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Out today on a cool and even some light rain on a strange April day? Found the course to be in relatively good shape. No issues with tee boxes. Fairways had decent coverage and look good compared to in the past. Bunkers will (IMO) never be decent until they come in and replace all the sand in everyone of them (not holding my breath). Some light rough around the outside of fairways/greens but nothing to difficult to play out of. Greens were chipping/putting very nicely with decent speed. Great service at check in. Other than the weather an enjoyable round of golf.
Played today. Excellent service at check in, cart pickup and starter. No tee box issues at all. Fairways had good coverage and good roll out on shots. Virtually no rough to deal with (nice). Traps all playable (hope they can put rakes in soon). Greens had been aerated but are healing nicely and really did not hamper chipping/putting. Putting green open. Range maintenance on Tuesday AM. Snack bar is open but I did not inquire about the restaurant. An enjoyable round of golf on an overcast but warm day.
Played yesterday on the way home from Sacramento. I have always loved this course from the very first time I played it back in the 70's. The Par 3's are fantastic and different in design from many other courses. The elevation changes are a fun (IMO) challenge. I found the course to be in great shape this time of the year. Greens are bent grass and putted great all round. No issues with any tee boxes. Rough was about an inch and did not add to the enjoyment (what rough does). Fairways were all fine with good lies and decent roll. Found traps to be playable. Customer service was excellent. I recommend this course to everyone if you are ever in the area. I do not believe you will be disappointed.
Played 4/16. Took my granddaughter out for her birthday. I had not been here in many years and the course today is better than it was then. Owned by the City of Sac and operated under their Recreation department, they have a great 9 hole course. Par 34 and 3009 from the Black tees. 3 Par 3's, 5 Par 4's and 1 Par 5 with good length and great design. The course was green. Tee boxes all fine. Fairways had good coverage and good lies. Bunkers all playable. Greens were in great shape and chipped/putted and held shots. Nice large putting green. They also have an Academy Hole Practice Facility. The four-hole Academy is designed to provide true playing conditions with every type of shot that you could encounter on the course. Each hole is maintained every day and offers the opportunity to practice shots from 15 to 91yards and in. It costs $10 an hour to rent and you have it all to yourself.
Played today under cloudy skies. Not cold but would have enjoyed warmer. Found the course in good shape and getting better week to week. All tee boxes were playable. Fairways are getting greener and filling in and provided good lies and really nice roll (especially if you draw it). Found very little rough and what we did find was playable. I have said before. I do not like the traps here. I feel the sand they used is not really the best. They really need improving. Greens were in great shape for chipping and putting. And they had good speed and held good high shots and sent the ball flying on low ones. Easy fast check in in shop and with carts. Appears only the snack bar is open at present. For $49 Sr rate (with cart) well worth it.
Joined a friend for a late afternoon round. Slow going for first 9 holes but two groups of 4 left after 9 and we breezed on home. Weather was perfect for golf. Found all the tee boxes in fine shape. No rough to speak of to be a bother. Traps were not playable at this time of day. Fairways are green with good coverage, roll and lies. Greens were in good shape, even with the late afternoon poa growing in. Easy quick check in both in payment and starter. They had an outside snack bar set up also. While I enjoy playing early I also enjoy a late afternoon round when the opportunity avails itself. Courses are usually totally different in AM vs PM so it makes one play some different shots that hopefully come in handy at some later date.
Out today. No issue with POP. Tee boxes are fine. Fairways are maturing and giving good lies and roll. Traps are playable and happy when rakes are allowed back. Greens are in good shape and healed nicely from aeration. Excellent check in both in shop and with starter. Restaurant not open as of yet. Snack bar available and nice outside covered area to sit and relax after ones round.
Played today. Out early with a 3.5 H POP. Greens are healing from being cross cut. Most of what was evident on 3/23 is barely noticeable. But its interesting as on GK it states May 2-5 aeration. Guess the small cuts made 3/23 are just a preview of what's to come. In any event the greens chipped/putted well but with medium speed. Fairways had good coverage and much better roll out since previous visit. No issues with the tee boxes. Traps are still (IMO) not 100% playable at the moment. But based on each players skill level maybe they are to some? Check in at shop and starter quick and efficient. Mask in shop and at cart pickup. Not on the course. Saw only a snack bar open at present. Course was extremely busy when we finished.
Played today in a great POP of 4 H. Even with a 9:15 start. No five's and tee times 10 minutes apart make a big difference. And they were also marshaling the course. Constant wind all round that did not add to the enjoyment. Great customer check in and service from all staff. Tee boxes were all good except for #12. No idea what caused the very very sparse grass coverage. Traps were not really playable IMO. But that has been the lay of the land for the last year in all of S CA. They even put in a local rule that when ball lands in a footprint, free drop within the trap if you are going to play from the trap. Fairways were a mixed bag of good/bad. They had good grass coverage but spring has brought an abundance of what they call "wire grass" throughout the course. So you may hit a good or even great drive and find your ball in one of the many patches of the stuff. So they have put in another local rule. Free drop from the menace. No doubt the poor Super is pulling his hair out working on eliminating this problem (though it might be hard. this stuff has been at L V for years. but never saw it this bad before). They had recently aerated half of the greens (standard practice here). Pins were all placed in non aerated side and the greens were hard and fast. Made for a difficult and challenging day of chipping/putting (lots of expletive deleted words all day). Land on the side that was aerated and while they have healed and are continuing to heal putting was slow. And putting from slow to fast was an even more exciting adventure. And for those of you who have played here for years, you will notice an abundance of tree pruning/removal and brush removal throughout the course. Really opens up the views of the ocean from many more locations than before. Putting greens open (mask required). Range open (mask required). Coffee shop now opens at 8 AM. Always great to play here, regardless of the trials and tribulations one must endure to play golf. I will be back.
Family visiting for Easter. Took my daughter and granddaughter out to play. My daughter was a very good golfer in her teens/twenties and wants to get back to it now that her daughter wants to play. Have to say it was one of the most enjoyable days of golf for me in all my years of playing. Course is a good course for juniors as well as for all golfers. It is in very good condition. The maintenance crew is ten times better than the old one. Tees just fine no issues. Bunkers can be played from (your call) but you might as well take the ball out as the sand is very very compacted. No rough to really deal with. Fairways are green and have good lies and good roll. Greens are in very nice shape when it comes to holding shots. chipping/putting and they have good speed. Pretty much devoid of divots and old divot marks as well. Excellent customer service at check in and with starter. Driving range open. Putting green open. Snack bar set up outside of pro shop. Masks around all areas of range, putting green, starter, cart pick up still required. Not on the course.
Beautiful day for golf. Warm weather finally. Thought it was an April fools joke at first. Course in good shape. Tee boxes all playable. Bunkers playable and will be nice when rakes are allowed back to keep them that way. Fairways provided good roll out and lies (some thin lies) but make a good strike and you are rewarded. Some aeration done on some of the hills around the fairways/greens that occasionally will keep ball up on the hill (hit the fairways). Greens were all in good shape, held shots and chipped/putted well with good speed. Excellent fast check in at shop and starter. Range open as well as putting green. Restaurant not open quite yet but there is a very nice area outside with tables and a large screen TV.
Out this AM and with a POP of 3.5H. Very easy check in and friendly starter as well. Found the tee boxes all in very good shape. Fairways had good coverage and good lies but little roll due to the cool conditions for the first 9 (and they said it was going to be warm early - wrong). Got better on back 9 but by then we were finishing up. Traps had all been cleaned and they were very good to play from (in 1) shame there are no rakes to clean up for those coming behind. Greens had been recently punched (3/15-16) and still showed the effects (another week and they should be fine). While they putted nicely they putted slow. You needed to be aware of the pin locations though. Due to the large greens and undulations you could think it was going to be slow and the ball would slide by and go too far. Driving range opens later on Tues and early (6:30) rest of week so no opportunity to really warm up. Putting green by the cart barn return open. The restaurant was open for both inside/outside dining and the food is good, but the prices have gone up. Masks on inside clubhouse and at starter. Not on the course. $58 Sr rate seems reasonable for this course IMO. And I love the new carts.
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