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Played Sunday in the GK match play final. First time playing this course. I read the reviews of both courses so had high expectations. The service, layout, and conditions exceeded my high expectations.
I figured bag drop was closed, so parked, grabbed my bag, and walked to clubhouse. Half way there I was met by an attendant in golf cart - he took my bag, confirmed my time and group (nice he immediately knew I was with GK when I told him the tee time), directed me to the clubhouse/golf shop, and told me my clubs would be waiting on my cart. Nice service!
Encountered a few other course employees on my way to check in, was greeted by each one. They really made me feel welcome. Check in was easy, shop was well stocked, and was given a quick overview of layout and directions.
Range / Practice Area - large putting green, separate chipping area, and large, all grass range. I could spend a day just on the practice area.
Course - Wow - One of the best conditioned courses I've played. Tee boxes level, fairways were close to perfect, allowed for some roll and always a great lie. Rough was not too high, a little sticky, thicker in some spots, and was fair but made you think about the shot. Greens were firm and had a little more roll out than expected. Unless you had a high wedge, play short of your target and you'll get some roll.
I haven't played too many Palm Springs courses, but I think this is my favorite so far. Wide enough fairways, lots of bunkers and water that make you think about placement, and a nice mix of holes keep your interest throughout the round.
Hope I can play the other course next month. Highly recommend.
Played here Saturday 2/13 in our GK match. First time here. Gary had Under Par vouchers so he checked us all in, so can't comment on pro shop service. The snack bar service was very good - friendly service. Starter was friendly and kept things organized and moving well. On course marshals out monitoring and letting us know they were doing what they could to keep the on pace. We finished right around 4.5 hours.
My playing partners covered most everything in their reviews. Not an overly long course, and some room to miss (more so on the front 9 than back 9) - but definitely a course you want to play from the fairway. Greens were nice. Tee boxes and fairways in winter shape. I like the layout (would like it more if my game were in better shape) and this could be a great course with maintenance work. Good value for what we paid, and couldn't ask for a better group to play golf with. Was able to enjoy a beverage with the boys on the patio after the round which was nice to finally be able to do again.
Played with the rest of the Gurus on Sunday. Our group was lucky enough to use this round for a 3rd and final team match. Pace of play was around 4 hours, maybe a hair more. Pleasant surprise the pace moved this fast given the full parking lot when I arrived.
I had played here once before, many, many years ago. The two things I remember from back then - the canal that runs through the course and how crazy the wind can get. The canal is still there, but, fortunately, we didn't get much wind to speak of. Course is in great condition, green all around. Fairways were great, a little soft but excellent to hit from. Rough was green, short in most places although there were some spots that were pretty thick. Greens were firm, held most shots, and were on the slow/medium side.
Nice all grass range. Good size practice putting green. Excellent service from cart attendant, starters, and pro shop staff. Well run and keeping everything on time.
I really enjoyed this course - a little more forgiving that other courses I've played recently, which was great given the state of my current game. Playing with a group of GKers made it even better - always enjoy meeting new GK golfers. Even though we were playing a match - our group was laid back, gave each other the needle often (in a fun way), and overall had a great day. Highly recommend playing here.
Played Mountain Course on Sunday 9/27. 9:45 am tee time. Got out a few minutes late. Round took about 4 1/2 hours. Lots of waiting.
First time at this course. Enjoyed the layout. Conditions were pretty good for late summer. Tee boxes were mostly level. Fairways were great, green, a little soft, a few soggy parts, but overall very nice. Greens firm but held shots. A little on the slow side, consistent from green to green. A few collars were patchy/sandy, but didn't affect anyone in our group. Bunkers were better than expected, a few were firm but most had acceptable amount of fluffy sand. Cart service around several times. On course restrooms open. No water or ice on the course.
Looked like most groups had double rider carts - I played with my son so didn't ask about single rider option. Inside dining is open now - tables are sufficiently spaced apart. Masks required in shop and clubhouse.
Even though the pace was a little slow, had a great day and will play here again, although next time I'll make sure both Mountain and Dunes are open so we can play 36.
Played today, late afternoon round. Made tee time online, pay at course. Driving range open, mats today. Finished 17 in the dark - too late/dark to squeeze in 18. Course is busy but pace was really good.
Been a long time since I played here. Conditions are pretty good. Tee boxes are good, level, not too much divot damage other than par 3s which is expected. Fairways are very nice. Some wet spots, and some areas of the rough are brown, but not very high. Bunkers a mixed bag, some with lots of footprints and others with no issues. Greens were ok, lots of footprints and some unrepaired ball marks. Hard to complain playing so late in the day after all the traffic. They held shots well and rolled medium speed. Gotta be on the right tier with the flag or else good luck.
Only my 2nd round since Covid. My golf will be mostly limited to these types of late evening rounds, and hope to get back out here in the next week or two.
Played on Saturday, 5/16 at 10:40. Played with my son and a friend, and joined by a single. Finished in about 4:15, very little waiting. Pre-paid online, so easy check in outside the pro shop. Masks required in common areas. One person at a time in pro shop, food service, etc. Carts available when we teed off, one per cart unless family, so my son and I shared a cart.
This was my second time ever playing here, and conditions are fantastic. Clean tee boxes, great coverage in the fairway, and rough is thick in places but playable. Greens were soft, medium speed, sign said running 10 on stimp. Traps, of course, are a mixed bag. Seems a lot of people can't be bothered to smooth out their divots and footprints.
First round since January, so a little apprehensive about the the covid precautions and protocols. Wasn't as awkward as I expected. Didn't mind leaving the flag in except for the few times the wind was really up, but given the alternative I was just happy to be out playing.
Staff was very friendly, marshall around a few times. Saw the beverage cart twice.
All in all a great day. Happy to get my son out after 2 years of not playing, traffic from south OC to course was light, pace of play was great, and the course is in fantastic shape and a lot of fun. I'll be back soon - think I'll buy the Palm card to get better rates next time.
Played this morning with my friend who's a member of the men's group. Teed off around 7. We finished in under 4 hours, which is awesome for a Sunday morning. Not much waiting on the group in front and didn't feel pushed by the group behind.
Tee boxes were good, I thought fairways were better than expected given it's winter. A few thin lies but for the most part fairways were good. All but one of the traps I was in were nice soft sand and easy to escape if you put a decent swing on the ball. Unfortunately 18 greenside trap was thin and I found the rock hard bottom and sending my ball well over the green. Greens were firm and most shots hit and bounced a bit. Not many 2 hop and stops today. They were fairly quick and rolled well.
Course is in pretty good winter shape. Good breakfast burrito after the round in the grill. Fair prices. Great way to start out Super Bowl Sunday. Hope to play more frequently with this group in the coming months.
Played Friday 12/27 with a 12:08 tee time. Got out around 12:15. Our twosome was paired with a father and son twosome -really great guys that were a lot of fun to play with. Played the white tees knowing the course was going to play long due to all the rain.
We thought the course was in pretty good shape considering all the cold and wet weather. Tee boxes were good (a few of the par 3s were a bit chewed up), fairways were a little thin but had complete coverage. Rough was thick in some spots, and pretty wet. Made escape challenging, as it should be. Sand traps were in good shape considering all the rain.
Won't complain about pace. We knew it was cart path only and it was crowded, so expected a long round. We got it. We could have finished 18 in the dark, but called it a round after 17.
We thought the course was in better shape than expected. They didn't know when they were going to lift CPO rule, so as long as you know going in it will be a long round, I recommend. Hope to get out here more, and more golf overall in 2020.
Got out of work a little early so was able to play a late afternoon round today and got 11 holes in. Could have squeezed in one or two more before dark, but 13 tee box was stacked up so called it a night. Pace was about 2:20 to finish 11 holes which for here is pretty good considering how many players were on the course.
Sad to say that the course is a bit beat up right now. Prior review was spot on - fairways a bit shaggy, a few bare spots in fairways, many more bare spots in rough and throughout the course. Greens slow, lots and lots of ball marks, a few bare/worn areas on green collars. A few sections of new sod have been laid. Not sure why seemingly no one that plays here fixes ball marks. The 2 bunkers I was in were fine.
I think they do a big maintenance in October - hope that gets this course back in top shape - this is a great layout and so much fun to play when conditions are good.
Played in the first group in the Sunday outing. It's been a long time since I've played Oak Creek (last time I played the nines were reversed) and yesterday the course was as good as I've seen it. And I saw a lot of it LOL. My terrible play not withstanding, I had a great time with our group - super fun and easy going guys.
Greens were fantastic - liked that every green was about the same speed. Was in one bunker, sand very soft and fluffy. Fairways were great. It's not an overly long course, but you really do have to think your way around some holes. Lots of options off the tee on some of the shorter par 4s. Approach shots to the correct level of the green/pin is key here.
Staff was very friendly and helpful.
With the changes being made and the deals Johnny has been able to provide, I expect this course to be on my short list of options on the limited occasions I get to play these days.
Want to thank my partners for a fun day, and Johnny - I really appreciate the invite and all the work you do to make this great game even better.
Played Friday super twilight round teeing off around 4:40. Paired with another single. Not much to add from the previous reviews. Fairways are tight and ball runs out - choose your clubs accordingly. Greens were ok - a bit bumpy and lots of spike marks. Tough to rate them that late in the day after all the play. Was able to get in 16 holes, playing 1-7 then going back to #1 and completing all 9.
Check in was easy and everyone at course was very nice. I've played here a few times now and I like it more each time.
Played Friday, 5/17 as a foursome. Teed off around 10 and finished in just under 4.5 hours. Course is in very nice shape. Greens were a bit slower than normal (per my playing partners), but pretty consistent from green to green. Good coverage in fairways. The few bunkers I was in were well maintained. The rough in some spots was pretty thick, other spots not so much. Some holes are pretty tight, and course knowledge certainly helps here. Not overly long, but several tee shots make you think. Staff was fantastic. Highly recommend.
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