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The course is in great shape right now. The fairways had no thin lies. Tee boxes were level throughout with plenty of grass. Rough was not very penal, but consistent throughout. Fairway and greenside bunkers have plenty of sand and are well-maintained. The greens are the fastest I have seen them since I started playing here about a year ago. Although there are a few unrepaired pitch marks, they did not affect any putts. They have been renovating the 18th hole tee box which has caused it to play as a par 4 rather than a par 5. Fortunately, it looks like the renovations are very close to being completed. Completed the round in 3.5 hours (tee off at 7:21 am).
Based on El Prado standards, course is just in so-so condition right now. Staff is always friendly. They have a grass driving range but where the hitting stalls were set up today seemed to be mostly crab grass. They also have two nice practice putting greens and a small chipping green.

Tee boxes were mostly thin with a few being very hard. At times it was also difficult to find a level spot. Fairways were in typical El Prado condition with them being mostly thin but there are a few nice spots throughout. Off the fairway there is lots of bare spots and areas with weeds and spots with very long grass. Sand traps were, like always, very thin and hard. Greens were the best part of the course. While they were a little slow, most putts rolled smoothly. Tee'd off at 6:15 a.m., so pace of play was good at just under 4 hours. The twosome in front of us was a few holes ahead and we felt no push from the group behind us.
After seeing all the great reviews from the GK Cup Finals, I had to get out to enjoy this course for myself. All the past reviews from the GK Cup are spot on. One thing I really enjoy about Oak Creek is the level of service they provide. Before teeing off the Starter told me that the course management attempts to run it like a private golf club. Tee times are spaced out by 9 minutes which allows for a smooth pace of play for everyone. The course also makes sure that maintenance completes their work before the first groups of the day reach them. On that note, the earliest tee time this time of year is around 6:30 a.m., which some of the early bird GK golfers may find off-putting. Personally, I like the later start time because it is easier for me to get over to the course and still be within the first few groups out.

As to conditions, I concur with the great reviews written during the GK Cup with the only difference being that I did not find any issue with the quality of the black tee boxes.
Even though I had heard from many that slow play plagues this course, I decided to give it a try late on a Thursday afternoon. Boy, was everyone right about play being slow here. Right from the start my group was forced to wait 5-10 minutes on each tee box. By the time we got to the 8th hole, wait times extended to about 15 minutes as the groups were backed up ahead of us. By the time we got on the 13th hole, we were tired of waiting and decided to leave.

It's a shame that this course is so slow because the course conditions were pretty good. Fairways, rough, and greens all were nice. Tee boxes also were level and full of decent grass. Bunkers throughout the course looked like they had ample amounts of sand.

Because slow play is the primary aspect of golf that drives me crazy, I will not be back until the course figures out a way to speed up play.
Teed off around 11:30 on Saturday as a single. The staff was very friendly from the moment I arrived. The course was pretty empty due to rain being in the forecast so the Starter let me tee off an hour early. With the exceptions of the bunkers, the course was in prime condition. Tee boxes were perfect and level. The fairways were cut a little short but had enough grass to easily make good contact with the ball. The rough was full throughout the course. Although playable, the bunkers were the weak spot by being firm and having rocks throughout. After my second time playing this course, I will be looking to incorporate Oak Quarry into my regular rotation.
Played on a Sunday afternoon as a single. Service in the pro shop was great. The course seems to have drained well from all the rain we have received. Greens were smooth with little-to-no unrepaired ball marks. The greens ran slower than usual due to the rain the day before. Fairways were damp but had good coverage. The length of the rough was not much of a factor but provided good coverage. The one bunker I found myself had some standing water in it due to the rain.
Had a tee time as a solo at 1 pm. When I arrived, the staff was very friendly. The practice facilities are great, with a grass driving range and big practice green. The starter was very friendly and gave me a few pointers since it was my first time. It was not very crowded allowing me to tee off 15 minutes ahead of schedule. The first 9 I played was Oaks. POP was great because there was not many groups out there. 8 out of 9 blue tee boxes were level and had plenty of grass. There was one tee box that was in very poor condition with it having little grass to hit from. The fairways were lush and the sand was decent. The rough was not very long and had a few thin spots throughout. They also have done a good job of marking any poor conditioned sections as ground under repair. The greens were firm and fast. Looking at the greens, there are quite a few marks. However, when putting everything rolled smooth. The back 9 I played was Creek. Conditions were the same for Creek as they were for Oaks. However, POP slowed down.

This was my first time playing this course and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was debating whether to try this or nearby Redhawk and I think I made the right choice.
Played on a hot Saturday afternoon. Pace of play really was not an issue, with minimal waiting on the tee up until the last 3 holes. Tee boxes were decent being able to always find a level lie. Fairways looked dry, but once hitting from them they were soft and somewhat lush. I never found the sand, but they looked o.k. from afar. Rough was not very penal. Greens were the one flaw of the course but were nevertheless better than most courses in the area. Unfortunately there were quite a few unrepaired ball marks and an inordinate amount of spike marks throughout the greens. Despite this, almost all putts rolled true and at an above average speed.
I got to play here for the first time with T8fish (review below) in our GK Cup match. Before our match, he assured me I would enjoy the course, and I sure did. The course has a good practice/warmup facility, with a grass driving range, big putting green, and a separate chipping green. We had a tee time for 2:44 pm on Saturday but were able to tee off a little early due. We had no one in front of us up until the fourth hole. We had moderate waiting the rest of the round, with the pace of play finishing at 4.25 hours.

I really enjoyed the layout of the course. The design does a great job of forcing you not only to think about your present shot, but how best to set up the next shot. It also allows you to use all the clubs in your bag. T8fish's review does an excellent job describing the conditions. Fairways were clean with no unfilled divots or bare spots. At times, the rough could be very thick. Did not see any bare spots in the rough. I was in one green-side bunker, which was a little more firm than I prefer. Greens were smooth and medium-fast. I did see a few unrepaired ballmarks on the greens.

Overall, I highly recommend this course. I had a great time and cannot wait to be back.
First time playing this course and I really enjoyed the layout, with each hole providing a satisfying balance of risk and reward. It has a good range of holes, including a par 4 with an island green, holes with many fairway and greenside bunkers, and a nice mix of short and long par 4s. The last three holes are some of the best finishing holes I have played. I was able to get a tee time for $55 through Forelinx on Saturday at 8:12 am.

POP: Pace of play was not great. It was a bad sign when our group reached the second hole tee box and there was a backup of 3 groups. This really is inexcusable, and the blame lies solely with the starter. They really need to space out the tee times better. The waiting continued on practically all of the holes. When the marshall came by, we advised him of how slow the pace was. He responded by stating our group was behind even though we had been right behind the group in front of us the entire round. We just rolled our eyes and continued on.

Tee boxes: Never had an issue. Always found a nice piece of grass to hit off and always level.

Fairways: For the most part, fairways were dry and tight. Good drives always got nice roll. There were a few holes that had punched fairways.

Rough: Rough was mixed. At times thick and at other times thin.

Bunkers: I found two fairway bunkers, which were slightly firm but were not not an issue. On one hole I saw standing water in some greenside bunkers.

Greens: Greens had a few unrepaired ball marks and were a little slow. However, most putts rolled true.
Played in the afternoon on May 17th. A colleague of mine is a member here, and I was his guest. This is the oldest private golf club in Riverside and has a beautiful clubhouse and golf shop. The staff are all very friendly and the food is great.

If you ever have a chance to play here, I recommend it.

The layout of the course has many fun and challenging holes. The back 9 plays much more difficult than the front. The tee boxes were perfect. They were level and had plenty of grass. The fairways and rough were as good as you can ask for. I found a few greenside bunkers and they were relatively soft, but there were a few spots that were firm. The greens were very quick and always rolled true.
Teed off at 6:43 a.m. as a solo. The course has a good grass driving range and two putting greens, so there is ample room to warm up. Was originally intending on playing the course's other 18 hole course, called "Butterfield Stage." However, when I checked in the starter politely recommended I play Chino Creek because it was wide open with no groups in front of me. I appreciated the heads up, as I was able to finish my round in 3 hours.

The greens have now fully healed from the aeration they did a little over a month ago. There were a few unrepaired ball marks. However, every putt I had rolled smooth.

The fairways were in decent condition. There were a few tight lies and some with ample grass. I happened to find the sand often this round and did not have a problem with their conditions. There was only one green-side bunker that was a little firm, but it was still manageable.

The rough is just so-so. There are some spots of just dirt, and others areas that have about 2 inches of grass.
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