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First review now that TopGolf took over. Too far away for me to usually play, but I had to take my daughter to a book convention in Santa Monica, so I had a few hours and tried out the new Lakes at El Segundo, adjacent to the new TopGolf. TopGolf owns it, and the entire complex has been redone to match TopGolf.

I will say, it far exceeded my expectations. It is a small Par 3 course with 10 holes. The longest hole plays 150, and most are in the 80-110 range.

I expected that due to the location, the course would get tons of play, and also lots of beginners. True and true. It was packed, and probably half of the players I saw had not likely been to a course more than a couple of times.

What I didn't expect was a course in great condition. Greens were great. Rolled very smooth, a hair on the slow side. And shockingly, they were not covered in ballmarks. Even though all these 100 yard holes probably get pounded daily, I would only find 3 or 4 marks to fix on each green.

Not much to say about fairways and rough for a Par 3 course, but everything else was fine. Bunkers looked nice, but I didn't get in any.

Although we were 20 minutes late starting, the marshall quickly saw a slow group on #2 and talked them into playing a scramble to move it along. And that worked, things moved great after that, and we were done in 1:20.

TopGolf itself looks fun - not really my thing though. TLAES though is a fun way to practice your wedge game and putting. Really nice putting green and chipping area as well.
Played Muni on 4/3. Conditions continue to be very good here. Fairways are fantastic. Rough has filled in nicely with the rains.

The teeth of this course are the greens, and they are tough. Getting firmer, and fast. Lots of divot marks, but most of the players here do tend to fix the marks, so the greens do roll well.

Aeration is still 6 weeks away, so I expect the greens to get firmer and faster until then.
Played Muni on 3/7/24. As always, the conditions are far above what you would expect for this price.

Greens are still being cut a bit too short. Although they are generally smooth, there is not a thick layer of grass, and you can see bare dirt under the blades. The result being, unrepaired or poorly repaired ball marks make things quite bouncy. Right now, they are still nice, but a level below the way they were 2-5 years ago.

Fairways are just amazing. Nothing better at three times the price.

Rough is fine. Sand traps are good. Tee boxes are pretty good, especially given the amount of traffic on some of the small boxes.

No notice of spring aeration schedule yet.

Highly recommended.
Played Muni on 1/18. Some maintenance going on, verticut fairways were quite bumpy. Greens look to be getting back to too firm and cut too short.

Still a fun course in pretty good shape, just be prepared for some maintenance for a couple of weeks.
Played in the Golf Moose outing on 11/27/23. I have played LC a dozen or so times over the last decade, and this was the best I have ever seen it. Greens were perfect, fast and treacherous in spots. Fairways were great. Only very small negative - the low spots in bunkers could use a bit more sand as I did hit the deck on a couple of shots. But generally, bunkers were nice as well - just a case of people raking away from the bottom rather than pushing sand into it.

It was a great day, thanks to JohnnyGK for running another great outing.

If LC was closer to my home, it would be worth considering a membership. Great 27 holes, nice conditions, good range, nice practice greens and chipping areas. Nice clubhouse and facilities as well. Highly recommended.
I also played Goose in the GK Plays event on 11/17. Quick summary - amazing.

BigHitter summed it up well. I didn't have any of the aeration mark issues that he had, I was fully in control of missing my own putts. I did get in a few bunkers, and they were in outstanding conditions.

GO TO GOOSE CREEK NOW. Public golf doesn't get much better than this.
Played SC Muni on 10/12 on a gorgeous October day. Course is supposed to be 3 weeks post aeration, but I saw no evidence. Greens looked great other than the attack of the ball marks.

Otherwise, standard SC Muni conditions, better condition than most courses but signs of constant play are obvious. I will say the bunkers were very nice, I saw plenty of them today.

Still the best bargain in the OC.
Played CC in the afternoon of 08/28/23. I see Wendy was across town at Redhawk. I will agree, it was brutally hot. I got a little goofy midround, so I kept pouring cold water on my head which kept me going.

Course is really great right now. Greens are soft and smooth, a bit slower than expected as they are not cutting short in the heat. Really nice though. Fairways were almost all great. Rough is nasty nasty nasty. If you could find your ball, hacking it out was tough. Miss the green into the rough and it was so tough to get it close (I was 0 for 6 getting up and down chipping), all you can do is hack and hope.

As good as I have ever seen it out here. Great layout. Highly recommended. Wish it was closer than a 70 minute drive for me.
Back out to my favorite SoCal public track early on 8/8/23. Standing out on the new #1 tee, you get a beautiful view of #1 and #2. Immaculate conditions. Beautiful grass. Pristine white sand bunkers.

And they got me. After #2 reality sets in. The owners and/or staff just do not care. Once you are past #2, half the bunkers have sand, half are being completely ignored. If they do have sand, it is a historical relic and not an active attempt to maintain a functioning sand trap. They haven't been groomed in forever, and definitely have not been raked my maintenance in any recent fashion. Most are just filled with footprints, if the staff doesn't care, why should the players? I rated the bunkers as a 2, and that is being generous because I did get up and down from 2 of 3 today. Sounds great, but you have to play the ball up in the sand - it just is not fair otherwise. And as for the bunkers filled with weeds, you just have to move it to a spot where you can hit it and not break a wrist. And if you are playing with forged irons - just take it out of the bad bunkers and save yourself some rock dings.

As for the rest of the course, tees and rough is fine. Greens were not good today. Non-invasive aeration, very spongy, not been rolled in a long time - they were very inconsistent and bumpy.

Great layout. It could be (and should be) an amazing experience. But it is not.
Played on 06/10/23. After dropping my daughters off at SoFi for a concert, I had a few hours of sunlight left, so I decided to try out Westchester.

Executive course in a highly populated area, but I must say it was better than expected. Greens were very good which was amazing consider the amount of play out here. Fairways were decent, although goose poop is a common find. Watching the family of hawks on #2 catch a critter was some surprise entertainment, as was the group of 20-somethings two groups ahead that stopped after #2 to have a nice little smoke break.

I forgot a glove, so I played terrible, but Westchester was a fun little course on which to spend some time.
Played Glen Ivy on 6/8/23. Weber pretty much tells the story, conditions are pretty good out here now. Greens are pretty good. They've definitely been working on them, some patched areas, but in general everything was smooth other than unfixed ball marks.

Fairways were nice. Good coverage, not too short, actually playable. Bunkers were in very good shape.

JC is doing good out here. Add Glen Ivy back to the rotation. Recommended.
Played SC Muni on 5/11. One month after aeration, and I'd say greens are at 80% recovered. Still a bit bumpy in some spots, but most of it is running pretty good.

Outside of that, the course is in great shape. Beautiful day today, and great views at SC Muni.
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