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Played today. Course came out of over seed and punching great. Little wet to start but we had good fairway coverage and roll that only got better as the sun came out. Some tee boxes still have some higher grass than normal (have not cut all of them) but no issue teeing it up. Traps were very playable and now they all have rakes. Greens were fast at the start and got faster as we moved along and are in super shape at present. Great customer service at check in as always and with all other personnel. Even had the drink cart out as we made the turn and prices were reasonable. Recommended and well worth the $64 price IMO. One of the nice things on this course is you never have issues with back 9 players when you make the turn.
Nice day of golf at Oak Quarry for the GK Cup 17 finals. Congrats to Itslikeimsayin (Mark) for his win. Had the pleasure of playing with Nickesquire, Sr714 and AndrewZ28 (nice eagle on 10 by the way Andrew). 12 of us went off as the last groups of the day around Noon or there of. Coming right behind us was maintenance aerating everything in its way and the closure of the course for several days/weeks. Thanks to Oak Quarry and all their staff for the wonderful hospitality shown to all of us. I found the course to be in very playable conditions and never found an issue with a tee box, fairway, trap or green. In fact we all thought after putting on the practice putting green, it would be a round of dry, fast and firm. But just the opposite in my opinion. They played very well indeed all round for me. I like the new routing of the course and also the layout of the course. One of my favorite venues in S CA and look forward to going back. Thanks John for the invite and setting this event up. And thanks again Oak Quarry.
Played this AM (cold but warmed up nicely). Glad to state that the course is in playable condition once again. I did not have any issues with tee boxes nor heard any complaints. Fairways had good coverage (few bad spots remain but I only saw them but did not hit any) and they rolled out great all round. Traps were all playable (with rakes though some do not know how to use them) and they are filling them in with new white/fluffy sand. Several holes on the front had it in them and the one I landed in played just great (looks great and will be a great addition). Greens were very good all round. Held shots, released shots, chipped/putted nicely and had decent speed (IMO about 8) and never heard any complaints. I have no problem recommending the course at this time. The only issue I have and I voiced it with Mike the starter. If you want to play early or you want to be 1st or 2nd off, then play like you know what the hell you are doing. Don't back up the course or get a later starting time. Mike will take your call from the course if you experience this and will send someone out. We certainly will return sooner vs later if these conditions persist. And I think $49 is a fair price for seniors for this course. Just noticed this - Aeration of the greens 10/18 - 10/31 (nine holes per week). Glad we played when we did.
Played this AM prior to men's club tournament. Course is in nice shape at the moment. Tee boxes were all playable from the areas the markers were set at. Fairways (though damp to start) had good coverage with roll out building as they dried out. Traps were all playable and had rakes. Low rough and it was sticky and wet on the front nine but playable. Greens have healed very nice from aeration 2 weeks ago. We were behind the mowers so we got fresh cut greens all round. They had no divots/marks and chipped/putted with medium speed. When they can cut them shorter no doubt they will be nice and fast? Great customer service from the ladies at check in. No time for restaurant today but it was open at 6 AM and serving a full menu.
We played this AM under cloudy skies but perfect temp for golf. Course is in very nice shape at the moment. Level tee boxes. Clean fairways with plenty of roll and good lies. Traps are all playable and the best I have seen at any course lately (and with rakes). Very little rough but as I have said before plenty of OB areas off fairways, a few small arroyos and water to contend with. Greens were all in excellent shape. Chipped/putted with good speed at about 10. Excellent customer service from Adam and Jake.
Out again this AM. Greens are healing nicely and should be great end of week. Fairways were clean/mowed and had good lies/roll all round. Rough has been cut down and not a factor. Traps have been worked and were playable and had rakes. Tee boxes all had good coverage. Restaurant is open at 6 AM with great food/prices to prepare for sunrise golf. Great customer service from everyone. $28 Sr to walk. Troon's takeover has tremendously improved this course IMO at all levels.
Joined a friend for a late afternoon round after his work. Sunny skies but a nice cool breeze and plenty of water kept things under control. They just aerated M/T so I was hesitant to play but the greens were done very nicely and the sand had all been removed. So they were not as bad as I had expected. Tee boxes all playable. Fairways had good coverage and decent roll out. Not in any bunkers but those who were had no complaints. Very little rough to deal with. Fast easy check in and got done in 3.5 surprising hours. If you want healed greens, I would wait another week to 10 days (IMO) for that to be the case. Restaurant open and nice outside patio for food/drinks after the round.
Played this AM. Course is in really nice shape at the moment. Due to the fire in May they are now operating out of a converted storage container. So no restaurant and only portable bathrooms next to damaged clubhouse. Tee boxes were all fine. Fairways had good coverage, lies and roll out all round. Very little rough and what is there was all playable (there are many OB areas adjacent to many fairways). Water in play on several holes as well (3, 11, 14, 16). Bunkers were all playable and had rakes. Greens are in nice shape and chip/putt, hold/release shots and have good speed (8/9). Fast easy and welcoming check in. POP was 3 H. Sr rate w cart $39. Walking rate of $24. Recommended.
Played this AM. IMO the course is in the nicest shape it has been all year. So of course they will be aerating the greens on the Babe starting Monday (but not Ike). Some of the tee boxes were scraped while others were OK but really ran into no issues with any of them. Fairways were nice and green and provided good lies and decent roll out (probably a lot if you hit a draw). Rough was not high so what there was was playable. Traps are all playable but did not see any rakes. Check in fast efficient as always (thanks Al). Greens were great. Chipped/putted very well (about 9/10 speed) held shots and released shots as well. Little to no divot damage to deal with (nice). Great customer service at all levels. Both courses were extremely busy when we finished after our 3 H round. And masks inside all areas of clubhouse/hotel.
Played this AM with POP 3 H. Very quiet here today? Course is in decent shape at the moment. Tee boxes were playable (some better than others) and some needed mowing. Fairways have decent to good coverage but there are many bare areas depending upon which fairway you are on (move it a few feet and you are fine - if you wish to). Had good lies and some rollout most of the round. Rough was about an inch tall and easy to find your ball but not so fun to play out of. Traps are no different today than past years or past postings (shame they don't fix them). Greens were in nice shape. They chipped/putted nice all round and had good speed (about 8). Good service and quick check in. I enjoy the layout of this course and for $38 + cart (online special) it was well worth playing. I can name many (which I won't) that cost more and in worse shape.
Played today. Course is in really nice shape at the moment. Fairways have good coverage and some good roll out at present (nice). Rough is very low and playable. Tee boxes are all fine. Traps are all playable and have rakes. Greens are just right for chipping/putting (with decent speed) and release shots nicely while leaving small divot (which of course we repair). Check in is fast/excellent at both shop and starter. POP was 3.5 H. Restaurant open and no masks required in OC.
Played this AM on a wet/soggy course. Lots of water due to current heat. Early AM it is wet, damp and soggy. In the low lying areas of the course you will find standing water as well. The dampness left the traps not very playable. No roll in the fairways though the fairways have good coverage and decent lies for the most part. Tee boxes were OK as they have moved them around letting the beat up areas grow in so we had no issues. Rough was 1/2 to 1 inch and sticky outside of the fairways and around the greens. Greens were all in good shape and chipped/putted with medium speed. I liked seeing the marshal out using his divot repair device while we were playing and it showed when you were on the greens (nice touch). Restaurant is now open and today it opened at 6 AM with a full menu. Each day has different hours and either full or slimmed down menu (more info on the updated website). Customer service excellent at all levels. Sad to see one of the employees (Mathew) leave but the ladies in the shop have taken over with gusto.
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