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First out on a rather mild winter morning. The course has a nice look right now with the sharp contrast between the very green fairways and the dormant rough. The fairways look much better than they play. They are a bit to "tight" for my liking, and still too many really thin spots and bare areas. I realize better players prefer the super tight lies, but they provide a real challenge to me now. Bunkers and tee boxes are very nice. Rough is a bit inconsistent. Greens are very quick but remain receptive. Good combination!
Nice to return to Shandin Hills. Because I enjoy bunker play, I always look forward to this course. I did find several bunkers, and generally they were decent. A bit thin at times, but still playable. Greens were just OK, a little slow, but not bad. Didn't hit enough quality shots to determine if they were receptive. Fairways were a mixed bag, some good, some very thin/bare.

The staff here is always super friendly and accommodating. Just a nice relaxed atmosphere. I've seen the course in better condition, but for the price, worth the drive. Plus I just like the layout.
First out at 6am in the dark on a cold morning. Did not really want to tee off at that time, but there is a threesome which goes off using glow balls, and they hit off right at 6, so unless I choose to follow them, it kind of forces me to hit in the pitch black. What is puzzling, is there was nobody scheduled behind them for at least 1/2 hour, so why they would hit off is a mystery to me?

The greens were excellent! Good speed, rolled very true and were receptive. Every bit as good as the greens at Coto ????? The fairways had pretty good coverage and while there are bare areas, much improved from my lasy visit in November. I was in a bunch of greenside bunkers and while a couple were rather thin, all were well maintained and playable. The tee boxes were the worst part of the course. They are really beat up. I played from the "tips" so a bit easier to find a nice spot to hit from, but they do need some attention.

Staff is always wonderful here, which is one of the reasons I continue to return here. I enjoy this track and hope that it continues to improve.
Between the rains and the frost, have not been able to get out on the South Course early, so it was nice to play again this morning, in rather mild relative conditions. A few areas on a couple fairways still have some residual signs of the recent rains, but for the most part, they are good. Nice that they have allowed carts off the paths finally. Greens rolled well and have decent pace, and were very receptive. Same condition in the bunkers as on the North Course. They are all raked, but just a "surface rake" so the underlying sand is very firm and difficult to get through on longer shots. The sand needs to be churned up to make it more playable.

Otherwise the tee boxes and rough were fine. Excepting more rain and cold weather in the next few days, so it was fun to have a chance to play early again and at my desired pace
First out this morning as usual on a cool morning, but thankfully no frost today. Carts allowed off the path, which had been the case for the last few days. Perhaps because of these reasons, very empty today?

Course is looking good, with only a few areas having residual casual water, but otherwise no issues. Greens rolled very well, decent speed and very receptive. While the greenside bunkers are very good, I would like to see them rake a bit "deeper" rather than just lightly which provides a great appearance but causes the sand to be really firm and does not allow you to "get through" on longer bunker shots. (Changing the bounce on the wedge helps, but still makes for a real challenge on long bunker shots)

Fairways very solid, as are the tee boxes. Kept it in the fairway (Easy to do when you're as short off the tee as I am now) so didn't have much rough to deal with. Course is a pleasure to play right now, save for the cold weather in the mornings
Out early at 6am on a cold morning. 40 degrees. I had planned to play Chino Creek, but even at 5:50am, two players had already teed off. (It was pitch dark even at 6am)

The greens were really the only saving grace of the course. They were reasonably quick, and rolled OK. I know from having played here for 50 years what to expect, but the course just seemed more"scruffy" than usual. Lots of bare areas in the fairways today and the areas which had grass, was really more weeds than grass. I found a bunch of bunkers and almost every one was compacted dirt.

But I was able to get my quick round in and despite everything, enjoyed the round as much as you could fgiven the conditions.
Concern that there might be a frost delay I decided to venture to San Clemente where frost is never an issue. Plus, I like this course. One of the better walking courses. Greens were the best part of the course, rolled true and had good pace. Most fairways had good coverage. Rough was a bit inconsistent, but since I kept it in the fairways for the most part, not a problem. No bunkers, but they appeared OK

Staff here is always friendly and accommodating. Over all a fun day on a fun course. Always recommend this course.
A bit of a late review. Despite its proximity to my home, I do not play Tijeras much anymore because of the cost, but received an invite to join some friends and took advantage of the opportunity. I have to admit that the course was in much better condition than I expected, having read recent reviews. Greens have recovered from the aeration and rolled nicely. Good coverage in the fairways, rough. Both bunkers I found had adequate sand which was well manicured.

I have always enjoyed playing here, and for years purchased the creek card, but with the price increase and the fact that the creek card is only a fraction of the value it once was, I limit my play here. Too bad, because being so close to home, it was a nice alternative to playing Coto every day without spending hours on the road.
First out at 6am on a very cold (38 degrees) morning. They had put a lot of water on the course, so everything was really wet. Still bare areas in the fairways. Rough ranged from thin to US Open thick, just depended where the ball finished. Almost every tee box needed to be leveled. The greens were far and away the best part of the course. While they rolled well and were very receptive, they were much slower than usual.

The staff here is always fantastic. Rocky was on duty this morning and he is a pleasure to deal with. I play this course because I love the layout. If it were based only on course condition, I would pass, but the "bones" of the course are so good, I force myself to overlook the questionable conditions.
Thrilled to get an invite to play the Navy course, as I seldom have an opportunity to play there. This course has always treated me rather poorly and today was no exception. No blame on conditions - it was all me. The course was in overall nice condition. Greens rolled well, had decent speed. Couldn't tell how receptive they were because I never hit any shots which would allow me to determine. Fairways provided nice roll out and for the most part had good coverage. Both bunkers I found has decent manicured sand.

I sure do miss the lakes, which are now devoid of H2o. Sad. Otherwise it nice to return and enjoy this course on a beautiful late autumn morning. Recommend
Out super early on a cold (44 degrees) in the dark at 6am. Very busy, with quite a few people preparing to tee off in those conditions. Pro shop staff was great as always.

Course conditions are pretty good right now. Greens rolled well and had decent pace. Held shots well which was nice. Most of the fairways had good coverage, with a few areas which need attention, but for the most part, very playable. I was in four green side bunkers, and the sand in the first three was great, the last (#18) was compacted and wet.

Just a fun track to play, which provides enough challenge to keep your interest, without being too penal. There are a number of holes which can cause you grief, but overall if you're careful, you can play a fairly stress free round.
Nice to get back to Fullerton. I have always enjoyed this short track despite the sometime questionable conditions. Greens were much better than I remember them. The rest of the course has always been inconsistent with respect to condition, so having nice greens made the round very enjoyable. Typical thin/bare areas in the fairways and a number of tees beat up, but still playable.

As the prior review suggests, this executive course in not flat or boring. Offers some interesting fun holes. I must admit, as I age, walking this course has a bit more difficult, despite its short yardage. Not hard, just harder than it used to be. (thanks father time)

Staff is always great here and the senior rate makes this course very affordable
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