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Played on 8/12/17 with my friend Larry. Pretty humid and windy which made things interesting. Wind was at least 2 clubs on many holes. Took us right at 3.25 hours to get around, and a nice group of 4 let us play through on 15. Played the white tees which are only about 5850 yards. I prefer something more in the 6300-6500 range, but the spread is 5850 or 6400. The partner doesn't dig the 6400, so 5850 it is.

Tee boxes were nice with good coverage, level and easy to find a decent spot to tee it up except the par 3's. Par 3's were not level and had plenty of damage between the markers.

Fairways were in good shape. They were not real green, yet provided good lies when in the boundries. Never had a bad lie in the fairways. Some areas were a smidge tight.

The rough was non existent to nasty. Thank god they decided to pull most of the barranca out that lined the holes/fairways. Ball eating stuff that made playing this course miserable and SLOOOOOOOOW when straying off line. Kudos to the management for tearing that stuff out.

Plenty of bunkers and waste areas to keep you honest. The sand was hit and miss in bunkers. Most were hard packed or had a hard crust on top. I had a lie in one that broke the crust and was a fried egg. Never seen anything like it in such a hard surfaced appearing bunker. The sand under the crust was pretty decent.

The greens were very nice. They were accepting of a good shot, with minimal rollout. They were rolling pretty fast and smoothly. Some greens had some bumpy spots, not many. Not many unfixed ball marks which was nice. Always like a course that has a pin sheet and staff that tells you the pin placements!

Staff I saw was good and helpful. Nice to see that after my last outing here that was not so good. This is another course that has a sign, no carts in the parking lot. It would be nice if you could take the cart to your car on hot days to unload gear. There was nobody in sight when dropping the cart off.

I enjoyed most of the round and would play here again if the price was right. Lots of short holes that will punish you with small misses. We'll probably play again during the summer.
Played on 8/6/17 with abbacat and a couple of my friends, Dennis and Eric. Took us right at 4 hours to get around, delayed a bit by an incredibly slow twosome ahead of us. I think at #5 there were 3 groups on the tee box because of the twosome. Once they quit at #10ish, it was a smooth pace. Normal hot summer temps with a little breeze on the day.

We played from the green tees which were about 6200 yards. The next up is bronze at 66-6700ish. One of the guys wasn't thrilled with that length.

Tee boxes were nice with good coverage, level and easy to find a decent spot to tee it up. Par 3's had some minor damage.

Fairways were in good shape. There were some areas where they had browned out. The lies were generally good. Some areas were very tight. Never had a bad lie in the fairways. The rough as usual ranged from non existent to nasty. There are a lot more areas where the rough is bare than the outing a month or so ago.

The sand was good in most bunkers, a little packed in most, still good. There was enough in some that I got a buried lie in the side of one bunker. I wasn't in as many bunkers as some of the playing partners... :) Any mishits were user error on my bunker shots. All others were not hard to play from.

The greens were very nice. They were accepting of a good shot, with minimal rollout. They rolled medium-slow and again plenty of meow-mixed putts in the group. Not many unfixed ball marks which was nice. My biggest issue is the flags have no designation for pin position. Makes gauging distance pretty tough from the fairways if it wasn't obvious. Playing three times in the last 2 months helps figure things out.

Staff is good and helpful. It would be nice if you could take the cart to your car on the hot days to unload gear. The cart guys did offer to carry bags to the car if requested.

I really like this course. If you get dumb, a big score is there to smack you around. We'll probably play again a couple times during the summer.
Played 7/16 with abbacat for $18 using an underpar deal with replay. We got out early around 6:15 and the first round temps were not bad, a bit humid, tolerable especially with the sun hidden by clouds and a light breeze. They close at 2pm, start picking up flags at 1:30 and cart in at 2pm. Not many people venturing out on the course on this day.

Course conditions were down right terrible. I've played here 3 prior times and this was the worst it's been. Not muni meets dirt parking lot love child, but, pretty poor. When the best part of the course is the putting green, you're in for it!

Tee boxes were not good. Uneven lies and little coverage. Some areas were nothing but dirt with the lone tall weed attempting the bald comb over look. Some had weeds everywhere except for the teeing area marked for the day/week/month. Very few of the tee boxes I played had grass coverage from marker to marker, even 2 clubs back.

Fairways, not good either. Spotty coverage, browned out and bare dirt. Almost requiring a rock-club bad. The course name matched the fairways, Desert, yep, dunes, absolutely. I got to the point of playing any bare areas as GUR and trying to find a decent tuft or grass coverage which was sometimes as far as 10 yards away. The dirt mounds in the fairways were interesting. Didn't cause any issues for us, but, I could see them being a nuisance if you nailed one.

Greens were OK. A little bumpy and slow. Closely mowed areas near the green where pretty decent. The rough around many of the greens was really long, lush and penal on some holes, as though they were watered from some mysterious spring. So bad that I lost a ball on the 11th hole that we couldn't find after a long session of searching.

Bunkers, absolute garbage. Some hard packed/concrete, others wet and packed or just a lake! :) Never thought I'd see standing water in so many bunkers, just a mess. It should have been, ball in bunker, pick it up, rake the bunker where your ball was and replace so you could have a decent play. I play pretty well out of bunkers, not these junkers. Horrific!

As abbacat mentioned, the lake water was clear and nice. Fishing might have been a better activity for the day.

I like course when in better condition even though there are holes that eat my lunch every time. #3 and #7 can just be nuked out of existence if I had my way. :) I'd had enough of the conditions after 18 holes, decided to go another 18 because we could. After the stealing of my lunch money at #3, AGAIN, I was done. Played through #9 and wanted to GTFO of there.
Played a fun round with abbacat on 7/3 getting a great deal on golfnow. After my last adventure here, I wasn't planning on seeing anything enjoyable golf related with this round. I was pleasantly surprised! There are some really great views from vistas around the course. Temps were very reasonable on a sunny day and the usual bad winds here were not that strong. A light breeze most of the day and only a few holes required club changes for any wind. It's an interesting layout, lots of elevation changes and has trouble everywhere if you stray offline.

The practice green was in incredible condition. Smooth and running fast. I hoped the greens on course would be comparable. Hitting station were very nice this time. Stations had nice grass and targets on the range.

Smooth check in. The starter was a really nice guy that was happy to see us as we were the last group for a couple of hours so he could grab a break. We teed off and were on our way. The I-10 on the first three holes can be distracting. The course turns away from the highway on hole 4 and the rest of the course is pretty quiet until 9, then back to quiet on 10.

Tee boxes were very nice with good coverage. The grass wasn't green, transitioning again? Easy to find a decent spot to tee it up.

Fairways were in good shape, not green, more transitioned to/from brown. Coverage was good, brown areas could have a been a bit more lush. Brown areas still had decent grass, with good lies. Off fairway areas can be an absolute killer here with grass, slopes and native plants/vegetation/barranca. Rough was longer but not penal.

Greens were incredible. Very close to the practice green. Unlike last time here, well struck shot hit and stopped. Very soft, leaving a deep ball mark. Nice to see shots hit and spin back or be within a foot or two of the mark. Not too many unfixed ball marks. Putts rolled fast and true. It's easy for a downhiller to get away. There are some pretty severe slopes with deep run off areas just off the perimeters. Miss the green collars by a mere foot and you can get a lie that is nestled deep in the wirey grass. Bring a good short game for up and downs, you'll need it.

Bunkers were a mixed bag. Greenside had packed sand that was wet and required extra effort to get out of. There were quite a few weeds/grass intruding within the boundries of the greenside bunkers, right in the middle. Sand was decent. Fairway bunkers were hard packed and had plenty of small pebbles/rocks. Had no problems getting out of any bunkers.

I liked the course on this outing better than the other 2 or 3 times I played. It's not a grip it and rip it course IMO. It requires thought off the tee to get in good positions. Some of the shorter holes can absolutely eat your lunch. Good course with holes that require thought to play. Normal golfnow or rack rate is a little steep for me as there are more affordable alternatives, PGA west, closer to home this time of year.
Played the Boulder course from the whites, I prefer the Blues, today with my neighbors (wimps... LOL) in about 3.5 hours. POP was great until we caught a foursome on the 6th hole that were snails. Luckily they dropped one player at the turn and kept pace on the back nine. Very mild morning temps for this time of year with a little breeze. The driving range was in superb condition, nice grass stations and target greens/flags with a board showing accurate distances. Practice putting green was smooth and rolling slow. As with the last visit, seemed to roll quicker than the course greens.

Tee boxes were flat and had good lies/coverage. Some of the par 3's had a bit of divots, nothing unexpected.

Fairways were in good shape with very few browned areas. Short grass usually provided nice lies. Divot mix was on the carts to fill divots. Rough was not overly penal. The desert areas will eat up balls and the bushes can be brutal.

The traps were usually filled with decent sand and a little hard packed. They were in good shape regarding patron footprints which was nice. Overall decent shape for the bunkers.

The greens were smooth and rolling SLOWWWWWW. Good shots held close to ball marks. Not many unfixed ball marks which was great. They had been punched and sanded previously and were still showing a little of the larger punch hole. Still rolled pretty true and held lines without variation. Most of the greens are pretty flat and the ones that did have break definitely required some borrow. Speed was very slow.

Staff was good as usual and helpful. Carts had well stocked ice in the cooler, GPS info panel and pin position chart. There were plenty of water coolers around the course and cup provided in the cart cooler.

I enjoy the layout. Used the same ball for the entire round... a big plus for me! :) Good course for a reasonable rate that isn't a killer like many courses out here in the valley can be. The greens continue to be a wild card. I'll play here again.
Played Sunday, June 11 with sixpez, itslikeimsaying and nachogrande using the UnderPar voucher with unlimited golf play. Truly an all day affair, had a blast. Got on the first tee around 12:20 on a very busy day. Slowish round compared to the first of the day, but decent pace for as crowded as the course was Sunday. The Bikini team sure didn't disappoint! :) Great 90 degree weather for June with a little breeze most of the round.

I agree with ILIS as to condition, not quite as good as the Valley course. step down from Valley due to lesser condition greens. The greens were slow and a bit bumpy from either the verticut or seeds/leaves from the nearby trees. Well struck full shots held nicely.

Tee boxes were good. No real issues that I had with any.

Fairways had good coverage, no bad lies and semi-lush. Not bright green, not burned out either. More in a transition period. Rough could be not penal to horrible depending on where you ended up. Under trees with low branches, DEEP and penal.

Bunkers were decent. Most were crusty on top and wet underneath. Mixed bag with the winds. Hit the liner in one which wasn't fun.

I prefer this layout to the Valley as well. Has a bit more character than the Palms course. 3 Rounds for $25 is a great deal for decent conditioned courses out here in the valley. Thankfully we got this one in before the 117 temps forecast for next weekend!

I'd play here again.
Played on 6/5/17 with abbacat for 3.5 hours of fun in the semi blistering heat. It was hot but not bad once acclimated. The heat will definitely sneak up on you if not careful. The light breeze sure took the edge off.

The practice facility greens and short game is real nice. Only has mats and a net to hit into for full shots. I should have hit the local muni to warm up a few full swings.

Tee boxes were lush, level and minor divot damage. Real easy to find a decent spot to tee it up.

Fairways were in great shape and ample landing areas. For this late in the year to have lush areas with little to no brown areas was really nice. Never had a bad lie in the fairways. A couple of them have a choice of direction around bunkers when considering total distance, 18 being one of them. The rough could be NASTY. I found some real bad spots a couple of times and it was work to get out from it and advance the ball.

The sand was good in most bunkers. I noticed quite a few small stones in the ones I was in. Only one had sand that was hard packed top with really saturated sand below, and difficult to play from. All others were not hard to play from.

The greens were very nice. They were accepting of a good shot, with minimal rollout. They rolled mediumish as I meow-mixed more than a few putts. I think the practice green was faster by a bit. Not too many fresh ball marks but just enough to make a mess of the really nice greens. The older unfixed ones were the bigger issue. Seems there are too many lazy, inconsiderate folks playing the game out here. I failed to ask how they mark pins with flag colors, etc. Made gauging distance pretty tough from the fairways if it wasn't obvious.

If you like 200ish+ yard par 3's this is for you from the Championship tees, even longer from the Tourney tees. Three of the five par 3's are 200+ range going to 230 depending on pin placement. I personally don't like that many for a 6600 yard course. The other 2 were 150 and 170.

Didn't have much contact with the staff. The guys in the shop were accommodating in getting us out early ahead of a threesome. We eventually caught a threesome around hole 14 that slowed the flow a bit.

The course is nice, has some interesting holes, I'd play again out here.
Got in a round on a overcast, cool day light wind day with Abbacat. The air was heavy again today akin to the GK PGA outing. Long drive but well worth it to take in a course I've never played before. It's an interesting layout, lots of elevation changes and has trouble everywhere if you stray offline.

The cart had seen better days with the custom sunroof opening and something clanking under it. Like an old burro, it made it around the course with a few challenging moments. GPS seemed to work well and give reasonably close yardages. The display was a bit tough to read, especially with any glare. They also provided a yardage book that was really helpful, neat feature, A+.

Nice practice green that was representative of on course speeds.

Tee boxes were very nice with good coverage. One person ahead of us must have been using a backhoe to tee of on the par 3's. Huge divots that weren't filled in.

Fairways were in good shape, some browned areas, with good lies when in the boundries. Rough was longer but not penal. Make a good swing and the ball left as anticipated.

Greens were very soft and accepted well struck shots. Minimal ball marks. Rolled pretty smooth with medium speed. These greens tend to have some pretty severe slopes to them. It's easy for a downhiller to get away from you. Looks like they are starting with spring punching as 9 and 18 were punched/sanded.

Was in one bunker. It was damp but very easy to play from. Much grainier sand than usual. I got plenty of spin on the shot and it landed nicely on the green.

Good course with holes that require thought to play. I'll definitely play here again
Played in the GK event with Gus, Matt and Nathan. Good group and had fun going around a really nice course. Wet weather was unusual for out here in May, which was a nice change. The heavy air played havoc with club selection and the illusion that many of the greens were level with the fairway, yet were not. Knowing this course and the elevation changes from fairway to green was not something I did well coming up short plenty of times. Next time out will be better.

Previous comments on course condition are accurate IMO.

Tee boxes were nice with good coverage and cut cleanly.

Fairways were trimmed short and provided good lies. Get off the fairways and plenty of interesting lies and nasty rough to swallow up a ball. Sand traps running the length of many fairways with large drop offs made for plenty of sandy opportunities if off line.

Traps were compacted and slightly wet from the drizzle/rain. The many I perused were pretty easy to play from and consistent.

Greens were rolling nice, minimal ball marks and decent speed for the wettish conditions. Found them to be straight forward on reads.

Cart staff and attendants were awesome. I asked to charge my phone and one attendant showed me a location were I could plug in. Very cool. I'll definitely play out here over the summer months when I can get on as a change of pace.
Like Sixpez, being fairly close to Rams Hill makes heading out there a little easier than some of the other members that played. I really like the course and doing the Guru things is a great way to enjoy a great course with great people from GK. Fun day with Keith, Bob and Wendy.

Practice facitlity is great with ProV1 balls and nice grass stations. The range finders weren't there this time. Plenty of targets to shoot at while warming up.

Tee boxes are always some of the best in SoCal. Level and plenty of nice grass for teeing it up. Very clearly marked for yardage as well.

Fairways were well groomed with lush grass in most areas. Some areas have browned from heat a bit, but, the lies in those areas were fine. Rough was more tightly mowed than previous visit. Plenty of awkward lies are available when venturing in the rough.

Sand traps were the low point. Most all had a crusty top. Hard to gauge what was below, one would be hardpacked/wet and the next fluffier. Very inconsistent.

Greens, fantastic as usual. Smooth as silk, minimal ball marks and not quite as fast as the greased lightning of previous visit. If the hole was 2-3 feet closer, I'd have putted a bunch better... :) Rolling 11 per the board, probably closer to 10-10.5 when we hit them in the afternoon. The maturing greens are accepting of good shots and show more footprints from those that walk with a heavy foot.

Previous visits the course was in 10 condition. This late in the year I'd call them an 8. It's tough when the standards are so high when in great condition. Still beats most of the courses here in the CV in this state! Awesome course.

The golf gods must have been punishing us. Every hole that was long was into the wind. Whether it was going E, W, N or S, we always seemed to be fighting the wind. It got started mildly around the 10th hole, and really got going about 15 or so. The last three holes were tough. There are also some holes where the wind is shielded and kills a shot.

Staff was great and helpful. Always look forward to visiting Rams Hill. Thanks for the outing.
Went out to play Desert Dunes with Abbacat on Monday 4/11 for 36 holes. Funny thing about this round was it's the first time the wind wasn't howling! That was a nice change from every other time I've teed up here. Abbacat was a great partner to hit the links with, especially finding my errant shots in the arroyo which can be extremely thick...
Hey, one of us didn't lose any balls. (tough to lose them in the fairways.) LOL

Tee boxes were well maintained, level with good grass coverage. Easy to find a level spot anywhere within the tee markers that were in place. Distance plates are obvious and easy to read. Plenty of info.

Fairways were nice, lush, green and provided decent lies. Some undulation but not too severe in most cases. Marker stakes at 150yd in the middle of the fairway on every required hole. The bushes and arroyo will eat balls and keeping it straight, like most courses is important. Never had much problem finding Abbacat's shot, mine were all over the place sometimes. Distances in the fairways were tougher to get if you weren't right on a 100-150-200 marker stone.

Rough was just long enough to make club selection decision intriguing. Thick enough to allow shots to nestle down. Most areas were lush as I experienced plenty of the thicker stuff!

Bunkers were blah. This course has some VERY deep bunkers. Some filled with standing water, mud or hardpacked wet sand. I realize the issues this course may have with wind and keeping decent sand in bunkers. I was only in one through two rounds. The shot was not difficult except getting a read on the concrete I was standing on.

Greens were very nice and accepted good shots well. Fringe was really consistent. Rough around the greens was pretty deep/thick. The practice green seemed to be faster than course greens. Really smooth and running medium speed. Slower than I'm accustom and that made for more than a few MEOW Mix moments leaving putts short. Overall once I got adjusted, putting was consistent. Seeing Abbacat drop a 60 ft and 30 ft down hill bomb was pretty cool. Like most courses, people have no clue about fixing ball marks or the tools to do the job.

Cart was decent, no gps. Had a cooler stocked with ice. Wish they had UBS phone charging as my golf app killed my battery on about hole 30.

Staff was excellent as always. The server, Ares, in the lounge was great. Had a really good Hot Dog for lunch.

It was a great day on the links.
Played in the GK event on 3/13 with Johnny, RGM and Abbacat. Awesome group to play a round of golf.

The course was in incredible shape. Green grass everywhere that looked smoother than the carpet in my house. This is one of the best manicured public tracts in the valley.

Tee boxes were nice. Level and plenty of coverage. I never had an issue with finding a level spot to tee from.

Fairways were green, lush with plenty of roll out and never a bad lie. The ground was firm but taking a divot was effortless. No hardpan anywhere in the fairways that I saw.

Rough was just long enough to be penal. Lies could be anything from nice and sitting up to down deep in the grass. Some of the non-free drop planter boxes can be difficult, DAMHIK!

Bunkers were good to excellent. I found the sand in most to be nice, a little wet for the early morning. Not tough to play from with a good swing.

Greens were really smooth and running good speed. Much nicer than the last time I played here at the GK year end event. I had trouble gauging speed and left a bunch of putts short.

Staff and amenities are top notch. Thanks to Johnny for setting this event up and to the Indian Wells staff for a great morning of golf.
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