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11/23 POP 420 on a pleasant SC morning. Fairways are generally firm, pale green good cover with some cushion but also sometimes on the harder side requiring goood ball first contact to avoid the bounce and scull. Looked to have a few less unfilled divots but still an area that needs attention. Rough has been over seeded so is a dark green and can be juicy especially closer to the greens and on slopes and really tricky when on the back of a green to a down hill pin. Tees are generally ok but with the widely spaced markers players still seem to tee up from mostly one general area causing more wear. Bunkers well groomed with deep sand and of course the residual foot prints.
Greens are soft and receptive medium/medium fast speeds and show considerable ball mark damage many unrepaired and many slow to heal. Course does a good job of moving pins within the 6 zones to mitigate the on going wear but due to the fragile nature of these greens they are not currently as smooth as I have seen them in the past.
11/18 will second the excellent reviews submitted by abbacat and Sparky14. Fairways in good autumn shape with good lies overall even with the occasional thin areas. rough was rather closely mowed and thick so mostly the ball would sit up. Bunkers had nicely compacted sand and looked to have been groomed earlier this day. Tees did have some thin areas.
Greens are the highlight with healthy cover generally in good condition, medium fast and mostly smooth. Many greens have multi levels and contours so some pin placements were quite challenging. Interesting scenic layout with a very remote feel even with houses in view.
11/16 using GK voucher $33 playing with my son Grant on a pleasant but warmish morning POP about 415 with waiting on most holes--5some out in front of 4 some and with the work on the tees looked like the 5some was in over their depth(most white tees were set back with the blues). We had decided to play the golds with the possibility of playing the whites if any of those tees were open but were paired with 2 really enjoyable guys, Dave and Hal who were playing the gold so we just stayed with them--interesting to have short irons or wedges into the greens--way less stress but felt a little like cheating.
Fairways have good cover even with being firm for helpful roll. Tees tended to be wet and worn but level. Played out of 1 fairway bunker which was ok and by observation others seemed to have adequate sand. No rough to speak of.
Greens are mostly healed holding shots and rolling medium fast. Large greens with undulations so had several putts up and over and down ton the hole.
Friendly staff easy check in and a starter on top of his game. No range just a cage for irons only. Putting green with bumpers. No sand on carts and no GPS. Had a good time.
11/9 guru play with Gary Steve and Tim an enjoyable and fun group in a pleasant setting. 1st time on the Champions which I found to be more interesting with more water in play and visually more stimulating. Fairways have good cover and good roll sometimes into harms way. CPO but in my opinion not really necessary as there was no evidence of standing water and due to the slopes drainage was quite good. Rough cut short with the ball tending to sit up. tees level with ok coverage. Bunkers need help as they were often thin over hard pan making for many improbable outs.
Greens were soft and receptive fairly quick with more breaks than were apparent and for me difficult to judge. Greens being soft and with the type of grass are fragile with many ball marks in evidence so there could be some pockmarks to navigate.
Quality customer service.
11/4 1245 tee time using teeoff deal time with discount $22 POP just under 4. Current conditions are marginal. There is so much construction/re-design going on that many areas have a devastated look. There has been a lot of brush and tree removal, some of which helps keep the ball in play but some like along 1, 6, 7, 8 has removed the growth to the point that it looks quite rugged and reveals a muddy stream as well as showing the adjoining fairways. Some of the work was done to remove non native species but it really looks stark for now.
Fairways are in late summer condition, some are quite good while others have thin areas. Tees generally poor and bunkers have been groomed but are covid stressed. Rough cut down for now.
Greens are slowly recovering but still about n2 weeks away from being good.
Staff friendly and welcoming as usual.
Played 10/30 and 11/2 POP just under 4 with limited waiting. Conditions are almost back to fullu recovered. Fairways have decent cover and cushion light green to light brown. Way too many unfilled divots even with sand bottles on the cart. Rough has been over seeded and varies from manageable to outrageous. About 2 inches along fairways effectively stopping forward momentum but mostly playable. Then on slopes and in some swales near greens it is 3-5 inches juicy wirery and tangled, very difficult even if the ball is found.
Tees are thin and the par 3s are battered. Course uses wide markers but does not seem to move them frequently so there are wear patterns. Bunkers have deep heavy sand with no rakes.
Greens show no evidence of recent punching but apparently to help heal they are well watered so they tend to be soft with deep pitch marks many unrepaired or marginally so. Foot prints are also evident at times. Greens rolling at medium fast speeds mostly smooth with some bumpiness related to ball marks.
Friendly welcoming staff.
10/28 using teeoff deal time $23 with an easy 345 POP including waiting on the last 12 holes. Had been at least 20 years since last visited so my memory was foggy and what with houses tree growth only a couple of holes looked vaguely familiar. This is an old course and one of the few of this age still standing unlike Mountain View/Serfus CC or Corona National. The layout is interesting with elevation changes tree line fairways really small greens and compact tee boxes. Check in was very friendly and the pro shop attendant offered to send us out as a 2some since there were openings. Atmosphere is that of a neighborhood coffee shop with an abundance of regulars. As to course conditions if the driving range featured in Tin Cup were a golf course it could very well be Cresta Verde. Fairways are end of summer thin with a few patches of better grass so lies were tight and challenging. Rough is dry and whispy with dirt and weeds beyond that. Lot of ground squirrel and gopher activity mostly along the edges. Tees are beat up but to the course's credit they are repairing some which resulted in markers either move to forward boxes or just placed in front of the box on the down slope. I do not remember seeing any bunkers. Greens are small some with some good slope and medium medium fast speed. Many greens have some invasive grasses--either kikuyu or devil grass--made for a little extra bumps.
There is a driving range, mats only, putting reen is small about the size of a parking spot and also a small area for chipping. Carts are basic and cart paths are in pretty rough shape.
Still had fun and enjoyed the journey back in time.
Played here 3x in last 8 days 10/17 GK cup team with Matt, Gery, and Andrew my partner and today with my regulars. Conditions continue to be solid overall fairways mostly with good cover and a few thin areas. Rough is short but sticky posing some challenge as it is uneven enough to give some testy lies and definitely slows any forward progress when hit into.
Bunkers are groomed but tore up by late day. Sand quality is good overall. Tees at times are thin and firm and depending on where the markers are placed there is some slope and some uneven spots.
Greens are healthy with tight grain generally not cut way down and being somewhat soft there was some occasional bumpiness.
Friendly staff. No on course service no GPS. POP 4 to 4 1/2.
Punching begins 11/2 and course will also be CPO for about 3-4 weeks following over seeding.
10/14 using a teeoff deal time $36 walking. It had been over 20 years since last played here and in my mind the course was a lot flatter. Played Stonehouse/ Oaks with Stonehouse being the hillier and tighter of the two. SH has not yet been re-conditioned so fairways are more on the firm side but with ok cover and ok lies. Rough not overly long but sticky. Tees mostly level thin and hard in some areas. Sand is covid stomped even having been groomed.. Greens receptive medium medium fast and subtle no one in our group had much success outside of 10 feet and the 3 footers were no gimmies. Oaks recently came back into play after reconditioning and was in really good shape with better coverage overall. Greens were even healthier maybe a tad slower but really nice.
Friendly staff easy check in. No GPS mats on the range and large practice green 1/2 for putting and 1/2 for chipping. Cart fee would be $20 or $10 for 9. 27 holes when all open. Oaks is more open and has little elevation change. SH has hills more doglegs blind shots and is tighter with more trees. POP at about 4 1/2.
10/9 teeoff deal time $29 POP just under 4 but felt slower as we a 2some followed a 4some with 1 very deliberate player that also did a lot of backtracking to get his club on the green and fiddled with getting his clubs into the cart--just looked bad but as stated pace was not that bad--group could have let us through as the course was clear ahead.
Fairways remain in good shape overall, some thin areas and some with nixed grasses but lies were good 95% of the time. Rough cut down to about an inch. Tees thin and many slanted. Bunkers in prime covid shape, recently groomed but well traveled.
Greens quick but showing some effect from the heat, with pitch marks some thin areas and some spots having been repaired.
10/5 easy check in nice 4hr POP on a pleasant fall morning with limited waiting. Typical covid no rakes foam cushion in cups masks around check in. Club continues $10 single rider fee which seems questionable if you have booked a 3 some and no one joins you. Our 3rd player was charged then refunded when apparently the single that was to join us did not show. In all fairness if a single cart is requested then the fee makes sense but if you are willing to share why should there be a charge.
Fairways are doing well overall but are beginning to show signs of neglected divots and with the ground being well watered and soft some are massive. Rough is cut short and is of limited impact. Sand quality is good in the bunkers but being heavy it is challenging for me.
Tees are level and have good cover but some areas have many unfilled divots.
Greens are showing wear from the amount of play and lack of attention from the players. Thankfully maintenance occurs next week. Greens are well watered, very soft so pitch
marks are deep and large and plentiful.
Really enjoy the layout and the use of 6 green areas for pin placement.
Rating is only relevant for today as course will be in recovery mode for a couple of weeks.
9/28 on a really nice fall morning easy POP of just under 4 hr with very little waiting. Overall conditions are quite good and have even improved over the last 2 weeks. Fairways are full with good coverage and cushion. One concern is that no sand bottles are on the cart and it does not appear that the grounds crew spends any time filling divots so as that frequency of play picks up this could easily become a problem. Rough is kept fairly short but is enough to impede forward progress but not overly penal for shot making. Bunkers groomed with ample sand but distressed from having no available rakes. Tees a little thin with some uneven spots.
Greens are very healthy with thick well rooted cover rolling medium medium fast and very receptive to full shots. Some unattended pitch marks even though they are easy to repair.
Layout is interesting with good variety. Serene scenic setting. Friendly welcoming staff. No cart service and no GPS. Grass driving range and putting green without cups. $34 senior rate on Mondays. Great time to get out to this hidden gem. Maintenance possibly scheduled for November.
Listing 1 to 12 of 63,624 Course Reviews
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