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Played today. Based on the 4 reviews in July I knew what I was in for. And also the last review was very helpful. My last time playing here was not that great. But today I found a much better course to play. Tee boxes were fine. Fairways (a little thin in spots) played well and provided some decent roll out. No issues with the rough. Missed the bunkers but heard no complaints from my group. Greens chipped/putted decently but would prefer a little faster but with the heat I think that is asking too much. Excellent check in as well as pace of play. I am ready to begin playing this course on a more regular basis. With an LA Sr card the price is very good.
Out again this Sunday. Found all the fairways in good shape (# 1 still GUR at the front end of the tee box but not an issue). Most of the tee boxes were all fine, but a few need reseeding and movement of markers. Traps were all cleaned as we were playing (in 1) so we encountered no issues and rakes available. Rough is hit/miss as some areas are playable and others are not, so try and stay in the fairways. Greens had all been mowed and chipped/putted very nicely and with good speed. Totally devoid of divot damage (nice touch). Excellent customer check in at pro shop. Range open. Putting green open. Masks required in pro shop. Restaurant has still not opened as planned. Maybe due to recent LA county virus requirements? But they do have take out service. And a very nice outdoor patio area. Great course to walk. Great senior prices on weekends. Now managed by Troon and totally improved from prior management.
Played today. Tee boxes all in great shape. Fairways a little damp but good lies and fair amount of bounce/roll (pretty sure afternoon rounds have excellent bounce/roll). Very little rough to contend with except way outside fairways. Bunkers all playable and rakes in them. Greens had good hold, release and chipped/putted with good speed. Excellent fast professional check in. No masks required.
Wow no reviews since Nov 2020. We saw that we could get out first this AM so we did just that (and we booked it last night). Found the course in various conditions overall. Tee boxes are green and have decent grass, but some need work. But not so bad as to make life difficult. Fairways are green and many provide excellent lies (very little roll as they were wet) but there are many bare spots throughout all of them. So either play from them or move the ball. I doubt if these areas will ever fill in. Rough was cut and playing about 1/2" but it was wet and hard to play out of. Traps (I was in 2) are not ideal. They are not Montebello CC quality but close. Very hard packed, wet in the AM and you are better off chipping it out (it works). Greens were being cut and dried out and played very well, so that was nice to find. Customer service at all levels was excellent. Mask in the pro shop only. All of their construction work is finished, but not sure about the restaurant as it was not open when we arrived nor when we left. Sr rate walking is now $21.50. With cart is $37.50. Lets face it. Its an older course so conditions are not going to be prime. But it appears they are working on bringing it back to life. But it was the first time I have been there that the parking lot was not filled when we left between 8:30 and 9. I also noticed that they are running several promotions to get players on the course.
Out this AM and some things have improved since my last post and t8fish's. First fairway at end of teeing boxes still wet, muddy deep ruts. But rest of fairway is fine. Saw no issues with 17 when we played it. "While the fairways are fine in the main, there are definitely thinned dry patches distributed about." I agree with t8fish and doubt that these will ever disappear as they have had this problem for a long time. There are not many quite frankly on the course. So IMO just take a drop unless you are not comfortable with that? But I personally found the fairways to be in good shape all round. The 2 traps I found were very playable, had rakes and heard no other complaints. The greens were excellent IMO and I was expecting what t8fish posted given it was Friday. They all had been mowed and handled shots and chipped/putted very nicely. Divots were made (repaired) but not deep and they had good speed. Should be really good in a few days with hot temps? Excellent service agreed. Masks in clubhouse yes. Restaurant is not totally open but will be in 1 week they hope. But they have remodeled the outside patio area and it is an excellent place to eat, drink and socialize, compared to what it once was.
Played today. Course is in good shape. Tee boxes clean/playable. Fairways green with good lies and decent roll. Traps all clean/playable and with rakes. Rough pretty much non factor. Greens in good shape but putt a tad slow as they are not cut super close due to heat. Excellent customer service at all levels. No masks required in OC.
Played today. Course is in very nice shape at the moment. Tee boxes all good. Sand traps playable and with rakes. Rough is high in some areas (1-2") and penal. Fairways all had good coverage as well as roll out and lies. Greens all very playable. All chipping/putting with good speed. Excellent customer service and check in is in pro shop at moment (who knows after latest mask mandate?) Restaurant was open but again, for how long? Nothing negative about the course or pace of play.
Played today. Course is in very nice shape. While the fairways were wet as we played early, they were green, good lies but poor roll. The last few finishing holes provided good roll being drier. Rough was 1/2" to 1" and brutal all round. Traps were playable but saw no rakes. Greens had been mowed but not very short due to high temps expected. But they did chip/putt reasonably well and some faster than others so hard to get consistent feel. Especially when chipping from a wet fairway you would very often expect better results but most times the ball just took off after hitting the green. A better round could be had by more GIR for sure. Customer service excellent at all levels. Restaurants open for service both inside/out. Staff wearing masks but not required for those who have been vaccinated. Carts are in good shape but the GPS only shows the center of the green and not the pin location. And you cannot use the GPS for scoring as you can at other courses. Recommended.
Played today. Out early to beat the heat. Course is in very nice shape. Bunker repair is over, as I saw no remnants of previous repair work. Bunkers all in good shape and playable but a little wet this early AM from overnight watering. Saw patches of standing water due to necessary watering to prepare for upcoming hot days. I would imagine that is not the case when playing later in the day? Tee boxes all playable. Fairways were damp but had excellent coverage and provided great lies but little roll out. Rough was apparent in some areas and it was wet, thick and 1" tall and hard to play out of. Greens were all mowed and held shots very well and chipped/putted with good speed. Customer service was excellent and is now done in the pro shop. Restaurant is open with new cooks, wait staff and new menu is upcoming. Recommended.
I also played here today. But I played with friends who had a later tee time. Did not have to get up at crack of dawn like Weber most likely did. We still played in a decent time, as it seems players have gotten better over the last year in not clogging up the course. And I was not in a hurry to get back to the heat. I agree with his posting, though I was in one bunker and it was very playable. The GM Bob and Asst GM Chris have done an amazing job here over the years. Great course, location and Sr price to play golf in S CA. I also like all the clearing of trees, shrubs, etc they have done on the course.
Played today. Course is in really good shape given the warm weather. While there is a lot of watering going on, with warmer weather coming, it really did not effect play. Tee boxes were all clean and playable. Fairways have good coverage, roll and lies. Very little rough and what is there is playable. Traps had all been cleaned and played very well and had rakes in each. Greens were a little soft, so some shots would leave small divot (and we fixed ours) but not travel far. If you chipped or brought the ball in lower, you could easily get more roll out. And they putted with good speed. Maintenance was out in front of us on some holes and they should learn to stop and shut equipment down for players please. Easy quick and efficient check in with Jeremy as always.
Played yesterday. Very glad to see the previous review before we played. We knew exactly what we would be facing. Though it rated a 5.5 we still wanted to play. It is a unique course and one that is really fun to walk. We found the conditions as stated but still enjoyed the beautiful day on the course. Totally agree with the comment on customer service. And while it is not PB, the views of the ocean are IMO just wonderful. And it is a recommended play when in the area.
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