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Nice to finally be able to play the South with only a few holes cart path only. Tough course to play under CPO restrictions. Course handled the recent rains very well. Greens have maintained a nice pace, fairways have dried out nicely, but not a lot of roll out. Bunkers as usual are excellent. New sand placed in the greenside bunker on #6. Beautiful white fluffy sand, just like all the bunkers were at one time. Maybe it's time to refresh them?
After having the course closed for several days because of the rains, it was nice to get back out on the course, albeit with carts on the path. Frost delays this morning, which was a surprise because of all the moisture still on the course? Played on Saturday as well and the difference between yesterday and today was remarkable. Really soaked on Saturday, but fairly dry today. Couple more days and things should be closer to normal.

Greens rolled well, but a bit slower than usual. Bunkers, tee boxes, fairways were excellent. Still some issues with the rough. Conditions have been tough between the cold mornings, carts on path almost every day. But it's a whole lot better than it would be if I was still living in Chicago, if you can call it living..
Nice to get out early, albeit in the dark, to insure a quick round. Not too cold and no wind, so overall conditions were reasonably pleasant. Enjoy playing Dos Lagos, but the conditions are a bit suspect right now. Fairways are very "tight" and the areas around the greens are also thin or surrounded with "clumpy. grass. The greens were slower than normal, and the greens on the front side had some sort of striations., which made them roll less than true.

As always, Ruth, in the pro shop was great. Greens fees have increased by $2, which seemed to be the norm now days. Still, it was great morning to play and had a nice time. Great way to begin the week, which is forecast to receive a lot of rain later
Nice to finally be allowed to play the south course without having to deal with carts on path. Still had CPO on four holes, but that's a lot better than it has been. Course is in nice shape, but I thought the greens were slower than normal. Still receptive and rolled well but struggled to deal with the slower pace. Fairways have good coverage, bunkers are great as always, as are the tee boxes. Only issue is with some areas in the rough.

Beautiful winter morning under clear blue skies. Waiting for the onslaught on rain scheduled for later this week, which is forecast to last for about 8 days, so back to CPO for goodnesss knows how long?
Took advantage of an invite to play San Clemente, which turned out to be confirmation of why it's great to live in Southern California. While much of the country is suffering cold/snow, got to enjoy a beautiful winter morning. Conditions were not quite up to the "norm" but this course drains well and there were no real issues as a result of the recent rain. Greens rolled nicely and had decent pace but were rather firm. Good coverage in the fairways. Did not find a single bunker, but they appeared to have decent sand.

Always enjoy playing this course. It is a great walking course and just provides a comfortable feeling with no real forced carries and few penalty areas to lose balls. Just what a public muni should be. Great staff and reasonably priced, particularly for Southern Califorrnia.
Took advantage of an invite to play Rio Hondo. The round took over four hours, which I know is not a slow for most, but since I'm used to playing in closer to 2 - 2/1/2 hours, it just felt longer. The course was in generally decent condition, particularly. the greens, which had nice pace and rolled well. Fairways were somewhat thin/tight, but playable. In two bunkers, both had adequate sand, but firm. Green surrounds were nice and consistent. Staff was as always friendly and accommodating. I also appreciate that this course has not gone crazy with their green fees. Thank you.
It was a pleasant surprise not to have a frost delay, so able to get out early as is my preference. Course is in nice shape right now, good coverage in the fairways, although tight lies are the norm, which is what "good" players prefer, but makes it a challenge for those of us "regular" players. Greens roll well with decent speed. Bunkers as usual are wonderful, as are the tee boxes. Still some issues with the rough.

Also appreciate that they have allowed carts off the path on more holes now, but I'm sure after the rain this coming weekend, we'll be cart path only again all next week.
With Coto calling frost almost every day now, nice to play with no frost delays. Always enjoy playing this fun course. Enjoy the views, the wildlife and the general payout of the course. When the greens are quick, this course is much more fun to play. While there are still some issues with the fairways, being a bit thin, but overall, still playable. Several tee boxes could use some attention, but it's winter so it's no big deal. Besides, for the senior rate they charge, still one of the best bargains around. Provided you play early, pace of play is rarely an issue. Staff is always friendly and accommodating.
Surprised that the weather co-operated and provided a nice window to play this morning. It was carts on path, as it has been all week and I suspect will continue to be for some time. Greens still had decent pace despite the fact they have not been mowing every day. Fairways are lush with good coverage. Tee boxes, bunkers are excellent.

Not very busy because I guess everyone thought it would be raining. Being first out, so no issue with pace of play.
Out early on a very mild morning. I had prepared for cold, but it was so mild, 59 degrees when I tee'd off at 6:15. Fairways are very tight, which is great for extra roll out, but requires a lot more focus hitting from them. The back nine greens were much better than the front. Several on the front had issues. Lots of sand in the bunkers, although none were raked for me. Thee tee boxes are now all level, but the recently overseeeded areas are all dormant.

Fun morning, not very busy, and being first out allowed me to finish in about two hours. Nice way to begin the week.
Worried that there might be a frost delay, but while close, was OK to play without restrictions. Course is in nice shape right now. Greens rolling true and reasonably quick. Fairways have good coverage and are nice and green. Still some issues with the rough in places. Tee boxes, bunkers are excellent. Other than having too many holes still cart path only, the course is a joy to play. Does not look like that will change any time soon????
Rancho Park has always been one of my favorite golf courses. It was the first course I played when I moved to California in 1970. I always felt that Rancho was a perfect barometer of what kind of golfer you were. I used to complain about the pace of play here, but now my complaint is the brutal drive to and from south Orange County.
Course was in nice overall condition, particularly the greens. Maybe because I actually made a bunch of putts, but they seemed to roll very true. Good coverage in the fairways, and the rough was very fair. Don't need to address pace of play, because anyone who plays here knows what that would be. But to be out on a beautiful December day on a great old traditional course, well, it doesn't get much better. Now if I could just figure out a way to get home in under two hours.
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