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This was round two today. I played Paiute Snow course in the morning in much different weather conditions. So when I arrived for my afternoon tee time it was a joy to see the southend of the valley was warm and calm winds.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with fellow GKer’s JohnnyGK, Rob1563, and Kevbig. What a great group of guys. It wouldn’t have mattered what the condition of the course was in or how I played in determining my enjoyment level, because these guys were so much fun.

That being said, I was fortunate enough to also have great course conditions and had my best putting day EVER. Read JohnnyGK’s review of this round for details. I will stick to reviewing the course, which was phenominal!

Started off by having a classic dog in the reasturant with house chips. It was very good. The staff was excellent from bag drop to beverage cart. These people are very happy with their jobs and are intent on making your day a great experience based on my interaction with them.

The course was in excellent condition, I have no negative comments to share. Everything was in the kind of condition that you would expect from a course of this caliber entering into high season for Vegas golf.

Tee boxes-Great!

Fairways were lush and beautiful.

Rough was about an inch or so in length and were lush with no bare spots.

The bunkers seemed to have ball magnets in them but they were fair. A little firm for my liking but consistant.

The greens were excellent. This part of my review is slightly biased as I had that rare privledge of marking my ball and having the line visually present itself to me. I had the best putting day of my 50 years of golf. The conditions of the greens were just magical. JohnnyGK is a little more knowledgeable about this then I am, (So read his review) but there was a top dressing of something that made the greens smooth and roll so true. 10 one putts, with at least 5 of 30’ plus. It was an out of body experience.

The beverage cart came by about every 2-3 holes until she called it a day after hole 11. She was very pleasant as well.

This was a great day, on a wonderful course, with fantastic company. But since the review is focused on the course, I will end with this. Reflection Bay is a top notch golf experience and it is obvious that the management is focused on your golf experience being exceptional. If you havent been out here in since January 2018, you will find that the nines have been flipped. It is a great layout and a wonderful test of your game, while being fair and enjoyable.

I highly recommend Reflection Bay Golf Club.
We played an early morning round on the snow course. The forcast was for mid 50’s with winds nearing 20 MPH. It was brisk with a cold wind chill. The winds were still high from the day before but were supposed to calm down as the day went on. Wind at this resort is not uncommon.

We teed off right at 8am and found the course to be in premium high season condition. Looking out over the property from the beautiful clubhouse all you could see was pristine green fairways and greens. Immaculate is the term that comes to mind, looking as if not a blade of grass or grain of sand was out of place.

The staff was very friendly and helpful. From the bag drop attendants to the proshop to the starter, all were friendly and professional.

The tee boxes were lush and reminded me of the boxes you see on television on the weekends. The couse out in front of us was so beautiful that you had that giddy feeling of playing a top flight track. Very level, no divot damage.

The fairways were lush and absolutely no bare spots anywhere.

The rough was about 1 and a half inches tall, and not much of a penalty. They were perfect for keeping your ball from rolling into the desert. Very playable.

The bunkers were excellent with plenty of soft sand.

The greens were very fast and firm. Although they would hold your approach shots, they were showing the effects of the high winds. The greens are big but for the most part fairly level with subtle breaks.

The beverage cart was out and around often.

Another great day on a great course. This was my morning round on the very farthest north Las Vegas course, and I had an afternoon meetup with JohnnyGK at reflection bay on the very southeast end of the Las Vegas valley. So I was nervous about pace of play and being able to make it to my afternoon round. I was pleased that we were able to finish in 3 hours and 40 minutes. Plenty of time for me to make my 45 minute drive and still grab some lunch.

This course is top notch Las Vegas desert golf. There are 3 courses here at this resort and the snow course is my favorite of the 3. But from an eyeball test, they all looked like they were in pristine condition. As far as public courses go, this is as good as it gets in Las Vegas. In my opinion the best local courses.
I played Coyote Springs on Wednesday the 13th of March. We were the second group out at 8:20am because the wind was extream. Winds were 25-35mph gusting to 45 and there were few who dared to brave them.

The staff here is amazing. We are always greeted by a smiling face in the parking lot and the pro shop. Usually the starter is Tony at hole number one and his humor is unmatched.

My group and I are clark county residents and owners of the coyote club card. This is a great deal with local rates and allows us to bring out of town guests at our rate four times a year. This is smart marketing as it entices us to make the drive to the remote location.

The course despite the wind was in great shape from tee to green. This is desert golf with wide fairways and receptive greens. The desert is not so thick that you can’t find your wayward drives. As we are entering the spring high season he in southern NV, the course is ready.

The practice green adjacent to the first hole is large and consistant with the greens on the course. The greens were rolling fast and with the wind condition the greens were firm and dificult to keep your ball from rolling away from you after being marked.

The tee boxes were well maintained and beautiful. They were level with little divot damage.

The rough was cut short and hard to distinguish from the fairway. Little or no impact for missing the fairway, unless you went into the desert. The fairways were fantastic and very healthy and lush. A pleasure to hit from.

As I mentioned before the greens were firm and fast. The greens here are big and have a lot of undulation. We had many three plus putts because of the wind as you had to factor the effect of the wind on your putt. But the condition of the greens were excellent. Little to no divot damage and even though the wind was taking its toll on them, they would still hold a approach shot.

The bunkers here are like many in the SW USA, sunbaked, and difficult. But the amount of sand was sufficient so they were not hard pan, that you find on many courses. You could get your club under the ball and the sand was of very good quality. They were well maintained as well.

The beverage cart was out and came around often. It was a hot chocolate kind of day and it did not disappoint. The temps were about 55, but the windchill was around 35-40.

I really love this course and that is the reason we decided to play in the extream conditions. If you are in doubt about making the drive out to this remote location, take me word for it, you will not be disappointed. They will do a full course aeration on May 8th-9th and then they enter their summer rates and it is a true bargin to play an excellent course.
Played TPC Las Vegas today 1/4/19.

Was greated in the parking lot by freindly attendants and they set my bag up on my cart as they directed me into the pro shop. We had a 9:50 tee time and were on the tee box at 9:45 ready to go. The practice facilities here are very nice with a great driving range, large putting green, and a chipping area with a bunker. One bag of practice balls was included.

The tee boxes were in great shape, level and sodded well.

The fairways were in excellent shape, green and lush. Diviots were well maintained and attended to.

The rough was short about an inch and a half. It was not much of a issue to get out of. But overall healthy and well maintained.

The greens were amazing. I love the greens here, they roll so true and are consistant throughout the course. They were on the quick side but not to fast.

The bunkers are plentiful here, but are amazing. The sand is consistant throughout the course. Many Vegas courses have bunkers that get baked out by the sun and are hard and firm. Not here they keep the sand full and soft. I was in them more then I should have been but it was not discouraging.

The staff was friendly and helpful.

It was a great day and the course was fantastic. I recommend a visit when in town.
I played Reflection Bay 1/3/19. We had a hard freeze in Vegas overnight so there was a frost issue, and although we were on time with our 10:10am tee time, we went off the back nine because the greens there were more exposed to the sun.

I hadn’t played here in just under a year and I was very impressed with the condition of the course. All aspects of the resort course were in top notch shape. The maintenance staff has done a great job with the fairways (9), lush and green. The greens (9) with very minimal pitchmark damage. Tee boxes (9) were level and well maintained.

The only aspect that could have been better was beyond the control of the staff. The greens were hard from the cold temps. and did not hold shots well.

I really appreciate the way the staff makes you feel special and they are very friendly and accomodating.

I highly recommend a visit to this great establishment.
I grabbed a great deal on for 10:06 11/12/2018. The weather was not ideal, around 50 degrees and wind howling at 30MPH plus. Because of the wind the greens were dry and firm. The course was in typical fall high season prime shape. Everything about the course was fantastic and in great shape. The staff was, as always for me, friendly and helpful. The wind was out of the north so 3 of the 4 par 5’s were downwind and easily reachable in two. We played the Desert Hawk/Coyote Run combination. Aside from the wind and cold temps, this was an exceptional day of golf. I highly recommend this course.
We played Chimera Golf Club on Monday June 4th at 11:20am. The winds were up and the temp was hovering around 100 degrees. There was a lot of play in front of us and the pace was about 5 hours. This is a good course that I enjoy frequenting. But I must say they seem to have gotten behind on the heat wave as many of the fairways had burnt out dry spots. The. Tee boxes were a little beat up as well. This is not typical and I expect they will get a handle on it soon. With the spring winds and heat it appears that they are missing water on some spots. The greens were in great shape and I shot really well so I shouldn’t complain.
We played Rio Secco Golf Club this morning June 11th at 7:30am. The weather was mid 90’s at the start and well into the 100’s upon completion. The pace of play is usually about 4 hours in the mornings here, but we were behind a rather slow group on the front 9. The Marshall asked them to let us through at the turn. We finished in 4.5 hours. The condition of the course was fantastic. They had just punched the greens 7 days prior and even though you could see the tine marks, the greens were rolling true and a little quicker then earlier in the season. The greens were soft as well from the aeration. The fairways, rough, sand traps, and tee boxes were all in great shape. It has been hotter then typical the last 30 days and the superintendent is on top of it. I love this course. Summer rates have been put in place as of June 1 and this is a must play while in Las Vegas and it is a great value in this off season.
Played in the GKGuru event at Rio Secco today. It was fantastic. Another great GKGuru event hosted by Rio Secco. This course was in excellent shape and the views were stunning. We teed off at 7:30am and it felt like we had the course to ourselves as the twosome in front of us was out of sight immediately. The winds were non existent at the start of the round and the temps were ideal in the mid 80’s.

The tee boxes were manicured boxes and had little or no divot damage. They were just beautiful. The fairways were the same, lush and extremely well manicured. The rough was minimal and not of any consequence. The greens are still new from the remodel last summer and are rolling slower then they look, but are in amazing shape, even with the heat and wind we have had lately. The beverage girl came around multiple times and the prices were a little above average. The green side bunkers were full of fresh fluffy sand but were very wet from the morning sprinklers. The fairway bunkers were hard packed. This was a great event on a great course. I will definitely come back over and over.
I was able to participate in the Boulder City golf day at Cascata today 5-14-2018. I was amazing. Breakfast before the round and lunch after. This course is high end and everything about it shows why.

I have played here twice both during GK Guru events that were just before the end of summer over seeding and while it was awesome then, this time in the prime season was over the top.

Starting bright and early we arrived at the course at 7:15 am and were greeted at the bag drop by an attendant that was very responsive and made sure to get our bags tagged with our names and on to our cart. Normally this would be a valet car drop, but the field was so big today that we self parked in the lower parking lot and were shuttled back to the club house.

We then checked in and were seated for a nice hot breakfast. Breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches, potatoes, fresh cut fruit and juice or coffee. Delicious!

After breakfast we went to the range and short game area. The greens were aerated 5 days before and you could see the punch marks, but the greens still were running at 10 and were true. There was no evidence of residual sand and the greens were healing nicely.

At 8:30 we teed off in a shotgun format starting on hole 15 a short par 3.

This course was in immaculate shape all around. The tee boxes were perfectly manicured and level. There was slight evidence of divot repair but nothing you wouldn’t expect. Everywhere else that wasn’t marked as a teeing ground on the tee box was pristine.

The fairways were like carpet. Always a nice lie and no unrepaired divots anywhere. They stay on top of any divots everywhere on this course. You are required to have a forecaddie in each group that rides along on back of one of the carts. He is there to fill every divot, and repair every pitch mark on greens as well as rake all bunkers. They are also very good at giving yardage’s adjusted for elevation and wind. It was a great experience and well worth the tip.

As I mentioned the greens had no visible pitch mark damage and even thou recently punched, it was the small tines, they were healing great and were of no consequence to the true roll and speed throughout the course.

The bunkers were many and they were somewhat inconsistent. Some were fluffy and some were harder then others, but you could immediately tell when walking into them what to expect. When I say harder, I mean harder then the fluffy ones, not hard like most Vegas bunkers. You could always get your club into the sand and under the ball.

The rough was cut fairly short and was not much of a factor when you were in it.

The beverage car came around 4 times during our round and there were many coolers on the course with cold bottled water in them.

After our round we were treated to a nice lunch, with either chicken breast, fish, or hot dog-hamburgers. Nice potatoe salad and more fresh fruit. This was a high class outing and it was a fraction of the normal cost. I won’t say how much it cost, but I checked online tee times for the next day and they were going for $495. Our outing was about 25% of that. Meals and caddie included!

This was a fantastic day and a great way for the course to give back to the local community.

The staff was exceptional and were beyond friendly. This day was as close as you can come to a 10!
I played Boulder Creek golf course on Monday April 9th. There are 3 9 hole tracks at this facility, we played Coyote run/Elderado combination We played the blue tees at just over 6500 yards with a rating and slope of 71.7/136.

The pro shop staff were very pleasant as well as the cart crew. The starter was neither pleasant or grumpy. Might have been thinking about the afternoon round he was about to embark on.

We purchased our tee time on TEEOFF.COM. It was a good discount rate. The wind was blowing and it was going to affect our scores.

The tee boxes were level but worn. You were able to get a good area to tee up in but there was a lot of divot damage. No impact to the game, just looked unappealing.

The fairways were in very good shape, lush and full. I didn't notice any bare spots or divot damage anywhere.

The greens were in great shape, a little on the slow side but very true and consistent.

The bunkers are well maintained and have plenty of sand. This is something to be desired in the Las Vegas area. Often the sun baked bunkers are terrible. Not here, plenty of soft sand.

The rough is short and lush. Not really a penalty if you miss the fairway in the rough.

I enjoyed my round here and we played in under 4 hours.
I played Red Rock Arroyo Friday morning April 13th. It was a cooler morning with forecast winds nearing 20 MPH. The staff meet us in the parking lot to gather our clubs with a smiling face and a warm greeting. The Pro shop staff was as equally pleasant. The driving range was closed for maintenance.

We made our way to the first tee and selected the Blue tees with a yardage of 5904 and a rating/slope of 67.9/126. The next tees back are close to 6500 yards and a little long for our group.

The tee boxes were well maintained and level with a little divot damage but nothing more then would be expected. The fairways were lush and full and well manicured. Nowhere on the course did I find even one bare spot. It was in typical spring (High season) condition.

The greens where just as well maintained. They were rolling true and the speed was consistent. I would not say they were slow, but for sure were not fast. Divot damage was very minimal. Great shape all around.

The bunkers were firm, like many bunkers in the Las Vegas area. There was enough sand in them to get under the ball, which is not always the case in Vegas. The sand is more of a course sand with a firm base.

I had a great day at this course, it is one of my go to places as a local and I really enjoy the member type feel of facilities. We finished in just over 4 hours, but the pace was enjoyable with very little wait on shots. One of the great things about this course is that I can buy a players pass annually and get preferred rates for myself and my guest, even if they are out of state. A real perk as most places charge out of state guests a steep fee. The free rounds that come with the pass make it a no brainer.

I highly recommend Red Rock Arroyo golf course.
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