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Played this AM. Course was damp to start with but dried out quickly. Great check in with Parker in the shop as always. Found the tee boxes all clean and playable. Fairways had good coverage decent roll and good lies all round. Greens were all in good shape. Held shots, released shots and chipped/putted with good speed all round. 10/22 and 23 aeration. Course seems to be getting more play recently?
We played this AM before they punch tomorrow and Tues. Hard to believe they can get these greens any better than they are right now IMO. And this was after two days of tournaments. Hard to believe I never repaired a ball mark, other than mine. They held shots, released shots and chipped and putted great all round. Tee boxes were all playable and tee friendly. Fairways had good coverage and good roll. Rough is virtually non extent. Traps are getting better each time I play here (or my sand game is getting better). Top notch service in the shop week after week. Greatly appreciated.
Due to tournaments and aeration we found a great time here today. First off and POP was at 3H. First time for me here and I was surprised that the last posting was by Weber back in Feb. I found the course to be very nice and to my liking. And the conditions of the course, other than the dampness from overnight are very good. Yes it is a short course but it has some teeth left in it and for $37 and cart a good deal. Tee boxes were all playable but some could use some leveling in the future and they do need to move the markers around more. Fairways though damp gave good lies and a fair amount of roll out. Rough was thick and damp outside of the fairways and played like it. There are also creeks and culverts along with OB areas that can get you in trouble as well. Though there are houses along some of the fairways most of them, except on # 17 really do not come into play. In one trap it was just fine. Greens were clean, devoid of divots (wow) released shots and chipped and putted very well all round. Customer service at check in was great. Did not stay for any food but their dining room and outside patio look very nice and comfortable. There is also a nice driving range behind the pro shop. Was not crowded when we teed off but it was busy when we made the turn and luckily we did not encounter any back 9 players. Recommended.
Finally got to play The Goat. My first observation would be - do not walk (which I knew from Mr Weber) unless you are "super" fit. And don't get paired with walkers if you are riding, as it will be a long round. I left the 2 walkers who were with me (we were first off) after the 2nd hole. I found the layout enjoyable and quite different from any executive courses I have played. What I did not enjoy were the many (and I mean many) awkward side hill and up/down hill lies one gets on this course. Of course that is to be expected on a layout like this, but you need to know how to handle those shots when encountered. Most golfers in S CA don't get this many type of shots in the rounds they play in S CA. And on the par 3's were the cart is not allowed and the hole is an uphill hole (and they have several) it can even be a little difficult walking down the side hills to your ball if you don't hit the green. The course was in good condition. Tee boxes were fine. Fairways were clean/dry and provided good lies and roll. Traps were all clean and playable. Rough was not an issue, but OB areas are plenty. Greens were clean and playable and they putted and chipped fine with good speed of about 9 maybe 10. I was not impressed with the service at check in and will leave it at that. And hole # 18 is under construction and it appears it is a long way from being finished. So it is playing with a temporary green in the fairway at 145 yards and IMO totally destroyed the enjoyment of the round for me. If I lived closer I might play this course maybe once every 2 months. It would not be something I would play on a regular basis. I know they have been working on bringing it back but IMO they have a long way to go. I will read the future reviews and guage my interest accordingly over the next year.
Played this afternoon on a special for aeration. Greens done last week but after 1 week they played really well. Have not played here for many years. A really beautiful layout IMO. Course is in great condition. Tee boxes just fine. Fairways clean and giving nice roll out and great lies. Traps very playable. Greens aerated last week with small punch holes. This was the first time I played on greens this good after 1 week after aeration. Carts are like little luxury cars. So comfortable. Great customer service from every employee. Recommended.
Played this morning. Other than damp fairways the course is in good shape. Tee boxes all fine. Fairways very damp and no roll out at all. Rough was an inch deep and tough. Traps were all clean and payable. Greens were damp but they did putt fine and only dried out on 17 and 18. Great customer service from every employee dealt with. Clubs picked up at your car and delivered to the carts. Enjoyable course and taken care of really well. Recommended.
Played this morning. Early dampness and fog to start but after a few holes only the dampness. Course is very lush and though damp the fairways do give some roll out and even the greens were fast. I find this course tough when it is damp but overall we had no issues with tee boxes. Traps were playable. Fairways had good coverage and gave good lies. While the greens were damp all morning, they still putted fine and with some speed. Good customer service at check in. And for $33 and cart for Sr not bad. And yes all the deer were out and enjoying the course as well. They even had mountain lion in area signs around the course.
We played again today in prep for our Veterans tournament Friday. Played our own modified best ball and it helps to have a young player who can hit the crap out of the ball on this course. Fun day and the course was not busy so we finished in 3 H before it got hot. They have the course in great shape at the moment. The small fast greens will drive you crazy (at least they do me) but the Sr rate of $38 with cart is a good value IMO. And Weber was spot on with his recent review as well. Recommended.
Out this AM under cloudy and drizzling skies. What little moisture that came down softened up the course even more from the overnight watering. Previous post was spot on. I had also noticed in previous rounds on Sundays the abundance of unrepaired ball marks. I made a point to be prepared for that again from t8fish comment but today there was virtually none left over from yesterday. So I am hoping people have gotten the message? I also find the course to be much better these days with Troon management. And recommend it as well. And again as usual great customer service from every employee we came in contact with.
We played today. Other than the course being damp early, the course was in good shape. Only issue at this time is # 15 green which seems to still be having problems with providing a good putting service. They are aerating and sanding it to bring it back into shape. No issues with any tee boxes. Traps were all clean and playable. Rough was high outside fairways and around greens and sticky. Fairways were all mowed and clean providing good lies with little roll out on front until sun came out and then they gave great roll out. All greens were great for chipping and putting and holding shots. Excellent customer service in the shop, at the starters booth and in the dining room.
Went out early this morning to get in 18 before the weekend. Course is in good shape in all areas, including the bunkers. Since Troon took over the course seems to continue to improve month after month. Found the greens to have all healed nicely from early this year. Customer service was spot on as usual. Had breakfast after the round and found the food to be of good quality, good prices and very nice service. Only negative was I am beginning to see an abundance of unrepaired ball marks on the greens. My feeling it is done by late afternoon players who are not schooled in good golf manners.
In preperation for a Veterans tournament next month we played here this AM. Decided to "play it forward" today and it made a big difference for me today. We found the course damp for the first 9 so not much roll out but good lies as the fairways had been mowed. The back 9 was drier and had better roll in the fairways. Tee boxes were all clean and playable. Traps were in nice shape and also playable. Rough was brutal as it had not been mowed so playing out of it was not fun. These greens must be the smallest in LA County but they might also be the fastest. They held high shots only, so if that was not your shot you might be way off the green. Once on the green chipping/putting were great and with great speed (maybe 10/11). Customer service could have been better but I think we just caught them to early in the AM? If you like a challenge and like long courses, then this is one you might like as conditions are very good at this time. And the Sr rate at $38 with cart was good IMO.
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