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I was in the area for the night and decided to check out Elephant Rocks the morning of my departure. Booked a 7:30 tee time and after a small bucket and taxes it ended up being $83 for a Sunday Morning tee time. That's not bad compared to CA and AZ valley courses. Weather was 63° at tee off rising to 80 by 11 with a stiff 2 club wind. When we arrived the man at the pro shop was almost comically happy to help. He had all kinds of tips and tricks for the course and was raving about how fast the greens were 12+. Its nice to see someone who enjoys his job and goes out of the way to help.

As for the course its a mix of woodlands and links style holes. The first 5 holes are in the trees followed by 6 holes in the meadow then back into the forest. Some of the views are quite spectacular with the mountains of Williams and Flagstaff in the distance. Most of the holes are straight forward but the width of them range from tight to wide open. I really enjoyed the course layout. Strongly the front nine only has one par 5 and one par 3 but the back nine has 3 and 3 so still a par 72.

Conditions were very good throughout the course. Tee boxes were level and had good coverage, there are only 3 options to choose from which is a bummer at 6600, 6000, and 5400 yards. The fairways were almost carpet like with a light green color but we did run into a few areas that were a little overwatered but noting that could bring down the score. The rough was a little nasty at 3" and the balls would sit down a majority of the time. Get near the tall pine tree's and it was wild grasses and could be tough to find your ball. Greens were very fast and smooth but sift enough to get your ball to stop on well hit shots. Sand traps were very wet but somehow soft and easy to hit from. This is not the typical sand traps we are use to as its from near by volcanic sand mines.

As for the practice facilities the ranges is not very long at 240 but plays down hill so getting your distances figured out at the 6000+ elevation is tricky. I was hitting 4 irons into the trees at the end of the range. Carts are nice but have no GPS we say the cart girl on the back nine and she was in a John Deer Cart with coolers in the bed. Overall I am very happy I played here as it is a total blast to play. The people are nice and the POP was just under 4 hours for a Sunday morning. I highly recommend playing here especially if you are visiting the grand canyon because it is one exit down on I40 from the main road to grand canyon.
Returned to Apple Mountain for the first time in 4 years over this past weekend. I didnt remember a lot about the course and I was still pleasantly surprised how fun this track is. Loads of elevation changes and dog legs. I find the rack rate of $69 on a Sunday morning well worth it compared to what I pay for down south.

Course conditions were pretty good in my opinion. Greens were receptive but a little on the slower side. Especially in the morning with a lot of dew on the course making putts rather slow. They did speed up a bit once they dried up but still not fast. Fairways had full coverage of grass and it was very nice to play from. One thing I did notice is collection areas on dog leg holes where there a few more divots than expected. Rough was penal in some areas but still mostly 1-3" grass. There are not a lot of sand traps on this course and nobody in my group landed in one but it looked hardpan and wet.

This is a very fun course and you can easily score well if you pay attention to the tip sheet. I didn't and I lost some golf balls along the way. If you are anywhere in the area I highly recommend playing here.
Set up a 13 player event here 5/3 for my brothers Bachelor Party. Staff was super friendly in helping set up everything and even gave us C.T.P. and measuring tapes to use. Check in was very simple and very affordable at $29.74 for a 10:50 tee time on a Sunday, very good deal in my opinion.

Course conditions are very nice right now with everything being lush and visually appealing. Tee boxes are level and had plenty of grass. Fairways a nice carpet of lush grass providing cushy lies. Rough was good near the fairways getting a little scrappy the farther offline you are. I was in one sand trap and I ended up putting out of it but it seemed like nice sand. Greens looked a touch shaggy but were rather fast and had a lot of undulations.

Gas carts are provided, they had USB ports and no GPS. They layout at emerald canyon is very fun with some short drivable holes and some very tight holes demanding accuracy off the tee. Hole 16 is my favorite, it is a 258 yard down hill par 4 with a green surrounded by rail road ties. They also mowed the grass in two directions showing a half and half look normally seen on the pga tour. I recommend playing if you are in the area.
What is Happening here! This is probably the 8th time I have played here in the last 6 months and it seems like they are not watering the course again. 3 weeks ago the fairways were coming out of dormancy and were mostly green. Now that green grass is burning off and turning brown.

As mentioned a majority of the tee boxes are GUR which is also strange because most of them were overseed this winter. Fairways cut short a mixture of lush and dry grass and firm. Greens were fine very firm and fast like always. Poa clumps around the greens were under control this round and not too big of an issue if putting from off the green. Sand traps are mostly great but out of the 10 traps I hit yesterday 3 need some love because they either didn't have sand or only had a small layer on top of a hard pan. Rough is non existent and will either leave you in knee high brush or 3 yards of clump dirt/grass.

The casino is back open and busy as usual so money shouldn't be a problem for them especially with a full tee sheet at $160 a pop rack rate. I get that there is a lot of comp rounds like mine but still enough to turn a profit so you can water the course. Also the carts are starting to show a lot of wear and tear, Bald Tires, parking breaks very finicky, and the club/ball washer on the back needing new brushes. The GPS still works fantastic but over they could use a new fleet soon.

The layout make the course worth visiting but full rack rate is not worth it in my opinion right now. I will be holding off for a bit before heading back.
Used a golf moose voucher for an 11:00 an tee time on Sat on a 80° day. Check in took a little longer as there was one guy at the desk and was on a phone call for a solid 5 mins before help arrived.

Conditions were in very good shape today as expected after seeing all of the reviews on GK. We played the Gold Tee boxes (6600 yards) and they were level and lush with a little divot issue on par 3's but that was because we played latter in the day so lots of players before. Fairways are still in great shape almost carpet like and cut tight which is just the way I like it. Rough is starting to come out of dormancy so it looks a bit weird with greens and browns but played nice. Sand traps didn't look that nice but the sand was a grayish powder type sand and your ball could easily plug. The greens were in excellent shape a touch firm and quick on putts but smooth as can be. I had issues judging some of the putts because it didn't look like much but a break would come out of nowhere. I really enjoyed the layout with water hazards and well placed bunkers. the course has a house on about half the holes but you really need to be offline to hit them. Most holes you can pulled out the big stick and crush your drive without much penalty. Greens are well protected and I noticed a few of them were elevated with false edges making wedge shot accuracy a premium.

I found out that you need to pay attention to the booking window on the voucher as I booked 14 days out but the voucher only allows me 7 day booking (good luck getting a tee time within 7 days). The guy said he was going to have to charge me full price an additional $40 per player but I informed him we are not using the replay and he decided to only charge $20. I guess that is a fair compromise as I should've seen the fine print on the golf moose voucher. Overall a solid course and ill be back for sure.
DOP- 3/15/2021 at 11:25
Weather- 75º with light winds becoming 10-15 on the back nine.

Played in the gk cup final yesterday with OCgolfer, Pokerguy, and Sandrail05. Big thanks to Desert Willow for having us as well as Johnny GK for setting it up. the staff was very friend on what looked to be a very busy day at the course. The condition of the course was in fantastic shape as usual for this time of year.

Tee Boxes- Level with full coverage. Multiple tee's to choose from.

Fairways- Very lush and had good roll with great lies all day long. Looked like a PGA Tour course with the perfect carpet like conditions.

Rough - 1-3" thick usually not too bad to play from as most balls stayed up in the rough instead of sinking down. It did however slow a lot of shots down which kept you from most penalty areas.

Sand- Sand was mostly good the only issue was the fairway bunkers were a touch firm for my liking.

Greens- Medium fast pace and smooth but very firm causing lots of balls to bounce and roll off the edges of the greens. I would have liked to see them a litter softer but it was still a fun day.

Overall this is a great track and usually a better deal than other courses out in the valley. I highly recommend playing here if you get the chance.
Joined Gregholla, Circaflex, and Hillary at Pechanga on Saturday using my club card that gets a 50% off rack rate which makes it well worth it. Weather was perfect 70º light breeze and a very enjoyable day. Front nine starts flat until hole 4 where it starts to go into the hills. Hole number six is spectacular giving you a 150' drop from the tee box to the fairway and another 50' to the green. Backnine stays flat until holes 17 a tough par three and 18 another hole with a 120' drop from tee to green.

Conditions are still good here at Pechanga with the greens being the highlight smooth, semi firm and rolling nicely. Black Tee's were in good shape some divots on par threes. Sand was good and had enough sand to do what you need to splash out. Rough was in amazing shape as it was overseeded some areas it was rather deep but the ball usually sat up. Fairways were the low point for me as they did not overseed them and there are a few thin areas around. Still mostly dormant Bermuda but it just looks funny with the rough being overseeded and the fairway dormant. Usually you had a good lie but around the edges where they put new sod it just hasnt taken and looks bad.

The course is still amazing and I will still play but its just not in the same condition as normal until the Bermuda wakes up from its winter sleep.
Joined Rat-Patrol and Fastfish433 out at Barona for a twilight round yesterday. Check in was easy and the staff is as friendly as ever. One thing to note about the entire Barona Resort is they go out of their way to assist you. That is a big plus in my book. The range is large and has a putting green and chipping green with sand. Carts are nice with touch screen GPS and the cart girl was going around every few holes.

As for the conditions the course is in decent shape right now. The grass is starting to turn green with the rain recently helping it out. To go along with the painted fairways its trying to be more visually pleasing but still has a way to go. Tee boxes are in good shape with a hand full of them being overseeded and in great shape. Fairways are still very firm and had good coverage. I did notice a few more spots that need some love. They need to start watering it a bit more or its going to get worse. Rough is a mixed bag with some of the grass Turing green but its very bumpy. Driving a cart through the rough is quite an adventure with the bumps and dips not in the best shape. Sand was fantastic for the two traps I was in but heard one of the traps was firm underneath. Greens were firm and fast like usual with some very tough pin locations. Always make sure you are below the hole otherwise you are doomed. The cups had a metal dish about 1 inch below the surface for covid reasons.

In all this a fun layout but its a bit pricy for the rack rate at the moment. I get a discounted rate so if you want to play just message me and we can set something up.
First time out at Rancho Del Sol on Sat for our gk cup match. I had medium expectations going in after reading prior reviews on Gk. I really enjoyed the layout as its a typical Pete Dye course for the front nine. Back nine reminded me a lot of hidden valley. Conditions were a mixed bag fairways were patchy with two types of grass and we played preferred lies because of it. Rough was he same as well as the tee boxes. The greens however were very nice, a little spongy but rolled very smooth and medium paced. For the great underpar deal we had I would not mind coming back. They do need hitting nets or something to make up for them selling the range to a home builder.
Joined Rudyclub, Brady and a Local named Reed this morning at Desert Willow. I had seen the good reviews lately and from years past of having great conditions it was a no brainer to play out here today. Staff was super helpful and I was aware if we had a 4th I would have to cart up. There was a divider in the cart which is a little strange but not an inconvenience for wither of us.

As for the conditions it was PERFECT!!! 10/10 or 100/100. The entire course was in absolute perfect shape and this is what I imagine playing Augusta is like with the exception of medium paced greens. Tee's were flat level and plenty to choose from. Fairways with 100% lush grass and the only grass out of place is where there is a divot which is not prominent. Rough is about 2-3 inches and just long enough that you have to focus to make sure you make good contact. Greens were firm and rolled medium paced and smooth as can be. Sand was good a little firmer in the fairways but still awesome shape with rakes in all bunkers.

I am 100% sure this is the best conditioned course I have played and its no contest. Big shout out to the grounds crews and the staff as its such a gem especially for being a City Owned Course. Please do yourself a favor and get out here ASAP.
Played here for the first time in a few years and went in with medium expectations and was very surprised when I showed up. First thing I noticed was the parking lot was completely full and that is a good sign for the golf industry and this course. The baggage staff was helpful but seemed to be a bit panicked as they were out of carts.

The course was overseeded and very lush tee to green. Last time I played here my rating would be around a 5 today it was much higher. The fairways and rough was lush and didnt provide a ton of roll but very very nice to play from. Greens were a solid 7 in my book. medium/slow pace was the only thing I did not like but they were smooth and a touch firm. Sand was decent for the one trap I was in and I didnt hear any of my playing partners complain. Cart girl was around a few time which was nice but I didnt order anything. POP ended up being just over 4 hours which surprised me because the course looked packed. Overall this is a good place to play right now.
Make this course the last of our weekend trip with Rob1563, Rudyclub, and CircaFlex. I have played here a handful of times and really enjoy the layout especially when its in winter shape of dormant rough and lush fairways. Most shots in the rough will roll back into the fairway and if you pay attention one side of each fairways is up against the hill so you can aim off that side for extra roll on drives that catch the rough and hills. Another note is over half of the holes have and elevated tee boxes that give you a good glimpse of the hole.

Conditions were very solid tee to green as is usually the case at Revere. Tees were lush and only the par threes had some small issues with divots but nothing major. Fairways are fully overseeded and lust. Rough was short and dormant but nice to play from. Sand was decent not great but not bad. Greens ran smooth and held shots well. Lots of different tiers on the greens making putting tough.

The staff at Revere is by far one of the best for hospitality, from the cartbarn guys, restaurant staff, cart girls, and post round cart wranglers all of them were Overly happy to to assist. One specific thing to point out was the evening before I got an email from the course to let me know that they were expecting a 1 hour frost delay and not to be surprised if in deed they had the delay. When driving in the entire course was white with frost and the delay was about 2 total hours is you had the 7am time. I highly recommend playing here and cant wait to play again.
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