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A joy to return to Eldo. I've always felt that this was the best of the Long Beach courses, although not my favorite. (Rec Park has always been my favorite and most fun to play ) But El Dorado presents the greatest challenge.

Very impressed with the course. Greens were particularly good. Quicker than I can remember them being. Fairways had good coverage, with a few areas needing attention. Just nice overall condition. Not in any sand, but it appeared decent.

I had stayed away from the Long Beach courses in part because I feel they are now over priced, but these days, every course is over priced. Still it was fun to return to a track that I've played many times over the years, and it has held up well and continues to provide a wonderful test of golf. Plus it's nice to enjoy a walker friendly course.
Scheduled for the second group off, but thankfully the first group. ( A foursome) allowed us to go ahead of them, so was greatly appreciated. As a result, we were able to play in a tick over 2 1/2 hours. A very nice comfortable pace at this course, which can be rather demanding, particularly when you play poorly.

The greens were a major disappointment. I thought that since it had been three weeks since they were punched, they would be OK - NOT ! They were bumpy & slow ! Both bunkers I found were filled with water from sprinklers, so hard to fairly rate them. Fairways for the most part were fine, as were the tee boxes.

I was taught that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything, so my feeling about customer service will be to just say nothing. I like Cross Creek. I think it is a fine course, presents quite a stern test and is most interesting, but I won't be rushing back any time soon.
First out on a very busy morning. With the North course still closed due to aeration, there are 1000 members vying for tee times on the South. Greens have still not fully recovered from the punching, which was four weeks ago. Unacceptable ! Generally 2-3 weeks is all it takes. Hope the North course recovers more quickly ?

Otherwise the overall condition of the course is fine. Blue tees on #6 is beat up and is temporarily closed. News is that rakes will be made available beginning 4/20/21. About time. Also those horrible contraptions attached to the pins will be removed.

Looking forward to both courses open and getting into "summer shape"
While I generally play Oceanside Muni, because they've recently punched greens, it was a nice change to get back out to Arrowood. One of the things I enjoy about this course is that holes #1 and #10 are very easy and allow you to begin both nines with an comfortable par/birdie opportunity. Plus there are several "scoreable" holes on each nine to offset a few very tough holes. A nice mix !

As Gary indicated in his review, the areas around the greens provide an interesting challenge, something I have not seen much in Southern California. (Much more common in the Midwest)

Overall I was impressed with the condition of the course, Greens rolled rather considering they were punched less than a month ago. Enjoyed the fairways, which provided nice runout.

Staff here is always great and makes you feel welcome, which is a nice touch.
Not a whole lot to add to Larry's recent review. Thought the greens rolled pretty well, and were faster than they appeared. Good coverage in most fairways, a little thin/tight, which helps with the roll out. Rough was spotty at times.

Staff is always friendly here and very accommodating. Fun course, so long as you get out early.
It had been a while since I've played here. I never seem to score well at this course, and today was no exception. Course just does not "fit my eye" Conditions however were quite good, better than expected, even the greens which have recovered from the aeration reasonably well.
Fairways had good coverage. Tee boxes also in nice shape.

Staff was friendly and very accommodating. I would have to recommend this course right now.
I did not have high expectations based on the most recent review, so I was not all that disappointed because it wasn't all that terrible. Certainly not to the level I have come to expect from Dos Lagos. Several of the tee boxes were really bad. The greens did not roll nearly as well as previous rounds, so I think the aeration next week should help. I hope ! Bunkers had lots of sand, but none had been maintained, but maybe that was because I was off so early and was in front of maintenance?

Ruth is the pro shop is an absolute joy to deal with. Always friendly and accommodating. The rest of the staff - not so much !

I enjoy this course. It is well priced, fun to play, usually in good condition, and generally relatively easy to get a tee time.
Out first on a beautiful spring morning. Not too busy, so played at a relaxed pace, but still well under 2 1/2 hours. Course is in nice shape right now, but they are punching the greens starting 4/5/21 with large holes and heavy sand. I suspect it will take at least three weeks to recover. (The South was punched about 10 days ago and is still not recovered.)

Fairways have good coverage. Bunkers are good, but becoming some what compacted. With the recent heat, the Bermuda rough is starting to fill in, so that is a welcome improvement. Tee boxes are OK.
Sure was nice to play in the morning when it was not cold. Actually able to loosen up up before placing the clubs back in the truck for a change.

Course was in pretty nice overall condition. I thought the fairways had good coverage, and the greens rolled well, but not as quick as I remember them to be. Both bunkers I found had decent amount of sand, which was well maintained.

While not the longest course, it offers some rather challenging green complexes, and the greens themselves can be tough if you get on the wrong side of the hole. Fun track which allows enough of a challenge to keep your interest, while providing a number of really easy holes. One of my favorite things about this course is the fact it does not come in after 9, so I do not have to encounter "back nine play", so as long as you get out in one of the first few groups, pace of play is fine.
I was not sure how well the greens had recovered from the March 9th punching. Well, they haven't ! Aside from the fact that they were bumpy, they were slow and need desperately to be rolled. The ball simply would not stay on line ! Fairways had some nice areas, but too many bare spots. The bunkers looked great, but actually it was just a thin layer of sand which was nicely groomed. Thin would be a kind description.

Staff was "cordial" not friendly. In all fairness, they were very accommodating however. Course was busier than expected at 6am, no issues getting out, which was appreciated.
Looking to play some where "different" and Shorecliffs certainly meets that criteria. I play here every few years, mostly because it is not that far from home, is inexpensive, and the staff is always friendly and I can generally get out without to much difficulty.

The recent review by Gary pretty much sums it up. Course has never been great, but seems to have slipped a bit condition wise. Even the greens, which usually are the best part of this course, were not as good as times past. Fairways were a mix of thin, decent and uncut areas. Rough was the same way, bare/thin/thick.

I never know what to expect when I play here, as every time they seem to change things. If you're looking to play a confusing golf course, Shorecliffs is the place to go.
Not much of a change from my previous review last month, although the greens felt somewhat firmer, but rolled pretty true. Most of the fairways have decent coverage, with more bare areas and spots which were kind of damp. Several tee boxes were more "chewed up" than I remember. Overall about typical conditions for this course, which is always fun to play.

Staff is friendly and accommodating. One of my favorite L A County courses to play.
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