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Now known as BayView, it is a work in progress. They are definitely putting time, work and money into this layout. I never played it when it was Summitpointe, so nothing to compare it to. It is a quirky, hilly, shot makers layout. I was in the fairway most of the day and never had a bad lie. But I can see the course still needs time to grow in fully. One of the nines was closed for a while, but I couldn't tell you by playing which one it was. Greens are smallish, sloped and super fast. Seemed to be small hole punched recently, but wasn't really noticeable on putts. Don't be above the hole. I got a $22W/cart Golf Now deal. So well worth it. I will be very interested to see this course in the late spring.
Must have forgotten to submit this. Played 10/16. Course is in pristine shape.Tight,quirky, shot makers course. Beautiful surroundings. Not my kind of course,didn't play so well,and had an absolute blast. Closes at the end of the month. If you get a chance and the weather cooperates, I highly recommend checking it out.
The photos looked nice but the reviews seemed lackluster so I wasn't sure what to expect. The course fits my game to a tee and I played well so maybe this is a rose colored review. I loved this layout. Its a short(6150tips) compact somewhat tight layout set in a picturesque valley. It has three 300yd par 4 holes and a good mix of medium and stout par 4's and 5's. Fairways were lush with decent roll. Greens were medium fast with tricky breaks. They held high shots but balls hit short would run up. Not sure when the course was built but the greens were somewhat turtle backed. Don't know if that was by design or how they ended up after years of maintenance, but putting had to be given proper attention. Not a lot of bunkers on the course and I wasn't in any but they looked fine. No rakes. The surrounding brown hills were a nice contrast to the green course, I'd like to see it in the spring when it's all green. The negative. Tee boxes were a little slanted and the five par 3's were all about the same distance on the card. They tried to move the tees a bit but 5 different shots would have been perfect. The 2nd hole has an alternate hole and the one not in play looked much more interesting. $24 hot deal time that came with a cart but it seemed very walkable with some elevation change. Tees and greens very close to each other and the course does seem somewhat shoehorned into the site. It doesn't really remind me of anything I have ever played in the area. I highly recommend it and am curious what others think.
Found a day where it was not a gabillion degrees in Sacramento last week, so I decided to
cross another muni off my list. 3:30 walking $21. Certainly worth it, but if u play late I think the food closes early. Played the white tees at 6297, blues are 6569. I thought the course was in very good muni shape. The fairways were pretty plush if spotty. I never had a bad lie but I saw quite a few spots that would be marked GRU in a tourney. First green was super spongy and very slow. The rest held pretty good and were medium speed and smooth. Traps were Sacramento decent and deceptive. Many were short of the greens but looked green side. A lost art. The tee boxes were all slanted but I hit a lot of fairways so maybe that's what my game needs. A fair challenge on a nice tree lined course.
I try to play here once a year. Outside of Pebble and maybe Spyglass this is the best public course in California. Conditions were pristine. Greens were perfect, I don't know what they stimped at but they were probably slow for Pasatiempo. Looks like someone must have stole all the white flags from the greens keeper, lotta blue flags, lotta 3 putts.
I got a deal thru golf now,not cheap but well worth it. I think they charge $300 without a cart these days. So maybe bucket list territory. Truly a must play. Highly recommend.
I was surprised to find no reviews for this course considering the area, so I'll ramble a bit. The guy I played with said it used to be a pig pen and that google leased the property and fixed it up. Who knows. I would call it a nice muni/military hybrid. Flat,tree lined decent mix of holes. I played the blue tees 6572. About 250 yards longer than the whites mostly on 4 or 5 holes. Three par fives were over 540 yards and two par threes were over 200 yards and all in the teeth of the wind. The one short par three had a temp tee box at 100 yds. 3:30 tee time $29 walking rate. The wind blew at a constant 15 mph almost always in your face. It's by the water so I assume it is always windy and the afternoons are worse. The course was in very good shape. Pretty plush fairways with decent roll. Receptive lush greens with medium muni speeds.The cups had an immovable metal bracket holding the flag in place, so only putts that dribbled in stayed in the hole. I was in one greenside bunker with lots of soft fluffy sand half the bunkers looked like that and others look like they had only dirt in them. I had to pick something up near the course which is over an hour from my house so my final assessment is this: If you are in the area its worth playing, I'm glad I got to knock it off my list. The putting holes and the temp tee bugged me but not enough to not play it. $29 to walk seemed alright but I think if you play earlier and ride it's more like $60
Played this course as a member for the day thru Golf Now. $48 hot deal on a Fri @ 12:00.
Don't know how often they offer this as I just stumbled upon it. Well worth any golfers time. Course was in good winter shape. The club was playing winter rules. LCP. I played it down. Ball picked up mud on most tee shots but didn't plug on any of them. Carts were 90deg. No mud on my pants or shoes. The greens are the real treat here. Perfect shape, true roll, diabolical subtle breaks. Not a lot of slope but every put was a hard read in a good way. Sand traps were on the thin side otherwise a good solid golf course. A real treat to play. Highly recommend.
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