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Snuck out to the mats at Newport on Friday. Had a 12pm tee time to play nine holes and it was packed as usual. rate was $20 for 9 holes $30 for 18 which is fair IMO. They have pull carts and electric carts for a fee but its an easy walk. As noted the course is off mats but the do have tee boxes on the 4 par 4's as well. These tee boxes were ok but need a mow. The mats are in decent shape with a few that need to be replaced. The fairways are just dirt and random grass types. Rough is mostly the same. I wasn't in the sand but only trap on the front nine had brand new sand in it. I was told the back nine traps were mostly dirt. The greens were surprisingly good compared to the rest of the course. They were a little soft but putt well and medium speed. There were some unrepaired ball marks here and there but nothing out of the ordinary for OC golf.

This is a good place to bring your non golfing friends as there is not to learn hitting off mats. If you are jonezing for a round of golf and cant play david l baker (other short course with real tee boxes) This place will do.
Join up with Gk'er at the even yesterday. It was a warm and sometimes windy day on the course but with all of the trees and vegetation its easy to escape the beating sun. Arrival was ok there was nobody at the bag drop but I already knew where they stage the carts so no issue for me. The only employee on I interacted with all day was the cart girl who we saw once. The restaurant was already closed when we finished at 6:45 but the patio was a nice place to watch the sunset.

Course conditions were very good as is usual for desert willow. I will never turn down a round out here because I know the conditions wont let me down. Today was no exception, Fairways were lush and offered a lot of roll out so it made for a great day for my driver. Rough was just as lush with the exception of hole 3 where the rough behind the green looked to have died off no real issue for play as its a steeper hill. Sand traps were in good shape for the two that I was in and the waste bunkers were pretty soft as well. Ten there was the greens...... The were some of the firmest greens I have played in a long time. I could not for the life of me control the bounce and rollout on these greens. I would say at least 80% of my approaches would roll off the back of the green if they were not coming in high. It was a bit frustrating but they still rolled fast and smooth. I did notice a few of the greens have old cup locations having a hard time healing. They may need to do some renovations on these greens next Overseed season as it will be hard for these greens to survive the summer heat.

I enjoy playing mountain view but would prefer the Fire Cliff course any day. Besides the small issues with the greens this is still a must play when out in the desert.
Booked the first tee time of the day Easter Sunday. Two players paid through their website for $85 when you book a twosome. $99 if you book a single. Check in was simple and the starter was very friendly. No driving range but they did have nets and a putting green to warm up. We loaded on our basic carts (no gps) and off we went to the tee box.

The layout is a typical Jack Nicklaus design with water and dog leg rights on quite a few holes. Green complexes are tough to read as they're large and undulated. Conditions were top notch all around this day. The Tee boxes were level and had plenty of grass. A few of the par 3's needed the markers moved but nothing too bad. Fairways were cut on the shorter side but offered great cushion for your approaches. Rough was not penal at all except around bunkers and the creeks where it was 5+ inches deep. Sand was fine for the two traps I was in I did notice a lot of sand blowing out of the traps this day as the wind was up. I imagine its a pain in the butt to keep these stocked. Greens were by far the highlight of the round. Just soft enough to leave a divot but still rolled on the faster side.

Being first out we zipped around in less than 3 hours but still had a blast playing this course. Some people dont like the airport noise but its a small airport compared to LAX,SNA,ONT so 1 plane every 15 mins or so. I highly recommend getting out here before the summer heat sets in.
Played in a Charity Event for AZ department of Corrections yesterday. This was my first time playing Raven Club and I was pleasantly surprised on the quality of the course. We had a 7:30 Shotgun Start and check in was a bit chaotic finding the carts and just the set up blocking the main entrance. Carts are basic with no GPS which is strange for a course that charges as much as it does during the winter. Driving range is large with a nice chipping and putting green.

Course conditions are very similar to the last reviews. Fairwyas lush and cut just the right length to provide roll and cushion for your next shot. Rough was a touch shorter that usual and offered generally favorable lies. Greens were firm rolled smooth and quick making up hill putts much more preferable. We were in 2 bunkers and the greenside bunker was ok but the fairways bunkers had standing water.

The course layout was decent with no two similar holes but it just didnt have a wow factor to the course. I would play here again dont get me wrong but there are better options for your money.
Got the chance to play here on 3/9 with my Boss during the member guest tournament. I was very excited to finally get to play here after driving by it so many times over the years. Arrived about 1 hour before the shotgun start they had a table set up right inside the gates to take your bags and load them to the lined up carts. The staff was very friendly from the cart barn guys to the staff in the clubhouse. Driving range is a little awkward with tennis courts in the landing area just left of the range and not a large enough net to protect those tennis weirdos also they didn't have a lot of stations open for a 120 person shotgun. They had a nice bunker area for chipping and a decent sized putting green. The carts were stocked well with water and a interactive GPS + Bluetooth Speakers.

The course was in good shape for this time of the year all of the grass was green and there was very few bare spots anywhere. Tee boxes were a 8/10 with full coverage and 5 boxes to choose from all of them had a nice wood border around them to separate the rough. Fairways were cut short but didn't provide a ton of roll out. Rough had good coverage and not very thick but it was my favorite grass Kikuyu! however it was well maintained and actually nice to play from. For the sand traps there is a general complaint from the 3 members I played with that they are inconsistent and for the 2 traps i was in I agree. The Fairway trap I played from had the perfect amount of sand but the greenside trap I was in was very firm but half of the bunker looks like they had turned the sand and I happened to land in the non turned area. On to the greens these were some of the most difficult pin locations I have seen in a while normally that's not a bad thing but with the greens running at a 12 on the stimp and no flat puts anywhere to be found it made for a difficult day on the greens. I had my fair share of down hill puts that were nearly impossibly to stop near the hole and while that shouldn't be a big deal there was a small issue with the Poa grass trying to bloom and it was not consistent. A slow trickling putt would bounce back and fourth on a few of the greens when it hit these patches. The members were not to excited bye this but it was only affected by slow trickling putts.

I really enjoyed the layout here at MVCC there are a handful of dog leg lefts and a handful or dog leg rights! towering trees block you from cutting corners too much. The par threes are entertaining ranging from 150-200 yards with three of them being downhill. I highly recommend playing here if you get the chance as the layout is flat out entertaining.
Played on the 20th with the GK crew. Situated in Bullhead AZ/ Laughlin NV its not an area I visit very often. Luckily its on about a 1.5 hour drive from Vegas or 4 hours from OC/LA.

The course is designed up and down the hills above the mighty Colorado river and offers amazing views of the river and mountain backdrops. This course can eat you alive if the winds are up and your game is off. Although they offer generous fairways and not a ton of forced carries the elevation change make it very intimidating. You might want to bring a rock club with you as the rough is maybe 10 yards wide on the edges of the fairways and then you have the desert.

The conditions for the day were amazing. Dark emerald green fairways with dormant rough that was still very thick and penal. Tee's that were flat and little divot damage, and greens that you could really spin the ball on. The greens were the highlights for me they were fast but manageable. While trying to fix a divot I noticed there are two types of grass one for the winter and one for the summer and the roots were very healthy. You had to give it a little extra muscle to fix a divot.

We saw the cart girl probably 6 times throughout the round and she was very nice. Every staff member treated us like royalty from the moment we arrived to the afternoon meal at the restaurant which is separately owned. I highly recommend eating there as the food was top notch. I had the Italian Sandwich and it was very tasty. I cant wait to play here again.
Made it back out to Pechanga yesterday. We had a 7am tee time but there was a 1 hour frost delay. Pro Shop was no help as they just kept saying we dont know when you will go out. after eating breakfast and waiting by the carts the radio call cam through. We were the first group out so no POP issues but we set a 4:20 pace but the the group behind was at least 3 holes behind. Course is in good winter shape but the course once again the only overseeded the rough and 20 yards of fairway near the greens. It makes for interesting visuals with the dormant fairways but at least the balls wont run off into the native areas.

As for the specific conditions,

Tee boxes were flat lush and many to choose from - 9/10

Fairways, dormant unless near the green with tight lies but good coverage. I did see a small handful of Bermuda Grass starting to wake up due to the heat of last week. 6/10

Rough, was lush and penalizing if you were too far off the fairways. 9/10

Sand, I was in two traps and they were a little heavy and wet but played fine 7/10

Greens, By far the highlight of the course, they were very fast and rolled true. They would hold most approach shots but if you didn't control your speed it was going to be a back day. 9/10

Overall this course has a lot of character and is a blast to play. They did however raise the rates on 1/1. Rack is now 180 (was 160) and the club card rate went from 90 to 100. For 180 I would not play here due to the dormant fairways but once the fairways come back in 2 months it will be in great shape.

Pro Tip- If you want a weekend tee time you need to go online at midnight 7 days before to secure a spot.
Happened to find a noon tee time yesterday on their website. $36 to walk is a great price for this course. When arriving the course was very busy, the range was full and there were a few groups at both course tee boxes. We ended up teeing off right on time at 12 and got around in 4:45 waiting on about 50% of the holes. Staff was alright at the proshop but the starter and snack bar staff were very friendly.

This was the first time playing here after many years of wanting to. My expectations were average as it is a government course so I wasn't expecting immaculate conditions. Turns out It was just as I expected, Fairways had full coverage of grass mowed tight with 2-3 types of grass. Rough was short and my FAVORITE Kikuyu! A few holes it looks like they are taking some of the grass out and turning to dirt but you had to be pretty far offline to find these areas. Tee boxes were hit or miss, they were cut short and some had some divot issues or lack of grass. I was in one green side bunker and it was in poor shape and no rakes were available. I did see 2 or 3 bunkers with new pure white sand so maybe they are fixing them up. Greens were in great shape overall, no divots which was nice to see and they were semi firm and fast. One thing to note is these greens are large and have many breaks to them. Accuracy is key on approached as all of the greens were elevated too so anything offline you had a steep drop to collection areas normally guarded by trees.

Overall this is a challenging course with some very long holes to deal with and the stiff ocean breeze making it longer. One par 5 is 570 yards and into a 10-15mph wind which made it a tough hole to play. We walked to course and its very flat. I would say about 50% of the people on the course were walking today. Carts looked new and did have a small GPS on them from what I noticed in the parking lot. I would recommend playing here if you can find one of the coveted tee times.
I have always looked at playing here but never pulled the trigger. This weekend we finally decided to give it a shot after booking a last minuet tee time for Sat 1/15 at 9:10am. Rack rate was $75 to walk + $20 if you wanted to ride. We walked Creek/Stone 9's and had a blast. Check in was simple and the starter was very friendly. POP was just over 4 hours with minimal waiting, I suppose if we took a cart we would of had to wait longer to hit but the slowness of our walking was the perfect tempo.

Course was in fantastic shape with the fairways being lush and dark green in color. The rain definitely helped keep the entire course green but I was still surprised on how green it was. Rough was thick and penal but not too frustrating to play from. Sand traps were decent but they were wet from the morning dew and sporadic rain drops that happened throughout the day. Greens were small needle punched maybe a week or two ago but it did not affect the putting. They were quick and a touch firm but a real pleasure to play. If I could nit pick anything it was the tee boxes. it was 50/50 on conditions with probably 5 of them just dirt. I dont recall the entire box being bad but they definitely need to move the markers.

As previously mentioned we played the creek and Stonehouse 9's. Creek is flat and the greens are well guarded by bunkers and well placed trees. Also we noticed from the back tees we played there were at least 3 large tree's hanging over blocking part of your tee shot. One was on a par 5 were if you hit your driver high you would hit the tree unless playing a large draw/hook. Stone house has more hills and gets much tighter in areas including 3 blind shots into the fairways. I felt the fairways didn't allow as much roll out on the back but I really enjoyed the elevation changes and more trees surrounding the greens. It reminded me of the back nine at Woods Valley (Native Oaks). I am really glad I finally got to play here and will no longer hesitate to look up tee times here especially for $75 prime time weekends.
Finally used up my Golf Moose Certificates and pulled the trigger on Desert Island (previously S at Ranch Mirage). We secured a 7:50 tee time and arrived in time to use the small practice areas. The driving range was moved up but even if the tee's were at the back its only 250 yards. The lady in the pro shop was very nice and let us know that there was going to be nobody in front of us so we could tee off when ready. With that being said we played in less than 2.5 hours only waiting on 17 when we ran into a single who was fishing golf balls out of the water.

We didnt know what to expect for conditions as the last review was in June but when we arrived we saw immaculate fairways and greens and it stayed that way throughout the day. Tee boxes were flat and had plenty of grass to hit from. They did need to move the par three boxes as they were a little chewed up. Fairways were carpet like cut a little shorter allowing maximum roll. If you have never played here one of the instructions from the course is to pick up all of your divots and put them in the driver side cooler. This gives the fairways a very clean look overall, I think more courses need to do this. Rough was mostly lush with a few areas looking like the overseed didn't take well and the dormant Bermuda poking through but these were few and far between. Sand traps were just ok, two fairway traps were too firm for my liking. The greenside traps were better with soft sand that was easy to plug into them. Greens were fantastic with the exception of one which had some patches that were recently repaired. They were slightly on the soft side yet very quick. I seem to over-read putts all day it just looked like more break than there actually was.

I really enjoyed this course layout. Its very demanding off the tee with either large trees, Water, of OB tightening your tee shots all day. The Par 3's are all unique and run 150-200 yards. Carts are basic with no GPS but they get the job done. Cart girl was around if needed and there was 2 marshals out and about picking up divots that were left behind. Its nice to see the staff really take care of their course. I will definitely be playing here again. Especially with the golf moose deal at $170 for 2 players including free replay.
Booked a deal time for 12/30 on a cold 46° day with 10-15 mph winds. Our tee time was at noon but we arrived early as the tee sheet seemed light before our time hoping to get out early. Staff at the pro shop were very nice and said to talk to the starter about getting out early. Sadly the starter was very grumpy and said no unless we paid more money for the earlier time. (fun fact it was the same price we paid) We decided to hit the range instead for a proper warm up. We got back to the tee 30 minuets before our tee time and there was a different starter who was very friendly this time around and sent us on our way.

Course conditions are fantastic right now especially for how cold and rainy it had been the last few weeks. Tee boxes were level and had good coverage, although 2 of the par three boxes need to be moved due to divots. Fairways were lush and cut tight allowing for maximum roll out. Talking to the grounds crew it was the first day they could mow the grass in a week due to the rain. It played fantastic and had nice mower lines to look at. Rough was lush and not overly penal this time around. Sand was good in the few that I found but still a little wet. Then there is the greens...... Firm, Fast, and Furious! The greens were very firm today and very quick to play on. It took a few holes to figure out that everything needs to be played to the front of the greens as there was a lot of roll out on mid-long iron shots. If you can really sin the ball you had some hope on chip shots and short irons but overall it was a fun day on he greens.

I think Snow if my favorite layout of the 3 courses out here at Paiute. Its just a nice mix of holes and never feels repetitive. Holes 9 and 18 and beautiful as well, playing right next to the beautiful clubhouse. The course has nice Carts with GPS units. We saw the beverage cart a few times but they were out of coffee on this cold and blustery day! Overall this course is a must play and I highly recommend playing here on your trips to Vegas.
Found a deal for the 31st so my cousin and I decided to head out. This course is 1 hour from the Las Vegas area and was a planned master community with up to 7 golf courses planned before the recession in 2008. Sadly only the Jack Nicklaus course was the only thing to be built before then. However this course is fantastic and a great pleasure to play. Check in was easy and the staff was super friendly. When in the pro shop there is a model of the first two courses that were going to be opened the 2nd one being a Nicklaus/Dye coo-design which you can see some of the moved dirt when making the trek to the practice area before they scrapped the plans. The Practice area and 1st tees are a little far from the Club house as they were going to build a massive duel clubhouse near the practice area serving both courses. This practice area is very large and has any type of warm up area you can think of to prep for your round.

Course conditions are in great shape for how cold and wet it has been over the last three week. Tee boxes are all level and lush, I did notice one par three was a little chewed up but not a big issue. Fairways were lush and cut relatively low providing ample roll on most shots, this however made accuracy key as there are bunkers and lakes everywhere that can mess with your sanity during the round. Sand traps were hit or miss, I was in two green side traps that had soft sand but the carpet liner was coming up all around it and caused some issues. Fairways bunkers are on the firmer side but were nice to play from. Rough was cut short around all hazards and would not stop your ball from falling/rolling into the lakes and traps. Greens were the highlight of the round. They were as lush as can be, soft yet quick on speed and just a pleasure to putt on.

This Layout is a lot of fun to play with each hole being different from the last you never get bored. If you get car sick you wont have fun driving down the fairways as every hole has rolling mounds throughout the fairways leaving fun lies and just an overall entertaining day. There is a solid mix of holes with water, desert scape, sand traps, and native bushes. They have very nice gas carts but no GPS on them. We saw the cart girl often and she had warm hot dogs that were fantastic during our 5 minuet rain delay. Over all I highly recommend playing here if you get the chance.
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