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Also played in the 3/13/23 GolfMoose outing. This is the best I've ever seen Los Coyotes, the rain has helped. Greens were really nice, just stay on the downhill side of the cup. They had some pin placements that made being above the cup really difficult.

Rough was really thick in places. Fairways nice. Bunkers quite good. The snails were huge.

Highly recommended. Thanks Johnny for setting up another great outing.
Played Muni on 2/21/23. Normally, I just say "usual SC Muni conditions" which is very good greens, very good fairways, and good everywhere else.

However, today the greens were hard as a rock. We maybe had four iron shots actually hit on and stay on a green. I've never seen these greens this hard. Cut real short, and it was FAST if you were down grain. Several times we'd see putts come to a stop.....but would start creeping downhill and just go a good 10-15 feet away. There's no major slopes on the greens, but they just wouldn't stop if there was any slope at all. Only had 1 ball mark to fix today, you just don't find any ballmarks. However, the old ballmarks really affected putts as the grass was so short the old marks would really knock it off line.

Love Muni, but I hope they have aeration soon, these greens need a ton of punching and sand.
Played Rancho San GoosePoop on 1/13. Not as muddy as I would have expected, especially given the guy leaving when I arrived who made it sound like you would need swim trunks to walk the course. Not true, I really only had to avoid a couple of swamp patches.

Greens are quite good right now, probably the best I have ever seen out here. Mowers can't get to many areas right now, so the rough is tough in areas. Rest of the course is standard RSJ hit and miss.

Course was packed as always. Tee time 12:00, actual start 12:20, finish 5:15. Decent value to get the winter cobwebs off the swing.
Played RSJ on 10/25. Conditions are very hit and miss, but not bad for an inexpensive round.

Greens are nice but way too soft. Huge ballmarks, many unrepaired, many poorly repaired. Footprints in the soft greens make putts shake shimmy and jump. Fairways and rough - vary wildly. One green on the front was a mess, but the other 17 were pretty good.

Several tee boxes were covered in mulch and seed. Playable, but a broom or rake would help. Outside of those, tees were pretty good. Sand traps very good actually.

Play it up, and enjoy a decent course at a good price.
Played 09/14/22 at 1:20pm. Finished #18 in 3 hrs 17 minutes. Unfortunately, we started on #10.

That was not a typo. 3:17 to play 9 holes. Pace was not improving.

Called the Pro Shop 5 times during the 3+ hours. Each time they said they would send someone out. Nobody was sent out. Even tried to call the GM twice, the GM didn't answer. I hope he was out here playing.

We started 5:40 before sunset. We were on pace to finish 1 hour after sunset.

Conditions pretty good, and a great layout but it doesn't matter if the staff doesn't care about pace of play. I quit after 9.

Played Oak Quarry on 8/29/22. My numerical rating is low for this course based on one thing - what used to be sand traps.

Not sure what is going on here. Coming bunker renovation project I hope. Anyway, around 75% of the sand traps are being completely neglected/ignored. Fairway bunker on #18 had weeds over knee high. One trap was completely sand free, with the black bottom liner in full view. Almost all sand traps could only be played as ground under repair - you had to drop out. But it wasn't all bunkers. Some strategic bunkers were being somewhat maintained with rocky sand, but still weeds were coming in many places. In 50 years of golf, I can't remember a nice course having such terrible bunkers. It was beyond shocking.

Outside of that, the course was in good shape for late summer. Greens were soft, so a bit bumpy at times, but still rolled well although a bit slow. Fairways and rough in good shape, with a rough spot here and there. Tee boxes were very good.

Still one of my favorite tracks, but I sure hope the bunker fiasco is not a sign of pending doom.
Played in the SCGA Member's Outing on 08/08/22. First time here, and man what an outstanding facility. Pretty tight course, lots of trouble everywhere.

Greens were fantastic. However, they were a very manageable speed, but I suspect they could be brutally fast when they want to do so. Very receptive greens.

Fairways, rough, tees all really nice.

One negative, the bunkers were not good. Strangely crusty, and a very thin layer to the hardpan below. I cannot imagine this is normal, as the rest of the course is amazing. Still, being a Monday, you have to think the members played Sunday, but the several bunkers I was in all looked like they had been unvisited for weeks.

Even with the bunkers like that, I loved the course. Highly recommended if you get the chance.
Also played in the GolfMoose outing on 7/25, paired up with JohnnyGK, Ron rgm2525, and Mark mark_6m - always a great group of guys to play with.

I've played Bear Creek maybe 10 times, and it is one of my favorites. Yesterday did not change that opinion at all. This was the first time that I had seen the greens grown out for summer, and the usually treacherous greens were actually playable for once.

Conditions were very good, better than I expected for a late July round here. The only complaint I have is that the low spots in bunkers are low on sand, and you'll bounce off the hard bottom. As long as you weren't in the bottom, they were fine.

Otherwise, greens were excellent and medium speed. Tees were really nice. Rough was a bit thicker than I expected. Better conditions than most courses these days.

Thanks again to Johnny and Moose for setting this up, it was a very fun day. Highly recommended if you have a chance to play here.
Played SC Muni early on 5/26. Don't let the aeration alert scare you, course has recovered quickly and is in great shape.
Played LC Legends on 05/12/22. SURPRISE! AERATED GREENS THIS WEEK! No notice from the staff of course. Big aeration holes everywhere - makes any putt > 1 foot impossible to keep on line. Completely unplayable.

Rest of course is fine, except bunkers are rock hard. Doesn't matter, greens make it a complete waste of time.

I'll stay away for a long time. Definitely do not go in May, it is going to take weeks to recover.

I thought I was getting a deal, $90 for a 2:40 twilight start. Man was I wrong. They got me good.
Played SV on 3/22/22 in the late afternoon. First time back here after the redesign. Dave's review from the AM is comprehensive, so I won't repeat that. My additional thoughts....

The non-overseeded fairways are covered, but it is a very thin & hard coverage. Very difficult to play, you have to catch the ball perfectly - lots of fat and thin shots. The redesign has built up the greens with lots of mounds and undulations, the green complexes are well done, but it leaves a dilemma. If you miss a green, the ball will always funnel down to a collection area well below the green surface. So now you have a flop shot off a hard tight lie to an elevated green usually with mounds between you and the hole. I was 0/10 on the day getting up and down - and to be honest I wasn't even close to getting 1. Saw this in my playing partners as well - nobody could get a chip within 10 feet. Most of us resorted to rolling hybrids or putters instead of wedges.

Another note is it was very hard to find a flat / consistent tee box on the black tees. Some were unlevel, some had significantly different levels of grass.

I like the course and layout. Greens are really nice. I think once the fairway grass starts growing it will be a very fun course to play. Right now, not so much.
Played SC Muni on 3/8/21. Pretty normal SC conditions - generally good all around. Greens are quick. I did notice more ball marks than usual on a couple of greens. Fairways are solid. Rough is all over the place, some good, some not. Bunkers are fine. Still better conditions and a lower price than most, and toss in some great views.

I'd give it a high recommendation, but I do not want you all coming here and overcrowding my course. So....not recommended for you. :)

Of note, they have redone the back tees on 16, and will be putting in a couple more trees cutting off the shortcut left for the bombers. This was (I heard) a compromise with homeowners. I'm OK with this, because over the last two years, I've gotten older and lost enough distance that I can't take that shortcut any more. It was fun while I could.
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