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Hadn't played the "Valley" in some time as some folks told me it wasn't in great shape. It was pretty good today. My partner and I were first off at 6:45 am as it was going to be a hot day. Plenty of roll out on the Fairway's from the get go. Mowed too low for me. Way too many tight lies. Greens were pretty smooth and hadn't been mowed so they were kinda slow which wasn't a problem. Traps were horrible. Mostly hard dirt or mud. Maybe slowly get some new sand for these things. Price was in the Ballpark for a senior rate. Very good customer service. I think this will be back in our winter rotation.
Hadn't played here in many years and we decided to give it a shot as many courses are in the middle of aeration. The course is nothing special but it is fun. It was in better than decent shape. Tee boxes pretty good and most all level. Fairways had good coverage. The greens here are huge! They rolled pretty good. I kind of like the way the course traverses between the homes and if you can concentrate through barking dogs you'll be fine. Not expensive. Friendly staff. Give it a shot if you're out that way.
Played today after about a 4 year hiatus from this course. We had stopped playing here because the course conditions had gotten pretty bad in relation to cost. Figured we'd give it a try again. Still pretty pricey but it is south OC. $65 for seniors is a bit on the high end but not too prohibitive. Must say we were presently surprised that the course is in the best shape I've seen it in a long time. That's not to say there are not some issues. Sand traps are the worst I've seen on ANY course in this price range. Just atrocious! Greens were fine and rolled pretty well though a tad on the slow side. Fairways in decent shape with pretty nice lies throughout. Hardly any ballmarks! Enjoyable round.
Played today using my yearly "Black Monday" certificate. Good deal that you can purchase in November and have until the following April to use. $55 bucks is a good deal for this course! We had been waiting for the Greens to heal before playing and we were not disappointed. Greens in superb condition! Very smooth ( a bit on the slow side but rolled smooth). Fairways in good shape, pretty good lies. Not much rough to speak of and what there was clump grass mostly. I like the layout and would play it more often but it's a steep for me. If you want to spend a few bucks or get a deal, play it.
Played El Dorado today. Early start time before 7AM.$39 for seniors. We were a twosome and had nobody in front and some hackers behind. Played like a private course. The course is in the best shape I've seen it in years. Ball sat up very nice in the fairway. Greens rolled very smooth with hardly a ball mark on them! Rough could be stingy. Very enjoyable. Early is the way to go here because they allow fivesomes (why oh why!) so you can get bogged down for a later start time.
Played today with GK coupon that reduced the rate to $55 from the unbelievable rack rate of $89. Don't know why anyone would pay such a high rate for this course. My partner and I have enjoyed most of the courses in our area after all the rain we've had this winter. The greens were just OK, most as hard as a rock. Fairways were uneven, some were very nice and ball sat up, others you had to move your ball to find some grass. The traps were excellent. Nice soft sand. If you can get a good deal then I would say play it but there are too many in way better shape for a lot less money.
Played Rio Hondo yesterday. It's been about a year and a half since playing the course. As is many of the courses lately all the rain we've had has surely "greened" everything up. The Course was in wonderful shape. We were early for our tee time and starter said he'd try to get us out early. The staff here is pretty nice all around. This course gets a lot of play but seems to hold up very well. Some tight lies in the fairways but otherwise your ball sat up pretty well. Greens fairly firm and rolled pretty quick. Sandtraps were outstanding for a Muni, nice and fluffy. Enjoyable round.
Played today. Hadn't been out there in almost a year and was pleasantly surprised at the condition. They're getting their water from someplace because it didn't look dried out. Always a friendly staff. Had an early start time but we got out even earlier. Ball sat up pretty well in all the fairways. Greens in good shape, not a lot of ball marks (Thank You fellow golfers!), sand traps fluffier than I would think. You can really bomb your drives on this course, especially the back nine. It got warm but the cart girl came by several times. Worth our drive from OC and the price is well worth it. Very enjoyable round!
Played Lagos yesterday and hadn't played it in some time. The course was in remarkable shape. Fairways pretty lush and the greens rolling pretty smooth. Though I live fairly close to the course I don't play it that often basically because of POP. They allow fivesomes, which I detest and then they allow them to walk! We teed off before 7:00 AM and finished at close to noon on a weekday! If you haven't played it in awhile and don't mind slow play check it out. It is in great shape,
Play, ed the "Creek" today as it had been awhile. Tough to get an early time without being a member of their Creek Card where you get a little break on price but you get to make a start time a few weeks before. Have always liked this course for its challenging layout. It was in great shape today. Fairways very nice and the greens were holding shots even though they seemed to have been cut fairly low. Now I may be being a bit picky but our tee time was 7:00 am and you couldn't get a cup of coffee? No GPS on the carts, no big deal for me as I have my own but the rack rate at this course is $105 and no GPS? Also, many of the ball washers didn't have water in them and none had towels. Nit picking maybe but if I had paid the prevailing rate, was fun and enjoyable.
Played the course today. Had a 7:38 start time but it rained last night and was still drizzling this morning so we got there early and was hardly anyone there. Starter let us out 20 minutes before our scheduled time. We only play this course a few times a year in our rotation but I must say the staff is topnotch. From the Clubhouse to the starter to the Cart gals. The advantage of going out early on this course is that for a public course they ROLL the greens! We had PERFECT lies for our putts all morning! Fairways are like most of the courses in the County right now, pretty dry and you get some tight lies that can be formidable. I won't comment much about the sand because of the overnight rain and drizzle but the couple times I found it I was able to get out with no trouble. Fun round and because we were only the 3rd group out we finished in 3 hours 20 minutes!
Made our once a year appearance here using their Cyber Monday Special that they offer for $55. It's the only time we show because the course is out of our price range. The staff is always great here I must say. Pleasant and helpful in every way. We got off a full 20 minutes before are scheduled time ( it was about 7:20 am). The course was in better shape than I was expecting. The fairways had some pretty tight lies and just a few bare spots. Rough was decent. The greens were another matter. They wouldn't hold any shots from distance. Pretty hard and VERY fast. Too fast for me and my partner. The sand traps were probably the best I've seen locally and I know because I probably should have had a beach chair in my bag as many times as I found them. It was an enjoyable round and we'll be back next year.
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