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Joined some AZ friends of mine on 7/3 and I was told that this course is a lot of fun and had a great price. If you are law enforcement or military its under $40 year round. As a Civilian my cost was $48 plus 50¢ for the hole in one pot (which was at $2300). Check in was smooth and quick and they let us know we can be in the same cart if we want. The carts are newer with a nice GPS and Bluetooth speakers. The course has a decent range and large putting area to warm up on we did not have time but it looked good.

Course is not overly long at 6600 from the tips but they need a set of tee's in between because golds were 6000 yards. Conditions right now are very good especially since it has been 105-115° for 3 weeks now. Fairways were mostly green with very few bad spots on the entire course. Rough was medium thick and well maintained throughout the course after about 15 yards of rough it turns into waste areas with large bushes and trees which provide nice shade. Greens were the highlight not too firm and rolled at a medium quick pace. Pin locations were very approachable today with large areas to land. If they choose there are some diabolical locations that could make this course very tough. Sand looked decent and they had the rakes in them. I did not play from any but I was told it was nice to hit from. Tee boxes were the only thing not in the best of shape and need to be moved due to divot damage.

Over all this course is fairly straight forward with the Par 4's ranging from 290-425 only two dog leg par 4's that I had to hit less than driver. Par 3;s were shorter but still a lot of fun to play. The major downside for long hitters is that there are only 3 par 5's with two of them back to back on 9 and 10. If I was in charge Id flip the 9's because hole #9 would be a great reachable par 5 finish. As for the Covid restrictions the only thing there are doing is the foam in the cups. Rakes were in all of the traps and every other hole had water coolers which I dont mind because it was 111°. This is a fun course and I recommend playing here at least once.
Some friends of mine were looking for a good deal Sunday morning and I came across an underpar deal that was 2 players for $25 including replay. Even knowing that the course was not in the best shape it was too good of a deal to pass up at $12.50 a player. Upon arriving to the course it was apparent that they are struggling to keep this course playable. The last few weeks it has been windy and 110­° each day so very hard to keep the grass alive. The tee boxes were decent but many of them had divot damage and not a ton of grass. Fairways depending on where you landed were firm and 50/50 on if you had a good lie. Rough was in ....well rough shape, Lots of bare ground and not a ton of playable grass. The bunkers were very wet with most of them having standing water in them. They were very firm but with a 60° wedge not terrible to get out of as long as you get under it. The greens were the only part of the course that was not in bad shape. They were not perfect but you can tell that they was a lot of attention paid to them. Most were on the firm side and rolled medium speed and smooth but there was a few that had some divot damage. We encountered one green that the pin location had moved side by side for at least 7 previous hole locations next to each other, it was the strangest thing a line of 7 previous cup and had the pin been place there on Sunday it would completely ruin any line from that side of the cups, to me thats bad ground keeping. The highlight of the course was the staff they were very friendly which takes a little of the sting out of playing here but I think even they know the course is doomed.

I would not recommend playing here unless you really really need to play a cheap round of golf. The turf conditions are better at a local park right now.
Ventured out to Arrowood today with AndrewZ28, Johnny Gk, and Gary00. After reading Gary and Dave's reviews I was excited to head back out to this course. The course is in fantastic shape right now. The fairways and greens being the highlights of the day. The greens were semi soft and held most shots even allowing some spin. Fairways had great coverage and offered more than plenty roll out. This also lead to some trouble if you were not piped down the center. Rough was also in good shape maybe 1-3 inches max and not too hard to get out of. Strange thing with the tee boxes were that the markers on the Par 3's had a width of around 50' talk about pick your angle :), The sand traps I found were a mess without rakes. Also they could use some tilling to make them softer. I overheard Johnny say that they are currently fixing the traps so mabye that wont be an issue for long. Carts are nice and new and include a very nice GPS unfortunately mine was having major issues and they were out of carts so I had to use my laser. #firstworldproblems
I was finally able to secure a tee time for the Dinah Shore course last Saturday for a fun birthday round with Greg, Alex, and Hillary. I was excited to finally use my Club Corp to play after the shut down and maintanece. During the winter its tough to get a weekend tee time so finally summer has come and the course was empty.

We played the Blue tee's which they were all placed back at the ANA tee placements this day so around 6700 yards and very strong winds. As previous reviews mentioned they fairways are tight and there are plenty of tall trees in play just off the fairways.

Conditions ranged from great to crappy. The tee boxes, fairways, and greens were all fantastic. Greens were firm and fast but rolled very well. I only recall one green showing any sign of the punching from a few weeks back. Fairways cut short and have some undulation that can kick your ball into the rough which wasnt fun. Tee boxes were fine with plenty of grass and 5-6 tee boxes to choose from.

The Only bad things about the course was the Rough and Sand Traps. The Rough was ok within 5 feet of the fairway then a 50/50 chance if you were going to find clumpy grass and dirt or roots from the trees. I dont know if they are just getting rid of the rough but it sucked to play from. The only way to hit well out of it was to hit stingers or punch shots. With No rakes in the bunkers it looks like even the crew has stopped caring about them. Most of them were firm and a few had heavy sand with a crunch top layer. Not fun to play from at all.

This is a great course and the layout is fun but given the chance I'd pick Pete Dye over this one anytime.
Played the day after Nicks review and we had some crazy weather. First 3 holes had rain with no wind followed by lots of wind the rest of the way with some sunshine. This is obviously a huge bucket list course and it met my expectations. We got on for a special price of $400 that they were offering due to the Covid shut down of the resort.

I didn't mind the minimal service provided as I knew it wasn't going to be A+++ with a 200+ discount not including caddie fee's. With that being said we were taken care of from the moment we arrived. The gentleman at the bag drop area let us know that the range is up the hill and that we could drive there and to come back 20 minuets before our tee time.

Course itself is as advertise. Beautifully manicured turf with amazing surroundings. Tee's, Greens, Fairways were all spectacular. Rough was great but I did see some browning areas but they were few and far between. Sand was really good but wet from the rain so I cant give a accurate grade. As everyone has said time and time again the layout is perfect with the first few holes in the pines and then boom here is the ocean in play on every shot. I did donate 3 to Poseidon to add to his collection of many many golf balls.

I know the course is very expensive to play but if you are a fan of golf you must play here before you kick the bucket. It is a one of a kind experience and I am glad I played there. The only problem now is I need to make a new bucket list for golf courses. That wont be tough :)
Played 5/24 at 8:15 with some friends and had a blast like usual. Course is in great shape right now and from tee to green is lush. I dont have a lot to add from my last review a few weeks ago but the greens have healed 100% and are d%mn near perfect right now. Smooth, quick, and not a divot to be found. Fairways had full coverage but on hole 16 they are losing the new sod and will need to work hard to keep it alive.

Speaking of hole 16 they still haven't changed the tee boxes for the hole and the scorecard and GPS says its a Par 5. on the card it says 490 yards from the whites but it played 400 on this day and I cant see where they are going to put the tips at 550+ yards I am not sure why they are doing this change but hole 13 is now a 350 yard par 4 but was a 500+ yard very challenging par 5. Only time will tell what their plans are but for now enjoy a 400 yard par 5.

The last thing to note was how nasty the rough is right now. It was probably 3-4 inches and very tough to get out of. Very fun challenge and caused issues on multiple occasions. In all the course is still in great shape and I recommend it highly if you can find a deal.
Not a lot to add to Nick's review from a week or two prior. Tee's, Fairways and Rough are in good shape right now but they are starting to brown due to the scorching heat. The greens are in great shape for this heat they are firm and quick but hold well hit shots. There is PVC in the cups and masks only required at the clubhouse. The only down side was there was no water, snack shop, or restrooms open on the course so be prepared. POP was under 3.5 hours as a 3 some. We let a single jump in front of us on hole one and didnt see anyone until a single caught us on 17. If you have the chance its worth a play.
Took a drive out to Ram's Hill today to play some golf with Alex, Jim, and Tim. When you arrive to the guard shack they warn you that they will require masks in the cart staging area and will take your temperature before allowing you inside. The pro shop is having a fantastic sale right now with 50% apparel, 40% off shoes, and 30% off equipment. The staff here was fantastic from the moment you arrive and it continued onto the course where at least every other hole they were delivering Ice cold water bottles. I was impressed by this wonderful over the top service.

As for the covid impacts there are no rakes, sand bottles and cash allowed on the course. For the pins they purchased a neat contraption which is a flat disk that goes to the bottom of the cup and has a metal stick (think coat hanger) that you lift with your putter to retrieve your ball, allowing your ball to go fully into the cup. This is the best invention out there and cant cost more than $5 in parts to make. Definitely better than the pvc and foam that go around the holes at other locations.

As for the conditions I think this course is in the best shape I have seen it in a long time. Fairways were lush and some had some over watered spots but not to the point that it would affect your next shot. Greens were firm and per the sign running at a 9.5. The crews were out watering the greens trying to keep them alive as it was 100° all week so ample water is needed. Tee's and Rough were fantastic as well. Sand was good to great, I was in 4 traps and three were perfect with one being a wet and firm.

This course is absolutely worth the trip if in the area or withing 2-3 hours in. Coming from OC it took 2.5 hours to get there and I would do it again in a heart beat. A huge shout out to the staff and crew keeping this course 100% during this time of Covid plus the summer heat coming in quick this year. I recommend.
Took advantage of my $90 casino card rate and brought along Rudyclub and Brady for a 8am tee time this morning, they also get to enjoy my rate. The staff was wonderful even in their limited setting. Only one person in the pros hop at a time and they put bags and club displays in the way of going into the apparel area. Started was super friendly and reminded us to wear masks when within 6' of people.

As Blake said on the last review the course was definitely kept up during the shut down. Tee's and fairways lush as can be. Rough was really nasty but in great shape so no complaints there. The nature area that they normally clean up had been let go and if you were offline your ball was gone forever. Greens were punched on 4/20 and they are a week away from being fully recovered. I was very surprised how well they had recovered but they did have a full week of no play to grow. A bit firm but held shots and ran at a medium fast pace getting faster as they day went on.

As Robert noted in February they have completed making hole 13 into a par 4 and is now about 360 yards from the back tee's. I am not sure why they chose to do this as that hole was very tough to begin with now the creek that used to be in the 270 range is only 100 yards in front of you. Hole 16 is now a par 5 and I saw the new fairway that is still not 100% but the tee boxes have not moved so its a 400 yard par 5 at the moment. I dont see how they are going to stretch it out to the 550 yards that it shows on the score card. There is not a ton of room behind the current tee box.

The staff here really does a nice job here and make you feel like you are going on an adventure. The carts are new and very very comfortable. They also have a basic version of the shark experience where you can hook up your Bluetooth device and use the speakers. Honestly the volume can be cranked up real high and that may disappoint some traditionalists but I am ok with it.
Ventured out to Hunter Ranch yesterday to play with Sal, Alex, and Robert. We had a 7:50 tee time and payed rack rate which I deem fair for the conditions. Not much to add to Sal's review but I really enjoyed the course layout and challenge.

? Fairways were lush and cut perfect allowing great cushion for your shots with ample roll out.

? Rough was mostly lush and long in length which helped keep shots from going ob many times.

? Greens were firm and medium/fast. I believe we only saw one shot with spin on it all day and that is rare because I love to spin shots. Flags were taken out but most of the holes you could see the PVC raised cup plus the score card lets you know what sector the pin would be on each hole.

? Tee's were fine and I didn't notice anything to complain about.

? The sand I was not a fan of, the consistency was that of beach sand real heavy and soft making it hard to play precision shots

Overall if you are within 2 hours of this course its worth a play.
Booked a time for $50 this weekend. I had read the reviews for this place and they all seem to love it so I gave it a shot. I arrived and the staff was very nice providing everything I needed to get my round started. When i saw the pictures online I was expecting this course to be out in the desert by itself but that is not the case. Most of the holes have houses around them but not really in play. I also expected a lot more elevation changes but that was also not the case. I did enjoy playing here but was a little let down on my expectations of the layout and geography.

As for the course it is in good shape right now. From tee to green everything is mostly lush and a pleasure to play from. The rough is not fully converted to summer shape and is a mixture of colors. This wasn't a problem I was just surprised that is wasn't out of its dormancy. Greens were smooth and a good firmness to allow spin. The only thing I didnt like about conditions were the sand traps as they were not well stocked with sand.

Overall if you are in the area I suggest giving it a shot for the right price. The Par 3's are very challenging and IMO the bast part of the course.

One last thing to note was the Cart's they were replaced last summer but the one I had felt like it had all kinds of issues with acceleration and keeping a smooth ride it was almost like a governor kicking in but there is no hills or GPS on the carts. Talking to a resident they said a lot of the carts are crappy like that.
Scored a tee time through Club Corp today for $125 at 9AM. I came into this round with astronomically high expectations after some posts by other GK'ers in the past and Post that have been shared through the social media sites. Having never been to Sedona AZ this was kind of a two birds one stone type trip. From the moment you make the turn into the valley you are greeted with towering red rock cliffs and it sets you up for a beautiful day. The staff here from the guard gate to the lot attendants is A+++ as normally expected from a Troon Facility even though its run by Troon's private sector.

I showed up extra early and they were super laid back and said I can go when I want. As previously mentioned the driving range is strangely far away from everything but once you pull up you realize they might have used this lot for the panoramic views. It is definitely a contender with Cascata and Grizzly Ranch for beautiful range backdrops. It is not an overly large range but it does the trick and allows for all clubs to be used. A large putting and chipping green is next to the range and was similar to what the course was like.

On to the Course it self, I can think of many ways to describe it but I think Breathtaking is the best and not due to the 4,500 ft. elevation. Conditions were spectacular and far exceeded my expectations for the day. Tee boxes were completely lush and very few divots to be found. Fairways were like carpet and although a touch longer than the valley courses it was a treat to hit from, also the only divots I found were my own. Rough was Lush, Long, and Nasty if it settled down. I would say it was just over 3 inches long and penal. The greens were very smooth and the perfect firmness. However they were Augusta fast and had lots of little breaks that mess with your putts. If they ever did a Impossible pin placement event I'd probably break 6 putters in anger. The only thing on the course that was not a 10 was the bunkers, All of them were wet and a few were lacking sand. I wouldn't hold the course back due to the sand as it was still a 7 on my rankings just a few need some TLC.

The views alone make this course 100% worth it regardless of the conditions. Back and forth with some elevation changes backed up to the forest and towering cliffs. Overall if you have the chance to play here and dont, you are making a huge mistake. This Course knocked off a few high profile courses on my list of most scenic. I cant wait to play again on my next trip to AZ.

PS- its only a 2.5 hour drive from the Phoenix area and a beautiful drive down I-17 and Highway 179. I went north through Flagstaff to head home to CA and that drive was fantastic as well.
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