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Early morning four hour round after the four hour drive. Facility is very nice and was very busy when we finished the round. Staff is good and carts are nice but have NO gps. I was lucky to be paired with a local Dave, who was loco! He and the other playing partners were the best!! We started on the tenth hole and played the front nine last. The tee boxes were all fantastic with great coverage and level. The rough was 2-4" long and was not too thick but short enough to hit a good shot from. The traps had plenty of good sand but most were damp and needed a raking. The greens were excellent with hardly any marks and rolled fairly quick holding well struck shots great with less break than you would think. The layout was great and course top notch. The front nine is much shorter and noticeably so than the back because of the new homes previously mentioned in other reviews. I really had a great time and great round and highly recommend a visit. I was told that this course is one of the busiest if not the busiest in the Las Vegas area.
Sunday morning round in four hours on a nice windy day. Staff always great and carts are good. The tee boxes have improved with only one being a bit beat up. The rough has grown a little bit since my last round but is still playable and a stroke saver. The fairways had great coverage of green grass and were actually being watered. Holes five and six were a bit dry before and good drives would run off into the lakes - not so anymore! The traps are always the weakest part of this place. They are all well groomed but have less sand than a cat box! Most have about a 1/4" of sand or dirt with hard clay like mud under that. The greens were all in excellent shape with very few marks and rolled true but with less break than usual. The fees are still a big draw for most and the conditions of this 18 are nice.
Played Creek/Stonehouse on Sunday morning in about four hours. The new golf carts have arrived and are top notch. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The tee boxes were all level with good coverage but a few were very dry and firm. Getting a tee in the ground was dangerous. The rough is a few inches long and is good at slowing down the wild drives but short enough to hit from. The fairways all had great coverage with a few tight lies on a couple holes. The traps were actually being raked by the maintenance crew as we were playing the Oaks nine. The green were excellent with very few balls marks and quick as usual. The quality of the course is very fair for the fees charged. The location of TCGC is always considerably colder than the rest of the valley which can make for some frost delays and chilly early rounds.
Mid morning Sunday round in around four hours. The staff is great and the new carts are promised by the end of the month. We played the Oaks/Creeek combo and were loving the conditions. The course is hosting The California State Golden Tour and we were joined by a fourth who was playing in the tournament. The tee boxes were all level but a couple of the par 3's were pretty beat up. Most of the rear tees were set as far back as they could be and the pin placements were also set in difficult positions. The fairways had nice coverage with not any bad lies just a few that were a little tight. The rough was its typical few inches and not too penal. The traps were all in great shape with plenty of sand but needing a good raking. The greens on the Oaks nine were somewhat slower than the other two nines but with more noticeable slope. My regular playing partners and myself really enjoy the club and course.
Early morning four hour round on the Creek/Stonehouse nines. The course is such a great place to play. Staff is always great even if the new carts have not arrived yet. Tee boxes are all level with a couple being a bit beat up. The rough is just long enough to stop your poor shots but short enough to hit from. The fairways have great coverage with a tight lie here and there but not many. The traps have dried out and are in nice condition but all need to be raked! The greens were fantastic as before. They are very smooth and quick but hold well struck shots great. The scenery is great throughout the course with only a little freeway noise on the Creek nine. The rates with the players card are very fair and the other inclusions are great! Recommended
Played with a group of the old softball guys Saturday morning in about 4.5 hours Creek to Stonehouse. We teed off an hour late due to the frost delay which are common for this time of the year. The staff was great and the practice area adequate. The golf carts are in mediocre shape but was told the fleet was being replaced the first of the year. The tee boxes were all in excellent shape with total coverage and level. The rough was just long enough to hold up off line shots but short enough to hit from if you found yourself in it. The fairways were all very good with GREEN GRASS which is lacking from so so many courses nowadays. There were a couple of tight lies on the Creek nine but still very good. The traps were all in need of a raking (looked as if they had not been touched in days) as our groups had to remove anything that found its way into one. The greens were the BEST I've played on in a very long time. They all were in excellent condition with few ball marks and held shots good and rolled very smooth and were really quick! The players club card they now offer is a great deal for those wishing to play here during the year. Definitely recommended even at the rack rate.
We were the third group off this morning (the first group with light) - after watching the first group tee off with their glow balls we knew it would be an interesting round. It took us about 4.5 hours to make it around the dog track this course has sadly become. I used to play here 20+ years ago on a regular basis and really enjoyed the place back then. I was really really looking forward to returning here again. It took a couple months of trying to book an early Sunday morning tee time and I finally had (wish I didn't). The staff was friendly but the carts have no windshield which makes for a frigid start to a round when it's in the low 30's. The tee boxes were all very dry and pretty well worn out. Most of the boxes were level but a few had rodent damage. The fairways were almost all dormant or dead where there was grass present. The rough was pretty much gone and the fairways had compact granite alongside them on many of the holes. The sand traps were all in great shape but lacked sand. The greens were in great condition especially considering how busy this course is. The greens would hold good shots and were very fast with very little break. On the first few holes this morning the greens were still frozen and had small frozen pieces of ice similar to hail. The par 3's are by far the most playable and enjoyable holes to see, but the entire course is starved for water and about as ugly a sight as any course I've played. The rates are very reasonable which I'm sure is a big reason it's always busy. I wish could recommend this place to others but not under the current conditions.
Early morning 4+ hour Sunday round on a very crunchy course. We got out a little early and the first green was still frozen? The fairways were frosted over until the third hole. The staff was friendly and the non-member carts are good. The tee boxes were all level and had pretty good coverage but were a little on the dry side. The rough does not exist here at this course. The fairways are extremely firm and dry. The bermuda is dormant and the good/bad shots all find ob area and you'll have a hard time finding them! The traps were very well maintained and had ample dirt/sand but most were damp. The greens were definitely the quickest I've seen in a very long time. The greens held well struck shots good and most had few ball marks. The greens are fairly large with quite a bit of slope. If you like fast greens with a lot of break this is your course. The problem will be getting to the greens without rolling off the fairways after making good drives from the tee! The rates are a little steep for what is offered but not as bad as others in the area. The very nice outdoor patio looks out onto the 18th hole - which is probably the best conditioned one you'll find.
Early morning round on Sunday in a little over four hours. The staff and rates are great as are the carts. The tee boxes were all in really good condition with only the 15th back tee box being sloped. The rough was just long enough to stop most shots but short enough to hit from. The fairways have been overseeded and are in pretty nice shape. There were sections where dormant bermuda could be found but not many. The traps were all well groomed but rock hard and damp. The greens were all in very good shape and pretty quick for being so early in the day. The greens were all pretty smooth with very few ball marks. The club was very busy and the lot was full when we finished. Always recommended.
Early morning four hour round. The course is transitioning to winter conditions with most of the bermuda going dormant brown. The tee boxes were all slightly beat up and dry. The rough has been cut down and is drying out on most holes with only a few places were any exists at all. The fairways are pretty dry for the most part except a few holes were sections are soggy from poor maintenance. The traps were all raked but really not very playable with the firmness and water in most. The greens were in good shape with not many ball marks. They rolled true and held shots well if one could hit them. The course was actually very busy which is good to see. It would be nice if the course would put more of that money back into the conditions.
Played and early morning Sunday round in 3.5 hours. The staff is friendly and the carts are okay. The restaurant was closed even the small outside patio. The tee boxes were all dry, thin and pretty beat up. The rough was hit and miss with sections good and others not to be found. The fairways were pretty dry and firm with quite a bit of roll if you were in them. Some sections of the fairways had been plugged where the bermuda was starting to go dormant. The coverage on the fairways was adequate to good depending on the hole. The traps were groomed and raked but some were a little damp. The greens were all in really good shape with few ball marks. The greens were pretty firm but held shots okay if you hit good shots. The course is scheduled to start green maintenance on Wednesday. The prices for seniors is good but the weekend rack rate is a little steep for what is offered.
Early Sunday morning round in four hours. The course is showing the lack of water and abundance of water. The tee boxes were all very dry and extremely thin from start to finish. The rough was thick/thin and dry/wet depending on the hole. Most of the fairways were very dry to the point where you could have a dirt lie? Some sections of fairways on a few holes were very damp/muddy and had to be played as gur. The sand traps had been raked but were all damp and most very thin. The greens were in good shape but were slower than usual and needed to be rolled. There were very few ball marks which is good for this course. The overall conditions continue to slide making a round questionable.
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