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Early Saturday afternoon tee time Stone/Oaks in 5.5 grueling hours. The course was cart path only which added to long round. The course was very damp and muddy in a few places on the Stone nine. The staff is excellent and carts are as well - one playing partner from up north was impressed with the quality of the ride. The tee boxes were all in good shape but littered with broken tees. The rough was extremely thick and unforgiving. I'm guessing they were scheduled to mow it but the Friday rain didn't allow? The fairways on the Stone nine had good coverage and were slightly damp with no roll whatsoever. The first fairway on the Oaks nine was really really thin. The traps still need to be trimmed and cleaned up but all had lots of great sand and rakes. The greens were all green and that was about it! Every green on both nines were so marred with ball marks in need of repair and footprints EVERYWHERE that making a putt was almost impossible. Putts did not hold lines and jumped and bumped everywhere. Some balls ended up settling in footprints and indentations. The pace of play was taxing but luckily our group enjoyed the round enough. The fees paid were definitely not worth the playing conditions. The Stone nine is scheduled for maintenance shortly and will shut down.
We were the second group out Sunday morning behind a terribly slow threesome finishing in FIVE HOURS. The clowns thought they were on TV! WE played the Creek/Stone combo as the Oaks was closed for maintenance. The staff is always great as are the carts. The course was not in the usual great shape though which was not good. The tee boxes were very damp and thin on a few holes. The rough was extremely damp from over watering and very thick. The fairways were also waayyy too WET and very thin on several holes. There were numerous places that should have been marked as gur but had not. Tee shots did not roll at all and your ball was covered with mud on most holes. The traps were well groomed but most needed to be raked and many were very damp. The greens were all in very good condition and were only slightly slower than usual. They are raising their rates also Oct. 1st and their fees for the club members are also going up. The only bright spot of the round was driving by the Creek nine on my way out and seeing that it appeared to be in great shape!
Early morning four hour round on a really nice course. The course is now managed by OB, which is evidently under the Troon umbrella. The staff was friendly and professional. The carts they have are still from the last decade though with no gps or power outlets of any kind. The tee boxes were all level with good coverage and properly positioned since my last visit. The rough here can be difficult but today was long enough to hold up bad shots and short enough to hit from. There are several holes where the rough runs into long grass and large rocks and you'll be lucky to find your balls and/or have a chance to advance it. The fairways all had very good coverage with great lies and only a hole or two with thinner/dry lies. The traps were all in great shape and raked but many were just too damp or wet to hit from. The greens held shots nicely and rolled semi quick with not nearly as much break as some might think. There were however several holes where fixing your marks were not the rule (sad). The course is charging higher rates now but for what it offers is very fair, especially in this area of San Diego county. Definitely recommended even with the drive up the hill.
Mid morning five hour round on a busy course. The staff is always great and big thanks to the marshal we called to get the group in front of us moving. Some people do NOT belong on the golf course. The carts are starting to show their age with probably quite a bit of use and abuse. The tee boxes were all level but many needed to be be cut and watered. The rough was thick clover to thin dry grass. The clover made finding your ball nearly impossible. The fairways had adequate coverage on most holes but was very dry and thin in sections. You can get great roll out even when you don't want it - like right into the water. The fairways did have good grass in many places but were dry or soggy in others. The traps are improving with new sand seen in some traps and not nearly as wet as previous rounds here. The greens were in great shape with not too many ball marks holding well and rolling true. The golfers that abuse this course at times can make for frustrating rounds for those that appreciate an affordable maintained facility. Still recommended.
Early 4 hour round on the Creek/Stonehouse nines. Tee times for the Oaks nine are only 8am and later. The staff is always friendly and professional. Carts are the best of everything a cart can be. The tee boxes were all a little beat and thin but level in good enough condition. The rough was a little longer than usual and made locating your ball difficult but not impossible. The fairways had pretty good coverage with mostly great lies. I did notice a few sections where the turf was a little dry and thin mostly located from about 20 yards out from the green aprons. The traps were mostly in really poor shape with some growing grass in them and none had been raked but there were rakes in all of them. The lips all had been sprayed with grass killer and it looked as if they would probably be working on them this week. The greens were a little damper and softer than usual with the heat I guess. There were a few greens that had many ball marks in need of repair and I did a few on most holes! The greens are always the highlight of TCGC and the scenery of the area with not a house on the course. Always easy to recommend.
Early morning 4.5 hour round behind a slow group and playing with the ball chasers! The staff was good considering the course was extremely busy. The carts are adequate and practice facilities as well. The tee boxes are all pretty level with a variety of grasses and some a little on they dry side. The rough was longer than usual which was good near the lakes and ob area but was short enough to hit from. The fairways had pretty good coverage with a dry section here and there throughout the holes. The turf was thin in places but not too bad with usually decent lies. The traps were all groomed well BUT the lack of sand was terrible. Most traps were compact wet thin sand or dry firm dirt. The greens were in great shape holding shots and rolling true. They were a little slower than usual but all were exactly the same from the first to the last hole. The rates and location make these two courses very popular in the valley. There are several holes were water comes into play. The flat layout make this a great place to walk if one enjoys that. Always easy too recommend.
Mid morning Sunday round in 4.5 hours. The staff is top notch and the carts as well. A lot of the employees are newly hired but all were excellent at what they were performing. The practice facility is excellent but evidently they haven't yet been able to bring enough staff on board yet to have the range set up for grass (we had to hit from the mats). The tee time intervals are every 15 minutes with times from 7 am until 2 pm only. The tee boxes were all in great condition with good coverage. The rough was fairly thick for the heat of summer and was great at stopping wayward shots from becoming lost balls! The stuff was thick but you could still advance the ball more than one would expect. The fairways were just about as perfect as any I've ever played with no bare or thin spots anywhere. The traps all had plentiful top quality sand and numerous rakes located around them (not everybody was using the rakes). The greens were in nearly perfect condition as well with a few too many ball marks on those that were hit often. The pace of the greens was a little different on a few which was a bit frustrating. They were not playing as much break as they have in the past either. The course itself is beautiful as are the views from a few holes! Having lived in a home for many years directly next to the facility before it became a resort casino and top notch golf course has been interesting. We used to hike the trails that ran through the land and watch our dogs swim in the natural spring that feeds the turf. Always recommended even at the rack rate!!!
Early Saturday afternoon round on a not too busy day finishing in four hours. The staff is always pleasant and helpful. They shut down the food/beverage services before five though? The carts are very nice but do not have any gps. The tee boxes all had good coverage and are almost all level. The rough is thick enough to lose a ball in with the grass clippings piled up on several of the holes. The fairways all had very good coverage with some spots here and there that were burnt out or soggy. The head of maintenance has told me they are battling with the irrigation issues so look for that to improve. The traps were for the most part all well maintained with rakes in all but many golfers not having the courtesy to use THEM. The greens which are usually the highlight were disappointing. There were a few greens that had patchwork turf and dead or diseased sections. The speed was slower than usual and the turf seemed very thin for some reason? They held shots well but were a little bumpy and not breaking as they have in the past. The afternoon rates are fair for the conditions but it would be difficult to pay the morning rack rate presently.
Early Sunday morning round in about 4.5 hours on the Creek/Stonehouse nines. Staff is great on every visit. The carts are top notch in every aspect with bluetooth and exact yardage shown for every shot. The tee boxes were all in good shape but still a few too many broken tees? The rough was just about perfect allowing for you to find your errant shot and fairly advance the ball. The fairways were all in great condition with total coverage and only a few tight lies. The traps were hit and miss with about half in fair shape but in need of a raking and rakes were IN THEM! The other half of the traps were in desperate need of grass removal and a raking. The greens were excellent but most slightly damp and slower than usual. All greens accepted good shots and held their lines excellent. The course overall was a little wet in places but it was early in the day with heat forecast. Summer playing conditions are getting close to their prime right now and definitely a course to play!
Played an early morning round in a little over four hours. The staff is great and the carts are pretty good. The tee boxes are level with the exception of the 16th which has only been bad and still is. The rough is about the right length to stop off line shots but many sections are now clover. The traps were in the usual wet, damp, muddy shape with only a couple of holes having sand in them. The fairways were in good condition but a few were a little soggy and damp. The greens were in good condition but are still very bumpy and not in their usual quick shape. The rates and quality of play still make a round here a very fair deal!
Early morning round today in a little over four hours was NICE for this course. The staff is friendly enough but the carts continue to slide down the rating scale. Our cart was missing a windshield today. The tee boxes were all level with adequate coverage. The rough is fairly thick and pretty long on most holes which actually devoured a couple shots today. The traps were in great condition with rakes in most of them. A couple of the traps were damp but all were very playable. The greens were extremely damp and very bumpy this morning. The footprints were visible and there were ball marks in need of repair. The greens were our only real gripe today as the conditions here continue to improve! The rates are reasonable as well in comparison to the other local valley courses.
Early morning unusual brutal five hour round on a good course. The staff is friendly but the carts are hand me downs from Menifee Lakes I believe. The tee boxes were a little shaggy and a few were sloped and home to gophers and ground squirrels. The rough was thick enough to make shots difficult from but short enough to find your balls! The fairways had pretty good coverage with a few places being a little thin and dry (also home to the rodents). The traps were all full of good sand and well groomed but ALL were damp or puddled. The greens seem to get smaller every time I play here. They were in real good shape holding shots and rolling a little slower than usual. The course was well watered for the upcoming heat wave and maybe a little too much in places. The rates and conditions are great for what is offered in the area. The flat old school course is enjoyable to play every so often.
Listing 1 to 12 of 65,840 Course Reviews
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