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Played on Labor day morning as a walk on. Played with 3 really nice guys that were lots of fun. There is a sign on the door telling golfers that the greens are in bad shape because of drought, heat and reclaimed water. I went out anyways and it is true the greens were in terrible shape, very slow and bumpy.Looks like they could lose them. The rest of the course is in good shape, the fairways gave good lies and the rough could use a little work, but not bad at all. The sand traps were amazing. Sand it very plentiful and soft. Some of the best traps at a muni that I have ever seen. I was one of the first groups off and the traps were well maintained and raked. I'm sure later in the day they were full of foot prints.
Overall it was ok, but I wont be back until they fix the greens. I know I lost a lot of strokes because of the speed and bumpiness. PoP was right at 4 hours
Played Los Amigos on Saturday afternoon and tee'd off about 3:30. We were a twosome behind a 3 , which in turn were behind a 5 for the front nine. We got right out without a reservation.
The course is in overall good shape, The fairways were very nice, without much damage at all. The rough was good, a few bare spots and not overly penal. The bunkers had great sand in them, best I have seen here. The only problem is, it was late in the day and this is a low price muni, so the traps were not cared for all that great all day. Looked like people would rake everything, but their foot prints.
The greens were the biggest problem, they rolled with a good speed, but the ball marks on some of the greens were out of control. No way anybody could fix them all. Since it was late in the day the greens were a little shaggy and with all the ball marks, getting the ball to the hole on a good line was not the easiest thing to do. I think a big problem lies not only with people not fixing their marks, but the greens were very soft, I even left a pitch mark coming out of a green side bunker. If the course would either firm up the greens or roll them, this could help with all the marks.
Pace of play was right at 4 hours. but drinking 20-somes can slow down pace just a bit.
I will continue to come back to this course, as it is always in decent shape, easy to get on, cheap and has a fun layout with a variety of holes.
Note to course: When booking a wedding party near the 18th green, make sure the caterer does not set up their tables too close to the 18th greenside bunker, somebody like myself may pull a shot left and hit the table.
After being sent here from Wolf Creek after they had overnight course damage, I was not expecting much as my hopes were on playing Wolf Creek, and honestly I had forgotten that this course existed.
Myself and a couple from Denver were sent out beginning on hole 10 because the same storm that caused Wolf creek closed, caused a mud slide into the tunnel between holes 5 and 6 and they needed time to dig it out so carts could drive through. in fact when driving through the tunnel there was just enough space for one cart to squeeze through as the tunnel had up to one and a half feet of mud still on the left side of the tunnel. tractors were still working on clearing it.
As for the course it is a tale of two nines, the back being the gentler of the two sides, but still a blast and has some interesting holes. the front nine has canyon carries and some great golf holes, make sure you have a GPS and look at the yardage guide they give you. Course knowledge is a good think to have here. This course has great par 3's with three of them with elevation and canyon carries and one semi over a lake.
Tees - in good shape with some being a bit long, but they were driver holes and didn't effect a tee'd up ball.
Fairways - great shape, ball sat up great and not many bare or thin spots as I can remember.
Rough - only a half inch longer than the fairways and in great shape also.
Bunkers - I had to score the bunker low because of the horrible shape they were in, but this was mother natures fault, as terrible hard rains over night caused the sand to be packed down and a few still had signs of being muddy. not the courses fault.
Greens - Now this is where the course is at it's worse. the greens were firm and SLOW, and I do mean slow. When our group putted you could hear the ball skidding across the green, none of us could ever get the ball to the hole on a put over 10 feet. 3 putts were very common.
For as much rain as this course received, the course drained incredibly well, only signs of water were in the desert areas.
There is water coolers on the course, but we never saw a beverage cart, so there may or may not have been one.
Thanks to Conestoga for getting me out on such short notice. Only $40 for a Sunday round could not be beat. I will definitely play here again.
This is not a normal review as I did not get to play the course. I had a tee time on Sunday July 31 at 6:55 a.m. When I arrived a staff person came out to my car to what I thought was to get my clubs, but all he was able to do was give me some bad news, the course had received a huge storm at 2:30 am which caused mud to close down some cart paths and it also ran onto some of the greens. I do not know the extent of the damage to the greens, but it was enough to close the course and they were hoping that they could open at least 9 holes later that day, but only hoping.
the club house had it share of disappointed golfers, along with myself. They did call and see if any other courses could accommodate any of us. and did get me a tee time at Conestoga. The staff was very kind and could tell they felt bad for us that traveled early in the morning to play here. I will be back to experience this course for the first time.
I am in total agreement with Rob1563's review, the course could have been a lot better. The greens just got worse as the round went on. The traps like he said were very difficult because of the hardness of the sand. I have played here a few times and this is the worst I have seen it. A little disappointed.
The range is grass and was in decent shape and I was given a free bucket of balls. The staff here are very friendly. I was also blown away by the cart girl giving last call at 10:45.
I like this course and play it when I come to Vegas as my in-laws live nearby. I will be back once conditions improve. I'm sure they will get the greens back to where they once were.

I also thank Johnny and Aliante for the certificate I won at a GK event. It is very much appreciated.
Played here for the first time on Friday afternoon (2nd 18 of the day) and absolutely loved every bit of it. From the opening hole you know you are in for a challenging round. The customer service from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave is fantastic. And having ice and water stations every 4 holes was great on a hot day. Saw the cart girl several times, often refilling our cups with ice.
The conditions were incredible.
Tees-lush and perfect. The tee markers often need a close look at because they often are combined with another color (White/yellow or Orange/yellow).
Fairways-again lush and perfect
Rough-Perfect for this course. 1-3 inches and not overly sticky.
Greens-fastest greens of the 3 courses I played this week and putts could get away from you if not paying close attention to your speed and reading the correct breaks. Putts shoul be read from two angles minimum. But please do this in a timely manner. It will save you some strokes.
Bunkers-great fluffy sand with a crusty top. Pay close attention to this, as what you see on top is not what you will always get.
The layout is awesome here, no two holes are alike. Great set of par threes, 3 are long shots, while the shortest par 3 has a lake in play. Number 18 is a tough tough finishing hole. Par is an excellent score. The second shot is so scary, especially if the flag is back right. Can easily become a tin cup hole.
Do yourself the pleasure and play this course.
It's been a few years since I have played Escena and I loved it then and I loved it now. one of my faves in the Palm Springs Area. We had a group of 15 and they only charged us $35 for a morning round on Friday. Customer service was great and they were very gracious about us being late for our tee times (some guys can't let free breakfast at the hotel pass by).
As for the conditions they were very good.
Tees-nice cut lush tee boxes, level and not much divot damage.
Fairways-so nice. Lush green grass with lots of run. The kind of fairways that award good shots.
Rough- also lush (do you see a theme here) not overly long rough, but the grass is sticky. Grabs the club in the way back and requires a committed solid swing through the ball.
Bunkers- surprisingly not is any bunkers, but playing partners were and it looked fine and didn't here any complaints.
Greens- firm with medium speed. Looks like they would play faster. In good shape with true putts.
Played here today with an underpar deal of 44 bucks for two with a replay and all I have to say is we spent 43 bucks to much to play this God awful golf course. I know that this isn't a typical desert resort course but the conditions were the worst I have ever seen. The greens and rough around the greens was very nice, but the tee boxes and traps and fairways were dirt and hay. No grass to be found. A few tee,boxes,were so hard we had to resort to irons off the tee because one couldn't get a tee in the dirt. We had a large group and they closed down at noon so there was no food or drink to be found. Do yourself a favor and stay away.
Played yesterday with Cobra1788 for our GK match. We got out about 10 minutes early as the course was not busy at all. POP was 3:30 and could have been faster but we played at a casual pace. Never had anybody behind us. It had a country club feel.
Conditions were good with the greens being the highlight. They have come out of aeration very nicely with only hole 17 having slight bumpiness. Med fast and true. Sand was well stocked and fluffy. The tees were a lititle chewed up, but not bad at all. The fairways are coming out our their dormant state and are greening up. They are a little thin and firm with lots of roll. Rough here is not penalizing mainly because of the tree lined fairways.
This course plays tight and good course management will pay off on your scorecard. Customer service was great by everybody. I will return.
Played here in the most recent GK event and have to agree with all the current reviews on the conditions. As for the greens, I would prefer a faster green, but was somewhat pleased with the condition. I was in the last group and could not find many unrepaired ball marks. Great job GK!

The entire staff at Desert Willow were very pleasant and helpful.
Played Indian Hills on Monday. Teed off about 20 minutes late because of an early morning frost delay. The starter told us about it when we arrived and said they were trying their best to get back on time. The course was crowded and POP was 5:15. Had good company with guys I was paired with so the waiting was tolerable.
The conditions were at best inconsistent. Very Forrest Gumpish, never knowing what you were gonna get. Nothing was in great condition, mostly bad to decent. Fairways were dormant and showed signs of the drought. The 9th fairway is like concrete. The greens varied from smooth and rolling good to very bumpy. Bring a few balls that are equipped with 4-wheel drive. The second green has been damaged by what looks like a bad mower, the front half of the green is unplayable. The green side bunkers range from soft and fluffy to no reason to rake, sand was just to hard.
The course layout is fun, no 2 holes are alike and many elevation changes, which I like.
The course needs a overhauling. Hopefully El Niño brings some needed relief. For 23 bucks with a cart, it was fun. I would not pay any more than that.
Played in the GK event on Sunday the 22nd. First off thanks to everybody at Goose Creek for making this such an enjoyable day. Every thing was up to the usual Goose Creek standards which is always good.
Layout - great, no two holes are alike. The course can be forgiving off the tee and come up and bite you near the greens.
Tees - mostly very good, with just a little wear on a few par 3's.
Fairways - the grass is becoming dormant and are not as green they usually are, but they were in fantastic shape. In fact I even putted from the fairways a few times.
Rough - not real long, but long enough to make you think about your club selection, especially around the greens.
Bunkers - I was only in one bunker, green side, and I found it in decent shape, but would have liked to have seen a little more sand in it.
Greens - Med-fast speed and in good shape. The greens here are undulating and you can leave yourself with a very interesting putt if not on the correct part of the green. I love the greens here.
Pace - we got out a few minutes early and pace was good throughout the course. Goose does a great job at this and should be commended for it.

Goose never disappoints!
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