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Sunday morning round in 4 1/2 hours on a cold, windy and raining day. The staff is really friendly and pleasant from the pro shop to cart attendants. The carts are very comfortable with some having gps and others not. The tee boxes were all in okay condition with several being very beat up and thin from all the hackers. The rough has been cut down to a manageable length which allows locating balls in it not too difficult. The rough will definitely cost you some yardage if you find yourself in it. The fairways continue to fill in nicely with the same type of grass from the first to the last hole. There are still spots on some of the fairways that are a little thin but very much improved over the past years. The fairways actually have dried up some and allowed for roll on good tee shots. The traps are in progress from holes one thru eighteen. Many of the holes had the traps well trimmed and were lined with black matting in preparation for sand. If you were in one you had to remove your ball and drop? No mention when calling for tee time nor when paying green fees. It will be great to see them when they're completed but it would have the right thing to do and make the paying public aware of the construction. The greens have firmed up and quickened up to their usual great condition. They rolled well holding lines with less break than usual on this damp morning. The course is really looking good and with the conditions will bring those back that remember how nice this place was in the past.
Played the Oaks/Creek nines on a nice Saturday afternoon. The early morning frost delay pushed our start time back an hour which pushed our finish into the darkness. I asked why we would be charged the morning rate when we were not starting until the afternoon. It took a little complaining to have them charge us the afternoon rate. We had scheduled the tee time to be able to finish before darkness. Anyways the course was still CPO which added to the long round but it was obvious it was the right choice. The entire course was all GREEN from tee to green and in between. Most all of the tee boxes were in great shape with good coverage. The rough was not too long but locating your balls in it wasn't real easy. The fairways were all really damp and soggy in places. The lift, clean and place was necessary on almost every hole with no roll and plugged fairway shots. The traps were in need of a raking and many had standing water in them. The greens were in nice condition but many had tons of ball marks that were not repaired. Shots into the greens held well and they were still fairly quick with less break than usual. The course gets so much weekend play and many of those out there are not really good at fixing their marks or raking the traps. I'm sure that the CPO rule will be lifted by the coming weekend which will speed up play. Highly recommended
Early morning cpo 4.5 hour round on a damp course. Staff is friendly and helpful. Some of the carts have new gps but hard to judge at times from the cart paths. They have adjusted tee times to ten minute intervals which helps a lot with the pace of play. The tee boxes are all level and had good coverage but were shaggy with the inability to get a mower on them. The rough is thick and damp but you could find your ball if you ended up in it. Hitting from the rough was very penal though. The fairways are filling in nicely with thin sections and spots here and there throughout the course. The traps were all in excellent shape but many are still full of pebbles and stones. The grounds crew was working all morning on replacing the sand in the 18th hole bunkers. The new sand was nice and white and thick but we did not get to try it out. The greens were very quick for being so damp with much less break than is usual here. There were few ball marks and most of the greens had total coverage on the front and back. The head of maintenance here now was previously at The Golf Club of California in Fallbrook since that course was built. We had played there a couple of weeks back and found it to be in excellent condition. We are looking forward to seeing the playing conditions continuing to improve here to where they were years ago. The layout of this course is really great and the rates are very reasonable.
Four plus hour morning round with another group of hackers. The staff is always great and helpful. The carts are still holding up but showing their years (no gps). The practice green was closed for enlargement as they are doubling its size. The large tee boxes were all in really good winter shape and level. The rough really does not come into play as there is very little and it is not penal at all. Most of the trouble on the driving holes are forced carries with creeks, trees and bushes. The tight fairways all had the best coverage I've ever experienced in my rounds here over the last fifteen years. Every fairway has nice green turf and fairly easy to hit from.
The traps were all in excellent condition with plenty of quality sand. Greens were top notch rolling very smooth and quick. There were very few ball marks on the large greens throughout the entire round. The greens do have quite a bit of slope in sections on most which can be difficult for some. JC resorts has taken over management of the Club and kept the rates reasonable in comparison to others in the North County. The facilities original Super has moved on the the sister course in Murrieta (the old SCGA) , now The Golf Club at Rancho California. Hopefully he will bring similar playing conditions of that course to standards here at The Golf Club of California! I was really surprised to see this facility in such great condition and definitely recommend it to all.
Played an enjoyable round with Dan, Gary and Chris here in the Golf Moose outing this morning. The facility reminded me of a few courses from the past and the layout of St. Marks CC and the now closed Carmel Highlands. The outing was a little overwhelming as there were not enough carts for the entire group. The carts did have gps but it took us awhile to get the thing to start working. The tee boxes were all good size with level lies and good coverage. The rough was cut fairly short with much of it being kikuyu. It was pretty easy to locate your ball and advance it if it wasn't covered with leaves. The fairways all had total coverage with many ties lies which could be difficult to play from at times. The traps were all very well groomed and the green side traps had real nice white sand. There were a few holes where the traps really came into play, especially if you had not played the course before. The greens varied from really nice to a little below par. All of the greens were very quick with slope coming into play on most putts. Most of the greens were real smooth but there were a few that had a thin spot or two and were a little on the bumpy side. The greens ranged in size from fairly small to rather large throughout the the round with slope adding to the difficulty factor. The front nine was much easier with pretty straight holes that were all fairly flat. The back nine is where the fun starts with a few blind shots and dog legs on the par fours/fives. I never knew that there was a course in this area - probably because it is a private club. Speaking with a couple of the employees I heard that the course is looking for a super as they presently do not have one. I really liked the layout of the course and would think about a membership if I lived in the area. Thanks to the members for allowing us to play their course.
Played a frosty early am Sunday morning round on the Creek/Stonehouse nines in about four hours. The staff is always the best and the newly seeded driving range looks great. The tee boxes were all thin with lots and lots of sandy footing. The rough is much more forgiving now that it has been trimmed down so one can find their balls in it. Still difficult to advance it a far as you might like though. The fairways have very nice coverage on Stonehouse but you might find a thin lie or two on the Creek nine. The traps are all in great condition with plenty of sand but we noticed a couple without any rakes? The greens are in good condition with a few more ball marks than usual but still rolling pretty fair and quick again. This resort gets tons of play every day and I'm always impressed with the over all conditions.
Returned to play here after many years with the GK group on Sunday afternoon. This course was one of the first I had played as a beginner 40 years ago. I was looking forward to seeing what was new and old with the course once called Centre City. The course back in the early days was a nine hole layout which required you to play it twice to get in eighteen holes. The staff was really great as were the practice facilities. The driving range was much nicer than many other courses charging much more. The course itself was interesting experiencing it now in comparison to what it was. The tee boxes were all mostly level with fair coverage but a lot of divots with the numerous short holes requiring an iron shot. The rough was invisible as there is no rough really on any of the course. There are several holes with kikuyu around the greens which would hold wayward shots at times. The fairways had decent to good coverage with pretty decent lies. Our group was pretty lucky with regard to balls rolling off the fairways and into the abyss surrounding many holes. The traps seemed to have good sand and were well kept. The greens varied from total coverage with good roll to patchy sections with a bumpy slow roll. The greens did hold shots well with many being fairly small in comparison to other courses. The layout of The Goat is a little confusing for those playing here for the first time but is well signed. The location of the course was always a draw for me when I lived in the area and looks like it has many locals supporting it. The course plays much longer than the yardage on the card and has a lot of ups and downs and turns here and there. I did remember a few of the holes in my round but felt lost on others. The driving range should be a good draw as it offers quality range balls, tv's and monitors. I was happy to see that the facility was taken over by good ownership who is making nice improvements and look forward to playing here again when in the area.
Early cold Sunday morning round in four hours. The tee boxes varied from a little thin and shaggy. There are a couple of holes where the boxes are really sloped. The fifth hole has a new blue tee box that was recently sodded and sanded. The placement of this new tee really changes the club selection one makes. The rough has thinned out somewhat but there is still quite a bit of clover throughout the course. The fairways were nearly all dormant and many were damp with numerous divots in need of sand. The traps are still slowly improving as you can see the work on the large fairway bunkers on the 18th hole. The greens were all pretty soft but there were fewer ball marks than in my previous rounds. The greens were holding well and still fairly quick.
Early morning four hour round with another good twosome. The staff is great and helpful and the practice facilities adequate for the traffic usually here. The tee boxes were all still a little damp with good coverage of grass and weeds. The rough was fairly long and damp as well. The rough is also a mixture of different grasses, weeds and lots of clover. Once found you could usually put a good swing on the ball. The fairways all had pretty good coverage with tight nearly dormant bermuda lies. The green side traps I found (four) were all in good condition with rakes and plenty of sand much to my surprise. My playing partners still said the fairway bunkers were sandless and hard. The greens have good coverage and about half were in really nice shape with few marks, rolling well and holding good shots. The other half of the greens were marked up from ?? and ball marks in need of repair. The overall course condition remains steady with the maintenance being performed. The location of this course is ideal for those living in the area. We're still waiting for the conditions to return to what they were many years ago. Who knows?
Played the Creek/Oaks nines on 8-5 as the Stone nine is still closed for over seeding. Staff is always great but the driving range was ALSO closed for over seeding! That was a bummer. Then we found out that the Oaks was cart path only! So much for a quick round. The carts are still some of the best around and nicely kept. The tee boxes on the Creek were somewhat thin and marred up on the par three holes. The Oaks tee boxes were thick and lush and long. The fairways on the Oaks had great coverage with good lies if you didn't find a divot in need of sand. The Oaks fairways were thick, green and LONG. The length of the turf on the Oak fairways was nearly as long as the rough on the Creek. The rough on the Creek was 3-5 inches long and very penal if and when you found your balls. There were numerous lost balls in the Creek rough as we looked for those from our group. The rough on the Oaks was ridiculously NOT fair for the golfers. It was nearly impossible to locate your ball in the Oaks rough let alone advance it. The traps were all in really good condition and most were raked or had rakes in them. The greens on the Creek always have the most traffic and it shows. Numerous ball marks and foot prints in the afternoon. The greens on the Oaks were in much nicer shape with few ball marks and rolled nicely once you were on deck. The cart path only really slowed down the pace as we finished in 5.25 hours. The Stone nine and driving range once reopened will take some play off of these two nines which will definitely speed things up.
Sunday morning round in 4.5 hours. We usually get out when the sun comes up because of the slow play you can encounter at this course. The staff is semi friendly and the carts and practice facilities and adequate. The tee boxes were all in need of a trim but had good shaggy coverage. The rough is thick in places and doesn't exist in others. The fairways ranged from thin and spotty to thick and fluffy. It really depends on where your drive off the tee ends up as to what type of lie you'll have. Even good shots can end up with a crappy lie in the middle of some fairways here at the Ranch. The traps are all well trimmed and MOST actually have pretty good sand in them. I had the chance to hit from several of them and they all have a good fluff and were well raked. The greens are really starting to slide with a few having bare spots and others shrinking as the other grasses are being allowed to take them over. The speed of the greens was slower than usual and some were a little bumpy with the bare sections and numerous ball marks. Other greens that are not hit often were in better condition but still not what you used to experience here. The green fees being charged are probably a little more than what is being offered nowadays. The facility is really starting to slip.
Early round this morning in a little over four hours. The staff is great and the carts are good but offer no gps. The tee boxes were all a little rough but had sufficient coverage with most needing of a trim. The rough has gotten pretty long again especially if you are not close to the fairways. Finding wayward drives can be an egg hunt and advancing your ball from it very discouraging. The fairways are better than average with almost all holes having no bare sections and provide fairly good lies. You will find a few thin places on some holes and damp/wet patches on others. The traps I found were in decent shape with actual sand in them. Most traps appeared to be in need of a little to a lot of new sand however. The greens which are usually great were a little disappointing today. Several greens had bare sections and numerous ball marks and the speed varied from average to slow. The rain the evening before may have had something to do with the inconsistent green speeds? The course looks to be slowly improving and always seems to be fairly busy. The green fees are better than some in the area and seem to be fair for the conditions.
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