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Played on Sun Aug 30. One of my most favorite courses. In excellent usual. My post today is about the exceptional staff. We got in 11 holes on the Ike when we noticed a column of smoke-very close by. Then the helicopters circling overhead. The marshall came out to let us know a golfer flicked a lit cigarette onto the brushy slope between holes 1 and 18. We were told to return to the clubhouse. The staff was great ! A gentleman that got to the front desk played 16 holes and was given a full rain check. We opted to start on 1 on the babe...and played all 18. Would a management company such as American Golf, Donovan or Eagle do the same?

Dave've got a great staff, both in the shop and maintaining two great courses.
Played last week, first time since the new owners took over. After making the hour drive from LA, I was REALLY disappointed with the course conditions. Driving in, I noticed the new gate, and new golfer structure/fountain that were constructed since my last visit, and thought "hummm...maybe the new owners are spending money making this place better"
Well, that thought flipped 180 degress once I was out on the course,
the course was in horrendous shape. Owners, forget the fountains, and building a creek connecting the 8th and 9th hole lakes, and spend some money on the golf course! ! !
The tee boxes were raggety and divot-pocked, the fairways were bare in so many places. One fairway looked like a patchwork quilt, with large blocks of bare dirt, thin fairway, and re-located sod!
The greens were neglected as well. Many of them were covered with bare dead dirt spots...many of my birdie and par putts had to go over an obstacle course of ball marks and bare dirt!
One of my playing partners mentioned that the course conditions reminded him of playing his local "goat track--Azusa greens"
Save your money...if you want to play temecula...go to Redhark or Temecula Creek instead.
Kendall was right on about the course conditions. Played two weeks after aeration and the greens were coming back nicely. I really like playing the North course, the pro shop staff is the best in the area, the internet tee time deals are great.

BUT...the marshalls do nothing about slow play, one admitted to me last time I was there that he's only there for the free golf! Sorry, what should be a 4 1/2 hour round is often 5 1/2 plus, there are alot of things i'd rather do in that extra hour, than watch someone in the group in front of me take 10 practice swings or look at a putt for 5 minutes, from every possible angle and then miss it!
It's a hike to get to Qok Quarry from LA but it is well worth the gas $$$
The course is in great shape! And the staff is wonderful.

Tee boxes were in pretty good shape, as were the fairways, just a handful of trouble spots, mainly in common landing areas where golfers didn't bother to use their divot mix bottles! The greens are coming back nicely.

If I lived closer, I'd be out here a few times a week!
first time here and probably my last. Played on a saturday. Our time was 10:52. Got there about 45 minutes early,stood in line for about 20 minutes and was rudely told by the person manning the "window" that we would need to come back at our tee time. Should have known that was a sign of more bad things to come. At our tee time, we went back up to the window, paid our $$ and were told we would have to wait for a cart. Great, now I know things are going to be bad. Finally a cart arrives and we get down to the first tee and were told by the starter that there were 7 groups in front of us ! ! Wonderful ! By the time we pushed our tees into the group it was hour and 20 minutes late. What a joke! In my years of playing golf, I have never seen so many golfers leave a course on a weekend with out hitting one ball. In the hour + that I waited to tee off, I watched at least 6 groups leave, in digust, while the person did nothing to put out the fires going on around him.
Haven't played this side for a long while. As always, the pro shop staff was great, getting us out pretty much on time on a busy Saturday morning. They aerated about 10 days ago, so I wasn't expecting much for the greens, but all in all they rolled nicely. Kudos to the maintenance staff for doing a pretty good job. Fairways were nice, some thin spots. Only complaint were the bunkers, hard mud dirt. Unfortunately I landed in a few, watch out for the wooden rakes, lots of splinters and the fiberglass ones, weren't alot better.
Thought the pot bunkers were only on the North side on 16, but they've put a few on the South side too! All in all a fun, fun day.
My bad...didn't check this website first before making a reservation. Called and asked, "what shape is the golf course in?" and got the standard, "The course is in great shape" Drove out there and played Sat.3/31. and found newly punched greens. Why don't courses realize that lying to the paying public will not turn out well. No discounts on green fee, but since drove over a hour to get there, played anyway.
The super should be replaced. Considering the aeration was 5 days old, the greeens should have been better than they were. The maintenance crew did a very poor job. A few of the greens had machinery scars, like the equipment was dragged over them. Even if given two weeks to heal, these greens will not be puttable, due to the poor job.
OK so the greens were bad, but the bunkers were even worse. For a "high end" course, you'd expect white country club sand, but what you get here at this course was hard, rock filled mud dirt.
Considering what we paid to play, I have some expectations of the level of service, other than the starter, all the staff I encountered were not very service orientated.
Layout was nice, interesting holes, Ted robinson did a great job.
With all the great courses in the area, doubt I'll go back given the conditions and the customer service
played in a tournament on 3/24. Haven't been here since last year when the course was in horrible shape, but have to say the conditions have improved. The fairways were nicer, and not as brown and crunchy. The greens were better, rolled better, if you were lucky enough to land on the green on a part without many ball marks. My main complaint is the condition of the tee boxes. Uneven, severe divots everywhere. To try to hide the divots, looked like the tee boxes weren't mowed for weeks. I tee my ball pretty high, and the grass was level with my ball! So the course is in much better shap, wish I could say the same about the staff. Most courses we play really cater to tournaments, because the want the repeat business, but not here. The pro shop staff, couldn't care less, and truly act like they are doing you a favor by being there....especially the staff member who wears really dark glasses INDOORS! What a bozo! Resturant staff was great! Starter was rude, chasing people around telling us, "you're late, your on tee now, get over there" when in actuality, the group in front of us had not even begun teeing off!
Don't think we'll be back, conditions were not that great to get us back there. If I am going to spend the $$, conditions have to be great, and customer service has to be top notch !
After reading the comments, here I was considering not playing here and driving up a few more miles to La P...But I really wanted to try something new and I'm glad a took a chance. Played on a Friday morning. All the comments aboutr pace of play had me geared up for a 5+ hour round...but we finished in a little over 4 and 1/2. Luckily we got pair with a few locals, who were nice enough to give the "tourists" the lay of the land and we had a very enjoyable round.

Sure, there were a few tricked up holes, but the conditions were great. The greens were fast and true. The rough was long (4-5 inches) and made you think about club selecttion and keeping it in the fairways!

Wanted to go out for a replay and get revenge on a few holes, but the twilight-ers had the front side backed up. Will definitely go back again and try to better my score.
Hi "mzehner"
the management co will never spend the $$ and improve course conditions because they already pack the course with mediocre conditions....this is classic American Golf management style
Played 8/19. Been 6 months since I've played here at what a difference. A course that was on my favorites list is no longer. What a disappointment. I can understand that the heat is a factor, but more than a few greens were burnt, to the point of being nothing but bare dirt. On a few of the greens, the apron was so dead that you couldn't "bump and run" shots up onto the green. Some of the greens had "kukuya" infestation. Which made for terrible putting. POP was okay 4.5 to play on a Saturday. But for what I paid to play, I expect better course conditions, better customer service, and marshalls that do more than wave at everyone. My hometown muni is in better shape. Hopefully when the close the course down for 2 days in Sept, they can give this place some TLC and get it back in shape
first time at this course...and the last. Good price for midday weekend..$37 with cart, but you get what you play for. Thin, bare fairways. Slow greens....pockmarked...does anyone fix their ball marks around here? We played as a foursome and were pushing the twosome ahead of us. Talked to the "players assistant" and asked that they speed them up....told us he would, and then drove right past them without saying a thing! We were told the beverage cart was out on the course, never saw him/ water containers to be seen.
My friend that played here said this used to be a really nice course.
Too bad....some of the holes were very interesting...I wish I could have played here when it was in better shape. Next time I want to play in this area, I'll fork out the extra $20 and play Los Serranos!
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