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Played on Sunday, October 13 with a mid-morning tee time. POP was around 4 1/4 hours to play 18. Not bad for a Sunday. Not sure why it was a little quiet. There was a slight smell of smoke from the nearby fires over the hill from a few days before we played.

Course is in great shape. The tee boxes had good coverage. Fairways also had good coverage from tee to green. Granted there were thin spots here and there and some parts of the fairways felt a little mushy from over-watering in that area. The bunkers were inconsistent. Some bunkers were a little thin, some bunkers had wet sand, while others had a lot of sand. The greens are recovering well from recent aeration. Most of the greens seem back to normal. Greens tend to roll a little fast today.

It's been a while since we were last here. Love the new carts with the GPS yardage and hole displays on it. It's great getting distances to the pin and to some of the hazards. Love to watch the flyovers for each hole to see the layout of each hole. Had to remember to return the key to get your key deposit back. Love the layout on this course. A number of different challenges on this course.
Played on Saturday, 8/10 with a late morning tee time. POP was around 5 hours 45 minutes to play 18. It was rather slow today. We had to wait to hit on every hole. Weather was a little chilly today with some fog and wind rolling through in the afternoon. It was a nice change to play from all the hot weather in the SFV.

Course was in great condition today. Tee boxes were fairly level with good grass coverage. The fairways were rather lush with real good coverage from tee to green. This is not an easy course to play. There are environmental sensitive areas off to the side where they don't allow carts but you can hit out of. There is water on this course but it doesn't come into play except on a couple of holes which had severe dog legs. Greens were in excellent shape today. Greens were rolling a little fast today. Course is rather flat. There were a lot of people walking today. Can't comment about the sand as I didn't land in any today, which is pretty good for me as there are a lot of bunkers on this course.

Other than the slow pace of play today, this has been one of my favorite courses to play. There is a driving range here but the golf shop and bathrooms are in trailers. There's not really a club house here. We had to go down the street to Buenaventura for the 19th hole.
Decided to leave the SFV and play a round here. Had a tee time before 8 am on Saturday 8/3 on a rather humid day. POP was 1 hour 45 minutes to play 9.

Course is in decent shape. They had two tee areas - white (back) and red (forward). It didn't help that the scorecard had the same yardage for the forward and back tees for most of the holes. Tee boxes had good coverage but it was looking a little beat up from tee shot divots. Course is walking only and there's one big hill you need to walk up on hole #4. Fairways were very lush with very good coverage. Fairways felt a little wet on a lot of holes.
Landed in only one bunker and it was very hard packed and wet. Greens were in average shape. There were a lot of repaired and un-repaired marks on the greens. But you can still putt on the greens.

There is a driving range here along with a restaurant and golf shop. It's a nice course to work on your short game. Talk came up while playing today about the driving range becoming a future Top Golf site. Just have to wait and see what happens.
Played Saturday 7/13 with tee time around 8 am. POP was around 4 3/4 hours to play 18 on a rather hot day.

With it being summer now, course conditions were rather decent. Tee boxes had good grass coverage. Fairways were looking very good with yellow spots on the grass here and there but you can still hit off the grass. Was in one bunker today and the sand was pretty thin and hard packed. Greens were looking very good. Though the greens seem to be rolling a little slow. Some of the pin placements were rather hard on a slope or toward the back of the greens. It's always a challenge to play here as some of the fairways are not flat with side-hill, downhill and uphill lies.
Played today, 1/7/19 with a tee time around mid-morning. POP was just under 4 hours to play 18. Not bad for a public course. It had rained overnight and early morning. Course was very wet and it was drizzling when we played.

Course was in decent shape today. With early morning rain, the fairways had a lot of puddles here and there. It was not fun seeing a big splash when your ball landed in a puddle on the fairway. Tee boxes had fairly good coverage. The fairways had average coverage today. Thought it would have more grass coverage with the recent rains. But we encountered a number of bare muddy spots, pools of water, and thin lies on the fairways. Didn't land in any bunkers but the bunkers looked wet and some had puddles of water in it. Greens were in great shape and were rolling pretty good. Some of the greens were pretty large and it was nice playing under the new rules where you didn't have to remove the flag stick.

Our golf cart was not handling too well in wet conditions. It would skid a lot while braking and the golf cart was looking a little old and would rattle a lot. There's a driving range here and the restaurant here is pretty good.
First time playing today on Saturday, 12/29 with a tee time around 11 am. POP was around 4 3/4 hours to play 18. It was a little slow today. We had to wait on every hole. We were a twosome behind a fivesome.

It's a flat course. A lot of people were walking today. There's a lot of bunkers here on this course. Definitely bring your sand play here. The fairways were looking a little thin in a lot of spots. A lot of times we were hitting off bare lies. There's enough grass coverage on the fairways that you can still play. Some spots on the fairways were wet, a little muddy in spots and casual water here and there. The tee boxes were fairly level with good coverage. The bunkers were a little thin and some were muddy. The greens were overall in decent shape. Some were a little bumpy but the balls seems to roll pretty good.

Weather was a lot nicer than the valley today. Not very windy but the afternoon winds came up. There's a snack bar/restaurant and there's a driving range and a short game area here. Will be back to play again.
Played today Saturday 10/20 with a tee time before noon. POP was around 2 1/2 hours to play 9. It was a little slow today as there was a group ahead playing a tournament. But it was not bad. It was very windy when we played. It was nice that on some holes your balls got extra distance for hitting downwind.

Overall the course is in decent shape. Tho' we noticed as we got to the course that parts of the fairways were painted a different color green than the fairways. My white glove had green streaks on it from holding my golf balls after playing with them. The fairways had fairly good coverage that you can still play on. Some of the areas in front of the tee boxes were looking a little dry, a little bare and a little thin. The tee boxes were ok.

The bunkers were a little hard packed and a little wet but you can still hit out of the bunkers. The greens were in really good condition. I can only remember that one green was in so-so shape. Greens were rolling a little fast.

This is an interesting 9 hole golf course. It is not flat. There's 3 par 3s, 1 or 2 par 5s and the rest were par 4s. Hole #7 had a severe dogleg with a palm tree in your way if you decide to cut the corner. There's a driving range here, a small chipping area, and a putting green. It's a great place to play and practice.
Played today, Saturday 9/22 with a tee time around 9 am. We tee off about 15 minutes after our scheduled tee time. POP was around 5 hours. It was a little slow on the front 9. It took about 2 hours and 45 minutes for the front 9. Back 9 played a little faster.

Tee boxes had fairly good coverage. Tho' I found it wasn't fairly level on a lot of tee boxes. Fairways were just ok. We found so many areas on a lot of fairways with just dirt patches. It was no fun hitting from these areas. Other spots on the fairways had very thin patches of grass. The hot weather over the summer seems to have taken its toll on the fairways. I had so many shots on the fairways hitting off of dirt and sometimes mud. Sand in the bunkers were about average. Not too thin and not too thick. Greens were about average condition. We found so many so-so repaired ball marks and lumpy spots on the greens. Greens were running a little slow today.

Reason we like coming out here is the course layout is a little quirky but it makes for a fun course to play. Driving range you're hitting off of mats but it's nice that it is near the first tee. Will be back again to play when the weather if cooler .
Played Saturday, 8/25 with a tee time around 12 noon. It was rather busy today. First indication it was busy was that the parking lot was full when I arrived. Didn't know that SCGA had a two day tournament this weekend. A portion of the driving range was sectioned off for their group. Apparently their tee times were before our group tee off on the Lakes course.

Played match play today. Pace of play was rather slow on a rather humid day. It took us 4 1/2 hours to play 15 holes when our match was over. We lost :-( . Otherwise course conditions were excellent today.

On the board near the starters building, the greens were rated 11.6 today. Due to the SCGA tournament today, the pin positions on the Lakes course were in tough positions. A lot were about 5 - 7 paces from the edge of the greens. The greens were rolling a fast today.

The tee boxes were fairly level with good coverage. The fairways had excellent coverage between the tees and the greens. The rough was a little brutal today. If your ball landed here, it was rather hard to find your ball as the rough was tall enough to hide your balls. The sand conditions in the bunkers varies. I only landed in one bunker on hole #13. I felt it was just a little hard packed. The other players in our group mentioned it was really hard packed and hard to hit out of. Other sand in bunkers that I saw was a little on the thin side.

This is a very challenging course to play with water coming into play on 7 holes. I now remember why they call holes #12, #13 and #14 amen corner. These holes are situated around the lake. You can lose a lot of balls on these holes between out of bounds on one side of the fairway and water on the other side of the fairway. The 13th holes was tough with water coming into play on your tee shot on both sides of the fairway. Winds coming in the afternoons would also add to the challenge. I didn't lose any balls playing here today.

There's a driving range here, short game practice areas and putting greens near the 1st hole for each course. Nice clubhouse and pro shop. I also notice they have some of those golfboards that you can rent. Will be back again for the challenge!
We just happened to be in this area on Monday, 8/13 and decided to play a quick 9 holes par 29. There are no tee times here. You just basically show up and go. With it being a weekday, it wasn't busy. We teed off around 11:30 am and it took us about 1 1/2 hours to play 9.

This is your typical city golf course. I was surprised they have gas powered riding carts. With it being 9 holes, it wasn't too hard to walk 9. It was mostly flat course. There was 1 hole where you hit up to the pin and another where you hit down to the green. I was surprised there were 2 par 4s but some long hitters can get on in one. There is a driving range here next to the 6th hole (and a little bit of walk from check in). But it's a nice course to get some practice in.

Course is in average condition. Fairways were your typical grass that you find on a municipal course. There are bunkers here. It was rather windy when we played so wind does come into play. Greens were in average condition and rather small. I find that a lot of the greens and the pins were on a slope. Course is next to a river. There were two sets of tees here. This is a good course to get some practice in. Cost was $14 to play 9 and I believe the replay rate was only $6.
Played today, Sunday 8/19 with a tee time just before 12 noon. POP was around 4 1/2 hours to play 18. Not bad for a busy Sunday. It was a little slow on the back 9 as the groups in front of us got stuck behind slower players.

Course conditions today were in excellent shape. Played the white tees today. The tee boxes were mostly fairly level tho' some spots on the tee boxes were getting a little beat up. The fairways had good coverage between tee and the green. Granted there were bare spots here and there but overall the fairways were really nice to hit off. The rough was not too deep. It was not that tall so you can generally find your balls if you land in the rough. I landed in a lot of bunkers today. Some of the bunkers were on the thin side and others had a lot of thick sand. It was rather humid when we played today. So I can see the bunkers get a little hard packed due to the changing weather conditions. Some of the bunkers seemed a little wet on the front 9. The greens were in excellent condition. The balls were rolling about medium speed. I find that some of the greens were rather large especially if you have to hit over bunkers or water. Yes, water does come into play here on 5 or 6 holes. Course is fairly flat so you can walk 18.

There's a lot of trees on the course. Some of the holes it feels like you need to thread the needle on your tee shots. On other holes you have to be careful not to go out of bounds into the open field next to the holes. Playing later in the day can make it harder with winds picking up and you are hitting into the wind on holes 12 and 13 and dealing with crosswinds on holes 14, 15 and 16. The only thing I don't like about this course is that there is no driving range here if you want to warm up. You need to go to other nearby golf courses if you want to warm up before your round. They do have 19th hole and a golf shop.
Played today Saturday, 7/21 with a tee time around 10 am. It took us around 4 1/2 hours to play. We had to wait on almost every hole to tee off. It was a little slow today. It got a little better on the back nine by around the 15 hole. Came out here to play as it was about 20 degrees cooler than the SFV. It get a little distracting to watch the planes take off and land here but it helps pass the time when we have to wait to tee off.

The tees boxes were fairly level but the teeing area was getting all beat up with divots. The fairways were average condition with some lies that were a little thin and others with rather lush grass. The rough here was sometimes a little thick and some were rather thin. Sand was decent but some were rather nice and others had rather thick sand. Greens were running a little fast but I noticed that balls tend to bounce a little bit on the greens. Looked like the 4th green was patched up but it didn't affect roll on the green. The 2nd hole had a lot of birds on the lake and around and near the 2nd green. I accidentally hit a bird just off the 2nd green when my ball rolled off the back. Bird was ok. and walked away.

Favorite holes here are the added holes when it went from 15 holes to 18 holes. Like playing 15, 16 and 17th holes as these feel like playing on a regulation 18 course. The other holes are mostly par 3s and par 4s. A lot of holes are side by side, so you have to watch for balls from the adjacent holes. I saw a lot of players on the wrong fairway. They do fivesomes here, which can make for slow play. But we like coming here as it's a lot cooler than the SFV. There's a driving range here and short game area that you can rent for 1/2 - 1 hour for additional $$.
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