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Played this AM. Very wet conditions made for a long course today. Tee boxes were all playable. Fairways had good coverage but being wet they gave no roll (be glad to see the hot weather disappear). Traps were all clean and playable and no issues. Not much rough to speak of but there is the always present OB, water, small canyons to deal with throughout the course). Greens were in nice shape (except for # 15 which is beginning to show wear/tear again and hope it can be minimized) but they were damp and putted slow, so that had to be taken in to consideration. Always great customer service from Pro shop, starter and cart personnel.
Got off first this AM to beat the heat. And it was hot on the back 9 and while we were finishing. Appears there are all new people working the course? Saw no one that I recognized. As expected the fairways were very damp and limited roll out. But did provide good lies and had full coverage on all of them. Tee boxes all playable. Traps were damp as well and luckily neither one of us went in one. They did not look appealing at all. Rough was damp and sticky and there are enough areas outside of the fairways that will add to the OB issues. The water on 16 is dried up and 18 is headed that way. Greens played very well, though damp at the start. Chipped/putted just fine, but many have remnants of prior divot damage. Customer service was excellent in the shop, starter and cart personnel. I feel the course is playable but one will occur damp conditions in the AM with the approaching heat wave. But if you don't mind playing later in the day, I would say the course would be playing very nicely. And especially for a late twilight round.
Played this AM. Other than the course being damp conditions are good. Tees fine. Fairways have good coverage and good lies
Rough is playable. Traps all looked clean and playable. Greens chipped and putted fine all round. Excellent service.
Played this AM. Course in nice shape but way over watered. Playing early AM when course is this wet is not enjoyable. Also the ground crew is not respectful with the machinery when in proximity to golfers. The course itself is in great looking shape other than the wetness. I am sure playing later in the day the course is much more enjoyable. Customer service excellent at check in with Matt and Brian.
Stopped in CO Springs from MT on my way back to CA. Got up early this AM to play here, as it is one of the great courses to play in the Springs and watch the sun come up over Pikes Peak (check my pic on # 10 from 2017. It looked the same today). Love playing here at this elevation. Makes me feel young again. Course was in its usual great shape with good tee boxes, clean fairways with roll and lies. Traps were all clean and playable. Greens were really nice. Held shots, released shots and devoid of divots and putted with a speed of 10. Had a great breakfast after the round catching up with new/old friends. Having been a previous member here in the early 2000's it is always great to come back. Hard to learn so many great members are not here anymore. I am glad that I am still able to return and will begin to mull over the idea of moving back here and rejoining this fine club.
My last day in MT was spent here. I have a friend who relocated from CA to live here (smart move). And now that it is a private course (it was semi private my first time here) you now have to play with a member. Situated S of Kalispell on the shores of Flathead Lake (the largest lake W of the Mississippi) it is a beautiful 27 hole venue. With an 18 and 9 hole layout, it has just what a golfer would want, in addition to great fishing. Since my last trip here, they have built a dramatic new clubhouse. As the original, which was great in its own right, burned down about 3 years ago. The course was redesigned in 1995 by Nicklaus design (the original was done in 1955 by William Hull) and though I am not a big fan of his designs, this one works for me. This course has a great layout with the 18 using the rolling land away from the lake and the 9 hole right on the lake. We played the 18 and they had it in great shape. We never had a bad tee box, fairway or trap. When we got to the greens they had them in beautiful shape and running at 11. And the views from the course looking over the lake and mountains of MT are fantastic. The new clubhouse is dramatic in the MT look of things. Just spectacular and the food is great. I told my friend to keep a room available PLEASE. Well now on to my next stop, which I will post tomorrow and Sat. Happy trails.
So after breakfast at Whitefish S, I headed over to Northern Pines. Today was the day to do 36 and I had thought of all those memorable posts by Sixpez doing his 36 days (hope he is doing well by the way). I do not know if Andy North is from this area, but I do know this is the only course I have ever played that he did. It sits N of Kalispell only a few miles. It has the feeling of a links course and a wooded/valley course combined. Front nine is on a great piece of land and back 9 runs along a beautiful stream or small river for those in CA. It is on a beautiful piece of land that has terrific views of the surrounding foothills and mountains surrounding Kalispell and Whitefish. Beautifully maintained and each tee box, fairway, trap and green would put any (except the best private courses) CA course to shame. As I have often said, Kalispell offers some of the best golf one can find in the Western US. If you are looking for a great place to play (the days are nice and long) this is a great location. Easy to get here from LA and a terrific airport convenient to everything. And after golf I went back up to Whitefish and had one of the best fresh trout dinners I have ever had. God please let me live to be 90 so I can come back here often :).
Played early AM. Funny how those on vacation do not get up early? Had the course to myself. The South course has more homes around it and nice ones at that. I really have to find a way to live up here all summer. South has a little more elevation IMO than the N but it is equally as challenging. Beautiful condition and superbly maintained. Never experienced an issue with a tee box, fairway, trap or green, which by the way were just great. But the rough was tough. Shows you what happens when it rains in other parts of the country. As I said. This is one of the best 36 hole venues you can find for the public. One could play each one every other day and be extremely satisfied. Highly recommended.
Played this AM with the local mens club who invited me to join them. Great group to be part of. Course is in mint condition with some of the best views of Whitefish lake while playing. Bent grass greens are great to chip/putt on. Had great fairways and love the elevation as the ball travels very nice. Had a wonderful time on the course after having one of the best breakfasts at a course I have ever had. Beautiful trees line the fairways and are mature and can play havoc for those of us from CA who play many courses unlike this. Fantastic par 3 holes as well. Looking forward to playing South tomorrow. One of the nicest 36 hole courses and clubhouse venues I have had the pleasure of playing. Minutes from downtown Whitefish and worth the time to play here. I will come back again without hesitation. Kalispell golf is some of the finest in the Western US in my opinion.
Having not been up to MT for several years, decided this was a good year to go back. Started here yesterday morning. Drove up from Whitefish in under an hour. Course is still a wonderful place to play. It has matured but still a wonderful quite place to play making it feel like your own piece of heaven. Friendly reception by all staff and had a wonderful time playing this beautiful course once again. Not sure how they keep this place so pristene as remote it is. But I did not find anything wrong with this course the second time playing here. Conditions were top notch all round. Maybe I can convince my wife to let me live up here for the summers? This is the reason why they call MT Big Sky because of venues like this. Not the easiest place to get to but well worth the visit and a place you will not soon forget. And I still did not get to see Faldo this visit either :)
Late afternoon round today. POP was good at 4 hours. Tee boxes all good. Fairways good coverage lies and roll out. Traps playable but poorly raked by previous players. Greens nice and chipped and putted great all round. Excellent customer service at all levels.
Visited the driving range today. Glad to see they have cleaned things up and removed all restrictions that had been imposed. Excellent automated system in place. $8 for 45 and they also have rates for 100 as well as Sr rates Monday through Thursday. Very comfortable set up at each station. They have also put in a time restriction of one hour during the weekends, to make spaces more readily available. Good idea because the place was very crowded. Grabbed some coffee and food (very high prices) afterwards in the cafe under the covered patio. Excellent customer service at all levels. And Mike the club repairer is still in operation and does excellent work. Did not use the 9 hole course but it appeared very busy.
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