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Got out to Yucaipa today. Looks like they’ve had some time to do some badly needed maintenance. Fairways were better than I’ve seen them in a long time. Greens are shaggy and slooow but better than before the shutdown. Lots of GUR though. Bunkers were better than any time in recent memory.

Course is very Covid conscious which I appreciate. Single riders per cart, no rakes in bunkers, good check in procedures. Had a kid driving around reminding people to keep their masks on. It’s been interesting to see the varied approaches to how to handle the flagsticks at different courses. Yucaipas is by far the worst. They tell you the flagsticks are removed and cups are in the center of the green. They put a tiny blue flag in the hole which you can barely see on the green and certainly not easily from the fairway. Bottom line, had lots of good iron shots very far from the hole. Other than that, just grateful to be out on a beautiful morning.
Got so itchy to get out that I made the long drive to Fort Mohave just outside Bullhead AZ to meet some friends for a round. Covid adjustments include allowing you to take separate carts if you wish (not mandatory), removing rakes in bunkers, and putting a foam ring inside the cup to bounce your ball off.

Los Lagos is a typical Ted Robinson design -nice friendly course with wide fairways that make it very playable but with some challenges presented by scenic water features plus mounding and bunkers arouond the greens. Fairways and teeboxes were in good shape, albeit thin in spots. Greens were very slow, but it looks like its because they are transitioning to the hot summer season. Surprisingly undulating for lack of speed. Some water hazards are not visible from the tee and losing a ball on my best drive of the day was a bit frustrating-so pay attention to the cart mounted GPS screen. (Sorry I don't remember which one)

Grill and cart service was friendly, but selection was limited-only chicken wings or hotdogs today. Good value at $49 on a Saturday morning. Just over a 3 hour drive from home in the 909, but no traffic and it wasn't unpleasant to get out on the open road after being home so much recently. Not a perfect setup, but compared to zero golf for me these days I was grateful to be able to get out on a nice sunny day.
Ok, the good part is that for $75 for out of towners this is a pretty good deal for the area as they throw in lunch and 2 beers. I’ve always liked this design, challenging but playable with such scenic mountains framing the greens. Some skinny lies, lots of GUR due to what looks to be recent flooding. Greens are smooth and medium quick but have lots of ball marks. Good sand in bunkers. I also love that this course is generally wind free.

Now the bad part. We had a teetime just after noon but were told at the pro shop they were running “a few minutes behind.” Try teeing off 45 minutes later. To make things worse, they were so busy with so many sloooow groups we never got to finish. Marshall came by and observed how far behind we were even though he could clearly see how long we were waiting for the green ahead to clear. Got dark at #16 and we had to stop. Lots of affluent touristy non golfers on course. If you know you’re running behind, and know the course demographics will play so slow, wouldnt it be fair to at least charge the twilight rate? Won’t be back if we can help it!
Played on a weekend with some out of town guests, I know it’s in the OC but dang $125 is kinda steep for what you get here. I’ve always enjoyed the cool views and challenge of this course with its elevation changes. The conditioning all around just doesn’t justify the price tag though. Thin fairways with lots of rollout lead to some long drives. Tee boxes are scalped with some uneven lies. Hot dog purchased at the turn was undercooked ugh.

I like this course layout so much I’ll probably be back but not real soon and certainly not during the weekend.
Played here Thurs am. What a cool golf course. Not quite as pretty as the Celebrity course, it’s still got great conditioning and is definitely mote challenging. Tighter and the greens are well defended by bunkers and well placed water hazards. Greens were slowish due to recent overseeding but we’re smooth and accepted approach shots well. Fairways were like hitting off Astro turf almost too perfect. Very hard ground underneath the turf though. Bunkers full of nice soft sand, some of which were pretty deep. A mark of a great golf course is that it brings out the best in you. Consequently, we all had birdies balanced by blow up holes. Lunch at the grill was excellent if a bit pricey. Service was impeccable and very attentive from the car valet to the club cleaning. Expensive but arguably the best public course in the Coachella.
Hadn’t played here in years. What a pleasant surprise, I almost hate to post this review and let the word get out. I’ve always enjoyed Soboba, but the club has made serious improvements in condition and a few tweaks to the layout that have turned a good course into a great one. Nice fairways like green carpet, smooth medium speed greens, bunkers with ample fluffy sand. They’ve redone a few of the holes on the backside for the better (which made my GPS go haywire lol). The recent rains made the thick wet rough a b*** to slash out off. Did not have the opportunity today to try the food service, but all the staff encountered seemed friendly. Bottom line, it’s like a good Palm Springs area course for half the price.
Played here early. Course is in mediocre condition even considering it’s in the middle of sooner. Greens mostly ok, but some are recently aerated and some bumpy. Fairways, never a strength here are thin in spots. Bunkers are terrible, filled with water, stones and mud.

Morning starter is very surly and unpleasant. Glad we played here and the price is ok but it’s better at Nearby Dos Lagos or Glen Ivy with better conditions and customer service.
It’s not like it’s a hidden gem as it’s so often reviewed on Gk, but dang it’s hard to get over how good Goose Creek is. Was a little bit pricey at $92 for a Sat am round on a windy day but course conditioning is as good as it gets for a public course in the IE. Make that anywhere. Nice green fairways, well tended bunkers with soft sand and smooth greens all throughout. I always enjoy the ample fairways and subtle difficulty of this course, especially on and around the greens. Attentive Marshall ensured good pace of play (<4 hrs) and we saw the bev cart several times during our round. Had nice cup of chili after the round. The consistency at which GC delivers a good product every time we play there is something I wish would be replicated at other area courses. Hats off!
Played here recently at a pre conference golf outing. Just a few weeks after hosting the Safeway Open, the course is in superb condition. Fairways, bunkers and greens were immaculate. I guess it’s owned and partially redesigned by Johnn Miller. Off the tee, there’s plenty of room to operate and there’s nothing particularly penal. Obviously an old school design except for the greens which seem to be the extent of the redesign. I guess thats they only way they can defend par from the pros but the greens were ridiculously undulating and tough to read. Gimmicky even. Several times I thought I had stuck an approach close and pulled the putter but walked up and found somehow my ball had rolled a long way off the Green. Still a great course to play, if a bit pricey.

Don’t miss the famous burger dog at the shack which we were told is actually independently owned. Nice restaurant and bar but they’re really not set up to sell you a quick bite before playing or at the turn. The girls at the bar seemed really put out I asked to but a cup of chili and getting it took forever. Said cup was $12.95 btw.
Had some misgivings booking here due to some negative reviews, but as our "go to" courses did not have any early tee times, booked a 6 am start. First of all, green fee of $36 is a fair price but not a screaming discount. Had not played here in forever, but found the experience flawed, but satisfactory overall. Fairways were green for the most part, almost soggy with water in spots though. Greens were generally slow to average in speed, but rolled smoothly enough and accepted most iron and pitch shots well. All in all, its in a lot better shape than neighboring Indian Hills for a few bucks more. One off putting detail was that the staff neglected to put out the tee markers, so we were pretty much on our own as to where we would peg the ball. Didn't get into any bunkers and was glad of that as they either looked muddy or just full of firm dirt, just like most IE courses in that price range anymore.

Course is short but deceptively hard, with lots of trees lining the fairways. Also, it seems all the fairways are uphill. How is this even possible?

Staff at all levels tends to be friendly and the nice ladies at the grill cook up a good quick breakfast. Wont be a regular, but I'd come back.
Played a Fathers Day round here with the boys. As we are all Dads we got a return certificate to play again. Nice touch.

This is a tough but fair design. Love how it’s remote setting with no homes makes it so peaceful and scenic. Greens were super smooth. Fairways and tee boxes are in good shape. Only demerit is for the dicey sand traps, either nice and fluffy sand, hard dirt or even mud.

Customer service is outstanding. Friendly and informative counter and starter staff. The nice kid in the cart barn took out our Breakfast to catch them up to us on the course. Easily the best part of the experience. We will definitely be back.
Played here on a weekday morning $31 special that includes range balls, breakfast and lunch on a restricted menu. A good deal overall, but it seems the price popped up recently, perhaps due to the recent closings of Calimesa and San Bernardino.

Greens are slowish but roll ok and accept approach shots. I've always enjoyed this design but of late the conditions of the fairway and teeboxes have been really rough. Bunkers are also in poor shape.

One particular gripe I've got to air is about the condition of the rakes in the bunkers, they really need to be replaced. After playing out of the sand on #7, I used the rake to clean up and got stuck with numerous painful little plastic splinters on the handle because it was in such bad shape. Took a couple of days to get them all out. C'mon Shandin Hills.

Staff we encountered were mostly friendly and it does look like they're trying to do some maintenance on the back side. Let's hope for some improvement here.
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