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Today was a very long day ! When living in Westchester, I used to play Los Robles fairly often, but since moving to Orange County, because of the distance, I rarely play here any more. So when a friend living in Thousand Oaks asked me to join him, I agreed. I almost always play super early, so I am not used to 4+ hour rounds.

After fighting 100+ miles of traffic, although the round actually only took about 4 1/2 hours, it felt like forever. Maybe because I played like sh*t, it just made it feel all that much longer. Then almost 3 hours to make it back home. A long day !

As for conditions, not a whole lot to add to Gary's review. I spent a lot of my round in the chips/rough, so rarely had much opportunity to hit many greens, so can't speak to their receptiveness. Also seemed to either short-side myself or find myself above the pin at the wrong time, so it was playing pure defense all day. Brutal !

I have always liked Los Robles, but when you play so poorly, it is difficult to me objective. Recommend this course. It's interesting, enough of a challenge (Particularly when you're off your game) and the staff is always welcoming.
First out walking on a cool Monday morning at 6:08am. (Actually teed off at 5:50) Fairways were winter thin, and were kind of "clumpy". The greens could have been really nice, had they been mowed, but despite rolling fairly well, they were just soooo slow. Bunkers were awful, wet, compacted, and not maintained. It is critical at this course that the bunkers be in good shape because they are just a predominant feature of this course. I was in a bunch of them, and it was a struggle to play from those condition.

I really enjoy walking this course. Nice mix of holes, and other than the freeway noise on a few holes, it can be quite pleasant out there. Not a big fan of all the "back nine" play that I seem to encounter, but it wasn't too bad today. Staff was friendly, on time, and accommodating. $21 is a bargain to play here.
Off early walking in the drizzle to finish before a 9am shotgun start. I was hoping that the rain yesterday and this morning would soften the greens, because they have been so firm, because I do not hit the ball high, becomes super difficult to stop shots on a number of the holes. For those that have played the North course at Coto, nearly every approach must carry a bunker, so you have to be able to fly the ball to the green, and then somehow get it to stop !

Greens firm and very fast, running between 11.5 & 12. Fairways just now starting to get a little more grass. Bunkers and tee boxes are excellent. Rough still has issues. They will be punching greens in a few weeks, so that should help with the firmness.
Hadn't been to Mile Square for a while, so looked forward to returning. While not the most exciting golf course, it provides good solid affordable golf with adequate challenge, but not to the point where it will expose all your weaknesses.

Condition was actually better than I expected. Most of the course seem to have very thin fairways and super firm greens, but there was a decent amount of grass on the fairways, and the greens held shots fairly well. ( Or maybe I just hit a few good shots? ) The bunkers I found had nice sand, well raked.

My biggest regret was that I never looked at the map of the proposed new single course layout. I thought about it when I was about half way home. Guess that will force me to return just to satisfy my nature
One of the reasons I enjoy playing here is the staff is always super friendly and accommodating. They actually make you feel welcome and convey an appreciation that you are patronizing their course.

Conditions are pretty much what Gary00 indicated. Winter/dormant fairways, many tight lies. Greens rolled OK, could be vary quick if you found yourself above the cup. Only in one bunker and it had enough well manicured sand. Most of the tee boxes were fine, a few needing attention.

While not a really difficult course, I just do not seem to be able to put up any kind of decent score here? Despite my inability to play well, enjoyed the round and the weather. Maybe next time I'll figure this place out ?
Using a Greenskeeper certificate ( Thanks Johnny ! ) What a great deal. Check in was fast, efficient and very friendly. I wish all staff at the pro shops I encounter were as pleasant and accommodating as they were this morning at Sterling Hills.

First off, so no issues with pace of play. Winter conditions, so fairways at times tended to be thin. Greens were the best part of the course, although saw quite a few unrepaired ball marks. I didn't remember the greens as having so much slope, and coupled with some tough pin positions and firm, and at times fast greens, made for some difficult scoring. In general the course was in good condition.

Enjoyed the course, despite leaving any kind of game back in Orange County. A long drive, but with such a fantastic GK coupon, the warm/friendly staff, and the just a fun track, it was worth thr effort. Recommend playing here.
As always, out pre-dawn on a super cold morning. (38 degrees ) To my surprise and delight, they did not issue a frost delay, despite the fact there was a lot of frost ? Fairways are dormant, so I was advised that walkers do not really damage the grass and as long as the greens are not frozen, we're good to go.

Due to the conditions, extra roll out on the drives, but the downside was that the greens were so firm and fast, very tough to get ANY shot to stop. I would guess some of the green speeds were in excess of 12+. Bunkers still in great shape, but many are getting too firm and need to be addressed. Rough and many of the green surrounds also need attention, but I'm hoping once the weather warms up, those too will be addressed ?
Looking for a change of pace and not wanting to travel too far, out early on a colder than expected morning. It's nice to play these shorter courses, particularly when you're struggling with your game. You still have to hit the shots, otherwise even these little courses will humiliate you.

Conditions were decent. Most of the greens were smooth and had reasonable speed. Fairways were a mix of nice and not so nice. Nothing really too bad about the course, except maybe the tee boxes which were kind of beat up, but could always find a spot. Truth is, it was a fun quick inexpensive three hours of no stress golf - just what I was looking for.
Could not pass on an invite to play with some friends on a beautiful afternoon yesterday. I was thinking of my sister "living" in Iowa with temperatures of -10 degrees with a wind chill factor of -20 degrees, and I'm in my shirt sleeves on a February afternoon with temps about 70 degrees. You gotta love Southern California weather !

The course is really in very nice shape right now. Greens are smooth and pretty quick, Fairways actually have grass on them, unlike many courses at this time of year. Bunkers are all in great condition, sand is wonderful. Have to admit the overall condition of the course is very good! ( I wish Coto was in this nice of condition right now !) And getting the Creek Card rate from the host didn't hurt things either. Enjoyable afternoon of golf !
Always look forward to playing Coyote Hills, as the staff in the pro shop are friendly and accommodating. Using the senior rate makes this course well worth playing. Generally play fairly well here, perhaps in part because the course is not overly long, but you still have to keep your ball in play, otherwise the score can balloon quickly. Also love the views ! This course has several super fun holes to play and provide a number of good birdie opportunities.

Condition was about what I expected and consistent with the prior reviews. Fairways somewhat on the thin side, which was great for the drives, but makes hitting those irons very precise. Greens rolled well, quicker than expected. Only in two bunkers - both had sand which was well raked.

I always leave this course satisfied. Just a fun, reasonably priced round of golf, with enough challenge to keep your interest, but still affords the opportunity to put up a good score.
After confirming that the entire 18 holes were open, decided to fight the wind and return to Green River. When the wind blows at Green River, it can really blow ! Check in was smooth and efficient. Rey in the shop advised that they will probably open keep 18 holes open on the weekends. (Don't know when that will begin)

Sad to report the course is not in very good condition, Greens are decent, some of the fairways are good, but many are "patchy". Rough was inconsistent. I found four greenside bunkers, and never had to rake even one of them, because they were so thin I did not even leave footprints. Just the thinnest veneer of sand covering rock hard ground.

Back when there were two courses, I used to enjoy playing here, but with the consolidation of the two courses, some very good holes were lost, plus the walk from #11 to #12, #12 to #13, and the walk back to the parking lot is just a grind. Not an enjoyable course to walk anymore.
Back out early at one of my "go to" courses. Staff is always fantastic, very friendly and accommodating. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, and absence of some of the "hoopla" I experience at the higher end courses.

Have to agree with the recent review from zgolfinman. Greens are excellent, most of the fairways are decent, but there certainly are some bare spots. The rough and rough adjacent are always as issue here. Found two bunkers and both had enough sand and were well raked.

I am probably a bit biased towards this course because I find it fun to play, typically score well here, and rarely experience any difficulty getting out early. Which I guess is why I refer to it as a "go to" course
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