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Played 8-5-18

Course is in good overall condition, with a mix of green to brown summer fairways and lush tee boxes. They have let a bit of rough grow and it is short but definitely adds to the challenge on an already long and tough track. Greens were on the firm side and rolling medium fast. The heat has been brutal up here with almost 50 days of hundred plus temps and they have done an excellent job of keeping the greens smooth. Bunkers, as always, hit and miss.
Played 8-10-18

The wind was up, the course was virtually empty. On days like the one we played, where the wind is whipping (2 clubs), the wide fairways and large greens are appreciated.

The course was more green than I recall it ever being. Most of the tees had good coverage and were level. A few were brown and patchy. The fairways were a blend of green and brown and nearly every lie was good. Rough, which I cant remember ever having any was short and green in many areas. Having the rough helps define the holes and is a welcome addition. The native areas between holes were mostly cut down and/or bare. Bunkers are all grass and ranged from rough filled to patchy grass.

Greens, unfortunately, many have areas of disease. The greens and/or areas of greens that were unaffected were nice and smooth and rolling at slower speed. All of them were on the softer side.

Pace was exceptional at under 3 hours.
Played with Johnny and the GK crew. Course is as always challenging with many deep bunkers, large greens and brutal native grasses. The course has changed the way it maintains everything. In the past everything was firm and hard. Now it is lush and soft. The bad is that soft greens mean ball marks and soft fairways mean it plays longer. The good is that shots hold on greens with nearly every club and tee balls that are borderline stop in the first cut rather than bound into the deep stuff which reduces the pace killing ball searches. Once the temps are less brutal I am sure the greens will go back to being firm and fast. Always a definite recommendation for this course from me.
Played 6-3-18

The course is green everywhere.
Tees had only occasional divot areas on par 3s, all other holes were good coverage with a few spots where they have started to settle and have slight uneven lies, but always able to find an area that is flat.
Rough has been let to grow out slightly and is actually a good barrier against offline balls going into the deep trouble.

Greens were fantastic, smooth and on the fast side.

The course was surprisingly wet in many areas and made the course play longer and made run up shots a roll of the dice. (many shots require this approach or chipping technique and the soggy surrounds took away the option on many holes)
Sand was very hit and miss, rock hard to perfect for the bunkers our group members played.

WATER for drinking!!!

There are no fountains or spigots on course. There used to be a few coolers placed on course with bottled water available. No longer. Temperatures in the Valley are over 100f for basically 3 months straight. It is unacceptable to not have water. One of our group reached heat exhaustion level from dehydration. It would not only be a courtesy to players to find a solution, but is a health issue.
Neither GN nor the course mentioned the sanded greens nor the tournament. Not good when two players drive an hour and the other two more than an hour and a half.

Another person in my group made the reservations so I failed to check here for aeration alert WHEN WILL I LEARN

Pace was close to 5 1/2 hours
Most of course is green with a few patches of brown.
Course has a great layout in a rural location.
Everything is almost completely green after recent rains and perfect temps.
Many of the bunkers have new sand that is very playable.
Greens were a little beat up from a morning tournament, but are typically very good to excellent.
Some of the native grass is still being unnecessarily watered (sprinklers were on in early evening) and pace slows accordingly due to lost ball searches.
Early spring update. The course is almost entirely out of dormancy and there was good coverage nearly everywhere.

Greens were rolling quick and were firm. I'm talking no pitch marks were even being made with the highest and/or longest of shots, Rock hard if you will. The best part of no one making marks is of course that they rolled smooth and true.

Previous review has more details.
Played Mar 13

Tees were mostly good with areas of damage and some unlevel

Fairways were hit and miss as many varieties of grass are present and dormant to green could be had as a lie

Green surrounds were also hit and miss anything from lush to bare

Rough was non existent

Greens were mostly good smooth and medium to fast. There were a few greens that had very poor patches. The difficulty is reading these greens as the land slopes mostly towards the valley bottom but visually it fools you, definitely a home course advantage here.
Played 2-19-18

Ditto for everything Alex stated in his review LOL

The sand has been spread out in the bunkers leaving anything from a thin layer on hard pan to actual inches of playable sand depending on the individual bunker.
The greens were firm and quick with little to no damage.
Some green is starting to break through in fairway areas.
The new crew has been working hard.

The greens have made a miraculous turnaround in the short time the new owners have had the course. Three months ago they were terrible. Now they are mostly smooth quick and semi firm. There are a few areas where they have not recovered, but by spring they should be on point. The bunkers have been worked (yay!) and are very playable. Speaking of work, the evidence is everywhere and we saw more grounds crew out and active than any of us could recall. Trees and bushes all over the course have been trimmed and or removed. (won't miss the oleanders)
The course is dormant except the green complexes. Everything has been mown to playable height and I look forward to spring to see just how good this place may become when it is green.
Winter update

Course is dormant except tees and greens. Tees are good. Greens are firm and quick but have definite areas with issues patchy marked bumpy (the small greens just never get any rest)
Quick winter update
Entire course is dormant except greens. Greens are firm, quick and smooth.

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