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It's been a dream of mine to play here. Two of my buddies made a 40th trip and we made it happen 2 weeks ago. I did the 4 night all inclusive unlimited golf package. I played 121 holes in 3 days.

If you love golf you have to visit. Mexico is trying to build up Lareto as a new vacation and they built TPC Danzante as the main draw. It's Cabo 25 years ago. It does not disappoint!

Views: Unreal. The course is 3 courses in one. You begin going up into the mountain and it feels like you are in Jurassic Park. Lareto is still undisturbed wild untamed jungle and the plant and wildlife is insane. You'll see tarantulas, thousands of beetles, vultures etc. Many of the holes on the front 9 are isolated in canyons and bowls and it hard to describe. You then work your way down to the beach and the course turns into an desert course. Then after you play holes by it runs towards the beach and then up to the signature hole and the course has become an ocean course. The 17th hole is the Torrey Pines No 3 on HGH, steroids, and whatever else the Liver King takes. Pictures don't do the 17th justice. It's much easier than the photos make it seem as it plays downhill with ample bailout left. It's only a baby 9 or PW from the tips. The other best feature is there was little to no wind. Cabo howls in the afternoon and being as Lareto is on the Sea of Cortez side and protected by mountains. We either had no wind or a slight breeze.

The Course: As a Reese Jones, what you see is what you get. However with all of the elevation changes, out of bounds, bunkers, thick rough, length it's a brute and a half. It's similar to Quintero with way more elevation changes and much more difficult hazards. While the holes are not overly tight there is no margin of error if playing further back. All of the fairways are lined with either boulder field, fluffy dune sand, thick brush, or crushed rocks so the ball Plinkos in there and you won't have a shot out even if you find your ball. I imagine the course would play differently during summer (The temp was between 60 and 70 the entire weekend) but the fairways were soft and lush so we had zero roll.

Aside from the obvious length (7237 tips) the real challenge of the course is the rough. Similar to east coast courses every bunker is surrounded by fluffy, sticky, nasty rough. You're lucky to get it out if you find the greenside bunker rough. Many a shots go from in front of the bunker rough to on top of the bunker rough the ball won't release. You feel like a pro when you play because any off target shot you pray rolls into the bunker. The sand was more similar to CA sand. Consistent but a harder sand vs fluffy crushed granite for a TPC (Most likely due to wind blowing it away). Being from AZ we don't have rough. The rough here is very sticky. You can't advance it if you find it in the fairway. With the soft conditions any short shot will stick versus releasing up into the green further adding the necessity of a well placed shot. There are no divots and the fairways are carpet here. The greens are extremely large here with subtle breaks making for difficult putting. The greens rolled perfectly and were slightly shy of immaculate. There was some small damaged areas on a few greens showing punch marks. They may have aerated some patches a few weeks ago to help repair some dead spots (Nitpicking) My favorite part of the greens (All angled back to front) were the fact that they mowed down the back edges of the greens so deeper shots not hit too long would release off the hill and roll back and funnel to the back pins (Very Fun!) The only thing holding the course were the tee boxes. While level, they were very lush and a little over watered so they were spongy and lumpy on many holes (Nitpicking)

Practice Facility: It's a resort course so the practice facilities were adequate but lacking. Great practice pitching area and practice green. The range was not good though. It's one of those ranges where you are hitting straight into a steep uphill, not allowing any type of distance calibration. The range grass is especially trash. Way too sandy with no roots so contact and divots were bizarre (The club would slide and act funny). Not a big deal for a resort course but as a TPC you couldn't seriously practice or dial your game in there.

Pace of Play: The course was wide open most days. We would only run into a few groups. I was finishing rounds solo in 1:40. My buddies wanted to play as a 6/7 some (Not my thing but they allow it if that's your thing on a buddy golf trip) I also played a round with no shoes or shirt so that was really fun.

Service: The service and food on the course is unbelievable. In fact the best food at the resort is the golf course grill. I highly recommend it you will not be disappointed.
Had buddies come up from Tuscon and waited to play a higher end course and take some bite off their drive. This course is in S Valley so it's a tad off the beaten path. Since the price is higher I never make it down there during summer when N Scottsdale has all you could ever desire. Being this is a Troon course I knew service and conditions would be top notch. Whirlwind did not disappoint! The practice facility with extensive pitching and chipping area was outstanding. As well as multiple well maintained putting greens. The staff is waiting upon your arrival with outstanding club drop service.

The course was immaculate. Not a brown spot or blade of grass out of place anywhere. The bunkers were the white crush granite but it a little more course than the powdery stuff at TPC Scottsdale. The greens rolled true and rolled medium / fast. A hair under perfect speed IMHO but I like them fast. This was likely due to keep pace of play which is always appreciated. The greens were on the firmer side but not what you would expect for AZ summer green firmness. They held shots well and would leave a minor divot. For a desert course there were no blind shots what you see is what you get. The greens reminded me of TPC and Palm springs greens. Elevated greens protected by bunkers with area to miss that would penalize and run off. The fringe wasn't moved super thin, nor the greens fast enough where the ball would run completely. The ball would stop on the fringe, which was a welcome relief as this course would be a bear playing fast and firm. A challening but very fair course. Doglegs and large elevated greens are the defence here. The greens are the type that provide me the most challenge - subtle breaks and breaks that underbreak as opposed to how they look. In order to make the course more playable every flag is on a flat area where there is no break so shots within 12 feet hold which helps makes scoring fair. The starter did an excellent drop describing how to underplay break and don't leave a putt outside the hole within 12 feet. I'm a feel putter so I could not make a decent length putt all day as the ball would stop break a few feet from the hole. I was warned but burned a ton of edges. Great views and natural desert surroundings. The only negative is the routing does not return to the clubhouse after 9. There was no halfway house and only 1 cart girl so our group was running dangerously low on alcohol. So make sure you load up on refreshments before playing ;) Will definitely play again. They used to have nationwide tournaments here and it's where they host the kornferry qualifier. It's easy to see why. A tough but fair test of golf.
Teed off at 7:30

Was nice and sunny no fog surprisingly. Played here 2 weeks or so ago and they have definitely let it go since. Greens were brutal. Tons of ballmarks and dead and dried out. Not quite concrete but getting near to it. Reminded me of AZ summer greens. Once I adjusted after two holes they rolled and were consistent.

Many unlevel / dead grass tee boxes. Fairways and rough are to be expected with a SoCal Muni. There were some really long patches that needed a consitent mow.

Sand is complete trash. Unkept dirty beach sand essentially.

Love the track / vibe / price / views. Once greens are givin some love it'll be back.
Heard good things but never had a chance to play here yet. Woke up early one morning with the golf itch and no work. I saw there was a 6:30 tee time and decided it was 500 club day.

Showed up 15 minutes early and there's was no one in front or behind of me and the starter let me go as a single. I believe 1 group was ahead of me who went at first light. I really really enjoyed the course. Granted half of the course is flat and on the back nine a few holes run along each other. However, there is not a house in site. You really feel like you are secluded and away even on this course. In fact half of the course runs along a preserve and offers a nice sense of isolation on a few holes.

The greens were the best part. Near perfect just ran medium speed, and had some minor divot damage. Rolled very true. The bunkers were fine, could use a little more sand but nothing bad. The fairways and tee boxes were nice and lush. Minor damage in the rough and divots in the fairways. A lot of hard pan and dried out grass beyond the fairways. Good conditions just not lush and pure.

I like what they did with the course. It has some funny elements to it. The island green short par 4 is out of place but a really fun hole. The church pew bunker on 18 is a funny touch as well. The few mountain holes are superb and I enjoyed the subtle dog legs and sand hazards that would run across a few of the par fours. The course has a lot of soul to it. While not on the level of a Scottsdale desert track, it's a definite step up from the boring 70s tracks scattered all over town. I really enjoyed the layout and will be back.
The prices dropped earlier here and I was able to snag a 6:30 am tee time Sunday here for $59. This place is pure right now. The course is on the same level as any premier course in Scottsdale. I consider it the older brother of Legends Trail but still younger to Quintero. The shots and lines you have to select require immense strategy and is a true thinking man's course.

Looking back and photos and even thinking back I can't remember any issues with the course. The only things holding it back from 10s were the bunkers and the tee boxes. The greens, fairways, rough were perfect. Greens were a sneaky medium fast especially on downhill putts.

The tee boxes did have divots and were slightly uneven lumpy on some. The bunkers were consistent but a very very thick course sand. Much too thick for a course like this IMO.

I'm been twice in the last week and looking to go again. Course is 40 minutes out of town but worth the drive right now for the conditions.
Prices have begun to drop here from the winter highs. I went out and walked at 3:00 for $55 through their website. I really do love the North side.

The course is in awesome shape. Tee boxes were perfectly level, minimal divots, nice and lush. Fairways and around the green are lush and perfect. Bunkers were perfect. They use a lighter finer sand here. Nice and fluffy. Always consistent shot.

Only demerits were the greens show some time of prep work on the edges. The greens were a tad dried out and had some dried out ballmarks. Were slightly dinged up. A few had some small needle like holes around them. Also red spray paint marking around some of the greens. The rough and natural shrub in front of a lot of tee boxes and some of the natural hazard had been given a buzz and didn't look the most natural.

Mostly some cosmetic things but really nice conditions right now and weather for a nice walk at Talking Stick N.
Since the ladies didn't tear it up I'd figure I'd splurge for the $100 twilight and play Wildfire Palmer last Saturday at 2:30. I needed to clear my head and was able to walk solo and enjoy a beautiful day in Phoenix.

Following the cancellation of Founders the course has been let go a tad from tour level. The greens, tee boxes, and bunkers are still mint carpet. When they properly fill and level all bunkers for pro events it really shows. I felt like hitting in the front right greenside bunker a lot that day. The bunkers' depth and consistency were amazing. Helps explain how the pros can be so precise out the bunkers. The fairways were starting to dry but still 9/10. No longer pro carpet. The rough wasn't being maintained and wasn't a consistent dormant Bermuda (Obviously nitpicking)

This is a really fun course. At the end of the day it's still a resort course. While no pushover there isn't much danger to get into here. I always love playing here. I feel it's a tad over priced. But It's convenient and always top notch service and never overcrowded.
Used got a deal Friday 8 am with 2 coworkers for $67. Top natch practice facility here. Really nice staff and customer service A+ as you would expect at a Troon course. The group who teed off in front of us flew. We were only a three some, so after the second hole we never saw anyone again for the entire round.

The course is in near perfect condition. Lush turf throughout. Only dings are minor yellow and brown areas and some divots in the fairways. Tee boxes were nice and level. There was some holes and rough spots in a couple. The greens were great. Very smooth greens with subtle and severe contours making for challenging lag putts. There were noticeable ballmarks and bumps I saw on partners putts nothing bad though. Speed was fast and the putts broke true.

The course boasts over 129 bunkers and some of the longest and luckily they were very consistent. Not the fluffy pro sand but a dense more compacted sand. The bunkers actually very easy and predictable to play out of. A few were a muddy and needed to be raked. What's unique about the bunkers is their design. They are not the typical steep heavily lipped penal bunkers common locally. In contrast the bunkers here are enormous. And have large have circle lips. However they aren't steep and the ball was rolling down and collecting in the bottom. They aren't difficult to play out of but wow are the sight lines terrifying on the par 3's and a few of the par 4s. It appears almost as if the bunkers are extending up to further defend the greens. Quite the mental intimidation factor.

It's a really fun players course. The fairways are wide and you can let the big dog eat. It will really test your shot making, putting, and up and down skills. One of the more fun courses I have played. If you want a test of your skills on a players course that's not ridiculously penal this is the place.
Shout out to Mrkich's recommendation I was finally able to score a round at the North side of Talking Stick. Since these two course are owned by the resort and maintained year round, or maybe the location, whatever it is the prices are always higher here comparatively speaking. I was able to get out on a Monday morning by random chance and scored a $45 hot deal.

Pure winter conditions. I would give fairways 8.5/10 only because a 9 is tough but they were close to carpet just a little played. Greens had divots from play but were the perfect firmness to roll really true. The speed was the perfect medium fast. Really finally maintained fringes and green areas. Top notch desert winter conditions.

The practice facility here is quite impressive. They do make an attempt to make it a more full resort like golf experience but it's a miss IMO due to the heavy hitters in the area who know what they are doing. IMO the clubhouse architecture is blocky cold and gives an uninviting vibe. Stark contrast to the modern architecture of the resort next door.

I love the North south. It has soul is the best way to describe it. Talking Stick is located on probably the absolute worst plot of land in the US. It is literally a flat square plot in the desert. Instead of going the Fazio approach Coore and Crenshaw really did make a minimalist masterpiece of out it. I was never a big fan of We Ko Pa and especially not of the Talking Stick S. because of the artificial nature of the them. A scottish links style course carved out in the desert makes no sense to me. What the North is, is a smooth flowing golf course that seems to flow out of the natural terrain. The course is routed back and forth inside a box, with holes next to each other. There's a barbed wire fence running along one side and a ginormous casino/hotel phallus shooting up out of the desert on the other. In spite of these limitations the course has my top 5 course flow ever for me. Start with a nice but no pushover par 4. Then one of the most uniquely designed and defended par 5's I've ever encountered. It's pure genius. Then a bunch of quality adult big boy par 4's that require solid drives and quality shot making into elevated protected greens. There's no cute desert short 4 pars that can get monotonous. Then you don't come into a par three until the 6th hole. I love it. My group broke off at 9 and versus waiting I re walked the front 9. It was serene golf pureness. It's good here. The bunkers are a unique contrast being being overly flowing and artificial. Versus having mounds breaking apart most holes, C&C placed these cavernous bunkers to break apart holes. Very unique and visually impressive. The greens aren't a true links but have smoothly trimmed collars allowing Texas wedging. The green side bunkers are a stark contrast than you find here. They flow into undulations with minimal lips. The main defense being the slop away from them that is carried onto the greens. Really fun subtle sloping greens. I loved them.

I can't wait to get back out and play the full 18.
Played here Tuesday as the second leg of 36. I had tried to play here before a few years but was deterred due to fires. With the amazing quality of courses in Bend my expectations were high coming into this round. We go out at 4:00 twilight and had the course to ourselves.

As a Troon managed course. The service here could not be better. You are greeted upon arrival with a cart. Everything is loaded for you and the practice range, greens and amenities are amazing.

The course is a masterpiece. You can tell it is a Nicklaus but it is unlike any course of his I have ever played. While the fairways are massive, the unique aspect of this course are the rock, brush, dead tree outcropping. What these do is essentially cut the fairway into quadrants. A drive in the wrong side of the fairway will leave a blocked shot requiring a punch out. Every tee shot you have to decide whether to carry or lay up behind particular outcroppings. Being a Nicklaus the greens are all elevated and tiny. The challenge here are the firm lightning fast greens, with subtle breaks. Most greens are tortoise shelled so laying up short and leaving a chip in the right area is key here.

The other unique thing about this course are the optical illusions on the par 3s and par 4 13th especially. Somehow with the way the water or edge of the greens have an angle to them it greatly affects your depth perception. On several holes you actually want to drive away from the hole on the outside of bunkers (versus cutting the corner) and somehow those areas are closer to the hole then going at it. There is another fun tight short uphill par 4. That appears tight but above the pinch is a massive landing zone. Course knowledge is a must here. Me and my partner went from 92s with one birdie the first round. To an 81 with 2 birdies and an eagle. Playing conservative here is the key. The par 5s are the most difficult and should all be played as 3 shotters unless you catch the speed slope on the last one.

I'm rating this course. It isnt the type of course that will have vertifcut fairways like you see on your. But the turf here is immaculate. It is cut so thin and perfect the fairways here are jicer than most greens. As we learned the second round you are better off lutting off the green to avoid rolloffs into bunkers.

The tee boxes were the nicest I have ever seen. Immaculate, perfectly flat, and cut thin like a green.

Sand bunkers were a perfect soft natural sand. Great consistency.

It doesnt get any better than Pronghorn. It was so good we came back and played it twice. There was no point going elsewhere.

The size of the ballpark. No holes backing along each other. The sheer magnitude of this course is breathtaking. It has by far two of the most epic par 5s you will ever play.
The third course of my Bend trip. My buddy is a member here and got us on for free at twilight. Understand this is not a high end course and basically a really fun local muni. The practice facility and clubhouse are minimalist but get the job done.

This course is your classic super tight, short, risk reward target mountain golf. I absolutely love these kind of courses. They are a blast to play for a twilight round when you want to knock it around and not worry about your score.

Condition wise it wasnt the best. They didnt make it cart path only following the rain and the fairways were chewed up. Some really bad cart damage. The greens rolled fine, very quick downhill, but many of them had bad fungus infestations and other poa damage. Great condition for muni standards. A few of the tee boxes were lumpy but nothing bad.

The course is a blast to play. As if you can hit high fades or draws with your driver you can cut a lot of corners and overpower the course. I almost drove a few holes and hit all the par 5s in two. Many going driver then a 7 iron over some trees. Total blast to play. Local knowledge is a must. Really fun course with unique quirky holes if thats your thing. Which it is and I had an absolute blast.
Played here Sunday at 4 as part of the second leg of my 36 kicking off my week in Bend. This is a really nice course. It was lush and in great condition following the severe rain.

Unfortunately it had to follow Tetherow and those two courses are on different levels. Widgi I would judge as a really nice private course while Tetherow is a world class golf resort.

The fairways were lush and had drained well. Not too soft. The greens were receptive. Rolled well. Just not flawless smooth greens. They dont roll at all downhill which is odd. I had recently played Pine Canyon and unfortunately that experience spoiled me. The bunkers were a little generic. The sand was a little washed out from the massive run but I imagine they are fine normally.

Widge is mostly tight to medium tight tree lines fairways. Greens are mostly protected. But they arent overly elaborate elevated greens. Some of the par 3s have some nice green complexes. There are some beautiful shute par 4s. But looking back I dont really remember any of the holes. I felt a lack of elevation changes held the course back a little. Also the fee to play during the week is $110. Then twilight is a bargain $35 without cart. So rightfully so twilight was slammed. So we had a slow round in comparison. Some of the artificial water hazards seemed out of place too.

Forest courses aren't my favorite so this course didnt quite do it for me. But a very nice clean, beautiful course.
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