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Played 12-10-2020. This course is a favorite of mine. Love the layout and conditions are always good. There were a few brown spots in the fairways but overall conditions were great. Greens showed signs of healing from punching but rolled fast and true. Tee boxes were perfect as always. I was only in 2 traps . The first was a fairway bunker and was smooth a nice. Soft on top but firm below. The second was on the par 3 9th. It was wet and almost mud. I guess they can't be completely perfect! Could play this course every week and not get tired of it!
Played 9-2-2020. They now have a twilight rate after 3 for $25. This should be the regular price in my opinion but that doesn't count for much. Course is in the best shape it has been all year! Fairways are lush and greens are smooth and moderately fast. Holiday weekends are not the time to check it out unless you are OK with a 3 hour 9 but I am hoping it will stay this nice for the rest of the month. Even the sand is better than normal though I was only in 1 trap. There was a period where the fairways were getting splotchy with many dirt spots. This round there were only 2 spots that were questionable. Come up and get away from the heat and enjoy a fun round!
Played 2-26-20 with GK guru round. Course played well. The fairways looked odd. Don't know if it was sprayed for color or over seeded but they played well. Soft lies for the most part. The heavy grass around the greens was thick and tough to play. Most of the rough was thick but not too penal. Greens showed signs a verticut but rolled nice with good speed. Wasn't in a bunker all day though I rolled through a couple. Tough layout with a few blind shots and hazards all around. Keep it in play or else! Fun layout with large greens on most holes.
Played 2-21-20. I was disappointed after my last round here to see the course slipping into disarray once again. Saw several dead spots all around the course. Tee boxes were brown and dead. Greens once again were nice with good speed but lots of ball marks. Bunkers as usual were hard but playable. The rough was short and provided a nice hitting surface. I am hoping the storm this weekend will provide some much needed moisture. I will keep you informed!
Played 2-14-20. Haven't played here in a year or so. Last time I was here there was still some damage from the flooding they had last year. No sign of damage and the course is in great shape. The greens showed signs of punching but they roll fast and smooth. They didn't break as much as normal but I have encountered this before when the greens are not completely healed. There was no sign of the mud hens that have plagued the course so often. Hope they stay away. Always impressed with the conditions here. Found 1 dead spot on the whole track. Love playing here and hope to get back a number of times this year!
Played 2-12-20. Course is in winter condition. Not real green but plenty of grass ,though a bit dry. Great roll out if you can drive it low. Didn't see any dead spots like most courses I have played lately. Fairway lies were soft and smooth and the rough was really nice to hit from. You have to be careful as shots off line can easily roll out of play. Greens had good speed and rolled true with an occasional bounce here and there. Bunkers ranged from very firm to soft on top with a hard under layer. This course has a really cool variety of holes and some of the coolest views in the area. This is a course I could play every week and not get tired of it. Actually wish I could!
Played 1-20-20. Read a review by amiller with a rating of 4.3 and thought it must be a mistake. After playing today I must agree. Not the course I have always loved so much. Thin everywhere so the rough was not bad. In many ways the best lies were in the rough. Tee boxes were dry and thin and they had the markers so far back that often your back foot was out of the tee ground. On the par 3's it presented a special problem as the ball would sit with an uphill lie. Sand was hard packed with lots of rocks. The greens varied in speed from so slow downhill putts stopped dead to slick enough your putt went past the hole and rolled off the green. A couple greens had large spots where the grass was gone and just a dirt patch. Very disappointing to see this course in this kind of condition. Lots of houses going in and it seems they are more focused on expanding the housing than caring for the course.
Played 1-16-20. I couldn't work out the logistics to join the GK Guru folks and play Reflection Bay but have been going crazy wanting to get out and play. Decided Yucaipa would have to do. Arrived early around 8:15. No one was there so got right out on the course. The tee boxes were flat and short but dry. Fairways are in better shape than I have seen in a long while here. Bunkers were hard and some had LOTS of pebbles and rocks. Greens were very smooth and moderately fast. They were hard so didn't hold well but if you played short they rolled out decent. By far the best I have seen this course in a number of years. Made it worth playing. Played 18 in under 3 hours. The parking lot was still mostly empty when I finished so if you are looking for a quick round this is the place, at least mid-week. A strong 5 in my opinion!
Played 10-20-19 with a group of GKers. Took advantage of the pre opening deal. Course is almost ready but could use a couple more weeks to fill in. Tee boxes were flat and nice. Bunkers were perfect. Greens were OK running a bit slower than what it will be later in the season. There were several spots in the fairways that hadn't grown in and should have been marked as ground under repair so no one played out of them but not the case. On cart scoring system was a huge frustration. Would take scores fine for a couple holes then we would have to go through a bunch of steps to get the scores to enter. We experienced a few other glitches. No starter and we didn't find out till the next day there was a closest to the pin competition and the simulator was closed when we got in. The staff went above and beyond to try and make up for some of the problems but kind of angry to know there were other contests going on.
Still love the course and will play again when the opportunity presents itself!
Played 10-5-19. This course welcomes you with a mock Claret Jug and a castle entrance. The feel is very unique and starts the blood flowing right away. Nice range but very dry and thin. Absolutely loved the course. A fun layout with nice tee boxes lush fairway and tough rough. Traps were firm and deep! Greens were deceptively fast. They look lush and thick like they would be slow but not the case.
Customer service was superb. They took care of us and made sure we knew what to expect and were very helpful and made us feel appreciated. Ate at the restaurant and the fish and chips were great. Another course I would love to play again!
Played 10-5-19. This was the first time playing here. First the bad. No driving range, just mats to hit off in a cage like at Mt. Wilson only smaller. No way to hit your driver then the opening hole you need to hit over water with your first driver swing of the day. Didn't go well for me. The carts have this annoying door bell sound to remind you to fix your divots and ball marks. Our cart kept dinging while we were parked at the tee on a par 3. Every couple minutes it would ring out. Expected it to ring while we were swinging. Very annoying!
The course is a challenge and a treat for the eyes. Beautiful vistas and nice tee boxes. Traps were soft and perfect. Greens were nice but lots of ball marks. Fairways were a little thin in spots but the rough was not too thick but not easy either. Customer service was exceptional. From the time we arrived till we left we were made to feel appreciated. Would love another shot at this course.
Played 8-4-19. Got a great deal through Golf Now for under $40 each. Course is in good shape for the middle of summer. Tee boxes and fairway were lush with some thin spots. Greens were smooth but varied in speed from one section to another. Sand was terrible! Hard as a rock in most bunkers. Only ended up in 1 but others in the group were in many and the condition was the same. Consistent but not good. Frustrating how many ball marks I fixed today of which only a couple were mine. Rough was just that! Rough! Deep enough you could almost lose your ball in it and thick enough to make it tough to get out of. Over all a good course and well worth the money!
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