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Played Rancho San Joaquin at 3/17/23. Pace of play was ok. They allowed 5somes, so pace of play could be slow at times. Some greens were punched and sanded. Some greens have not punched yet, but look like they will get punched soon. Fairways are mixed of grass and weeds. Some areas are very muddy due to recent rain.
Played Mesa Linda today on 10/6/2021. Both greens and fairways were aerated with small holes from past Monday (10/4/2021).
Played on 3/11/2011 at 6 AM. The greens were punched the day prior so there are a lot of small holes on the greens. First group out, so pace was great - finished in 3 hours 45 min. Tee box, fairway, rough, and bunkers are all pretty decent (a solid 7 in scale of 1 to 10). Call ahead to check on greens condition before you play.
Played RSJ today, May 30, 2007. The greens are in horrible condition. It seems like there is some sort of fungus growing. I have played so many courses and never putted on such bumpy/bad shape greens. The fairways are in so-so shape - have some very wet spots and are brown. I thought the fairways should be very green at this time of the year. Overall, it's definitely not worth the money that they are charging people. Tee box is just so-so condition as well. I would not recommend anyone to play at this course now. Maybe give it few weeks to see if they can improve the greens.
Played 12/18/2006. Teed off at 6:40 AM, it was cold and windy. The course is in pretty bad shape now. The only good part about this course is the green. The greens are pretty nice, roll true, but inconsistent speed. A lot of bare grounds around courses. Fairway is dry and brown at most part of golf course. Tee boxes are in bad shape, too. Too many bare spots and uneven lie. I will definately not go back there again until the condition is improved!
Played Sun 11/19/06 for 11:32 AM tee time. Did not get to tee off until 11:55 AM. This is usual for San Dimas, I played here few times and any get to tee off on my tee time. The course is in good condition. Fairway is green and lush, and the greens are smooth, but have some un-repaired ball marks. The GPS is very nice. One of the biggest problem for San Dimas is the pace of play. They keep push out 5some, and there is no marshall at all. Took 3 hours to play front nine. The pace is extremely slow, did not even get to finish before it gets dark. There is a group that is 2-3 hole behind and no one says anything. Very disappointed at the pace of the slow. Good nice course..but pace of play is horrible. If you want to play in this course on weekend, be prepared to spend 6 hours on the course. I will think twice before I go back again.
Played East/North combination on 7/9/06. Pace was good. Finished in 4 hours. For some reason, the golf course is not crowded at all on Sunday afternoon (maybe people are watching World Cup Final). Fair in OK conditions, a lot of ground under repair. 5 out of 18 greens are dry, hard and putted like fairway (long grass on the greens). What's up with those greens!!! Some of those greens are in very bad condition as they looked like they are rebuilding those greens. If you want to play this course, be prepared for bad greens on 5 holes. Tee box is overall, in OK shape, some uneven ground, but overall OK. Maybe I will wait for few more weeks for those greens to get in better shape before I go back.
Played on Sat 4/15/06. Tee time at 12:40 PM and went out on-time. This is the only good part about this course. I played over 30 golf courses in LA/OC/Riverside/SD counties, and this is one of the worst golf course I ever played. I will never go back even it's free. It's definately not worth the green fees. This place looks like a junk yard. Muddy fairway, no maintanence at all. Pace was ok on front, but waiting for 3 groupds to tee off on back nine every single hole. Took 3 hours to play 8 holes on back nine, finally gave up waiting and skipped 18th hole. I will never go back to this place!!!
Played 4/17/06. Tee off at 1 PM with Easter Special. Course in great condition now, very luch fairway and smooth greens. Greens putt very true. Good pace of play. Finished the round in 4.5 hours. Regular weekend green fee of $72 is little expensive. Will definately go back again if there is any special.
Listing 1 to 9 of 69,332 Course Reviews
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