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Played out here around 1 on my second round of the with the GK crew. It was almost a perfect day with wind being the only hindrance. Course is closer to the highway than most so not quite as protected as other courses in the Coachella Valley from wind. Wind is definitely less than the northern side of the highway though. Felt like the wind was adding or taking away a club depending on which direction you were hitting. This course is in really good condition. Flat tee boxes. Fairways almost always a flat lie and the grass is alive and kicking in the winter. Rough is dormant but still easy to hit off of. Greens were running a good speed and have less break than you expect. I managed to stay out of the sand, a great improvement compared to my previous weekend in Vegas.

My only qualms are due to my own anxiety of being around houses and roads. Not much one can do about that, The houses seem to be well placed though, where even the errant of shots miss them, and the rough is slanted to throw balls back towards the fairways. There is a road to the left on 2-3 holes and you really have to hook it to do so, but always in the back of my mind. In general not much to worry about if you have the same home anxiety as I do.

I would always accept an invitation to play this course.
Rolling up to the course you definitely say this is a place with good bones. The upkeep is a little lacking but the prices make up for that. Looks like they have let some of the water and sand traps go back to their natural state which makes the course more playable. The wind will definitely catch you if you don't look at the forecast. You get beautiful views of the Coachella Valley windmills on a few of the holes if that tells you anything.

I found the tee boxes in good condition. Flat and never really searching for a new place to tee up. The fairways are in good shape and not left dormant in the winter which is great. Looks like most people don't use sand to fill in their fairway divots though. Rough can be tough. What looks like nice flat water run off areas turn out to be filled with clovers and other grass that will swallow the ball, making it hard to find even if 2 feet away. Definitely stay on the fairway or just off. Unlike my past few outing with the GK crew I managed to stay out of the sand. The traps are traditional Dye traps, smaller with big lips. Probably not as high as in the past but definitely a challenge on the fairways. Greens were in good shape. On the slower more muni speed. They were pretty flat and rolled pretty true.

I'm definitely a cost/benefit guy and if the wind isn't blowing I would play out at Desert Dunes anytime I was looking for a good course in good shape but not willing to spend the $100-$200 that the resort courses in the Coachella Valley charge. It's enjoyable and a challenge without being crazy difficult. Plus it's wide open, no homes to hit with an errant shot, only wide open desert land.
Played out here with the GK crew.

Found out I'm not a big fan of playing golf in the cold. Very thin SoCal skin here.

Really enjoyed the people and the course. Not a huge fan of winter conditions. Course looked beautiful, but I couldn't seem to hit the ball not on the tee or green. Homes along the course but nowhere close enough to induce anxiety about wayward shots. All the staff from carts to starter were women which was a nice change to see.

Can't wait to check out the course when it's not dormant.
Played out here on the GK Event. Winter conditions were wonderful. Loved everything about the course. About the only thing they don't do is rush a cart to your car if they see you unloading at your car instead of the bag drop.

Each course has it's own driving range, chip area and putting green so it pays to get out before your tee time. They were even ahead of schedule at mid day on a Saturday. POP was good, with minimal waiting every few holes.

Tee boxes were in great condition with a flat place to tee off every time. Loved the fairways. Great grass to hit off every time I ended up there. The fairway bunkers were fair, not that deep but more than an inch to make it penal. Sand traps around the greens were deeper and pleasant to hit out of if you're confident in your sand game. Greens were true to the eye, flat and fast.

One nugget about the pride they have in these courses, as I was on the cart path coming around a curve there were flat rocks in place of grass, that may not grow well there or just gets run over too much to grow well. There was a maintenance worker pulling the rocks out and pulling the grass or weeds out. So the conditions are great because they care about the way it looks and plays.

Loved the layout, definitely a little bit more of a challenge than the resort courses, need to hit it straight off the tee or you will be in the rough, no real bail out areas for slices and hooks. A real joy to play when you're hitting straightish.

Loved playing here and would look to play here every time I go to Vegas for golf.
Looks like I get to break the seal on this one for today's Guru outing. First of all, paired up with an emergency room Dr. and would publicly like to thank him again for the hours and craziness the public is putting them through currently.

On to the course, there is not much to say other than it is pretty immaculate right now. If I have to complain about anything it's that a few tee boxes weren't perfectly flat where they had the tee box set up today. If the rocks had been set up elsewhere I don't know if I could nit pick anything else except maybe the water hazards look like standard water hazards and not a Caribbean beach. With a beautiful 87 degree day that's probably a good thing so we didn't want to take a dip.

One thing I like about the desert "resort" courses is that they cater to the clientele. If you hit the ball 200-250 you are generally going to find immaculate grass, usually a fairway. If you launch the ball the fairway is going to be tight in 275-325 range. Either way you're playing from amazing grass, no thin spots. Good test for all skill levels and keeps the pace of play to 4-4:15 with no waiting, which we didn't experience any. Love that!!

After you hit those immaculate fairways, you may do as I did and seemingly hit every sand trap on the course. Felt like I was in at least 12 today. Sand was great. Easy to hit out of, soft and well maintained. Looked like I was the only one in them all day, so they are very well maintained. Finally you get to the greens, once again flawless. I didn't see any ball marks myself, even my own unfortunately. The greens rolled true and fast, but not cement floor fast, they were a joy to play. I don't know if my mind plays tricks on me but I always feel like I putt better on fast greens that roll true to the way they look.

I've played out here before, and I do love playing here. This guru outing got me out of an at least 18 month layoff from playing and always brings memories of why I play this game.
First time out in at least 2 years sadly. My group wanted to play the blue so that was a challenge. The course is better than last time i remember playing. Tee boxes are flat and could easily find spots without divots to tee off from. Grass on the fairways was in great shape. Rough was thick thick where it was but often just dirt blending into the native areas. Sand was OK, a little too many rocks and low maintenance. Greens were in great shape. Very few divots. Didn't break as much as we played them too but reasonably fast. Only about 50% of people wearing a face covering around the club house. Website said carts weren't guaranteed but they had carts in the barn before and after the round. New monitors for the GPS on the carts. Bright and visible with good definition and a very helpful flyover view that really helped with blind spots.
Had the pleasure of playing out here again on Saturday. Tee boxes flat and always a place to set up your tee. Fairways were pretty good, a few still showing signs of aeration a few weeks ago. Loved the greens flat and pretty fast. Sand I found out too often is in really good shape. The LPGA is out here in 2 weeks, so the course has been maintained to their standards. Heard the grass is not growing as much as anticipated since it hasn't been 80 more than a few times. Can't wait to see the course on TV after playing it so recently.
Played as a guest at Wilshire today. A great experience. 4 hours without waiting. Pleasant members. Tee boxes flat with great coverage. All the fairways were flat with easy places to hit off. Rough wasn't too penal but call could get buried. Greens fast and in great condition. None that are too crazy though. Perks of playing with a caddie and with people who care about their course: all the sand is in great condition, always raked, no divots on the greens, and every divot on the course repaired. Wish every golf experience could be similar.
Played out here on Saturday afternoon in 3 1/2 hours. Course is an executive of 3000 +- yards. Took over 4 hours if you count when our tee time was supposed to be. They had apparently run out of carts but all their times online come with carts.

Tee boxes were not the flattest but could always find a flat place to tee off from where the tees were placed. Fairways had grass on them and pretty short. A few places where coverage was spotty. Rough wasn't penalizing at all and coverage was even more spotty. San traps were playable with maybe an inch of brown colored sand. Greens had been aerated not long ago but mostly recovered. About the only maintenance they seem to care about besides mowing the grass.

Overall the course works for what it is, a bunch of hackers, who are enjoying a leisurely afternoon with amazing views from downtown to Santa Monica. Does not appear to have a lot of the greens fees being put back into the facility. Would make an amazing high end pitch and putt if they really wanted to gussy up the place.

Driving range was hitting off the grass. If you're looking for grass definitely call over and see if it's grass everyday or what days it is. They also do the Players Club so $30 a month for 2 buckets of balls a day. If it was closer to the freeway I'd be there all the time for that.
Played out here in April on the way to enjoying a couple of weekends at Coachella. Think I've finally recovered and will remember to hit submit this time.

This is one of my favorite courses to play out in the Coachella Valley. Greens fees are reasonable in the shoulder and off season.

Course was in great shape from tee to green.

Always see some roadrunners and other wildlife on the course.

Looking forward to getting out here again before the thermometer hits 115.
Got out here just before Coachella. I had an amazing time. The Gurus kept the round fun and the course was in Fantastic condition. The range was packed with a tournament on the other course. Otherwise service is great as always. Played in just under 4:30 with no waiting really. All the greens were great minus 1. They were rolling a little slow but true though.

This was the first time I played the Players course and enjoyed it. I much prefer it to the celebrity. Less holes with the huge drop-off like 9-10 and less holes next to the road, which gets into my head these days.
Played out here on 3/30 with the GK certificate. Good deal, even $10 cheaper than the resident rate. Course was in decent shape. Fairways were good. Tee Boxes pretty good, grassy and generally flat. Greens were just aerated a few days ago, rolled quick but not much break. Rough was weak, not penalizing at all. Sand didn't look great. Big pile of new sand on the back nine so hopefully they will be adding new sand to the bunkers soon.

Not much to be said about the service. No mobile snack cart, though the course was pretty quiet. Was able to scoot around at a leisurely pace, taking time to converse with a friend and still finished in under 3:30 without pushing anyone in front of use and the single behind us not pushing us.

Amazing day not too windy even though it's up in the canyon.
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