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Played with Nick & John in the GolfMoose/GK outing on 9/21/21. Nick nailed it on the conditions and the terrible pace, and Sal was right in that this did not feel like an outing in the sense that you did not get much attention from the Morgan Run staff. Not a good sell of their hosting capabilities. But Moose got us a good price, so I suspect other outings here are more expensive and the service goes along with that.

I will say though, after playing the South and East 9s previously, the North 9 is the star of the show. Lots of character, interesting holes, great conditions. The South is also very good, just not as scenic. The East was closed for needed fall maintenance.

Now that I have seen all 27 holes, I really like the course and I suspect it is a nice option at a level below many high dollar clubs in the near area. Worth a visit if you have a chance.

Great to see several GKers that I had not seen in a long time!
Played MSQ on 9/7/21.

First - conditions are pretty good. Greens are very nice, smooth, medium fast. Fairways in good shape with a rare bad spot. Rough is fine. Tee Boxes are a mess right now, some areas being massively sanded, and for some reason the grounds crew would put the markers right in the sandy area. Luckily, two club lengths would usually get you back to playable grass. In all, no major concerns with the course conditions.

The revised routing is as follows: #1 - #14 on the Classic remain unchanged. Players #10 is now #15 (temporarily a Par 3 though). Players #18 is now #16. You then jump back over to Players #8 and #9 as the new #17 and #18 (these two holes belonged to the Classic course before Players was built anyway). This results in a Par 74 (73 due to #15 being played as a 3).

The routing is a bit of hopscotch on those last 4. It appears that they are building a new #16 coming reverse back over Players #1. That will make it a smooth flow from 14 through 18.

It was sad to see the remnants of the Players course through the fence. I always enjoyed that course just a bit more than the Classic. Classic remains the same general course - a fun track to play.
Played 8/23 with Guru's Mark, Tim & Jim. Mark's review nailed it. It is hard to rate this course with such different conditions on the 9s.

The South 9 was really great in the important areas. Tees, fairways, greens, sand all extremely nice. The East 9 was quite a mess with lots of bare spots in the fairways, and the greens battered by ball marks. Very unusual to find a course with such different condition between adjacent nines.

The layout is nice. For a course that only measures in the 6600 range it plays really long. Par 3s go from 115 to 215 (thank goodness that 215 didn't play to the scorecard listed 235). Par 4s up to 460. It is a very playable course with a few hazard to bite you.

If you do go out on the east, be sure to pause and enjoy the huge backyards on the east edge of the course and imagine yourself living there and setting up a nice 150 yard pitch & putt course in your backyard. You don't see that in SoCal often.

I will give Morgan Run a guarded recommendation, just be warned that the East needs some focus at this time. The South is great, and the North (closed this day) looked comparable to the South.
First time back to my home course in 18 months, played 6/30/21. Not impressed. It's playable, but conditions aren't close to the SC Muni which costs much less.

Greens bumpy. Grass coverage is good, so I was surprised they were not rolling well. Fairways and rough are ok, overall decent but there are some areas not good.

Bunkers are not good. Half are hard as a cart path, obviously have not been maintained. Some have a thin layer of sand. One was completely closed off as it looked like it was being completely rebuilt. I can only hope that is a sign that they are redoing bunkers, because as they are it is an embarrassment.

Tee boxes are indicative of a course getting heavy play. Divots fill the tee boxes on Par 3s.

Talega drops off my "recommended" list at this time. Great layout, sub-muni conditions. There are much better options out there.
Played early on 6/10/21. Let's get the one minor negative out of the way...they have a light topcoat of sand on the greens. Give that a week to settle in, and the greens will be fabulous. Right now, the grass is great and rolling smooth.

Fairways are borderline immaculate. Green, plush, super-healthy.

Tee boxes are very good. The two or three boxes under construction have been resodded, but not open yet. Should be soon though. Rough is getting thick as well.

In all, amazing conditions for a muni. Heck, amazing conditions for any course, public or private.
Played BrokenTee Creek in the afternoon of 5/27.

Greens are in good shape. Very last stages of recovery from aeration, but generally very smooth, soft and quick. Fairways and rough in good shape.

Bunkers are in good shape, although the post-COVID crowd has not started to use the rakes and it shows.

If you like teeing off of bare dirt and having an infinite supply of broken tees, you will love it here. Especially the StoneBrokenHouseTee nine where almost every tee box is dirt in the middle. You can get a bit of grass on the edges, but you won't get grass under your feet and under your club. And broken tees as far as the eye can see! Add a few minutes to every tee shot to pick away all the glorious broken tees so that you can stand. In 45 years of golf, never have I see such an effort to provide golfers an endless supply of broken tees.

Still love the old 18, hate the Stonehouse 9. Conditions were better on the Oaks than Stonehouse, but don't worry, there are still plenty of broken tees on the Oaks.
Out early on 5/19. It's been a few weeks post-aeration, but the greens are still a bit shaggy and bumpy. A couple of more weeks and they should be good to go.

A few tee boxes are being completely rebuilt (1, 11, 16). Always surprised that #1 tee box is always so bad when the #10 tee box that is 15 yards away has always been nice. Hopefully the #1 rebuild fixes that.

Otherwise, standard SC conditions with better than most fairways and patchy rough. Bunkers - some are still being ignored and are a mess. Some are fine.

Definitely seen SC in better shape, and I am sure it will be again soon. Still a great bargain though.
What Gary said ..... ditto!

He summed it up well. Not much more I can add. Better than average conditions all around. Highly recommended.
Played CrossCreek on 3/9. Highly recommended!

Greens are fantastic right now. Quick and firm. It was windy, so they were very dry and hard to hold. The grain is very obvious on these greens, and putting and chipping can be very difficult depending on the grain direction.

HOORAY! A course where the fairways actually have grass!t While so many courses try to go hard and firm resulting in bare dirt being visible under some blades of grass, CrossCreek actually has no visible dirt - the ball actually sits on the grass. And guess was still hard and firm - plenty of roll.

As always, there are rough patches on this course. The rough can be hit or miss, tee boxes can be iffy in some of the heavy shade areas, and there is a rare bare spot on a few fairways. Don't let any of these keep you away though. It is a challenging layout that always plays tougher than I expect. Even though it is a 70 minute drive, I've got to get here more often.
Played Redhawk on 2/24/21. I had not been here since 2007, so I was excited to get back.

Conditions are iffy right now. In general, greens were nice. A couple of them did have major bare spots, but the holes were well away from that (except for one green where it was not avoidable. Several greens have different levels, and if you are on the wrong side of a ridge you will be 3 or 4 putting. Tee boxes and rough were good for winter.

Fairways - my usual rant. Bare dirt with a minimal layer of green/brown grass lying horizontally on top of the dirt. Maybe I need to start skipping the practice range mats and just hit my wedges off of the cement. As soon as I got on #1 fairway and saw what was coming, I tried to keep all iron shots > 100 yards as trying to hit a wedge off of these things was more risky than going for the island green.

Maybe I am just spoiled having San Clemente Muni as a home course. There if you hit the fairway, your ball actually sits on grass. You don't see the dirt underneath.

If you like your driver to roll, Redhawk definitely gives you that. My normal 250-260 drive would go an extra 20-30 yards here. However, even from the 6750 tees, I would say on half of the holes, a 280 drive is too much, as you will roll through fairways.

I really enjoyed the layout, it is a fun course. Conditions...meh. Greens are good enough that I would return if I was local, but being an hour away I'd lean to other options in the area.
Played LC Champions on 1/26/21. Played in a 4-some that wasn't particularly quick, group was on our tail the entire round, shocked to find out we finished in 3:45.

Course is in very good winter shape. Tees are near perfect. Greens very nice, smooth and quick. Rough is good.

Only minor complaint is very tight fairways, made it very tough to hit wedges. Grass coverage is good, it is just cut short and laying right down on the ground. Great for driver roll, awful for chipping.

Staff is great as always. Highly recommended.
Joined abbacat, Gary00 and his friend for a round here on 11/19. Thanks Wendy for letting us join you for your closest to the pin round! It was really fun. And yes, Wendy birdied that same CTP hole yesterday! She owns that Par 3.

Conditions are really nice. Greens and sand traps are excellent. Fairways and rough are better than I would expect give the "hidden valley" location - it cannot be easy to grow grass as sunlight has to be hard to come by in some areas. The back tees are at 6600 yards, but some holes are really tight and you had better be dead on with your tee shots. Lots of hidden shots and hidden troubles. Even if you don't play the back tees, go back and look at them as you get some great views of the holes and the area that you might miss from the forward tees.

Strangest thing...I thought I had played there, but a quick search prior to the round on my spreadsheet said I had not been there. But when I drove into the parking lot, I could have sworn I had been to that clubhouse. Played the course, and it all felt new to me. Got back home and did some more searching...and yes I had played there in the 2015 SCGA outing. Very strange that I did not remember the course, because it is a very memorable course. I'm chalking 2015 up to an old man memory lapse.

If you get a chance, definitely go, it is a really fun track.
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