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Early Sunday morning round on a very poor course. It had been years since I played here and was really looking forward to it but was really disappointed. The staff and facility is good - wish the playing conditions were close. The tee boxes were for the most part level but many were thin and shaggy. The rough varied from thin to thick and short to long depending on the hole. The fairways were very bad on the front nine with bare spots and a mix of grasses with better coverage but drier on the back. The traps were the worst I've seen in all my years of golf. Every trap was filled with grass, weeds, pipes, shovels and anything else you could imagine. The only hole where the traps were in good shape was the 18th of course (problem was we couldn't get the other 17 out of our heads). The greens on the front were as bad as the fairways with marks, bare spots and dead sections. The back nine greens were in much better shape with few marks and no bare spots. The rates being charged and paid are not close to what this course is worth right now. Cannot recommend at all.
Early Saturday morning round in slightly over three hours after passing a slow group on the tenth. The staff and carts are very good. The tee boxes are almost all a little weathered but in ok shape. The rough has thinned out in places but still enough of a deterrent to stay out of. The traps were all maintained very well but many were damp. The greens are in great shape with not too many ball marks. They sped up throughout the round and roll very true. I really enjoy this course and the rates are very fair. Recommend again.
Played last Sunday in under four hours with an early tee time. The staff is great. The tee boxes were all in great shape and level. The rough varied from a couple inches to a few inches but one could locate their ball and make good contact. The fairways had nice coverage with a tight lie here and there throughout the round. The traps are still in need of a little/a lot of sand. The greens were quite a bit softer than usual and slower than I've ever seen them. The rates have risen slightly but they are still fair for both courses here at Menifee Lakes.
Early morning Sunday round in under four hours. The course check in and procedures are fairly simple and quick. The tee boxes are all beat to death and a couple are really sloped. The rough was different from hole to hole and from fairway to green side. Some places had well trimmed grass a few inches long you could hit from. Other areas were weeds, grass and the dreaded clover over six inches! You were lucky to find your shot if it entered the clover rough. The fairways had pretty good coverage with tight lies on some holes and fluffy lies on others. The traps I saw were in much better shape than in previous visits, just in need of a little maintenance. The greens all had good coverage but needed to be rolled badly and/or trimmed. The poa was brutal as putts did not hold a line and squirmed like a snake. The course is still honoring their senior rates which makes it reasonable for the conditions.
Early morning windy round in under four hours on a near perfect course. The staff was friendly and efficient. The practice area is small with no driving range and just a large cage with mats. The carts are nice but no gps, cooler or divot mix. The tee boxes were all perfect with great coverage and all very level. The rough was a few inches long and pretty thick but grabbed wayward shots and was not too difficult to hit from. The fairways were great with total coverage and provided good roll. The traps were perfectly groomed and full of very good sand. The greens were in nice shape as well and held shots pretty good. The speed on the greens was quicker than most courses in the area that I've played - nice! The course is very well run and managed with very reasonable rates.
Played Sunday morning in just under four hours. The staff is great and the carts are good. This place is usually super busy but not all that day. The tee boxes are all level but a few were thin and soggy. The rough was a few inches long so you can find your shots that miss the fairways. The fairways were in great shape with usually enough fluff to make good shots from. There were a few holes where the kikuyu had made shots difficult to make. The traps all had plenty of good sand and were not too wet to hit from. The greens were a little firm compared to what I've seen here previously. The greens did not hold shots real well with many rolling out more than you'd expect. They also looked as if they may have had some recent maintenance as they were very bumpy and varied in speed. The weekend rates are a little higher than local courses but it may be worth it for some.
Played the recently reopened Lakes this morning in four hours. The staff is great and the facilities and carts are good. The tee boxes are all level but a little thin and dry. The rough was dried out and hardly appeared anywhere today. They had plugged the fairways and tee boxes but the holes were empty and very dry (please water). Most fairways had pretty good coverage but very dry with tight lies. The traps were light on sand and damp but well groomed. The greens were in nice shape but still a little bumpy from maintenance. The speed on the greens was slower than usual and they were a little softer than common but held shot well. The other course here (Palms) is in slightly better shape right now. Both courses are really busy on the weekends as they rates are reasonable for the area courses.
Played as a guest Saturday afternoon in a little over four hours. The staff was very professional and friendly. The practice facilities were as nice as the course itself. The comfortable carts had gps but ours had a mind of its own and rarely worked. The course reminded me off a combo of Hidden Valley, The Journey and Cross Creek. The tee boxes were great with total coverage and all level. The rough was only a few inches tall and not very penal. The bermuda fairways were in great shape but a few were a little dry in places with very tight lies. The traps were numerous but in great condition with quality sand. The greens were all a little firm and well struck shots all rolled out. Being able to read the greens was a little frustrating as many had a lot less break than they appeared. The wind blowing through this canyon course is also a factor in the afternoon. The holes are all lined with scrub and protected areas with several having forced carries that are manageable. Course management is needed as is a couple rounds to figure out what to hit and where on each hole. The course is in great shape as it recently reopened and it should only improve condition wise over the summer.
Mid afternoon round on Memorial Day Saturday in 5.5 hours! The course has relaxed the single cart rider rule. The staff and carts are great if your gps works, ours did not. The tee boxes were a little thin, very dry and shaggy. You will find a few that are also sloped. The rough was about perfect length to slow wayward shots but short enough to locate your ball and advance it. The fairways had great coverage with mixed grasses only a few dry places to be found during the round. The traps were in pretty good condition with ample sand but no rakes. Greens were in good shape but many were softer than usual and quite slow. The earlier groups also decided to NOT repair many ball marks! The pace of play was pathetic and was very frustrating for those in front of and behind us. The rates are falling back slightly in line with what you'd expect for your green fees.
First off on a perfect Saturday for golf and finished in 4.5 hours (paired with two walkers). The staff is great and the carts are nice. The course is in great shape right now. The tee boxes are all level and were in good condition. The rough was thick but well trimmed. There were a few places where the grass clippings made finding a ball impossible. Fairways had fantastic coverage and the bermuda is greening up everywhere. The traps had no rakes but since we where out early most were in good shape but very damp and some in need of weeding. The greens are very nice but quite a bit slower than usual. It was disappointing to see many ball marks in need of repair also on a few holes. The walking rate is very reasonable for the shape the course is in right now. Highly recommended.
Early morning Saturday round in four hours without a mask! The course was busy but the pro shop was getting the groups out fairly quickly. The tee boxes were mostly level but needed a trim. The rough was the most brutal I've ever seen during a round of golf. Most area along the fairways was a minimum of six inches and nearly impossible to find a ball in. The fairways were mostly in good condition with a couple being a little dry but with good coverage. The traps all had rakes and were extremely damp/wet so not easy to play from. The greens were very good and held shots well. They were not very quick but held a line and most had very few ball marks. This was the first time back here in about seven years and it was in much better condition than I had expected.
Late Sunday afternoon round in under four hours. The pro shop not accepting cash and walk up snack bar open. The new carts are a nice quick ride. The tee boxes were all very dry, shaggy and fairly thin. The fairways are very dry but not to the point where they're crusty yet. The lies were not too bad actually. It appears they are letting the bermuda take over with the heat coming. The rough is very thick, long and full of weeds. The traps are in sorry shape but that's to be expected. The greens are in pretty fair condition but not to their regular standards. The course has raised rates as most others in the valley. Hard to recommend when others rates are better for what is offered.
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