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5:36am tee time, which would have been really dark, but because of the inefficiency of the staff, didn't even get our carts until 5:50am. Still a bit dark, but the delay actually worked out to our advantage. (This time) Following a twosome, who were initially slow, but eventually picked up their pace, so pace of play turned out OK, about 2 1/2 hours.

Course was in decent condition. The greens were not as good as the last time I played. Just did not roll all that true. Fairways were very tight and afforded plenty of roll. Bunkers were not maintained even a little. Rough was very playable.

I'm always impressed by how well the maintenance staff maintains this course. It is my understanding that they have a rather small crew. Despite the fact that they allow golfers to tee off very early, the maintenance crew rarely intrudes with play.

I will say that I missed Ruth not working in the pro shop. She is such a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to deal with. A real positive to begin the day.
Out early with a couple friends who are at best "casual golfers", so this was a perfect course to play. Biggest challenge was making sure that we maintained a decent pace of play. We never held up the group behind us, so mission accomplished.

Fun course to play, and with the course being on the short side, it helped my playing companions. That plus there is not a whole lot of trouble, so didn't have to spend time looking for balls. As Dave stated in his recent review, greens rolled well and were receptive to shots. Sand was good, plenty of it and well maintained. Fairways continue to be lush and green, nice to play from. A few tee boxes were chewed up, but not too bad.
It's been about five years since I last played Hemet, so was looking forward to returning. I did not have a great deal of recollection of the course, so it almost like playing a "new course". The staff was fantastic ! John, in the pro shop was very friendly and accommodating. Even making the tee time with Dale was super easy. Wish all golf staffs would be this easy to deal with.

Course was in better than expected condition. Greens rolled well, held the shots, and had decent pace. Fairways for the most part were just fine. Rough was inconsistent, but OK. The bunkers were actually some of the better I've played recently.

First off so no issue with pace of play. We rode in a very relaxed 2 1/2 hours. Encountered some maintenance, but they allowed us to play through, then there was nobody ! Nice to play quickly and beat the heat. Enjoyed my round, and will certainly return here sooner than five more years. $32 w/cart is a very fair price.
It has been about one month since they reopened the North Course, and the new green surrounds have filled in beautifully. In fact the fairways are as nice as I've seen them in a very long time. Bunkers have plenty of sand, but are beginning to show some compaction? Greens roll well, but have not ever recovered their normal speed? The only issue is the areas surrounding the tee boxes, but the actual tees themselves, but the adjacent areas.

So now that the course is back open and looking good, they will be closing it down again for another week or so for more maintenance. I should be happy they are putting the time/money into improvements, but it seems that we never have access to two courses any more, and with new tee time restrictions, makes it much tougher to get a desired tee time.
Out early to try to beat the heat, but despite playing in around three hours, by the time we finished, it was already HOT ! I originally was going to play Encino, but considering how poorly I played, Balboa turned out to be the better choice, because even this shorter course was all my game could handle.

I was pleasantly surprised at the overall condition. Greens rolled well and were quicker than expected. Fairways had some brown and bare areas, but generally were very playable. Only in one bunker and it had enough well manicured sand. Rough was inconsistent however, and I found a lot of it.

Staff was friendly and check in was efficient and quick. For me the worst part of playing here is the drive to and from south Orange County, but with everyone "working from home", not nearly as bad as times past
Out early to beat the heat. Easy efficient check in - staff as usual friendly and accommodating. Prefer the Classic Course to the Players, so I was enthused to play here. While I still feel the green fees are a bit high, it is Orange County, so compared to everywhere else, not so bad I guess.

Course conditions were good. Greens rolled well, but were slower than expected. Agree with chevelle's opinion that pool noodles would be better than the inverted cups. Fairways had decent coverage, a few bare spots, but overall not complaints. Bunkers had sufficient sand, and the two I found were well manicured. A few tee boxes were a bit chewed up, but did not really affect playability.

Always enjoy Mile Square. Good solid old style traditional golf !
Out early on a mild overcast morning. One of the reasons I enjoy coming here is the staff. Taro in pro shop is a joy to deal with. Always friendly, accommodating, and opens early, unlike too many other courses.

Course condition leaves a lot to be desired. I can say they "are trying", but there is long way to go. The greens are the highlight of the course. Green surrounds are also much improved from when I last played here. The fairways are pretty much gone. Almost impossible to find a decent lie - same with the rough. Not to want of water, because we had sprinklers on almost every hole, but it's hard to grow dirt. Bunkers were all flooded, but did have sand under all that water.

I really enjoy the layout, and I over look the condition because of that, and with the staff being so wonderful, great pricing, I do seem to return, but it sure would be nice if this course could return to the condition it once enjoyed.
Looking for a quick inexpensive round of golf, so El Prado was the solution. About what I expected. Out early, so no issues with pace of play. Nice moderate temperatures, no wind, just a pleasant day to play. Greens were the best part of the course, although slower than they typically are, but they rolled pretty well and were receptive. Fairways generlly had plenty of coverage, but as usual there are thin/bare spots. Bunkers all different. Some thin, some had sand, some maintained, some not.

I rarely have a lot of negative comments to make about El Prado, because I know what to expect when I play there. Basic, no frills golf at a reasonable price. Good customer service. Sure hope these type courses continue to survive in these uncertain times.
Nice to get back out to Westridge. Fun course with a number of interesting holes. As usual the staff was friendly and accommodating. Out early, so no issues with pace of play. Course conditions were about what I expected based upon previous reviews. Greens being the highlight of the course. Rolled well and had reasonable speed. Most of the fairways had good coverage, but still some brown/bare areas. Only in two bunkers, and both were well maintained with enough sand. Rough was a mixed bag, some thin, some lush.
Early out on a very mild, although very humid morning. Fantastic service from Sam in the pro shop. He is such a pleasure to deal with to begin the day.

Course continues to be in nice condition, particularly the greens. Even the fairways are green and lush, with lots of coverage. Sure, the rough has some issues, and the areas with the "turf reduction" can be a bit distracting and unsightly, but in theory you shouldn't be in those areas in the first place.

I never walk off this course displeased. A fun layout, reasonably priced, decent condition, great staff. If I lived closer, I'd be out here all the time.
First round back on the South Course since they punched/sanded the fairways. Holes 7 thru 12 had previously been completed, and they are wonderful, but holes 1-6 and 13 - 18 were finished last week. They are simply awful ! I'm confident that in a month, they'll be just fine, but for now, it is simply not fun to play from them. Zero roll, more sand than grass, and what grass that exits, is just tuffs surrounded by sand. It think it is cart path only right now, but since I walk and get out so early, I seldom see any other golfers, so don't really know?

Greens rolled great. Very receptive. Bunkers have been better, still plenty of sand, but somewhat compacted. Otherwise course is in decent shape.
The more I play this course, the more I appreciate this place. One of the best values around, and always in excellent condition. Staff is super friendly and very accommodating. A very relaxed atmosphere. Out early, so no issues with pace of play.

Course, as stated is in great shape. Greens roll true and have enough speed to keep your interest, and were receptive to well struck shots. Fairways are very nice, good coverage, although a few thin areas. Rough has a few thick spots, but was still fair and playable. Not in any bunkers, but they appeared OK.

This is a fun course to play which does not overly penalize you, (Except for #6) Lots of birdie holes and a few "strong" holes, so makes for a nice mix of holes.
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