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Played Tues 8/18 as a guest. Had not played here in over 15 yrs, used to play twice a month with a special deal (knew the starter, LOL). Green fee was a bit steep IMHO $77. Industry Hills guest is $50-$60.
The Course - Greens were receptive and rolling well at medium sometines quick speed. scattered ballmarks. groups ahead of us were not fixing them, we tried fixing as many as we could. Many greens have fairly severe sloping front areas. Fairways had good coverage but the ball mostly sat a little bit down. Rough was brutal, tended to snag the hosel, best play was to use iron shot out to fairway, very hard to find the ball. Some tees were sloping a little bit, but most were fine. Sand was firm, used the Covid rule and dropped out, some had large deep footprints and evicence ot mi sh-t s. The freeway noice on many of the holes along the frwy reminded me of Diamond Bar.
Course was in very good shape even tho there is some browning. Tee boxes in good shape, fairways had a few dry spots but rolled well. Greens were lush and ran quick with a few bumpy ones. Bunkers did not have any sand. POP was close to 5 hrs, one group in front was a hole behind until the marshal moved them along.

All in all a good day to golf.
Played today, course is in great shape, better than the Goose which I played on Saturday.

Tee boxes were lush and mostly lev. Fairways and greens were lush, looked like a green carpet. Greens eres quick, abt 11 on the stimp, a few ball marks, tricky as always. Bunkers had sand but on the thin side. Windy conditions, abt 5 mph with 15-20 mph gusts, my estimates.

Keep it in the short stuff
Played Saturday 2/8 men's club tourney. Course was in very good shape. Tee boxes were fairly level, fairways were nice with some dormant areas, and a few thin spots, bunkers I was in had couple inches of sand, greens were FAST. Hard and quick, putts were rolling off, some come backers

I believe they already played a qualifier round there, and more are scheduled, not sure if that's true but explains the quick greens. Oh well that's Golf!!!
Agree with what Weber posted. We played it on Tues 9/17, 7AM tee time. Staff is always friendly, courteous, and professional, specially the starter. The course conditions were as Weber described, POP was 3hr 45min, No one in front of us the 1st 9 holes, on the 10th a group was already on the green.

19th hole was pleasant, cold beer, split a club sandwich, Rosa was her charming self, always a pleasure having her serve us. We have known her for over 10+ yrs, met her when she worked at Diamond Bar.
Played Tuesday course was in great condition. Got off on schedule, 4some in front started a bit slow, but got on pace, POP was 4hrs 10 min.

Tee boxes were in decent condition some were not very level but ok. All areas were lush, good roll on fairways, greens were quick, bunkers were ok some with good sand some not.

Overall a great golf day.
Late getting this review posted. Played Tues 1/22 8:10 tee time. Customer service was great, Starter was friendly. Slow foursome ahead of us, but worked out OK, 4.5 POP.

The course was in So So condition, lot of green color, tee boxes were taking a beating from earlier tee times, no divots but pulled sod not stepped back down. Fairways were mostly green, some dry spots, some barren spots, some designated GUR, The greens were lush, but again too many ball marks, repaired a few each hole but most needed TLC. Bunkers had real nice sand, and guess what? many unraked.

Mentioned all this to the marshal on the 18th as we finished. He said he knew but most players he counseled on repairs ignored him. Mentioned one group supposedly said "we don't fix greens, or rake bunkers, not our job".

I will be a long while before we come back, long drive. Price was good value, we enjoyed our day on the course, so chalk it up to the Golf Gods.
Played Saturday 12/8 course was in great shape, lush and green. Tees were in good shape, fairly level, good turf. Fairways lush with good roll. About 5 yards of the edges were brownish, making the fairways slightly narrow. Greens were lush, med fast, a few ball marks. The bunkers were disappointing, no sand, dirt 2 to 3 inches deep. Great customer service.
Played on Tues 10/24. As was mentioned on other reviews the tee boxes wee not level, some with divots. The fairways were a combination of green, brown, and some thin spots. All the holes now have an environmental area 100 to 120 yds in front of them, it was not a problem in getting onto the fairways, the rough was tough to find ball at times, and difficult for me to get distance. The bunkers that we experienced were very shallow dirt with sand, the greens were OK but played slow, and some med fast.

The pro shop said the development attempt failed and are now gong to put money into it, I hope soon, but may be a year before our group comes back. Staff was friendly, cheerful, and shared our feeling about the conditions. I forgot they had switched the 9s, front is now back, had to adjust my GPS.
Played Tues 9/11, 7:30 tee time.

The Course - tee boxes in OK shape, par 3s take a beating. Fairways were nice, green, good roll, some unsanded divots. Rough was long and difficult to get out of so punch shot to get back into play for me. Bunkers had nice sand, greens were recently punched with small holes and insanded so they played a bit slow, but were in nice shape with only a few ball marks. POP was 4hr 30min.
Played on Tues 7/17 as a guest. I will repost sngernz review of course conditions
Reviewed by:   sngernz, Redondo Beach
Played the Ike with the clubies this Sat. AM and got around in 4:45 which is a great tourney pace. Sad to report the summer doldrums have taken over on the Hill, at least on the Ike. Overseed Rye is gone and the heat has taken it's toll so there's lots of bare areas and it really looks hideous. We played it
Played Tues 8/26 8:45 tee time. Had breakfast there, good food, great service, decently priced. Been going there for years so the waitress knows and is friendly and courteous to everyone.

The Course - tee boxes in OK shape, par 3s take a beating. Fairways were nice, good roll, some brown and thin spots but otherwise good condition for a course that gets a lot of play. Rough was long and difficult to get out of so punch shot to get back into play for me. Bunkers had nice sand, greens were recently sanded so they played a bit quick, but were in nice shape with only a few ball marks. Had a slow 5some in front of us POP was 4hr 45min.
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