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Looking to stay reasonably close to home, RSJ fit nicely. Not a whole lot to add to Dave's recent review. I echo what he said about the greens. I have played here a number of times, and the ball did seem to run out more than usual, although they were not all that fast. Overall, the course was in OK condition. Better than the last time I played, so that's a positive. Fairways also had better coverage.

I enjoy playing here occasionally, but don't think I could make a steady diet of this course. If you have not played here recently, I think you would be impressed with the improvement from a couple years ago.
First out on a very cold morning. I checked the internet for weather before I left and it was supposed to be 51 degrees, but when I teed off just prior to 6am, there was frost everywhere. Carts on carts on path until 8 o'clock. (I walked so no impact for me) Sam, in the pro shop said it much colder yesterday.

Greens rolled well and had decent speed. Fairways were frozen. Many more bare areas rhan when I last played here in September. Bunkers were well maintained, which was good, because I found a bunch of them.

Always enjoy playing this course, but this morning was a bit too cold for these old bones. Never did get loose. Otherwise a beautiful clear morning, on a fun golf course.
An absolutely beautiful day tp play golf. A little cool in the morning but warmed up quickly. Not a lot to add to Larry's most recent review which was spot on. Greens held nothing, or maybe it's just me? Generally decent lies in the fairways. No bunkers for me today, but they appeared OK.

I like this course, but it has gotten a bit pricey, so I play here far less than I used to. Love the views. Enjoy the layout and the mix of holes. Staff is always great. Just wish it were closer and cheaper
Our super early as usual on a rather cool morning. (43 degrees) but no frost, so that was a positive. As always, Ruth in the pro shop was a joy deal with. Greens were as quick as I can ever recall. Plus, whoever placed the pins this morning, must have had a bad night, because they were some of the more difficult placements I have seen here. Fairways were very tight, but provided extra roll out, but requires a lot more skill to properly execute the shots, particularly the short shots around the greens.

Bunkers were not yet maintained but did have plenty of sand. However, ALL the tee boxes have been overseeded, so the markers were placed along side, in front of, or behind the tee box. Most were playable, but several were not close to level. Not a problem, just something you have to deal with when maintenance to preformed. Despite having a rather modest maintenance staff, Dos Lagos keeps the course in pretty good shape.
Out in the dark on a drizzly morning. Despite the weather, it was busy. Disappointed in conditions. While the back side was in much better than the front nine, the course was in the worst condition I've seen it. Greens were the best part of the course, but still not as good as I remember them being. Again, the back better than the front. The greens were however very receptive. Many bare spots in the fairways, and even the grass was thin and "stringy" - almost like a weed?

I enjoy this short coourse. I find it interesting, great green complexes and while short on length, it is long on character. I am confident that conditions will return to what I have come to expect from the two Costa Mesa courses.
After being closed for 2 1/2 weeks, the North course finally has opened. The greens have still not healed from the aeration. I would guess it will be another couple weeks before they are back to normal, but they are rather slow Tee boxes are excellent, as are the bunkers. Rough is acceptable - not too penal.

What I do not understand is that before we closed on October 17, all 18 holes permitted carts off the path. During this maintenance period, the greens and tees were worked on, but nothing done to the fairways, so why when they reopened are three holes now carts on path? It's not like we had rains or anything like that. There is a small area on #17 which was resodded, but that has been roped off, so why is the entire hole CPO. Additionally, the fairways are not in nearly as good condition as when they shut it down, which makes zero sense?

It is nice to have both courses open again, but that said, the South course remains CPO even now 7 weeks after overseeding began. Go figure!
One of my favorite LA County courses. The setting, with the great vistas, there are always deer around the course, and general flow of the course is pleasing. While certainly not the most difficult course, the greens offer plenty of challenge and there is enough length to satisfy this senior.

Greens were fine, decent pace, but far too soft. Generally, the fairways provided acceptable lies, but there are bare areas. Rough was inconsistent. Only in one bunker, but it was well maintained and had plenty of sand. Several tee boxes were rather beat up.

Staff here is always great to deal with, and the senior rate makes this well worth the drive for me. Fun track. Recommended.
Getting more and more difficult to find tee times, but able to get back out to Moreno Valley Ranch - I mean Rancho Del Sol. Not much has changed since my last time here. Still a bit scruffy, with inconsistent fairways, but playable. Greens were better than expected considering they aerated earlier this month. I found several bunkers, which all had sand, but were in various condition. Tee boxes could use some attention.

Staff is always friendly here and pleasant to deal with. Miss having three nines to play, but I'm happy they at least have 18. I thought that when this place closed a few years ago, it was gome forever. Thankfully I was wrong.
Out in the dark on a very windy morning. Consistent winds 20+ mph. Scott in the shop was great deal with. I thought they had just punched greens, but as it turns out, only #8,#11 & #14 were punched with HEAVY sand. I could see where several holes holes had been punched previously, but other than the 3 referenced holes, the greens putted fine, EXCEPT that there are a lot of bare areas on the greens. Where there is grass, they were good, but there was just so many bare spots!

Fairways were thin. Not really grass covered, more or a weed. Both bunkers I found were wet compacted sand. Tee boxes are very beat up. It's actually kind of sad, because I can see they are making an effort to maintain this place, but it's just not nearly in the condition it used to be.

As I traveled this course, I remembered always walking here, but now I do not think I would even make the attempt. Father Time sure has a way of prevailing in more ways than just robbing me on what little length I had.
The south course reopened Tuesday, but it will be carts on path for at least 2-3 weeks. CPO is much more taxing than on the North course, so I have been walking more frequently than usual. I think the overseeding turned out better than I expected, but it will take some warm weather and some rain to bring the course back to where it needs to be. The greens still show signs of the aeration, but were receptive, had decent pace and rolled pretty well. Tee boxes are the best I've seen them in some time. Bunkers as usual are very good.

Because all the carts have GPS with the capability to restrict carts to specific areas, it would be so much better and easier for many of the senior members to restrict the carts to the rough, rather than the cart path, which could easily be done, but management does not seem to be at all concerned about what us best for the members? I just do not understand why this will not be considered. I have mentioned it to a number of the staff, but it was not warmly received?
With it getting light so late now, it was a real challenge to find some where to play where I could get out early. El Prado filled the bill. While I was not super excited to play here today, the staff was great, price was right, and I was allowed to get out first (In the dark of course) and get my round in quickly.

It seemed that the fairways had a lot more areas which were bare than when I last played here. Greens were the high light of the course. They were very receptive and rolled well but were slower than I prefer. Only in one bunker, which was wet compacted sand/mud. Rough was a mixed bag, thin to lush.

Nice to get out and walk this old-style course. Maybe it was me, but it sure played long today. Maybe it's time to move up on the tees?
Seems like forever since I last played Skylinks. Had no intention of playing, mostly because the cost now is more than this course warrants. but I had an invite from some friends in Long Beach and was able to play for the senior rate, so it was more palatable.

Reading the last review, did not have high expectations, and I was not surprised. I will admit the fairways were better than expected. Greens were slow, bumpy and need to be rolled. While there was nothing really bad about the overall condition, it was a far cry from the Skylinks I used to play years ago. For me personally, if I'm going to travel to Long Beach, I'd rather play Rec Park or Eldo.
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