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Played in the men's club on Sat and figured I would update my last review from a few months back. The course is in fantastic shape overall. You can tell they are putting in the time and money to make this place a top-notch facility. Check-in was easy and carts were staged as there were 2 shotgun tournaments going out this morning. The range has trackman launch monitors at each bay but the range was quite full due to the two shotguns happening. POP was slow as the course was full. We finished just under 5 hours but it was a beautiful day on a beautiful course.

Conditions keep getting better and better here. Tee Boxes, Fairways, and rough were all lush and very nice to play from. The farther offline you go the nastier the conditions get. The course has some natural creeks that have giant reeds and eat your errant shots so do your best to avoid those. Greens were soft yet fast to play. While fixing ball marks the grass itself was very healthy and had a deep root system. The good news was that we didnt encounter any ball marks, im glad people are doing their part. The only part of the course that needs work is the sand. They have started working on them but I guess its a long process for the course.

I highly recommend playing here if you get a chance. I have the player's card so if you want to tee up with me I get a $75 rate on weekends for Myself +3 guests. The rack rate is $125.
First Time Back in over 10 years! I have always loved the layout of this course but I just never thought the conditions matched the price tag. Well, I am happy to report that the conditions are much better than in the past. Robert did a great job detailing the conditions and I have no information to add to his review below. I know the rack rate of $100 on the weekend is a lot but compared to what else is out there for a similar price it's hard not to choose Redhawk. I will definitely add this to the rotation after yesterday.
First time back here since before COVID. I was lucky to find a tee time after a GK'er let me know that the hotels give up their unused times on Thursday and Friday mornings around 9am. We snagged a 7:30am time for $102 on mothersday. IN my opinion $100 for this course is plenty fair as the conditions are usually in good to great shape. We checked in and actually were able to go out at 7:20. POP was just at 4 hours, We had a 4 some in front of us but never saw the group behind so we hit some extra shots here and there to keep a nice pace. Good carts with GP and Music. Cart girl was on the front 9 but nothing on the back. Staff was friendly except the cart barn guy who didnt say anything when we returned and just stared at us as we unloaded the carts.

Conditions were good over all but I have to nitpick some things. Tee Boxes were a little chewed up and needed to be moved. Fairways had full coverage and played fine. This course has a lot of elevation changes and there are collection areas that have a lot of divots. The rough was very thick and penal today which probably caused most of my anger on the course. Around the greens near the fringe there is clumpy patches of different grasses that look bad and make putting from off the green impossible. Greens were firm and fast but received well hit shots and allowed some spin to be played. Sand traps was a mixed bag. I was in a lot of sand yesterday and a few were very firm with the lining showing and then you had some with way too much sand. I was in 2 fairway bunkers that my feet would sink 3-4 inches into the sand which is not optimal when you are 200 yards out. The one that really sucked was I had a 20-yard chip over a trap and landed 1 foot short of clearing and the ball completely plugged!!!!

All in All the course is still in good shape. I have seen it much better but with the awesome layout and decent pricing I would still recommend.
Chose to Schedule a GK Cup match here with Solinari619 yesterday and was accompanied by Rudyclub and my buddy Jake. I snagged a 10 AM Tee time for the rack rate of $85 which is a pretty good deal for a prime mid-morning time on a weekend these days. We got to the course about 45 minutes early, hit into the nets (no driving range) for a bit, and had a tasty breakfast at Stoney Mountain Grill. The staff here is very nice especially the lady in the restaurant just very nice people all around. We tee'd off on time and waited a few times but still finished in 4:30 so no issues there.

The course is in good shape right now with a lot of green grass from the rains. Fairways had good coverage throughout the course there were still a few areas that were a little wet but nothing unmanageable. Tee Boxs were a little chewed up which in my oppinion is kind of normal here as they are not the largest tee boxes and a lot of player dont need to hit driver with the shorter holes. Rough was generally good but there was some different typoes of grass growing faster creating some splotchy spots on occasion. Sand traps need a lot of work I was in 4 or 5 sand traps and only one had sand in it. The rest was like 1/2 of sand then hard pack. Greens were pretty good but my god were they firm and quick. All of our putts rolled smooth and true but speed was a factor all day. Also unless you had a high towering shot it would bounce on the greens. Rudyclub had one bounce 5 feet in the air. Once we realized they were firm it wasnt too big of an issue. They are getting ready to punch the greens so that may be a reason why they were so firm and fast.

Overall I love the layout of this course as its a very risk/reward type course. Also its not long at 5800 yards but there are tons of elevation and dog legs to deal with. The carts are basic with a cooler and no GPS. There are plenty of yardage markers on the course to help with distances if you dont have a rangefinder or GPS. One thing to note is they are currently digging up the lake between 1 and 10 in order to put a new liner so the hole 10 tee box has been moved way up into the fairway making it a 140 yard par 4 haha. They should be done in 2-3 weeks. This course is a must play if in the area as the views alone are worth the money.
First Time out here since they closed 18 of the holes. I drive by this course all the time and knew its not going to be the greatest playing conditions but with all of the rain, it was better than expected. Many years ago the river overflowed and they lost multiple holes on the orange course and one on the riverside course. At the time the county bought the course and redesigned it with 12 of the holes from the riverside course and 6 on the orange course. The riverside course was the much more fun of the two courses so I am glad that they used more of those holes. The river no longer sweeps through the course after they diverted it but the old river bed still has water from the rains this week. Its a good collection of holes with some doglegs and well placed sand traps. The course also has 5 par 5s and 3's which I like when courses are designed (or redesigned) with the 5 and 5. The Course also has a lot of tree's which makes accuracy key if you want to score. The greens are average in size and IMO easy to read but most of the greens were surrounded by sand traps.

Conditions are fine at the moment the rain has really greened up the course visually. Like most muni's there are a few different types of grass all over so you could have a good or by lie 2" away from your ball just depending on the roll. Fairways and rough were cut to about the same length with the grass under tree's being a bit long along with random patches of clover overall 5/10 for both. Sand traps were awful but I did notice a few of them had brand new sand so it looks like they are working on them. Tee boxes were chewed up on the par 3's and not the most level on the par 4's id give them a 4/10. The greens were actually in great shape overall. They received most shots and rolled smoothly with a medium pace. A few of the greens had some damage on the edges but they never caused an issue id rate them a 7/10.

POP is always an issue in OC/IE and today was no different with a 5hr POP for our 1045 tee time. The starter and marshal were very friendly and let us know that there were 3 tournaments this morning and it could be slow at times. We did wait on most tee boxes but honestly, it did not feel like that long of a round. As previously mentioned the carts are on the older side but has USB and a cooler but no ice. The cart paths and course overall is very rough and it would be best to have a side-by-side off road vehicle instead haha. Also its $18 cheaper to walk if you choose and its a flat course except for the walk between 12-13 and after 18 so rack rate of $52 over $70 if you walk. Next time I am going to walk. This is not a bad place to play if you cant find another tee time but it is not in most peoples rotation. It was great to play here with some friend who are not great golfers and thats what I like abou it.
Oak with the mens club last Sat. Compared to my last visit the course has some how gotten even more lush. The rain and Troon are doing great things here. The only bad thing is all bunkers on the course are GUR as they are renovating all of them. The rain has severely hit their schedule as every time it rains there is a lot of work to do because of the low-lying nature of the course and the pooling of water in many of the low spots on the course. Greens are smooth and medium fast. They receive most shots into them as long as you miss the false edges :). Fairways are super lush and have those beautiful mower lines in them, great cushion to hit from, and other than a few collection areas perfect. Rough was long and nasty on Sat you needed at least one extra club to get out. However, it did stop your ball from getting into the crap so that's a plus.

This is a fantastic layout and just over 1 hour from the OC. I would much rather play here for the $75 mens club rate on a sat morning over a 6 hour round in the OC for $150.
Wow, look at all of these rocks! Lava rocks that is, around this spectacular golf course in Ivins, Utah. Their social media and marketing team has done an excellent job promoting it, and after seeing countless pictures and ads, I convinced my friend Rob1563 to join me and play this course. Although the rack rate is high at $250, it's worth it because the course is about to become semi-private, and the only way to get on is to stay at their 5-star resort. Plus, they're hosting both LPGA and PGA tour events in 2024, so I thought we should try it out before it becomes too expensive.

Apart from the golfing experience, the price includes all food and non-alcoholic drinks, making it a great deal. The temporary clubhouse has a taco truck outside, and inside there's a fridge stocked with Gatorade, soda, water, candy, chips, and hummus cups. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they even loaded our bags and escorted us to the range when it was ready.

Speaking of the range, it was beautiful, but today we had to use mats because of the 38° weather at 9 am. However, the highlight was the gigantic putting course, which had lots of undulation and different lines to try out. They played some great rock music throughout the practice area, which I enjoyed, but it might not be everyone's cup of tea.

As I embarked on the course, I was already expecting a visual feast. However, the reality was beyond my expectations. The striking contrast between the dark rocks and the vibrant green grass was truly breathtaking. The Tee Boxes were lush and level with 4 or 5 to choose from. Fairways had some good elevation changes with lots of rolling undulations and lava outcroppings throughout. The back nine is more spectacular as there are a few lakes mixed in which just add to the visuals however the 18 hole is not the greatest finishing hole layout wise. Rough was on the shorter side but would keep rolling shots from getting into the rocks. The greens were fantastic, just soft enough to accept well struck shots and a medium pace. The greens do have a lot of bite to them with false edges and strategic white sand bunkers.

The carts are very nice with a small GPS screen with a Wieskopf narrated flyover for each hole explaining the layout and why he chose that design. There were maybe 4 or 5 holes where he copied ideas like the postage stamp and hole 14 at Pebble Beach. Each of these was a place that made an impact on his golfing career. This is not a great course to play if you don't have the best accuracy as any shot offline will hit the lava rocks and sometimes could bounce back or farther away from the grass. Also, don't go walking through the rocks in shorts as lava rocks are super sharp. I ended up losing or tossing 9 balls this round from accuracy or damage to the cover of the balls so do be sure to bring extra balls just in case. I highly recommend playing here as soon as possible because once the resort opens who knows how expensive or easy it will be to get on.
Played in a small charity event on Sat out on the Wolf Course. We went out at 11:30 and I was sad to be in the slow group. I felt bad and tried to get the other cart to hurry up but they were looking for lost balls and made 3-4 practice swings each just painfully slow. My partner and I would play to the green by the time these two would take their drops. That aside the course is in good shape. I must admit I have seen it better in shape but it's not in bad shape just a little less perfect than previous rounds. They closed the wolf range at 10:30 for no reason so the snow/sun range was packed. The carts are nice with a small GPS screen and a new design for cups and storage that I like.

Tee boxes were a little chewed up but still had a decent place to tee up and once moved around had very lush grass. Fairways were lush and mostly green with a nice roll out. Rough was good and thick with a few brown splotches around the outside edges but good to play from. Green Side Sand was good but two of the fairway bunkers I found were firm and need some TLC. Greens were like concrete firm and fast as hell. Countless times I had approach shots bounce 3-5 feet in the air and roll off the back of the greens into collection areas which also had divots from many others who had been in the same situation. I know it's winter but it is 50-60 degrees there is no reason they can't soften these greens up. My suggestion is to play every shot to land 1 foot short of the green so the fairway can soften the bounce. From what is a really nice course it's just sad for the greens to ruin your day. On a side note Hole 15 island green was softer which allowed for small divots to be taken.

Check-in, cart, and halfway house staff were very friendly and the starter seemed grumpy at first but did lighten up when it was our turn. I still highly recommend playing here I just hope they soften the greens.
Found a hot deal for under $100 for Friday and made the detour on my way to LV for the new year. I have always loved the layout of this course and conditions are normally very good year round. Friday was no exception just amazing overseeded conditions. Check-in was easy and smooth with very friendly staff. Nice Practice facilities with a DR, Putting green, and Chipping green all overlooking the 1st and 10th tee boxes. Carts are nice with a good GPS, even though my first cart had issues I swapped it out on the 10th and it was fine. I was warned that POP was going to be an issue when checking in as they were short-staffed and had no Marshall in the morning. Unfortunately, a group of 16 decided to play as a 16 some of which backed the entire course up. We ended up playing is just over 4:30 so no real complaints.

As for the course conditions this is visually one of the best courses to look at when they overseed the fairways and let the rough go dormant, add in the views of the river to the west and desert Mesa's to the east its just a treat. Tee boxes were good and had good grass to play from, we were later in the day so the par 3's were a little chewed up. Fairways were cut short and provided a lot of rollout but were fantastic to hit from. Rough was dormant and would not stop your ball from the desert in any circumstance. Around the greens, they overseeded the rough and it was thick and penal. Greens were medium firm and held most shots, average speed and rolled true all day. I was in one sand trap and it wasn't the greatest but other traps looked fine.

Overall this is a must-play course and if you are planning a trip from Socal you can easily make a detour on the way to vegas (1.5 hours) to play here. Or you can stay in Laughlin and play Mojave resort which is also a fantastic track.
Played in the men's club on Sat. morning with my father. It's been a few years since I was in the men's club and after noticing the course in much better shape the last few years I decided to sign back up. It's hard to beat the men's club rate of $69 on a Sat morning. Check-in was super easy as usual and the driving range now has a nice trackman and large screen to check your stats, play virtual golf, ect. at each bay. I shot -1 on the first 7 holes at Pebble Beach! This is a cool thing to gauge your ball flight and distances in the morning and IMO helped with club selection during the day.

The course as I mentioned has been upgraded a lot over the years and Troon is definitely helping with the everyday operations. Fairways drained well from the previous day's rain and was cut to a nice length and was very lush, just very nice to play from all around. Rough was a bit thick which would stop you from going into native areas but you needed to focus when hitting otherwise you would be hacking away at your ball all day. Sand traps were wet and we played in a scramble so we did not play from them but when retrieving a ball it seemed like good sand. The greens were soft from the rain and just very nice to putt on with medium speeds and some tough pin locations.

The carts were nice with a good GPS and cooler. The staff was very friendly from the cart barn guys to the on-course cart ladies everyone seemed to just be in a good mood. I love the layout of the course and now that is in great shape I will be making the drive to play in more men's club events next year. Also nice to see that every lake on the course was full which makes it that much more visually pleasing.
Picture Perfect Day for the GK event on Sat. Joined up with the Robs and Fastfish433 for the 1130 group. The staff was very friendly helping us out by loading our bags and directing us where to go. The range was wide open with nice balls to hit with many targets to choose from. The putting green was decent size but the chipping green was closed. Everything was on time and flowed very well through the round with a 4:20 pace.

I have played here many times and it never disappoints. The conditions are that of a $300 premier course nearby but at half the price! Lush overseeded Fairways and Rough with not a single blade of grass out of place. The fairways were a little soft allowing very minimal roll but that was fine by me. Rough would stop any thing as it was thick and penal. Sand traps had decent sand and were easy to play from. I like a little more sand but there was a good amount in them this day. The greens were in good shape but I could not get a ball to check to save my life. They were medium speed with some diabolical pin locations which seems to be the normal for GK events lately :).

I love the layout of the Firecliff course. A few very good holes with water in play and all the bushes and trees make this place look like an oasis. If you are planning a trip to the Coachella Valley don't miss out on Desert Willow. It is the greatest Muni in the USA
Found a hot deal time for last Friday $42 after 15% promo code. I booked it before itslikeimsaying played his round but noticed some Instagram posts showing better conditions. It was worth a shot. I was very happy to see Marks's pictures and decent review. They are putting money into the lakes course and it shows. Visually the entire course looks fantastic.

Blue tees were fine and solid coverage on every box. Par 3's a little chewed as usual but I was also late in the day.

Fairways had good coverage throughout the course and was cut short which allowed extra roll. Even cut short the cushion was nice to hot from. As Mark noted there was poop on one of the holes which is from the wild donkeys that roam the desert. Keep an eye out on the right side of the freeway near the brake check area before coming down the mountain to the course and you will see them.

Rough was longer than I have been use to playing and the ball sat down a bit. Even though it sat I don't believe it was that penal. Around the edges of the course the rough would have some bare spots but nothing really in play.

Greens were very very slow. A few looked like they were redone in areas and while all the putts were smooth it just took a little extra oomf to get the putts to the hole. They did receive shots well and even allowed checks but just too slow.

I was in 4 sand traps and all of them needed sand. I talked to the cart guys and that is the next item on the list that ownership is going to work on before attacking the Desert course.

The POP was very slow as the course had a full tee sheet. We finished just around 5 hours which had I not been able to sneak out 1 hour early, I would have been close to not being able to finish. I am happy that this course is getting a little love as its a fantastic layout nicknamed Shadow (creek) Light. This being the cheapest Fazio course probably in the West it worth a play.

PS They are hoping to have the desert course back to nice shape by summer. As of friday it is still in bad shape except for the greens which look fantastic.
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