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Played on a Friday morning. Course is in very good shape, especially the greens. They were playing medium fast to fast and were smooth, true with no appreciable damage. This has always been one of my favorite tracts. It’s a simple, classic (as the name implies) layout with bunkers that will catch the unwary or unlucky. The fairways were in good condition considering how many walkers there are; there were not a lot of unrepaired divots. as The sand and the rough were also in good condition. The tee boxes were a little beat up but they were playable.

$34 walking Monday through Thursday in Orange County with these conditions probably cannot be beat. Good pace for us in 4 hours. We were 4 walkers following 4 walkers--never an unreasonable wait. Nothing in the way of scenery or atmosphere as this course and its sibling, the Players course are bordered on all sides by what passes for urbanity in Orange County. Very good golf experience as usual, and this course is definitely on my ‘inexpensive’ (and only these days) rotation.
Played in a tournament on a Sunday afternoon. Course is in very good condition. Fairways are quite nice with no bare spots. The greens are in great shape as well, but I found them to be surprisingly slower than medium. Putts rolled true, however, with no bumps. Number 16 green had some re-sodding on the front part, but that seemed to be healing well. Rough was in good shape and punishing. Tee boxes were mostly good, and the sand was in terrific shape—appropriately fluffy and white with big, wide rakes that have convenient long handles.
Didn’t really interact with proshop personnel so I can’t talk about the service on that day. From previous experiences, it’s usually very good, and we made contact with the beverage cart at least 3 times in our round. Overall, an excellent outing (except for my play.) From their website, they still have Mega Mondays—play on Monday for $60 on Eisenhower.
Played on a weekday morning. Hardly a soul around. Course is in decent shape—think of a well maintained muni except for the greens. In order of precedence, they were:

1. splotchy
2. firm, but
3. slow, and
4. not so true.

The first green was unswept; it was covered in debris from a nearby tree. I don’t know anything about greenskeeping, but they seemed to be on the bad end of some maintenance cycle all except for the 18th green. It was actually in good condition as though it was on the good end of a maintenance cycle.

The fairways were in good condition. Though not pretty, they were lush enough with not a lot in the way of damage or bare spots. The rough was inconsistent. The course winds its way through an older housing tract and there was little consideration given to the design of the interstitial spaces between the houses and the course. It’s an unfortunate combination of letting whatever grow wild and bare dirt. That is to say if you hit into those areas, it’s easy to lose your ball. A word of advice: don’t hit into those areas. When the rough was maintained it was a punishing 1” to 3”.

The sand was quite fluffy. Unfortunately, in the morning it was wet and fluffy, and, further, I found myself in it too many times. The course for the most part is pretty straight forward. There are several doglegs but you probably won’t be that befuddled.

I foolhardily played the black tees, which measure 7,137 yards. Fortunately I was driving the ball very well, but, that being said, I would not recommend playing those tees unless you have a degree of skill in working the ball. On the several tees where it does make a difference playing the black tees, those tee boxes are set off and back from the blue and white tee boxes at an angle. This will require a shot that is not only long but accurately hit--at least once I had to split a couple of trees to get into the fairway. And then just killing it straight will probably leave you hitting through the fairway into some wild and wooly stuff. I was either hitting it straight or hitting a power fade and a number of good drives, though reasonably controlled, ended up in a bit of trouble. The classic long draw will serve you quite well.

The service was okay. $28 with a cart on weekdays and a $15 dollar replay. The facilities are bare, however. Also, I encountered a couple of harrowing cart crossings. The course winds through a housing development and there are a few street crossings. A couple of them were not your garden variety, exclusive, secluded, sedate residential streets. One of them was Murrieta Road and the other was (I believe) Sun City Blvd, both major streets. Special lights were required for those crossings, and even when given the green/walk signal, I didn’t feel completely safe.
Played on a Thursday morning. Found the course to be in good shape. Fairways were a bit lush; the very few bare spots I saw were where you shouldn’t be anyway. There was major damage areas on two holes, #’s 10 & 13. On hole #10 the area cordoned off was surrounding the gully on the approach to the green and on hole #13, the large area of damage was around the gully in front of the tee boxes. Free drops from either area.

The greens were in good shape as well, but playing medium to slow. Just a bit bumpy but not too detrimental. The rough was low and inconsistent. It was enough to be a problem if you landed in it, but you could find your ball. The sand traps were in bad shape. Very, very thin and hardly worth raking after you hit from them.

I found this course to be less interesting and challenging than Chino Creek. The back nine just seemed to crisscross a gully (see above) over and over. I will say, however, that given its current conditions, it’s probably one of the best bargains and best places to play for persons on a budget. It’s been very easy to get on the several times I’ve come here, and what it lacks in scenery and ambiance, it makes up with very low green fees (for April, $28 to ride during weekdays, $22 to walk) and an adequately-maintained, reasonably challenging tract.

There are assailing odors (and I mean they will actually aggressively seek you out and attack you) from the bordering water reclamation plant and the thing there with the cows but I’m going to think of them as part of the club’s ‘charm.’ One perhaps sexist note: when I arrived, there were several groups of ladies teeing off and I braced myself for a very long day. But darned if those ladies didn’t fly. We were only held up a bit once and that was on the #2 handicap hole (#13 by the way, see above.) I only saw them from the holes ahead of us moving right along about their business. Great job!
Played on a Thursday morning. Seemed kind of busy for a weekday. Fairways and greens were in their usual shape—pretty decent for a muni. The teeboxes, however, were a different story. Seven teeboxes were under repair and did not allow for the blue tee position to be accessed. Most notably, on #4, the longish par 3, they were actually laying down new sod, so it might be a while before that tee box is ready. If actually being able to play from the blue tees is important to you, you might want to give them a call before you go out to see what the status is. The teeboxes were, in general, in pretty bad shape. Shaggy and in need of maintenance.

For the short par 4 #11, the green on the left was in play on that day making it shorter but directly behind the tree. I miraculously put my drive just a few feet behind the green (3-putted unfortunately.) Long hitters might be able to reach with a 3-metal. Greens were at medium speed—a couple on the faster side. Several greens on the back 9 were in very good condition (hardly a mark) but still playing at medium speed. The hot dog at the turn left a lot to be desired.
This course is carved out of the desert near Flat Top Mesa. I found it challenging, mostly fair and scenic with the front nine being easier and more interesting in terms of layout and scenery. The conditions were good. The fairways were well kept, but on the day I played, several fairways on the front nine, most notably #’s 1,3,4 needed some TLC. They had been punched not too long ago, and although recovering recent maintenance appeared to be lacking. The greens were rather thin and hard, but, oddly, I didn’t find them to be too fast. My putts rolled true with nary a bump. I hope, however, that they grow in some more because it didn’t seem that there was a lot was separating them from bare dirt as evidenced by the multiple bare spots on #13. The sand was good if a bit inconsistent in color and texture. When there was rough, there was not much of it to speak of—maybe an inch if that and not particularly well kept. Most of the surrounding desert is considered environmentally sensitive and played as a hazard.

As mentioned the layout is challenging and scenic. There weren’t a lot of blind shots or long carries (compared to Wolf Creek), but there was one rather glaringly unfair hole that is really worth noting. Number 4 is a 394 yard par 4 from the tips. The landing area for your drive is mostly blocked out by a hill obscuring all but a slither of fairway on the left. It is a bit of a humpbacked fairway to boot, which does a masterful job of hiding a perpendicularly running fence marking the end to the fairway about 250 yards from the tee box. This fence borders a small cliff over which my tee shot just missed rolling off by about 8 yards. I think long hitters can reach the landing area past the cliff but it will be a completely blind shot. I teed off with a hybrid not knowing what to expect and luckily came up just short of the fall off. From there it is a slight drop in elevation approach shot to a dramatically framed green. Also of note is #10, a longish par 3 guarded generously by water. Don’t fill up on that jumbo, spicy Polish sausage at the turn because you will need your ability to rotate your torso if you wish to hit this green. If you’re naturally right to left, you’re golden; anything else will make for real work.

The service wasn’t bad. Right now they are operating out of a trailer and will be until the clubhouse is built in 2011. One thing the course could really use is more signage. It’s obvious where you need to go most of the time, but with 5 tee boxes and a course that meanders sometimes blindly through canyons and washes a little reassurance of where exactly you are and need to end up would help. What also will help is more water. It didn’t get much past 50 degrees when I played, but I can imagine how hot it’ll be come summer. There was not an over abundance of watering stations; I did see two beverage carts in the cart barn but they never made it onto the course. That is understandable as there was hardly a soul out there when I played on a weekday afternoon.

There was a twilight rate of $99, which isn’t on their website. I went out as a single at 1 o’clock and didn’t catch up to anyone until the 14th hole. I don’t know how much play this course gets or if its non summer, nonresident prime rate of $90 - $140 will serve it well as it competes with other courses in the area. It was worth it for me to play it once as a visitor for 99 bucks. There are vastly reduced rates for “Sun City Mesquite” residents. I think that means you have to be a resident of the Sun City housing development going up around the course to get those rates as opposed to a resident of the town of Mesquite in general (who doesn’t live in the development.) Speaking of which, if you wish to experience (and hit wayward balls into) what’s left of the “pristine” desert, you might want to hurry and get out there. Housing has already started lining most of the holes on the back nine and housing pads are clear, present and numerous on the much less developed front nine.
In a word, ‘awesome.’ In another word, ‘furry’ and this unfortunately applied mostly to the greens. I’ve had very little experience playing high end courses (anything over $125 in my opinion), but if there was ever a course that is worth it’s requested rack rate ($175 prime, $115 twilight, which varies a bit according to time of year) it would be this course. The views and the layout are mostly stunning. The conditions (except for the furry, slow greens) are excellent. The better news is once you get off the tee and are playing the course there is a very good mix of challenge and fairness. Without exception it was clear what I had to do and then it was just a matter of execution. Execute and you will be properly rewarded—don’t…and, well you probably know the story.

The greens as mentioned were SLOOOWWW! It was like putting in an abattoir. Everything just died. I obviously played my round the day before they were scheduled to mow them. That general sense of furriness, however, served hitting from the fairways quite well. Their condition was excellent. The rough was also in excellent condition. It was punishing, but you could generally find your ball and hit from it. The sand traps (mostly avoided thank goodness) were also in excellent condition.

A previous reviewer mentions being able to drive 250 yards or not showing up. That might be true for some holes if you’re playing the tips, and yes, there are several must carries that are in the 200 yard range for the blue (6300) and white (6000) tees, but you will not be bombarded with darn near impossible carries one after the other. That being said, those who have difficulty getting off the tee will not do well on this course. That flubbed, dribbling 60 yard mi sh$t will not serve you well. You will have several blind tee shots where you cannot see the landing areas. The landing areas are there and you just have to hit a decent tee shot. There will also be holes where you cannot see the green. The landing areas are clear, however, and where you have to hit your tee shot to and what you have to do when you get there will be apparent.

The holes are bordered by the desert, which are considered environmentally protected areas that you are not allowed to enter and are played as water hazards. I learned from all the wayward balls dotting that landscape that the local critters are not fond of golf balls. This is target golf to a good extent, but it was not so hard that I did not find the course very enjoyable to play.

Rounds on this course are REGULARLY in the 5-5 1/2 hour range. That is the norm. This doesn’t bode well for high-end-twilight-rate golfers such as myself. Started at 1:00 and did not finish the last 2 holes with a 5:45 sunset. Factor in the clouds, which obscured the setting sun (did I mention the views?), the foursome in front of us who seemed not to notice or care that it was rapidly becoming too dark to hit golf balls and continued looking at 6 foot putts from every angle (same slow 4-some in front of us story), and what appeared to be a match between 2 pairs of players two groups in front of us…you get the picture. Anyway PLAN on at least 5 hours, which almost makes paying the prime rate of $175 and being able to play your entire round in daylight a kind of extortion.

The service was great. I didn’t encounter any rude valets. I also ate one of the best hot dogs I have ever had on a golf course and it was only $5 with chips! There’s water every 3 holes for when it’s hot, but strangely enough, I didn’t see any ball washers. I would definitely like to return to this course. Maybe dedicate some overtime at work specifically for making the trip out here again and paying the prime rate so that I can actually finish before dark.
Found this to be a little gem of a course. It makes its way through “less upscale” housing, which is actually a refreshing change from the cookie-cutter stucco boxes found on newer, “more upscale” developments. Course is very straightforward—I mean ‘straight’ literally. There are virtually no doglegs. This makes for some tight fairways at times with the aforementioned housing bordering alongside every hole. That’s not to say the course is flat and boring, and the trees and rough are punishing enough to make things challenging.

Also the greens are old school small. Speaking of which, they were in very good to excellent condition. They seemed medium to maybe a little fast and very true-rolling. The fairways were also in very good to excellent condition probably due to not a lot of play. I walked on late morning on Memorial day and there were only few people around. $28 to walk on a holiday, which was music to my wallet. One negative was the lack of water on the course. I saw only a couple of discreetly placed fountains. I can only imagine how hot it can get in the summer.

The clubhouse is nice—a modern design also a refreshing change from most clubhouses I’ve see. The course would be much more walkable if it wasn’t necessary to cross a street between almost every hole. Finally be warned that the 18th hole is under construction. What looked like an interesting 310 yard dogleg right par 4 is a 175 yard par 3 with a temporary green. The original green did look beat up and it was being worked on as I passed by. If this is a concern, call before you go.
Caught the twilight rate—more than worth the $75 to play here. ‘Manicured’ is the only term I can think of to describe the condition of this course. That’s mostly due to it being brand new. It’ll be interesting to see how it holds up after a few years of play. The fairways were close to immaculate as was the rough. The greens were unexpectantly slow but in excellent condition and true-rolling.

The layout is interesting and changes from hole to hole. Don’t even think of walking this course as the distance and elevation changes between holes can be daunting. Speaking of daunting, the 6th hole, which has been mentioned, might just steal you breath away. It’s the most severe elevation change that I’ve ever seen. You’re driving down to what seems to be an impossibly small and narrow target of a fairway with what seems to be a very long carry to get there and plenty of opportunity to overshoot it and kiss your ball goodbye.

This is a very challenging layout, which makes for generally slow play. Less skilled golfers might themselves quite exasperated with this course and you might find yourselves behind them. I would think in terms of bringing more golf balls than fewer.

In terms of customer service, the starter seemed to have bit of a time fitting me in as a single. Also as I made the turn, I passed the twosome that was in front of me who had stopped at the snack bar; I played 10, 11, 12 and still never saw them behind me. I don’t know if the service at the turn was that slow or if they stopped to have a long, leisurely break. Finally, as I finished my round more than an hour before sunset, I found the clubhouse was closed. I couldn’t enter my score into their SCGA computer. I guess the staff wanted to hit the tables early.
Played on a Monday morning. Walked on as a single and teed off about 30 minutes later. This is a very good urban course with an interesting enough layout and decent length to keep your game challenged. The fairways were in very good condition--not particularly lush but with hardly any damage and few, if any, bare spots. The greens, however, where another story. I know they just were aerified last month, but that doesn't explain away the bumpy and slow conditions I encountered. I think once they recover from maintenance, they'll be just fine; but that morning, putting was a chore.

As mentioned, I thought the layout was interesting and fair. Quite a few doglegs, but the fairways are open enough and with a little local knowledge, most trouble can be avoided. It was $43.50 to walk on a weekday. That's more than the average muni, but that's probably a function of its location in Long Beach.

A final note: save your energy for the finishing hole. It's 445 yards from the blue tees and with a back left pin placement over a water hazard, it might make for a sour end to your round.
Played on a Wednesday morning. As mentioned in my previous review, this is one of my favorites courses in Southern California, and also as previously mentioned, this course had serious maintenance issues that would deter me from making the trip out here again. I am happy to report those issues for me have been mostly solved.

I can report that most of the teeboxes remain in marginal to bad shape—on a level with an average muni. They should do better. The first fairway is a bit beat up, but that was about it. All the other fairways were in good to very good condition—maybe thin in a few places, but nothing that would give anyone cause for complaint.

Four greens still had bare spots. Number 3 had bare/patched spots on front and back edges; number 12 had a noticeable bare spot near an edge; number 17 had large bare patches on edges front and back and damaged areas behind the green and number 18 had damage and replacement sod around the edges for about ½ the perimeter of the green.

As noted by another reviewer, damage to the greens is around the edges and attempts at repairing them are in progress. The greens themselves were otherwise in very good condition and very firm; approach shots generally will not hold, but in spite of the firmness they were not super fast.

I would say this tract is worth playing again. It’s challenging, scenic and peaceful. $65 on a weekday before 12 pm is not bad. Temporary scorecards do not have any of the yardages on them, but the GPS system worked well. The black tees should only be played by those who can drive well as a few of the holes from them have +200 yard carries.
Played on a weekday afternoon catching the twilight rate of $70. Played this course once before and remembered it as one of the most scenic in southern California. Two things stood out: the great condition of the fairways and some of the truest rolling greens on which I have ever played. It seemed like this course does not get a lot of play because the fairways were remarkably unharmed. They were quite lush with very little in the way of damage—natural or divotwise. The few divots that were visible were very small compared to the swaths of land that are sometimes dug out of the earth with some golf shots.

When I sunk a 20-footer on the 1st green with little in the way of warming up beforehand, I thought something was amiss. When I did it a couple of more times early in the round, I knew it had to be the greens. Remarkably, the ball went where I hit it. The greens were certainly fast but not ridiculously so. Any stroke not graced with at least a bit of touch will go past the hole. And I can only categorize the breaks as quite fair. I didn’t encounter anything tricky. A good read with good speed equaled a good result. Couldn’t ask for anything more (except one pin position on #17 located on a slope.)

First-rate service and facilities in the form of a compound as opposed to a grand clubhouse building, but that’s probably apropos considering its history as a ranch. $120 for a weekend round is out of my preferred price range, but $70 for a twilight round is just fine. Played as a single and allowed by 2 very cool threesomes to play through. Made it in under 3 hours. Thanks for that. Layout is challenging, interesting and fair--will certainly try to make it back.
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