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Early morning cold Sunday round in 4.5 hours on the Oaks/Creek. This place is always busy. Staff had everything moving smoothly as always. The foggy start was a little uncomfortable not knowing if the group in front of you was clear and hoping the group behind you didn't hit into you! The fog lifted around the fourth hole and the pace of play picked up with the sunny skies. The tee boxes were all in nice condition with good coverage and very few broken tees. The thick damp rough has finally been trimmed down to a nice length that allows you to find your ball and make a swing. The fairways were in excellent shape with total coverage and were being cut as we played. There are sections in the fairways where unfilled divots come in to play. The sand traps have all been groomed nicely and they all have plenty of sand (many of the traps have small pebbles/rocks in them). The greens were all in great shape with a few ball marks in need of repair but overall pretty good. They held shots okay and were slightly slower than usual. The course is in the best condition I've seen it in for some time.
Sunday morning 4.5 hour round behind the posers again. There are a couple of groups who play here early weekend mornings that like to be SEEN but never set a PACE!! The staff is always on point and efficient. The tee boxes were all damp from the rain and scruffy from lack of care. The rough has grown back with the cooler damp days making for and egg hunt on many holes. The amount of weeds and clover have overwhelmed a few holes. The fairways have declined with mostly dormant bermuda and patches of green clumps of various types of grasses. Some of the fairways resemble a cow pasture now. The sand traps are in very poor condition and many were so wet you had to remove your ball to hit a shot. The greens were all in really nice condition with total coverage. The smooth greens held shots well but were somewhat slower than usual with the rain over night. The rates remain reasonable in comparison to the other local offerings but the conditions are not very good right now.
Morning 4.5 hour round on a very good course. The staff is great and the carts have gps now which was not the case the last time here. The practice area is small but very nice. Tee boxes were all pretty much level but a little damp and shaggy on a few holes. The rough was the perfect thickness and length to stop a ball and allow a decent shot to be made from it. The fairways had total coverage and were all in great condition with some roll if you found them. Every fairway provided nice lies on mostly green grass with the occasional dormant bermuda lie. The traps were the lowlight with damp muddy conditions and some were not playable. The greens all were in excellent shape with 100% coverage and very few divot marks. The greens held shots well and were fairly quick with good lines and subtle break. There are many places on this course where you can find trouble. The layout and conditions more than make up for the long drive up the hill to this gem. Definitely recommended
Sunday morning round in almost five hours on the Creek/Stonehouse nines. Staff is top notch as well as the carts. The tee boxes were all a little thin and shaggy but very few broken tees this round! The rough is JUST ridiculous still. Most groups spend sooo much time looking for their shots in the rough which REALLY slows down the pace of play. The rough on the Creek ans Stonehouse nines ranged from a few inches to several. Not sure WHY they cannot get the rough cut down to a reasonable height??? The fairways were damp from recent rain and many were cart path only WHICH also slows down the pace of play. The ninth hole on Stonehouse had no defined fairway as the the entire landing section was a 3-5 inches long? Maybe the mower broke down or it was too damp to use?? Frustrating round for my partner and myself. The traps have all been trimmed up and are free from grass and RAKES on a few holes?? THe greens were in very good condition but slightly slower than usual. The Stonehouse nine greens still showed signs of aeration and were slow but held shots and rolled well enough. The views on the course are great and hopefully they can get their rough under control.
Sunday morning round in slightly over four hours. Staff was great as always. The tee boxes all had good coverage but they really need to level out the gold tee box on hole six. The rough has been cut down nicely and finding a wayward ball is pretty easy. Making a good shot from the rough is also much easier with most of the clover gone now. The fairways have maintained good coverage and most tee shots found fluffy lies even on the dormant sections of bermuda. There were places throughout the round that were being drenched for some reason? The fourth fairway had work being performed in the landing area with a ditch and trenching equipment present. The traps have all been trimmed up nicely but many still need to be raked and the sprinklers directed away from them. Probably quite a few traps are also in need of sand. The greens had great coverage and were fairly quick. A big gripe has to be made about the crew that resets the pin placement. Every green has numerous previous pin placements that has been set below the level of the green. Making for round low lying circles that definitely effect the line of your putt if you had to go through one. The greens held good shots and there were not too many ball marks in need of repair. The course has held steady on rates which is rare in the golf course community anymore. Still a good place for a reasonably priced quick round of golf.
Mid morning Monday round in about 4:45 hours. The staff is friendly and helpful. The carts are still in barely passable shape with many not even having a windshield on them. The tee boxes were all level and had pretty good coverage front and back. The mowers were going on the first few holes which is always exciting and annoying. The smell of fresh cut grass in nice but the noise of the mowers can be a bit much. The rough is pretty thick along the fairways and gets longer the further you stray from the middle. Finding your ball in the rough with the many forced carries adds minutes to the round and can get frustrating with the sloped sections on some holes. The fairways were all a little dry and some holes were slightly thin in places. For the most part you would have a decent lie but might find your ball sitting down in dirt at times. The traps range from thin hard packed dirt/sand to good sand nearer the greens. The greens were all in excellent condition and pretty quick with the strong winds that were present. They held well enough with some roll out on those low approach shots. There were few ball marks on most greens with none on others. The scenery and peaceful setting of this place makes a trip up the hill worth it if you haven't had a chance. The rates are steep on the weekends and holidays but reasonable enough during the weekdays.
Played an early morning Sunday round in right at four hours. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The gold tee boxes were all a little thin and shaggy from start to finish but playable. The rough is not too long but will help stop you ball if it finds itself in it. You can hit a pretty good shot from most of the lies you will find in the rough. The fairways are quite a mix of grasses (with bermuda the prominent) on almost every hole. You will see quite a bit of clover and weeds in sections of the course. The still green bermuda fairways do provide fairly good lies on most holes. The traps are still just hard packed dirt and sand with many being fairly damp and wet. The best part of the course remains the greens. There were very few ball marks on the greens and they were holding shots really well. The speed was slightly slower than usual but it was still a little damp from the rains the day before. A couple of the greens were somewhat bumpy from worms possibly? IF the maintenance crew had rolled them they would have been in better condition. There are a couple holes where the pesky pine needles come into play. It would be nice to carry a small battery powered blower for those. The green fees, location and ability to get a tee time here make it a good place to play a quick round if in the area.
Early Sunday morning 4.5 hour round in the showers. The staff is friendly and very efficient at what they do. The tee boxes were all in good condition with the par three holes showing a little wear. You will find a few different types of grass and weeds on any of the tee boxes. The rough has retreated some but once you find your ball you can put a fairly good stroke on it. The fairways are continuing to fill in with the warmer weather and remain green with less than average roll due to their dampness. The traps on most of the holes that surround the greens now have ample nice white sand but are starting to look a like shaggy around the edges. The fairway traps are still compact dirt with pebbles and rocks. Greens remain the best conditioned part of the course with all having complete coverage. The greens are rather large on most of the course and fairly soft compared to years past. The speed of the greens were slowed by the continued morning showers but rolled true. They also held shots very well checking up and backing up on well struck shots. The 4.5 hour round seemed slow but there was a group ahead that had two holes open and was holding up PLAY. We did tell the marshal when he came by on the tenth hole but obviously nothing was done. Weekend rounds can be painfully slow at this course but I shouldn't complain about a 4.5 hour round. Recommended
Played a 4.5 hour early morning Sunday round on the Creek/Stonehouse nines. The tree on the Creek first tee box still remains? Not sure WHY?? The tee boxes were well worn but clear of the broken tee minefields usually found. The rough remains to be more than an anchor for most of the groups. The Creek nine rough was trimmed down to an acceptable level but was still more than one would expect on a busy public course. The rough on the Stonehouse nine is still out of control with grass clippings laying on top of the already 6-8 inch long wet grass. Almost impossible to find anything in it let alone hit from it!! The fairways were all in very nice condition with good lies and not too many unfilled divots. The fairways were a little damp in places so not much roll. The sand traps remain damp and not raked by the maintenance crew or the golfing public. The greens were all in good shape with a few too many ball marks on some holes. The speed of the greens remains much slower than usual and adds to the challenge of scoring well. The damp and muddy sections on the Stonehouse nine had been addressed and was a work in progress on the 11th hole. The overall offerings of Temecula Creek remain well above average.
Played an early morning Sunday round Creek/Stone in four hours behind the Speed Golfers. Not a fan of running between holes but they were. The staff and carts are top level. Tee boxes were all in pretty fair shape with a few being a little shaggy. It was nice to see that someone had picked up all of the broken tees which usually litter the tee boxes. The rough is Out of control again with many groups searching for their balls on every hole. The grass clippings on top of the long, thick and wet rough was painful for everyone. It affected the pace of play negatively and was frustrating if you were in it. The fairways had total coverage but a few holes were beyond damp with muddy sections which should have been GUR. You could not walk across those places or play your ball from them. Not sure what was going on with all the water. We found a sprinkler running on the back of the first hole on the Stone nine that was really doing damage? There were a few holes that had obvious irrigation/drainage work in progress with trenches cut along the cart paths. The traps were damp and had not been raked in at least a day or two? I even found a couple greenside traps that had no rakes in them. The greens were in nice shape but a little slower than usual and some had lots of ball marks. The course and facility are always busy which is great to see.
Early am five hour Sunday round. The tee boxes were all in need of a good trim but did have total coverage from start to finish. The sections of rough that you will find on some holes is not very thick or long. Hitting from the rough was not difficult when I found myself in it. The traps are mostly well manicured with about half of the holes now having nice white sand. The fairway traps are still hard packed dirt/sand with pebbles to watch for. The fairways are very good on some holes and hit and miss on others. The nice fairways have great coverage with few thin places. There are a few holes where the fairways are a bit thin and you might find your ball sitting down on dirt. The greens were in much better condition with great coverage and not too many ball marks. The good shots checked up and the greens appeared to have been rolled finally. The speed was much closer to what is usual for this course which was nice to see. The rates and staff make for a good golf experience. The course conditions continue to slowly improve.
Mid morning 4.5 hour interesting round. Staff is always super friendly especially on course. The carts and practice facilities are the best. Tee boxes were all level with nice coverage and plenty of divot mix. The rough was near perfect and just thick enough to stop offline shots. You were able to locate and hit from the rough with pretty good success. There are forced carries on many of the holes which makes having the perfect rough helpful. The fairways were in the best condition I've seen them in over the years of playing here. There was complete coverage with not a thin or dry spot from start to finish. The length of the fairway turf was great and made hitting from it so nice. The bunkers here are all manicured perfectly with just the right amount of white fluffy sand to hit from. The greens today were slower than I've ever encountered but very consistent. They are all very large and were holding shots well with not much roll out. There are many that have elevation changes with lots of slope which can be challenging for some. The weather started out with 25 mph winds changing direction from hole to hole. Luckily the winds died out at the turn then the heat came on up to 97F at the end of the round. The winds do usually blow on this side of the valley but generally don't pick up until the early afternoon. The forced carries and water features make for the greatest test of shot making in the area. The views and course conditions always make a round here enjoyable. The rates are equal to experience with what is offered in the local area. Always easy to recommend!
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