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Played on April 9 early afternoon as a practice round for a junior golfer. The starter said that the greens are one of the best around, and I have to heartily agree. The greens were just the right speed, not too fast or slow. It was easy to adjust to the green speed. They were also nice and smooth. The greens themselves aren't all that difficult, although some of the greens are two tiered or undulating and you will be challenged if you have end up in the wrong spot. Condition wise, these were country club level greens. The course itself is not too difficult. There always seems to be an out or safe area for each hole. Other than holes 1 and 9, the fairways are very, very wide open. The fairways were also in nice shape, beautifully green and lush, terrific lies for any fairway wood shots. The rough on the other hand is not a priority obviously. The grass is not bare but not the same as the fairways. In fact, the rough seemed shorter than the fairways, haha. Not a big deal since the fairways are so wide. The bunkers could use some more sand. I found myself using a wedge with lower bounce to deal with the hard dirt like bunkers. Not terrible though. The course is on the forgiving side but a few of the holes had water that came into play and bunkers that covered the front of the green. Having driven 2.5 hours to get there, I was stiff and not feeling great swing wise, but the beautiful conditions of the fairways and the fabulous greens made it an enjoyable day. I've recently played Industry Hills and Hacienda. Many of the holes at such challenging courses are brutally tough because you really need to know what the greens are like. Often, you'll get blind shots into greens. Fine if you're playing the courses frequently, but courses like Big Rock are fun too when the conditions are great. You can have fun the very first time you play, esp. when the fairways and greens are in such beautiful shape.
Played the course on Wed. April 7 towards the noon hour as a practice round for a junior golfer. The first thing you notice is the greenness of the course. The fairways and rough were immaculate. Around the green, it was a practically a joy to chip, the grass was so perfectly cut. If I could chip on that grass all the time, I wouldn't mind missing greens. I had 9 one putts. Greens were also in nice shape except they were slow. I've been told that it is tough to have desert greens that fast but it was really slow. I'm going to blame my 3 three putts on the the slow greens that affected my speed control, haha. The course itself is quite forgiving. Also, the local rules say the wash is a free drop, which I took advantage of a couple of times. Compared to courses like Industry Hills or the nicer private courses I usually play, this course is definitely easy. Nonetheless, the day was enjoyable. After driving for 2 hours, I was pretty stiff and not hitting that well, but being on a forgiving course stakes the sting out. And, the absolutely immaculate conditions (other than the slow greens) of the course made it fun. I've met someone who says the course can be challenging if it is windy. I can believe it. There is not protection from the wind. If I knew the greens ran closer to 10, I would definitely be back.
My child has played this course several times over the years in tournaments. The first time she played it in early fall of 2019, the course was in so-so shape, but what we remembered was that the greens were terrible. The balls didn’t roll. They dribbled. Vowed never to come back. When we needed a tournament for mostly practice purposes in November of 2020, we were kind of stuck with this course. However we were pleasantly surprised. The course was much greener than we had remembered and the greens were not as bumpy. However when last played at the end of January 2021, the greens were just awful. The dribbles were back and then some. Might rank as one of the top 2 or 3 worst greens ever and we’ve seen our share of munis. The rest of the course was pretty green. However due to the rains of the days before the greens were mushier than you could imagine. If you are a serious player who enjoys putting (We both shoot in the 70s) this course is NOT for you. You would probably want to see some players putting on the greens before you decide to play this course. If you don’t care about putting, this course is just fine. In fact it has a number of quirky holes like the horse shoe shaped green and the par four that starts at the top of a hill giving you a gorgeous view. However unless I see some stellar reviews of the greens, I would never play this course again.
Played the course back on Oct. 9th, a Wednesday. The good. Pace of play. Didn't think we'd finish after teeing off at 2pm but we did. Fairways weren't too bare but barely. The bad. Greens were never great here. They are inconsistent, not smooth. Add the bumpiness and you're lucky if you make a putt. The bunkers were consistently NOT RAKED. The players here have NO SENSE OF GOLF ETIQUETTE. There were also NO carts available. Apparently no mechanic to fix the carts. It sounds like this course is just getting cheap. They don't want to spend the money to keep it nice. This course is so busy, I don't know why they don't just raise the price a bit and get more money to fix the carts, smooth the greens, get rid of bare spots, and have adequate sand in the bunkers. The range balls are also terrible. You know when you see white and yellow balls that they're too cheap to buy decent ones. Stay away from this course if you're a semi-serious golfer.
Played Saturday Oct 19 in the afternoon. Had not played too often here the last year or so, but the course had improved compared to a few years ago. However, this outing was very disappointing. The greens weren't too slow but some were very chewed up. Every putt started with a bounce. The fairways were also terrible. Shots in the middle of the fairway were penalized by dirt lies. This happened numerous times. The bunker sand was nice as usual, but this is a course to stay away from for now. I feel bad for the staff at Los Amigos because they are always so nice.
Played on Saturday morning Feb 9th. Had not been to Willowick in over a year. It was so-so last spring. It didn't rain as much last year so the course was probably a bit more bare than it should have been, but the putting greens, despite the multi-colored nature, weren't too bad. They were smoother and faster than I had thought. With all the storms this year and yesterday morning, I didn't anticipate ideal conditions but I was a little disappointed with a few things. First the good: 1) friendly staff; 2) despite all the rain during the night, the greens were not slow which I appreciated. The bad: 1) No rakes in the sand traps! When there was one, it was the tiniest flimsiest one I've ever used; 2) one of the holes didn't even have a second set of tees; and another only had one of the pair; 3) graffiti on the walls - the only course I've ever seen graffiti. Willowick is not the greatest course on earth but it does have some interesting holes esp. with the huge bunkers covering the front of some of the holes and some of the pin placements on odd shaped greens can make a miss to the wrong side penal. There were enough of these factors that I did discuss a number of course management issues with a junior golfer I was playing with. I'm used to really excellent conditions at a private club, but I don't think a course has to be country club perfect. My priorities when playing at public courses are pretty simple: 1) greens that are not slow and somewhat smooth; 2) good coverage on fairways; I could care less about the rough because you shouldn't be there anyway. I'd like to add a few things after Willowick: rakes for all bunkers, tees for every tee, and no graffiti. I can live with terrible tee areas, but I don't want to be penalized for hitting into the fairway, and I want to be able to make some putts if I hit them well. Also, while I know I'm not in the greatest neighborhood, I don't want to be reminded of that with graffiti. Not having simple things like rakes and tees gives me the impression that the course operators don't care and so the course is likely to be worse the next time. Courses like Willowick and Los Amigos can be wonderful places to play for the general public. Just get a few things right.
So disappointed. Played on Sunday January 20th. There weren't too many people around as there was a Rams playoff game. It had been awhile, probably over a year, since I had last played. In past years, the course had great fairways, bunkers with sand but terrible greens, so bad (SLOW and bumpy) I vowed never to come back. Then in 2017, we had heard that the greens were better, and they had indeed improved. Alas, this time we found the fairways to be very awful. There were so many bare spots. Shots in the fairway were rewarded with dirt lies. The staff was friendly; the bunkers were fine; the greens weren't as bad as I thought they would be. Very bumpy, but this is a public course. I don't see why they can't at least keep the fairways in good shape. Yes, it is winter, but there's no excuse for such terrible conditions. I'm back to avoiding this course.
Played on Sunday March 18. Had not played at the course in 30 years so I was looking forward to playing, esp. after playing the Harding course a few times. The first few holes before you cross the street and the last few coming back are in okay shape but the holes in between are just awful. I have never seen such a bad gopher problem. It is so bad that I couldn't find my ball in the middle of the fairway. The gopher holes and mounds make it so bumpy that they can't cut the grass properly. Hence, my ball was hidden in rough length grass in the middle of the fairway! Note: you can take relief from gopher damage, but this is out of control. Gopher damage in the fairways happened many times. There are huge sections (like 20 yards by 20 yards sections) that are damaged. Harding is bad too but not this bad. I heard from regulars that they aren't allowed to use poison on the gophers. LA is so freakin' controlled by environmentalists (can't kill coyotes either). This is going to get worse and worse. It's too bad because the courses are kind of nice. I would certainly play there regularly if not for the gopher damage. Greens were so so. Some good. Some bumpy. I don't know about the bunkers as I did not hit into any of them. I don't mind gopher damage in the rough, but not in the fairway. I cannot recommend this course at all.
Played on Oct 9. I had heard that Los Serranos was a terrific course and had intended to play it for a long time. I kept hearing how top amateur events were usually held there, etc. Unfortunately, when I first played it last year in 2016, the course was in awful shape. There were many bare spots and the bunkers were just dirt. I assumed that the drought just took its toll on the course like it did on so many other courses. However, after seeing how courses that were previously in awful shape were somewhat better after the past winter, I had high hopes for Los Serranos this time. Alas, I saw little to no improvement. I kept seeing the same old bare spots on the fairways, rough and even just a few yards from the greens. The bunkers remain just hard dirt, so hard that I saw shots roll right through and out of them. The range looked ugly and the balls were mostly old and dirty. On the plus side, the greens weren't too bad and the folks in the pro shop were friendly and gave us a good deal on range balls when a golf tournament delayed our tee time by over half an hour. We were a bit surprised by a cranky old course marshall who threatened us with a slow play warning a few holes in even though the next group behind us was on the tee on a par 5 and we were on the green. Something about 13 minutes a hole. We weren't upset by it since we expected to finish the round quickly with no one left on the course after the shotgun tournament and with all three of us being fairly decent golfers (scores ranging from 74 to 83). We just found the gentleman rather bizarre and oblivious to reality. Perhaps he wasn't doing his job during the tournament that caused our half hour delay in our starting time and was reprimanded. Whatever. We were able to finish the course in four hours just as the sun set so everything worked out just fine. I'm sure the course was once in great shape judging from the omnipresent 2012 Course of the Year signs, but this course appears to be resting on its laurels. It's too bad because it is a nice course with lots of interesting holes. Was the $36 or so I paid to play worth it? Probably, but definitely not worth any more than that given the conditions. However, if the conditions were terrific, I'd be happy to pay more than double that. I hope they will turn it around. At least start by designating bare spots as ground under repair and having grass at least five yards around the green and green side bunkers. It would certainly be nice if the bunkers had some sand instead of just hard dirt.
I played this course back on Sept 10. I gave this course one of the worst reviews in 2016. I was pretty determined never to play this course again because the greens were so bumpy and slow. However, during the summer, while playing at Meadowlark, I remarked to a playing partner that Meadowlark had improved considerably since a couple of years ago. Surprisingly, he said that I should try Los Amigos because it was even better there. Lo and behold, he was right! The fairways and bunkers that were always a strong suit remained so, but the greens had gotten much better. Sure they were a little bumpy, but the green speed was adequate and the pace of play was fine. And the staff was again helpful and friendly. I was never a huge fan of the course layout (the doglegs are so short on the back 9 that I only get to use my driver once), but this course is a terrific deal under the improved conditions. My dad also likes it because it isn't too long and he feels he can shoot his age here! I will be back!
We played this course back on Sunday April 9th. Played with my daughter and a HS golfer friend. Our first time at this course and we can honestly say we have never seen a course like that before. The course itself is not difficult. It is very flat and despite there being lakes on the course, remember the name of the course is Woodley Lakes, none of the lakes ever comes into play. Ditto with the bunkers. None of the green side bunkers ever comes into play because they were often at least 20 yards away from the greens. In fact, we didn't even notice the green side bunkers until we got to the green itself. We all shoot around 80 or under so we never found the sand unless it was in the fairway. The greenside bunkers were so far away that golfers were parking their carts between the greens and the bunkers! That said, the greens were rock hard and fairly fast. I know they were aerated shortly afterwards but if they get back to the conditions we experienced, they are quite acceptable. The fairways were okay. I didn't experience any bald spots but the grass was getting a little thin in spots. So the greens and fairways were fine, but, as mentioned, the course never puts any fear into you. I remember feeling rather anxiety free after a few holes. It was weird. In retrospect, we all should have scored better. The pace of play wasn't horrible for being in the middle of the city, probably around the 5 hour mark. They said they were redoing the driving range; the practice greens were okay; they even had what looked to be so so chipping areas although we never used them. If you want to take someone to boost their confidence, this course is it. I liked just taking out my driver and booming it. If Alondra closer to home had Woodley's greens and overall course conditions, I would play it frequently, but both courses suffer from uninspired course design and Woodley is a bit too far for us to want to play it again. My daughter decided she didn't want to play the tournament to be held there in May because she liked the challenge of another course playing on the same day. Nonetheless, if we wanted to go and give a friend a confidence boost, we wouldn't mind joining them.
Played this course back on Thursday April 20th. I can honestly say that I never intended to go back to this course after playing it in 2016. The drought had really taken a toll. There were bare spots all over the place and the pace of play was awful. However, my daughter had a junior tournament so we decided to get a practice round in. Actually, we didn't even intend to get a whole 18 in as we teed off at just after 3. We managed to get in before the HS boys matches and to our wonderful surprise we got done in 3.5 hours! Hadn't had one of those since our home club closed down for a total redesign. The starter was even shocked so I'm guessing that never happens. The pace of play greatly contributed to our good scores that day. We also found the course benefitting greatly from the winter rains. The fairways were okay this time and we actually found rough that was actually long grass at times. I had no bunker shots so I can't comment on them. The greens were okay. A little bumpy maybe. Our main complaint was that they were too slow, slower than the practice green. My daughter didn't want to practice at the Los Verdes greens closer to home afterwards because she said she didn't want to lose the feel for the slower greens at Dad Miller. This is probably the biggest reason why we wouldn't go back to play this course. If the greens were the same speed as the practice green, it would be fine but we prefer not getting used to slow greens. She's getting better (we shot 75 and 76) so the trend will be towards playing tournaments at tougher courses and faster greens. We also liked the driving range. The quality of the balls are pretty good and it is graded so that you can see where the ball lands. The green fees were a little on the pricey side for a course of this caliber, but they make a compelling case for their membership program that gives you decent discounts but also includes discounts at Anaheim Hills. If I lived in the area and the greens were a little quicker and I knew they were going to maintain the fairways so they wouldn't get any worse than what we experienced, I would buy the membership in a heartbeat. The course itself isn't that hard if you can hit it fairly straight. The trees are getting bigger so errant drives will be penalized. There is always an easy side to a green and most greens are pretty easy. Course management comes into play on the back 9 as you should avoid using your driver on a couple of par fours and you really need to avoid hitting your second shot as far as you can on the 15th hole, the par 5 with water. I've hit driver pitching wedge pitching wedge on that hole for easy pars. Some other pros: no more coyotes. Some other cons: too many gopher holes.
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