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Played 3-12-17 with the Gurus. Fun time out on a course I had never played before:

Greens: Greens were smooth with minimal ball mark damage. They were running right around medium, but we're pretty firm and difficult to hold with anything but the most well-struck wedge. Definitely took some time getting used to after primarily playing on softer LA-area greens. They were very well maintained and visually pleasing.

Fairways: Fairways were smooth and lush with minimal divot damage. Players seemed to be mindful of replacing their divots and using the sand provided on the carts. There wasn't excessive roll out, so shots in the fairway tended to stay there.

Rough: Rough throughout the course was penal but fair. It wasn't excessively thick or spongy. Greenside rough was certainly penal and I definitely had a little trouble navigating it, which was frustrating when combined with the firm greens. I had a number of shots just run through the green into some relatively thick and gnarly stuff. I caught a couple flyers out of the greenside rough that led to some long comeback putts, though unfortunately I can't blame this wholly on the course while discounting my poor wedge play ;)

Tees: Tees were very nice and level with minimal divot damage on the par 3's.

Bunkers: I was in one greenside bunker and one fairway bunker and they were both on the thin/firm side of the spectrum. While this wasn't a problem in the fairway bunker, it made things difficult coming out of the greenside bunker onto the greens that were so firm.

POP: Pace was right around 4 hours, maybe a little more.

I really enjoyed the course. It was challenging without being tricked out or unfair. The opportunity to score is definitely there. Good shots are generally rewarded and poor shots are penalized. The layout is fun in that no two holes are too much alike. As others have mentioned, the lack of water available on the course was a little disappointing. Granted, you do get two free bottles per player to start, but in the Palm Springs heat, those could be gone pretty soon and with nowhere to refill, it can get a little dicey. Customer service was generally good and we saw the cart girl twice. I'm definitely looking forward to another shot at Eagle Falls one day.
Played twice over the last 2 weeks, once on 6/26/16 and once on 7/3/16. Paid $31 to ride @ 3pm on 6/26/16 and $40 to ride on 7/3/16.

Course is in outstanding shape. So much so that this has quickly reasserted itself as one of my favorite courses in the area. Course is difficult but very fair. Recent course work has made it into a really fun course to play.

Greens were in great shape both rounds, a little faster on 6/26. Definitely on the firmer side, but still holding well struck shots.

Fairways were in great shape. Mostly lush. Green and yellow grass.

Rough is minimal now after the renovation. A ton of pinestraw around trees and in wooded areas. It's penal, but playable.

Sand was in fantastic shape. Very consistent throughout the entire course, from fairway bunkers to greenside bunkers. You know what to expect when you land in one.

Tees were lush and level. Some divot damage on par 3's and shorter par 4's, but tee boxes were rotated well.

POP was superb. 3.5 hours as a threesome one round and 4 hours as a foursome the other round.

Customer service is outstanding. Multiple marshals maintaining pace of play. Water coolers every 3-4 holes. Nice range balls. Very friendly drink cart and bar service.

Well done to the staff here. They've turned a muni track that I mostly ignored into a course that's now near the top of my list when looking for a round. Very good value here, especially with the GK coupon and deals available on GolfNow and the courses website.
Played on 4/19/13. Went out as a 3-some at 10:30 am.

Greens: They were aerating 1/2 of each green and the pin was on the unsanded side. The greens here are fairly large, so the sand wasn't too much of a bother. However, the sides that weren't sanded were in poor shape. Bumpy with lots of scuffs and ball marks. Ran medium, with some slower than others.

Fairways: Highlight of the course. Nice lush hitting surface. No noticeable bare spots or severe divot damage.

Rough: Not too long, but certainly noticeable. Still, it was plenty lush with a few bare spots where the rough gave way to sandy areas.

Tees: Nice and level. Not too lush, but still a good surface to hit off of. Pleasantly surprised considering all the short holes.

Sand: Good. A little on the firmer side, not terrible, but still fair to hit from.

POP/Customer Service/Etc.: Played in 4:20 minutes. Not great for this course, but not terrible considering there was an ambivalent 2-some two groups ahead holding us up as well as the 5-some in front of us who were keeping pace with the two of them. Seriously. Customer Service was so-so. I knew the greens were being aerated thanks to GK, but a heads up from the starter would have been nice. The marshal was a bit disappointing. We saw him multiple times, but he refused to do anything about the twosome holding everything up, instead choosing to harass our playing partner, who is handicapped and has a placard, for driving too close to the greens. Snack shop at the turn is fairly priced and decent.
Played 4/17/13 at 11:30 am. They send out 5-somes here so my friend and I were paired with another 3-some.

Greens: The half of the greens that had been aerated first had healed nicely. The other half still had a good amount of sand about a week after aeration. Besides that, they ran pretty well, medium-fast, with some bumpiness.

Fairways: Nice and lush. Good lies throughout. Some divot damage on some of the shorter par 4s on the back 9.

Rough: Lush throughout. Some thinner areas along tree branches and along areas that separate two holes.

Tees: Nice and lush on the front 9. The newly replaced tees on the back 9 were very hard packed and impossible to get a tee in. Some divot damage on the par 3s and shorter par 4s.

Sand: Good throughout and I was in a couple. Fluffy top layer gave way to firmer sand underneath.

POP/Customer Service/Etc.: Finished in 5 hours. Not great for a Wednesday. I honestly don't think it's the 5-somes as much as people playing from the wrong tees. There's no shame in playing from the whites, guys. Customer service was good. Starter got us out on time and the restaurant at the turn offered quick and affordable service. $40 to ride on a weekday. Not bad price for the layout. Just wish it would play faster.
Played Rancho on 4/8/13 with Gk'er Barkinesq. Called up last minute and was able to get out at 3:00 pm.

Greens: Rolled true. A little bumpy, but that was to be expected so late in the day. They were running pretty consistently medium-fast and holding shots very well. Only real negative was all the ball marks...I'll never understand why people don't fix their ball marks.

Fairways: Lush and green for the most part. There were definitely a couple of bare spots in the most frequented areas. Fairways were a little firmer inside 100 yards, but still very playable.

Rough: 3-5 inches along most of the fairways. Greenside rough was significantly shorter and less penalizing. Not too many bare spots except around some tree roots and golfer-created access roads i.e. driving between holes instead of on the cart path.

Tees (Blue): Some pretty damaged areas, especially on the par 3s. However all were level and playable.

Bunkers: I was in 1 greenside bunkers and 2 fairway bunker and all had ample and fluffy sand. No hard packed areas, at least in the bunkers I was in.

POP/etc: Teeing of at 3:00 pm with 2 walkers who played very slow, I was not expecting to finish. However, all groups were waving up on the 3rd hole, which created a little breathing room. We didn't run into the group ahead of us until the 8th hole. On the back 9, we played as a twosome and the foursome in front kept a really good pace. Minor back up at 12, but opened up a little after that. Hooked up with a single on 15 and played the last 4 as a threesome. Miraculously finished in 4:45 with waiting on very few shots. That's certainly not the norm here, as 5+ hour rounds should be expected, but the golfers in front of us were really doing their part to keep things moving. Just goes to show that even with all the play Rancho (and other munis) get, sub 5 hour rounds are possible when golfers play responsibly and courteously.

For the rest of May, twilight starts at 2PM (gets pushed back to 3pm on May 1). $33 to ride is a pretty good deal if you can get out around the beginning of twilight and give yourself a shot at finishing.
Played on 3/22/13 as a single. Starter got me off right away with a nice twosome.

Greens: Surprisingly in pretty good shape. If people fixed their ball marks, they would be in even better shape. They were rolling medium-fast this morning with a little bumpiness. My experience here is that the greens on the front nine are much softer than the greens on the back 9. The good news is, all throughout the back nine, we saw maintenance workers cutting out the trouble spots and filling them in with sand/seed mixtures.

Fairways: Another pleasant surprise here. They have really filled in and provided a pretty lush carpet to hit off of. A few areas with divot damage, but I didn't really notice very many bare areas or infested areas.

Rough: Not really existent. A few places around the greens it can give you a little trouble, but more times than not the ball sits up nicely.

Tees: Always a little beat up here and this day was no exception. The good news is management had a couple areas on some holes roped off. They really do a good job rotating tee placements here to try and keep some semblance of grass cover.

Sand: Always good here. My one complaint is that some bunkers have too much fluffy sand on top, almost guaranteeing a fried egg.

POP, etc: $23 to walk 18 holes in 3.5 hours. I know it's an "executive" course, but that price and time is hard to beat. Especially considering their conditions rival some of the local munis (Rancho) for half the price and less of a time commitment. Customer service is always good. The giant range is great, two large putting greens and a sand area are also nice touches.
Played on 3/3/13 with an 11:44 tee time. They were on time and our foursome went right out.

Greens: Extremely firm. They weren't holding any shots, even full wedges. They were also running pretty fast. Tons of unrepaired ball marks and a number of bare areas.

Fairways: Very thin with numerous bare areas and some areas with pretty bad divot damage. Some areas with clumps of different grass. Tough to get a good lie.

Rough: Very spotty. Some lush areas but mostly bare areas. The areas with trees had many exposed roots. Areas that should clearly be allowed to grow out, especially for the sake of POP, were even more bare then usual. Balls just kept rolling and rolling. Also difficult to get a good lie.

Tees: Usually the worst part of this course, they were in decent condition. Some areas with bad divot damage, but it looks like they had been leveled recently.

Bunkers: Good sand coverage. Nice and fluffy top layer with a little firmer sand deep.

POP, etc.: Pace was 5 hours exactly. Front 9 with all the short par 4s played much longer than the back. Customer service was very good, from the starter to the restaurant to the cart girl who was around numerous times and always asked if we needed anything. Driving range is kind of small as you hit into a mountain and there aren't an abundance of stalls. Putting green ran a little slower than the actual greens.

De Bell is like an ex-girlfriend you can't get over. I keep telling myself "this will be the last time" but something always brings me back. Most of the time I come back because this course keeps getting the better of me when I know it shouldn't. A few bonehead shots will really wreck you here and leave you with a final score much higher and not really indicative of how well you play.
Decided to squeeze in some golf with the old man on 2/22/13 and since Westchester has lights, we decided to head on over.

Greens were in very good condition. The rolled very smooth and true. Some damage on #16 and #17, but overall very pleasant to putt on. Due to the fog that had rolled in during the evening, they ran medium-slow, but that didn't affect their puttability.

Fairways were surprisingly in good condition. Nice, even grass coverage. Above average for this time of year. Some areas had lots of divot damage. I would attribute this to the amount of walkers. They should give each twosome of walkers a divot mix container for a few buck deposit. Return the container at the end of the round to get your deposit back.

Rough was the worst part of the course. Clumpy, uneven, varying length and types of grass. Very frustrating.

Tee boxes were also in below average condition. Perhaps they were worse because we played later in the day. You could tell management was trying to rotate tee positions. Unfortunately, the tees were nearly hardpan. Really difficult to even get a tee in the ground. Also severe divot damage.

Sand was in good condition. Fluffy layer on top with some harder sand beneath. RAKE YOUR FOOTPRINTS, PEOPLE!!

Pace of play was good. People were moving really well. Customer service also receives an A++ from me. The starter (Bobby? Billy?) was really nice. He mentioned that a group of about 20 college kids were on the first tee. On his own, he went out and watched the ninth green since he remembered some people telling him that they only planned to play 9. When he saw a twosome heading to the parking lot after putting out, he let us take their place on the 10th to avoid waiting forever.

$11 to walk super twilight, with the lights. A really pleasant course to knock the ball around and work on some shorter irons. Also, a huge driving range open until 10pm. Very affordable rates on balls and a plethora of targets to hit at.
Played on 11/16/12 @ 11:56 am. Teed off on time and starter sent us out as a twosome since the singles on the waiting list never checked in.

Greens were in decent shape. Medium-fast and a little bumpy. Some areas had a unrepaired ball marks. Greens on holes 4 and 6 were in terrible shape with bare areas and discoloration. All greens were pretty firm but held shots ok.

Fairways and rough were in good shape. Very lush for this time of year. Fairways gave a nice soft cushion to hit off of with some firmer areas the closer you got to the green. Rough was lush and penalizing around some greens and just sort of there on other holes. A few bare areas. Fairway and rough on #7 was in pretty rough shape with areas roped off.

Tees were in pretty good shape. Good coverage and pretty level. Some areas had pretty significant divot damage that had not been filled in.

POP was terrible. Our twosome was able to play through some people, but others seemed ignorant and annoyed when we asked to play though. The biggest problem is not the 5-somes but people playing from the wrong set of tees. Guys were hitting 2 balls a hole from the back tees. When will people figure out that it doesn't make you any less of a man or a golfer to play from the proper set of tees. Why make golf harder?

Customer service was hit or miss. Employees in the grill and bar were great as always. The young, tall african american starter was really nice. He let us know when we would be able to check in and promptly dealt with the ball machine problem on the range. The guy who actually checked us in, Evan, was very rude. He expected us to just know where we were in line to tee off and seemed irritated at us that the singles never showed up to check in. Then when I went to go double check and see if people would be joining us, he looked at his watch and said, "Why are you still here, just go!" Sorry for inconveniencing you by playing your golf course! Cart girl was around often and very nice, always checking with us before she drove off.

$48 to ride on the weekend. There are usually deals to be had through American Golf or the various golf tee time websites.
Winter conditions does not even begin to describe the condition this course is in. Absolutely abysmal. Played on 1/29/13.

Greens: Bumpy. Pitch marks all over the place. Impossible to get a true roll.
Fairways: Mostly muddy. Different types of grass. Very thin and almost bare.
Rough: Very muddy. Different types of grass of varying lengths. Some bare areas, some overgrown areas.
Tees: Muddy. Not level. Several were severely damaged. Several were almost completely bare.
Sand: Was not in any bunkers, but the two guys I was paired with were in several and all were hard packed or wet with very little sand.

Teed off a little before 9 AM and finished a little before 1 PM. 4 hours POP wasn't too bad, but we played as a threesome and were stuck behind a very slow threesome that forced us to wait at least once on almost every hole. No marshal to be seen.

$30 to walk on a Tuesday morning. Definitely not worth it considering what terrible conditions this course was in. I always give courses the benefit of the doubt during the winter, and especially after the rains we had the previous weekend, but there was no excuse for the horrid greens and the tremendous amount of mud and standing water on the course. It was 3 days since it had rained...a little mud was to be expected considering the course's location in the Sepulveda basin. However, the course was completely overtaken by it. They were repaving some of the concrete around the putting green and pro shop, work that looked to be almost completely aesthetic in nature. Maybe if the city put that money into the actual golf course, the course would be in at least decent condition.
Played on Sunday 1/20 at 1:00 pm. Was able to head right to the first tee and tee off as a twosome.

Tee boxes were in great condition, all level and lush.

Fairways were dormant and yellow and provided plenty of roll. A little thin at times, but no real bare spots.

Rough was green and lush, not very thick, which allowed balls to roll right through them and into bunkers and waste areas. Frustrating to hit a drive and have it roll out into what should have been the first cut, but then keep rolling into a bunker.

Speaking of bunkers, I was in at least 8 and they were all well filled with soft fluffy sand.

Greens were very disappointing. They rolled fast but were just in really rough shape with areas of clumpy grass throughout. It was very hard to get a true roll with the different kinds and thicknesses of grass. Worse than muni greens.

Pace of play was good. We hooked up with another twosome and were able to easily get in 18 before dark. GPS was very helpful, though I got the feeling it was a little off. Multiple times our foursome wound up short on well struck shots. We didn't have a laser to verify though, so it could have just been us. Cart girl was around on the front nine, but not on the back. It would have been nice if there was a water cooler or fountain somewhere as the carts come with ice chests, but there is nowhere to refill a bottle.

It was my brother-in-law's birthday so he took advantage of their birthday special. NOTE: It is no longer a free round with a full paying guest. The birthday individual now must pay a cart fee of $15 with a full paying guest. $80 for twilight made it a good deal. I can't really imagine paying their rack rate of $188 weekend prime time ever, but especially not until their greens are in significantly better shape and their fairways grow in a little...there are just too many better value courses in better condition in Ventura County, the IE and OC. I'll definitely play again, but only for the right price when the conditions improve.
Played on Christmas morning. Course was empty, starter told my twosome to just tee-off when we were ready.

Went in with rock bottom expectations due to the previous reviews. I was pleasantly surprised. The recent rains have really helped this course.

Greens were in really good condition. They were true and rolled smooth and medium-fast. Only noticed excessive ball marks on one hole. Fairways were in OK shape. The previous reviews mentioned some really damaged areas. I noticed a couple, but it seemed like course management was aware of the problem as these areas were roped off. On a couple holes, there were wooden stakes lining the cart path so that you couldn't even drive anywhere near the most damaged areas. Rough was in good shape, not too thick but definitely there. Sand traps were in poor shape. They were draining very poorly after the recent rains. Tee boxes were in good shape, all level with a moderate amount of divots.

We breezed through the front nine and slowed a little on the back, but still played in about 3.5 hours. However, it was Christmas day so this should really be considered the exception rather than the rule. My experience on weekends has been 4.5 to 5 hours with the back nine playing a few minutes longer.

Still a fun layout. I feel like this course is deceptively challenging in that no one hole is exceptionally difficult, but the distances and hazards make you think a lot about club selection and strategy a shot or two in advance. Also, there are always deals to be had, either through golfnow or the course itself. Fun layout, decent conditions and good value means that I'll be back.
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