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Played here yesterday afternoon on what was a great afternoon weather wise. A nice little breeze to counter the sunny skies.

Greens were good, rolled very smoothly. I think they rolled at a medium pace. They have been faster other times I've been here and I didn't think they were as fast as in the past but rolled really well. Maybe a few imperfections on the greens but nothing to get concerned about.

Fairways were great to hit from. Cut nicely with some good rolls on well struck drives. Again I don't remember too many bad areas in the fairways. I do remember one guy in our group had mud on his ball from a wet area but that seemed to be an exception. Some divot damage but it seems members do a great job of filling their divots here.

The immediate rough is not that penal but there is certainly a lot of native areas. Course is tight and meanders through the canyons so if you're getting a little loose with your ball striking you can kiss you ball bye bye.

Tee boxes were great. More divot damage on the par 3s but again looks like members did a great job of filling in these divots. The par 3 16th hole is a nice looking hole. I like the new tees they added, back tees stretch to 220 yds. I'm sure that hole has wrecked many scorecards.

Amazingly I wasn't in any bunkers but the sand looked really good and I didn't hear any complaints from other guys in our group about them.

Overall an enjoyable round even though I played poorly. The course doesn't suit my 100 yd shot dispersions and it's a little on the higher side (price wise) than I like. It's a demanding course that requires well struck shots in all aspects of your game.
Played in an industry event yesterday with a 8:00 shotgun. Overall the course is really impressive. I thought the greens were probably at a medium pace. I know they can get quicker but I thought you could be pretty aggressive on putts. I think they were very smooth and as many people have written the greens are large with a lot of slope so it pays to be in the right spot.

Fairways were nice, good roll out on well struck drives. Maybe some bare areas but nothing too bad.

Rough is basically the native area which was pretty high and certainly with rattlesnake season I didn't even think twice about going in there. Rough around the green is lusher and some height.

We did hit out of one bunker which was a greenside one and it was really soft.

This was a tournament so the pace was pretty slow but it was a full tournament so not the course fault. I know the course is on the pricey side and while I don't think I would shell out the rack rate if there is something that is a little bit less the conditions certainly warrant a look.
Was in the first group off in the mens club yesterday and I think there were 4 or 5 groups ahead of us. We waited on every shot and finished at 4 1/2 hours. I can only imagine the groups later were looking at 5+ hours. I was curious how the conditions were since last time I was here and well you put down some water and don't cut the grass and you can get some pretty nasty conditions. My first tee shot found the left rough and I used a 60 degree wedge and only advanced it 5 feet. I would have taken an unplayable but 2 club lengths left me no better option.

Greens are still not what I think they should be being this close to the US Open. They are quick but I still don't think they are smooth enough. They were still too bumpy for my liking but I'm sure they will get rolled and cut when its shut down.

As I alluded to earlier the rough has definitely grown and certainly thicker in some places compared to others. I'd recommend if you're going to miss, miss big. You might get a better lie. Or miss in the bunker.

Tee boxes and fairways were still pretty good and didn't change much from the last time I was here.

I believe the last day the course is open is June 6 and not scheduled to reopen until the 24th or 25th. FYI North is not supposed to be open until early September.
Played in a tournament today so the pace was a little slow but I didn't see any gaps anywhere so I think it was just a combination of tournament play and tough conditions. Day started pretty mild but that wind definitely picked up as the round went on.

Greens to me are still a weak point here. I thought they were a little too bumpy and wobbly for my liking. I do think the speed is good. Certainly not the fastest I've seen here but still good roll out.

Fairways were great. Cut nicely and some good roll on well struck drives. Maybe a few bare spots but nothing to be concerned about. Some unrepaired divot damage out there. I did see the sprinklers on as the tournament was winding down so they should get better.

Rough did have some juice to it but it wasn't enough to change my decision on any shots. Maybe I got lucky.

Sand was fine. The one bunker I was in did have wet sand which I assume was from the watering overnight.

Tees were very good, nice and level and cut to a nice height.

Staff is outstanding as always. Course is certainly worth a look right now before the summer heat hits.
I'm going to make a little disclaimer here. I'm reviewing this based a daily fee municipal golf course.

3rd off this morning and we finished in about 3 hours 50 minutes. The group in front of us let us play thru on 11 and thank god because we finished at least 2 holes ahead of them.

I was a little disappointed in the greens. You can still see the punched holes from early April and I was expecting to be a little smoother than what they actually were. They are running a little quicker than normal but I had a few wobbly putts.

Fairways are good. There are some spots that they just can't seem to get right. Like where they installed the drainage on 1 still doesn't seem to grow right. Some unrepaired divot damage but generally they are cut well and provide a decent roll on well struck drives.

I made a comment to one of the guys in our group on 1 that the rough wasn't bad at all. BUT there are some pretty thick areas here. Generally the back 9 rough appeared to be thicker than the front 9 rough. The rough also seemed to be different grass. The grass seems to have buds on the end of them and made for finding some balls a little more difficult.

I've been critical of the bunkers here in the past because there was too much sand it seemed. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore as I thought the bunkers had the right amount now. FYI there are no rakes at this point so some bunkers had been maintained and there are others that need some attention.

If you expecting US Open conditions the course is just not there yet which is quite surprising honestly. My memory may not be what it used to be but I remember the Open last time in 08 and the course was in much better condition one month ahead of the tournament. The course is scheduled to shut down the first week of June so hopefully they will be able to fine tune everything because I am really looking forward to watching it this year. I'm playing again at the end of the month so I really hope there is some improvement here.
Did another double header here yesterday. This time the greens had small holes punched but I do not believe that they had any impact on the green and I would imagine these would probably be completely healed in a week. I only make this comment because this is more aesthetic. The pace posted was an 11 but I don't know what that means. We were first off in the morning round and the greens were wet and slow from the watering. We finally passed the guys watering the greens on hole 10 and the pace was a little quicker.

Fairways and rough still have a lot of spots that are not good and my understanding is that there was a fungus that got into parts of the course. I think these areas probably won't get back to normal until the fall when they can devote time of overseed again and treat the infected areas.

Bunkers and tees boxes were great though. I really like the depth of sand in the bunkers, not too soft and not too hard. The markers on the tee boxes were pretty wide so there was ample places to tee it up. Even the par 3s didn't have that much wear and tear on them.

Course is scheduled to shut down June 4 (I believe) which is not that far away. Condition wise I'd probably hold off until the fall but if you are ok with atypical conditions the layout is still a great test of golf and certainly some of the best staff I've encountered.
Played yesterday on a rather odd day. Started off cool and then warmed up quite a bit and cooled off later in the round with the wind picking up. Had some sprinkles driving up and seemed to be threatening around the area but never a drop.

I would say from tee up to the green the course is in great shape. Fairways were great. They were mowed to a perfect level for me. I thought they provided good roll on drives. Divot damage and bare patches here and there but I don't think anyone in our group had a bad lie all day. One of the things I like about Goose is that there are holes where you can hit multiple shots off the tee. I think that helps to minimize the divot damage to the fairways because balls are not collecting in the same area.

Rough isn't overly penalizing and while I did miss the fairway my penalties came from being behind trees not necessarily the lie in the rough. Given the vast size of the course there are going to be more bare areas in the rough.

Tee boxes were really nice. Level and appropriately cut. Played the back tee boxes and even on the par 3s I don't remember too much divot damage. Plenty of areas to tee the ball up.

Since I've been coming here the greens are probably in the worst shape I've seen. They were way too bumpy and wobbly for my liking. I did notice what I think is a fungus on the greens. I assume it is a fungus but it looks like yellow water stains on them. I'm not sure if these issues are related or not.

As I said earlier everything but the greens is really nice right now and too bad they are punching next week. However I would hold off on playing until after maintenance because of the greens. I am one that can overlook imperfections in the fairways/rough but rather have nice greens to putt on. I don't believe the Goose is there right now but I will definitely be back. This is a solid course with a great staff.
Decided to walk on at the last minute and put my name in at about 6:30 and teed off at 7:30 so the wait wasn't bad at all.

Greens were a little bumpy and seemed a little slower than normal to me. A few unrepaired ball marks here and there. Greens held shots well however I could not adjust to the speed. I carried chips to release and they'd check or try and get something back to the hole and it would run out. Just never got that dialed in.

Bunkers need to be raked. I was in 3 and 2 I had to move since they were in footprints. Some looked like they hadn't been touched in a few days.

Rough was non-existant. No penalty for being in there. The rough is really just navigating trees.

Fairways are ok as well. I did find a divot and I usually expect to find one when playing here given the amount of play this course gets.

Tee boxes are ok as well. Par 3 boxes are a little more beaten up and the number 9 tee box (on the right hand side) was a little unlevel.

One of the guys in our group said the greens were being punched in a couple of week but I forgot to confirm that with the course. I'd probably hold off on playing until after the maintenance but then again it's only $49 to walk so that is hard to beat.
Pulled a doubleheader yesterday. First round was a little less than 4 hours and the second round was a little over 4 hours. It was kind of an odd day. It was warmer at 8 am than it was at 2 pm. A cold front started moving in on our second 18 and got pretty windy and cold. Funny thing is we played the same tees and the wind made our second 18 play like a completely different course.

Greens were pretty good. I don't remember seeing many unrepaired ball marks but maybe a couple. Wind start impacting putts too on greens. On 17 and 18 I had putts that thank goodness I finally accounted for the wind. I thought the greens were receptive to shots and held them well. There are a few patchy areas on the edges of the greens but it didn't impact any of my putts.

Tees boxes were very nice. Nicely mowed and a few divots but nothing major. Every tee box looked pretty consistent too.

Bunkers were good. All that I noticed seemed to have been raked. Ample sand in the bunkers that you can give it a good thump.

Fairways were so so. There are a lot of bare areas out there but there are also a lot of very good areas too. The bare areas didn't bother me at all. Good roll in the fairways.

Staff was outstanding as always. That is everyone from the proshop to the kitchen to the maintenance workers.

A couple of side notes:
-I usually go thru Julian to get there but the snow forced me another route which there was some snow but the roads were fine. It started snowing again on the way back so the drive was quite scenic.
-Those that know me know that I may have over indulged in sweets, I mean you don't look like me without doing so. That cookie that I got at the end of the round might have been the best cookie I've ever had.
Played in the mens club event today teeing off at 8 and finishing right at 12 so pace was great. Overall I'm really happy with the rain from yesterday and this morning that the course drained excellently. I'm glad my tax dollars were put to good use in installing the new drainage system.

I thought the greens were a little slow and could be bumpy at times. This was expected with the rain. I don't think there was time to roll and/or cut the greens. I really could never adjust to the speed as I was short all day long. As it dries out a little I'd imagine they be pretty nice to put on. A few ball marks here and there but nothing outrageous.

Fairways were decent. Again you wouldn't really know we had rain but the turf was pretty good. Some divots here and there.

We played under lift clean and place so everything in the rough was fluffed up. The rough isn't nearly as bad as the Farmers. Plenty playable out of the rough, some balls did sit down making it a little dicey. It probably won't get out of hand until after the maintenance the first week of April.

No issues with tee boxes. Sand is still an issue though. Saw several balls plug in the bunkers in my group alone. If it wasn't for COVID and lift clean and place I'd be pretty pissed if I had to play any of those shots.

Enjoyable, just wished I played a little better. Probably worth a look as a resident. I'd probably like to see a little bit better greens before I shell out 2 bills as a non-resident.
Teed off early this morning at a little after 6. There was another group in front of us and as we were on the tee a 2some pulled up behind us so we let them go ahead. Pace was awesome. As we were on the 18th tee box the group behind us was on the 15th tee box.

Fairways are pretty dormant so there was a lot of roll if you found them. In fact I nearly drove the 1st green. They were firm but not so firm that your club would bounce on them. You could still take divots. On a side note the up hill par 5 13th hole no the back no longer has that waste area. I'm not sure that was anyone's previous review.

Greens were posted at 10.5 which I have no idea what that means but they seemed pretty slow for my liking. Quite a bit a slope but with the speed I don't think there were any bad places to miss.

We played the black tees and I thought they were all moved up quite a bit. There was a Future Champions tourney that started as we made the turn and as we finished the range and putting green was packed with kids. It's been a while since I've seen that many people together.

Bunkers were ok. Some needed to be raked and some were raked so it was a crap shoot. Pretty good sand to get out of too.

Price might be a little above my liking but it's a good change of pace course and certainly a good test of golf.
First round yesterday for 2021 and was the 3rd group out, we were only a 2some so the pace was excellent. We didn't push the guys in front of us and the group behind us was well behind that we really took out time and enjoyed the course. Course winds thru a housing complex so there are many areas marked as ob but I still think you can be aggressive or conservative and still score well. We walked and there is some elevation and walks between holes but I thought it was a pretty easy walk. I looked at my phone after the round and I walked 6.5 miles. Course is not overly long about 6800 from the back tees.

I have to be honest but these are some of the best greens I've putted on. Quite possibly some of the fastest greens I putted on. Really picked up pace as the greens dried out from the morning dew. Greens are really smooth too, it's nice to see that golfers take care and repair ball marks. Had a 15ft eagle putt and I had to lag that bad boy and still had a 4 footer comebacker.

My understanding is they did a fairway replacement last year so the fairways were a still a little firm but still fine to hit from. On a course like this balls tend to collect in certain areas so there is some divots in these areas. I was in 2 and one was filled in and the other was partially filled. I did think for the most part golfers did fill the divots with the sand bottles provided.

Rough doesn't really exist and gets a little suspect with some patchy/bare spots. When I got offline it was more about negotiating trees rather than rough.

Sand was good. I was in a couple of bunkers and all were raked and really consistent. I didn't see any (fairway or greenside) that hadn't been maintained.

I thought the staff was outstanding and the facilities are a tad dated but I'm not there for that. Range today was on the mats but there is grass which looks to be recovering from maintenance. Practice green is indicative of the actual greens. If you get an opportunity I'd recommend giving it a shot.
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