and meet your caddy, who is waiting for you in an indoor tunnel type area, with your cart. When you're ready, two huge double doors open and out you go to the driving range. What an opulent experience, you will later come back the same way, and I thought it was one of the coolest parts.

The driving range is very photogenic, where the back drop is a beautiful waterfall. If you hit well enough, you can try to hit it, but I can't so I didn't try. I think its 325 yards????

Our caddy's name was Quincy or "Q" and he was the BOMB!!! I've never golfed with a caddy before and the experience was truly surreal. The customer service, knowledge, experience and sheer friendliness was totally worth it. At one point, I was getting ready to putt, picked up my ball, tossed it to "Q", he cleaned it and tossed it back. Totally felt like I was on the tour. Holy crap. That was cool. I didn't believe him, initially, when he told me to putt to a certain area. When I did what he said, the ball would do exactly what he knew it would. Apparently I don't know how to read greens, because I was way off when I tried to read it in advance.

The course was in great shape and well taken care of. The greens were fast (in my opinion). I personally didn't thing the rough was over grown, however, it was thick and deep. A couple of times, my club would get way under the ball (but that could've been me.)

The cart woman was around, more than any other course I've been on. Saw her at least 4-5 times. Drinks were very reasonable and had a good selection.

There is no club house at the turn, but I would assume if you needed anything, your caddy would make sure you had it. Plenty of water and restroom stations throughout.

When, unfortunately your round is complete, you go back through the double doors and are greeted with a cold towel for your face. Walk away from your cart and you'll find them in your car that was pulled up to the front door for you.

Overall, the experience was amazing and unforgettable. I was fortunate to be invited as a GKGuru and had a great time with all my fellow Gurus. Thank you Johnny and Cascata for the best golf experience I've had thus far.
Played 04/01/19. Started as a two-some, but ended up catching up to a third and ended up a three some. POP was 3:23 as a three-some, which was impressive because the two-some ahead of us was waiting on a four-some and we were being pushed.

The green fees were way cheaper on their website and because we walked on, we had to plead with the pro-shop to give us the $42 rate as opposed to them charging us $54. A little annoying since he seemed put out.

Carts have coolers, but no GPS or USB chargers.

The starter I will say, was one of the nicest starters I have dealt with at a course. He was smiling and actually had a conversation with us.

The driving range is fairly large and you have to buy balls in order to warm up.

The tee boxes were fairly worn out and at times, pretty bare.

The fairways in were great shape, along with the rough. The rough didn't seem too bad, but there were plenty to bushes that did a good job of hiding your ball for you.

The greens were in really good shape and ran at a true speed.

Foot golf is played on this course, and I found that the "hole" was usually in the middle of the fairway.

The cart lady was around quite often and I think we saw her 3 times.

There are some pretty tricky holes that have rock beds about, 100 yards from the green. They aren't very visible from the tee box, but it makes it pretty challenging.

At times, the sand traps were flooded with water and if they weren't, they were pretty packed down.

I would definitely play this course again, but I don't know that I would pay more than the $42 bucks that I did.
I was lucky enough to have played this course on 02/26 & 02/27, and what a great time it was.

I apologize for the late review, but suffice it to say, I've been a little busy.

This is a private course and I accompanied one of my good friends that has been a member for over 20 years. Let me tell you, this is the life. I haven't had to opportunity to play at a private course, and these guys are treated like royalty (so was I for that matter).

Everything about this experience makes me want to be a member at a private club. From the spotless locker rooms, customer service and sheer camaraderie.

The course is beautiful. It's at the top of a neighborhood and doesn't seem to be very impressive until you get into the parking lot.

The club house is well situated and there is a door right outside of the sixth hole, where you can stop and get some quick lemonade or water, use the restroom or even get some cocktails. Because it's private, no one seems to be in a rush. Meaning, we walked in, ordered some drinks, chit chatted with other members and got back on the sixth hole. All the while, no one was pushing or upset, because they were right behind us doing the same thing.

Most of the members walked with carts, and they were good enough that it didn't matter because they hit once to my two shots. Because this course is so old, est. 1899, the green from one hole is very close to the tee box of the next. Unlike most courses, where you have to drive a ways to the next hole, this one allows you to almost park at the next tee box as you get your putter for the current hole.

The golf carts had USB chargers, GPS, ball washers and coolers. Some of the nicest carts I've used!!!

The greens were a little fast at times and in great shape. Because there is a pride of ownership, the divots are fixed and rarely in the way.

The tee boxes are in very good shape, of course they have some damage but again, the pride of ownership makes it so they are taken care of.

The sand traps were in great shape and nice soft sand caressed your ball if you were lucky enough to land in one.

The driving range was smaller than average and was built on a hill. One of the coolest driving ranges though, because you could place your tee in a rubber slit and it simulated placing it in grass. That's the first i've seen of this. Of course unlimited balls, but these guys were just there to warm up and dial in a few clubs. No real practicing going on.

In speaking to my friend, they cut down a lot of the trees that lined the fairways. At times, there was some openness to the holes (which if you have a slice like me), you endanger other on the adjoining hole.

There wasn't a cart lady that I could remember, but that didn't matter. The group I was golfing with got thirsty and they called the clubhouse and had drinks delivered!! It was awesome.

There is a full service snack shack at the intersection of several holes, but you have to get to 9 before you reach it. It's like its nestled in a 3 or 4 hole intersection.

The first 6 holes are the most beautiful in my opinion. They are at a higher elevation and so you get some really nice views.

The wildlife was awesome!! I have never seen a gaggle of turkeys on a course before (other than the guys I golf with haha). Much like the swans on any course, this one has turkeys!! At one point, two of the males started arguing and flexed their regalia of feathers for all to see. It was neat.

Finally, one of the coolest things on this course was the garage nicknamed "For the Boys". On the sixteenth hole, if you find yourself thirsty, pull up on the cart path, type in the code and there is a cart garage with a fully stocked fridge with name brand anything you want. Leave a few bucks and help yourself to literally any beverage you may want. I made myself a Kettle One and Redbull out of shear principle.

That about covers it. It was an amazing experience and one that I can't wait to have again.
Played on 02/4/19 and got a hot deal from GolfNow for $27!!! Man was it worth every penny. Probably worth a $50 green fee!

Stallion Mountain, you have definitely stepped your game WAY UP!!

Upon arrival, the views are nice as you drive past holes 10 and 13. Unfortunately you need to watch out because they are close enough to the road that it is very possible to get hit by a shanked ball.

The bag drop was well manned. All the golf carts are parked neatly and wet yellow rags are neatly hung in the same spot, both sides, of every cart. Looked cool. Nice bag guys, who double as the starters.

Nice check-in desk staff.

The course is in great shape!! The fairways, sand traps and the greens were all excellent.

This course offers a little of everything. Some narrow holes and some wider ones.

The carts have GPS and coolers on them, but no USB ports.

Because the course is located off of Flamingo, there are some really cool holes where you can see the Ferris Wheel and some of the strip.

Bottom line is this, Stallion Mtn. got a bad rap for a long time and I will definitely come back and play. Totally worth it.
On 2/1 I was lucky enough to be invited as part of a whirlwind of golf with JohnnyGK, mpisarski01 and rob1563. Royal Links was the third of 3 with them (those animals played 18 just before this one, for 72 holes in 2 days).

I'm sure most of the stuff was covered and because I'm not as experienced as the others, I'll give you the little things that I really enjoyed.

Upon arrival, there is a gate that you have to stop at, push a buzzer and a really cool gate opens up. Totally cool, the quality of the course is immediately felt. There is valet service available at bag drop, located at the front of a castle. The cars are parked in a half moon type driveway and again, the luxury is felt.

The carts have 2 USB ports and coolers, but no GPS.

Because I was Matt's guest, I didn't have to check in, but I assume the service would have been friendly. The bar and restaurant have a really cool and quaint English atmosphere and although I didn't eat, Johhny, Rob and Matt's food looked really good. No ready food, so make sure you order in advance at the eighth hole.

There are good looking female caddies available to "help" you with your game, but I was fine with Rob as my partner.

Because of the layout of the course, the restrooms can be accessed from several different holes. They were clean and plenty big.

The bunkers were abound!!! The sand was in good shape, but I really didn't like that the rake was attached to the golf cart. Mainly because I kept forgetting it and quite honestly, because of the design of the bunkers is so deep, you really don't know that you are in a bunker until you have walked a distance from your cart. I found myself raking with my club most of the time.

The two tone contrast between the rough and the fairways is very picturesque and is what brings the beauty to this course. The fairway green is supplemented by paint, but because of the time of year, it doesn't look bad. Actually, if anything, added to the beauty. The parts that were painted probably needed just a little touch up. I've been to courses where the dirt was painted and it was obvious that they were trying to make up for damage. This was certainly not the case.

Finally, this course ate my lunch! No joke, especially the first 6 holes. I can't wait to give it another go and hopefully do better.

Thanks to my fellow gurus for a wonderful experience.
Played on 2/3/19 Desert Willow is an executive course that is connected to a 55+ community. Bag drop is just that, drop your bag, park your car and then carry your bag through the community center.

The restaurant is decent, slot machines at the bar and quite a selection of beers on draft. The breakfast burrito is simple and easy to go.

Check in is simple, and they DO OFFER A JUNIOR RATE of $15. The golf carts didn't have GPS or USB chargers. Coolers were available.

The 2 longest holes are 300 plus from the tips, which is what we played. The two shortest holes were 125ish. This course is really nice to work on your short game and because my daughter is going, it isn't very difficult.

There are several really nice holes where water is involved and you have to go over them in order to get onto the green.

The course was in great shape ALL THE WAY AROUND. The greens ran true to stroke and were well taken care of. There were some patches that were missing grass, however, it looks like they seeded them and the grass was coming back. You really had to look in order to notice.

Because we played from the tips, the tee boxes were perfect and because they are long boxes as well as having several tee options, they are in good shape.

Three of us played in 3:15 minutes and we were being pushed as well as pushing those in front of us. The foursome that was again of the threesome ahead of us, was taking their time and it looked as if two of them were learning to play, so they were slow.

Be careful, because hitting into someone is VERY EASY on this course. Especially if you try to get on the green every time. lol.

The holes are separated well enough that a shank isn't going to be too dangerous, for you, but if you do, the ball can be found.

Not an every week course, but every now and then its fun to play.
On 1/31 I was lucky enough to be invited as part of a whirlwind of golf with JohnnyGK, mpisarski01 and rob1563. Concord was the second of 3 with them.

Some of this information, may be repetitive, but I feel that it needs to be said, in the chance my other reviews were not read.

I have played this course numerous times, and after playing Lexington three days in a row, I don't know which I like better. The views from both courses area amazing because of the altitude.

Concord, in my opinion is a little more challenging and in better condition. It really seems to me that the two courses are so different that it makes for a great club to be a part of.

The golf carts withstood the demand we placed on them, to include having my phone charging all day. We used the same cart for 36 holes without issues. USB ports and coolers are available, but no GPS.

Two things I discovered during this most recent visit. The breakfast burrito, when eaten in the restaurant, comes with breakfast potatoes and because I was early, I sat down and enjoyed it with some coffee. Oh, it was $10 total, so not over priced at all. As I've said before, the view was awesome and I'd love to have dinner here soon.

The second thing, is that they have "Ready Dogs", so if you are in a rush at the turn, feel free to stop and get one quick. That being said, the clubhouse is out of the way on both courses.

I totally recommend both courses.
I've played this course three times in the past week and in all honesty, I may have been a little harsh the last time I reviewed it.

That being said, the most recent time I played it on 1/31, I was lucky enough to be invited as part of a whirlwind of golf with JohnnyGK, mpisarski01 and rob1563. Lexington was the first of 3 with them.

If you read my last review, the "poop hole" was not as bad as it was 4 days prior and neither were the greens. The greens were a little slower, but fast nonetheless.

The golf carts withstood the demand we placed on them, to include having my phone charging all day. We used the same cart for 36 holes without issues.

Two things I discovered during this most recent visit. The breakfast burrito, when eaten in the restaurant, comes with breakfast potatoes and because I was early, I sat down and enjoyed it with some coffee. Oh, it was $10 total, so not over priced at all. As I've said before, the view was awesome and I'd love to have dinner here soon.

The second thing, is that they have "Ready Dogs", so if you are in a rush at the turn, feel free to stop and get one quick. That being said, the clubhouse is out of the way on both courses.

I totally recommend both courses.
Played on 1/27 and teed off at about 2:10 and although it was late, some golf is better than no golf.

Upon arrival, ball drop is standard. Grab your bag, put it on cart and done.

The view from the cart area is beautiful because it's so high above the valley. Super nice front desk attendant and the pro shop is super stocked, especially on Golden Knights gear.

The practice putting green is next to the club house, so feel free to warm up as you wait for your tee time.

Because of the varying altitude differences, Lexington (and Revere for that matter) has a lot of deceiving fairways. Which is to say, if you get a really good shot, it will roll for a while. That is for the downhill fairways, because if you don't get your ball to a certain area on the uphill fairways, your ball will roll DOWN for quite a way. So there are times you'll have a mediocre drive that will roll 350 or have an amazing drive that will roll down to 125 yards. It's pretty challenging in that aspect.

There are also times, where it is beneficial to PLAY the hole. For instance, bank shots to a far left or right shot, will kick your ball onto the fairway and produce a good roll.

The greens were in bad shape. I liken the surface to very dry astro turf that had a heavy item placed on top for a while. THEY WERE SUPER FAST!!! A little dab will do ya.

I can't remember the hole, and you will know what I'm talking about when you get there, that has soooo many geese on it. They have pooped all over and you have to move the poop in order to not splat all over when you hit. At first it looked as if they had punched the fairway and left the cylindrical dirt pieces everywhere, but no, it's poop.

If you've played the arcade game Golden Tee, YOU WILL LOVE this course. hahahahaha.

I suspect that because of the late hour, we didn't see the cart girl.

The golf carts have USB chargers and coolers, but no GPS.

I have played the Revere courses numerous times, and my biggest complaint is their carts. They constantly die. I have been left stranded numerous times. The hills on the course are very steep and I suspect that they eat the battery on the carts.

The sand traps are basically dirt with rocks everywhere. There's no way I could justify calling it "sand". They could really improve these traps, or I guess I could improve my game and not get stuck in there :-)

I love these courses because of their proximity to my house. They are fun to play and you can usually get on for a reasonable price.

I've never eaten here before, but the clubhouse has a beautiful view and would definitely like to some day.
Military affiliated golf course, so of course it's a pretty basic course as far as frills are concerned.

It's a beautiful location, the club house has a great view and because the weather was absolutely amazing, the patio was a great place to hang out.

The fairways were in decent shape and as expected, I was in California so I hit into the sand traps quite a bit. They were in good shape as well :-)

The greens were pretty beat up, but were rolling at a fair speed.

The golf carts have a basic GPS telling you the distance to each color flag and as long as you can see the flag, you are good. The carts don't have coolers or USB charges, so come prepared.

If you hit far left or right, there is a good chance that your ball is gone. There was some really deep bushes (can't remember the name), but if you hit in there, BALL IS GONE.

Saw the cart girl a couple times.

The food in the club house was delicious and reasonably priced. They have some really good local beers on tap.

That's it. Park, golf, drink beer and eat food. Questions???
I played this course on 12/8 at a POP of 3 1/2. No one was in front of us and I suspect the following review is why.

So the day began with the ornery lady at check in. I played with my two "juniors" and I seriously think that when I asked for the junior rate, which is FREE with a paying adult, she got mad. LOL. Don't know why, but whatever.

To further complicate things, my friend who had paid the full green fee of $40, had also purchased a glove and a "buy two get one sleeve" free, which cost $76.

When I told him that I had plenty of balls and he noticed he had a glove already, he went back in and got a refund. The ornery lady, got more upset, took his card, gave the refund and short of tossed his card back at him......Are they hurting for revenue?????

For those of you who sneak your out of town friends in, at the local rate, THEY CHECK EVERYONE'S ID. FYI.

We were told there was no cart girl and that it was cart path only......ugh......Snack shack it is....

The prices at the snack shop were pretty decent. The breakfast burritos are actually pretty tasty and $4.

The starter let us go out about 15 minutes early and we were greeted by the first hole's bare dirt spot at about the 200 yard area before the dog leg left. This was pretty standard on a lot of the holes. Lots of dirt and in many spots, it appeared as if there will be dirt in a short amount of time.

The par 3s were all in relatively good shape, except for the tee boxes.

About a year ago, I used to like playing this course every once in a while, until the Frisbee guys were all over the place. They seem to have moved those guys out in to the out of bounds areas and can't really see them anymore. That to me is an improvement.

The carts have old GPS technology and basically just give you distances to the hole. The carts also have USB chargers and nice coolers.

Someone, over the summer, told me that they had played here and that they had really turned around for the better. I actually think they have taken a turn for the worse.

The only good thing about Wildhorse right now is that, my son gets to play with me for free......I guess.....
I was fortunate to be invited to play with Johnny, Kevin and Rob on this awesome course for the first time. Thanks Johnny!

Upon arrival at bag drop, there is the option to valet your car. In tradition with true Las Vegas, I did so, plus I wanted the full experience (lol).

Because of the amazing service, there was very little effort required on my part, other than to play and have fun.

The valet takes your car and clubs and points you to the food hut, where the breakfast burrito looked amazing. I didn't have one, but Rob did and confirmed that it was good.

Our cart was set up for me and then we were offered a caddy for $40 a person (not sure if all 4 needed to pay). The caddy would help with hole play, putting advice and what I thought would have been totally worth it, ball finding! We passed on the offer, but someday, I would like to try it.

You know you're at a really nice track when you hit the ball, it goes off into the dry creek bed and the greens guy goes to get it for you. He ran down, picked it up, cleaned it off and then handed it to me. That was cool.

The course was in good shape. There were some spots that were a little sloshy and clearly were damaged due to over watering, but they were on it and had the locations staked off.

The silver tee box must have been, as Johnny put it,"the favorite one" because it looked to be the most used. Lots of divot holes and it seems like they were having a hard time keeping up with it.

The views were spectacular because of the great design and there is plenty of opportunity for some really good shots. We played early in the morning and because Las Vegas is one of the busiest airports in the world at that time, airplanes were taking off overhead the whole time. After a while you tune them out.

Although I am not as good as most everyone, I found it challenging, but not as much as some others. Rio Secco, for example, was much more challenging in my opinion. That being said, it was a very fun course. There were several holes where you had to "thread the needle" which made it really exciting.

As I have always said, "it's the little things". Bottom line, you can pretty much play anywhere you want, but its the cool stuff that keep you coming back. Believe me when I say, Bali Hai has this and more.

I felt like there must have been a drink cart girl for each of the nines. I saw them at least every two holes, but no coffee, which was a bummer.

After we were done playing, the cart guys point you to the food hut again and say, "Just let me do all the work, the clubs will be waiting for you at valet." I took my phone and my wallet and the rest was done for me. The cart was cleaned out and THEY EVEN POLISHED MY SHOES AND PUT THEM IN MY BAG WHEN THEY WERE DONE!!!! Don't forget to tip though.

Marvelous Monique come by with the "Vegas Tradition" of Jello shots, which totally hit the spot. I then had one of the best cheeseburgers I've ever had at a golf course. Outside was the typical beach resort atmosphere with music, people having a good time and enjoying a cocktail.

Bottom line, if you are looking to play and have "The Las Vegas Experience" in a one-stop location, look no more. It is basically on the strip and can't be any more convenient for out-of-towners.
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