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Greens are fast! They will hold shots and roll true. This course has plenty of Kikuyu grass. It will grab your club if you are chipping. Fairways are in poor condition. Many of the tee boxes were not level. I did see some of the forward tees, they had new sod laid. Thinking and hoping they will be doing that to the other tee boxes. Bunkers were in good shape. Very playable for the three green side bunkers I was in. It is a narrow course so accuracy is more important than some courses. I'm hoping the fairways will improve.
There is only one thing good about this course. The greens were in nice shape. That is the only thing positive about this course. The course has lost control to gophers!! The tee boxes were terrible because of gophers. The fairways were terrible because, you guessed it, GOPHERS! I will be surprised if I'm not peeing blood tomorrow because of the rough ride in the golf carts form how tore up the course is. The back nine was certainly the worse. POP was 5 1/2 hours. Tee'd off at 8:00 on a Sunday morning for a 7:52 tee time. The group in front of us was very slow and stated on the first tee that they were new to golf. The course did not have a Marshall to keep groups from falling out of position. This is fair warning. Don't waste your money. There are other course in much better shape for the same or less money.
Loved this course. I felt it was in great shape. If you are a local I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. If you are visiting or planning to, put this course on the list to play.
I like the layout of this course. And the views were spectacular. However I wish the course was in better condition. The fairways were one of three things. Perfect????, wet and muddy or dry and hard with little grass. The tee boxes were fine. I was in three bunkers. One of them was great. The other two were hard pack with little to no sand. Greens were smooth and would hold shots. The rough was fine.

The starter stated that they have gone back to normal from Covid-19 restrictions as of about a week ago. Rakes in bunkers albeit there was not much sand in them. No flagstick modifications. Drinking water on the course. Ball washers with water in them. And no mask requirements.

Staff was kind and polite. POP was 4 1/2 hours.

I am from out of town and had played Oakcreek Country Club two days ago. Highly recommend that course.
The staff here is fantastic with an extra fantastic for the starter today Tony. Big smile with a wonderful attitude. If you are not happy after a greeting from Tony, then you must all ready know you are shooting well over your handicap for the day. The course is on very good shape. I played Lakes a couple of weeks ago and gave it a good review with the exception of the bunkers. The bunkers on the Palms are much better. Maybe since two weeks ago the Lakes bunkers have been improved? I really like Menifee Lakes Country Club. Looks like they have done inprovements inside as well. To me, it use to have a sewer/old rundown sell to it. Not anymore. Great place. I hope they can keep this up.
Played here with my son. Teed off at 2:00 and were done at 5:30. The course is fantastic shape except for the bunkers. It is as if they are not doing anything with the bunkers. Should be played as ground under repair. Fairways very good shape and greens were soft and rolled true. I wouldn't call them fast, but they were not slow. You could be aggressive with your putts. The course is very green. Surprising with it being as hot as it has been. Hooked up with a Korean junior golfer on hole 8. He was a pleasure to watch play.

On a side note, my son who will be 27 next month got a hole-in-one on #10 par 4, 333 yards!!! A nice clean shot that rolled off the mound just to the left of the green and into the hole.
This is a great course. Tee boxes great. Bunkers great shape and well maintained. Nothing I hate more is a bunker that has no sand. A three putt ranks up there too, but it is very frustrating to have your club skip in a bunker. Fairways were in very good condition. You will have a good lie most of the time. The ruff is what it should be. Punishing but not unreasonable. I had a great time today.
TCI is a fantastic golf course with great customer service. I have played course that the fairways are thin and not very green. Cutting back on water? I don't know what the issue is with other courses, however TCI is in great shape overall. I am a JC member and I find that to be much of the case with all of the JC courses.

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