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5/5 800 tee off out a little early as no other golfers around and the range was closed for mowing and divot repair. POP 330 walking($24 senior rate) the blues so some time spent looking for the wayward shot. Nice day to walk mostly overcast light breeze. Course was busy with disc golfers preparing for an epic tourney this coming weekend. They were courteous and friendly but there were some places where they converged notably on the par 5 where is seemed like we were teeing off over a school playground at recess. Additionally the course continues its relentless reno with laying sod planting grading and hauling so with this also going on today was not an escape to serenity with all the activity. There were several areas of new sod roped off with instructions to move ball to the fairway. Currently much more grass area with more to come. Still some dirt/hardpan on the extreme outward areas. Had not been here for over a year so the progress really stood out.
Fairways were rather dry thin and firm with mostly tight lies but playable overall. Rough varied from thin and dry to a lot thicker closer to the greens. Tees were spotty some very hard others with extra grass and soft some on the uneven side so had to locate a spot for ok footing. Some of the 3s were well worn. Never found a bunker but by observation appeared recently groomed.
Greens are small firm and became progressively faster as the day warmed. Tricky and required full attention and commitment.
Friendly staff, quirky but interesting layout with some partially blind landing areas and overall where straight is a necessary asset.
5/3 guru outing on a warm and windy day POP 430 with a few errant shots and tricky greens to account for the time. Played the whites with Nick Keith and David enjoyable group.
Fairways have good cover with some thin areas but provided acceptable lies. Rough provided a challenge being rather sticky and difficult especially on the side hills or for the inevitable short sided chip. Tees had some rough areas with some divots and uneven spots requiring attention to tee placement.
Bunkers are mostly neglected with firm wet hard packed sand with some attempts at grooming which only left clumpy areas after drying out and most contained smallish rocks as well. My 1st thought was why would a course of this quality have such poor quality bunkers? My take is that with covid this is not the time to renovate the traps as that would require more labor to keep them groomed only have them trashed every day. I imagine that upgrading the bunkers will be a priority as restrictions are lifted.
Greens are really nice firm on chips but holding well struck approach shots. Rolling medium fast mostly smooth and requiring full attention on all the putts as breaks were affected by undulation and topography.
Nice newer carts very comfortable with GPS giving distance to pins. Friendly staff.
4/28 using teeoff deal time with discount for $37 on an almost perfect spring am 1015 tee off with a POP of right at 4. Fairways have mostly good cover with a few areas that were thin and just a couple that had bare spots worthy of GUR, Lies provided nothing to complain about. Rough varied from somewhat thin dryish and whispy to juicy Bunkers have enough playable sand but suffer from covid.
Greens were healthy mostly firm but holding well struck approach shots. Slightly bumpy a few times otherwise rolling quickly medium fast. Noticed a few greens on the back had been needle punched and had a very light top dressing neither of which seemed to affect putts. Course uses a 3 zone pin placement, essentially front back middle but uses lateral pin placements with in the zones to provide more variety and challenge. Greens are mostly on the large side with substantial contours and some evil breaks if putting from the wrong side.
Staff members are friendly and helpful. Had a senior episode and forgot my driver but was gladly loaned one--a nice Titleist which i hit almost well enough to consider making an offer to keep it in my bag.
4/26 teed off at 800 1st out as fear of rain kept the early crew away--got there at 730 with no rain and clearing skys very comfortable 320 POP as a 3some with no pressure from behind was caught by a 2 some on 15 and they played thru on 16. Conditions overall remain solid. Fairways cut tight but have good cover and cushion while still helping extend roll out. Once again way too many unfilled divots some deep and long and some areas looked like some one hit 3-4 shots or took extra practice swings divots included.
Rough is longer this week and very healthy, a little clumpy so the lies can vary from challenging to #%&@#. Tee boxes are mostly good and being large markers can be rotated though seems like they are mostly place on 1 side where as if the whole box was used there would be more time for the area to heal a factor to consider especially on the par 3s. Also we found a few boxes where the markers were inside the 2 club margin.
Bunkers have plenty of sand with evidence of recent grooming but still without rakes.
Greens are really good medium fast almost always smooth and often with subtle breaks right at the hole.
4/24 GK outing joined by Vince John and Marvin really good group of guys and as Marvin said he and I had a GK cup match. Overall would agree with Marvin's review as I found the fairways to be in good condition cut short enough for some extra roll while allowing the ball to sit up nicely and having cushion underneath to promote making good contact. Most older divots had been filled but there were a few newer ones that still needed attention. Rough was on the shorter side so really not much of a factor. Beyond the rough--wild desert with thorny plants.
Tee boxes are on the smaller side so the 3s tended to be worn but with divots filled on a daily basis. Bunkers were not consistent in depth of sand so required extra attention and different strategy accordingly. Waste areas were firm and good to play from.
Greens showed more poa growth but were nicely cut but there was some grain to contend with at times. Speed medium fast but pins were hard to get close to on chips and pitches as the ball tended to roll out. Greens did hold well struck full shots.
Staff is friendly and welcoming. Course is scenic with good variety plenty of sand and some water.
4/19 on a beautiful spring day warm, sunny with a slight breeze and nice 415 POP with some waiting but overall a very comfortable pace. Fairways are slick, cut tight with some dormant areas but still cushion below the surface. More filled divots but still too many left unattended where access is easy. Noticed that the cart restrictions are often 75-100 yards from the green so not many people bother to take the sand bottle with them. Also walking only in the mid afternoon also contributes to the divot accumulation.
Rough was recently cut and was far less penal but would slow the ball. Also the rough fronting the green also had been cut down--not eliminated but shorter so occasionally a shot could motor through.
Bunkers generally have a lot of sand and were groomed this a m but still showed a lot of traffic. Some faces are so soft that the ball buries and makes for an impossible shot==buried lie and stance on an 80 degree bunker face--was able to dislodge it but settled where I would have had to take an unplayable drop--but hey I did manage to stay upright and didn't break anything.
Tees are mostly ok with the par 3s used and abused.
Greens are 100% back medium fast holding well struck full shots and running out nicely for chips.
Welcoming friendly staff golfer oriented.
4/16 got a tee off deal time $38--course now managed by OB sports which is part of Troon golf. Current rates $82 for public and $63 players card, 1015 tee time on a really nice morning warm with just about a 1/2 club breeze. Paired with Jay and Scott 2 bombers playing from the tips while we old guys played the whites. Tee times seemed well spaced and we teed off with the group ahead on the green. We waited a few times on the front mostly due to our playing partners length but the pace was steady and comfortable making the turn in 215 and no pressure from behind. Don't know what happened on the back as we became progressively slower maybe due to more errant shots or settling into a pace set by the groups ahead except by 11 we lost the 4some ahead and finished in over 2 1/2 with overall POP 445.
Fairways were mostly in good shape with some random bare spots on 2-3 holes. Lies a little thin at times but ok for irons. Rough about 2 inches which quickly slowed the baqll but was not too penal for shot making. Tees were level but patchy and thin with some bare areas and filled divots on the 3s. Bunkers were groomed and had good sand with no rakes.
Greens are fully healed but had bee3n verticut with about a 1/2 inch stripe so this was a bit of a factor as putts were slightly affected. Greens were firm and medium fast.
Carts are comfortable but basic, no GPS. Grass driving range and large putting green that was smoother than the course.
Friendly staff easy check in with drink/snack cart making the rounds. Nice layout with good variety in a natural setting with trees lakes birds and a remote feeling.
Rack rates seem a little pricy but the players card does give a discount and if you can find an online deal its well worth the trip.
4/12 on an overcast but extremely pleasant morning teed off at 810 with a roughly 4 hr POP following a 4some of older and somewhat infirm golfers who moved slowly but seemed to have good golf awareness as they moved to their ball and completed their shot without undue delay. Had no pressure from behind as the group following was a hole plus to the rear. So as a 3 some we in a very comfortable zone and taking into account that 1 or more of us occasionally did not find the fairway or the green in regulation we played at a nice pace.
Fairways are mostly dormant having a thin appearance but gave very good cushion and were excellent for irons but a little tight at times for fairway metals. Quite a few unfilled divots--sad considering quality divot mix is provided.
The rough is healthy. Along the fairways not too long and generally playable. The further away and on slopes the deeper and more difficult it became. Also here the greens are surrounded by heavy rough at times somewhat clumpy and often 3 inches deep. So you can miss the green by a yard be 3 inches from the fringe and the ball has the top dimes worth visible on a downslope to of course a shortsided pin. Also on the topic the front of every green is defended by 5-10 yards of 2-3 inch rough which is often on an upslope as well. Needless to say the shot that is hit shot stays short.
Tees in good shape and bunkers have high quality sand that was groomed to start the day but without rakes quickly shows the effect of traffic.
The greens are at least 98% recovered are very healthy in appearance rolling at medium-medium/fast speed with a little more grain to factor in as it seemed the break was amplified as the ball slowed, so definitely was important to putt through the hole and keep it more centered. Course uses a 6 zone pin placement and with the size of the greens allows for great variety and some very challenging settings.
Layout is good with a more remote feeling even with houses nearby. Staff are very friendly and welcoming.
Late to the party played 4/1 and 4/5 1245 tee time using teeoff deal time with discount code $25 and easy 345 POP. The course still has multiple construction projects with lot of dirt being moved and to add to the entertainment there is also a Caltrans effort using some major heavy equipment alog nthe rote between holes 3 and 4. Irrigation lines are being replaced on a sequential basis and currently #4 is closed. A new tee box is being created on what is currently #9(1st hole on east side of freeway thru the tunnel) and an area has been created for employee parking as the current parking lot has 2 large modular structures 1 for the proshop and 1 for restroom facilities as the current club house is being demolished 4/9.
Fairways are varied in condition 4 of them have really good cover another 4 have some bood areas and some not so much and the rest are mostly winter thin. Overall lies were quite playable. Rough was generally short and in places skimpy and a few thicker longer areas on some slopes and around some greens. Most bunkers have ample sand and now rakes which for the most part were unused. Tees are generally in poor condition.
Greens rolled well at medium fast speeds, mostly smooth but with occasional imperfections like healing ball marks or old holes.
Staff friendly and welcoming as usual.
3/24 900 start POP just under 4 with a little waiting and no pressure from behind on the back 9
Only found 4 fairways and those were 50/50 with some thin areas and then patches of ok cover. Rough was quite a variable as some areas in close proximity to the fairway was rather short looking like longer version of fairway and some areas had more of a weedy influence. Beyond that there were often squirrel digs and then some areas even further afield had some distant relative of the Scottish gorse being over a foot deep.
Tees were playable but mostly thin. Bunkers varied from ok with adequate sand to hard pack and difficult.
Greens had significant poa influence with some grain and break as the ball lost speed. Rolling about medium speed with the occasional bumpy factor.
Very friendly staff. Interesting layout with good variety of holes. Conditions are on the upswing with more improvement on the horizon. Was worth the $26 fee using under par.
3/22 1245 tee off deal time $26 with a 4 hr POP with a little waiting early then some struggles of our own slowed us down and with no one behind us fell into a very comfortable relaxed pace. There are still many projects underway so the course looks torn up around the edges. Fairways are a mix of dormant cover mostly firm and more on the thin side with some patches of nice grass. Rough is generally short except for some areas where there is a lot of watering going on. Tees tended to be hard and many uneven. From the view outside of the bunkers there seemed to be ample groomed sand.
Greens were fir medium fast and not as smooth as remembered. Had not played here for a couple of months and overall the course seems to have slipped a little as more resources are being directed toward the over haul and that along with winter conditions makes it seem rather tattered.
Friendly welcoming staff, DR with mats. Newer carts but no GPS.
3/9 coolish with some breeze but overall a pleasant almost spring AM with 900 tee time and a 430 POP following a deliberate 4some with a 3some directly ahead of us and pushed by 3some following. Kind of rubber banded as surprisingly 1 or more of us had the occasional wayward shot that slowed us down and with out those we were generally waiting. Conditions as reported by sparky14 were quite good. Fairways mostly provided good to ok lies with enough cushion while being firm enough to add some roll. Rough was patchy. Tees were the weakest part though some have been re-sodded so it is a work in progress. The 2 bunkers I found were playable but rather on the firm side.
Greens are a challenge especially with most of the pins today being on the cusp and seeming to have significant break as the ball slows around the hole, Firm and at least medium fast.
Love the layout and the opportunity to commune with nature.
Great deal with GK coupon--hopeful it will be offered again soon. Friendly welcoming staff.
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