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Last minute invite to play Rio Hondo. Beautiful, clear, crisp day. Course is in nice shape, although the greens still show signs of the recent aeration, but puttable. Good coverage in the fairways. Not in any bunkers, but they appeared OK. Couple tee boxes were a bit beat up, but you could always find a decent place to tee it from.

Enjoy this course. Enough challenge to keep you interest, without beating you up. (Except for #9, which always causes me problems.) Nice to play this very walkable course. Staff was friendly and accommodating. Overall, a positive experience.
Nice to get back to Marshall Canyon, but it sure was cold out this morning. Walking allows you to generate some body heat. Can not imagine how long it would take to get loose in a cart. Prior review by Matt was spot on, but I thought the greens actually rolled better than they looked. ( I guess because I was prepared for them to be bumpy, it was not as bad as expected. Fairways looking pretty good. Decent coverage on nearly every hole. Rough was inconsistent - some thin, some rather thick.

Always enjoy playing this course. Fun track, beautiful views, lots of deer. Just a pleasant walk on a "winter feeling" morning
Met a friend for a quick nine. It had been a while since I played here. Course conditions are not good, to be kind. Greens are the best part of the course, and they were bumpy & slow. Fairways are mostly dirt, which on this course is not a big deal. Unfortunately the areas surrounding the greens are not much better.

Price is right, Staff is friendly, but in good conscious, can not recommend until condition improve
First out at 6am with flashlights. I thought that with the course punching greens tomorrow, it might be crowded, but not the case, (But there were a few guys with glow balls who wanted to hit it so off we went in the dark )

The greens are really good and are pretty quick. Still receptive however. Most of the fairways are OK, but there were a few which really need attention. (#6 ) Bunkers were inconsistent - some good, some soaked and unmaintained. Several tee boxes could use new sod.

Staff (Sam) is always great and a joy to deal woith. Always enjoy my visits here. Fun course with enough challenge to keep your interest, but not so penal to cause great stress. The only holes I really don't care for are #15 & #16, but that's only because I no longer pocess the length to play the holes properly. Plus they are just long, straight, flat, uninteresting holes.. Otherwise I think this course has many fun and interesting holes
Early morning round at Mile Square. As usual, the course is in pretty good all around condition. Greens rolled well, receptive. Most of the fairways have good coverage, with a few areas needing attention. Same with the rough. Both bunkers I found were raked and had a decent amount of sand.

I don't want to be too critical of the current routing because I understand it is temporary, but playing the last holes felt very "contrived" No flow what so ever. I accept this will be changed, but for now, not so good. Reading reviews, it appears most people preferred the Players course. I always liked the Classic Course. I'll hold off returning until they complete he construction and finish everything. Still, it was as always fun to get back out and play Mile Square.
Despite being reasonably geographically convenient, I don't seem to think about playing here? I've always enjoyed this old style traditional course, because it reminds me of the courses I grew up playing. Last couple reviews are spot on. Greens rolled well, but were not as quick as I expected. Good coverage in the fairways with some areas needing attention. The only real negative were the tee boxes. Inconsistent - need to be leveled.

Staff is always pleasant here. Nice atmosphere/ambiance about the course. If you're looking for a bunch of spectacular holes - look elsewhere, but if you want good solid golf, I recommend this track
Late review: I love playing Rancho, just hate the drive from the OC. However once I'm out on this old style traditional layout, almost makes the long drive worth it. Robert's review was spot on. Overall the course is in pretty good condition, Greens rolled well, receptive. Most of the fairways had good coverage. Rough was inconsistent. Same with some of the tee boxes, but you could always find a decent spot to hit from.

Always felt that Rancho was a perfect barometer of a golfers still. A fair test of golf which is fair, not overly penal, but provides enough challenge to keep ones interest. Just wish it did not take so long to drive too.
Back out to Goat Hill in hopes to extract some revenge from my last visit. ( Din not happen ) Every time I return I am more & more impressed with the course. I think back about how the course was the first time I played here. What a difference ! If you can get past the course beating your brains out, what a pleasure to play !

Greens were possibly the best I've seen them. I only had a few which had been mowed, so they were a bit too slow for my taste. As tough as these greens are to putt, maybe uncut greens are a good thing ? I thought the fairways were better last month, but still OK. I was disappointed that #12 is still a temporary hole. Tee box still closed, green open. Did not find a single bunker, so didn't notice the condition of the sand.

Recommend this course to anyone who does not mind being humbled
Out early on a more autumn like morning. Just a hint of what's in store in the coming months. Course has finally begun to improve and look/play more like it should. (Can't say the same for the South course) Greens rolled well, very receptive with decent speed. Fairways have good coverage and are nice and green. Tee boxes much improved. Sand is as always in great shape.

With the South going to be closed for 3 weeks for over seeding & green aeration, it is going to be very busy on the North. Hope the course can handle all the additional traffic ?
Always great to come back and play San Clemente. It is just such a pleasant walking course. If I was even half smart, I would have played last week when it was hot, but playing here is great any time.

Course is generally in good condition and found that to be the case again. Greens rolled well, but not as quick as I remember them. Most fairways had good coverage, but a few areas which were thin. Both bunkers I found had sufficient well raked sand. Rough was at times inconsistent.

Staff at San Clemente is always friendly and accommodating. Nice to feel welcome when you arrive in the shop. That is appreciated.
Tough review to write because I really like this course and the entire staff is outstanding. However I have seen a steady decline in condition over the past several months. I spoke with the staff and understand they are having issues with getting enough people to maintain the course. That coupled with budget issues makes for a difficult situation. They do a darn good job considering what resources they have to work with.

Greens are the best part of the course, although they were too slow for my taste. Some of fairways are OK, but many are just simply in poor shape. Hard to find a level tee box. Bunkers could be good, if they had the personal to maintain them.

I just hope that somehow this course can stay solvent and remain open, I really enjoy the layout and the people there are wonderful. I will continue to play here despite the substandard conditions if only for those reasons alone, but it's difficult to recommend at this time.
Big improvement from when I last played here a few months ago. Lots of sod being put down in the fairways. The tee boxes, which had been closed were now open again. Greens much quicker than the last time here. Rolled decently and were receptive. Still a number of issues, but you can see they are making an effort.

Maybe it's the old crew from Coto de Caza which defected here. Anyway, except for the price increase, things are looking better
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