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Revere Golf Club is one of my favorite venues and I was fortunate to play the Lexington side in a Las Vegas Realtor Tournament on 10/4 (Monday).

We were the first ones on the course since the re-seeding and they are at a strict cart path rule.

The course is in the best shape I have ever seen it. Can't say more about it. All aspects of the course were perfect.

Re-seeding did a good job.

Drop the mic!
Played 10/2 (Saturday) and the course was in "ok" condition.

First of all, the parking lot was a mess! Water bottles and trash literally every where. I actually asked one of the cart guys and he was like, "they must've had an event yesterday and no one has cleaned".....ok......

The tee boxes were decent. Standard damage, but still in good shape.

The fairways need some love. They were all cut up, bare in a lot of spots and muddy in others.

The sand traps were for the most part in good shape. Only 1 or 2 were compacted.

The greens rolled nicely but were wet all day.

I would give this course some time to repair and hopefully gets back to good shape.
Played 10/1 (Friday) and this course is in great shape.

Freshly out of re-seeding and they took off the cart path rule and are now at 90 degree rule.

The tee boxes were perfect. The fairways were thin, but nice and full. Our cart was very low on seed to fill chunks, which is pretty surprising.

Some of the sand traps were compact and wet, but I assume it's because of the over watering.

Finally the greens were in super shape. Nice and grassy, but filled with divots. CAN PEOPLE FIX THEIR DIVOTS PLEASE?

I had the flat bread meat lover's pizza in the club house and it was yummy. Definitely recommend.
I was fortunate enough to be invited to play in the Ogden (Hall of Famer) Fondation Charity Event today.

The foundation put on a great event with some pretty cool swag. Tons of food and drinks. The breakfast was "continental", but the lunch was burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, beans and all the fixins.

Now for the course, meh!!! Do i dare say that I've seen worse conditions??? Wild Horse 3 years ago???

The tee boxes were full of what I think was crab grass. The fairways were bare or muddy in most spots. There were a bunch of spots where the netting from the sod was visible. Cleaning a muddy club was common for today and the birds were more than grateful for the seed.

The eighth green was full of swan poop, which made it hard to chip on.

Now to the greens. Other than the 8th, they were actually in really good shape. BUT, there were a ton of divots. Does anyone at this course fix them???

The sand traps were really nice. Only one or two were muddy. Overall they were very playable.

There was water everywhere, cart girl was readily available as well.

The carts were decent. Speakers, USB and GPS were available.

I've played his course many times and I actually really enjoy it. I hope they bring it back to it's normal conditions. I would play it again, but not for more than $40.
Bali Hai is one of my favorite courses to play. The strip views/scenery are fantastic and because of the close proximity to the airport, you can always see planes taking off and landing. It pretty much cancels the idea of quiet on the tee box when a 757 is flying overhead. Still drove it 338 yards for my long drive today, so apparently I can’t get mad at Rob Knickerbocker anymore. Lol.

Free Valet parking is how you are met and there are a ton of employees on hand to help out. The Tiki bar was good, but no water was supplied, so make sure you bring your Hydroflask or two.

Carts are really nice, plenty of juice and are equipped with GPS, USB and the good JBL speakers. Seats are nice and comfy and two coolers per cart. They definitely are setting the standard with their carts.

The twosome we played with, Alex and Sal, had a caddie known as “G” and he was really knowledgeable.

Tee boxes were in great shape, nice and plush. The fairways were fast and allowed for plenty of roll. Not too many dry spots, which would be understandable because of the heat anyway. The rough was manageable and not too hard to get out of. Oh yeah, the fairways were still recovering from the aeration, however, it wasn’t too big of an issue.

The greens were also still recovering and were plenty fast! Just a tap will do ya.

The sand traps had nice sand in them but were usually compacted. There weren’t any rakes (due to COVID and understandable) and you were in danger of landing in someone else’s “mess”.

Cart girls were always around and I saw them about 6-7 times total. There was no water on the course, so it was a good thing.

Trash cans were pretty scarce, so if you see one, throw your stuff out. Bathrooms are nice and can accommodate 2 at a time.

Overall, the course lives up to it’s reputation. Definitely worth the green fee and I would absolutely recommend this course to someone visiting. I would hate to come to Vegas and not play Bali Hai. Keep up the good work!!
Had a fantastic time at yet ANOTHER Guru event. Thanks Johnny and Laughlin Ranch Golf Club!

The fairways were in really good shape, other than the occasional (minor) yellow spot, which is understandable for the heat. The rough wasn't over grown and finding your ball was fairly easy.

Golf carts are gas powered and never had an issue.

Tee boxes were fantastic and so were the greens. The greens are very challenging as there are numerous "slope" changes. Be careful or you'll roll a bit.

This course is definitely worth the drive from Las Vegas. Feel free to stay a while and eat lunch after. Holy crap!!! The nachos are huge and only $7!!!!! omg!! The loaded tots were bomb as well. All the staff were very friendly.

At the turn the snack bar was closed, maybe a potty break, so we called the club house and they brought us out exactly what we asked for. Didn't have to wait long.

The ONLY issue with this course is the cell service. GOD forbid I disconnect from society for a while and enjoy the beautiful scenery at this course.

Definitely take a drive out there and golf it. Stay the night and play again the next day.
Thanks to Greenskeeper for the certificate I won during the last GURU event!!!

I love to hate this course because the first 6 holes kick my butt! I hated my 10 on 5 and as a group we totalled 38 for the 5th hole. DO THE MATH LOL.

The course was in great shape, but if you wander off of the fairway, you wont find your ball. You will however find everyone else's balls.

Carts do not have GPS, but they were fully charged. The cart girl was always around and even offered a last call.

Super challenging course, nice staff and great conditions made it a fantastic day.
Chimera is one of my favorite courses, however, it seems like it's gone a little down hill.

The staff were very nice and accommodating. Cart girls were always around and they now have drone technology to deliver the food to your hole. It's limited to the 8,9 and 10th hole, but it's still pretty cool.

The fairways were in pretty rough shape with a lot of bare dirt spots. Long rolls on a drive, which is good for distance, but some areas were dirt.

The sand traps were compacted dirt and no way to get under the ball. They weren't puddles, but they were pretty wet.

The greens had been punched and sanded about 1-2 weeks ago and so they WERE SLOW!. The tee boxes were in great shape and probably the nicest part of the course.

Teed off at 9 am and they were already running low on carts.

I really hope this course improves it's conditions. I like to play it, but for what they charge, they really need to up their game.
First time at this course. It was in great shape. The practice area was on point. One of them was closed, but it didn't seem to matter much. Plenty of room.

The staff was friendly, the pastrami melt is delicious and very large. Split it with someone. lol. The clubhouse was spacious and very comfy seating.

The course was in great shape. The greens staff was watering at numerous locations and the course was well taken care of.

I live on the opposite side of town, but it's worth the drive. Especially if you are looking for something new.

they have 3 courses and from what I understand, we played the medium difficulty course. Snow is supposedly the easiest and Wolf is the most challenging.

Their reputation preceeds them. I can't wait to try the other 2.

Thanks for hosting our event!
Thanks to GK Guru Kevin Eng (Head Pro) at Reflection Bay for the experience. This course is one of my favorites and has a little bit for everyone.

It can be really tough, like the 2 water hazard Hole 1 Par 4 or nice and easy like the Hole 3 Par 3. Either way, you won't be let down.

Keep your phone on you for some really nice photo ops.

Staff is always on point and if you like French Toast, try the breakfast sandwich. Trust me, it's good.

The course was in great shape and I couldn't be more satisfied. Can't wait to play again.
From the moment you pull up and have to ring the buzzer, you feel the luxury. The double wide gates open and you drive up to, what other courses would call "Bag Drop". I would call this, the meet and greet. Valet takes your car and your clubs, just take your shoes with you. You are then escorted to your locker room, where your assigned locker is marked with a laser etched name tag (that you can keep after your round). I thought that was totally cool!!

Get here early to enjoy the inner scenery as well as enjoy breakfast, I recommend the Eggs Benedict.

Then its time to golf. Walk down the stairs and meet your caddy, who is waiting for you in an indoor tunnel type area, with your cart. When you're ready, two huge double doors open and out you go to the driving range. What an opulent experience, you will later come back the same way, and I thought it was one of the coolest parts.

The driving range is very photogenic, where the back drop is a beautiful waterfall. If you hit well enough, you can try to hit it, but I can't so I didn't try. I think its 325 yards????

Our caddy's name was Quincy or "Q" and he was the BOMB!!! I've never golfed with a caddy before and the experience was truly surreal. The customer service, knowledge, experience and sheer friendliness was totally worth it. At one point, I was getting ready to putt, picked up my ball, tossed it to "Q", he cleaned it and tossed it back. Totally felt like I was on the tour. Holy crap. That was cool. I didn't believe him, initially, when he told me to putt to a certain area. When I did what he said, the ball would do exactly what he knew it would. Apparently I don't know how to read greens, because I was way off when I tried to read it in advance.

The course was in great shape and well taken care of. The greens were fast (in my opinion). I personally didn't thing the rough was over grown, however, it was thick and deep. A couple of times, my club would get way under the ball (but that could've been me.)

The cart woman was around, more than any other course I've been on. Saw her at least 4-5 times. Drinks were very reasonable and had a good selection.

There is no club house at the turn, but I would assume if you needed anything, your caddy would make sure you had it. Plenty of water and restroom stations throughout.

When, unfortunately your round is complete, you go back through the double doors and are greeted with a cold towel for your face. Walk away from your cart and you'll find them in your car that was pulled up to the front door for you.

Overall, the experience was amazing and unforgettable. I was fortunate to be invited as a GKGuru and had a great time with all my fellow Gurus. Thank you Johnny and Cascata for the best golf experience I've had thus far.
Played 04/01/19. Started as a two-some, but ended up catching up to a third and ended up a three some. POP was 3:23 as a three-some, which was impressive because the two-some ahead of us was waiting on a four-some and we were being pushed.

The green fees were way cheaper on their website and because we walked on, we had to plead with the pro-shop to give us the $42 rate as opposed to them charging us $54. A little annoying since he seemed put out.

Carts have coolers, but no GPS or USB chargers.

The starter I will say, was one of the nicest starters I have dealt with at a course. He was smiling and actually had a conversation with us.

The driving range is fairly large and you have to buy balls in order to warm up.

The tee boxes were fairly worn out and at times, pretty bare.

The fairways in were great shape, along with the rough. The rough didn't seem too bad, but there were plenty to bushes that did a good job of hiding your ball for you.

The greens were in really good shape and ran at a true speed.

Foot golf is played on this course, and I found that the "hole" was usually in the middle of the fairway.

The cart lady was around quite often and I think we saw her 3 times.

There are some pretty tricky holes that have rock beds about, 100 yards from the green. They aren't very visible from the tee box, but it makes it pretty challenging.

At times, the sand traps were flooded with water and if they weren't, they were pretty packed down.

I would definitely play this course again, but I don't know that I would pay more than the $42 bucks that I did.
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