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As we finished Dos Lagos early. Two of us called and got a tee time that was available and we were close enough to make it. Had been wanting to play here, as I played the old Moreno Valley course many years back many times. Plus I had been reading the recent reviews. I was disappointed with the front 9. It is dry, dusty and the fairways are bare. The traps were not in good shape. Nor were many of the tee boxes. The greens were really good, thank goodness. The Mountain 9 which was the saviour. Just as I remembered it (except for # 18). The tee boxes were good. Fairways had good coverage and great rollout. Traps playable. The greens were outstanding and you NEVER wanted a downhill put that faced the valley on the back 9. IMO it was when it opened one of the nicest and more unique 9 holes around S CA. And I will say that today it still holds that quality and distinction IMO. I can only give a C + to the customer service that day. Something they need to work on. So if you can put up with the front (and maybe todays rains and those coming will help). You will enjoy the rest of the course. But in ending I must say, the 18th hole is not impressive and a better design (maybe using some water in front the hole) should be considered. And you will never forget the drive back to the clubhouse.
Played Thurs AM as first off so POP was no issue. We found the course to be in good shape, though some of the tee boxes had been scraped, but not really an issue. Most of the tee boxes were just fine. rough was dormant but sticky and can cause issues. + there are many OB areas throughout the course. No issue playing out of the traps early AM. Fairways had been painted (though some of it is fading) and we had good lies and great roll out on all of them. Greens were fast and furious and fun to putt on. Customer service was awesome at all levels. Sr rate of $34 with cart is a bargain IMO. Recommended.
Asked to fill in a foursome this AM. Had a great time socially but not great conditions. Everything seems dry and rough, IMO. Several of the tee boxes were ragged and many fairways have bare ground. We all know by now what the traps are like and that has not changed. Greens were OK. I think age and grass types of this course just don't do well in winter? Should I go back, it will be in the spring. But customer service was excellent.
Out today as first group. Done in 3 H. As I was unable to play in PS at Desert Willow, I joined my group at 6:30 today. The only changes from my review on last Thursday would be. Greens were slow and fairways were faster. Course continues to be in good overall condition and they know how to serve the customer.
Have not been here since Nov so wanted to get back given it would be a wonderful day for golf (we were in golf shirts by the 2nd hole). Not disappointed. First off so no POP or back 9 player issues. The fairways and greens have all been painted and now lined with brown dormant bermuda rough it all looks great. Made a great visual contrast from the tee boxes. Never had a problem with a tee box. Fairways had sufficient coverage so lies were good and the roll out was fantastic (all of us had yardage we were not familiar with LOL). Rough was the dormant bermuda and played tough as the ball dropped down in it, so needed to keep it in the fairway. Traps had all been cleaned/raked and were very playable. No rakes but did have divot bottles in cart (single player cart only). Greens (even # 15) were clean/firm and very fast and chipping/putting was great. Customer service excellent at all levels. Restaurant closed but snack bar open. Driving range and putting green open. OC virus restrictions in place in and around clubhouse, range and putting green. Best conditions I have seen here in a long while.
Wanted a quick round this AM. We scored an early tee time (2nd out) and accomplished our goal. No real changes from last weeks review, but we found the course very wet in many areas today (made for many muddy golf balls). They also had placed the tees on the very back of many of the tee boxes today, making the course more challenging ( we liked it). Customer service excellent at all levels (great staff of personnel). And the greens were even faster today (if that is possible) making for a fun round of putting. At $16 to walk it is a great deal(Sr rate).
Out early on a very cold AM. Wow what a difference this course is w/o a years worth of no parking. Check in was easy and fast. Found the tee boxes to be covered in grass and no issues. Fairways have good coverage (yes there are some thin winter areas) and very good roll out. Traps were being cleaned as we played so no issues (I think we all know how they will be later in the day w/o rakes). Greens were very nice. Good grass coverage, mowed, firm and fast (best I personally have ever seen them). Excellent customer service and they have the check in area very well controlled vs the mob scene witnessed in past visits. I think by switching the 9's around on Koiner it removes the congestion between the two courses. I will be going back for sure with these current conditions. No food/beverage early AM but they do have an outside food area that opens later in the day. LA Co virus rules at check in and around the tee boxes. Pro shop and restaurant (of course) were closed. Pace of play was great and there was a marshal out moving things along. Not too busy when we arrived @ 6:15 but busy when we finished @ 9:30. No idea how Koiner course is? But it was green.
Out today in a nice 3.5 H POP. Course is in very nice shape. Tee boxes just fine. No rough to deal with. Traps were actually playable but no rakes for those coming behind. Fairways had decent coverage and good roll out. Greens were fast/furious. Took us several holes to get the speed right. Best shape I have ever seen them IMO. Great customer service. Still (of course) LA virus rules in effect.
I read RD Denn's review this AM and was glad I did. Knew what to expect before I got here. Out a skosh later than normal but still in under 4. After the many years of playing here with many rounds, I love playing LV this time of the year with these course conditions. Makes one glad they have local knowledge. One needed that when putting today. I really can't add much to his post, except he is correct. Get out and play LV before the rains come? Or conditions change. Bring your own food/beverage as nothing was open until we finished.
Went out yesterday mid AM. Course is not exceptionally muddy from the rain, but there are some wet areas still. Tee boxes were all fine. Fairways were thin but playable. Sand traps surprisingly enough had been cleaned and were playable at that time of the day but the sand is not particularly soft. No rough to speak off. Greens were in good shape and chipped/putted well all round. Customer service excellent at all levels. Though I did feel that having a marshal out yesterday would have improved POP. For $16 Sr walking it is a great deal compared to many other courses in and around LA County. LA County virus rules in effect except on the course. No food services are available at this time.
Played today on an invite. Course is in fantastic shape. Nice to play on green fairways that have roll out and great lies. Tee boxes were all terrific. The one bunker I was in was top notch. Greens are fast and wonderful to chip/putt on. Loved the "food court" at the turn as well as the selection of food. Top notch club that treats guests as members. Strict LA County virus rules in effect.
Played this AM. Wow this place has gone into hibernation. Totally dormant fairways that are soft and no roll out. But the lies are good. Very little rough at all and what there is is playable. Tee boxes look (IMO) like they have been put away for the winter. Traps? Forget them as they are a mess. Greens had been dusted with sand and rolled oh so slowly all round. Think I will hibernate as well from here for some time? Not a fan of dormant fairways. Looks like a good time to start driving to P S. But customer service is excellent at all levels. BTW took a look at Ike. Dormant fairways there as well.
Listing 1 to 12 of 64,011 Course Reviews
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