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Played here 5/23/20 with a 3:08 pm tee time. Played with best friend and got paired with another twosome. The other twosome were extremely slow golfers so after hole 10 we skipped 11 and went on to finish in 4 hours. Saw the cart girl 3 times. Staff was friendly. Ordered a hot dog and fries for $6 which was a great deal and very good. Pro-shop is closed due to COVID-19.
Greens- 9/10 would have been a 10 but all approach shots were bouncing all over it. Didnt hold balls well. Rolled true and was in amazing condition but wouldnt hold an approach for the life of u!
Fairways- 10/10 great coverage, green and lush, very few divots.
Rough- 7/10 a little choppy in some areas and longer in others. large branches on the ground etc
sand- 8/10 mostly fluffy and smooth. Was in 2 traps and both seemed fine.
Tee Boxes- 9/10- All were level and flat with good coverage with the exception of holes 5 &6
Water- did not smell was clear and clean and able to see to the bottom.
Played here 5/16/20 with a 6:55 am tee time. Buddy and I were paired with a single. Finished in 3 hr 47 min!
Staff was very friendly and great to be around. Mask only required in proshop and optional on course based on the new sbc & riverside county regulations. Cups were not raised but there was foam in them. No cart girl but when we finished we saw the cart being loaded up with beer.

Course Conditions:
Greens- 10/10 Great speed, no damage on any of them and rolled true. Loved them!
Fairways- 6/10 Front 9 in much better shape than the back 9. Back 9 had spotty areas and some crab grass starting to form.
Rough- 8/10- just thick and long enough to grab your club a bit but not long enough where you cant find your ball.
Tee Boxes- 9/10- Almost all were perfect, Hole 16 had a little damage on it but other than that they were level and lush and green.
Sand- 10/10 fluffy and soft. I was in 3 traps and was able to get out of all 3.
Water- Did not smell and seemed to be very clean. One hole had a small lake with about 200 COY fish that were being fed by an automatic feeder. Pretty cool to see!

Paid $58.92 to play. For a desert course on a weekend it was a good price. Wouldn't pay more than $60 here but the conditions were good enough to charge at least $50 so fair pricing.
Played here 5/9/20 with a 5:50am tee time. Was the 3rd group off the tee box once LA COUNTY opened for play. Played with a friend in a twosome. What can I say about this course.... it never changes..... Everything in amazing conditions. Course conditions were awesome and pace of play wasnt bad considering they were making one person walk while the other guy rode. (Some ridiculous LA County rule.) I guess 2 people cant even sit in the same cart. We mastered this to make sure the guy who had the worse shot in the trees always took the cart to go look while the other walked to his ball in the fairway. It didnt slow down pace believe it or not.

Greens- 10/10 fast and rolled true speed was real quick
fairways-10/10 green great coverage and lush
rough- 8/10- a little long in some areas but for the most part able to find a ball and still play it but grabbed the club a bit
tee boxes- 9/10- almost perfect, a couple had just a bit of damage...
water- smelled and didnt seem clean
sand- 10/10- white fluffy sand, was in 2 traps and both were well kept.

Paid $53 per person. Perfect price for this course. Wouldn't pay over $60 for it. It's a good course, watch out for hole 9 par 5, definitely the hardest hole on the course in my opinion.
Played here 5/1/20. Friend and I had a 6:42 am tee time and finished the round in 3.5 hours! Course conditions were perfect. Everything manicured and green. Greens ran great and staff was amazing! Rack rate was $72.00

Greens- 10/10
Tee Boxes- 10/10
Water- did not smell
Cart Girl- saw once.

* All social distancing measures were taken by the course.
Played here Saturday 4/25/20 with a friend and had a 7:15 tee time. All precautions were necessary. One cart per player, mask required (which we gladly took off after hole #1) raised cups etc. It was 94 degrees here and there was no way in hell we were gonna be out in the middle of nowhere wearing masks. SMFH..... Anyways course conditions were AMAZING! Except the fact the rough hadnt been mowed in over 2 months. If you landed in any part of the rough, I guarantee you were looking for your ball for at least 5-10 minutes. It was very frustrating. They only mowed fairways, greens and tee boxes during the shut down so imagine with all the rain and now hot temperatures how many bugs were out there with that long grass! Yeah it was bad. GNAT CITY!

Greens - 9/10 rolled true started off a little slow since they were wet but sped up after drying out

Fairways- 10/10 perfect, green lush and smooth

Tee Boxes- 8/10- Green, level and very lush. Hole #2 had a little damage from mower i think but other than that they were great

Sand- 4/10 compact, filled with puddles and some didnt have any coverage. Worst part of the course which I am sure they will fix soon.

Rough- 1/10 - TERRIBLE! Beyond penalizing. Some areas were over a foot thick. At some point we saw our balls roll slowly into the rough and could never find it so we were allowing each other to take free drops since we knew it was in play and just buried a foot below. IMPOSSIBLE to hit out of. Made it challenging.

Water- clean and clear. No smell
Played here with a friend 3/15/20 with a 7:37 am tee time. We were able to get out 20 minutes early thanks to the rain! Check in and pro shop was easy and friendly. Course is in good shape but not GREAT shape. Everything is very green from all the rain but fairways are long and rough is even longer. Hasnt been mowed in awhile due to the excessive rain i think.

Greens- 8/10 - rolled 100% true but were real slow due to the saturation
Fairways- 7/10- As I said green and good coverage but kinda long grass for fairways
Rough- 7/1- too long, sometimes we couldnt find a ball it was buried in the rough, definitely penalty worthy though
Sand- cant rate cause i wasnt in any traps but my friend was in 3 and said sand was firm and not fluffy so ill give it a 5/10
Tee boxes- 7/10- all were pretty good with the exception of hole #2 and I think hole 6( whichever is the #1 handicap par 4) those two holes were chewed up a bit. Hole 9 was a little tore up too.

Pace of play was 4 hours and cost was $56. Way too much money for playing in the rain on a public course. This is a $35 course maybe $45 if taken care of properly. Right now it's overpriced.
Played here Sunday 2/23/20 with a 10:40 tee time. My friend and I were paired up with an older couple. Round was slow... 5 hours. They said they had 178 golfers for the day. Cart broke down on hole #9 for us. Two rounds in a row our cart has broken down! UGH! Love the layout of this course. Challenging if you've never played there before. This was our 15th time playing the course. Staff was friendly and saw the cart girl twice.
Greens- 8/10- good speed and breaks
fairways- 7/10- except the over watered hole #9 fairway everything was real nice
rough- 8/10- definitely penalty worthy. Longer about 1.5 inches
Tee Boxes- 9/10 Great coverage, level and green.
Sand- 4/10 not much coverage, extremely hard packed and almost impossible to get out of unless you scold it out. frustrating.
water- no smell and looked clean
Played here Fri 2/21/20 with a 6:40 AM TEE TIME.

Pace of play was good at 4.5 hours
Saw the cart girl 1 time and it wasn't until hole 17 on the green.
Clubhouse staff was friendly
GPS On cart stopped working on hole 12, had to change our cart.

Now review of the conditions;
Greens- 10/10 - Hardest fastest greens I've ever played. Nothing stayed on them and they were a 10 for speed. They ran smooth but these greens were TOUGH!
Fairways- 8/10 most have coverage, some had some bare spots, ball rolled out on them forever which was nice for drives.
Rough- 8/10- Basically normal rough. Not too long and was visible in some places but not in others.
Tee Boxes- 9/10 - Excellent condition, very to little damage on them and they were level.
Sand- 7/10- some had some rocks in them but most were fluffy and were able to get out of them.
water- didnt smell
Played here 2/8/20 with 3 friends in a foursome. Tee'd off at 10:50 and pace of play was good at 5 hours. We were betting a lot and there was no one behind us so we took our time.
Contrary to some of the reviews i recently read, this course is in pretty good shape.

Greens-9/10 rolled great and loved them!
fairways- 8/10- mostly good coverage, a few over watered areas but it was cut and a good length
rough-7/10 - lots of rocks in areas in the rough but other than that its pretty good
sand- 10/10- fluffy or compact, no rocks in them it seemed. The green side bunker on hole #4 is still under repair.
Tee Boxes- 6/10- par 3's were chewed up especially on the back 9, they need to work a bit on these.
Water didnt smell
Cart girl came around 3 times and MY GOD SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL! Sure makes golf better when you get a bit of eye candy every 4-5 holes.
Starter was friendly and jordan in the clubhouse was friendly as always!
Played here on 2/1/20. My friend and I were the first ones off the tee box and tee'd off at 6:30am as soon as it was light. This used to be my home course until i moved so i was fairly excited to play. We had played here about 3 months prior and loved it. This time..... it was in fair conditions.

Fairways- 8/10 good coverage some spots were thin with mud
Greens- 9/10 a few ball marks on some that werent fixed from the previous day but greens rolled true.
Sand-10/10 The sand was really good and fluffy. No sign of rocks anywhere in them and they were level and challenging.
Rough- 5/10 some had grass and some were sticks and rocks...
Tee Boxes- 1/10- THIS WAS BY FAR THE MOST CHEWED UP TEE BOXES I have ever seen! Every single box wasnt level, terrible damage etc. I am a player who hits off the mat so it was extremely frustrating to try and find a decent spot. By far the worst conditions of a tee box at Upland I have ever seen. I was contemplating going into the club house to let them know about tee boxes but decided I didnt want to be "That Guy."

No cart girl when we played and clubhouse staff was friendly. We paid $50 and like the previous reviewer said its a good track but paying the premium rate for weekend is not worth it. This course should be a $40 course at best. It's only a par 70. If they could fix their tee boxes I would consider paying $50 again.
So after my 1 month off for injury, I was back at it on 1/26/20. Played Sierra Lakes with my father and best friend with a 9:50 am tee time. Pace of Play (POP) Was 5 hr. It seemed faster than that though because we werent waiting more than 5-10 min per hole. However the back 9 had a stretch of 3 holes where it was real slow. Clubhouse staff and starter were friendly and welcoming as always. Saw the cart girl 3 times.

Greens- 8/10- would be a 10/10 if people fixed their ball marks
fairways- 7/10- some dead areas and some has patchy grass which led to some bad lies
rough- 9/10- green, thick and penalizing'
sand-10/10- Fluffy powder. This is how sand should be!
Tee boxes- 6/10 - half were good but Hole #17 was chewed up bad along with other par 3's. They need to move them to let the areas repair.
Water- 10/10- didnt smell and looked good.

This is a great course. We paid $65 rack rate which is a god price. This course is a 60-75 dollar course. Usually its $85 for morning weekend which is a bit overpriced in my opinion. If you can play it for $60 its worth it but nothing more.
Played here Thursday 1/2/20 with a 7:10 am tee time. Played with one friend and we got there early. What can i say about this course other than there are pro's and con's to it.

Pro- Greens, Sand traps, layout and challenging
cons- GPS is super strict where you can go, clubhouse attendant was grumpy and not friendly

The conditions of this course are second to none. The fairways are browned but its because of the dormant grass. Everything was in tip top shape as far as conditions go. They really take good care of this course and it shows. I loved it but it did not love me. This is a difficult course. I am a 16 handicap and I struggled. It's humbling and yet beautiful all at the same time. I highly recommend trying it out!

Greens-10/10 fast and rolled smooth
Rough- 10/10- cut, green and longer than the fairways
fairways- 8/10- dormant grass but in great condition
tee boxes- 9/10- level, green and good coverage
water- 10/10- didnt smell and was clear
clubhouse- small but nice, good deals on golf shirts and attire there.
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