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First out yesterday for daddy day and pace was not an issue and I think we finished somewhere around 3 hours 15 minutes. Course was a little soft in the morning but was it warmed up the course did get a little firmer.

Greens were good and probably rolled at a medium pace. The issue with the greens is that they can get in some diabolical pin locations so its really a matter of getting in the correct spots.

Fairways seemed a little spongy especially at the start of the round. Not much roll to begin with but got better. I'm not sure what kind of grass this is but it seemed to me to have that shaggy feel to it. Not a knock just seemed like the type of grass it is. There are some bare spots and divots out there but I didn't think there were an abundance of them.

Rough wasn't penalizing at all and like the fairways there were some dead spots out there. Probably more so in the rough than the fairways. Really the issue is the ESA so if your ball goes in there forget it.

Generally able to find a spot to tee off from on the tee boxes. Some of the par 3s and shorter par 4s have some divots but overall pretty good.

I was in a couple of bunkers and they generally did not seem very good. Most seemed to be on the thin side. For a fairway bunker it wasn't an issue but for the greenside ones it certainly was an issue.

Guys in the pro shop were great and the starter was as well. One thing I didn't like was the GPS was off and a couple of times I got burned by using the number on the GPS and not realizing the pin was in a different location. I have no clue why some were correct and some were not.

We got the JC guest rate which I thought was a great price all things considering. Overall an enjoyable experience.
Played in the mens club this morning and we teed off right at 7:30 and finished right at 4 hours so pace wasn't an issue today. First time playing since the maintenance and I should have held off a bit longer.

Greens still show signs of the punching in some areas but the bigger issue was they are insanely slow. Which is surprising because they didn't look to be that slow. From the divots is still looks like there is sand in there. I'm not sure if this is the same sand from the punching or if they recently top dressed them but it seems like it still hasn't settled in to the soil yet.

Rough was spotty. Some areas are decent and other areas looks like its the middle of the summer. Not too long and penalizing but its a crap shoot on what kind of lie you get.

Fairways and tee boxes are ok. A few divots here and there and probably could use a trim.

Wasn't in any bunkers but they seems ok.

Side note there is construction going on in front of the tee box of 13 so the tee box is moved all the way up to the forward tees. It certainly makes 13 and 18 distracting because there are dump trucks coming and going and loaders as the city is working on the sewer line.

I'm probably waiting another month before I come back. To me it's not worth it right now.
Played a couple of times over the last few days. Teed off early in the morning both times. Once at 6:30 with a pace just under 4 hours and the other at 7:30 with a pace at 4:15. Everything is in pretty good shape. Greens might we a tad bit slower than I expected but probably at a medium pace. With the junior worlds and city am coming up I think they'll pick up some pace. A few ball marks here and there but nothing too bad considering the amount of play it gets.

Fairways are pretty good. Had some decent rollout on well struck drives. A little divot damage but nothing to be overly concerned about. Probably needs to be mowed at some point this upcoming week.

Rough was not penalizing. A little patchy too so there could be some bare lies next to some grass.

Bunkers probably need to be raked. Playing early there were some damp bunkers. I did get a plugged lie on hole 2 and another hole on the back 9. Seems like there is too much sand on the face of the bunkers that it's not able to roll to the bottom of them.

Overall enjoyable rounds. Conditions should continue to improve but times are still difficult to come by.
Played in the qualifier at the Goose on Tuesday and we teed off at 8:15 and finished probably right before 1 so the pace wasn't too bad but there was quite a bit of a back up on hole 11. I thought the greens were very fast but too bumpy for my liking. Made for some interesting putts for certain. As we were on hole 3 we saw them watering the hell out of the 8th green. We were surprised that they put that much water on the green prior to the tournament. Had quite a few balls spin more than I expected. One in fact spun back probably 30 ft. I have to think the soft greens contributed to this.

Fairways were good and I don't remember any significant bad areas. There was quite a few divots out there that I hope golfers would take care of. Good rollout of well struck drives.

Rough is not overly penalizing and didn't impact any club selection.

I think I was in one fairway bunker on 12 and it was pretty soft. They all looked pretty similar so it didn't seem like a difference between fairway and greenside bunkers.

Always a pleasure playing the Goose as it is a good solid test of golf. Staff was great as expected.
Played earlier this week and went out as 3rd off. Pace was 3 hours 50 minutes, could have been faster but the first 2 groups didn't seem to be in any rush. Considering there is only a week left until spring maintenance the conditions have deteriorated a tad from the last time I was here. Greens are still very firm but slow for my liking. Fairways are decent. They were watering quite a bit but I'm guessing that may be due to the expected heat we are supposed to get later this week. Rough was down and spotty. Tee boxes and traps seem to be in their usual shape. Overall I'd wait until mid-June when the conditions will hopefully be better.
Played in a mens club event yesterday and we teed off a little after 7 and we flew through the round. Finished a little over 4 hours and we were a hole behind the group in front of us. The group behind us I don't even know if they were on 17 by the time we finished. Really quick pace this morning. I think my review from last month is still pretty accurate except that I thought the greens were slow. They are still very firm but I really struggled with the speed of them. I'm not sure if my brain doesn't comprehend that firm does not necessarily mean fast. Everything else is in nice shape and with a couple of weeks left before its punched its not a bad time to get out and play.
Played in the men club event this morning and we teed off a little after 7 as the 3rd group out. Pace was excellent as we made our way right about 4 hours.

Greens were FIRM. Reminded me of when the course first opened and balls would hit and just roll out. Even chips seemed to release more than I expected. Greens were quick too. Believe me I had my fair share of three putts today. I'd say I repaired my ball marks but honestly I couldn't find them.

As far as the rest of the course I think the conditions are pretty consistent with my last review so nothing new to report there. Enjoyable round if you can secure a time.
Had a qualifier here this week and made a time last week to get a little preview. Teed off right on time a little after 8 and finished in 3 hours 50 minutes. No waiting really. Group ahead was usually on the green when we were teeing off and the group behind us was typically the same distance. Customer service was outstanding as always. Guys in the proshop were great at getting people checked in, starter was efficient in getting groups off in time and marshal was out there patroling the course.

Greens were a little soft and a tad bumpy for my taste. Nothing too bad but if they were rolled I think they'd be really nice. I didn't think they were that fast but on the back you could tell the greens were running a little bit quicker as it started to dry out.

Fairways were great nice roll on them and good coverage. I don't remember any significant bare areas. Looks like conditions are holding up well even as we are getting closer to the maintenance.

Rough was not penalizing at all but there were some juicy areas. For example the left rough on hole 12 had some thicker areas toward the green.

I was only 2 bunkers and they still are pure white. They do need some raking and while my lies were pretty good one guy in our group did have a plugged lie on the par 3 5th hole.

Tee boxes were fine, never had an issue finding a spot. Even the par 3 tee boxes didn't have that much in divot damage.

Always great getting out to the Goose. It was a spectacular day and probably some of the mildest conditions I have played here.
Played in the mens club yesterday and teed off right on time at 9:50. Its kind of funny knowing I was teeing off at that time I was expecting a 6 hour round but finished in 5 hours so I was happy about that but should I be? It's still 5 hours... Overall the course is probably not as good as it was a couple of weeks ago when I played but still in pretty good shape.

Greens still have that brownish look to them. Pace wasn't too bad which probably rolled at a medium pace. The issue I had with them was the placement of the pins. Some of the pin locations where in spots they should not be (i.e. just above the swell on the right side of hole 7). Whoever placed the pins yesterday should be fired. I agree that the biggest cause of pace of play is playing the wrong tees and a general lack of golfing IQ but one thing that should be looked at are the pin locations.

Tee boxes were about the same but more wear and tear on the par 3 tee boxes. They really need to move some of them more around a little better. #8 and 12 seems like they've been in the same 10 yd radius for a month now.

Fairways were pretty consistent as last time.

Rough is down considerably. No longer did it take 4 people to find balls yay. Don't get me wrong the ball did settle down quite a few times which required some club adjustments but it's certainly not deep enough that you're just trying to get it back in play.

Staff was great, range was garbage both of which are what I expect.
Played yesterday with a tee time just after 8 and things were running ahead of schedule so we did tee off a few minutes early. Was actually surprised that we made the turn at a little over 2 hours and finished the round at about 4 hours 15 minutes.

Greens were fabulous. It is odd they look a little brownish but they putted fantastic. I didn't think they were as fast as I've seen here or expected but still a very good pace.

Fairways were great although they are quite narrow. I thought they were pretty firm in that I hit a couple of drives that seemed to roll a bit further than where I usually end up. But I couldn't figure if that was wind or the fairway. Maybe I just hit a sprinkler head. Given the amount of play there are quite of few divots. Most had been filled but some hadn't

Tee boxes were good. We played brown/taupe or whatever it is called. Markers were in their normal locations. Good coverage except the tee box on 8 should just be redone. Even after 2 weeks of not being used it still has many divots although it is better than its been in the past.

Rough is brutal. Luckily as a group we only lost 1 ball but there were times it did take all 4 of us to find it and we all certainly paid attention to everyone else's shot. The rough had been cut down since the tourney and is still penalizing. During the course of the round my thought changed from trying to save par to saving bogey. I hit a great drive on 17 that I thought was in the fairway but somehow trickled in the rough. I was maybe a foot in the rough and could barely advance it with a PW. Don't get me wrong there were some lies and spots where you can get lucky and get plenty of club on it.

Customer service was great. Check in is back in the pro shop so you can be tempted to buy some merchandise.

Short game practice area was open but I have no idea for how long this will be the case. Range is still the same and hasn't changed in the 50 years of existence. I played my behind off and have never felt good about shooting an 80 as I did yesterday. Good time to play out here if you're into punishing yourself but tee times are still hard to come by.
Played in the mens club group on Thursday and was scheduled to tee off at 9:50 but was more like 10 by the time we actually went off. Overall pace was brutal, 3 hour front 9 and 2 1/2 back and there were times that felt like it was slower.

Check in is back in the booth and not in the pro shop. They are doing some renovation in the pro shop to put in the check in but it looks like it will be a month or so before it moves back in there.

I thought the greens were a tad bumpy which could be because I did play later. I also didn't think they were as fast as the last time I played here but I did wonder how much the rains from the week before played in softening up the course. I don't think it will take much to get these back to being quick especially since things are drying out. North practice green was closed so I don't know how it compares to the actual greens.

Fairways were great to hit from and provided some good roll. There are quite a few divots out there and I did see a guy out there on hole 7 filling them in. I don't think this is normal but only because the tournament is right around the corner. Fairways have definitely been narrowed down and hitting them is certainly a premium.

Rough wasn't as tall as I expected but there were mowers out there but dang man the ball could just settle down and make it really tough to advance. A couple of guys in our group did lose a ball in it so it not a pushover. I did have a couple of shots where I did club up 1 or 2 clubs and still came up short even though I thought I hit it pretty dang well.

I was in a couple of bunkers and I thought they were well maintained and good quality sand in them.

Tee boxes were good no real issues. Par 3s have more damage as expected but there was plenty of spots to tee it up.
Played in the mens club tournament today and was the 3rd group out. We fell behind early but by 18 was caught up to the group ahead of us, still finished in a little over 4 hours. Just looking for balls in the rough slows everything down and with the fairways being pretty narrow it makes hitting them that much more of a premium.

A little chilly at the start and I still think the course was drying out as there was still some damp areas out there. I guess technically I hit 3 but one doesn't count because it was the wrong one. They were nice to hit from and walk on. Mowed to a nice height and provided decent roll out. I wish they had bottles out there for golfers to take so they could fill in their divots. Given the amount of play and there are quite a few unfilled ones out there.

Rough is brutal. I mean it even looks like they cut it down some and still you need to send out a search party to find it. I did lose a ball in it and another guy in our group did as well. The group behind us fell behind and I could see they were searching as well.

The greens are slick and firm. I hit a PW on 6 to the front of the green and it release to the middle back of the green. I'm guessing that is probably 15-20 yds of roll. Again I thought they were fast and I didn't see too many unrepaired ball marks but did my share of the ones I did see. I don't think golfers realize how much roll there is and don't think to look that far back.

Tee boxes were fine. #1 is moved up but all the other ones seem to be at their normal locations. A few more divots on par 3 but there was always a spot to tee it up.

Was in a couple of bunkers and I think the sand was a bit wetter and firmer. Didn't see any drastic differences between fairway and greenside ones. They seemed pretty consistent.

For a course that is a top 100 in the country the range is really terrible. Beaten up limited flight balls and mats that are harder than the concrete underneath it. Short game area is still closed and I don't think it will be open for the general public again. Just lessons and events from my understanding.

Times are still difficult to come by but if you looking for a test feel free to come on out I think its in very good condition right now.
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