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Played this morning starting at 630. Once I passed the members on the 9th hole it was a brisk pace of 2 and a half hours. The course was in great condition on the tee boxes and fairways. Greens had a lot of old unfixed divots. Some greens had so many it looked like the greens were aerated. People need to fix their divots. Some areas around the green looked like they added new sod so it looked like gur on some holes.
Had a great time playing today and will play again using the greenskeeper coupon.
Played yesterday as the first tee time out as a single walking. Pace is not an issue for me on this course since I am always the first or second out. This review goes for the past couple of weeks for the course.
Tee boxes- showing winter conditions as sparse grass so you would need to use a tee on the tee boxes.

Fairways are dormant so you do get a lot of roll on tee shots, they are painted green so that you are able to tell the difference from fairway to rough. Rough is non existent since its winter conditions. Of note some fairways are chewed up from lazy asses in carts driving all over the fairways leaving muddy areas. There also seems to be a skunk problem on the 4th fairway as there are holes where they dig to search for food.

Greens are medium fast and hold their lines. As always I fix alot of ball marks from the previous days golfers.
The course is in winter conditions so it is not as pristine as spring but the conditions are playable so I have no complaints.
Played this morning as a single walker at 540. Finished the round in 2. 5 hours so pace of play is not a problem. The course is playing really well in regards to fairways and greens. The fairways were lush and easy to hit from. There really is no rough on the course. Some of the tee boxes are a little chewed up but not as bad as it was before the closing. The greenskeeper is doing a wonderful job and the greens are running medium fast and true. Playing early there really are no divots on the greens. It was only medium because of the morning dew, but I could tell it is very fast in the afternoon. As a member of this course and someone that plays this course very frequently, I could see that they are trying to put in a lot of work to keep the conditions great for golfers. I wasnt in any bunkers so I cant comment on them, but I do know that is usually this courses weak point, but it looks like they added new sand in some of the bunkers. I love playing this course and being able to get out before the rest of the crowd makes this course even more enjoyable.
Got out on Sunday as the first group out. Pace was good in the fact that we didnt have to wait so as a walker and 1 rider we finished in about 3 hours. The mens club started a shotgun on 15th and we did not catch up to them.
The course is still getting through its greens aerification, so it is still a little bumpy and slow. The sanded holes are now gone. Should be ready in a little over a week hopefully.
The tee boxes were a mixed bag for the blue tees. Theres some holes that are nice and level, some that have a lot of divot damage and sparse grass, other than that i recommend using a tee for all tee shots to help improve your lie.
Fairways were good for the most part, there are parts that are overwatered so you get some mud lies, but its expected in the morning as this course can get dried out quickly for later times.
As a member of this course, I enjoy playing here because everyone in the pro shop is great and welcoming, I can also see how the course can get backed up for later times because they do get a lot of play.
Played the padre course on tuesday with a member teeing off on a hot humid day around 7. This was the first time ever playing this course and enjoyed most of the course. The member did tell me the ambiente course was the better course out of the 2. I wish I was able to play that also but there were no times available and from the looks from the padre side it looks more links style while the padre is more parkland.
The course itself is not too difficult in the fact that everything is right in front of you. There are no real forced carries and no real trouble other than some water that comes into play. The tee boxes were all level and there were no divot damage at all. Fairways were perfect there was minimal brown spots and the ones that had bare spots were roped off and getting watered. Binkers were nice and fluffy and easy to control. The only bad part of the course were the greens. There was no damage to them of anything, it was just that they were very bumpy and extremely slow. The member was even complaining that the greens were too slow.
I thoroughly enjoyed playing this course and when I come back to scottsdale area I will put this course in my rotation.
Played my home course for the first time since dr gave the ok. Its nice having a membership because I'm able to go out when I want. Walked the course since I wanted to give my knee some exercise. Found the course to be in very good shape. Tee boxes were good and level, just needs to be mowed in some areas. Fairways were nice and gave roll to good drives and did not have a lot of divots from where I was hitting. Greens were rolling good just a little slower than what I was used to. I love playing here because the pace of play is fast if you get out early. Walking the course is not that hard for the first 13 holes but then you get to the mountain side and then it gets harder. Will be back out again since I had no issues with the knee. Feels great to be back out on the course again.
Played in the match play on Sunday with Andrew1, Sixpez, and Its likeimsaying with a tee time of 716. I agree with everything that Sixpez wrote. I am a member of this golf course and I am usually playing this course every weekend since I moved to Corona. I wish the course would do more maintenance on the bunkers, because that is what I feel is probably the worst part about the course. As I usually play this course as the first group out, the bunkers are usually very wet and hard to judge. I was actually surprised how soft the sand was in the bunkers I was in on Sunday. I was worried about the conditions because the rains we had made the course very soggy and muddy. I'm glad the winds the past couple of days had dried up the fairways more and made the course more playable.
Got to get my first round post op in this GK cup. I picked this as my first round since it is now close to my house. Got to play for the first time with Dave and Gus. it was good seeing Greg again. I second all the previous reviews of the course. It was fun but the pace was very long and tiring. I hope to play with the group again as I start my way back to playing.
Went out to Lakewood on Sunday as a single walk on. Was the 4th group out following a slow 5 some. They let us through after the 5th hole and never waited on a shot. I have not played Lakewood in a long time and was surprised at how well the course was looking. Tee boxes were level, fairways were green and the ball sat up on shots. The rough was really easy to hit out of, it was not penal since it looked like it had been cut before. Greens ran smooth and medium fast on downhill putts. The pro shop guy said they had just smoothed it in the morning. Putts rolled smooth and kept their line. if conditions are like it was on Sunday, i will wake up early again and play. In regards to pace, the only way to play here sub 4 .5 hours is to play very early as it looked like there was a crowd forming on the first tee around 7.
First round of the summer here in portland. Decided to get out close to where i was staying. Was the first one out so started at 520 finished before 830. The course is playing well in that there are no water restrictions over here so the course will be green. Some areas were a little soggy. Since it was so early pace wasnt an issue but greens were slower than usual because of the morning dew. Locals complain about this course because of how busy it is but i play early so its no problem. They have an early bird special of 28 to walk. Will be back again since it is convenient but i will also be playing other courses in the area.
Got out to Lakewood for my Match play with Roarksown for 9AM tee time. Started a little behind schedule as a 5some. Robert's review was spot on. Greens rolled true and quick. it was best to stay below the hole today. had a great time and good luck to Robert in your next match. They are going to start aerating half the greens on tuesday.
Got out today in the morning around 8. Played using a group golfer voucher for 2 people for 60 which included a drink. Pace was great in that I got to play with no waiting as my group and another 2 some were the only ones to play the course because of the rain and wind. They allow walking which is great since it is cart path only for now. As for the course itself, the conditions of the tee box, most Fairways , and greens were way better than before. The highlights of the course are the Fairways where the grass is lush. The greens had no ball marks and rolled medium and true. For those that played before the course closed this is a vast improvement on those conditions. The rough was non existent it was dirt or very short grass. Bunkers had huge rocks in them, it does say you can move them out of the way with no penalty.
The course has come along way from where it was before. I would probably give this course another look in a couple of months after the rains have stopped. Hopefully this el Nino will help grow the rough.
One gripe I had with the course are the coots and geese. There were droppings everywhere on the Fairways it was like these birds came and dropped bombs all over the fairways. Other than that I hope new ownership holds and the conditions hold course in improvements. Will be back and if they have specials like group golfer again I will buy more vouchers.
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