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Don't know if I've ever played out this way during "peak" time but I can see why some would travel and pay to do so. Firecliff was immaculate, I wouldn't change a single thing about the conditions. Everyone who worked there was helpful, polite and comfortable to deal with. The practice facilities made me wish I'd gotten there even earlier, and even the price for my Gatorade was reasonable.

The lack of houses and wonderful landscaping led to picturesque holes and while the layout has a couple of lulls in it, the course rightly deserves to be in any top 10 list of where to play in the desert.
First time playing the Champions layout and I have to say that I had an almost visceral negative reaction to the Back 9 holes that they were starting groups out on that day. Frost delay caused a nearly 1 hour delay pushing my 10am tee time to nearly 11 as we sat around the 10th tee and chatted with the started for over a half an hour. By the time we teed off, the earlier warm up had gone cool and the whole group struggled with all the tilted, skinny, over bunkered and uninspired holes on the back 9. The front 9 felt a lot more open and natural and counterbalanced the back 9 - so overall - not a course I hate but would play the Legends and the course across the street every time before playing here again.

Both courses were open due to high demand and the starter said this would be the rare year that the courses actually made some money. Conditions of the greens were good - about as fast as I can stand greens with this many tiers. Fairways mostly good, we all had to move a ball occasionally due to mud or other problems. Beyond that, I would say that the course had so many places that should have been marked GUR that I'm not surprised they didn't bother. Use your judgement. Bunkers are big, deep and usually contain a puddle in them (starter said they don't drain) Where they aren't submerged, you hit from a 1 inch or less layer of damp sand.

Customer service was good but it's weird how nonchalant they can be about a one hour delay to somebody's tee time. They also were out of score cards and I guess didn't think to try anything other than saying "not our fault" when people continually asked for one. The flip side was that I told my sob story of driving 1.5 hours just to play golf here and take my score card as a memento of my visit and a manager took pity on me and walked down to his office and found one of the few remaining scorecards on the whole property for just me. (nobody else in my group got one) So, I personally have to say a big "Thank You!!" for that.
Last time I played here it was summer and the course was beautiful and very lush. Now it's winter conditions and in a weird way it might be in "better" shape than before. Ok, yes, it looks uglier with the fairways losing the green and yellowing - but the closer cropped fairways are a little less spongey, the ground is just a little firmer and the lies on them sit on top nicely. It seemed ideal whereas before maybe a little too doughy.

Greens are still fine, smooth and medium speed - not as pretty as I remember but just as good and as fast as you would want for how lumpy they can be. Rough is not as consistent as summer but not as needed because of the biggest difference.

Over the summer, the areas between fairways was chock full of a beautiful mix of plant life, visually striking but no way to find or play your ball. Now all that area is dead and trampled and more beautiful because you can find and play your ball (not that I had to, this time, of course).

The quality of the golf here keeps moving it up my list of where to play. It felt a bit pricey for playing during the week but the conditions help make up for it.
Lumpy. Lot's of humps, bumps and lumps to be had a Glen Annie. When the round was over, the course had given my ego a bruised lump. Based on what I had heard, I was expecting a more difficult course off the tee, but only a couple of holes felt unforgiving. The hilly course can play havoc with a mis-hit shots and the green complexes often require precision to give yourself a chance at par.

Conditions, I would describe at COVID fall/winter. Grass is turning brown and maintenince seemed a little behind. Fairways were fairly hard and fast and reminded me of hitting off a tilted driving range mat. Tee boxes looked like a grass range stall at the end of the day. I was in too many bunkers and they were a bit thin and a couple were a bit muddy. Greens seemed like they were as fast as they could be with all the tilted, tiered greens. While I saw punch marks, I never noticed the ball affected by them on my putts.

Would like a rematch with this course in the spring to see and play it with more grass. It seemed like a great course for the locals to play regularly and I'm looking forward to getting back here.
Nary a tee time out by me, so my GKCup partner and I decided to check in on the reopening of this course. Chuck had played it 20 years ago and I never had. There is definitely a "work in progress" vibe here with heavy construction equipment grading the driving range area into a place for apartments.

Despite this, the course is in very playable shape with the greens being smooth and medium speed. The fairways a bit hard and dried out in spots but fine overall. Green side bunkers have been given more love than fairway bunkers as you would hope. As you leave the fairway, things start to get a bit random and ratty, but again, it's what you would expect for a course trying to start from what's most important and work it's way out.

What really shined for me, was the layout. Interesting variety of holes that had me going for par 5's, laying up on par 4's and telling my ball to "go!" on par 3's. I could see this course back in it's heyday being a real stunner. Any further improvements to the current conditions would wonderfully reveal more of it's past beauty.
Pebble Beach. You are actually reading a review of this course. Why? You know it, you've seen it. Getting a chance to play here is like winning a date with a famous celeb for a day at a pricey auction. I was nervous, I stared a lot, I felt the need to brag to others about my day.

Hopefully your day with this celebrity goes as you hope. Pierce Brosnan is as good looking in person as on TV. You get to know Paget Brewster a little more with each hole. You don't look for flaws, you enjoy the company, you try and be yourself but it's difficult. Pat Benetar asks you some questions and sometimes you fumble for answers. You are just glad to be hanging with Penn Badgley.

In the end, you wish you had been a better version of yourself. You know you will never forget this day. You wish you had a second date. Probably not going to happen.
Despite the scruffiness, I'm a fan of this course. Yes, the greens have weird wet sections and soft spots on them. Yes, the rough is a bit high in places and the tee boxes a bit chewed up. I would love a round of tree trimming to happen here, there are some tight chutes to hit through.

Despite these problems, the fairways are in great shape and easy to hit off of, the layout is a great mix of holes that reward shot shaping and the ability to hit off of non-flat lies, the lush rough is kinda what you need on course on a hillside and it's the kind of grass that lends itself to more predictable chips. The price can't be beat, and you almost always get to see deer wandering around the course.

I would play here regularly if it was 30 minutes or less away from my house.
First time at NBCC and what can I say. There is definitely a golf course attached to the parking lot you pull into. Course was visually the equivalent of graffiti on a freeway overpass but some appreciation started to creep in. Tee boxes were ok, and the greens were actually pretty good they rolled medium and smooth. The area around the greens had enough love to support less than ideal shots so it didn't play as ugly as it looked. This is the benefit of having a executive course with only 5 par 4's. You only have to maintain 5 fairways and those fairways were decent. The two holes I left the fairway is where the sadness crept in. Rough is a mess of whatever will grow.

It looked like some reconstruction was in progress, so I imagine they haven't given up on this course. Since it mostly plays fine, any love put into it would go a long way.
Made tee-time through some funky on-line system where you prepay. Check-in is at the first tee box but they 'cannot' give you a scorecard - so you have to find a way to get one. I really like the spongy fairways and the rough was what I expect rough to be longer, less playable but you can still find your ball. Greens are a bit slower than one would expect. No tee markers so tee off anywhere you d%mn please - maybe that's why the tee boxes were in such good shape.

fun course - If I lived anywhere near here - I'd play it regularly.
El Cariso is the local seedy bar of golf courses. Most people that don't live near it - don't realize it exists but for the locals - it's a staple. Conditions of the club house with it's 2x4 holding up the bathroom sink, the tired driving range with hard mats and cheap ball trays and the course itself are the golf equivalents of ratty barstools, peeling paint and sticky floors.

As and outsider, I'm only there because it's walking distance from my father in-law who is a Tuesday regular along with all the other Tuesday regulars. It's a cruel par 62 course for the regulars with half of the holes being too challenging for the clientele. Water, barrancas, OB, trees in the fairway and a smattering of long holes make all but a couple of holes an easy place to post a big number - usually my handicap is worse for a go around this track.

I would guess that El Cariso watered and little else during the closure time. Even after a couple of weeks off the rough is US Open length. Every shot must be watched carefully and then finding a shot isn't guaranteed. I found 3 balls in the vicinity of where we expected to find a tee shot 10 feet off the fairway but never found the actual ball. Strokes lost this way can be made up with the above ground cups that improve putting stats. Greens were ok, with medium speed and relatively smooth despite tiny holes punched in them. Where mowed, fairways were in good shape, tee boxes lush and better than usual. No bunkers for me - so no report.

This added difficulty did not go over well with the locals - it was like they decided to have craft beer and cocktail day for the budwiser and whisky crowd.
Post shutdown Diamond Bar is completely "fine". Greens fine - medium speed with extra grab on them. Fairways fine - some thirsty areas on almost every hole. Rough - punishing in general with some scruffy areas that can really make your ball hard to even find. Bunkers - maybe not so fine - unloved. Packed wet sand the with footprints and stuff. Tee boxes - fine.

Was hoping for better but not expecting it. Forgot what a challenge the layout can be and conditions only made it more so.
Was surprised how easy it was to get tee times here but here is why that is. It's hilly, no carts and it's not in great shape. When I showed up, I was disappointed. My experience at a nearby course was pure greenery - almost too lush. This was not that. By the end, I was less disappointed, since I never really had a lie I could be mad at.

I checked in at the pro shot counter that was encased in a giant "sneeze guard" to find out that I - in fact - had not prepaid on-line as I had imagined. They even made me sign my credit slip (silly) but did have a bunch of pens in a jar labeled "sanitized" so - ok - have it your way.

The course seemed unmaintained during the time off. Bunkers had grass around the edges and grass starting to poke out in spots - they looked like they hadn't been raked in a couple of days. Generally things were attended to but it looked like they needed a couple more weeks to catch up completely. I found the first greens quite slow and bumpy but as the round went on the greens seemed to get better for the most part. Fairways, rough, and tee boxes were fine. I was hoping for more but obviously not every course took the time during the break to make their course even better.

Walking this course is fun but exhausting - I was worried the group ahead of us wasn't going to make it. They obviously were used to driving in carts. This resulted in a 5 hour round. With the added wind that day, I went home exhausted.
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