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Played Sunday, 1/17 before 7:00. Warm Santa Ana morning with a breeze blowing west. The smog was piling up on Catalina but we could see at least one of the islands to the northwest. POP was outstanding at 3.5 hours.

The course conditions were a little ragged. The fairways looked like they had not been mowed with clumps of grass sticking up from the generally dry turf. The rough was rough. A lot of dirt out there. The bunkers were in good shape. They had someone raking them on the front. Unfortunately I was undermining much of that work as I played out of the sand quite a bit.

The greens have been outstanding lately but they were merely good. Still firm and fast, there were some bumps out there. Not so one had to worry on short putts; they were just not perfect.

Overall, a nice summer day in January. Tough to complain too much about the conditions. Not perfect but still the best deal in golf.
Played New Year’s Day at 6:50 am. Blustery front nine evolved into a gorgeous back nine. Four islands in view from the 16th tee. Service was good although still nothing open early. Standard Covid restrictions. Pace of play was good at about 3:55.

The course is playing January firm and fast. Lusher in the fairway than in prior years, but I had a fade working that was rolling into trouble on occasion. Pretty darn dry overall. Not much rough so nothing to stop the ball. If you were in the the fairway though, it was a good hitting surface.

The greens are really good. Rolling true and fast. They were fun. When the wind was blowing on the front, it was a factor. One guy’s putt on #4 was about 6’ short. The wind caught it and it rolled at least 15’ back. It was like watching a car wreck, you wanted to turn away but couldn’t.

The course is not pristine but it is playable and fun. I got an incredible photo on the 12th green. Get out there if you can get a time.
First group out at 6:40 am on Saturday morning 12/19. The lady checking people in is always professional and courteous. With the limited c-19 era amenities, that was the limit of our interactions with the course personnel. Pace of play was obviously not an issue. Four walkers, we played the front in 1.5 hours but hit back nine crowds on 15. It was standard slow from there but still managed to finish in 3.5 hours.

Not much change to the course conditions except the tee boxes seemed even more lacking in grass. That early, we were mainly standing in mud when teeing off. The fairways were probably a little more lush. We had decent roll out so they were fairly firm. Not much rough as it is cut down or winter sparse. The greens are still excellent. No complaints there.

I like the layout. It has a good mix of holes. Recommended .
Played the blue tees in the GK event with Alex. Ron and Kevin. First time here and really enjoyed it. Pace of play was okay at 4.5 hours although it seemed longer as we waited on the two groups in front of us who were in no hurry (they played as a six or eightsome on 17). The service was generally good. The street tacos at the halfway house were a nice change of pace.

The course itself was generally in excellent shape. The fairways had some bare spots and one had a large section roped off where the bare spots had congregated. Generally, though, I had good lies. The rough was a factor if you were in it although the layout was pretty forgiving with many humps directing balls back into the short grass (or one of the many sand traps). The sand was great. Really nice hitting surface both in the fairway and greenside bunkers. The greens were tricky and interesting. They were quite firm. They rolled at a medium fast speed and one had to be careful on downhill putts.

The layout was interesting. As stated, it had some forgiving features. Some of the tee shots were visually intimidating and it turned out there was more room than appeared from the tee. Many times the tee and green were higher elevation than the fairway, and many of the greens were higher elevation than the fairway and tees, so I thought it played farther than the yardage on the card. It was tough at times to identify the dimensions of the areas on the green in which the flag had been placed because it was higher than the fairway. The GPS on the cart was helpful in that regard but not like knowing it. I could see local knowledge being very important in scoring well.

Can't wait to get out there again.
Played at 6:30 am on Sunday. $50 to walk but I got a mask out of it because I forgot mine in the car. They send groups out every 10 minutes and the starter calls over the loudspeaker to let the group know to tee off. Probably a factor but POP was good, at 3:50. A little slower on the back but nothing to complain about. Nothing open at that hour but the range but the service I got was excellent.

The course is in pretty good shape. A little dry, a little toward winter thin, but overall not in bad shape. The tee boxes were the weakest part with some crowning and thin patches of chopped Kikuyu. The greens were the best part. The best they have been this year at the least, quick and rolling well. They looked bumpy but no evidence of it when rolling. One of our players almost putted off the green on the first hole on a downhill putt to the front pin position (15' putt with 20' comebacker) so the speed was there from the start.

Not in any sand and there were no complaints from those that were, although it was evident a greenside bunker on #6 had little cushion seeing a club bounce at the bottom of a swing. Some bare patches in the fairways and the rough was cut down so the course was playing shorter than usual. I generally had good hitting surfaces though.

All in all, a good time on a beautiful morning. I recommend the course and its good if not great conditions.
Played around 7:00 am on Saturday, 10/31. Pretty crowded. Check in through back window facing the first tee. The coffee shop was open (for outdoor dining) before 7:00 which was nice to see. No putting green or chipping area but range was open.

The course was in decent shape. I was in several spots of dirt/mud in the rough and a couple of bare spots in the fairways but overall pretty good. The sand traps had not been raked but I was in one and it was a good lie albeit without an abundance of sand. A couple of the tee boxes had little to no grass. The greens were in good condition. They were running medium slow but rolled well. They were quite firm considering they were 6 weeks post aeration. Several of the greens had been newly aerated around the edges, notably number 1. Those areas were soft and shaggy, making it a challenge to putt from off the green.

Overall, in decent condition.
Played early Sunday, possibly the fourth tee time. Nothing open but the pro shop when we teed off. Quick check in and they were using the loudspeaker to call groups to the tee, so the service was fine. POP was pretty good, right at four hours. The group in front finally sped up on the 14th hole which made the finishing holes nice.

The conditions were decent. I was disappointed because I expect more from ElDo. The greens were really good. No sign of the aeration last month, quite firm and decently fast. They rolled well. The rest of the course did not hold up as well. The rough was cut down and I was on dirt as much as grass when off the fairway. The tee boxes were scruffy generally and crowned on quite a few. The worst was all the bare spots on the fairways, with 10 and 16 being the worst examples that come to mind. ElDo traditionally has thick Kikuyu fairways and seeing big bare spots was surprising. I managed to avoid them probably because I avoided the fairways for the most part.

I like the course and the nice greens made up for a lot. Still recommended even with faults.
I'll be back and hope for more next time.
Played today, Saturday 10/10, before 7:00 am. Pretty tight Covid restrictions still, no chipping or putting green, coffee shop opens at 9:00 am (Covid gets up early?), plexiglass in pro shop, masks in clubhouse area. POP was good, about 4:05. $47 to walk.

The course is in decent shape. Pretty lush fairways with less roll than in prior years. Was not in any bare spots. Rough is a mixed bag and I got mixed results. Sometimes thick, sometimes dirt. I hit more club off the first tee because I have had some bad lies in the rough in the middle of the landing area. Pulled my drive and almost gave up looking before finding it in a thick clump of rough. Oh well.

The greens had been aerated, but only half of them. It was inconsistent on how big of a half. The greens were decently fast on the un-holed portions, not so much on the other sides which are well on their way to be healed but are still soft and slower. I was in several sand traps and they were okay.

Always a good walk, the early overcast skies made a nice cool walk. Got a great photo of Catalina Island behind #10 green, framed by the trees. Nice day on the links.
Played Sunday, 9/6, at 6:50 am. Agree about the funky check-in Covid precautions. One person at a time in the shop which turned out to be two people at a time because they had two people working registers. A lot of people hanging out in front waiting to check in with nothing to do because the putting and chipping areas are still closed. The food truck was open and operating though which was a pleasant surprise that early in the morning. For whatever reason, the halfway house on the course was not open although we went by it before 9:00. Hopefully, considering the expected heat, it opened sometime that day.

We played in less than four hours, waiting on the group in front of us on most shots but a good enough pace to make it not worth complaining. Sad to say there were three open holes behind us at the end so no one else the rest of the morning played that fast. The starter seemed surprised when informed of the gap on our way out.

I was pleasantly surprised with the conditions. In my experience, Harding usually cuts down their rough in the summers. Not so this year. That stuff was thick and lush. I found a few extra balls looking for wayward balls. The fairways were excellent in general. The greens were also nice, running a bit faster than medium. The tee boxes have thick kikuyu so it was harder on par threes to find a thinner spot to put in a tee, otherwise nothing to complain about.

Highly recommended right now.
Played Saturday, 9/5, at around 7:00 am. Went off as a single and joined another single on the third or fourth hole. We finished in 3.5 hours practicing putting and chipping on occasion. Hit a 5some on the last three holes or it would have been faster. I had a later tee time and asked to get out earlier because of the heat. The starter was very accommodating getting me out quickly at an open spot.

First time playing the course and I was impressed with the conditions. Notwithstanding the extreme heat we have had in the later summer, the course was in good to very good condition. It was very wet because of the heat wave so there was no roll. The rough was low enough to find one's ball and high enough to be a factor. I was in one bunker and the sand was a nice compacted hitting surface. It was also groomed. The greens were interesting. Decent speed, medium, and I had to try to read them carefully to determine the break, not always successfully. They were large and challenging.

The course was relatively short, seeming to play shorter than its approximately 6300 yards from the blue tees. They have changed the colors from the scorecard on this site, so the former white is now the blues and there is an orange tee as the back tee. Most tees seemed to me to be elevated as are the greens. I thought that contributed to it seeming to play shorter than the listed yardage, even without much roll in the fairways. It was a forgiving layout also, with mounds on each side of the fairway to catch wayward balls and redirect them somewhat toward the fairway.

Usual LA County covid measures although the putting green and chipping areas were open. The service was slow in the cafe for whatever reason. To go only, through a window at the bar, I waited for a soda before I left but finally went without as the line never moved while I was there.

I look forward to playing it again.
Played Soule Park for the first time on Sunday, 8/30. We were the first group off at 6:20 am so pace of play was not an issue. I believe we played in 3:35 or faster. I left my house late at 4:50 am and was concerned I would not get there on time. Walked into the clubhouse, told the starter who I was, he said great, I was on the tee, and off we went. We could not see our first tee shots but after that it was light enough and everyone found their ball so it was all good.

The only negative was playing the avocado tees with the rest of the group took a lot of the bite out of the course. There was a 100 yard difference between the avocado tees and the next tee back on the #1 handicap number 8. 408 yards versus 310, to a green that would have been really tough to hold with a long iron but was not as difficult with a short iron.

I liked the course. The conditions were good and there were some quirky features to even straightforward holes that kept it interesting. I played with a group in which one guy had course knowledge. That was good because there were times I was not sure where the green was, etc. I liked the short mown areas around the greens that looked like bermuda or bent grass. It was difficult at times for me to pick out where the greens started mainly because quite a few of them are raised slightly, but once again that is a course knowledge thing.

I especially liked the greens. I had quite a few problems with them on the front (20 putts!) and there were some nasty breaks, but nothing unfair in my opinion. They were difficult but fun. All the conditions were top notch. I was only in one bunker and the sand was good. We had trouble finding balls in the rough at times so it was a factor. The fairways were nice.

Overall, I look forward to playing here again. It was pretty crowded when we finished which makes the conditions that much better. It stands up well to the play. I'll be back.
Played Sunday, 8/23, early. Quick check in. No cafe service that I saw nor was the halfway house at the 12th tee open, but they had a bar/beverage stand set up behind the driving range. No putting green or chipping area open but every stall in the driving range was being used as we were finishing. Earlier I heard a loud speaker telling patrons that there was no standing around and waiting or watching, everyone had to be hitting. They were apparently serious because there was a line out front as we were leaving of people waiting to be let in to use the driving range, with a monitor admitting people when space opened up.

The course itself was in pretty good shape. The greens looked nice and rolled well but not what I would call fast. Medium speed. The fairways were good and the rough was a factor. Not overly long but definitely limited hitting out of it. The tee boxes were not level as often as they were so sometimes I had to search for a decent spot.

Pace of play was only okay. The group in front of us was a hole behind after No. 2 and 1.5 holes behind the rest of the way. We finished in 4:15 but we would not have had to wait on every shot and it would have been a half hour faster if we were in front of the group and not behind them. They were also pulling the flag on every hole but 9 and 18 (in front of the clubhouse). Idiots. A lot of bugs out there also on a hot morning made more humid by the water they were putting on the course. No skeeters that I saw so merely annoying.

It was a pretty bare bones experience in terms of amenities but the golf was nice. I can forgive a lot for that. I'll be back.
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