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Played on Saturday the 6th and the course is in good winter shape. Fairways are in good shape with some divot damage starting to really show on some of the holes where most balls end up but overall fairly good shape. Rough is short and inconsistent but can be penal at times around the greens. Greens were in good shape and rolled medium fast and held shots well. Traps all had plenty of sand and were in good shape. Smooth check in and lots of opportunity to get a beer. Finally open on the patio and had a some wings that helped round out the day.

Overall in fair/good shape and ok for the Carlsbad resident rate but if I was paying $100 bucks, I would be disappointed.
Sunday time. Great conditions overall, especially with all the rain Friday. Course is in good shape. The greens are fast and firm but hold well struck shots well, some spots very thin and they need to make sure they don’t lose any of them, not a ton of grass on a few. Fairways great and any bad spots were marked gur. Rough could be penal but really not a factor on majority of the holes. Bunkers great and good sand. Saw the cart girl multiple times and easy check in. Really like this side better than legends. Good times
Course is in winter shape with thin fairways and rough that is dormant. some really tight lies in the fairways and some funky lies in the rough, but overall not bad. Greens are in good shape with little divot damage and rolling true and medium, not nearly as fast as other greens in the area but still nice for this course.
Overall OK shape and playing ok, but compared to others like arrowood, not nearly as good.
Great customer service and a great day to play but might not be as worth the fee right now as some other spots.
Played on Sunday the 3rd and course is in excellent shape. Course was very busy but pace was good and moved along. Typical covid stuff, masks by clubhouse, no rakes, etc. Fairways nice and no bare spots, rough was penal in some places and could be thick but very playable. Greens fast and true and held well struck shots. Pins were in some crazy spots today but made for some interesting putting. Traps unraked but had plenty of sand in the ones around the greens and the fairway bunkers were firm and easy to play from. Tee boxes level and nice and saw the cart girl twice.

Overall really fun course and enjoy playing here. The $90 bucks is a little steep but I believe is worth it overall, compared to some of the other courses in the area and what they all charge. Would recommend
Played on Thursday morning and the course is great. Played the Oaks Creek 9's and they were dormant fairways but still had some green on them but they played great and had no problems. Greens were the highlight and were lightning today and super fun. These two 9's were equal in condition of the greens and would challenge anyone to find better greens right now. Held well struck shots and if you did not hit it right, they would release. Bunkers have plenty of sand and were ok for covid times. Masks required around the clubhouse but typical covid stuff going on. Never saw a cart girl and check in took a few minutes but overall I highly recommend this place. Worth the 70 bucks and easy to walk these two 9's. Stonehouse not so much and the $20 cart fee is a little steep.
Course was busy on a Sunday. Played the normal 5 hours. Greens very fast and firm but a little bumpy so putting was a challenge. By far the best part of the course and well worth the 52 walking rate on a weekend. Fairways thin and wet but decent lies. Rough was in good shape and had some deep spots. Bunkers were unraked but had good amount of sand and damp so good to hit out of. Other than the really slow pace, always, course in good overall shape and well worth the fee
Played the classic on a beautiful Thursday. Course is near perfect. I forget how fun the desert is in December and January. Greens perfect and fast, fairways lush and nice lies all day. Rough has not grown in completely but was in good shape. Bunkers nice and takes on the carts so everyone keeping them maintained. This course is hard and has a ton of water so bring lots of balls. Covid in effect but not bad, had a great lunch too and food was great. Service was five star all around.
Played Saturday mid day. Course much better than it was a month ago. Not nearly as wet and greens better, 4 is still a mess and the edges of most were still dead from some error made by a GreensKeeper but were fast and in great shape once you were on them. Pace felt slow but we still finished in 4:20. Service was good from check in to the cart girl. Rough was there enough to bother you but not overly penal. Sand was good in both fairway and green side bunkers. Course will only get better in the next few weeks would be my guess. Fun track and you don’t need to sell a kidney to play it.
JC GOLF.... I don't know what JC is doing but they are really screwing up the courses I like to play. For some reason, they are punching four greens at a time and only half the green. This drags out the process for months in what would normally be about a 3 week period. I guess this way they don't have to tell anyone they are punching the greens or doing any work on the course to maximize their revenue. This is going on at the Crossings and Encinitas Ranch and Twin Oaks. Whoever started this experiment needs to stop and just do the course and close for 2 days like everyone else does. The fairways and tees were so wet they were almost unplayable. There was not a dry spot on some of the tee boxes with casual water so bad we were sinking into the ground.
Greens were OK, with 4 or 5 sanded and punched and a few were great and whatever someone did to the first green, but there is a giant dead line across the entire first green and of course, the flag was just above it, so anything short of the flag, you had to putt through it.
Fairways were mixed bag with some being punched and so wet they were hard to play from and some ok.
I was not in a bunker but most were very wet and a few had standing water.
I am going to not play any JC courses for at least 3 months or until they finish the fall maintenance, that now takes 3 months to do, instead of 3 weeks.

Wow, unbelievable that they are doing this and my guess is, it is all revenue driven.
Had the opportunity to play here for the member guest. Course is fantastic. Great condition all around, the layout is really fun and requires you to move the ball both ways. Bunkers in great spots and really fast and firm greens. Thick Bermuda rough and gives some tough lies. Lots of fun if you get the chance to play.
Played Sunday around 9. Greens surprisingly good after punching. Should be great in a few weeks but not as bad as we were prepared for. The over seeding actually was more of the problem. Tees had long grass and hard to find some spots to tee it up due to the long fluffy grass. Rough was just that and lots of water on the course. Traps great and customer service good too. Enjoyed the day even with bumpy, punched greens
Played Saturday at 1030. Course packed but pace not bad, about 415. The course was very wet, don’t know why they are watering so much but it was crazy how many fairways and rough areas that were muddy. Greens are a mess, number 4 should be completely replaced and whoever is doing the spraying of the pesticides has wrecked the edges of all of the greens. I guess all the good supers are over at Torrey getting it ready for the open, so screw balboa. Cart girl was awesome and saw here 3 or 4 times, bunkers were in good shape too. I love this track but the city really needs to give this course some love.
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