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7/2 pleasant day with enough breeze to keep it pleasant. Used underpar voucher $66 2some easy friendly check in with a "you are good to go" got the cart loaded and on the way to the range saw that 1st tee was open with no starter and no one apparently waiting so off we went with another single that had the same idea. About 20 minutes out did see another single behind us who had no interest in joining up and further back there was a womens outing of maybe 10 4somes.
Fairways and rough kick-you as the word of the day--good lies for the most part but not much roll and anywhere in the rough was dead stop with some challenge going forward. Even areas in front of the green prevented bounce ups and short stayed short.
Tees had ok cover some a little thin and many had some slope/slant or uneven footing.
Bunkers were freshly groomed and had fine but compacted sand--no rakes but not a lot of foot prints.
Greens have a really healthy look medium to medium fast speed with subtleties that overall made for a long putting day. With many green constructed into the hillsides topography is always an issue as well as the general slope. Most do not have a lot of contour with the exception of #12 that beast of a par 5 that bends left at 90 degrees and climbs steadily upward to plateau with a sloped green and a dime sized area top left that is further elevated another 3 feet--where the flag was today--miss a little short and you have a 40 foot putt and the possible opportunity to try the putt again if you only hit the 1st one 36 feet.
Course layout has some quirks many doglegs and uneven lies along with lots of elevation changes. Players who can hit long and straight hit with amplitude and can flight their shots to specific yardage miss out on struggles we encountered. Still fun every once in a while and course conditions made for a worthwhile outing. POP front about 2 with brief waits and 220 for the back with waiting on every shot as the field caught up to the early starters.
played here a couple of times in the last week, conditions remain solid. Fairways have ok cover and despite being thin in some areas there is still good cushion as the sub-soil is moist enough to allow for good divots(as a reminder take the time to fill them as bottles are now provided). Rough is thick enough to slow the ball and challenging around the greens. Bunkers appear to be groomed daily but without rakes the foot prints take over. Tees are in good shape.
Greens remain one of the best features with opportunities for challenging pin placements with slope and contours as well. Receptive to well struck shots while rolling at medium fast speeds. Some appear to have been more closely cut so pitch marks are more apparent.
Staff members are friendly and golfer oriented. POP runs about 4.
6/25 guru outing with Johnny, David and Mike very enjoyable time on a nice day and an overall nice course. Not much to add to all the previous reviews from the outing. Enjoyed the condition of the fairways as to the lies provided even if it meant sacrificing some distance. Rough mostly shortish and not thick except for some pockets still short but grabby. Tees ok. Bunkers have good sand and appear to be groomed daily but showed the effects of traffic by mid day.
Greens rolled medium speed and were generally smooth.
Check in was easy and friendly. Layout gives good variety of holes. Due to the rolling nature of the course expect quite a few uneven stances.
6/17 wanted to get in a round with 18 holes open in between construction closures. Course will be front only starting 6/22 as the tunnel refurb will start and the laying of new irrigation piping will begin on the back. Fairways had ok cover but some were showing the lack of water due to the pipe project. Rough varied from thin to difficult, never too long but some places the ball would sink down enough affect the outcome. Tees often have some slope but otherwise ok. Bunkers appear recently groomed so ok early in day.
Greens not as smooth as usual. Speeds seemed to vary as they are hand watering.
Friendly staff. Current project is quite an undertaking so expect continued disruption. The work that has been completed shows a lot of attention to detail so when done and healed from the excavation it looks to have some potential.
6/12 meet up for GK match with Johnny joined by Matt and Andrew for a rollicking good time. Thank you to the GM Tom for the invite. Pretty comfortable 415 POP which for some reason felt slower on the back but nice day nice course and entertaining companions so no complaints.
Friendly welcome from all staff. Course is almost back to pre-covid status with rake-less bunkers and no drinking water on the course as the last reminders.
Fairways are in almost goldylocks condition firm enough for some extra roll while still providing good cushion. Ideal for iron shots but often challenging for fairway metals. Staff has been making the rounds filling divots as carts had been sans bottles until today.
Rough along fairways acts mostly as an impediment to forward progress while being playable for shots. However areas further away especially on the hillsides and behind and off to the sides of the greens can often be longer more wirery and challenging.
Did not myself find any bunkers but by observation most have soft thick deep sand that retains footprints. We played smooth and place but still the condition often kept the ball in some awkward areas of the traps.
Tees lush and level with the markers often covering the full width of the tee box.
Greens mostly receptive to well struck shots while being firm enough to allow the chips to roll out nicely. Rolling consistently at medium fast speed, mostly smooth with a few un-repaired ball marks Greens are on the larger side with slope contour and topography to consider. Really enjoy the 6 zones for pin placement which increases the entertainment value.
Good layout and even with houses nearby there is a remote feel to the course as there is an abundance of natural habitat.
6/4 GK cup match with Scratchman(Sean) POP right at 4 with more waiting on the back. Overall course is in good shape with fairways rather firm but still good cushion. No rough worth mentioning. Tees ok. Played bunkers --smooth and place--found that the sand though compacted was quite playable as I found out numerous times.
Greens were surprisingly quick with some occasional bumpiness and some subtle slope and breaks that seemed to confound us all for most of the day.
Friendly staff easy check in. Enjoyable day with good company.
6/2 800 tee time sent off a little early 330 POP with a little waiting but overall good flow. Fairways though wet in places from the over night watering are in good shape with good cover and cushion. Rough about 2 inches and thick so often the ball would sit up on top and not bury.
Bunkers on the damp side and could use churning but considering no rakes being left in a more compact state limits the wear and tear from foot traffic.
Tees level with good cover.
Greens are excellent smooth and quick and still receptive to well struck shots.
Layout has good variety and even with having some houses near by there is a secluded feeling. Staff are friendly and golfer oriented. Range was not yet open but putting reen was and provided a good representation of conditions on the course.
5/26 Not much to add to Jim's(Rat Patrol) review--nice day with enough breeze to keep it comfortable and just about 1 club to factor in. Good company with David and Jim and joined by Craig a good addition to the 4some.
Fairways firming up but still with cushion. On the tight side for metals and even hybrids--keeps your attention for sure. Rough more of a factor on the side hills and slopes around the greens. Tees good for the most part.
Greens can present a challenge with the slope and contours making it especially difficult if short sided. Firm but holding well struck approaches with a high trajectory.
Good golfer friendly customer service.
5/19 currently due to major renovation project only the back 9 are open. Fairways for the most part are quite good full and rather soft so not excessive roll. Very good lies. rough cut to about 2 inches and thick. Tees often have some slope or crowning to factor in but have good cover. Bunkers were recently groomed so early in the day in ok condition.
Greens are very healthy smooth rolling at medium fast pace, soft enough to hold well struck shots. Cups have foam fillers that often do not provide much space from the top of the cup.
POP 415 which was not bad what with the potential for congestion with groups doing 2 laps.
5/13 8 am using their cyber Monday voucher $90 2some which was extended past the expiration date with out any issues--thank you for the golfer friendly service. Initial check in at the gate with temp screening and masks required in all common areas and then taking bags to drop area. No one allowed to proceed until 30 min before tee time. Check in smooth with distancing in place then carrying bags down to cart. Good implementation of Covid guidelines.
Joined by Dan and Don a couple of younger boomers with good all around games. POP 415 never having to wait but being pushed a bit from behind so split into 2 somes when the boys stopped for food and then joined back up on 15 when we caught up.
Fairways are quite good with thick healthy turf cut down for extra roll and still great cushion. Rough thick but cut down effective at impeding forward roll but mostly kept the ball up so was playable. The rolling nature of the design does not provide many level lies so there are issues as to stance. Tees lush and level. Bunkers groomed but with some watering some were compacted but overall quite playable.
Greens are large contoured with some having 3-4 feet of drop and often a ridge area that bisects the green meaning missing to the wrong side was especially punitive. Greens are really healthy recently verticut so not perfectly smooth. Rolling at medium/medium fast speed and receptive to well struck shots.
Very scenic varied lay out making for an enjoyable golf outing.
Played 5/5 using Clicket voucher. Course is looking after us golfers as the 4/30 expiration date has been extended to 5/31. Smooth check in, single rider cart and Covid protections in place. Course is in good shape. Fairways are firm for extra roll but have good coverage to provide a little cushion and nice lies. Rough was cut down for the most part but still impeded forward progress but was playable for extraction. Tees level and mowed. Bunkers were mixed some being hard pack and thin while some had adequate sand. None were recently groomed and of course no rakes.
Greens are very healthy, recently verti-cut rolling smoothly at a medium speed with a little grain influencing putts as they lost speed around the cup. Big greens with tiers, undulations and room for some very challenging pin placements.
POP just under 4 1/2. Customer friendly staff. Setting and course design make for an enjoyable and challenging outing.
3/9 tee off about 8 with a super 3 hr POP with a few min wait on 9/10 catching a group of very considerate regulars who waved us through on 11. Easy friendly check in using their cyber Monday promotion--$35. Fairways are on the thin side giving some extra roll but still with adequate watering the soil is soft enough to allow good contact with irons and hybrids. Fairway metals were more challenging. Overall lies were from good to acceptable. There were a few scattered bare patches and too many unfilled divots but fortunately they did not come into play. Rough was actively involved today and even though it was not long it quickly stopped any forward momentum and depending on the lie could be penal.
Tees were mostly level but playing the whites noticed that where some markers were forward on the box a slight slope was evident. Also some areas of the boxes were hard and resisted tee placement. Bunkers overall were ok recently groomed and most had enough sand with some thin areas at the bottom areas however.
Greens are in really good shape smooth rolling medium fast holding well struck approaches. Green complexes are large with slope and contours and ample opportunity to have some challenging pin placements. Additionally most greens are on an up slope and protected by bunkers and water is a factor on 7 and 9.
Interesting layout with good variety.
Listing 1 to 12 of 62,495 Course Reviews
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