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Went down to bajamar with some friends for a Friday morning round. Drive down is very easy and about 1:15 from the border. I haven’t played here in more then 5 years but really enjoyed the course. As mentioned before it has gone from 3 - 9 hole course to straight 18.

Clubhouse has gone under some renovation and looked really nice. Grab some food before the round. They have a great restaurant. All Covid rules are enforced.

The course was in good shape. The tees were level and had good coverage. Fairways were brownish green, kinda like most SD fairways in the late summer. Sand was good but no rakes. Greens were above average and firm. Saw some large bounces with well struck balls. First 3-4 greens showed signs of punching about 2-3 weeks old. A little bumpy but played ok.

The real reason to play this course is the back nine. Last 4 holes are on the water. Most holes have Ocean views but 15-18 are literally next to the cliffs. I would say they are as nice as spyglass front 9. Except spyglass conditions are a 10.

If you get the chance I would at least play it once.
Played willow this week and the course is in great shape. Everything from tee to green is lush and very playable. Some of the par 3 tees are a little beat up but that is to be expected. Fairways are lush and green with no brown spots. Traps are in great shape with rakes. Greens are smooth and at a medium to fast pace with very few ball marks.

All in all the course is in great shape. If you stayed away because of summer dry conditions please give it a try. I know the advertised rate is a little high but the course is in good shape and I have never had a problem with pace of play.
Played a late afternoon round after flying in to San Jose, paired up with some young guns and another single. Course is in good to great shape. Only downside is pace of play, everything was good on the front 9 but the back slowed to a crawl and pulled the plug after 17.

Tees were mostly good, level and easy to find a spot, some had a lot of divot damage. Fairways were good. Easy to hit from the few I found. Rough was not to bad and was playable. Sand was good but no rakes and late in the day it appeared a lot of people had been in the bunkers! Greens were good at a medium to fast pace. A little bumpy with a lot of poorly repaired ball marks.

Front nine is pretty average with some good holes, back is where the teeth come out. Probably the cause of the pace of play. If I was in the area I would definitely play again.
Had the chance to play one of my bucket list courses today thanks to Alex326. We took off for the most fun I have had golfing in a long time at 900. What is there to say but everything was perfect. Weather was awesome, views were amazing and the course is totally fun.

As you would expect conditions were excellent. Everything from tee to green was amazing. I was even able to get the traveling birdie chain with a birdie on #6.

If you get the chance to play I would do it as soon as possible.

A huge thank you to Alex for taking care of my and providing me a great day on the links.
Played on Monday in the morning. Course is in above average shape. Most fairways are lush and have a good roll to them. Not much in terms of rough to speak of maybe 1-2 inches. Sand was ok. Greens were good but a little to bumpy for me. I would say course is in better shape then it has been in the last few months. They are a GK supporter but I will be honest at $46 to walk I will not be playing that often.
Played a couple times last week and course is in great shape again. Fairways are lush green and have good roll. Bunkers are great with rakes. Greens in good overall shape. Conditions have gotten a lot better in the last few months.
Played the south course on Friday afternoon. Best part was the pace, about 3 1/2 hours on a Friday afternoon was great. Course was in average to a little above average shape.

Tee boxes were level and easy to play from. Fairways were mostly green with many brown spots but generally very playable. There is not much rough to speak of and wasn’t much of an issue. Sand was well manicured and playable. Greens looked great with almost no ball marks and lush. But unfortunately they were pretty bumpy and medium to slow speed.

The pace of play saved the day. It was pretty busy but we played fast. Cost was a little more then what I’m used to but I guess since it was a Friday they charge weekend rates. The course is not super challenging but fun. If you can get a tee time I would say go ahead and play!
I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to play this course today with some friends (one is a vet). I haven’t played here in about 10 years and I didn’t realize what I was missing. To get to the point, if you have the opportunity to play here you must!

Tee boxes were lush and level with almost no divot damage. Everything was level and easily playable. The fairways were mostly lush and great to play from. It was a little wet(early morning round). There was a brown spot here or there but I would say 95% of the fairways were green and great to hit from. Didn’t get much roll but I’m sure later in the day they would dry up and be even better.

Sand was well groomed and easy to hit from, a little firm but still good. Greens were amazing. Almost no ball marks and ball rolled very smoothly. They were soft but held shots. Also much faster then they looked.

Course butts up to the ocean on the back nine and seeing some of the military aircraft fly through is pretty cool. The best part is the price $33 to walk for non military is great. If you have a friend that has access to the base I strongly recommend you give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!
Played Riverwalk today early in the morning. Course was punched end of September and I was surprised to see no signs of it on the greens. Almost all tee boxes were moved up to the green tees. Those were a little beat up and looks like they were getting ready to move the white and blue tees back.

Fairways were typical Riverwalk, lots of fresh sod areas and most of the back nine was roped off, so not carts on those fairways. Never really had a bad spot on the fairways but nothing to special about them either. Course was a little wet in areas so be careful.

Sand looked good but didn’t play out of it so nothing I can add.

Greens were in really good shape, played at a decent speed and no signs of recent punching. Most rolled well, some were a little bumpy but ok.

If you were waiting to play because of the maintenance don’t wait any longer. Course was in pretty playable shape.
Got the chance to be a fill in at the guru round today at legends course. Overall course is in great shape! Very happy with everything from tee to green.

Tee boxes were level and easy to hit from, some damage but nothing crazy. Fairways were like carpet, good roll and good lies with little divot damage. Bunkers were good and recently raked. Rough was good, didn’t see much of it as I was in a lot of bunkers, but it wasn’t crazy tall. Greens were great in my opinion. I felt they rolled well and was very impressed with the lack of ball marks.

Got the chance to play for the “birdie chain”! I would like to suggest a bogey or double bogey or even triple bogey chain. I received the chain or now what I call “curse” after the first hole and played like s**t after. I think I will stay away from it.

Thanks Johnny for a great day!
Played Monday morning in a annoying drizzle for most of the round. Course is still in good shape. Tee boxes were a little beat up and they had closed some boxes and combo the white and blue. Fairways were good some brown spots but mostly green. Still have a few fairways closed to carts. Rough wasn’t really an issue maybe 1-2 inches and you could find your ball. Sand was good. You could tell they were maintaining the sand well throughout the course.

Greens were good. A little shaggy but rolled well at a good pace. They have inserted a ball remover tool. This way the ball goes to the bottom of the cup and you lift up the lip with your putter/foot and it pulls out the ball. It’s a nice change to the pool noodles and I can easily see it coming commonplace for golf courses.

Used the golf moose deal and it was a good price. Speed of play was great at 3:45. Would definitely play it again, hopefully without any stupid drizzle!
Played yesterday after a long week of work. Not much to add to my previous review. Course is still in really good shape. The only difference is the price. Price for locals is $65 which is a little high but they now have new carts with GPS and the "Shark Experience". It is a nice touch. Course was green everywhere and we played in under 4 hours with some waiting. I posted a pic on the app. If you get a chance I would suggest giving the course a try.
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