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It had been a while since I last played Los Verdes, so was happy to return. While not the best conditions, it's always a pleasure to play here. A bit breezy, but not so bad as to cause any real issue. Just nice to be golfing on a January day in my shirtsleeves.

Condition not as good as the last time I played here, although the greens were still very nice. Fairways need some attention. Maybe the rain which is forecast will help? In two bunkers, and they were both fine. Some of the tee boxes were not level, but still OK.

What's not to love about Los Verdes, when you can play on the ocean in the dead of winter in your shirtsleeves for about $20. Best value in Southern California.
Every time I play the Goat I enjoy it more and more. Despite the fact this little course kicks my butt, it is just pure fun to play. Sounds crazy, but some times I think it plays more difficult than many of the "big" courses, certainly around the greens, which by the way are very nice right now. These small sloppy greens are just tough !

Fairways are good, but not as good as the prior time playing here. Same with the tee boxes. As Andrew suggests, maybe too much play for them to handle all the iron shots? Staff is great as always, and never an issue with pace of play. Wonderful way to spend a winter morning !
What a beautiful morning to play San Clemente. Bright sunny day with only a trace of ocean breeze. This is such a wonderful course to play on a clear day. Great walking course as well. While not the most difficult course, the trick greens make up for it. Having local knowledge helps, but if you short side yourself, good luck.

Fairways and rough pretty good for winter time. Most tee boxes are good as well. Bunkers had firm compacted sand, but OK. Staff is always friendly here and as long as you get out early, pace of play rarely an issue. Sure do enjoy the moderate temperatures, so winter or summer, you can count on this course being comfortable to play. Highly recommend !
A bit of a late review, playing on 12/7/21. Nice to return to "Moreno Valley Ranch" again. I have always enjoyed this course, as I believe the layout to be good and the hole design provides enough challenge to keep your interest, but so tough to penalize any thing less than a perfect shot. Fun track to play.

Conditions were a little better than when I played here a couple months ago, greens rolled much more true. Tee boxes also seemed to be in better shape. Still some areas in the fairways which need attention, but generally most of the lies turned out pretty good.

Staff is always very friendly and accommodating. So glad this course was brought back to life. It would have been a shame to lose this track. (Wish Empire Lakes would have been saved as well)
While Los Verdes in the best value L A County course, I think Santa Anita is my favorite. I enjoy the rolling fairways, the more challenging green complexes, and the overall parklike setting, with the back drop of the mountains. It is an easy walk and afford a decent challenge without beating you up.

Conditions were about what I expected. Green not as smooth as normal, fairways had better coverage than expected, despite the winter conditions. Not in any bunkers, but they looked OK. Tee boxes need attention, some not level, some pretty beat up.

Staff is always great here. Not as busy as I thought it might be, and did not have any issues with "back nine players" . Great course at a great price (senior rate)
Very rare for me not to have a super early tee time, so having a 7:15am tee time and being about the 5th or 6th group out, I thought it would be very slow. (Very busy at the course) In all fairness, we played in just a hair over 3 1/2 hours, but it just felt like we were out there forever.

Course was in much worse condition than when I played here some months ago. Greens, which generally are quick and fairly true, were bumpy and slower than normal. Many more bare spots in the fairways and many tee boxes need attention. But overall the condition was OK.

What bothered me was a received an email the night before advising that I needed to have a signed waiver before they would allow play. Plus they indicated no walk ups and no carts. walking only. As I found out that was from the original Covid instructions in March. Since I walk anyway, not a big deal, but IF I required a cart, I might have cancelled my tee time. Poor management by the course from sending out that email.
Needing to use a voucher which was about to expire, back out to Hidden Valley. I have enjoyed playing this course because it represents a rather stern test for me. (Since I am never smart enough to play from the proper tee boxes) Having read the prior reviews, my expectations were low, and they were pretty much on point. I can tolerate the winter conditions at courses, but I am particular about the greens. The greens certainly were quick enough, but not true, so the combination of fast greens with bumpy surfaces makes for a frustrating experience.

Fairways were a mixed bag, some thin, some just fine. I have to admit I do not tee off between the markers, so I was able to find areas on the tees which were fine. Rough also inconsistent.

Have to admit that I was not really "into it" today, so I guess my disappointment level would have been higher had I really cared. But anytime you can play golf in December it makes me smile.
After weeks of the greens being so fast, almost to the point of being unfair and unplayable, they have brought the green speeds down to a manageable pace. With all the slope on the North greens, anything above 11 - 11.5 is borderline ridiculous. While you still can't stop the ball from above the hole, at least when you putt from beneath the hole, it doesn't roll back past where you started from. Fairways are lush and greens, bunkers are great, tee boxes fine, just the rough needs attention. Not good !

Looking forward to the rains predicted Monday, which re badly needed. Course looks nice right now with the bright green fairways, dormant brown rough and contrasting while sandd in the bunkers.
I was looking for somewhere to play where the course was not charging holiday rates all week, so decided one of the L A County courses would work. I wish I had read Robert's review before making the tee time ! I have played here a number of times and kind of know what to expect, so I do not expect a whole lot, but that said, I was disappointed by the overall conditions. The greens here are usually the best part of the course and with the slopes on them and the bunkering, they can be kind of a challenge and fun, but when your putts just wander with a mind of their own, takes a lot of the incentive away.

Otherwise the course was playable. Fairways were a mixed bag - some good lies, some thin/bare areas. I generally play the tips, so there is usually decent lies at the back of the tee boxes. Rough was also inconsistent.

I actually like this little course. Some fun holes which do not require a ton of distance, which I go longer have, so nice to have holes I can reach comfortably in regulation for a change. Condition aside, the pace of play and price made it tolerable.
6:40am tee time, which appeared to be about the third group out, but it was not very crowded while we waited for our tee time. Fairly moderate temperatures which was a nice treat given how cold it's been lately at Coto.

First time playing here since the re-name. The greens were the best part of the course, although they were too slow for my taste, but they did roll decently. The fairways are really thin, so good ball strikers will enjoy the tight lies, but I suspect the average person who plays this course will struggle, particularly on those shots around the green. Rough was a mixed bag, some thin, some thick. Lots of unraked sand in the bunkers, which was fine.

I enjoy this course. It's very peaceful, particularly the back nine. Playing from the "tips" still affords some degree of difficulty on a few holes and just makes for a fun, quick, inexpensive walk in the park, especially on the first day of winter. How great is it is to play golf in your shirt sleeves instead of shoveling snow like I'd be doing if I still lived in Chicago.
There has been frost almost every morning, but since the first tee time is at 7am, and the new policy is that there are no restrictions for walkers, but they keep carts on the path until 8 to 8:30 depending upon the severity of the frost. (All carts have GPS capability to restrict fairway access when programed) This is a great improvement over years past when they just closed until the frost disappeared)

Greens are very quick right now, but at least manageable on the South. (North greens are ridiculously fast to the point of being unfair at times) Fairways still very green and lush. Bunkers are excellent as are the tee boxes. The grass in the rough is "clumpy" and not very playable. This needs to be addressed.

Busy time of year, but the cold mornings have allowed easier access to early tee times.
Nice to get back out to Alhambra. With the colder weather and my game in a sad state, this shorter course proved to be just what the doctor ordered. Nice to be able to have some birdie putts again, a few of which I actually made.

Course was in better condition than I expected, even the greens. (Or maybe it was because I made a few putts ?) Winter conditions prevail, but overall, pretty decent shape. A few tee boxes need attention, but overall very playable. Same with the fairways - decent coverage.

Fun little track. Great friendly staff and affordable. What better way to spend a winter morning.
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