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Played on 2/4 rck rate of $75 teeing off at 11:55 instead of 11:47 tee time but they did have a frost delay so no issue there. The ladies working the proshop and bar were very friendly and the starter/marshal/cart guys were very friendly which was nice to see.

Lets start with the Good before the review gets sour.

-Carts very nice with shark experience gps and bluetooth
-Greens a tad bumppy from poor divot fixing but very well manicured and rolled fine.
-Rough around the greens was good and starting to come out of dormant.
-Some Fairways within 20 yards of the greens were great and looked like they had overseeded some of those areas.
-Water Jugs full and cold every 4 holes

Now the BAD
-Driving range- no grass just dirt and unlevel
- Sand, What sand? its just dirt!
- Rough, unless near the greens or within 5 yards of the fairways it was bumpy and lots of grass types or just bare
- Tee's Unlevel and covered in divots on par 3s and just ok on driver holes.
- Fairways 50/50 if you found a smooth spot to hit from. Major thinning in some areas as well a few bare patches here and there.
- Snack shack closed at the turn which is not near the clubhouse

POP was a whopping 5 hours and 31 minuets. On hole number 2 there was 6 total groups on the hole and took 20+ mins before we could tee off. One other hole has 3 groups on it as well plus every hole we had to wait for the group in front to tee off.

Another thing to note is the course use to have about 6-7 holes with no homes around them. They are now down to 3-4 holes with no homes. I asked the starter if they will continue this trend and he said when the tribe bought the course they didn't have the money to buy the land in-between so that land was sold to developers. Its his understanding that the 3-4 holes left will remain that way because the would need to build a bride or tunnel over/under the course to get to that land.

The Rack Rate is reasonable for the layout. Conditions could be better but with the POP its going to be a hard pill to swallow for most. We finished at sunset for a 1145 tee time. That's unacceptable with a 530pm sunset.
Out in Texas for thanksgiving and snuck in a round of golf during the small break in rain last weekend. My mom lives in Robson Ranch so we get her rate of $50 at 11am on black friday. In my opinion this course is well worth that green fee. We played the South/West nines and I think the south 9 is the best at the property. Course is still in good shape but 3 inches of rain made it quite soggy. Now the course drains very well but was CPO and after walking to our balls it made sense why.

The course has gone dormant for the winter as the highs were around 45° last week. Conditions are still quite playable. Fairways were cut just right and provided good cushion to hit from and even though they were soggy they still provided great roll. Rough was rather short as expected when they go dormant but around the greens there was still some thicker areas. Sand was very nice white sand and had it been dry it would be fantastic to play from. Greens are the highlight of the course as they were very receptive but no divot damage at all. Putts rolled smooth and true and the subtle breaks make you think twice about your line.

Staff here was great and provide all the knowledge you could need and seemed just happy to be there. Most of the workers here live in the community so they take pride in their work. Snack bar is relatively cheap with $5 hot dogs and cheap drinks. I highly recommend playing.
Played on 11/7 just before the storm made it over the mountain and it was a beautiful 75° day with light winds. Course just opened up from overseed and was not CPO which was nice. I have played here many times and prefer it over celebrity because it has 4 par 3's and 5's like a standard course. Normally the course is covered in flowers but they were in the beginning of the season so they have not got around to planting them for the season. The course is still beautiful and worth playing but could be better when the flowers are in place.

Conditions were very good as usual for this course and as expected for the rack rate for winter golf in Palm Springs. Tee boxes were level and plenty to choose from but I did notice the par 3's were a little chewed up. Fairways were fully lush and very few problem areas which none of them are in normal play areas. Rough was a little off color compared to the fairway but was lush and not overly penal. Greens were medium speed and firmness and rolled very smooth and true. Sand traps around the greens were fine and our group sure hit a bunch of them today. Fairway traps were a touch more firm but that is to be expected.

The entire facility here at IW is top notch with the service a step above. The driving range was open but the back mats and concrete was being worked on as well as a lot of maintenance going on putting up Christmas Décor. The carts are all staged and have the Shark Experience on them which is fine. Overall I highly recommend playing here.
Ventured out to Rams Hill on their opening weekend. I know that the conditions were not going to be prime season perfect as they just opened but the conditions were still good all around. Of course there is some areas that they are working on but given a few more weeks this place is going to be pure!

Tee's- The tee boxes were great with multiple tees to choose from and all of them were very well maintained. They are testing a new grass on 13 tee box and it looked spectacular.

Fairways- The whole course was CPO but I would rate these at 7.5 as most holes were fully lush but a few had some GIR that they are trying to patch and grow. I bet in a month the whole course will be like carpet.

Rough- I wasn't in a lot of rough but it was very playable. some areas are a little thin but not enough that it would be a problem.

Sand- The two traps I was in could use a little more sand but they were perfectly playable.

Greens- I have to admit I was a little let down by the greens. They were painfully slow and just too shaggy. Some of the green had turf issues around the edges and it looks like they are fixing them but it just wasn't up to the rams hill standard of firm and fast greens.

Overall this is an experience you must try and the layout which is one of my favorite in SoCal. It helps when you always score well here. The staff was friendly for the most part. The older gentleman at bag drop seemed a little grumpy but was still helpful. The marshal was very friendly and the free tacos at the ram shack plus apple cookie at the end of the round are just an added level of hospitality that makes this place special. I do recommend playing here but I would give it 2-3 weeks if you want everything to be perfect conditioned.
First time back in almost 6 years and this course is still awesome. I was planning on playing Sierra Star but they closed the monday before my arrival. Bishop is always a good choice for off season golf near mammoth lakes. When arriving I noticed the course was very green all around. I guess they have had a lot of thunderstorms this summer and the extra water has made this place extra nice.

Greens were by far the highlight of the course. Smooth fast and receptive just the way I like them. I found reading the green was a lot tougher but that may have been the 2+ month layoff from golf. Fairways were very nice with at least 1/2 of them in super lush shape. A few areas you could tell were getting less water at the end of the season but still had full coverage. One of the lakes on the front nine was empty but it looked like they might be working on the pump. Sand traps were adequate as well as the tee boxes.

Staff here was very friendly and generally seemed pleased to be there. The carts are starting to show their age with ripped cushions but they did have a sub plug so that is a plus. We didn't eat at the restaurant but it was very busy for noon on a Friday. For $65 riding I thought the price was fair. You could save $10 by walking or wait until 1pm where they drop to 45/35. I would recommend playing while driving up US395.
Played Quintero on 8/27 This was the number one choice for our trip. I was able to get 2 tee times at 8:20 for the rack rate of $115 for non resident and $105 for the two AZ locals. We could've saved $10 by prepaying online but chose to have everyone pay for themselves. Check in was simple and easy. We picked up some breakfast burritos and loaded up in the very nice carts with GPS and Bluetooth. One you load up its a 6 minuet trip up the mountain to the driving range and tee boxes.

Driving Range is of adequate size and a large putting green was identical to the conditions on the course.

Tee Boxes- They were flat and had good coverage. We played the silvers as none of us were feeling good from the late night shenanigan's from the previous night so no need to play 6800 yards.

Fairways- Great coverage throughout and beautiful mowere striping. A little longer than we-ko-pa but still very nice to play from. A few drives did stick instead of rolling out but it wasnt too much of an issues.

Greens- Firm and fast just the way I like them. They accepted well hit shots but anything low would roll out. I did notice a few ball marks from previous groups but not much a course can do for that.

Sand- I found a lot of sand traps this day and I can confidently say the sand traps were an 8 out of 10 for quality. A few of the fairway traps could use a turning as they were much more firm than they should be. All Greenside traps had good sand though.

This course is very beautiful and I highly recommend playing out here before they jack the rates back up for winter. I believe I saw rates over $300 during prime season and while still worth it compared to other courses its quite a distance from the main tourist areas of Scottsdale and PHX. Still a Top 100 Public course is always going to be a place to visit regardless of price.
Booked two tee times for a bachelor party on 8/26. Bag drop was nice an easy with friendly attendants. Pro shop reps were a tad rude when we asked for the AZ rate ($55) for the 2 of the spots as they were from AZ. They straight up said no because we booked as non residents ($80). I didn't feel like fighting over ($25) but still it was quite rude. Driving Range is a little on the smaller side but adequate to warm up. We didn't see a starter but we were told he was around. We drove up to the first tee to use the small putting area and the starter came flying up to stop us from teeing off early even though we were not on the box. he then allowed a 5 some to tee off in front of us and even though they were two separate tee times. We ended up waiting on them most of the day but still finished in a little over 4hrs.

Course conditions are really good right now and they sure have taken advantage of the severe monsoon season with all of the extra water for the course. Tee's were flat and had full coverage throughout. Fairways were cut short and felt like carpet, not a ton of roll out as they have had a lot of rain the last two weeks. Supposedly they were not able to mow the fairways until 2 day prior to our visit. Rough was cut shorter than expected but provided a fluffy lie throughout the day. Greens were a little shaggy as they are kept longer to survive the summer heat this made them a little slow but everything rolled fine. Bunker are probably the low point but they are working on them. A few holes had sifting machine working on freshening up the traps. One thing we noticed was a massive amount of grounds crews working on the course. I would say 6+ holes had crew members working on sand or brush removal which is good for the course but strange to do it on a peak playing day with 220 golfers on the tee sheet just 20 shy of full.

I really enjoyed this course as its a little more target style than its sister course and has plenty of danger to miss. Only two holes have water in play but there are forced carries on a majority of the holes. Golf Carts have a premium GPS with a cooler and club cleaner. We ate breakfast at the café and the food was great and reasonably priced. We also made donations to the Casino as is tradition with this group. I highly recommend playing here before the rates shoot back up.
Played in the 3 day member guest over the weekend. It had been a while since I played here last and the conditions have improved a bit in the last year. Fairways had great coverage and were mostly green with a very small handful of brown spots but provided a good cushion to hit from. Rough was cut rather short and was a mixed bag of grasses in locations but wasn't overly penal. Sand traps were just ok but could use a little more sand for the greenside traps. Greens were the highlight running at a 12 speed and just soft enough to receive most well hit shots but didn't allow for a ton of spin or check. The greens here are the toughest part of the course and you really need to be below the hole in order to score. The only bad part of the course was the tee boxes, for the tournament they had everyone play the golds but they didnt move the boxes after each day. The par threes were torn up. Also 2 or three of the par 4's had unlevel boxes but not too bad where it really affected your tee shot its just something they need to change next time. Golf carts are basic with a usb plug and a cooler but no GPS as most members walk the course during regular rounds.

The tournament staff handled the 120 golfers very efficiently and I must say the Executive Chef for the club made some tasty meals especially the brisket sandwiches at the turn on day 2. Fun event to play in and the post round festivities were a cherry on top. I would recommend playing here given the opportunity.
Played Redbud on 7/2 with my brother. 9am tee time with temps in the 90's and a nice breeze. Course clubhouse is under construction so everything is being run out of mobile unit until they finish the renovations. Nice size driving range and practice facilities. Starter was very friendly getting us out right on time.

The Redbud course was just redone in the last year and they charge a little more for the course. I can see why they do by just looking at the conditions. Fairways were in great shape with full coverage and no bare spots to be found. They were however over watered in a few locations and did not provide a lot of roll out. Rough was cut short but the type of grass was not a real thick type and ball usually sat down. Just outside 10 feet of fairway there was a lot of fescue grass where you would never find your ball and there were multiple snakes seen this day. Greens were firm and rolled medium speed but seemed to be slower than usual going up hill. We could not get any spin/check this day but there is plenty of room to allow for roll out.

The course layout is mostly out in the open and links style but 4 holes do go into the trees to provide some heat relief. These holes also provided a little better scenic value in my opinion. The Scissortail course has more trees on it and I will be playing that course next time I visit my brother. Carts have a nice GPS and the cart lady was around a few times. The brisket breakfast tacos were by far the best thing I have ate at a golf course in a long time. For the price this is a fun course however I think there are better options to play if coming from dallas.
My Mom just moved into this community and I decided to take advantage of the resident rate. They have a deal for $50 you get 18 holes and 2 sleeves of prov1 or Chrome Softs. Essentially paying $25 for the round if you take the cost of golf balls out. They now have 27 holes but only run 18 per day and rotate the 9's every day. Course was in fantastic shape over all especially for the 100° heat the last 2 weeks. Tee's level and 4 options to choose from. Fairways are wide and in great shape. They did have a few areas of GUR but none of them can in to play for us. Rough was cut short but the ball still sat down in the grass. Sand was fine although a bit wet from the midday watering. Greens were soft enough to stop most shots but didn't make large divots. They ran at medium speed and to me seemed easy to read.

Although we didn't finish the round due to a severe thunderstorm I am glad I made it out to play as the course was a lot of fun to play. I would recommend if in the Denton Area.
Found a deal time for $83 the morning of which was much better than the $118 price it was the day before. I had played here once before and remember that is was a fun layout similar to Rio Secco so I was happy to find a deal. Check in was decent but what you need to know is the range is far away and they have a shuttle to take you back and fourth. When going to get your cart they have always had problems not having enough carts. We didn't get in our carts until 3 minuets before the tee time and they were very strict about only having two carts per group. We had a player than needed to leave early and they had a cart with only one working bag strap and they still would let us take a third cart.

For some reason they had us start on the par 3 7th (near clubhouse) which is followed by a short par 5. They said it makes POP faster but the fact there was 3 groups on each tee and the fact we waited on every shot the entire day for a 5.5hr Pace starting on 7 did nothing. No Marshall to be found and nobody in the shop seemed to care their goal was to pack as many players as they can on the course and the succeeded. Teeing off at 1:20 I didn't think we were gonna have to worry about the sunset but I was wrong.

Aside form the poor management the course itself was in fantastic shape overall. The fairways were lush and provided a real nice cushion for your ball. Rough was super lush and very penal, I almost missed the ball with my 4 iron as the rough just grabs your club and you are at mercy for the rough. Around the greens the ball seemed more likely to sit up but it was still 4-5 inches. The greens were in good shape, a little firm but rolled smooth and at a medium-quick pace. A lot of play and inconsiderate golfer had some divot issues but still nothing too serious.

Overall the conditions and layout make this course a must play but with the 5+ hour rounds its hard to consider this place at the top of the list unless you get a coveted morning tee time. Also to note that even though summer is here they have kept the prices high this year and per Rob1563 it looks like they wont be dropping them at all for the arroyo card holders. Expect 80-120 fees throughout the summer. Hopefully you can snag a deal time like I did as its a fun course.
Found a deal for $52 for Friday which was much better than all other deals for Las Vegas on this particular day. Tee Time was 12:45 and I went out as a solo passing a few groups here and there finishing in a little under 3 hr 45min. It was very windy this day but luckily the fairways here are quite large so no real issue keeping the ball in play.

Conditions were better than expected as all the grass has come out of dormancy and the greens 99% recovered from punching. Tee boxes were level and had coverage the only issues were on the par 3's where they could use a tee placement change. Fairways lush and cut tight allowing a lot of roll out add this to the shorter than normal rough and you have to be careful of running into the desert scape. Sand traps were in ok shape some of the traps on the course (there are a lot of them) Need a overall as the lining is coming up on the edges. Greens were running medium fast and held most shots. Getting spin however was a little on the tougher side. 2-3 of the greens still showed some signs of the aeration that was 3 weeks ago but they rolled true.

This is a fantastic Jack Nicklaus course and you should definitely add it to your trips to vegas.
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