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Played 1/31, tee off @ 10:20 and finished at 2:35, so very solid POP. First time playing here and conditions were good but a little damp from the recent storm. Most important thing to highlight: greens are HARD. Very firm, cut thin, and huge drop offs. Trying to spin your pitches and stop was a wasted effort as they roll past the flag. Also plan on approach shots rolling up as opposed to checking up. Best to bump and run or land in front and roll to the flag here. Otherwise, a really nice layout where shorter holes reward accuracy and longer provide room to work. Definitely would like to play again.
Played today and conditions were really good to great. Can’t believe they are about to punch the greens because they were rolling perfectly. Fairways I was in (which was not many unfortunately) were well covered and ran well. Rough had some bare and muddy spots due to heat but nothing you couldn’t take appropriate relief from. Recommend getting out as it’s always a fun time.
Tijeras is perhaps my favorite layout in Orange County. Sadly, playing today the conditions are really quite poor. Heavy use and recent heat have turned made conditions like a low level muni despite the $100+ green fees. The course needs to close for two weeks and get back to normal.

Fairways were dried out with tons of bare spots. Several greens had such bad ball marks around the pins that it looked like the surface of the moon. I know the old "play it as it lies" mantra but I repeatedly had to move my ball out of divots or just straight-up dirt and onto crab grass. Overall had fun playing with a co-worker and paireed with a couple seniors who were very nice.

Overall, I'd recommend waiting until some maintenance is done here before playing again.
Walked-on for a Sunday 8/30 @ 10:25 tee time as a single, grouped in with pleasant threesome (father / son / family friend). Finished in just under 4 hours and barely had to wait. Beer-bug spacing has made muni golf an absolute steal. Course conditions are pretty great other than some divot damage on par-3 tees. Coverage everywhere on fairways and rough, no bare spots or GUR. While you can, please get your time on these tracks now and save the cash for the nicer courses once this craziness ends.
It had been almost 12 years since I’d played Meadowlark. I usually avoid due to odd layout, poor pace of play, and typically underwhelming conditions. However, given the limited options for play due to the Covid 19 I thought I’d give it another chance. At the end of the round, knowing this is probably the last time I’ll be able to play before full lockdown, I’d say under this circumstance is about the only time I can recommend playing.

There is no discernible fairway and what was there was muddy. I saw a lot of water on this course - standing puddles everywhere. Tee shots have zero roll out. Greens are like mounds instead of clean putting surfaces. Tee boxes are massively uneven at times with huge slopes.

The layout is also undesirable- really short but also tight. A lot of ducking for your life because tee boxes and greens are so close together.

For $60 and only 2-3 other courses open, maybe consider playing given the lack of alternatives. But once this lunacy is over, I cannot recommend Meadowlark.
Course conditions were very good given we are in the middle of summer. Only a couple of thin lies due to dry areas and some areas a bit over soaked. Pace of play was excellent! Finished in just under 4 hours. Always enjoy this layout and scenery. Highly recommend heading out right now.
First time playing here in about a year and, based on other users comments, was expecting the same conditions I had previously experienced... but NO way. Let me say that the customer service was exemplary. But pace of play was awful at 5 hours 35 mins. Half of the greens had huge dead spots (10 ft wide or more) and nearly all were extremely bumpy. The 3 times I unfortunately spent in the bunker yielded mud more than sand. Most of the fairways and tee boxes were in decent shape but there were quite a few areas of crab grass and dry spots. Overall these conditions would be fine at a $50 muni but for a $100 track, I would expect better. I'm not sure what happened as this course was always fantastic in my previous experience but it has fallen off apparently.
Played on a 2-for-1, AND they are running a complimentary same day replay right now so be sure to ask when finishing 18. Conditions were ok, not spectacular if paying full rate, but solid. Pace of play was great, though, finishing 27 holes (on replay) with 20 min lunch break in just over 6 hours. I have always been torn about this course, but it does make for a fun round. I just wish they would lower the weekend rate to the $100-$110 range.
Play here quite often and the conditions are in fantastic shape. Not one item to complain about. Only thing to note is they have let the rough grow up quite a bit (some looks like it is US Open ready) so beware around the bunkers. As always, highly recommended and look online for the discounted tee times.
First time playing this course and wasn't all that impressed. There is really no rough, only fairway or OB/environmentally sensitive areas. The ground is very hard and fairway lies are EXTREMELY tight. Sand traps were hard and rocky. I was pretty neutral toward the layout as no hole was particularly memorable or visual appealing but none were objectionable either. I enjoyed the round but probably would not return at $94 for a weekend rate.
Course conditions are great except the fairways, which are incredibly dry and thin. I'm not sure if that is the result of the mini-heatwave recently but they are bad. Being in the fairway was actually worse than being in the rough as taking a solid divot was nearly impossible. My wrists were sore from trying to get through the fairways. Pace of play was FANTASTIC as my 3-some, taking our sweet time, finished in just over 4 hours and only had to wait for once shot. Always a great course to practice ball placement but they definitely need to overseed or water the fairways.
Greens are still in pretty poor shape from being punched. Only other complaint would be with how many divots were on the 16th tee box. Otherwise the course overall is in great shape!
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