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Early morning unusual brutal five hour round on a good course. The staff is friendly but the carts are hand me downs from Menifee Lakes I believe. The tee boxes were a little shaggy and a few were sloped and home to gophers and ground squirrels. The rough was thick enough to make shots difficult from but short enough to find your balls! The fairways had pretty good coverage with a few places being a little thin and dry (also home to the rodents). The traps were all full of good sand and well groomed but ALL were damp or puddled. The greens seem to get smaller every time I play here. They were in real good shape holding shots and rolling a little slower than usual. The course was well watered for the upcoming heat wave and maybe a little too much in places. The rates and conditions are great for what is offered in the area. The flat old school course is enjoyable to play every so often.
Early am round on Creek/Stonehouse nines Sunday on an excellent course. Staff is always friendly and helpful and carts are the best out there. The boxes are all level but were a little thin and dry today with so so many broken and abandoned tees? Most of the rough is just long enough to slow shots down but short enough to see your ball and hit from. The fairways are in excellent condition with some tighter lies nearer the greens. The traps were are well maintained with great sand but ALL needed to be raked (and rakes were present in all traps)! The greens on the Creek were in great shape but slightly slower than usual. The Stonehouse greens still showed some signs of maintenance and were slower yet but held shots and putting lines well. The facility was really busy with the holiday weekend but the pace of play was great. Always recommended!
Early morning Sunday round in about four hours. The place was host to a juniors tournament and was very busy with players and parents. The staff is always great and carts are pretty good but have no gps. The tee boxes were thin, dry and pretty beat. The rough has pretty much disappeared in the last month? The semi thick rough is now dry and pretty much nonexistent. The fairways have thinned out also as they are letting the bermuda try to grow. We found a few thin dry patches here and there but not bad. The traps are the usual damp muddy messes for the most part. The greens were actually still showing the maintenance from a month ago? They did get better as the round progressed and smoother as well. Maybe they needed to be rolled?? We were expecting the nice smooth fast greens but were disappointed. I know that the ownership has been spending most of their budget recently on the Lakes 18. Just hope our next visit shows some improvement.
Early morning 4.5 hour round with the ball hunters today. The staff is friendly and the tee times are ten minutes apart which helps with the pace of play, unless your following the drinking group! The carts have basic gps and shake, rattle and roll their way around the course well enough. The tee boxes are mostly level with a few being slightly sloped all had adequate coverage but as usual the first was a little damp. The rough was pretty thick and held up the bad shots from the poison oak, gopher holes and rattlesnakes. Shots could be struck from it but your usual yardage was not possible. The traps were almost all damp with a few having standing water and no rakes either. The fairways had fairly good coverage with some tight lies but soft enough to hit from. There were sections of spotty coverage and TON's of gopher mounds and holes everywhere! The greens had maintenance done a few weeks back but were still inconsistent, bumpy and slower than usual. The back nine greens seemed to be in better condition than the front. The poa grass seems to have overtaken the entire 18 holes? The location is off the beaten path but the setting, rates and course conditions make the drive worth the trip. No cell service for the most part in the area either.
Early afternoon round with the GK group in a little over four hours. The staff, facility and carts are all top notch. The tee boxes were all level and in great shape with only the par three boxes being well worn. The rough was in nice condition and uniform throughout the course. The fairways were excellent with total coverage and provided for good roll on good shots. I did find some tighter and drier lies than I was used to but still nice to hit from. The traps were consistent and in fantastic shape with rakes and firmly packed with enough sand for our group. The greens were also great with only a couple showing any sign of ball marks. They were a little slower than most we play and seemed to have little break. Most did not hold shots real well so we had to keep that in mind when hitting our approach shots. There are several water features with a few forced carries which make for a little more challenge. The area is prone to winds and we encountered that late in the round which added to the difficulty. Highly recommended place for an enjoyable quality round of golf!
As expected here a mid morning 5+ hour round on Saturday. The staff gets a 'C' for average effort and friendliness. The carts are basic and getting close to the end of their lives as well. The tee boxes were all level but many were a little thin and shaggy. The rough was for the most part not too long or very thick but did hold up poor shots. The fairways were in surprisingly decent shape with a mix of grasses throughout the course. The fairways showed signs of aeration and had received enough water to promote some growth (very surprised). There was top dressing present on the tee boxes and fairways which was very nice to see. The traps on several holes had new bright white blinding sand in them and rakes! When you did use a rake in one of those bunkers a yellowish tint came out and the sand stuck to your wedge like a magnet which was very odd? The non green side bunkers were hard packed dirt and sand. The greens were in really good condition with few ball marks but in need of a good rolling. They were a little bumpy and noticeably slower on most holes than usual. The 8th hole green was in bad shape on the front side with bare sections and new turf. The overall pace of play has always been an issue here and the course still has eight minute intervals between tee times (maybe giving ten minutes a try might help). The green fees are not out of line now with the local course offerings. There is still a lot of work to do around the outside edges of the course but it was in much better condition than I had expected. Will give it another try but much earlier in the day.
Early morning round in a little over four hours on an extremely busy course. The staff is great and carts are good but do not have gps. The tee boxes were all in pretty good shape with a couple 12th and 16th being sloped. The rough was still quite thick and penal on most holes but did hold up wayward shots. Finding those shots was another story but not impossible. Fairways were in very good shape with excellent coverage. The traps were in better condition today than in past rounds but a few still were damp or puddled with water. The greens had been punched earlier in the week and were still very bumpy. It looked like all they needed was more sand on them to fill in the indentations of the holes? The course was extremely damp in places that it didn't need to be. Seems like a waste of water especially when sections of the course are squish squish soggy. I would say a couple of weeks is needed before the greens are in top shape again. The rates are very reasonable and it's always nice to play at a busy well run facility.
Sunday morning round in about 4.5 hours on the Creek/Oaks nines. The new carts are more comfortable than my truck. The staff is always great with a good sense of humor. The tee boxes were all level with good coverage except the second hole on the Creek which was well beat up and thin. The rough was pretty brutal on the Oaks being 5-6" and damp. It was impossible to locate two wayward shots that ended up in it. Frustrating! The rough on the Creek was still fairly long but much more manageable. The sand traps all have plenty of great sand but most needed to be raked and were damp. The greens were all in really nice shape and slightly slower than I've seen them in the past. The course is probably as lush and green as it has ever been. Great job by the maintenance staff! Always enjoy playing the course.
Early morning round in a little over four hours. They have moved their tee times to ten minute intervals which had helped with the pace of play. The staff is good and the carts as well but no gps. The tee boxes were all level but a couple were slightly sloped and most needed to be mowed. The rough was very thick for the most part and about 3-6" of damp green grass. At times shots could be hit from the rough if you could locate your ball. The traps were all very well groomed and most had adequate sand but many were wet. The fairways were all very tight with dormant bermuda but were not dried out. The tight bermuda provided for good roll also. The greens were punched on Monday and were all quite bumpy and slow for this course. The greens will probably need a couple weeks to get back to their usual quick smoothness. The rates had been discounted this week which made the course worth a round. The regular rack rates are a bit high for the area in comparison to other courses. I always enjoy playing here and suggest others give it a try.
Early am round in about 4.5 hours on a mediocre course. Staff is good but carts are in really poor shape. The putting greens were in good condition but not so much on the course. The rear tee boxes were shaggy, thin and mostly sloped. The rain has filled in the low lying sections on a few holes making for some penalties that haven't been there for many years. The rough is a mix of thick weeds and/or grass of various types. The fairways for the most part are in very poor shape with bare sections, weeds, grass and rodent damage. The traps were all raked/packed well but most were not playable with a few looking like small fish ponds. The greens are usually the highlight of this course. It would have been great if they were all like the practice green but only a few were. Most greens had good coverage with few bare spots on them and minimal ball marks. The sad part was the greens were bumpier than the cart paths. Your ball needed a pair of shocks to keep it rolling smoothly today. The course has a great layout and a few water features that make it nice to play. Years ago the conditions were very good - not so much nowadays.
Early morning four hour round after the four hour drive. Facility is very nice and was very busy when we finished the round. Staff is good and carts are nice but have NO gps. I was lucky to be paired with a local Dave, who was loco! He and the other playing partners were the best!! We started on the tenth hole and played the front nine last. The tee boxes were all fantastic with great coverage and level. The rough was 2-4" long and was not too thick but short enough to hit a good shot from. The traps had plenty of good sand but most were damp and needed a raking. The greens were excellent with hardly any marks and rolled fairly quick holding well struck shots great with less break than you would think. The layout was great and course top notch. The front nine is much shorter and noticeably so than the back because of the new homes previously mentioned in other reviews. I really had a great time and great round and highly recommend a visit. I was told that this course is one of the busiest if not the busiest in the Las Vegas area.
Sunday morning round in four hours on a nice windy day. Staff always great and carts are good. The tee boxes have improved with only one being a bit beat up. The rough has grown a little bit since my last round but is still playable and a stroke saver. The fairways had great coverage of green grass and were actually being watered. Holes five and six were a bit dry before and good drives would run off into the lakes - not so anymore! The traps are always the weakest part of this place. They are all well groomed but have less sand than a cat box! Most have about a 1/4" of sand or dirt with hard clay like mud under that. The greens were all in excellent shape with very few marks and rolled true but with less break than usual. The fees are still a big draw for most and the conditions of this 18 are nice.
Listing 1 to 12 of 64,988 Course Reviews
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