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Back out to Eldo, a golf course which has never treated me very kindly, and today was no exception. If there are "courses for horses" this is not one for this horse. Don't get me wrong, Eldorado is a wonderful track, and can be made to play very tough, particularly when they allow the rough to grow out. Eldo is a very fair, traditional track which should be right up my alley, but I always seem to struggle here.

Course was in better condition than I expected, certainly the greens, which rolled well and had decent speed. Most of the fairways were good, with some bare/brown areas, but overall, OK. Tee boxes/rough, seemed inconsistent as to condition.

My biggest complaint is the cost. I know that prices are up everywhere, but the Long Beach courses are getting pretty pricey. Still, a great time despite my poor play. Maybe I should try Recreation Park again, which always treats me more kindly.
I seem to be following chevelle. Not a whole lot to add to his review, except the greens were better than I expected, perhaps because I didn't expert much. I play this course because there are times when I don't want to spend a bunch of $$ and just want a stress free, basic golf experience, which is what El Prado provides.

Staff was friendly and accommodating. Also nice that they have kept the greens fees reasonable, unlike so many other courses. If your expectations are not too high, playing either of the El Prado courses can be a positive experience. You get what you pay for. But basic golf is not a bad thing !
A favorite course of mind, so was anxious to get back out here after having only 9 holes open for a while. First off at 7am, so no issue with pace of play. However the course was busy, so I was pleased that we were able to get out early.

Course is probably in some of the better shape than I can remember. The greens I felt were exceptional. Rolled true, receptive, and enough speed to keep your interest. Fairways were fine, bunkers had plenty of sand, most tee boxes were OK.

I find this to be a fun, interesting track, with a lot of different holes, particularly on the back nine. Narrow enough to keep your focus, but wide enough to allow you to "just hit it". Great autumn morning on a nice course in wonderful condition. Very enjoyable day !
First time back since the reopening. Nice to return to "Moreno Valley", a course which I've always enjoyed playing. Check in was smooth and easy, staff was friendly and very accommodating.

I was very impressed with the greens, some of the better putting surfaces I've played on this year. Also thought the fairways were good, better than expected. Lots of sand in the greenside bunkers, but as we were the first group out, maintenance had not yet had time to rake them. Most tee boxes were OK, some a bit chewed up.

The course still exhibits a great deal of scruffiness, particularly on the Valley nine, but that's just the nature of this layout. If you kept your ball in the fairway, you really don't notice it as much. Welcome back Rancho Del Sol. Wonderful to finally see a golf course opening rather than closing.
Always enjoy playing this track, A fun layout with lots of interesting holes and enough challenge to keep your interest without being overly penal. Course overall is in much better condition than when I last played here - pre-covid. I was impressed with the greens and the bunkers, some of the better maintained bunkers I've encountered since the pandemic.

Staff was very friendly and accommodating, in fact all the personal was a pleasure to deal with. My only complaint is the increase in fees. It now becomes even more beneficial to use one of the vouchers available on line to help lower the cost.
Last minute decision to play Oceanside. Out first in the dark at 6:15am on a cool morning, but it warmed up nicely by the back nine. Obviously pace of play was not an issue UNTIL we were approaching the par 5 14th hole. There was a threesome of guys with pull carts walking off #16, but instead of going to #17, they just walked over to #14 and teed off right in front of us. We yelled at them but they just ignored us and were angry that we protested their cutting right in front of us. WTF ! Bear in mind that there was nobody anywhere near behind us and they could have waited, but no, they were upset that we were upset. I give up.

The greens were very good ! However they will be punching them tomorrow October 6th. Fairways better than they've been. The greenside bunkers, while not prefect were some of the better bunkers I've seen. Plenty of well maintained sand. Tee boxes/rough were just OK

Staff is fantastic here, which is one of the reasons I frequent this course. Plus it's a fun track to play and provide enough challenge while affording some good birdie holes.
I had booked a tee time for The Vineyards on 9/25/20 for 6:30am on 10/5/20, but before I booked the time, I called, as I always do, to confirm that they were NOT aerating the greens. However checking Greenskeeper, like I always do, saw they were in fact going to aerate on 10/5/20. I called the course and confirmed they are in fact punching the greens, so I would have to play the front nine twice. Not Acceptable !

I asked why they were not forthright about this when I called and booked the tee time, - no explaination ! Just an "I'm Sorry". Thank goodness for Greenskeeper or I would have made the long drive and paid the $$, for nothing !
Recovering from aeration performed last week, the greens are as expected - bumpy. But appears they should be decent within another 7-10 days. ( I hope because the South Course is being closed for over seeding for 3-4 weeks in October ) Otherwise the course is in nice shape. Fairways have good coverage and is nice & green despite the recent heat wave. Bunkers are some of the best around still. Tee boxes are much improved.

With only one course open and over 1000 members and spouses, competition for tee times is quite fierce.
When I lived in Westchester, I played Rancho Park quite often, but since moving to Orange County, not so much. I agreed last week to meet a friend to play what I considered a "late" time, while my friend felt anything before 10am was "early". For someone who almost always plays at first light and pace of play is always well under three hours, it was very tough to fight traffic both directions, play in over 4 1/2 hours and roast under oven like temperatures. I could not have imagined it would be this hot when I agreed to play.

As to the course. I have always loved Rancho and think of it as the perfect barometer to measure a golfers game. Not too long, not to short, not narrow, but not open. Enough elevation change to provide interest, but easy to walk. I mean if you can shoot an XX score here, you are an XX player.

Greens were the best part of the course. Better than I expected and what I remember. Fairways generally were good, but some brown areas. Rough/tee boxes not great, but decent. Not in any bunkers, but looked like they had sand.

A long hot day, a long drive, but it was Rancho, and it brought back memories, so I guess now that I'm home and back in the A/C, I guess it was worth it !
Haven't been here since 2014, so was excited to return. While not really my style of golf course, I have always enjoyed this course and the unique set of challenges it provides. They apparently just got new golf carts in, so that was a bonus. Sure glad I didn't have to walk this place, it would be tough.

For those of you that have read my reviews over the years, I rarely make any negative comment on the staff. The guy behind the counter was just not pleasant ! I don't know if it was because he is not a "morning person" but after dealing with him, it just left a real sour beginning to the day. Even one of the regulars outside said that was typical of that fellow. Even the starter made a comment to us about the guy. I didn't get his name, but I will remember him, if/when I ever return.

The course conditions were however very good, some of the better I've seen lately. My bride and I repaired more of our own ball marks on the greens than I can ever recall. Every shot it seemed made a ball mark and a few of mine even spun back, which is not my norm. Fairways were nice, as were most tee boxes. Not in any bunkers, but they appeared just so-so.

Great weather, fun golf course, good overall conditions, and other than the guy in the pro shop, a wonderful day.
I had originally intended to play Dad Miller, but thanks to Greenskeeper - learned that only 14 holes were open, so switched to Montebello. While not my favorite course, it does provide solid basic golf, and it enjoyable playing here again. Greens were the best part of the course, fairways are over-watered, and the bunkers are trash. Tee boxes and rough are about what you'd expect. Some good, some not so good.

Easy check in and decent pace of play, considering we were not the first group out One of the best things about playing early in the day is the golfers typically play quickly. Great weather on a beautiful autumn morning.
First out in the dark at 6am. Very busy this morning - lots of golfers ! Now I would begin by saying a like Eagle Crest. I like the layout, the people in the shop are fantastic, the price using underpar/clickit is great, BUT I have to be honest and say the golf course is NOT in good condition, and that's being kind.

The greens in all fairness are far and away the best part of the course. They are decent. The rest of the course is just grim. Fairways are part grass and large part dirt. Rough, let's just say it is poor. Greenside bunkers do not even have a pretense of being maintained. Tee boxes are bare, not level, and have lots of divots.

However as bad as conditions are, and they are bad. I still had a good time and will probably return sooner than later. I have no common sense !
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