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Fairways are dormant grass and—in some spots—dirt. I don’t know how they will improve over the next few months because the fairways are dormant/dead. The rough is very lush and—in some spots—a muddy bog. Great course, but conditions are a little off.
Customer service was outstanding and the course was in better shape than the PGA West courses we played the day before. Fun layout, fantastic course conditions, and a great value. This course doesn't get the headlines that some of its neighboring courses receive, but we would not hesitate to play it again. Excellent course!
We played the Stadium and Nicklaus courses on 12/3. The greens on the stadium course were a little hairy--probably about 2 weeks away from being fantastic. Still very good, but a touch on the slow side. The greens on the Nicklaus course were more firm and a bit quicker. I'd rate both courses very good. In a few weeks, both should be excellent.
Played 36 on 10/31.

Pace of play: Our foursome played the first 18 in 3 hours. Saw the Marshall 4 or 5 times. The second 18 was 4.5 hours, with long waiting times on the par 3s and a few of the shorter par 5s. Never saw the Marshall in the afternoon. Would love to see courses doing more to move slow groups along and make sub-4 hour rounds the standard.

Condition: Very good, but not up to Ram's Hill's very high standard. Greens were slow and the fairways were patchy in spots. This is our first time playing so early in RH's season (they opened for play only last week), so maybe the comparison to mid-season conditions isn't fair. But one of the primary selling-points for this course in the middle of nowhere is spectacular playing conditions. Right now, the conditions are very good, but several rungs short of spectacular.

Layout: Fun! Nice variety of holes, hole shapes, and green sizes and shapes. Very few homes bordering the holes and most holes have very good aesthetics.

Other amenities: Carts are excellent, with HD-GPS screens, usb ports, etc. Driving range is excellent. The Ram Shack (snack shack) is solid (for what it is), and the restaurant has lots of outdoor eating areas. Beverage cart made regular passes. Pro shop, starter, and other staff were excellent.
Course is overseeding the rough on the front 9 (with some cart restrictions) and will be overseeding the rough on the back 9 next week. They are not overseeding the fairways this year.
Greens are still recovering from aeration. Several tee boxes are closed for what appears to be overseeding (so blue tees were either playing way up or way back). Rest of the course is in good shape.
We played both the North and South on 7/24. Pace of play was glacial, but the weather was great. The greens on the North Course have more ball marks and imperfections, but they rolled much better than the greens on the South. (We played the South second, so by the time we finished (near sunset), putts were wobbling all over the place.) Rough is still fairly tame on both courses.
Course is in great shape. Greens are firm, but still soft enough to hold well-struck shots. They have a new guy in the pro shop (and who occasionally serves as the starter) who always seems bent out of shape, but the course is so much fun and is reliably in good-to-great condition, that it's easy to overlook the one bad apple in the bunch.
Only 9 holes are currently open. Course conditions are slightly improved--if only because the course was closed for so long and saw no play. We did not receive an update re when they would have the full 18 open again on the Legends side.
We play Aviara a few times per month and the conditions are almost always perfect, so there's not much to update in terms of course conditions. But we played twice this week, and the course--while still in near-perfect condition--appears to be undergoing some slight maintenance tweaks:

(1) The rough is shorter than I recall ever seeing it during the past 12-18 months;
(2) The fairways are a bit more firm; and
(3) They continue to thin out the surrounding trees (dramatically so on No. 17)

As usual, course conditions are superb. Greens 9 & 18 were recently punched and sanded, but still very playable (and surprisingly fast).

The course was tentatively planning to close for 6-9 months for a general refresher/remodel--rebuilding certain greens, replacing the grass on the greens, rebuilding and moving a few bunkers, and modifying a few tees. But it sounds like that project has been put on hold and will likely not happen for at least another year (if at all).
Greens are still recovering--running very slow, bumpy, sandy, ball marks, etc. When healed, I prefer the greens on the North to the Greens on the South. But right now, the South greens are in much better shape. Also, it looks like poa annua is infiltrating the North's greens. Otherwise, the North Course is in typical non-tournament condition.

Pace of play was slow--but not terrible. We started at 7:15 and finished in just over 4.5 hours. By the time we left, the course was packed to the gills with multiple groups waiting around the first tee. Part of the problem is slow play. The other part of the problem is that the practice putting greens are closed and the driving range has reduced capacity--and every spot was taken the morning we played--so everyone tends to mull around the tee box waiting for their time to be called.
Our foursome was the second group off the tee and we finished in 3 hours, 15 minutes. The first group (a foursome, walking) probably finished in just a tad over 3 hours. The group behind us was not yet to the 15th green when we teed off on 18.

The course itself is in decent shape: rough is short, fairways are OK, greens are slow (did not appear to have been cut or rolled that morning), bunkers are still in very good shape. Putting green is still closed.

Views are nice, but there is no way I'd pay roughly $225 (non-resident rate) to play the course when it is not in tournament condition--especially with the notorious pace-of-play problems that plague both the North and South courses.
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