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9/21 nice cool slightly overcast conditions with just the right amount of sun the last few holes. easy 415 POP with no waiting and no pressure from behind. Fairways continue to be fairly good having recovered fully from recent raking. Grass is turning brownish but still good cover and cushion for the most part. Few thinner areas scattered about but not to the point of being bare or to the level of GUR. Fairways are getting ample water so soil is soft under the turf making it easy to make divots and by observation some quite deep. Too many left unfilled, I used up 3 1/2 bottles of sand. No excuses for customers to not take better care, particularly since the course is working hard to keep up a high quality.
Rough has been cut down to 1-2 inches but is a little clumpy and tangled in places requiring thought and execution.
Tees mostly ok, some thin with divot damage on a few. Bunkers have deep heavy sand which provides quite the challenge. No rakes and plenty of foot prints.
Greens soft and vulnerable for pitch marks with many marginally repaired and some overlooked entirely. We started on the back as they were using small tines on the front which came as a surprise and since it was freshly done there was some bumpiness but overall ok. By the time we finished info was posted at the starter.
$10 single rider cart fee, masks at check in, no drinking water on the course, sand on the carts and 10 minute tee times.
9/ 16 using teeoff deal time $31 POP 410 fairly busy 1100 time following a 5some and a slowish 4some. Fairways are still ok overall with some brownish areas and still pretty good cover. Rough about 2 inches mostly thick enough to make it interesting. Bunkers mostly groomed with covid conditions and varying sand quality. Tees thin many slanted to some degree.
Greens are again the highlight for the course mostly healthy mostly smooth rolling medium fast. Some pins in places I have never seen before often nears the periphery and often tucked behind bunkers for front placements.
Course is still a major construction mode so aesthetics are not so good. Still a fun tricky layout with accuracy a premium.
9/14 warmish morning with a 4 hr POP with some waiting. Course is showing some wear from the heat since last review, some areas of fairways are rather thin while the majority is in good condition. No sand on the carts so the unfilled divots are increasing as is the amount of play since all 18 opened. Rough along fairways long enough to impede roll but playable. Some areas closer to the greens thicker and longer. Tee boxes a little thin with the par 3s showing more wear. Bunkers groomed but with no rakes quickly show the foot traffic.
Greens rolling medium fast mostly smooth, back 9 had micro punches without any sanding. Quite a few pitch marks in evidence. Greens appeared mostly healthy with the exception of #14 which had some bare areas around the edges.
Covid requirements masks around people and cart is not allowed to be moved until tee off unless you are old or infirm then you can take it to get loaded and then to the range. Grass range and large putting green. No GPS and basic yardage markers. No drinking water on course. No cart service today.
Friendly staff. Layout has good variety and setting has a rural feel. $34 senior rate online
9/3 guru outing playing with David Greg and Steve a good grouping for an enjoyable time. Great SC weather just enough breeze to minimize any heat and only about 1/2 club to factor in. Pleasant 4 hour POP leisurely enough to enjoy the surroundings of this park land setting with mature trees and a river that runs through it.
Fairways are lush with healthy growth for great lies, a little on the softer side so less roll but way better trade off than hard and dry. Saw only one area that was thin looked to have been washed out some from the earlier rains. Good job of divots being filled most areas with the exception of CPOs where players forgot to carry their sand bottle with them.
Rough was short about 2 inches at the most but sticky even with the ball setting up it was tricky to play from and was definitely a distance killer as the ball stopped quickly.
Tees in fine shape. Bunkers groomed but somewhat inconsistent as some were thin and firm at the base.
Greens were very healthy with the one exception of #14 that appeared to be recovering from what could have been a fungus. Greens are not cut down as much as in past visits probably in anticipation of the next heat wave but still rolled out at medium/medium fast speeds. Also appeared to have been fertilized as there was a fine granular substance in evidence which did not seem to effect the roll.
Range was on high quality mats, ample chipping area with bunkers that were representative of course conditions and putting green with cups speed was a little faster than on course.
Covid response required masks at check in. Single cart given out without question. Carts have ball washer and club cleaner along with interactive GPS and very comfortable seats.
Friendly helpful staff providing good customer service.
9/2 nice SC AM very light breeze and enough cloud cover to keep it just right for the round. Covid guidelines masks indoors and 1 golfer at a time preferred 2 riders ok with $10 single fee. Range open chipping area has pegs no rakes in bunkers anywhere, sand bottles on cart. Noodle about 2 inches from top of cup.
Fairways are doing very well growing from recent care, mostly lush nice lies but less roll and good cushion under the ball. Players are getting sloppy and not taking time to fill divots and with the softer conditions there are some craters left behind--come on people takes a few seconds.
Rough is cut down most areas except on some slopes and low areas where longer and juicier is the rule. Bunkers appear to be groomed daily but quickly show the traffic history and with the soft dampish deep sand the footprints are epic. Tees ok some areas of divot damage.
Greens are quite good soft and receptive but prone to pitch marks. Left a little longer for heat mitigation so grain can come into play.
Good customer service with friendly staff. POP 420 which felt longer as we followed a 4some that seemed overly deliberate.
9/1 using underpar voucher which though expired was graciously honored by the course so cost was $31--a really good rate--website offers a $35 senior rate which is still exceptional for a course of this quality. Full 18 open now for the past 2 weeks.
Fairways have good cover and cushion but still give some extra roll, Rough not too long but does impede forward roll but is not very penal for the recovery shots. However in low spots and areas over the greens rough has grown out to over 3 inches and is juicy. No sand bottles so there are unfilled divots that should be getting more attention from the grounds crew.
Tees ok with the exception of the par 3s which were rather chewed up. Bunkers were groomed but thinish on the bottom portion and overall on the damp side.
greens are nice and healthy with good thick growth rolling medium to medium fast and mostly smooth. Receptive for full shots while providing nice roll for chips.
POP 420 following a slow 4some that was advised by the marshal to pick up the pace on 13 but then for the next 3 holes one ore more of our 4some found some trouble and we ourselves became the slow group.
Staff if very friendly and golfer oriented. Pro shop reported that they now are affiliated with Troon golf. Layout has good variety and a remote feel. Well worth the hours drive from San Clemente.
8/27 930 tee off warm and humid 345 POP which felt slower until the 3some ahead quit after 9so had 3 holes with no waiting until caught up 15. Fairways were mostly ok with some areas of really good cover and some spots not so much. Rough mostly sparse along most fairways with some patches of long and juicy on some slopes and around some swales closer to the greens. Bunkers have been groomed but still are exposed to the covid parameters. Tees are thin and many are quite beat up from the divots.
Greens are healthy but left a little longish to handle the heat so about medium speed with a little more grain to consider.
Staff is friendly and welcoming.
8/19 730 start mostly ahead of the heat with a 415 POP with just occasional waiting. Fairways in process of being verti-cut so looked a little scruffy but played ok with roll out and still good cushion. People getting a little slack on filling divots--sand is provided so just takes a few seconds--at least gave me something to do while waiting at least the few times I was in the fairway. Rough is cut down but still slows forward progress to some extent but not penal for shot making unless on some of the slopes above the greens. Tees level but some par 3s showing wear. Markers are often place the width of the box to disperse ball placement but may need to be rotated daily to give time to heal.
Bunkers are filled with deep heavy sand and appear to be frequently groomed however due to consistency of the sand foot steps create craters so even if using smooth and place the ball can find an ugly side slope as its resting place.
Greens are soft very receptive but easily damaged from ball marks as the cover seems a little thin in some areas.
Staff very friendly and welcoming. Good layout with a remote feeling even as the homes are set back and generally there are native areas along at least one side of the fairway. Good variety of holes and the use of 6 zones on the greens gives a lot of variation.
One adjustment I would suggest is regarding holes 8 and 11 both par 3s that are about the same length and have a similar look is to change the zone numbers on one of them as currently pin placements are mostly identical--be more interesting if this was not so.
8/18 really nice POP 315--fairways getting enough water and provide good lies but not as much roll out. Rough long and thick enough to really slow the ball but not overly penal to hit from. Tees have some issues some not level and overall mostly thin with some divot damage on the 3s. Bunkers groomed but covid restrictions leave traffic signs as the day goes on.
Greens are in heat damage prevention mode getting water and being cut a little longer for now resulting in more grain and a medium speed. Also on the softer side so very receptive.
Course is under going renovation and reconstruction so the aesthetics are an issue and with the current plan to keep 18 holes in play there are some holes that have been repurposed so to speak.
Conditions are not bad but don't expect that up scale look. Staff is still friendly and new carts are a plus.
8/11 using costco voucher $40 teed off about 20 min ahead of our 815 time as starter was very helpful, plus now we know on Tuesdays the range is closed in the a m for mowing etc. Just under 2 for the front then about 215 for the back waiting a bit on most holes. Foggy and cool for the 1st 6 holes, pleasant for the next 6 then warmish and more humid to finish.
Lot of over night watering and several sprinkler lines operating on the fairways leaving quite a few wet areas some with standing water but the approach seems to be working as most conditions are good with healthy turf and good lies. Being rather soft not much roll out however. Rough about 1-2 inches and healthy with the ball coming to a quick stop upon entry. Ball would either sit up or sink so every shot had its unique challenge.
Tees ok with a couple of uneven lies due to marker placement. Bunkers had been groomed but continued the theme of wetness resulting in a muddy/sandy consistency.
Greens were surprisingly quick considering that they too were mostly soft, but very closely mowed leaving a rather fragile look and many large pitch marks and even when having been repaired there were often quarter size spots that were smooth but without grass.
Good layout with some elevation changes rolling terrain defensively placed bunkers and some water that can come into play. Friendly golfer oriented staff.
7/29 overall conditions remain quite solid, fairways mostly have good cover and cushion with some areas that are on the thin side with tighter lies but quite playable. Rough along the fairways is cut to about 1 inch and is a little longer around the greens. Tees level with adequate cover. Bunkers filled with deep heavy sand.
Greens are in nice shape medium fast and mostly smooth.
Staff friendly and golfer oriented. POP 420 as the course backed up a bit on the back.
7/27 POP 31/2 easy check in. Course is undergoing major renovations by replacing irrigation system and having done a complete re-do on all the tunnels. In order to keep 18 holes in play there are several modified holes with temp tee boxes and the use of additional greens that were added in anticipation of the construction. The fairways are quite good have been getting adequate water and provide really good lies at least 90% of the time. Rough varies from thin and clumpy to thick and juicy. Bunkers have deep thick sand but are covid condition so we did smooth and place. Tee boxes are in poor shape many with slope and many beat up.
Greens continue to be some of the best around. Were recently crosscut but were still smooth.
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