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Ok so let me start by saying we played the day before overseeding. I was aware that the canyon course was closed already but wasnt completely sure if the palmer course was done yet. We arrived and noticed that the greens were a bit brown so it was apparent that they were prepped. The lady in the he pro shop had to be the nicest person ever. She saw that we had the full rack rate ($75) and said if we had cash she would charge us the member afternoon rate of $37. Luckily the casino had been great to us so we opted for that. She also said that we could take off 20% for any clothing in the shop. She was just truly a nice person. Maybe she was also just trying to get extra money in before they closed the next day for 2 weeks but it was just her friendly attitude that made the whole process better. Other staff members were equally as friendly so I assume they love working for Oasis.

On to the course. It was a bit dried out which made sense for the overseeding that was about to happen, however the course was very playable. Good coverage for the fairways and rough which was a mix of green and tan grass but no dead spots. Tee boxes were fine and looked like they had been verticut recently. Sand traps need a little TLC as the top layer is about 1" of sand and hard pack below. Greens were very tricky, Extremely firm where out wedge shots would bounce 6+ inches in the air and provided no check. All shots needed to be played 10-20 feet short of the flag and even then there a plenty of false edges that could wreck your round. They were fast and smooth so putting just needed a few holes to get use to it.

They layout was spectacular all around. Good elevation changes and a nice stretch of 7 or 8 holes in the native canyons kind of like a poor mans wolf creek. The par 3's had good character with some over water and canyons ranging from 140-200 yards. Carts were very basic no GPS but did the job. I really enjoyed the layout and would love to play here again soon and would recommend you do too if in the area.
Ventured out to Angle Park- Palm Course for Rob1563's retirement extravaganza last Friday. We had a tee times starting at 12:30 and went out right on time. Course has recently reopened from Overseed and was 90° rule for the first time Friday therefore the course looked spectacular. Staff was super friendly all around starting with the lady's in the bar to the pro shop and starter. Just friendly people overall. Practice area is decent with a large putting green, putting course, and range. Carts are nice with GPS, Bluetooth music, and usb charging.

Course conditions were very nice as expected after overseeding. Fairways lush and cut to the perfect length, rough was 2-3 inches and generally easy to hit from. Sand traps had nice light brown sand as was easy to get out of. Greens were very nice to putt on, medium speed and receptive there were a few ball marks as we did play later in the day but nothing major. A few tee boxes need to be leveled and after talking to Marketing and Social Media Manager Jed they are going to work on those few boxes soon.

Palm in my opinion is much easier than mountain but still has a lot of teeth to it. A few well placed bunkers and par 3's over water make it a very fun layout. I would put this course in any rotation for must play Vegas golf when visiting.
First time to Soule Park for the GK SCGC event last weekend. I had some high expectations for this course as their Social Media team does a great job promoting plus a lot of GK'ers rave about the course.

I would say the course met or exceeded my expectations on every level. Started by checking in with the pro shop to grab a few range balls. Its a pretty small range with decent mats and a good amount of target to hit at. I had about 30 minuets before the shotgun and went inside the restaurant for a Breakfast burrito. I was a little disappointed in it especially for $11 they did have a full breakfast menu so maybe next time. Rolled a few on the putting green which was identical to what we found on the course so that was a plus. Carts were lined up but didn't have names on them so it was a bit confusing. The carts were basic with a usb charging port and the cushions were crushed so you felt every bump on the course. They will need to be replaced soon. This course is easily walkable though.

As for the conditions it was very visually pleasing from tee to green. Tee boxes were mostly good but a few were a little un level and had some divot issues. That would be my only complaint for conditions. Fairways were cut short and provided great roll and surprisingly a great cushion under the ball to play from. Rough was medium in length and wasn't too difficult to get out of but be careful driving you cart through it as there is a lot of bumps that you might not see. Greenside Sand traps had plentiful soft brown sand and was easy to play from. Greens are by far the highlight of the course. Smooth and quick but also receptive of most shots. There are some real subtle breaks on the greens that make it hard to read and down hill puts you need to be very careful.

I really enjoyed playing here and if it wasn't a 2hr drive (3 on the way back) from OC I would play here often. Ojai Valley Inn is right next door but Soule park is in just as good if not better shape for half the price. The only difference between the 2 in OVI has some more elevation changes. I highly recommend playing here.
Must have just missed SD3BS as we had the 10am tee time yesterday. The 945 was a group of 3 guys who looked like they had never played before but they dropped balls next to the one who hit the fairway. They let us pass on 2 and we never saw them again. We didn't catch anyone until hole 14 but still finished in about 4 hours.

I would have to agree with Scotts review the fairways were just perfect today. Great roll and ample cushion to hit off of. Greens were spectacular as well smooth medium fast and receptive. There were some fun pin locations yesterday which was a nice change as most of the time they just leave the flags in the middle of the greens. Holes 3 and 5 was up on the back shelfs for the first time I have ever seen them. Adds a little difficulty on what in my opinion is a very scoreable course. Rough was mostly uniform with a few areas a little longer causing some issues, mainly on the par 3's.

We saw the cart girl twice and a ranger with a cooler full of water a few times. Practice facility is great except the range is off mats, the chipping area was a little wet from watering but still nice to practice. The putting green matched the speeds of the course so that is always nice as well. Premium Carts with GPS and Bluetooth speakers are super comfortable to ride in. The Gold players card (2nd tier) rate is $100 and that is an absolute steal for this course. With the condition the way they are right now even the rack rate of $200 on the weekend is worth the money. Highly Suggest.
Out Yesterday for a Member Guest Smoker with the boss and some coworkers. Conditions have only gotten better in the last month since I last played here. A few of the fairways on the front nine were perfect carpet and just amazing to play from. Back nine is a lit more open to the sun but still very nice. Rough was a bit longer and penal, I had a few shots that affected by this. Greens were much faster but firm. All shots needed to be played 5 yards short of the flag as the approaches would bounce on the first hit. You did not want to have a down or side hill lie yesterday as it was very easy to blow your putt past the hole. Sand traps have mostly all been redone in the last month and the green side sand traps are almost too soft! Fun to play from but man you needed to blast your shots out to get them on the green.

Overall still a fun course and recommend if you can get on.
Joined the GK crew last Friday out at Sandpiper. Picture perfect day Sunny, 71°, 10-15mph winds and top notch conditions. We were first group out and never caught up to the groups in front and finish our round in 4hr 15min.

This is the 3rd time I have been to sandpiper and I must say the course was in the best shape I have seen it. The rain definitely helped the grounds crew this year as all of the grass was just perfect. Fairways were cut short and provided great roll as well as still having great cushion to hit from. Rough was a bit penal being around 3+ inches and usually required an extra club. Fescue/Straw grass was very long but they must flatten it every few days as most of it is laid down. Very difficult to play from and you better have strong wrists. Sand traps were lacking good sand but not the worst. Greens were vicious on Friday, Firm and fast and if you were above or side of hole good luck. I really like fast greens so I was happy to putt on these greens.

Sandpiper is a very scenic course with ocean views on every hole as well as the par 3 11 playing down to the beach. If you are a golf photographer this place is like Disneyland for pictures. Staff was rather friendly and the grill was decent although a tad on the pricey side.
Played the front nine yesterday with my Boss in a US Open 2 man Scramble. Cloudy and breezy conditions which is not out of the normal as the course is only a mile or two from the ocean. Course conditions were pretty good overall for the course. Tee boxes needed to be moved on the par 3's but it was late in the day so that may have been the issue. Fairways were lush and mostly green but did have some brown tint to the visuals. They were great to play from however just a great cushion and good lies. Rough was cut down to about 1-2 inches but was still sticky to play from. Sand traps looked good but being in a scramble we did not play from the sand. Greens were a tad firm and medium speed and perfectly smooth. I do wish they were a tad bit faster but they were still great to play from.
Played on 6/2 with Rob153, John_A, and their buddy Paul. We got the local prepaid rate of $60 for a 7:15am Tee Time. The course wasn't busy at all and we skipped a group of amateur's on hole 3 and was pretty much smooth sailing never waiting much for a POP of 4:15.

We had booked this round prior to the last review but were not to worried about the greens. Well it turned out the greens were great. There was a small visual of punching weeks ago but nothing the would do anything to the putts. Fairways were lush and great to play from however one thing to note there is not a ton of flat lies on this difficult Jack course. Rough was pretty thick in some areas and had mostly good coverage unless way off line. Tee boxes were flat, cut, and perfect. One downside for this course and seems to be a very common theme over the years is the edges of the sand traps. Liner is exposed on more than a few traps but there was sand at the bottom which was easy to play from. The rough around the traps was by far the most penal on the course.

I love this course and will always play here when given the chance but make sure to watch out for wind. Whatever the wind is in Vegas double it for coyote springs. Also the temperatures seems to be about 3-5 degrees cooler which is nice in the summer.
Jumped out for a quick round with my brother when visiting our mom who lives on property. Course is in the best shape I have seen it. Super lush from tee to green. A challenging layout and very tough pin locations yesterday. It made for a fun putting day especially when using a borrowed putter. I highly recommend playing out here before it gets too hot.
Finally got back out to Pechanga last weekend with Rudyclub and Fastfish433. Their tee time server has been down for 2 months and the only way to get a tee time is to call in. Well that has been nearly impossible on the weekends so I was happy to finally snag a 10:45 weekend time. Using my gold card we all go the $100 rate which is much better than the 180 rack. However due to the conditions I can see them justifying the high rack rate. I have not seen Pechanga this nice in a long while. Lush from tee to green with fairways cut a little on the short side but ample cushion for approach shots. Rough was thick in some areas but the ball seem to sit up most of the time I even had one shot where I cut under the ball as it was sitting up on the 3-4 inch rough. The greens were faster than I have every encountered there I dont have a stimp number but it took 2-3 holes to get use to the speeds. POP was good and we saw the cart girl multiple times. I just love this layout and with the gold card rate I would not hesitate to play here.

They did just punch the greens so maybe wait 3 weeks to head out.
Back out here 2 weeks after my last round and two weeks of over 100° heat and little has changed. They were running a promotion of $99 on Sunday which included the $25 food and beverage credit. IMO this is one of the best deals in Socal. Yes the $25 can be used on alcohol for you degens out there haha.

As for the conditions I did notice a few more brown spots around the property but rarely did they come into play. I did see 2 ground under repair sections on 2 of the fairways but they were small. The course is still very green and they were watering the course all morning. We had the first group out at 6:30 and found some spots a little too wet but with a tee off temp of 85° and a finishing temp of 108° they dried up fast.

Greens were a little more receptive this go around and I even made a few ball marks. They are still fast and have a lot more break than expected. I know I missed 3 good birdie opps because of the extra break.

Good practice facility and very large putting green to warm up. Starter and cart guys were very friendly and the cart with gps and Bluetooth are very nice. I hope they run this promotion again as its getting much harder to find a good deal under 120 for a nice course on the weekend now.
Awesome Round at Classic Club. Started with a nice breakfast burrito and very warm temps (103°) Light winds which is much better than the last time we played there. Course is phenomenal shape right now from tee to green.

Tee's- level and lush with multiple tees to choose from

Fairway- Super lush and cut short hardly a bad lie to be found anywhere on property.

Rough- Lush and not overly penal. I had a good driver day and didnt find a ton of the rough. It was easy to play from when in it.

Sand- Sand was mostly decent I did have one trap that was firm and wet. I found a lot of sand this day and other than that one it was all nice to play from.

Green- Firm and Fast just the way I like them!

Overall this course is just fantastic and is always on my list to play when in the desert. Carts are nice with GPS and beverage cart was around often.
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