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Played on Sunday 5/2 with a tee time before noon. POP was around 4 1/2 hours. Not bad. I remember it used to be around 6 hours to play here. We started right on time.

Course conditions are one of the best I've seen for this time of year. There's a reseeding in progress on some of the holes. The fairways had very good grass coverage from tee to green. Though there were some parts of the fairways that were a little sloshy and there wee bare spots here and there. Tee boxes have very good grass coverage. It wasn't as beat up like I've seen at other courses. Bunkers were a little hard packed and some had water in it. The greens are the best I've seen around. Sometimes the greens would roll a little bumpy. Most of the time balls would roll fairly smooth. It was a little windy when we played which will effect play on some of the holes.

The only drawback is that it's so hard to get a tee time here on the weekends. Just got lucky to get a tee time for 4. Carts were available and I saw a lot of people were walking today. Course is not flat to walk. Hole #1 is hard hole to start with especially with an elevated tee box, driving range on the right and it plays uphill. Like playing here as the course runs through a housing track. Covid-19 golf rules still in effect - can't remove pins, no ball washers, no rakes in bunkers. Looks like you can only share carts if both riders are from same household.

There's a two level driving range here and the putting green was open. The snack bar was open with outdoor dining. This is one of my favorite courses to play.
Played today on 1/18/21 with a mid-morning tee time. POP was just under 4 hours to play 18. It's been a long time since I last played here. Morning tee times are so hard to get to play here. Driving range is open but every other stall is closed for COVID-19 social distancing. It's two level driving range with the top level irons only. Practice putting green was closed due to COVID-19.

This is a challenging course to play. Hole #1 is a challenging hole to start off with an elevated tee. There's a driving range on the right, hill and trees on the left, and about 1/2 way down this hole, the rough on the right slopes down toward the driving range. Not too mention there's an elevated green with bunkers in front. Tough par 5 to start the day. Today was a rather windy day which made it harder to hit into the wind. Course is not flat . Hole #9 is a challenge to play with an elevated green. But we did see a lone coyote near the 9th green. Tee boxes were fairly decent with good coverage. The fairways had very good grass coverage. Though fairways had some thin, yellow and dirt spots here and there. The bunkers were a little thin on some holes and sometimes a little hard packed. But the greens are in excellent shape. They're the best I've seen in the area. Greens were running a little fast but there were running fairly smooth.

Playing here with COVID-19 rules. There's no rakes in the bunkers, you must not touch the flag on the greens, and there's no ball washers near the tees. They removed all water coolers on the course. Bathrooms are open on the course.

There's no GPS in the carts. I believe the snack bar is open for take out orders but we didn't visit so can't comment on the food. Love the layout of this course as it goes through residential areas. We'll be back again if I can get a tee time here.
Played on the last day of year 2020 (12/31) with a tee time around 8 am. POP was around 4 hours to play 18. It was very windy today with wind averaging around 15 mph. With the wind, it was very hard to spot your ball on the fairway with a lot of leaves on the grass. On the greens, there were so much leaves on the greens that no matter how hard you tried to clear a path to the pin that more leaves would fall on the greens.

Course conditions were a lot nicer here than when we played Wilson last week. The only issue I ran into was that they were reseeding the yellow tee boxes. So therefore the yellow tees were near the white tees. I just ended up playing the white tees. The tee boxes had very good coverage with bare spots here and there. The fairways had very good grass coverage where you can have a decent lie to hit off of it. The rough wasn't that deep. The only issue we ran into was being a windy day that there were lots of leaves on the fairways, rough and the greens. The bunkers were a little hard packed and thin. The greens were in great shape and were rolling a little fast. Just had to deal with a lot of leaves and pine needles on the greens.

Love playing here. Some holes on the back nine can get challenging like the 10th hole with an elevated green. I like that there is gps in the carts.
Played on Sunday 12/27 with a tee time around 8 am. POP was around 4 1/4 hours to play 18. Play here is with covid-19 restrictions. No ball washers, no rakes in the bunker, and can't remove the pins when putting.

Haven't been here in awhile. They are doing major refurbishment of the clubhouse and grounds around the clubhouse. Clubhouse is closed. The bathrooms are porta potties. There's a food truck out near the Wilson 1st hole that sells food and beverages.

Course conditions were just awful. It hasn't rained for awhile. The tee boxes were rather thin with a lot of dirt patches. The fairways were thin with a lot of dirt patches, grass was yellow across the fairways on a lot of holes and there were lots of divots here and there. I had so much mud on my ball. Can't comment about the sand as I didn't land in any but it looked wet and thin. The greens were the worse I've ever seen. Greens were fast and very bumpy. Never seen the ball bounce a lot on the greens. Granted this course gets a lot of play. It just not worth the money to play here right now.
Played today with a mid-morning tee time. It took us about 3:45 to play 18. We had to wait to tee off on almost every hole. Playing under COVID-19 rules. No rakes in bunkers, leave pins in holes on greens, no ball washers. Being a Sunday, they made us walk the front 9 and then we can get a cart for the back 9. It cost us $12 to rent a cart for 9 holes. At the turn we had to wait for carts that came off 18th hole. It's really tough to walk the front 9. There's a small hill approaching the 3rd green and there's a elevated green on the 5th hole. At least the weather was overcast and cool today. Saw a couple coyotes on the 8th tee.

I should have checked here before I played to find out that the greens were recently punched. Aeration on the greens were with big holes and a lot of sand. Putting was very slow and bumpy with all the sand on the greens. I say you should wait 2 - 3 weeks before greens are back to normal. Teeing areas had good coverage. There were a couple of teeing holes that are being re-seeded. The 10th tee was currently being re-seeded. The fairways were just in so-so shape. There were decent coverage but there were many thin and yellow areas. Landed in a few bunkers and found that some were a little thin and mostly dirt. Rough tends to be fairly lush.

The driving range was open with physical distancing in effect and face masks required. Haven't been here in a while and they removed the thick mats with the real feel turf mats where it's hard to put your tee in the mat. Face masks are required to enter the golf shop to pay with a credit or debit card. The snack bar was open for take out only. Came here to mostly practice my short game. Love the views of downtown LA from the 15th tee.
Played on Saturday, September 19th with a tee time around 8 am. POP was around 4 hours 10 minutes to play 18. Seemed play was slower on the back 9.

Played on a day with a little bit of smell of smoke from nearby Bobcat fire. Smell got better on the back 9 when there was a little bit of wind. Didn't see a warning that the greens were punched. The punch holes were tiny. Putts seemed to roll a little slow today. With play in the morning, the greens were a little wet too. Got better on the back 9.

Tee boxes were fairly level with good coverage. The fairways were looking just ok. There was good coverage on the fairways. Some parts of the fairway were looking a little thin and brown and some spots were very wet, muddy and soggy. With this being a city course, I recommend that you stay out of the rough as it was very deep and thick. I was only in one bunker today and it was a little on the thin side. It can get hard to get out of the bunkers with no rakes in the bunker. Some local rules during Covid will allow you to drop your ball elsewhere in the bunker if you're in a footprint.

Saw that you can get packaged food and drinks at the turn from the snack bar. Club house is currently closed due to Covid. Putting greens were also closed. Driving range is open with no restrictions for social distancing. You can get riding carts if you have an early tee time before 10 am. I like that there's a display that shows your distance to the green in the carts. Some of the holes can be challenging. It's not a flat course to walk 18. It's very hard to get a tee time for this and other LA city golf courses.
Played on Monday, July 27 with a tee time before 9 am. POP was around 4 hours to play 18.

We heard that this course will be closing on September 7, so we decided to play here for one last time. We found that they have kept up with maintenance on this course. We got a cart and found that the cart is a little old with the brakes not working too good. With Covid-19, carts are first come first serve with one person per cart unless you're members from the same household. Sign at check in mentions that carts usually run out after 10 am. Otherwise, you will be walking and this course is not flat on the back 9.

Course is in decent shape. The tee boxes have fairly good coverage but was thin in spots. One problem we noticed on hole 1 and 9 was that the pond between these holes stinks really bad like rotten eggs. It helps if you're wearing a face mask on these holes. The fairways have very good coverage from tee to green. Some parts were running a little thin, a little brown/yellow in spots but you can still hit off the fairways. The greens are in great condition. It was rolling about medium speed. Sand in the bunkers were decent. But with no rakes, it can get to be a challenge to hit out of someone's footprint. Water does come into play on 9 holes I believe. The rough was fairly thick running about 1 to 3 inches. What makes this course unique is the tee box on hole #17, which is an elevated tee box hitting down to the fairway. There's also a number of holes on the back nine where you're hitting to elevated greens for more of a challenge.

There's a small driving range here where you're hitting into a hill. The snack bar/restaurant was closed. We will miss their famous hamburgers after the round. Putting green was open. But due to Covid-19, there's no ball washers on the course, no cooler on the course, no rakes in the bunkers and there's a pool noodle in the pins on the greens. Bring your own water! You must reserve your tee time ahead as no walk ons are allowed. We will miss playing here.
Played today Saturday June 20 with a 7:30 am tee time. POP was around 1 1/2 hours to play 9. Walking only for this course. As we finished, it looked like the golf course was very busy today. You really need to get your tee time ahead of time. We had prepaid our green fees. It's not cheap to play here for an executive course ($26).

Course is not in good shape today. It was rather beat up. I've seen better days and it looks like it's getting neglected. There's still talk about this golf course becoming a future Topgolf location. I saw online that the Topgolf project is currently on hold due to the current economic and Covid-19 situation.

The driving range was open with social distancing in effect. It looked like about half of the spots on the driving range have been removed. If the driving range is full, you have to wait outside the driving range until a spot opens up. There's a 1 hour time limit for the driving range. The balls from the machine were looking a little old. The practice putting green and the bunker practice areas were closed today.

The tee box area was all beat up with a lot of divots. The fairways looked really terrible. There were a lot of bare spots and thin lies on the fairways. You can still play. There were decent coverage on other parts of the fairways. But the greens were in awful shape. There were so many unrepaired ball marks on the greens. Can't comment on the bunkers but when I looked at the sand it was hard packed and wet. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there were no rakes in the bunkers, no ball washers near the tee boxes, and there were no benches on the course. You cannot remove any of the pins on the greens. There's a filler in the cup so you don't need to reach into the hole to retrieve your ball.

One of the reasons we play here is to practice your short game. There's a couple of par 4s on this course. So you can use all the clubs in your bag. There's water on a few holes on this course. The club house and restaurant was not open today. The golf shop was not open. You check into the golf shop from an outside window. There's no pull rental carts available. I think this will be our last time playing here.
Played on Monday June 15 with a tee time before 9 am. POP was just over 4 hours to play 18. Course was really busy today.

Course is in great shape today. We had prepaid our golf round so it was easy to check in and just go. You can now get carts now. I heard previously when it first reopened (after Covid-19 shutdown) that it was walking only. Golf carts have GPS. All the bathrooms were open. But due to Covid-19 policies, there were no rakes in the bunkers, no ball washers near the tee, and there were no water in coolers on the course. Be sure to bring your own water.
We did see the cart gal a couple of times while we were playing. Driving range was open and the putting green was open. But the short game area was not open.

The red and white tee boxes were in decent shape with good coverage. It was not all beat up. The fairways had very good coverage from tee to green. But with no sand in your carts to fill in divots, it got to be a challenge on the fairways if you landed in one. Rough wasn't too bad. It wasn't that deep so you can still hit out of the rough. The greens were in excellent shape. Greens seemed a little fast today. The sand in the bunkers were nice with real sand. But it can get difficult hitting out of bunkers with no rakes in them.

This golf course is a challenge to play. Water comes into play on a few holes. This is not a flat course. A few holes have trees in the fairway or on your approach shot. It makes for more interesting course to play.
Played Monday 5/11 with super twilight tee time of 4:40 pm. It took us about 2 1/4 hours to play 9. Decided to stop on the 9th hole as it was starting to get dark and it was getting a little chilly.

The driving range was open and the putting green was open but it was limited to 4 players on the putting green. It's pretty much prepaid tee times only as the tee times are filling up rather quickly. It's still walking only. The clubhouse was open for take out drinks and snacks only.

Course conditions are still pretty good. The tee boxes had good coverage. There were tee markers this time. The fairways had excellent coverage. Tho' there were some spots looking a little yellow from the recent heat wave we had last week. Can't comment on the sand in the bunkers as I didn't land in any this time. One thing different this time was that greens were recently punched. The punch holes were pretty small so it didn't affect the putts too much. But at times the balls on the putting green would bounce a little bit.

There's no ball washers, no rakes in the bunkers and you have to leave the pins in the holes. There's no water coolers on the course so you must bring your own water or wait for the cart gal. One complaint I have was all the flags on the greens were red. I can't tell whether it was front, middle or back. I had to laser the distance to each pin on every hole.

Super twilight rate of $15 is great rate. Still trying to work my way back to playing regular golf after being off during this time. Stay safe.
Played on Monday, 4/20 with an 4:30 pm tee time. Course reopened today with social distancing in effect. Walking only. Took 2 1/4 hours to play 9. Not bad for $15. Course required that players play with masks on. But I saw a lot of groups that didn't keep their masks on the whole time.

Course was in great shape considering it was closed for about a month. Fairways had very good coverage. Being the first day of the reopening, there wasn't much divots on the fairways. The tee boxes were in good condition except for hole #8 that had a lot of divots from the back tee. Being the first day back, there were no tee markers on the tee boxes. We just used the SCGA markers to figure which tee boxes to play. I imagined they would be replaced by now. The greens were in excellent condition as there were very few ball marks on the greens. Greens rolled true today. Made a lot of one putts today. Can't comment about the bunkers as I didn't land in one today.

Different kind of play today. There were no ball washers, no rakes in the bunkers. You did not remove the pins on the greens. There was a pool noodle in the cup so you didn't need to reach far to remove your ball from the cup. Everyone kept their distance the whole time while we played. Driving range was not open the day we played but they said it would reopen the day after we played. The putting green was closed and will remain closed. Restrooms were open but only one person as a time in the restroom. The clubhouse was closed. But the cart gal was came by a couple times to ask if we needed food or drinks.

It was great to be out golfing again. Weather was nice today. Front 9 is pretty flat to walk 9. Bring your walking cart as I didn't see that they had any available to rent. Will be back again. Be careful!
Played here on Sunday, December 29 with a mid morning tee time. POP was around 5 hours to play 18. Was surprised we were able to get a tee time a couple of days before.

Golf carts had GPS in them but it was not working today. You could only see the layout of the hole. Apparently their internet was down today, so no GPS. With that being down, we were not able to get points on our LA city golf cards.

The tee boxes had fairly good coverage. The fairways were looking pretty good after the recent rains on Christmas. The fairways were a little wet in spots. My only complaint was I later found out that the grass here is different. So I noticed I didn't get much roll on my tee shots and fairway shots. Also with it being really cold today, the balls were not going as far. Had to remember to use 1 or 2 clubs more. I can't comment about the bunkers as I didn't land in any today. Greens were in great shape today. It's always fun to play here as this course is not flat and provides you with a lot of challenges.
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