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This is the tail of two golf courses! Front side is a nice 9 holes, some elevation changes but rather ho hum! The back 9 holes has character, better views and some water. This course is 1 mile from my work, so 9-12 holes before heading back on the 405 is a great way to spend a few hours! Great workers, greens need some rolling and less water! The usual unfixed ball marks and unreplaced divots, but hey I have had these at 4 star courses? Remember folks this is a gentlemans/ladies game, leave the course in better shape that you had it!
The golf course was a perfect fit for my eye! The greens were a bit grainy, but very firm! If you are a right handed player and hit a draw you will absolutely love this course!!!!! Great desert, waste areas, water and topography! We had 5 groups so we got a deal, normal green fees are over $100, don't know if I would pay that to play? Great course, off the strip in summerland. If you win some $$$ go play here!
Our Christmas round was held here this year after taking a year off from the course. It was a cool, misty morning for the start. Greens were not able to dry up at all, so we never really got the true measure of there speed! They were smooth, not may unrepaired marks, but balls had rooster tails most of the day. The fairways were nice and lush, a few spots had standing water, but this is a valley course. The over all feel of this course is that they need to put a little time back into it! One of the water hazards had littl or no water? There was some repair work on the 9th hole by the green. Twin Oaks is a tight course, so stray balls hit will be most likely lost! It's not overly long so it is playable if you put the driver away. We had a great family day out, the staff was friendly and helpful!
I read some of the previous feedbacks. I believe that a course has the duty to make the golfer feel welcome, but to bendover and kiss the golfers you know what, only in special places! We are lucky to have sooo many choices here in Southern California! Most folks are just trying to stay warm on Christmas, and we got a great day of 18 with most of the family! Golfers, for 2006 play the game the way it sould be played! No bumping the ball, no mulligan's, no gimmies, drop the ball in the correct spot, try following the rules some time! I was very lucky to have some really great guys to teach me the game, some were a bit stuck up about it but hey I learned! Lets all try and play the same game out there for once! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Greens have healed from aeration, but very slow and bumpy. Need a good role and cut! This course needs some love!!!! It was kinda ratty out there today. Middle of the fairway should not be like the ruff, cut grass correctly. Played with a family, mom, dad and little daughter, she had the best swing of all of us! I did treat her to an eagle on a par 5, first one she has seen I bet! Give the greens some more time, i"m sure they will be fine for summer.
The course was very dry and firm on Tuesday May 3rd. The rain we had over the weekend will help the course out a bit. I would bet that wednesday/thursday will be a great day to hit Harding. Greens were smooth and very quick, practice green will show you how quick the course is. Hit it and go find it.
Brookside, It has been a long time! Over 4 years since I played you last! I am a different golfer and you are still a real test of golf!!!!! The course is very lush and green right now, only small areas of standing water. Greens were good, a bit soft still and maybe a little bumpy? The ruff, WOW deep and difficult to find your ball some times. Brookside is and will always be a little slow because of the 5 somes. Hey is your a single and you want to play 5 somes help you get out quicker!!!! Just remember 2 things golfers, play from the correct tees, your not kidding us and you sure are not scoring from the blue, black tees. Second fix the ball marks on the greens!!!!! Don't be sooooooo lazy!
Good old Mr. Wilson, THE GREENS ARE GREAT!!!! The course saw a lot of water, fairways, tee boxes, ruff are very wet! The bunkers have lots of good sand and the greens were the best? Greens were healthy, medium fast, held a good ball flight and rolled very true on friday. The fairways were giving up mud on the tee shots, cement drains were full of water that cross the course. Be patient on the drying out of the course, it may be awhile? Some trees were downed in the heavy rains, but not like Rancho Park! This course is always great to play, just remember to fix the greens and replace your diviots. Always rake a bunker even if you did not play from there!!!! Game for gentlemen and ladies.
The weather took alot out of rancho! Many large trees just fell over from the wet ground. The GREENS were very good!!!! Held shots and rolled very true for this time of year! NO CARTS THIS WEEK, THE WET WEATHER HAS LEFT THE GROUND VERY SATURATED, I DON'T KNOW ABOUT WEEKEND BUT IF YOU NEED A CART CALL AHEAD! The poor sandtraps, need some work!!!! Most still have water in them and have eroded from run off. Over all Rancho Park is still very playable right now, especially for $22.00 what a steal. If the weather holds off then rancho will be awsome in 2-3 weeks. REMEMBER FIX YOURS AND 3 OTHER BALL MARKS ON EVERY GREEN!!!!!!!
Thankyou Phil, John, Andy for a great Christmas! We had a 9am shotgun start, due to frost . The greens were holding yet rolled to an 11. Weather was cool to start but perfect just like the workers at La Costa! Everyone is allways friendly and professional. Course is getting ready for the Match play in Febuary, ruff will be growing to +6 inches. Greens got me a couple of times, can't be above the hole and make a run at the put, must play safe or your looking for a 8 to 10 footer coming back. There are birdies out there and we had fun. Enjoy
Friday morning tee time at 7am, it was 38 degrees. Very cold and the ground had some frost? We had a great day once it warmed up a bit out there! Greens are in great condition!!!! Firm from the cold weather and roling pretty well for this time of year! Lots of puts today because of the speed, very fast for Harding. The rest of the course is about par for this time of year, some bare spots, some dirt, and thin faiways. But hey this is golf, hit the ball find it and try and put it in the hole! Enjoy the holiday season.
The South course just underwent an extensive cart path renovation. The last time I was playing there were 50+ workers moving the cartpaths. They are now out of the way of play, hit it down the center of the fairways and you wont see them. This time of year the little valley that La Costa is in will hold some moisture, so some of the fairways will not give the normal roll. The greens were good, not great yet! The speed just was not there yet, and the ruff is getting past 3 inches and moving up to 5+ for the tournament. The bunkers are deep but they are the best I have played this year, sand is there but not too much so ball plugs, not beach sand but not mud either; just right. We played 18 on the South and then headed for the front 9 of the North. I love the North course, It just fits my game? North course was in great shape on the front, did not make the back, only 27 played this day. Thank You Phil, you are a good friend and an amazing person!!!!!!
WOW! To my suprize the first green on friday at rancho was not sanded and plugged! This first green was one of the best I have seen at rancho park period!!! The second and third just as fine!!! The 5th hole was the first green with holes and sand? OOH well I thought, but alass the 6th hole was pure putting agian? In all rancho park had 3 greens mixed on the high point in the middle of the course that aeration had begun. I went thinking just get it close and avoid the 3 puts but this was a pleasent suprise!!!! The weekend I'm sure will be the same and on monday they willl finish the job the heavy rains stopped last week! get out and hit a green you will be rewarded! Best 15 greens I have seen at rancho since playing there since 1995!
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