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I revisited this course a couple of weeks ago for the first time in 3 years. An it's come a long way!

Before the pandemic, this course was in rough shape and I had given up on it. Wildhorse used to be on the PGA Tour years ago and it's a fun course to play, but there was a point where the fairways were muddy and bare.

Not now! Life has come back and for the price, its a no brainer.

The golf carts have an old GPS type system and no USB plug.

The driving range, putting green and chipping area are close to the club house. I really like this because you can do things, while you wait for the rest of the group to show.

The food area is simply standard and the starter will ask you for your receipt around 10 times before you actually tee off. Didn't see the cart girl til the 10th hole.

The rough will swallow your ball, so hit them straight.

The rest of the course was in great shape and I definitely recommend for the price. Don't skip this course.
I love GK events! Thank you Johhny and Laughlin Ranch for putting this together.

I LOVE LAUGHLIN RANCH GOLF CLUB! It is sooooo worth the drive. Just the views and the service are totally worth it. Now add the greens and fairway conditions...Boom!

The golf carts are some of the best I've used. GPS, coolers, USB, speakers, power and comfort.

The driving range is gorgeous, huge putt practice area and the snack shack are all in the same area. The bag guys are helpful and attend to you in the parking lot.

I brought three new GKers with me and they continually commented about how beautiful the course was.

The course has a lot of challenging holes and you definitely have to play tactically.

If this course was in Las Vegas, I think it would easily be $150+ per round.
I love GK events. Thank you Johnny and Mojave Resort Golf Club for hosting!

This was the first time I played this course and enjoyed it.

The driving range is very close to the club house and the cart staging. You can very easily load up your cart, get a snack, practicing your putting and driving all in the same area. I find this extremely convenient because I don't warm up, but others may chose to. At Mojave, everyone is happy.

I found the course to be tougher than I thought. I wasn't a fan on how close the holes were to each other and often found other golfers and myself, being in someone else's way.

The carts don't have GPS, but do have USB and coolers. They were in decent shape and plenty powerful.

If I'm in the area, I would consider playing here again.
So I was sitting in my home office and got bored of working, so I looked outside and decided that I had had enough. I went golfing.

Played 18, $30 and did it in 2 1/2 hours.

Carts are really strong, no GPS or audio, but it did have a USB charging port.

The course was in great shape. Greens were nice and in fantastic condition.

For those that have been here, they took down the "Alley for Shrubbery" that would intimidate anyone on the 6th hole. If you didn't hit straight, you wouldn't make it out of the tee box. So, rest easy, THEY ARE GONE.

All said, great little course. $30, work on your short game and play in 2.5 hours??? It's a no brainer.
Got to play on Friday afternoon as a two some. Teed off at 1:45 which should have been plenty of time to play, but of course they were so freaking backed up that by 4:15 we were stuck on hole 13 and were waiting about 10-15 minutes per hole between shots.

What really irritates me the most and that we had to beg to get a "locals rate". We were told that because of the Super Bowl, they were charging non-resident rates only at $150 a round. We called BS and they did us a "favor" and only charged us $75. I'm tired of these courses taking advantage of the people who keep them going. (see my review about Chimera and their fee for pre-paying)

The course was in great shape, the greens were SUPER fast though.

That's all I have to say about that.
Played the second week of Jan and the course was in great shape. I payed $72 prepaid ($79 if you don't prepay). No convenience fee. Read my Chimera review as a comparison, they had a $2.50 convenience fee for pre-paying. I will say, that I wanted to book this course for the following weekend and it was $121 per player. I would never pay that for this course. Outrageous.

The carts are standard, no GPS, no water, no speakers. The starter did get us out early, but it almost felt as if the marshal was following us from hole to hole, making sure we didn't slow up play. One of us almost hit him on the drive on 11 and we didn't see him after that. lol

I love Lexington, it was in great shape. $72 is about the most i'll pay though.

The course was in
Played the last week of Jan and I felt it was really expensive. $85 green fee with $2.50 in pre-pay fees. I really didn't want to pay that much, but on the other hand, the course was in fantastic shape.

The staff is always nice, food is good and its a good view. I used to only pay $39 to play here, and the $85 fee will turn me off all the time. There are numerous courses that are every bit as nice, but not as expensive.

Drop the prices Chimera!
I really like this course. The atmosphere is nice and although it doesn't cost a ton, it has the feel.

The carts are decked out with gps and speakers. The facilities are clean and in good shape.

Tee boxes were nice, but they were almost a neon green which annoyed me. We played off the black tees, we usually play off of the blues and it was way more challenging. I believe the 10th hole is 220 to clear the water and make it on the grass, so hit it straight. If you aim a little left, you can get away with 210 or so.

The greens were very soft, while being very fast.

Overall it was in good shape for the time of year.
Revere Golf Club is one of my favorite venues and I was fortunate to play the Lexington side in a Las Vegas Realtor Tournament on 10/4 (Monday).

We were the first ones on the course since the re-seeding and they are at a strict cart path rule.

The course is in the best shape I have ever seen it. Can't say more about it. All aspects of the course were perfect.

Re-seeding did a good job.

Drop the mic!
Played 10/2 (Saturday) and the course was in "ok" condition.

First of all, the parking lot was a mess! Water bottles and trash literally every where. I actually asked one of the cart guys and he was like, "they must've had an event yesterday and no one has cleaned".....ok......

The tee boxes were decent. Standard damage, but still in good shape.

The fairways need some love. They were all cut up, bare in a lot of spots and muddy in others.

The sand traps were for the most part in good shape. Only 1 or 2 were compacted.

The greens rolled nicely but were wet all day.

I would give this course some time to repair and hopefully gets back to good shape.
Played 10/1 (Friday) and this course is in great shape.

Freshly out of re-seeding and they took off the cart path rule and are now at 90 degree rule.

The tee boxes were perfect. The fairways were thin, but nice and full. Our cart was very low on seed to fill chunks, which is pretty surprising.

Some of the sand traps were compact and wet, but I assume it's because of the over watering.

Finally the greens were in super shape. Nice and grassy, but filled with divots. CAN PEOPLE FIX THEIR DIVOTS PLEASE?

I had the flat bread meat lover's pizza in the club house and it was yummy. Definitely recommend.
I was fortunate enough to be invited to play in the Ogden (Hall of Famer) Fondation Charity Event today.

The foundation put on a great event with some pretty cool swag. Tons of food and drinks. The breakfast was "continental", but the lunch was burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, beans and all the fixins.

Now for the course, meh!!! Do i dare say that I've seen worse conditions??? Wild Horse 3 years ago???

The tee boxes were full of what I think was crab grass. The fairways were bare or muddy in most spots. There were a bunch of spots where the netting from the sod was visible. Cleaning a muddy club was common for today and the birds were more than grateful for the seed.

The eighth green was full of swan poop, which made it hard to chip on.

Now to the greens. Other than the 8th, they were actually in really good shape. BUT, there were a ton of divots. Does anyone at this course fix them???

The sand traps were really nice. Only one or two were muddy. Overall they were very playable.

There was water everywhere, cart girl was readily available as well.

The carts were decent. Speakers, USB and GPS were available.

I've played his course many times and I actually really enjoy it. I hope they bring it back to it's normal conditions. I would play it again, but not for more than $40.
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