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Played here yesterday with a couple of shop guys. 10:40 tee time. 44 dollar deal on Tee

Range, got to the course and the range was packed. We figured it wouldn't be as smokey
down there but it was for sure smokey. The range was full tilt. Putting green and chipping area were closed.

Phew!!! I know a lot has been written about the course condition so I'll be brief.
Yes, the fairways are non existent. Like full wasteland. Like dirty Mad Max type of sh-t .
It was kinda fun on the front because its just so different. It was dirt then green.

The greens were still better than Santa Anita's and were watered and soft. For sure some
poc marks and divots but the greens are really the only thing going for this course.

The traps were all pretty terrible although on some holes they were ok.

This course is for sure a 25 dollar course and not 44 but I was grateful to get out and play a place I have never played. While you will almost always lift clean and find a lie, you can still play golf with your friends and the course is wide open so you can fully send your driver without too much trouble. It does get windy and the course does seem to take on a new personality. So, if you like dirty clubs and pasture golf then Victoria may have something for you.
750 Balboa with a friend and paired with a rando.

Smokey Friday morning and the course was moderately busy. Range was open
but only takes exact change or the key but not a CC card. Not even getting into it.

Tee Boxes. tee boxes were good today all pretty lush not seeing anything too mangled.

Fairways, they were pretty good and were well watered. Some of the 70/90 yard
approaches were for sure real wet on the back 9. Like your club will slide through it.

Bunkers, bunkers were super bi polar. Some were raked and pristine others had shovel foot
and others were literally forgotten. Hole 14 green side being one.

Rough, its grabby for sure. Typical city kikuyu around the greens and in the rough. The rough was lush and definitely annoying.

Greens, they were slowish medium, all were pretty wet and watered but not soggy. Pitch marks
weren't too bad either just not snappy although the back had a couple of pin placements that were questionable.

Tee markers on the back were spray painted. Some red, some white, some blue. Couldn't tell if it was a primer coat or if they're changing yardages and some holes had like janky printed ones
on some of the holes on the front. Nice day today, pace of play was 4 hours and we waited a second on a couple of holes. Its always nice to finish rounds swiftly.

Hit up Los Serranos with the boys for a 936am Tee Time. We played the South because the North looks like its getting punched. Course and range were busy.

Range and putting green were open. The chipping area is such an after thought that you could chip golf balls off your floor mats in the parking lot and get a better work out .

Tee Boxes, Tee boxes were good and in good condition.

Fairways, fairways were also in good condition. Although I missed enough of them there could
have been a sink hole on some and I would have never known. ( f&*King driver!)

Rough, rough is doable, if you play a lot of the county courses the rough is similar and the kikuyu was like Griffith so it was like being at home.

Bunkers, they have them there? I kid I kid, I stayed out of them but my buddies were in there and the sand was dry and prewet summer traps with no rake love.

Greens, hmmmm. They were good and bad. A couple of holes like #4 needed to be blown off. there were lots of leaves, sticks, pollen and all other tree barf on it. The greens were watered and wet but the foot traffic around the cups made the ball hop a lot or changes the speed that some putts were missed that are usually made. The greens were true but a little slow. They did look pretty good considering the traffic.

Los Serranos is generally one of the best value courses. Last year for 35/40 we played there a lot. Today it was 57 to ride which kinda sucks. I miss the pre Covid round pricing. Snack Shack was open and it was warm so it was nice to have that available. POP was 4 1/2 today.
650am Tee time for Woodley Lakes

Range was closed. So, I started chipping balls by the front and one of the maintenance guys rolls up on me and in the most condescending way yells, "can't you read"!? To which, I replied," yes" but the range is closed. He got mouthy, I was mouthy back then the range opened shortly after our chat. Playing golf and not being able to warm up when you"re old and crusty is a real bummer. Way too many ranges are closed in the am, yes I know theres maintenance however there was none being done today as the range was packed when I left.

Moving forward.

Tee Boxes, tee boxes were typical county some good some not as good but nothing so egregious that it would be noted.

Fairways, fairways were decent for the most part and looked like they were trimmed and tidy. Lots of geese. Theres always lots of geese, today looked like a Nat Geo special on cranky fowl there were so many of them.

Sand Traps, I was only in 1 and it was ok the sand wasn't too crusty this morning so I'd say they looked better than most like a 7/10.

Rough. Heres where things get different at Woodley. While its wide and flat and you can basically try to break a rib hitting driver on every hole there are consequences for missing here.
The course is in decent condition but the rough and patchy areas around trees, bushes and other areas can be real penal. So missing is cool but just be careful.

Greens, greens were slow but in good shape. Lots of water on them but not too soggy. Big pitch marks today because of the water so you could get a little greedy. Holes 12 and 16 had some patchyness too them but nothing too major.

POP, was pretty quick today 4 hours.

Woodley is a fun course to live free and die hard on. The condition was good and for 28 bucks totally worth it for a pre round of work, and remember, don't hit balls in the front unless you want an English quiz.
San Dimas for a 1210Pm Golf Now Deal.

Played with another fitter from the shop. Range, putting green all closed. Check in was super fast and the 1 tee was wide open.

Tee Boxes, tee boxes were ok but most of the par 3's were rough and number 10 back blue box was a wreck. Crooked and lop sided boxes on a few holes as well.

Fairways, fairways are pretty good for the most part although less heat and more water isnt a bad thing for them either.

Traps, they were pretty good. Some did have some deep footprints but its a Saturday round and not the Masters.

Rough, fair enough I guess, nothing too gnarly.

Greens, Yup! They were for sure quick and rolly. As much as I hate American Golf they do generally have pretty good greens. Greens were watered and quick, fair amount of poc marks but for the traffic they were still some of the best in the area.

30 bucks today was for sure a good deal at San Dimas. POP was good for a while then got sluggish around 11. Play San Dimas to test your putter but dont spend 60 to play here as there are other courses that can compete for less.
850 tee time. Last minute jump on round. Its been a few years since Ive played here.

Range, range was open, putting green closed. Balls are ok the range is super green and lots of targets.

Tee Boxes, tee boxes were all pretty nice although the tee markers on 11 were such BS. I wish we could post pics in the review so you could see what absolute s%$T it was. It was you literally have to start a reverse Bubba cut off the tee to avoid the trees or bladed 60 degree to have a chance at hitting the fairway.

Fairways, fairways were nice and green not too much to complain about.

Bunkers, they were pretty nice and couple of them look like they got new sand.

Rough, rough was the rough. Nothing too difficult. It does get a little sticky around the greens with the heat and water the kikuyu can still get you.

Greens, greens were a little slow but rolled ok. The green conditions though were nice and not too chewed up. Also, it would be nice if ghetto f%$Ks wouldn't spit their sunflower seeds all over the putting greens. I don't know when this became a thing but think about it. Why the f%$K mow, roll , water and trim greens so some dickface slob can spit his seeds all over the green. Like in the entire vastness of the course you need to spit your seeds all over the greens. It isnt a pick up game at the park. Its obvious you suck at golf and probably did at baseball.

Closing, course was in solid condition. Lots of water (it was steamy) and hot out. 41 bucks to walk, pretty good deal for good course condition. POP was slow, apparently there was some sort of tournament today. Long Beach Sandbaggers or something.
Played Debell with a 620am tee time. It was a cool misty morning. Course was a little quiet
when we tee'd off.

Tee Boxes, tee boxes could use some attention. A lot of them looked driving rangeish with lots
of leftover tees. The greens keeper came by on 16, shook his head and collected a handful. He seemed a little annoyed.

Fairways, they were pretty good there are a couple of holes that have some rough spots but they were decent for the most part.

Bunkers, I was in 2 fairway bunkers and the sand wasn't wet so it was way better than some of the recent traps at other courses. The other traps looked raked.

Rough, I know I always mention you shouldn't be in the rough but there are a few spots that could for sure use attention. Like parts of the course I doubt the greenskeeper has even seen in years. The rough could use some clean up on the back 9.

Greens, well, I usually complain about green speeds being too slow. Today that was not the case. I was above the hole at 9 and the putt was so fast with so much break on a baby love tap
putt. It was nice to not have to ram rod the putting surface today thats for sure. The greens were in pretty good shape and had a lot of break at the cup.

Debell for 45 is a little steep for what it is but the greens and general condition of the course is pretty good pending you keep the ball on the straight and narrow. Otherwise, Debell can get a little tedious at times.
630 am tee time with the old guys.

Place was busy early and stayed steady throughout the day.

Santa Anita, why do your greens have to be so slow? The putting green at the store is literally
faster and rolls better than SA did today. d%mn !

Tee Boxes: Some were good and some are bad. Its a constant thing there, just depends on where they put the markers on the tee.

Fairways: Looks like the summer grass is going dormant so it gives a slight British Open feel
when you meander down the fairways The usual cart path trouble spots are all the same but the fairways were pretty good although 2 was like 1st cut rough in the middle of the fairway. Some of the fairways were dirt and hardback due to poor drainage so some sidehill lies were pretty barren.

Bunkers: Ditched those things today and stayed sand free.

Rough: Rough is the rough, pretty standard like most of the courses, nothing too brutal.

Greens: Jesus wept!!!! Man! Could these greens be any slower!? 45 bucks to walk and the greens are literally slower than the blunt rollers and beer smugglers Los Feliz 3 Par games Friday night. Don't get me wrong, pounding beer and slow putting is the best however for 45 bucks at least let the greens roll. The greens were cut and some holes were poc'd up but its kinda the usual at the public courses. Its not like the greens aren't maintained they're just slow and very textured.

Santa Anita could be so much better if they could put some more care into the course. There are great views and some scenic holes but its for sure spendy compared to other courses in the area that will for sure provide better course conditions and certainly better green speeds for the price.

Later !
Played Hansen yesterday with a group of degenerate gamblers. We had a 810 tee time.

Range was quiet. Only a few people out. The course wasn't super busy but there were slots filled throughout the day.

The weather was warm, then hot, then windy then you're almost done with the round and then its over.

Tee Boxes. boxes were decent and not too much to note.

Traps, the traps were the usual half raked and half footstep waste area on a lot of the traps. They are also either making the traps smaller or redoing them on holes 12 and 18. They had a Bobcat or one of those bulldozer things (I'm not in landscaping or excavation) out on those traps moving something around. So it was not sand as it was freshly scrapped dirt.

Fairways, cut grass delight in the early am made for grassy cleats and grassy cart wheels Lots of cut grass however, the course was in good condition. Its interesting, for as hot as it gets out there the fairways weren't roached like some of the others in the area.

Rough, just like the other city courses. Don't go in the rough and you won't drop strokes. Its thick and its grabby, like a gypsy in France.

Greens, greens were slowish whatever. It would have been nice if they were faster although the pounding death rays of the sun make that a little tough. Greens rolled ok and there was
some plink factor on a couple of holes, mostly from old pitch marks but the greens were green and not too soggy.

Hansen dam looked great and the course layout is a little nicer to someone that is a draw player. The gimmick ness of holes 10/11 are pretty lame but thats golf. POP wasn't so bad we played in 415. Loosing money is a bummer but playing golf during the week is cool so theres that. All in all a good day on the links.
Late tee time yesterday at Wilson. 1:55PM.

Busy out there on both courses. Hot and breezy for most of the day. The check in process
is so different from course to course, and this place is one of the sticktest (if thats a word).

For all you tech weenies, there's that shot tracking GPS stuff at the range. Shot Tracer, or tracker or something official sounding. Although it was available no cheap asses were using it in their stalls.

We played the blacks that makes for some challenges especially later day wind on some of the holes on the back.

Tee boxes were pretty good although some were pretty crappy. The usual holes like 8, 10, 16 were suspect for sure.

Rough, the rough here is hard. Its thick and thatchy, parts of it were just like when they hold the LA City, just ball smothering anaconda grab. Choke down, extra club and rip.

Sand Traps, was only in one, they were raked but it was really more of the usual real dry sugar sand but not sweet or good.

Fairways, it's tough at Wilson with the gopher problem on that course, even more so than Harding. The gophers jack that place up for sure, thats why theres so many coyotes around there. Some of it is just nature and the fairways and rough get thrashed and since they're not allowed to gas them the greens keepers use other techniques to flush those furry grass vandals out. That being said Wilson was very pretty.

Greens, greens were decent but a touch slow. Like some that generally don't need extra love stroke were slower. The pin placement on the 11 par 3 was total BS. Its a tough enough hole and to have that location was aggravating because that hole is one that keeps you in making the Wilson corner of holes 7-11. That being said, if people weren't such lazy pieces of trash and could just possible fix their ball marks they wouldn't put the pin positions like the 74 US Open at Winged Foot. There were so many poc marks on the front of 1, 6,8,9,14. Just fix your ball marks, its not that hard. Its funny because these are the same sh-t ty players that cant hit the greens so 3,11,16 all look like the rest of the course should look. if you're laying up to a par 4, fix your ball mark its the least you can do in the spirit of golf.

POP was good, it was busy but we clipped through in a little over 415.

Halfway house was open and the restrooms are open.

Play well and fix those ball marks.

Haven't played this place since they used to have the two courses.

11:40 Tee time just in time for the Corona death heat to start doing its thing.

Putting green was open and looked great.

I hate blasting courses. I love golf and I understand its hard running an operation and probably
even more so now. However...........

Tee Boxes: Terrible, the boxes need to be leveled and for sure mowed. I would have to use a tee ball set up just to get enough grass clearance to have a tee shot on 3 holes.

Fairways: They were also spotty, some had grass other spots had dirt and other spots had just earth.

Rough: Golfers shouldn't be there so its whatever.

Sand traps. Like playing on clumpy sugar. The sand was so dry the club just slid underneath the sand. Just sucks with the Covid and the trap situation currently.

Greens. Im aware that its hot but geez Louise! The greens were slow. They were very green and looked pretty good with the exception of one that looked like there was a large cross gouged out of it. Spongy and slow, the ball just had no roll. Having the Poa annua pop sucks for a putting stroke.

Personally, the course condition is one of the worst I've played in the last few months. Its a shame because I think the layout is pretty cool and some of the views with the trains makes for a cool experience. It has that rustic overtones mixed in with the old school design like some of the tracks in the area, It would be nice to see a little bit more attention to the course. POP was 4 1/2 but for sure today was white tee hackers paradise. I must have found a dozen Kirkland balls out there like some just bought an ammo cans worth and went full send on all the holes. 56 bucks for the weekend was a little stiff for the condition but hey, played golf today and all that cant be that bad.
Played San Dimas Yesterday for a 635am tee time with a some of the guys from the shop.

The Covid protocol between all these course locally is so drastically different. San Dimas, you cannot share carts unless you live with the person but not if you drove together. I spent more time on the first tee with this riddle than I did managing my tee shot.

Tee Boxes, they were pretty good although some of them were kinda shredded.

Fairways were all pretty good except for a couple in the back that were brown but its the usual San Dimas.

Sand Traps, traps were hit and miss. On a couple of them bigfoot must have been having a rough day. Huge footprints in some of them. The sand was that previously wet but now baked dry, Its a shame because the sand quality here is pretty good.

Greens, greens are generally pretty snappy here. Some tough pins and the greens were rolly. Of course theres those holes where the greens break contrary to natural physics.

San Dimas is a fun course because theres so many shots to hit off the tee and the greens can give you fits sometimes.
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