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Joined the Gk'ers for a fun filled day on Sunday 10/17. It had been a while since I had been able to play out at the Quarry and the course was just as fun as I remembered. The course was carved out of an abandoned quarry and the designers had quite the imagination when creating the layout. The course has a great selection of holes and it never gets boring. Rolling elevations with well protected greens make for a tough track where accuracy is key.

The conditions were better than expected seeing's how they were ready to punch the greens as soon as we were done with the hole. We were told a head of time that they had stopped watering the course 5 days prior to us arriving but it was still in great shape. The fairways had good coverage and were firm and fast. I had great lies all day when I was in the fairway. Rough was also dry and quick which made it more important to keep it in the fairway because balls would roll through the rough and into the bushes. Sand traps were 50/50 depending on which one you hit. I was in one trap on 16 (originally 14) that had a ton of soft sand which was like walking on a beach. The other trap I was in didn't have a lot of sand and could use some TLC. Looks like they are selectively picking sand traps to renovate one at a time. Greens were actually in much better shape than expected they were soft yet fast. The amount of play in the morning definitely showed as it was starting to get bumpy by the time we came around. If I could pick any down side it would've been the tee boxes, they were scrappy and didn't have a ton of grass. however they are reseeding those during the maintenance period so it wont be an issue.

The staff was super nice even though there were about 30 minuets behind due to a few large groups going off. POP was very slow at 5.5hrs but we still had fun. Not sure why the driving range was closed but that was a bummer especially because it was the GK cup final and the competitors couldn't warm up. Carts are very nice and had the shark experience gps system which is a nice touch. This is definitely a course you need to play just to experience the layout out and test your luck on the signature par 3 16th.
Booked a group for last Friday for a bachelor party. Most of the golfers in the group have never played anywhere nice so desert willow was a logical choice. $55 on a Friday is totally worth it right now even though it was still over 100° this day. Check in was smooth and the cart guys prepped our carts and ice chests for the round. Course was fully sold out this day for both courses so the range was a little busy and POP was around 4:45 but never felt too slow.

Course is in good summer shape right now as previously reviewed a few weeks back. Tee boxes flat and many to choose from. Grass was lush and minimal divot damage. Fairways mostly lush with a few browning areas as they get ready for over seed in a few weeks. I never had a bad lie so no issues there. Sand was good and consistent in the 14 sand traps that I played from this day, fairways traps were a little more firm as expected and green side soft and easy to hit from. I did notice 2 traps where the liner is exposed on the lips so that will need a little TLC to fix. Greens were medium fast and a tad on the firmer side. They rolled smooth and held shots just fine. Rough was lush but had some bare spots here and there the farther offline you got.

Carts were nice with GPS, USB plug, ball/club washer and an cooler. Cart girl was around at least 5 times on the round and the on course restrooms had ice and water machines to keep you hydrated. Overall this is a must play course if in the desert area.
Played 9/18 with 3 tee times starting at 9am. Check in was smooth cart guy must've had a long night as he wasn't very helpful but the pro shop guys were nice as well as the snack bar ladies. This course is on the Fantasy Springs Casino land and is kind of hard to find if you are not paying attention. The pro shop is just an old trailer but it does the trick. Carts are basic with usb plug and old visage GPS systems. Driving range is medium sized with a chipping and putting area for a proper warm up.

Course was in good shape for it being late summer. mostly green with some browning grass here and there. All of my shots from the fairway had nice cushion and plenty of roll. Fairway sand traps were a little on the firm side but that is what you want when trying to hit longer shots out of the traps. Rough was also lush but not very penal with most balls sitting up just fine. Greens were in good shape medium fast and only a few ball marks from uncourteous golfers ahead of us. When on the range I noticed 3 groups ahead of us that looked like they had never swung a club :( . Green side sand was soft and very nice to hit from. Lots of water features which make for a beautiful day on the course.

This is a fun layout and not overly long but worth playing especially for the rates which are better than most of the courses in the valley.
Played 9/6/21 at noon- Pace of play was 5HR 45MIN!!!!!!!

We tee'd off on time but had to wait on almost every tee box with multiple groups on a few of the boxes. We had 4 groups waiting on hole 15. Marshall was around but as mark had mentioned in the prior review he didnt seem to care.

Course was just as Mark had said in the prior review. Fairways had good coverage and a mix of green and brown grasses but nice to play from. They offered ample roll out on shots as well which I enjoyed. Rough was a mix of grasses turning bare patches the farther offline you get and under the trees. Sand was horrible for the few that I encountered but playing partners didnt seem to find a bad one also none of them were raked. Greens were bumpy but in good shape, soft and receptive just need golfers to fix their marks.

This was my first trip to Industry hills and I thoroughly enjoyed the course but if 5hr 45min rounds are what they offer on the weekends I wont be back.
Found a time for last Sat 10:30am for $75. When I booked the round it was supposed to be 99º but that changes a few days before to 111º When I arrived I noticed the course was a little more brown than expected. The summer heat and humidity is taking a toll on the conditions this year. Now I expected some burned out areas but this was more than just a few areas.

Tee boxes were fine with full coverage and a little shaggy but just fine. We played the tips so not a ton of divots to be found anyways.

Fairways were good in spots but a few spots needed GUR ropes. I would say a mix of 60%brown to 40% green. all grass was nice to hit from so no issues there.

Rough was in decent shape more bare areas than I can remember also they were trimming all of the trees so a lit of loose leaves and branches.

Sand needs some TLC to be honest. I was in 6 traps two were great and the other were hard with pebbles in them.

Greens were firm with medium speed probably due to the longer length to keep them alive during the heat wave.

Carts were good with a nice GPS built into the dash and new Bluetooth speakers built into the under dash cubbies. They had coolers stocked with water but only two locations on course with a water station. Staff was very friendly as usual out at the resort. POP was a little brutal at 4hr 45 mins and made worse when two of the players in our group left at 9 holes. Even with the conditions being worse than expected I still enjoyed the round and after the fall maintenance the course should be good to go.
Played on 8/13 with a 7:40 Tee Time. This is the third time I had played Laughlin ranch over the last 4 years and I am still excited every time I get to play here. Staff was very friendly when I arrived and helped with the bags and informed me where to go when ready. I did not use the driving range but the large putting green was similar to what was on the course.

Course was in fantastic shape right now especially because of the 110+ heat they have been dealing with every day. Today we were luckily and had mostly cloudy sky's which kept the temp under 100. It was a bit humid but very bearable. Tee boxes where flat and had good coverage on each box. They did not have the back tee's open but the Zinc and Silver tee's were great. Fairways were just cut in the morning providing ample roll out and great cushy lies throughout the day. We had some bad timing with the blower tractor basically in front of us for 4 holes on the front nine and he even ran over Mikes golf ball. That was a little disappointing as the ball was clearly in sight. Rough was good and even though it didn't seem thick it was very penal and all of us had issues. Sand traps were not in good shape I was only in one and I used putter to get out due to the low lip. The other traps my partners were in were firm and had pebbles in them. Greens were in great shape but a little fuzzy as expected to keep them alive. They rolled true and medium to slow speeds. I found them tough to read but that may have been because of the longer than normal length.

I really like the layout here with the elevation changes and desert wasteland danger on every hole. Accuracy is a must especially with the penal rough and water hazards on a few of the holes. If you are in the area I highly recommend playing here. Even if you are in Vegas its worth the 1:20 drive.

PS the food at the restaurant was very good as well. We all ate off the bar menu but it was still fantastic.
Joined the Guru's at San Vicente yesterday. This was my first trip down to the resort as it is about 2 hours from my house. I had good intel from Rudyclub's reviews that the greens are no joke and the track it a lot of fun. When Arriving we were met by the entire management staff and they were very happy to have us there. Its nice to know that they are trying hard to keep a golf course alive.

the course layout is a lot of fun. The front nine reminds me a lot of Bernardo heights and the back nine is like a mix of Woods Valley and Mt Woodson. The par threes were all a lot of fun to play ranging from 135-210 yards. Course conditions were very good for this time of the year. It was 100° today and the course did not look like it was suffering at all. Tee boxes were ok a few were starting to get chewed up a bit but nothing too bad. Fairways had full coverage and generally gave you very good lies. Rough was good as long as you didnt get too far offline. Sand traps were very good and easy to escape.

Now the greens they had recently redone all of the greens on the course and boy are they tricked out in some areas. A lot of false edges and undulations. They rolled smooth and true on every green. I didn't see a single ball bounce on a putt all day. Speaking of bounces, the greens are way to firm for my liking. It was almost impossible to get your ball to stop within 3 feet of where it landed. Everything rolled out 10+ feet. I had a few occasions where I hit the middle of the green only to find my ball off the back and 1 of them was off the back and over the road. They did a fantastic job on the redesign but I want to come back when the greens are a touch softer.

This course is now on my rotation of courses to play especially because Barona is now closed to the public. This is a very good alternative if you are looking for a casino/golf day.
First time playing here last Friday. I had read the review and expected typical muni conditions and they met those expectations. The layout is entertaining and not repetitive which is nice because that can be an easy running theme for some muni's. Price was a little steeper than expected $55 to ride but $37 to walk for a 1:30 on a Friday tee time. Course has some very nice views of the mountains that are 10 miles away, I bet the day after a cold storm the snow capped mountains would make this course stunning.

Course conditions were decent. Tee boxes a little chewed up but manageable. Fairways were a mix of grasses a little longer than normal fairways but still offered good roll. Greens were the highlight offering fast but receptive conditions. They were a little beat up because of all the play from a-hole golfers not fixing their marks but that's not the courses fault. Rough was a rough in quality with a mix of grasses and dirt spots. Sand traps were below average in the two traps I was in and people seem to not care about raking their footprints too.

Overall if in the area and jonezing for a round of golf this place with suffice. I wouldn't make the drive from OC again but a great time was had with Rob, Kevin, and Pete.
Joined the GK Crew on a cool 118° day last weekend. When we arrived we skipped the bag drop and walked down to the tournament cart staging area that I had already known was there. I did not encounter any staff until arriving to the tee box where the started just asked what time and said have fun in the heat. Not super personable but no big deal as I had played here many times before.

Course was in really nice shape as it usually is year round. Fairways were almost carpet like and a nice green color. Rough was good and just penal enough to punish you. Greens were fast and firm but rolled very true and we encountered no bumps from the morning flights of golfers. Sand traps were a little firm and could use some more sand it may have just been the traps I was in because my playing partners didn't encounter the same conditions in theirs. The layout I would give a 7/10 there are a few holes that are forgettable then some nice par 3's and 5's to make up for it. I would rank the sun my least favorite of the three courses but its not a bad thing.

We were the first group out for the event and zipped around in just over 3 hours leaving the 2nd group in our dust and never catching anyone in front. After the round we ordered a sampler platter and the waitress seemed like she wasn't having a great day. We asked for split checks and she just gave a big sigh and I guess she also mumbled something under her breath (in a eastern European language). We also asked for plates 2 times and never got them so we ate our sampler patter off napkins! It was a little unfortunate because this is a top notch facility but the second time in a row where the restaurant staff was not up to par. The bartender however is amazing she is super friendly and willing to go above and beyond.

I highly recommend playing here and if you are a NV resident the rate is super affordable.
First Round of the Gk Plays weekend was out here at Wolf Creek. We scored the first two tee times out on the front nine as they do split tee starts. Weather was 98° at 6:30AM! on the first day of the major heatwave to hit the south west. Staff provided a bunch of waters in the coolers and told us to grab as much as we can. There is also a snack shack after holes 5 and 14 to load up on paid beverages. The Starter warned us not to go too fast because we would either run into maintenance or run into the last groups teeing off on the back nine. We did not have any issues with the maintenance but did have to wait about 10 mins for the 10th tee to clear and also slowed down the back nine a bit. Total POP was around 4:30 but I would imagine 5+ for the rest of the groups.

This was probably my 6 or 7th time playing the course usually in the summer and I dont think I have seen the course in better summer shape. Tee boxes were fine all though they have one box closed at each tee for renovation but it was always a different tee so no real affect to the lengths. Fairways are lush and I would say 95 percent dark lush green. Rough was decent within 5-10 yards of the fairway turning brown and into waste the farther offline you go. Greens were a bit slower today than I can remember in the past probably because of the 120° heat that hit this last weekend. They rolled at a medium pace but I notice a lot of un repaired ball marks from the previous days play and that was a let down. Sand was decent in the one trap I was in so no issue there.

I do have to point out that something is wrong with their lakes as the smell was not pleasant and hole 8 is a real let down when on the green surrounded by water that smells almost sewer like. They really need to figure out what is wrong because its flat out disgusting. The water looked clear too so not sure what is going on.

This course is a must play as most of the younger generation have played it on the tiger woods video games over the last 20 years. It is the disneyland of golf and I highly suggest taking a trip to check it out. Also the rack rate was only $100 for a Friday Morning at 6:30. Thats a steal in my book.
RGM2525 recommended sneaking in a round at Old Works if we had time on our trip to MT. After some thought and a early departure from Glacier National we walked on to this course at noon with thunderstorms all around the valley the place was empty. The staff was super friendly and gave us all kinds of tips to get around and warm up. The practice area was large and even had 3 practice holes to play before heading to the tee. Rack rate for a Thursday at noon was a bit steep at $91. Course is a Jack Nicklaus design that is built into a closed copper mine. The major hype comes from the black slag sand traps which have a glittering shine to them.

Once we got to the first tee we realized the course was not in the best shape overall. Most of the grass was a greenish brown and not visually pleasing like the mountain courses we played all week. Tee boxes were good with full coverage and 5 sets to choose from. We played the gold tees and it was quite a task to handle at 7200 yards even with the elevation. Fairways were verticut and rather thin for my liking. We had to move most balls to grass as the verdicut was like hitting from divots. Rough was a mixed bag and gets worse the farther offline you get. Greens were very tough as is typical for a Jack Nicklaus course large with plenty of undulation. They rolled well and were firm so all shots needed to be played to the front of the green. Sand traps being the black slag played very nice and the sand is almost a powder like consistency which rival most top golf course sand traps.

The layout is very entertaining and if the conditions were better I would highly recommend playing here at any rate. Sadly $91 for a noon time is not worth it IMO give the current conditions. The course use to be a troon managed course but I dont think that is the case anymore as the clubhouse and carts are a little rough around the edges. I am still glad I played here just for the black sand traps but I wont be back unless conditions changes drastically.

Edit- Rating came out at 7.0 but i would put it closer to 5.5 with the fairways and rough bringing down the score.
Walked on to this course on 7/4 at 3pm and had the place to ourselves. $36 to ride on a holiday is a steal of a price for this course. Not a ton of staff as it was the 4th and it was very empty. This course is a fun layout with mostly flat conditions with the exception of 4 holes on the back nine. Wide fairways and well protected greens. Worth noting that the greens are good size on most holes except for hole 17 which is an uphill par 4 with a 10 pace deep green with sand in front and back. Rough was all grass and turns into a shin high brush that is sometimes thick. A few lakes throughout the course provide some protection on what should be easy holes.

Conditions are pretty good for a course that gets a ton of play on their 18 hole and 9 hole tracks. We played the black tees and all of the boxes were level and only the par 3;s showing some divot issues but nothing bad. Fairways were green and had good coverage throughout the course. There are a few areas that are showing signs of the heatwave but those are few and far between. Sand was decent and had enough sand to escape. Greens were smooth and rolled at a medium fast pace and held most shots.

The 2 staff members I came across were nice considering that it was late on a holiday. Carts are older with no amenities. This is a very fun course and with a price of $36 its worth a place just dont expect 10/10 conditions.
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