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I played my last round of golf for the year here. This is my 1st time here. The course is a Resort course, so the layout seems very playable. I did enjoy my round. Winter conditions in effect. Course did drain well, because the previous day, there was a big storm that past through. Rating the course conditions, the tee boxes had a lot of "Resort" hack divots. They where a bit unlevel on a few holes. The fairway was in really good condition, hence the rain that just past through, actually firm with good roll out. Rough was kept short and playable. Most bunkers where okay. A few bunkers had large puddles of water, so free drop, yes!!
The greens rolled really nice and true, and a bit fast. I liked them overall. It's a recommended track.
I'm on vacation over here in Maui, and I'm putting in a round of golf everyday. Well, I made here today, on Terrific Thursday, which is there golf rate special... $45/cart, morning tee time.
This course is in very good shape. It is a older style track, with narrow fairways and and tee lined with pine trees ?? ????.The tee boxes are firm, flat and level. No hacker divots. The fairway is firm and fast, with a lot of roll. If you get into the rough, your ball will loose energy and stop it's roll or bounce. It helped me a lot, on some pulled drives. The course has a lot of rolling terrain throughout. Some up hill, some down hill. On several holes, you will need to go up a club or two, to reach many elevated and small greens. The greens are small and firm, and may roll off the greens, into rough or protective bunkers. I'm not going to mention much on bunkers. I know the rating asks, and this will bring down any fair course review.
Overall, this is a Must Play, if you are going to Maui.
Came to Maui for vacation. Maui has a very strict covid-19 mask requirements around the clubhouse. Just like in California. Mask optional while playing. Played here this morning. I signed up for their Membership player's card, for $129, any additional golf is $39/round. Non resident rate is $99. I plan on playing at least 4-5 rounds, which equates about $57. Not bad for Hawaii golf rate. Well the course is in really good condition. The tee box is level and firm. The fairways are cut tight and firm. If you get to the outter edge off the rough (I did). It can get a bit patchy with dry dirt spots, but over all well watered. The rough is cut at a very playable level, about 1"-1 1/2". Bunkers like most courses are crap, hard and nearly unplayable. The greens are bermuda. If you've never putted on this be warned. It is very different than bentgrass. Speed was my challenge on the greens. Since I'm playing again this week. I know now. Be ready for very windy conditions, which is crucial in club selection on approach shots . The course is fun and challenging. I'll be back!
I played here Friday, POP was a bit slow, 4 1/2. Starter was very efficient. Carts are posted with your tee times, so you know which cart to load up on. Tee boxes where level and in good condition. Blue and black paired together, so I will say, I played black tees today (hahaha). Fairways are in good condition, no bare spots. The fairways slope a lot. Hit up on the rough, your ball will roll back into the center. Fairway was firm and tightly mowed. Most of the 1st cut rough was cut low, and playable. Some parts deeper into the tree line where lush and thick, and sometimes hard to spot your ball right away. Some of the holes, the fairway is narrow, and you may hit into other fairways, well I did... The bunkers where okay. Firm but playable. Greens are tricky to read. What slopes down, ball may break up hill, vice versa. Challenging, but fun to play. Too bad they put a hold on Senior Rate... They are too busy for "old farts". I would play again, just for the challenge.
I played here today, Oct 27, the day after major winds blowing through, and 2 huge fires near, in Southern California. I feel really bad for this golf course, every hole had trees either up rooted or large branches snapping off. I can not give a fair evaluation, just wanted to post to inform everybody of the devestation and damage to many trees along every hole of the course. It will take them a few days to clear most of the limbs and trunks. I would advise not to expect a clear track until Friday.
I got an early tee time today, POP was very good. They are using a starter, that really monitors tee time and groups. Seems about 10 minutes apart. It helps not to feel like the group behind your, is up on you, and rushing play. I like it! Now, to the golf course. Tee boxes are in really good shape. Level and firm , not too many divot damage. The fairway is in great shape, no dry spots or dirt patches. The rough seems to be cut to a very playable length. Bunkers??? The greens seem to be recently aerated. Greens look fantastic. They did roll a bit slow, but true. It is a definite recommend track.
The course is arreating the greens this week, so they discounted their standard green fees, which is fair. The tee boxes where level and firm, and not too many divots. The fairway was in really good condition, firm, fast, and tight. The rough was short and playable for an approach shot. The bunkers are firm but not concrete firm. The greens are aerated. The greens, are take 2, and move on. It will be nice in about 2 weeks. Fun playable track.
I haven't played this track for over 5 years, now I remember why! I still has maneuver smell in parts of the course. The conditions are shabby. There are a lot of hard dirt patches, lask watering to keep conditions playable. I'll start with the tee boxes, many are hacked up with un-repaired divots. Some are uneven, for a good stance. Fairways are marginal to terrible. The rough was a bit long, but okay, because that is where the good grass wss(hahaha). Bunkers are un-manucured, with a lot of foot divots. Greens are the best asset. Soft and rolled nice. I don't think I'll be back soon, maybe another 5 years...
I haven't played this course in over 5 years. It's a good ego boost track, because it's short (5290-Blue) with short, so approach is easier. Tee boxes are in good to some fair condition. The fairway have some hard pan dry spots. The rough is good and playable for approach shots. Bunkers look good, lucky me, I didn't have to play out of any. Several holes seem short(par 4), so 2nd shots under 100 yards was common. The greens are in good condition, but seem med-slow. Since practice greens are closed, it will take a few holes to get a feel of strong putts to reach the cup. Overall okay.
Got an underpar deal, played 36... What a beautiful track. Customer service is very good. Conditions are excellent. The practice area is excellent. With putting area & chipping area. The 1st hole is a par 5, with a giant tree in the middle, have fun! The fairways are all great condition, the only hole in crappy shape is 18...the rough is very playable and you can get your 2nd shot to the green. Bunkers have good quality sand and is playable. The greens are all rolling smooth and true, probably med-fast. This is a must play course, I'll be back soon!
Nothing but compliments for Goose Creek. Played here Friday, easy check-in. I suggest to arrive 1 hour prior to tee time, to take advantage of the Best practice facility. (very) Large practice greens, (very) large chipping area, pitching area, 20+stslls for range ball hitting. The course is in great shape. Tee boxes are firm and level. Fairways are nicely mowed and firm, but not hard. Rough is in good playable length (1"-2". Bunkers have good quality sand, I know, because I was in several. Greens are med-firm and fast. The putts are rolling very true to what to see. A must play!
I played here Friday, 8:50 am. Weather was perfect for golf!... I haven't played here in over a year, course is in top-notch condition for July. The tee boxes are firm and level. Some unrepaired divots, but no sand given (Convid-19). The fairways are mowed tight with firm and minor divot issues (no sand). The rough is a playable 1", some a little deeper, but playable. The course throughout have strategically place bunkers, to make you play with "course management" or you may go long and end up in unranked bunkers (Convid-19). The greens are rolling true with medium-fast pace. Very true to the cup. Highly recommend to arrive early to use one of the best practice areas I ever seen for a public course. Large putting area. Large chipping area. About 25 stalls for the range. There is also a short pitching green... Really fantastic facility for golfers! I recommend playing here, if you can!
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