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10/21 guru outing nice day variable breeze POP 415 with no waiting and no pressure. Traditional parkland setting and even with adjacent homes there was a sense of isolation. Nice varied layout with a good mix of holes with a few blind shots over crests with water lurking. There is a rolling quality with no severe elevation changes but more than 1/2 the time a not so level lie and stance making for additional challenges especially with a downhill lie out of the rough with water covering 1/2 the approach on the left.
Fairways quire good for the most part with nice lies and only a few thin areas and some tight lies fronting many greens. Rough did not seem very long but was still on the sticky side.
Played the white tees and found them to be lush and level with the exception of 1 box where the markers were at the very front giving a slight slope. Bunkers were well groomed and had good quality sand.
Greens rolled well medium fast with sneaky breaks and were receptive to well struck full shots while providing considerable roll out for chips.
Range will mats and and abundance of balls. Large putting green that previewed on course conditions. Small pitching area but with a practice bunker. Comfortable carts with no GPS.
Staff very friendly and welcoming.
played 10/11 and 13 with POP 315 each day 100 tee off using deal time $30. Course is showing some pre maintenance conditions with probably less water overall. Fairways have some areas that have exceptionally good cover with really nice lies typically down the center. However there are some areas that range from thin to almost bare and there are some areas in front of a few greens that are in bad shape like they cut too close and burned out the grass.
Rough is cut down along fairways but still quite thick and challenging. Tees need some attention. There are a couple of new boxes that are not yet in play. Bunkers have ample sand and were mostly groomed.
Greens on Monday were soft and damp and on Wednesday firm and dry. Some have some significant damage with bare/dried out spots mostly toward the edges. Punching and sanding starts 11/18.
10/6 comfortable 4hr POP as we settled into a rhythm about 1/2 a hole behind and never had to wait and were not being pushed. Course is in fairly good condition anticipating fall maintenance beginning next week. Some areas have been de-thatched and some tees roto punched. Fairways were firm but still have good cover and cushion. Rough mostly cut down except on slopes around greens. Bunkers freshly groomed but NO rakes.
Greens more on the softer side so quite receptive but somewhat bumpy in places. Rolling medium/medium fast. The use of the 6 zones provides for some creative pin placements taking advantage of the contours and slope and really punishing short side misses.
Looking forward to returning in about 3 weeks.
9/28 used the course site $60 2 some to play a round with my son Grant who came out from Riverside. was able to get out a little early sent out as a 2some and was asked to play thru on 5 so POP was about 330 as we caught a 4 some on 15 and finished the round waiting on our shots. The 745 start gave us a mostly comfortable morning. DR not open until 8, carts basic with no GPS. Staff friendly and welcoming. Conditions remain consistent with prior reviews.
Rough not much of and issue along fairway but some really deep gorse type further afield. Fairways mostly ok with some thin spots and unfilled divots. Tees ok bunkers were groomed with adequate sand.
Greens rolled about medium speed having quite a bit of grain and a few bumps. Layout is interesting with good variety and enough water in play to add to the adventure.
9/27 used groupon/GN $31 teeing off at 11 paired with James and Pierce 20-30 yr olds and enjoyable partners for the 4 1/2 POP which seemed slow for this time of year as we waited on most every shot. Course will be open for about 4 more weeks. Current conditions are fairly good. Fairways are mostly a green shade with some brown area and good cover with soft subsoil. Some unfilled divots but not too bad for a resort course. Rough cut down and playable. Tees ok and bunkers with ample sand fine and compacted.
Greens were more on the firm side rolling medium fast with some grain and slope to factor in.
Had been 20+ yrs since I played here. Layout is interesting and varied with water an threat on many holes. Fairways are beyond rolling as there are humps and bumps every where and it seemed that the only place I had a level stance was on the tee.
Basic cart no GPS, friendly starter but not much other attention having to carry clubs down from the parking. All in all a good choice and a fun round.
9/23 100 teeoff $30 deal time with 20% off--balmy and pleasant wide open with no one in sight 315 POP. 18 holes open now with still the temp holes in play as construction has what was the original #4 out of service. Fairways are in late summer mode with mostly good lies but some thinner areas that could make fairway metals more difficult to manage. Also some area fronting the greens had been cut tooo close and had some scalped or burned out areas. Rough is healthy cut to about 2 inches which certainly retards forward roll and can present a challenge when sitting down. Tees have mostly good cover with some new boxes in play. Older boxes are often levelly challenged.
Bunkers were well maintained with many having newer sand. Rakes were present and used about 1/2 the time.
Greens continue to be the highlight. Medium medium fast smooth receptive to full shots. Turf on the greens is healthy with good root structure and tightly grained with most ball marks repaired.
Staff members are very welcoming and cheerful. Drink cart making the rounds. Basic cart no GPS. Course no longer has driving range nor putting green.
On going construction detracts to some extent from the aesthetics but if you focus on the course itself it is in good playing condition.
9/20 GK/Golf Moose outing playing with David Sal and Perry quite enjoyable company fortunately as it was POP 515. Course is older with mature trees parkland feel and mostly flat. Layout seems similar to many older north county courses. Fairways were mostly in good condition with just a couple that had issues. Lies were good overall. Rough was penal cut between 2-5 inches and was grabby both impeding roll and often difficult to cleanly advance. Most tees ok with a couple that are due for a makeover. Played out of 2 bunkers and found them quite good.
Greens played better than they looked as many had un or poorly repaired ball marks with left over brown spots. Speed medium fast and even with the spots mostly smooth. Green complexness are large often with significant slope often influenced by the prevailing topography with a pull toward the south and west.
We played the white tees South /North 6200 yds which seemed to play longer as fairways did not give a lot of roll and the rough gave none. Carts are basic. Range used mats. Large chipping area with bunkers and large putting green.
Staff was friendly but unlike resort courses there was no help with bags. $65 for the outing was very fair and would definitely do it again.
9/15 guru outing paired with John, Alan, and Nate a great group to play with mutually providing humor, sympathy and empathy on what proved to be a tough day on a demanding course where marginal shots were punished and bad shots were executed. The course is aesthetically pleasing with very mature trees and the layout being fit into the available terrain.
The result is a parkland setting that welcomes you with what appears to be ample fairways and inviting greens. However the warm fuzzy feeing is short-lived and the grind begins. The fairways are lush and healthy being well maintained with almost all divots filled providing excellent lies but quite often limited roll. Also many are predominantly uphill and even the flater ones have an up hill approach to the green proper. The adjacent rough is cut to about 2 inches and mostly playable. Beyond the adjacent area there are some 2 foot high patches of thick grass where recovery is doubtful. Bunkers filled with a fine grained compacted sand. Tees level and lush.
Greens have diabolical slope very fast from above the hole and requiring an extra club from below the hole. And then there is the break from the side hill. Condition is really good but oh my.
Overall Saticoy provided a memorable experience even though I was battered and ego bruised by the end of the day. But I would return as the overall experience of this 100 year old classic has to be part of the pain and joy of a golfers journey.
A big thank you to Johnny for making itn possible and also to the staff for the warm welcome. .
Not sure why my rating came out 7.9 more accurately 8.5 ish
9/12 GK plays with Tim and Ty who played from the gold while I stayed in my lane and played the whites. Overall course is really nice with lot of green every where highlighted by the white sand in the bunkers so quite visually pleasing. Fairways are lush with very good cover not cut really short so the ball sits up for good lies. However ball doe not get a lot of roll so it feels like the course plays a little longer than stated. Rough is thick but cut down so while it would slow the ball it was very playable. I actually hit 13 of 14 fairways off the tee so my encounters with the rough was around the greens.
Tees lush and level. Bunkers have ample sand but need more attention and more frequent grooming. Also obviously need more rakes like 2-3 per trap so they would be handy to use and probably little signs to remind people that raking foot prints is not optional.
Greens are rather tricky with more grain to factor in and many are influenced by the general topography so what looks like a down hill putt from the back of the green is really pretty flat. Greens are healthy with little evidence of ball marks.
Well run operation with friendly helpful staff. 415 POP thankfully with 110 temp at the end.
9/8 415 POP which seemed slower due to some trouble early on causing our 4 some to be out of position with the groups ahead playing really fast and the 4some behind was about a hole back. The course is getting a lot of play and some areas show the wear. Fairways have good cover and more divots have been filled but still a fair amount were neglected. On our cart the bottles were empty but was able to fill up on #3 where there was a box with divot mix. Rough is currently being cut down and with it being on the dry side it is not very punitive. Tees are mostly good.
Sand traps are a mess greenside being the worst. The course has removed all the rakes as most people were not using them and has made a local rule to lift and place. It was obvious also that they had not been groomed for a couple of days.
Greens are very playable and roll well even though they show the effects of so much play and some un-repaired or poorly repaired ball marks.
8/5 guru outing with Johnny, Andrew and my worthy opponent Matt--1st time here and if it were not for the distance and time from OC this course would be included in my regular rotation, even though it plays tough for the kind of game(or lack there of) that I have.
We were made to feel really welcome and really appreciated for having the outing.
Fairways have good cover but are firm and while giving good roll require a more precise descending strike. Was minimal but some areas presented more of a challenge as it could be a little clumpy. Tees level and lush. Bunkers a plenty filled with deep heavy sand mostly groomed with just a few that needed a good finishing churn.
Greens are quite firm fast with difficult to read breaks. They are also large and had many pins tucked behind the looming bunkers. Also put myself in quite a few short side situations with really no chance of getting close as almost every shot ran out.
Layout is varied with water a factor on a few holes. Visually course is appealing with tree lined fairways and white sand bunkers. Greens tended to be fronted by up slopes so short stayed short. A high shot with spin is really necessary which sadly is lacking on my part. All and all a very enjoyable though humbling round. And yes I would come back and woulod definitely recommend playing here.
Played 7/28 and 8/2 POP 430 and 415 with minimal waiting and no following pressure. Fairways have mostly good cover with very few thin lies but still with ample cushion as the course is watering extensively but not to the point of flooding. Appears that there is more attention to filling divots but still too much neglect, more so on the back 9 and inside the cart signs. Rough is cut down somewhat a little shorter in front of the greens so there is a chance that a ball might run up. There are still some tough spots on slopes and further from the fairway proper. Tees mostly in good shape and teeing areas are more narrow and being rotated more frequently. Bunkers have heavy sand mostly groomed and rakes available and actually used on occasion.
Greens are also well watered and soft accepting full shots but also providing roll out for chips and putts. Cover appears rather thin and the surface appears fragile as there are some large pitch marks in the process of slowly healing. Some bumpiness but mostly smooth rolling at medium fast speeds.
Good service, large practice greens for chipping and putting, range with mats and carts with interactive GPS.
Good layout and good value with the palm card--weekday $50
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