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PLayed yesterday, Friday, 5/8 with 1:15 teetime. Just me and my brother went out as a twosome. Played Stonehouse/Oaks. Course is darn good shape all around. Nothing outstanding, but everything a solid 7/10. Check in was easy, paid the 20$ cart fee when we arrived. Starter got us out a little early. They had 15mins spacing, so POP was great, 1.5hrs on Stonehouse and then 2hrs on Oaks as we encountered a slow twosome, so we played the par 3s twice.

Teeboxes were nice and level, not much divot damage at all.

Fairways had great coverage. never a bad lie all day.

Greens were good, held shots well. but they were a little bumpy. perfect speed, not too fast and not too slow.

Rough was pretty brutal. Thick and lush. tough to advance the ball properly. Rip a 5-7 iron and hope for the best.

We played the bunkers as GUR, I was in two and my lies were impossible without being raked.

Customer service was good. Saw beverage girl twice. We were asked to put our mask back on by the road crossing, but otherwise they didn't hassle us. Impossible playing with a mask on when it's 90degrees heat.

All and all a great day. $35 green fee online plus $20 for the cart is an excellent deal for this course. I really like the Stonehouse/Oaks combo. Great layout. Stoked we can play again.
I met my brother out at the Springs RV resort again over the weekend and had a blast. Conditions are pretty much identical to my last review, but the greens were a little slower. They are not holding shots right now, either. The course is very playable. Fairways were very nice. The bunkers were not in very good shape due to the Covid no rake situation, but they were still playable for the most part. Teeboxes were good, nice and level. Not much rough to speak of. Lots of people out there, but everyone played fast and kept their distance. They weren't pairing anyone up that didn't know each other, so my brother and I played as a twosome both days. $44 with a cart for all you can play, not a bad deal.

This is the only course open in SoCal right now as far as I know. We stayed at the Borrego Springs Resort (which the golf course is closed permanently), but the hotel is nice. Great pool and jacuzzi and they had a dinner special delivered to your room, very accommodating. Beautiful little town and the golf is certainly fun. Definitely not a destination course, but worth playing if you're out there or are going stir crazy like I was. Had to get out of the house.
Played today, Saturday. Called a few days ago and got a 12:30 time. $25 to walk, pretty good rate for a weekend, I think my brother and wife paid $42 to ride. Easy walking course.

Everything is in playable condition. Nothing was outstanding, but this place gets a lot of play. POP was just under 5hrs, to be expected. Teeboxes were level enough to find a place to tee it up. Fairways had a lot of mixed grass, but I had pretty good lies all day, no complaints. Didn't find any bunkers, but they looked ok. Greens were in pretty good shape, but they didn't hold shots very well. I haven't played this course for years and I forgot how sloped and "crowned" the greens are. I guess they're the only defense on this short course. Overall, had a great time. Am I in a hurry to get back? Probably not. But it's fun and I'd recommend for the price, for sure.
Played Sunday, March 1st. Called the starter around 9am and he had a slot for a single at 10:15. Yippee. Got right out on time. POP was just over 4hrs, so not too bad for Nado. The wind and chilly weather scared some people away, I guess. Course is in it's usual playable shape, but nothing was fantastic. Teeboxes were level and had good coverage. Fairways were pretty thin and dry. Made for some good rollout, but there were some patchy spots. Rough wasn't very penal at all. Found one bunker and it was just fine, nice and fluffy. Greens were a little on the hard side, some of them held shots, but for the most part, they rolled out about a half of club and even short irons barely made a ball mark on the green. They rolled pretty smooth, though. $43 to walk on Sunday is worth it for sure. It's always beautiful out there to walk. Easy recommend.
Played on Saturday, leap day. I don't recall ever playing on leap day in the past, so that's kind of cool. Went out with Nate and Jerry, good friends of mine, who will be becomming active members of this group very shortly. We teed off at 11:30 and POP was about 4.5hrs. A little waiting on quite a few teeboxes, but nothing too bad. I walked the course and at $46 it's not worth the green fee at this time. Teeboxes were just fine, not any huge issues. They were level enough and had decent coverage. Fairways were a mixed bag, fairly hard and dry for the most part, but I usually had some good lies, found a couple of divots, but they were thin enough to not cause a problem. I didn't find any bunkers, but they looked ok. Greens were pretty firm, rolled out about a half of club longer, so planned accordingly. They actually rolled pretty good. They had some dead spots around the perimeter on some of them, but didn't affect anything. They're doing a lot of construction, so there's a couple of teeboxes that were moved way up. 15 is a par 3 that's a joke now, it's like 65 yards with the back teeboxes under construction. Customer service was just fine. No beverage cart, but they have a halfway house that you pass a couple of times. Super friendly staff in the bar. I wouldn't recommend right now for the price. It's a $30 course right now. Jerry and Nate rode in a cart, so their round was $60, kind of a joke for that price.
Played yesterday, Saturday at 9:30 tee time. POP was almost 5hrs, pretty slow, waited on just about every shot. Oh well, that's weekend golf for ya and that's about the only time I get to play. No marshal in sight, so I zipped through the front nine by myself after we played 18 in less than an hour. Check in was easy, $45 for me, but my buddies had a 2fer deal from clickitgolf, I think it was about $35 ea for them with the voucher. Course is in overall playable condition. Lots of brown/dormant grass, so it doesn't look super appealing, but there were no huge problems. Teeboxes were level and had decent coverage for the most part. Fairways were pretty thin and had quite a few divots, I found two of them off the tee as I only missed two fairways. Didn't hit into any bunkers, so can't comment on those, but they looked ok however they didn't looked raked properly. The greens were pretty darn good, they were the saving grace for this course. They were pretty quick and held shots well. Lots of ball marks, but they putted true. Service was all good, saw the beverage cart a few times and Sculpin IPA was $5 which is nice, they don't rip you off for a beer. I like the layout of the course, but wish it was in better condition. Tough to play this course when Sycuan and Steele Canyon are way better.
Played Mission Impossible yesterday. A friend of a friend is a member and got us out. Guest rate is a little steep, but gladly pay it for this track. Very fun layout, lots of hills, doglegs, water, trees, etc. Just about everything you want. Teed off at 1pm and finished 18 in the pitch dark.

Teeboxes were very nice. Level with great coverage. No complaints here, 9/10

Fairways were cut dow fairly short and had good coverage. A few divots unfilled and not completely lush and green, but never had any issues all day and I only missed one of them by to be in a fairway bunker by about 5 ft inside. 8/10

All the bunkers were just fine, found one greenside bunker and it was fluffy on top for about an inch and a half, but then firm under that. No problems. 8/10

Greens were just fine. They held shots very well and putted fairly smooth. A few bumps because it was late in the day, but that's to be expected. They weren't perfect, as they had a mixture of grasses growing through them. Had a few patches of lime green stuff mixed in with the dark green. They were diabolical fast downhill and the cups were cut in very difficult positions. I had 42putts!! ouch. Overall I'd give the greens a 7/10. Not the best part of the course right now.

I love this course, I think it's my third time playing it. I would easily be a member. Great practice facilities and a lovely clubhouse and locker room. Different sets of tees make for an ever changing view of the course and the greens are very difficult and often very narrow in the landing areas. Get out there if you can get the chance.
Played over the past weekend both days, 1/11 and 1/12. I never knew this place existed, but my brother and sister in law took their RV out there and invited me and my wife to join them. My brother and sister in law are both just starting to golf and this was her first time on the real golf course. This place was very enjoyable to play. It's 3000yds and provides all the challenge anyone would need. The par 3s are long, the par 5s are reachable and the par 4s all provide ample challenge. The conditions were way better than I expected. $30 twilight after 12:30pm and it's all you can play. We played pretty slow due to my partners learning the game, which was just fine, it was perfect weather, so I didn't mind at all. We let 2 twosomes play through on Saturday and let a single play through on Sunday, that's the only time we really ran into anyone on the course, it was pretty much empty. Teeboxes were very nice and level, hardly any divot damage whatsoever. Fairways were very nice. Lush green with perfect cushion and roll, no complaints. Not much rough here, they only have it about an inch longer than the fairway, so no problem. Beyond the rough it's desert sand and rock, so be careful not to damage your clubs. Traps didn't look that great, but they played just fine. Soft enough with no issues. The greens were great, held well struck shots, but they rolled out if you miss hit em. They were on the firm side, but had medium speed as they weren't mown very close. Only complaint is they didn't change the pins from Saturday to Sunday. Customer service was all fantastic. I definitely recommend playing it, especially if you have some beginners or perhaps someone that doesn't want to feel rushed by other golfers.
Played yesterday New Year's Day. Taylor in the proshop was very accommodating. I walked on as a single and he got me out with another twosome very quickly. $45 holiday rate for walking is a good deal for this course. POP was 4.5hrs, teed off around 12:30 and finished in the dark. Starter was great, as well.

Played the blues. Teeboxes were no issues. Fairly level with normal divot damage, but no problem finding a good place to hit. Fairways were pretty good. Decent amount of roll out and I had good lies all day. I was in one greenside bunker and it was pretty hard underneath, but not a huge issue. Greens were a mixed bag. Some held shots and others didn't. They were pretty quick and smooth. No major problems. Rough wasn't too penal, but lots of leaves made finding your ball difficult.

I like all three of the courses at Sycuan. The back nine at Oak Glen is really awesome, lots of picturesque holes with great tree placement and great routing. Always an easy recommend, but their rack rates tend to be a little pricey.
Played yesterday/Sunday as a walk on single. Got right out at 9:15am. POP was great, less than 4.5hrs, which is fantastic for this course as it normally is a very slow round. Beautiful day.

Course condtions were acceptable all around. Teeboxes were a little shaggy, had to take a couple of seconds to find a good spot to tee it up, but they were level with not too much divot damage. Just a little longer than I normally like. Fairways were in great shape, never had a bad lie all day. Rough was hit or miss, I had a couple of bad lies, but it wasn't too long. Greens were just fine, held shots very well as they were soft from all the recent rain. They putted fairly smooth and were pretty quick. Customer service was just fine as always. Didn't see the beverage cart except once and it was on hole 18, oh well. I bring my own anyway, so no big deal. $43 to walk is acceptable for a weekend. I love the layout, for being a flat course, it still really makes you think on every shot. Always recommend Nado.
rsuch a great course. We played the Canyon/Ranch nines. Used a costco voucher, great deal. Check in was great, proshop people are great!! very friendly. Starter was great, as well. Had an omelette at the bar before I teed off, great food and great service, very reasonably priced, too. Great staff all around, hats off and kudos to them.

Teeboxes were nearly perfect. Never a problem.

Fairways were great, I never had a bad lie.

Rough, not a big deal. mixed bag, the bermuda is going dormant and I never had any problems with the rough.

Traps were ok, nothing fantasitic. I found two of them and they were just ok, a little hard underneath.

Greens were pretty good. Held shots very well. A little bumpy and they were very fast down hill, so beware. There were some dead spots on them, but didn't notice them on my putts. The guy putting in the cups this morning was having a very bad day, the pin locations were diabolical crazy...

Overall, great day. Conditions were very playable and with the Costco voucher, it's a great value. The layout is just amazing, get out there and play Steele Canyon. Ranch/Canyon arguably the best 18 holes in the SD County.
walked on as a single, put my name on the wait list and got out in about an hour, not too bad. $43 to walk on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. POP was the usual 5hrs, wish they could do something to speed up the pace. Oh well, the views are amazing, so just soak em in and know it's going to be a long round.

Everything was in pretty good shape. Teeboxes were level and a little shaggy, but no problems finding a good place for the peg. Fairways were pretty darn good. Nice and green with good rollout, a couple of bad areas, but I had good lies all day. Didn't find any bunkers, but they seemed allright. Greens were very receptive, but they were a little bumpy with medium speed. Overall, no complaints. Saw the beverage cart a few times and everyone in the pro shop was fine. Mike the starter is great and Brian the bartender is fantastic!! Always a good day at Nado.
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