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Played in the mens club group on Thursday and was scheduled to tee off at 9:50 but was more like 10 by the time we actually went off. Overall pace was brutal, 3 hour front 9 and 2 1/2 back and there were times that felt like it was slower.

Check in is back in the booth and not in the pro shop. They are doing some renovation in the pro shop to put in the check in but it looks like it will be a month or so before it moves back in there.

I thought the greens were a tad bumpy which could be because I did play later. I also didn't think they were as fast as the last time I played here but I did wonder how much the rains from the week before played in softening up the course. I don't think it will take much to get these back to being quick especially since things are drying out. North practice green was closed so I don't know how it compares to the actual greens.

Fairways were great to hit from and provided some good roll. There are quite a few divots out there and I did see a guy out there on hole 7 filling them in. I don't think this is normal but only because the tournament is right around the corner. Fairways have definitely been narrowed down and hitting them is certainly a premium.

Rough wasn't as tall as I expected but there were mowers out there but dang man the ball could just settle down and make it really tough to advance. A couple of guys in our group did lose a ball in it so it not a pushover. I did have a couple of shots where I did club up 1 or 2 clubs and still came up short even though I thought I hit it pretty dang well.

I was in a couple of bunkers and I thought they were well maintained and good quality sand in them.

Tee boxes were good no real issues. Par 3s have more damage as expected but there was plenty of spots to tee it up.
Played in the mens club tournament today and was the 3rd group out. We fell behind early but by 18 was caught up to the group ahead of us, still finished in a little over 4 hours. Just looking for balls in the rough slows everything down and with the fairways being pretty narrow it makes hitting them that much more of a premium.

A little chilly at the start and I still think the course was drying out as there was still some damp areas out there. I guess technically I hit 3 but one doesn't count because it was the wrong one. They were nice to hit from and walk on. Mowed to a nice height and provided decent roll out. I wish they had bottles out there for golfers to take so they could fill in their divots. Given the amount of play and there are quite a few unfilled ones out there.

Rough is brutal. I mean it even looks like they cut it down some and still you need to send out a search party to find it. I did lose a ball in it and another guy in our group did as well. The group behind us fell behind and I could see they were searching as well.

The greens are slick and firm. I hit a PW on 6 to the front of the green and it release to the middle back of the green. I'm guessing that is probably 15-20 yds of roll. Again I thought they were fast and I didn't see too many unrepaired ball marks but did my share of the ones I did see. I don't think golfers realize how much roll there is and don't think to look that far back.

Tee boxes were fine. #1 is moved up but all the other ones seem to be at their normal locations. A few more divots on par 3 but there was always a spot to tee it up.

Was in a couple of bunkers and I think the sand was a bit wetter and firmer. Didn't see any drastic differences between fairway and greenside ones. They seemed pretty consistent.

For a course that is a top 100 in the country the range is really terrible. Beaten up limited flight balls and mats that are harder than the concrete underneath it. Short game area is still closed and I don't think it will be open for the general public again. Just lessons and events from my understanding.

Times are still difficult to come by but if you looking for a test feel free to come on out I think its in very good condition right now.
2nd out in the mens club tournament last Thursday and for a while we thought we'd miss the rain but on 17 it started dumping. By the time we reached the green we were taking all our gear off. It was kind of drizzle after that but not bad but was coming down pretty good when I left. Overall the pace was pretty good, I think we finished a little over 4 hours.

Greens were pretty quick even with the overnight rain. On 15 I was about 15ft above the hole and barely tapped it and rolled a good 8 feet by. Putts just seemed to keep rolling. They certainly didn't look that fast. Generally pretty smooth with a few unrepaired ball marks here and there.

Fairways were great but maybe a tad longer with the rain but there were crews out there mowing but mostly seems like it was the rough and not the fairways.

We played lift, clean and place so it rough wasn't bad to hit from but it's pretty juicy. There are some areas that were much thicker than others. Right on 12 and 14 was pretty deep. If we didn't play LCP I definitely would not have attempted some of the shots I did.

I still don't understand why there is so much sand in the bunkers. One of the other guys in our group was in 2 bunkers. Both were completely plugged.

Overall course is shaping up nicely and should be nice to play leading up to the tournament. That is if you a glutton for punishment.
Also played in the Guru outing on Thursday afternoon but held off on my review because I also played this morning and wanted to compare the difference between and afternoon and morning round. I agree with all the other Gurus. Overall the conditions have come back very nicely. Greens are still pretty soft. I think you can be aggressive with shots because balls just hit and stop right where they land. Even chips would tend to check pretty quickly.

Fairways were great. A little divot damage but nothing outrageous or unusual. Most were filled in. Rough while not over penalizing could get your attention. Others have alluded to the fact there is a bunch of new white sand in most bunkers. I actually had to put my sunglasses on one time because it was blinding and another time my ball was camouflaged. Tee boxes were great as well.

I will admit today was a rather brutal day with the wind. How bad was the wind well I hit driver to pin high on 16. Yeah it was blowing quite a bit.

Customer service was top notch as always and probably one of the best practice facilities in SoCal. Now is a great time to visit the Goose and look forward to getting back out here.
Drove out yesterday and played 36 holes (really 35 because 18 was in the pitch black). First round we were 3rd off and finished right at 4 hours. We didn't rush because we had a 12:20 time as well. We finished with a 2 hole gap between the group behind us. The afternoon round was slow. Took 5 hours and I guess there is a Grint tournament this weekend so guys were playing practice rounds. I remember watching the in front of the group in front of us on the 17th green take 10 minutes on the green alone. I guess these guys were more concerned about agonizing over 2 footers than completing their round.

As far as conditions go I agree with the previous review. The issues last year to seem to be under control and still a work in progress. There are areas in the fairway that are roped off. Still cart path only right now which made for some long walks.

I agree the greens here were a little slow. They posted they were running at 9. If you previously played here you know they can get real quick. Greens were smooth though and didn't see much in the way of ball marks. There were some greens that had what looked like new patches of sod but didn't seem to impact any putts. It just more of a visual.

I thought the rough was a little sticky. Not overly deep or penalizing but a ball can sit down in it. Of course there is the desert which I found a couple of times.

Bunkers were great and the tee boxes were as well. Really no complaints in either of these. Customer service here is always top notch. Looking forward to getting out here a couple more times to escape the brutal winter we are having.
Played in the GK/Golfmoose outing yesterday. Johnny was right in the front checking everyone in and that was smooth. All the carts were assembled right by the range. The range was full but rotated well with people wanting to warm up. Overall a very easy tournament from an organization standpoint.

Condition wise everything still pretty consistent if not a tick better than when we had the GK Guru outing a couple of weeks ago. Course is in really nice shape all around and worth a look.
Yesterday I hopped in my Delorean and droved up to Eagle Glen. I somehow traveled back to the year 2010 and saw dconnally and 1Rudedog upon arrival. It was awesome seeing these guys again.

I actually have never played here before and after playing the course I have no idea why I waited so long to play it. The views alone are quite incredible. We got the course on a calm wind day but I can see the wind playing havoc out here. I like the holes as they are interesting off the tee and deceptive in some cases. There are holes which you can be conservative or can be aggressive. With the Bomb Cyclone hitting the west coast the night before I was concerned that it would be really wet. I thought the course soaked up any water quite well. There were some lower lying areas that were damp but not as bad as I expected. It was cart path only until 11 am.

As expected the greens were soft. Generally where your ball landed on the green is where it ended up. No roll out today. Greens were a little bumpy and long so you really had to hammer putts. I really think if they can get these rolled and cut the greens would be in really great shape. Greens are healthy and a nice lush green color.

Fairways were good. Still quite a bit of roll on a well struck drive. I'd probably describe the fairways as more wintery. Not lush green and more yellowish but I didn't have any problems with it. There were a couple of bare patches we found that are GUR that still need to be addressed.

Rough was mixed. Some areas are dormant and others are super lush. I know Chris in our group caught a nasty lie on the hill on the par 5 5th hole and just watching him hit it out might have broken my wrist. Yikes.

I don't think anyone in our group was in a bunker all day which is kind of crazy to think about. There was some water in the bunkers from the rain so I'm not sure how much of the rain may have washed out the bunkers but they do need to be addressed.

I really like this course and I look forward to getting back out here when the greens are a little bit better.
Played on Friday afternoon and the pace was excellent because I think we finished at 4 hours which was a pleasant surprise for a Friday afternoon. I had played Legends a few years ago but never the Champions course. The greens were not very good and still need a few more weeks of healing. They were wobbly, a little too sandy and a little long for my liking.

Fairways were good when I found them. Didn't remember any bad lies here but given the vast property this is it is certainly hard to maintain everything. So I'm sure there were some areas out there I just can't remember anything significant. I don't know who designed this one but I thought some of the visuals off the tee was a little deceptive. Bunkers that I thought were in play aren't and vice versa.

Rough is not bad. It didn't affect my club selection at all but off the fairways you do have some hillsides, water, native areas, etc.

Sand traps were bad too. I was in 2 bunkers and there was no sand in the 2 I was in. I was hitting off clay. I know another guy in our group encountered the same thing on another hole so I don't know how wide spread this issue is.

Tee boxes were good. There are some holes where there are some options on the tee but all had good grass coverage.

I did like the layout of the Champions course compared to the Legends course but I think condition wise I'd wait until getting out here. I'd certainly like to get back out here to see how it plays when the conditions are better.
Played yesterday with the Guru's and Nick's summary is spot on. I think it's been 3 weeks since overseeding and the course looks and plays very nicely. Still a few roped off areas where they are still working on the overseeding but nothing too bad.

I thought the greens rolled well at a medium type of pace. I've seen them faster which is why I say medium. A few ball marks here and there but nothing too bad. Greens are smaller which is part of the defense of this course.

Fairways are great. Nice coverage and not too many bad or bare areas that I can remember.

I was in a couple of bunkers and thought the sand was really nice and able to make a nice splash to get your ball out.

All in all a nice day with familiar faces and it was great seeing everyone again.
Was invited to play yesterday and we teed off a little after 8 and cruised around right at 4 hours. Never saw the group in front of us and group behind us was comfortably a shot behind.

Course itself is a Fazio design and I can see similarities between here and Rams Hill. Definitely some visual deceptions that mess with you. There are a couple of holes I didn't care for but overall I think its a well designed course.

The greens really baffled me here. They were pretty fast putting but when it came to chips nothing released at all. I have no idea how why this is the case but it was easily my worst putting performance in my career. The pins were in some pretty gnarly spots too. Greens have some undulation and subtle ones too. I saw putts breaking different ways at the same hole. Oh and for those of you curious I had 8 3 putts (insert meme of Homer Simpson disappearing in the bushes).

Fairways were good. There are some roped off areas where they resodded some turf and some of the holes were cart part only.

I don't know what type of grass the rough is but that ball could settle down in it and be really nasty. Not overly long but certainly a pain in the butt. The course meanders through the canyons so you have some native areas which if you're in the ball is a goner.

I was in one bunker and it was really nice. Tee boxes were nice as well. We played a black/blue combo tee. Par 3s may have some more damage but it was easy to find a place to tee off from.

Clubhouse is really nice and modern. We stayed and watched some of the NFL games. They have some TVs outside and inside. The guest rate was $110 which I think is a good price here. I know other clubs charge that or more so I believe their rate is well worth it.
Played in a tournament here yesterday and we were actually pretty quick. I think we finished in a little over 4 hours which was a little surprising because I was expecting it to be a lot longer. Had never played here before so I was curious what the course looked like because I know they used to have the Farmers Monday qualifier here and various other SCGA tournaments. Course reminds me of an old school classic golf course in that everything is tree lined and pretty straight forward.

Greens were ok. A little too bumpy for my liking and I know they had punched a couple of weeks ago so I think they need some more time to heal. They were pretty soft too and not very quick. I really felt I had to pound some putts. There are some spots on the greens where if they are rolling i'm not sure how a ball can stay on the green.

Fairways were pretty good. Didn't have a bad lie in them and generally filled in pretty good. There are some bare and dry areas but I don't remember anything jaw dropping. Not a lot of roll and I'm not sure if that is the softness or because of the kikuyu grass.

I did find some bare spots in the rough and it actually cost me a couple of strokes. Generally the rough is not penal but because they are aligned with trees if you're in there you're probably hitting a punch shot of some kind.

Tees boxes are ok. Because the course is not that long I think even some of the par 4 tee boxes were a little rough in addition to the par 3 tee boxes.

Traps were good. I found quite a few and thought all were in good shape and played well. Sand is that tanish sand which I think plays a little firmer compared to white fluffy sand.

The course is a pretty good test. I certainly would like to have another go at it when the conditions are a little better.
Played on Friday and was the 3rd group out. Some waiting but picked up on the back 9 and finished pretty close to 3 1/2 hours. Didn't see the group behind us after the first hole. Overall check in was smooth and the starter got us out right on time.

Greens are certainly the highlight. They rolled great and it was nice to see them in this shape even with the fall maintenance scheduled in a couple of weeks. A few ball marks here and there but nothing outrageous. You could see it was verticut not too long ago but I don't think it had any impact on the pace of the greens.

Fairways are generally good. Pretty good coverage in the fairways but there are some bare/dry areas. There were a few really wet spots either here or just off in the rough. My ball did embed in one spot and I was standing in a swamp in another spot. Not sure why it was so wet but just dropped it close to the spot and moved on.

Rough was mixed but generally good. There are some really lush and thick spots and other spots which there isn't any grass. There were quite a few maintenance workers out today and seemed to be preparing for overseeding

I wasn't in a bunker but was pretty close to them and was actually surprised that there were no rakes. Consequently there were many areas that had been disturbed and didn't look like they were raked by the maintenance crew in the morning.

Tee boxes were good. Some more divot damage on par 3s but there was always a spot to tee it off from.

Overall I always enjoy the course I think it can be challenging but yet fair. Looks like they were providing the finishing touches on the new area of the range with some type of Foresight monitors. I really wished I lived closer to here because I would play it more often.
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