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Played this AM. While the course was very wet from watering it played just fine. Tee boxes playable. Traps all clean and playable. Fairways still had good lies/roll. Greens dried out really fast and had good speed and good putting surfaces all round. POP was right on 3 hours and we did not rush. Even had time to take advantage of the $7 breakfast special.
Played this AM. All parts of the course are in good shape other than traps and some greens. Traps need sand and early morning play gets you nothing but mud. Numerous greens have bald spots and black spots on them. Was told that Troon brought in a new greens supervisor. Customer service excellent from Mico, Julia and Rich as always. And sand is coming as I visited City of Alhambra and confirmed that they have ordered lots of sand for the course.
Played this AM. Course is in great shape at the moment. Fairways/greens wet when we started but dried out nicely as the round transpired. Tee boxes all fine. Fairways damp at start but gave good lies. Good roll out as round progressed. Traps all clean and playable and in nice shape. Greens damp at start but still had good speed and were very fast the furter into the round we got. Excellent customer service from the shop, starter and cart barn. I don't play here as regularly as in the past due to the cost but will still play here occasionally for all the reasons stated regarding the course and the employees.
Played this AM at sunrise in 2 H. My posts of June 7 and 12 are still valid but in both I spoke about the greens. The greens today are closer to the June 7 review. Whatever they have done in under a week is working. Today they were (not all) firmer and putted much better than on the 12th. Glad to see the much needed improvement. Now if we can get the City of Alhambra to provide some funds for sand (before we become like the old Montebello) that would be great. Again as always great customer service at all levels from all employees.
Played this AM. Most of what I said in my last post of June 2 still applies. The biggest change is the greens. Either someone cut them to short or over watered and the sun dried them out because they are not as nice as after aeration. Not all but some are dry and patchy and # 14 has a lot of brown spots. And they are very very slow. Greens in this condition also do not absorb divots very well and there are many that have a lot of divot damage and left unrepaired. So now you "know before you go" what to expect. And the traps need help.
Played this AM. Nice fast round of 3 H with a sunrise tee time (love this time of the year). Course is in good condition. Tee boxes all playable. Fairways have good coverage, lies and decent roll out. Rough is minimal and playable. Traps have been worked on and are much better, but would still like to see more sand. Greens are good to go when chipping, putting and holding shots. Great customers service at all levels. Great value in todays economy.
Have not played out here since end of Feb as the cost had become to high IMO. But joined a friend today who wanted to celebrate his and my birthdays with a round of golf. I found the course to be in excellent shape at the moment. All the tee boxes were playable. Fairways are green and had great lies and very nice roll out, even with the watering they were doing in prep for the coming heat. Traps were playable and we had no issues at all. Rough was a little damp but playable. But as many know about here, stay away from the numerous OB areas or else. Greens were in great shape (including # 15) and that was great to see. They chipped/putted great all round and with a speed of about 10. Great customer service in the shop, starter and the restaurant. Recommended and I will be back although occasionally.
Played today early AM. Cold/windy and damp conditions. Not ideal golfing weather for this time of the year. Are we still living in CA? Needless to say the weather conditions made an already long course play even longer. The course conditions were very good. Tee boxes were all clean and no issues. Fairways had good coverage and good lies and even decent roll out. Bunkers played very well. Not much rough to deal with and most of it playble. Greens were in nice shape devoid of divots and chipped and putted good all round. Check in was good but the starters could use some customer service manners. I felt that both of them were not the most customer friendly people I have met in that position. Glad we played early as the course was packed upon our finish. I will look for warmer weather for my return.
Played this morning on the 9 hole and then brought my son back in the afternoon to play the 6 hole Par 3 but we played all 9 as the main course was empty.

I like the new layout but not the cost. $36 to walk and $42 to ride is to high IMO. I could buy the Sr card and get 20% off but I don't play there that much to pay that much for the card at $50.

The Par 3 was reasonable at $14 for me and $8 for him.

The 9 hole is in good shape from tee to green. And the bunkers that were never there on the old course are here and they are great. As most know by now 8 holes from the original course were used to make up the course with the 9th hole being a Par 3 which I think IMO they made to short and easy. Customer service excellent but no services and no bathrooms out on the 9 yet. But for a quick round after work or early AM perhaps one might feel the fee is OK.

As for the Par 3 no hole is over 90 yards and 2 of them are over water (#3 and #9)
using the water hole from old #10 and water hole from old # 15. But its an enjoyable course for juniors and beginners IMO and its all walking. There are some nice elevation changes and the greens are very nice and large. They only allow 6 holes during the day but have 9 at night which are lighted. Hole # 8 is a downhill hole using the 4th green from the 9 hole and thats the reason they can't allow play during the day.

But its a golf course and I am glad they resurrected part of the old Montebello course instead of turning into homes or retail centers.

And if you are hungry and want to spend more $$$ Top Golf is a short walk across the street from the 9 hole course.
With the JC Players Card you get 5 free rounds so decided to play here before leaving the area. They got me right out with 2 sons and their Dad and had a great time. Weather was cool and windy so weather conditions could have been better. Found the course in great shape. Tee boxes all good. Fairways mowed and good lies with excellent roll out. Traps were all good and heard no complaints. Greens were in really nice shape and with the undulations here they were speedy and tricky. Excellent customer service at all levels. This would be my go to course if I lived in the SD area. Well one of them anyways.
I won a JC Players Anytime card for picking Xander to win PGA. They don't mail the card but require you to pick up here. So played here early AM. A very nice 27 hole executive course. I enjoyed the course very much as it was in great condition. Mostly par 3 holes on each 9 with a few 4's mixed in. Easy course to walk and great for ones short game. A little out of the way for me living where I do, but I would play here occasionally if I lived in the area. Nice customer service from all encounters.
Played this morning. Course is in good shape other than the bunkers. Between the non raking and hard sand it is becoming a real problem. Begining to feel like what Montebello use to be like and thats not good. Tee boxes are all playable. Fairways have good coverage so lies are good and there is decent roll out as well. Some rough on the outside of the fairways and some is playable and there areas that are a little deeper. Greens have come back very nicely and hold shots release shots and putt very well. Excellent customer service in shop and with all others. POP was decent but a marshal would help IMO.
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