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Played here 7/21 with a 9:00am tee time. What can I say.... it was HOT..... I don't think the Devil himself would have played. 117 degrees when we finished and 107 when we tee'd off. However, course was in fantastic shape as can be expected.
Greens- 9/10 didnt hold balls too great but were firm and natural
fairways- 9/10 A few dry spots on hole #9 due to the summer heat but all the other fairways were green and lush
rough- 10/10 penalizing yet playable
sand- 6/10 a lot must have been blown out being in the desert. Was in 2 traps and they were pretty rocky.
water- 7/10 Hole 18 stunk a bit...
tee boxes- 7/10 some damage on the first par 3 and a lot of damage on hole 9 blue white combo tee.

POP was 4.5 hours. Would have been fast but we had to stop 3 times for drinks in the heat. Cart girl came by 3 times. Staff was very friendly and loaded bags on carts for us. Was able to play for $67
Sorry it's been awhile since I have posted a review. Hard to get out when you have twin 9 month old babies. Anyways my score definitely showed here...... First time out in 2 months and shot my worst score in 3 years 108! Yikes! Now to the conditions.... I do have an excuse because the rough on this course is THE HARDEST I HAVE EVER PLAYED. I couldn't get out of it no matter what! Ball would be buried. I felt like I was playing Bethpage black with the length of it.

Greens- 10/10 great and rolled true!
Rough- 1/10 - Too long ! beyond penalizing. A 2 Iron couldnt even cut threw it. 3-4 inches in length!
Fairways- 8/10 trim and good coverage a few bare spots
tee boxes- 5/10 - hit and miss some were great and some were not
sand- 8/10- hole #3 had rocks in it but most were ok.
water- clean and clear
Pace of play was good- 4.5 hours despite me crapping all over the course
staff was friendly and kind saw the cart girl twice.

If you're in the fairway its a fair course. Note- If you're not, there's no way you are saving par! This is coming from a 16 handicap! =)
Played here Friday 4/16/21 with a 7:10 tee time. My friend and I were able to get out a little early. The greens had been recently punched but it wasn't noticeable except on holes 16 & 17 which were pretty sandy. What can I say about this course. It's beautiful! Manicured fairways, soft sand, penalizing rough and water that comes into play on 10 of the 18 holes. This course is a "MUST PLAY!" Staff were friendly and clubhouse amenities were impressive.

Greens- 8/10 rolled true but were a bit slow due to the aerating
fariways- 9/10 green and lush (a few divots that weren't fixed that my ball landed in)
rough- 10/10 green and penalizing as it should be
Sand- 9/10 soft and fluffy, 1-2 of them had some small rocks in them.
tee boxes- 7/10 Most were in good shape. a few on the back 9 might need to be moved as I saw some damage starting on them.
Water- 10/10 clean and clear and did not smell.
staff- 10/10 friendly, courteous and helpful.
Played this course as a once in a lifetime experience. Please know that the average trip to pebble beach will cost you anywhere between $2,000-$5,000 dollars. We drove the 5.5 hour drive up north to play, stayed at a best western and paid the $550 green fees. It was beyond worth it! We also spent about another $1,000 in the proshop between my friend and I.

I highly recommend if you play this course that you pay for the fore caddy. It's about $130 plus a tip at the end but it will help you greatly if you've never played this course.

What can I say..... Conditions were immaculate . We walked the course and played it in 4 hours. (Little tip- Hole 6 make sure you up on top of the hill or your calves will be hating you!) Its a hell of a hike!

Pro-shop, practice greens, everyone was so friendly and kind. Best golfing experience I have ever had in my life! I can only hope everyone gets to play this course once in your lifetime! We got to play 16 days before the AT&T Pebble beach Pro -AM tournament so conditions were perfect. Played from the tips to compare to the pros and well...... I shot a 99. Guess I need to shave 27 strokes off my score to make the PGA haha!!
Played here 11/21/20 with a 6:22 am tee time. My friend and I were the 3rd group out for the day and didn't have to wait much on the foursome in front of us. played in 4 hours. Conditions are good!

Greens- 8/10 - would be 10/10 but lots of ball marks that werent fixed which isn't normal for this course. Means there was a recent tournament of inconsiderate people

fairways- 8/10- good coverage and trimmed

rough- 9/10 always penalizing and long but not too long where you cant find your ball

sand- 9/10- fluffy and soft was in 2 traps. One did have some rocks in it on 16 FYI

Tee Boxes- 6/10- this is where they need work. A bit chopped up, might need to move them more frequently and let the grass recover.

Water- smelled clean and clear.
Played here 10/3/20 with a 9:00 am tee time. Got paired with another single and a twosome. Played in 5 hrs. Would have been 4 hr but the last 5 holes the group in front of us decided to sit and talk on the greens and take their sweet time..... Course conditions:

Greens- 8/10- All were in great shape except hole 9 which was patchy and a bit tore up
Fairways- 8/10- Mostly good coverage, green and trimmed
Rough- 9/10- Penalizing but not too long where you cant find a ball. Good coverage and green
Sand- N/A All bunkers were under repair and were played as a free drop.
Tee Boxes- 7/10- About 70% were in good shape. Hole 5 needed some work. Definite damage and not level.
Water- clean and clear
** Ordered a Gatorade and water on hole 2 from the cart girl. She took my credit card and I didn't see her until hole 17. It was 102 degrees out. I was not too happy with the cart girl service. This is the first time I had to actually call the clubhouse and ask if she was still making rounds. Im guessing she parked somewhere and sat in the shade.
Played here Friday 9/11/20 with a 7:00 am tee time. Was paired with a twosome who are regulars. Course is in good condition, green and watered.

Pace of play was 4 hours, never saw a cart girl. Starer and clubhouse was very friendly. Hit a small bucket of balls on the range and range is nice natural grass.

Greens- 9/10 green, rolled smooth, sped up as temperatures warmed up started off pretty slow
fairways- 10/10 - green good coverage and not too many unfilled divots
rough- 6/10 hit and miss in places. some was real thick and others was just a bit thicker than the fairways.
sand- 7/10 hard to judge because they were wet but seemed pretty legit to get out of. No rocks in them
Tee Boxes- 6/10 some par 3's had a lot of damage on them and need some work.
Water- clean and clear no problems.
Played here 9/6/20 with a 6:30 am tee time. Temperatures were supposed to reach 117 today so wanted to get out before we died. When we tee'd off it was 82 degrees and by hole 9 it was 97. Pace of play was good at 4 hours for our foursome. Never had to wait since they put 2 twosomes in front of us and there was no one waiting behind us so we played ready golf to make sure if someone did come from behind they wouldnt have to wait in the heat. Course is VERY green despite being so hot and dry outside. Staff was very friendly and starter did a great job getting people out on time and moving groups through.

Greens- 9/10 started slow and sped up as temperatures went up rolled true
fairways- 10/10- perfect coverage, no bare spots and green everywhere
rough- 7/10- green but in some areas a little too long where you would lose your ball and not be able to see it.
Tee boxes- 8/10- most were level and flat, a few had some damage on them #13 needs to be fixed and repaired for the score to go up to a 9/10 here. 13 was real bad.
Sand- Only in one trap and it was fluffy (hole 6 par 3)
Water- clean and clear but on hole 9 it stunk a little bit.

Great course and we paid $87. A little steep but it was labor day weekend. This is a $60-$75 max course. If you're paying over $75 you should look elsewhere for a better deal. Its a top tier course but runner up to oak quarry which is only 5 miles south of it. ALWAYS RECOMMEND THIS COURSE THOUGH!
Played here Friday 9/4 with a 6:12 am tee time. Paid $108. Not much to say other than you get what you pay for in a GOOD WAY! Course is in the best condition I have ever seen it. Everything green, flat, repaired fluffed and smooth. Greens, fairways, rough, sand, tee boxes and water all 10/10/ Perfect score. POP was great at 3.5 hours. Would have been 3 hours if we didnt have to wait on 18 for the group to hit two tee shots each.....
Played here Saturday 8/22/20 with a 7:20 am tee time. My friend and I were able to play as a twosome. The champions course actually had the LPGA Symetra tournament going on at the same time. 20-30 yr old women in golf skirts..... (Can't complain!) Anyways we played the Legends course. What can I say other than I have never seen both courses in better shape. I even heard the GM is out there on the mower himself doing work to keep the course looking great! This is the best I've ever seen it (AND IT'S SUMMER AND HOT!) Everything was green, immaculate and well kept. A couple holes had some tee boxes that had a little damage and were not flat but other than that it was perfect!
Greens-10/10 rolled true and started slow due to the moisture but sped up later
Fairways- 10/10- Great coverage, green and I never saw a dead spot!
Rough- 9/10 Amazing, thick and Green but not so deep you cant find your ball.
Tee Boxes- 8/10- Most were level and flat with coverage a few were beaten up.
Sand- 9/10 - was in 3 traps and all three had fluffy brown sand. The bunkers here are either flat or very steep!

I ENJOYED THE COURSE A LOT! POP was 3 hr 52 min!
Played here 7/24/20 as our second 18 holes for the day. By the time we tee'd off at 11 it was hot as hell out. 95 degrees. Worst part of this course is there is absolutely ZERO SHADE! No water stations due to covid-19 and we felt we were going to pass out by hole 8-9. We went to clubhouse and got gatorade and water and finished. Conditions have improved dramatically here and all the fairways now have grass! Short cut grass with lots of roll on the fairways. The burms are super annoying especially if you havent played this course (or forgot which holes had burms like i did) Had to take 4 penalties because of them! Pace of play was 3.5 hours. Would have been 6 hrs but the group in front of us 4 young college kids (2 girls and 2 guys) let us pass. They were screwing around and just having fun out there.

Greens- 10/10 held balls well and rolled true, were slow in speed and scoreable putts
fairways- 7/10 This is based off last time here. Compared to other courses fairways are a 6/10 but this course has improved its fairways dramatically and by winter will be a 10/10 and 9/10 compared to other courses.
Rough- N/A no rough on this course, youre either on the fairway or you're in dirt and hills and burms.
Sand- 8/10 - fluffy and able to get out of it.
Water- seemed clear and clean
Tee Boxes- 10/10 flat and good coverage able to hit great tee shots.
Played here Friday 7/24/20 with a 6:40am tee time. First time here and I was very pleased with staff friendliness and conditions. Pace of play was 4 hours for me with 2 friends. We played a threesome. Had to wait on a group in front of us for a couple holes but not too bad. Hole 8 is one of the most beautiful holes I have ever seen! The ground crew was constantly working on every hole. We saw workers on every hole. Almost to the point where it got a little annoying at times but still made me happy seeing them putting in work. This course is well maintained and it should be. Definitely an elite course in the temecula area. I put it right behind cross creek. Staff was friendly. Never saw the cart girl but it was an early morning tee time,

Greens- 8/10 held balls well and rolled true with some deceiving reads
fairways- 7/10 little over watered in areas but mostly good coverage
rough- 9/10- long and penalizing but you didnt lose your ball
sand- 5/10- some were concrete hard and others were white sand and fluffy. Carts said to play all bunkers as GUR but we played out of them and didnt notice the sign on the cart til hole 15 haha
Tee box- 9/10- flat and good coverage. I hit off the mat and was pleased with all but 2-3 tee boxes.
water- didnt smell and all seemed clean.

Highly recommend this course. Definitely a course that's going to cost you anywhere between $80-$110 and its worth that. Course isn't worth more than $110 per round though. I think $80-$90 is about right for it.
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