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Played in a large charity even last weekend here at Cowboys Club. The Staff handled the 144+ players very well and always had a smile on their face (even though they had to wear cowboy football gear). Food and drinks were good but found out Texas has a weird rule of no Alcohol before 10 on Sundays.

On to the course conditions. I had high expectations because this a premium fee facility and I expect conditions to match that. I was not disappointed at all. Tee Boxes were well groomed and provided ample space to tee up. Fairways were almost perfect and it looks like the over seed went very well. Rough is starting to go dormant and is in good shape. Sand traps were nice and fluffy even though we didnt have to play from them I hit a few shot during the scramble. Greens were very smooth and rolled medium fast and held most shot even allowing great spin. The course is tight at times but not overly difficult if you keep it straight. My scramble shot 20 under only paring the 17th hole which was 180 uphill and small green.

Carts have nice GPS and there is a snack shack on 7 and 11 where everything is free (except alcohol) I had a hotdog and Pimento & Cheese sandwich and they were good. Cart girl comes around often with snack and drinks (free as well). People might scoff at the price for the course but if you take into effect that the food is free and you have breakfast before and lunch/dinner its worth it 100%. I recommend playing here and Waterchase if in the area.
Out in TX for the weekend and decided to get a round in at Waterchase. I had seen a few recommendations for this course and they were not wrong in their recommendations. Course is lush from tee to green but you can tell its starting to go dormant for the winter. We had a lot of wind today so it made accuracy very important on this tight course. Water comes into play on 15 holes which is quite a task. Sometimes its the river cutting back and fourth others is the numerous lakes. They have a few sets of tee's and we played the third set (blue) at 6400 yards.

As for detailed conditions the tee boxes were justly lush and plenty of space to hit from I remember at least 6 holes that have a tunnel feel with trees guarding offline shots. Fairways were lush and still a mint green shade but turning dormant. Rough was about 1 inch longer and in good shape. The greens were the highlight of the day running medium speed but perfectly smooth and receptive. I was in one fairway trap and it was a bit firm but fine.

I highly recommend playing this course if you have time in the Dallas/Forth worth area especially if the rack rates stay at 69.99 for a Saturday morning.
Decided to play here with fellow GK'er Tim on Sunday after the gk event was postponed. We showed up right around 11:30 and the course was wide open. Twilight starts at 11 and is $100 rack, $50 with the platinum card. Hit a few from the practice area which is A++ for warming up Large range and a beautiful chipping and putting area. Like I said earlier the course was wide open and we played in 2.5+ hours only having one downpour on 14 that we hid in the tree's for about 5 mins to wait out.

Conditions are good right now if you know what you are looking at. The fairways are dormant but fully lush. Same with the surrounding rough. Tee boxes and sand traps were very nice to play from and no issues to be found. Then there was the Greens.......... I would say they were 100% perfect. Very very fast which was surprising after the day of rains and they were just soft enough to hold a well hit shot. Like the reviews before you must be below the hole to have any chance. I had a miserable 3 putt from 2 feet because the ball lipped the cup and rolled out 8 feet. I really like playing on them as it made it fun.

Overall I really like the layout and you must know going in that this is not going to be a course that is perfectly green all around, Its a links style course and plays real firm and fast.
Had a gk cup match here last Sunday and it had been a while since I have been to this course. I used to be in the men's club a few years back so I know the course well. Right now its in overall good not great shape IMO. Greens were the highlight although a touch soft and bumpy from the all the play earlier in the day. They rolled mostly true and medium speed. Fairways had good coverage and was cut short looks like they are letting it go a bit before the overspeed planned next week. Rough was ok but a very mixed bag of grasses and lengths. Sand was poor in the two bunkers I found and I think they need to be redone next. Tee boxes need to be moved but were fine to hit from.

Overall this is a fun course and the back nine is a must play.
Had and excuse to be out in Vegas so I called up Rob1563, JohnA, and his father to use a GK certificate on 10/10. We booked a 12:40 tee time and went off right on time. POP was about 4:15 rarely waiting more than a minuet or two.

I must say this course is in the best shape that I have seen it over the last few years and it was an absolute pleasure to play. The entire course was lush and green and will remain that way for at least another month until the cold weather comes back and the Bermuda grass goes dormant. Tee boxes were lush and you have plenty of room and tees to choose from. I did see on 2 of the par 3's there was a little divot damage but it didnt affect much. Fairways lush carpet providing ample roll out and great cushion to hit from. Rough was lush and overly penal if you were within 3 yards of the fairway but changed to a 6 inch nasty fescue if you miss it. Bunkers (108 of them with only 8 visible from the tee) were in decent shape with enough sand to escape, unless you are Rob1563 who used a hand wedge twice :). Greens were in a very healthy state being medium fast speed and receptive to most shots.

IMO this course is a lot of fun and you must play here at least once, just try and avoid the bunkers because most of them will provide you a 5' face where you have to decide to go for it or hit sideways. Please note that they do not overseed so in the winter the course turns a golden color but it still has full grass coverage. I do recall that they had painted the fairways once before but not sure if that is a common practice for them.
Let me start by saying that I live less than a mile from this course yet I never choose to play here. The reason why that is the case is due to the amount of people they stack on the course. POP is a major issue here and the marshals dont care at all. Rob talked me into playing on Sat and we snagged a last minuet 9:30 tee time right after the mens club. Being that it was the only tee time before noon in orange county that wasnt $150 I reluctantly booked it knowing that it was going to be a long day. With cart the round was the rack weekend rate of $67 which IMO is not that bad considering where you are but id much rather play in the IE. We got off about 10 minuets late because I think the starter snuck in some womens club members in from of us but that did not matter. We waited on every shot all round and there is no way that they could have changed it. Los Lagos starts with back to back par 5's and a long par 4. After those hole it always backs up the par 3 4th and on this day there was a total of 5 groups on the hole!!!!!!! It took about 20 minuets between holes to play 4 and 5. After waiting around and failing to get a rhythm and stay loose the final POP was 5 hours and 35 minuets.

As for the conditions they were average at best with the greens being the highlight. They were just soft enough to receive shots and ran rather quick. The Pin locations today were very tough as well due to the men's club having their sweeps. Fairways had decent coverage with multiple types of grass that extends to the rough as well just cut a little shorter of course. Sand was ok but you could tell hadnt been raked in days and it was wet from the morning dew.

Overall if you are really jonzing for a round of golf and you cant find any good deals then this place it fine but if its a weekend you must factor in that its going to be a looooong day. Luckily they have usb ports on the carts so you can charge your phone while waiting on every shot.

Also it says 4.7 but id put the conditions in the 5-6 range.
Made our annual trip out to Grizzly Ranch. This year we stayed in the Juniper Cabin which is on hole#5 and it was extremely nice and peaceful. great amenities and a beautiful deck overlooking a pond and hole 5. I was joined by 12 other Gkers and friends for this awesome track about 1 hour northwest of Reno.

This was the first time that we had played at the end of the season as we normally play in may or June. All I can say is the course was in fantastic shape for the end of the summer. Tee boxes were cut short and there are many tee's to choose from. We played the Copper tee's and I think they were just right for the average golfer. Fairways were cut perfectly and provided ample roll on most tee shots. Very little browning from the summer heat. I would say the course is 96.3% green. Rough was fine and cut to about 2 inches and there is not a ton of it to find. The tree's line every fairway and normally there is brush and weeds below them but it looks like some of that was cleared due to the fire danger. Greens rolled medium fast and smooth all day as we were the first group of the day as well as the last group on round 2. AS mentioned a few of the greens have some different color to them but it does not affect the putt. One green did have some damage as mentioned by AndrewZ28 last month where it looks like a mower blew a fluid line and there are two line running vertically on the green where it killed the grass. The pin was on the other side so it was not in play.

Overall this course is fantastic and a must play. After talking to the Starter and some locals they put this course as #1 in the area followed by Whitehawk Ranch and Plumas
Played in the 8:55 group at the GK event yesterday joining by Ron, Matt, and Kevin and had a blast, great group of guys to play with. I had played Mountain View before but did not have a ton of memory on the holes. It is a fun challenging layout and playing from the Purple tee's will give you a bit of a fight. While not quite as good as the Firecliff course I still highly suggest playing this course too.

As for the conditions I found the tee's, fairways, and rough to be in very good shape especially for this time of the year. However I had some issues with the greens. I know they need to keep them longer but they were slow and I noticed a lot of mower marks on them as well as somebody was dragging their feet on them. I would say 14 holes had what looked like as spike marks dragged a few inches damaging the greens. Sand was good but one of them had a nice rock buried that left the mark of its people on my wedge.

Good carts with GPS and the cart girl was around a few times. The staff was great on course and at the cart loading area. Our server after the round didnt seem to energetic but I cant take away anything from the course on that. Overall this is a very good course and I recommend playing when in the area.
Date- 9/5/2020
Time- 10:30
Temp- 123°
Holes Played - 12!

Went out yesterday with a high school buddie of mine and even though we knew it was going to be record heat we pulled the trigger on a deal for $45. I thought the course was going to be empty with the heat and for the first 6 holes it was. Then we hit a logjam of 4 somes and after waiting on every shot and the cart girl saying last call at 1230 (hole 10 for us) we had to quit.

I dont have much to add to Matt's review from last week but the greens were almost healed up id say one more week. They ran smooth for me but were not 100% yet. Fairways nice cushion and full coverage and 98% green. Rough was fine and the Sand was decent. I really like this course even though hole 11 green is dumb after the redesign but its worth playing just not in 123° heat.
For anyone that thinks that short courses are easy has never played the Goat. This par 65 4400 yard course has a lot of teeth and most of it being the small and undulated greens. A big shout out to Andrewz28 for hooking us up yesterday first thing in the morning as we zipped through 18 in a little under 2.5 hours. Accuracy is key to this course because there is a lot of danger on most holes leaving bad lies or worse.

The course was in good shape tee to green. The boxes need to be moved and were just a tad shaggy but there was plenty of room to find a spot to tee off. Fairwyas were very nice and on hole 10 and 18 there is new sod that was just put down this week so it is GUR. Greens with the exception of 2 that were very shaggy and punched were nice to putt on. They were a little soft for my liking but rolled true. Rough is mostly crab grass around the greens which takes some getting use to but I didnt mind it.

Overall this is a great course run by a great company (Linksoul) and its just a fun layed back time whenever I play. I highly recommend.
Best Shape I have seen this course.

This is probably the 4th time playing the Legends course at La Costa and I must say I have never seen the fairways and greens in better shape. I played with Rudyclub, JohnnyGk, and Long4par as the second group of the gurus and we got around in less than 4 hours. The Blue Tee's were in mostly great shape I did recall a par three that needed to be moved. Fairways were carpet like and a light minty green color, very nice to hit from. Rough is a mixure of Kikuyu and others but generally was easy to hit from. The Greens were semi firm and rolled medium fast. They did have a light dress sand on them but it did not effect anything. I ofund a lot of sand on the front nine and the Sand was wet and not plentiful. If I could nitpick anything it would be the traps.

Right now if you can find a deal I suggest playing here as its in fantastic shape. The course may need to water a lot this weekend because temps will rise to over 100 in inland Carlsbad.
Played on 8/15 and the course is absolute fantastic summer shape. Tee to green there is full lush grass and nothing that will tell you that its been 100° the last month. The must have a lot of water because that is the only way they can keep it this nice. Not much else to add to others and my previous reviews.
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