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Played 8/29/20 early out. "The Dragon" is this courses surname. This day the area was smoky from wild fires with a weather service warning until noon. The surrounding mountains obscured at times from views on and otherwise cloudless warm day temps from 50's - 90's.
In it's early days the course was billed as a tough track that would attempt to plunder your golf balls and humble you with slick putting surfaces. Some of that snarl has been softened. I miss the fast greens.
Haven't visited in a few years and found it surprising I have never reviewed on GK.
I would say that the greens are the biggest difference as they are slower than prior days on purpose and they have some brown spots in most of them but are smooth and roll well. Very wet in front of most greens and shots stuck well when the surface when hit with any club with height. Fairways wet in some areas dry in others. Rough thick enough to help stop errant shots heading for the junk.
Covid restrictions in place on property. Customer service was excellent.
Interesting Franklin Lloyd Wright clubhouse design and over the years the resort has built out their other facilities. A definite destination resort with much to do besides golf too.
This and rudyclub 7/24 review you now "know before you go."
Overall recommend and it's price point is a good value IMO for the area.
Second round here this summer. Early out playing the white tees with a father/son in-law pair who had not played course before.
Conditions overall a tick up from 7/20 round. I though the greens rolled smoother at a pace that putts could be made from longer range. Two antlered deer passed in front of us on the first hole.
Customer service was great and the course is very busy this year according to starter. 200+ rounds the day before. (Saturday)
The comments made by the first timers playing with us were interesting. For example Steve said that the tee shot on a couple holes looked the same. Which they are (#5 & #7) but they are par 4 and par 5 and play differently and or #9 and #15 as well. A perfect summer weather day in the Sierras
Well conditioned mountain golf worth a play.
I've had Cascata on my wish I could someday play list for awhile. Finally the stars lined up and had the opportunity to tee it up with the guru's on 7/24/2020.
It's exclusive It's highly acclaimed and It's an amazing golf experience. The forecaddies are an enhancement to the round and offer great assistance. David was a true professional.
20 miles from LV McCarran airport it's not far from the glamour and glitz of the LV strip. For the discriminating golfer it hit's the jackpot.
Staff makes you feel special and included like you belong there and are an old friend as soon as you arrive at the bag drop.
Some of the special amenities not available due to CV-19 restrictions but I'm sure they are as good as what we could use safely. I will definitely be back for the complete experience and review those someday. Would have loved to see my mantra "Birdie Chain" holder on my locker!
The eye candy of the Clubhouse (stream babbles through it) the course with the red rock
mountains framing the greenery, just fantastic. Course conditions the highest level.
Some fairways being re-sodded and aerated in areas. Summer time in the desert and the course holds up well in the heat. The greens PGA tourney quality.
That's what I can add to the other gurus reviews.
I had an issue with my driver shaft breaking in airline baggage coming in and the head fell off going to the driving range. Prompt attention by staff and I had a similar replacement in hand from their up to date rental clubs.
An appropriate place to proudly wear and display the Birdie Chain. Bring the bling! It's Vegas Baby!
I had a great time and a course worthy of day trip plane rides from and back to Sacramento.
Highly recommend.
Played Monday 7/20 first tee time and we split into two pairs rather than 4-some. Caught by another two-some on the 13th hole. Pace of play 4 hours could have been faster. But that's not the goal at such a nice facility on a summer morning in the Sierra.
Differences compared to Old Greenwood are stark in that CM is in the mountains with many more elevation changes, whereas OG is in the valley with mountain views much flatter geography. Coyote has no homes built around course so you are immersed in the woods feeling playing here.
Overall good conditions. Some greens have brown areas from winter kill but putt well and in good shape rolling medium. Not scary fast from above the hole. Fairways offer good lies and coverage. Rough cut low enough to advance out of there. Bunkers good without rakes though so a few footprints expected. Deer tracks too. Very peaceful here getting out early.
Compared to last year conditions I'd honestly say it's a very comparable, but maybe a star lower than last year.
The course is popular and very busy this year with local deals available and the closest neighboring course Tahoe Donner closed for the season rebuilding greens and tees.
Played Sunday 8:30 as part of a tournament (NCGA) group. 107+ players using both tees resulting in a round of just about five hours POP.
Course is in great condition overall as they prep for the PGA tourney late July. Cart path only restrictions due to that although they had said to our organizer this would not be the case when he inquired about carts.
Rough is the real rough stuff. Ball often sits down deep in the landing areas off fairway. Little chance to advance extracting. Iron back in play the prudent choice. Lush and thick.
Fairways are good. Tee boxes level and good coverage. Bunkers have good sand coverage. No rakes (CV-19) Our rules provided lift clean and place option.
All course conditions as expected at a $$$ level facility.
Greens I felt were rolling a little slow. A few ball marks. Interesting undulations and large with many hole options.
Didn't use or go inside clubhouse. Range and #1 and #10 are away from the CH. Beverage cart out for service this day.
Overall a great summer weather in the mountains and better than average course conditions on the Jack Nicklaus design combine to make it a good day.
They have a short season and there are many course to choose in the Truckee area. The better conditioned ones are priced accordingly.
Conditions very similar to the 7/4 review.
Greens roll ok. Medium fast and still show evidence of small tine aeration. It's summer and the superintendent's are more interested in health of the greens than flat and fast surfaces.
Paired with a couple of long time friends, one a fine player. Fun to give him some advice on his first time around. My 18 years experience and his ability to hit it where he aimed most times. In addition GPS on carts handy for distancing shots.
The Ridge in it's 20th year continues to provide great venue, staff and conditions with consistency.
Played 7/4/20 white tees 69.1/129 Read my other reviews for more details. Just the facts here.
Course is in good shape. Since last visit (6/20) the greens have been small tine punched, almost completely healed. Running a little slow but downhill putts still running out. A couple had some brown spots.
Another week and all conditions should be terrific.
Bunkers are machine worked and have been watered to settle the sand. When they dry out should be ideal.
Rough 3" average you can advance ok in most cases. Through the green the course is well watered and well kept.
Back to "normal" golf carts with divot mix, rakes in bunkers, Holes and pins like they should be pre-CV19.
One of my favorite venues in this area. Most always great conditions and excellent service.
They are celebrating 20 year anniversary this year and I have been playing it for 18.
Happy 4th!
Played 6/27/20 in the noon time sun, on a breezy day near 90 degrees.
Had a GK cup match scheduled here and read prior reviews and understood what to expect. Target golf. I asked a guy taking off his shoes sitting on his trunk how it was. "lost a lot of balls" I joined him in that endeavor.
Lousy high score day that I don't want to affect the review, but here goes.

Covid-19 protocol in effect with masks required in the common areas and pro-shop. No longer one cart per person but you could get a single for additional $20. Driving range is short and into a hill left of the pro-shop. Driver allowed into the large sand hill scrub brush at about 195 yards. Hit off mats. Restaurant / CH is separate and a distance from pro shop. Also awkward on the 9th hole as you have to back track after finishing 9 to get to the building. Practice green near first tee and this is away from pro shop across street and downhill from clubhouse. On the course.

Haven't heard of the designer Casey O'Callahan but he needed to squeeze some holes in some tight terrain challenges. Hench target golf and some ups and downs and sideways (doglegs) to get the holes in among-st environmentally sensitive areas creating forced carries. Short par 4's modest to long par 3's (number 5 200 yds #1 handicap from Wh/blue tees) Par 5 first turns right and uphill for 2nd shot over a ravine. Probably would be fun the second time around under non-GK cup pressure. I don't know and may never find out. I live too far away to repeat a round here.

Tees smallish and many unlevel and untidy (thin, bare spots) Fairways decent tight lies for the most part. Greens were furry medium to slow. If fast and rolled watch out they'd be treacherous , but this day not like that. Needed to strike uphill putts firm. A few bumps and wiggles. Bunkers are brown dirt machined with wet dirt with some puddling no rakes. No deep footprints made going in or out.

Not a fan of the layout, conditions less than $$ expectation.

I'm sure this course has a fit in the local scene as there was plenty of laughter from the patio as we made the turn. For me a quirky design on a bad day. However if it was a decent round I think my review and rating would be equal.

Respectfully submitted

PS I did make a 3 on the Par 4 18th to take the Birdie Chain for a 460 mile ride north. My bright spot of the day.
Played 6/19/20 early morning. Check in easy. Mask inside pro shop. A shorter venue in the inland empire. Played with Scratchman in GK Cup match. Greens decent poa but slower than higher priced venues. Fairways mix of everything green grass clover dry areas rough a bit deeper than fairways 2” no trouble extracting from it. Bunkers sandy with firm dirt not great but workable. Trees lining tight holes and homes and condos all throughout.
It is a good value priced easy laying course. Busy Fathers day weekend made it full tee sheet in morning. POP was 4:15 but seemed slow as twosome inside four somes. Left us nowhere to pass through.
Lots of local play by retired people appears to be the clientele. Good venue to play and enjoy it for the course it is. Nice clubhouse facilities decent $ track not a championship course not trying to be.
Recommend in that context
Played early 6/13/20 cool clear 54-59 degrees light winds in the Sierra foothills. We were heading for 2nd tee box and players crossing to the 9th tee had the 6:30am time. Our POP was 4.5 hrs a little slower than expected. Last played (reviewed) here in January. Trying to keep my game in shape for a delayed but now crucially interesting upcoming GK15 match.
The Ridge has been open and now is moving to Phase III. Happy days!

Course is in excellent condition tee to green with the exception of the bunkers which are usually good most visits. Greens excellent and no three putts is a good day here. Didn't lose a ball which is also unusual for me not that I didn't hit it in the junk a few times just got lucky.

Best news is lifting of restrictions and there are rakes back out and shared carts and beverage cart. Basically return to the "good ole' days"?!!!

Joined with a couple strangers (new friends) from the local area who visit the course occasionally. Fun to here their unsolicited comments on how the track plays. "the greens always eat me up." One guy had the misfortune of two buried bunker lies. The bunkers would/will? be dramatically improved with a machine grooming and edge prep. Then the course condition would rate a 8.5+ it's nice right now otherwise.

Busy too tried to book for next Sunday and nothing available for two-some until after 11. Checked to verify on-line when I got home and then it dawned on me. Fathers day... Anyway parking lot full when we left after the round. Bar was open at the turn and I needed a cool one to enjoy for the back 9.

In comparison to my round earlier this week at a similar quality course in a different market (Ridge Creek Dinuba) I'd give the edge to this Ridge because of better tee boxes level & grass growth. minor diff imo
Greens Dinuba are bigger less undulations. Auburn larger swales and bigger breaks. Enjoy both.

Highly recommend.
Played 6/10/20 Mid-day with temps from 86-93 sunny light breeze. A day you wanted plenty of fluids but not uncomfortable. Links style course was fairly dry and fast with roll out of the low stinger. Greens held the higher flighted irons. Consciousness was they rolled a bit slower than we'd like. Smooth and not many extra marks. Maybe letting grow out a bit with expected aeration upcoming.
Joined by three other Gk'ers from the blue tees at 6500 yds. The rough was short but held most shots erring towards the longer fescue grass bordering most holes. In there it was 50/50 depending on how thick it was. Bunkers were listed on cart as ground under repair but you could get in there and give it a whack without leaving footprints. rolling to the bottom favorable to getting stuck in the tall stuff growing around many of them.
Tee boxes good flat and dry for most part a little thin maybe if critical. (i'm not)
Overall a great example of links style golf with views of the mountains to the east. A quality course that is fun track to play. The more times you do the better you'll play. No boring holes. All covina protocols in effect. Take-out food and beverage available. Great asset to the area. Recommend.
Played early 6/7/20 cool sunny. Course is in good to nicer shape. They advertise as a course in the country not a country club. And that's what you'll get. Consistent good conditions and an easy playing track I enjoy.
Greens putt a bit slow but are consistent and hold high shots. A couple had brown area on fringe and edge of greens. Fairways good coverage.
Staff at check-in and bar great and practicing CV-19 protocols.
Good course for the higher handicapper to score well if playing well.
A bit out of the way but worth a look. They are steady busy, but not too crowded.
Recommend as a quality venue at economical value.
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