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2/2 using black friday promotion voucher $100 2some after 11am with a small bucket on a very pleasant SC day. Very busy but got out right at 1210 with POP about 425 with limited waiting and CPO on 1/2 the holes. Fairways were mostly on the thin side but still provided ok lies. Rough was inconsistent with some thicker juicy areas that were pretty grabby if the ball had settled down. Lot of unfilled divots more so on the CPO holes.
Tees were in good shape. Bunkers had well groomed deep and heavy sand that played tough.
Greens were really good, receptive and consistent at medium fast speeds. A few pins were in marginal places as slight misses were overly punished especially 17 placed to the rt front where from the left or above the hole there was an extra 6 feet of roll and from the left a pronounced u turn at the hole. Overall knowing where the ocean was really mattered. Also a temp green on 16 as there is bunker work in progress
Staff friiendly and welcoming.
just a comment in suport of good customer service. Over the past month have been trying to get a tee time sing their cyber voucher $99 2some after 11, so have called in and have generally had an available time between 12 and 1230. On 2 occasions the proshop rep informed me of work projects, 1st bunker repair with the use of 2 temp greens and the other that the range would be closed. So refreshing to be told ahead of issues that affect the experience. Still working on a time and date if the weather cooperates.
12/19 GK/GM outing on a very pleasant late fall day in the IE. Had been about 30 years since playing here less than a handful of times back in the day so nothing was fasmiliar.In talking with the staff I got the impression that the club is in a stated of flux with some on going staff changes notably the suprintendent after a brief stint. Also staff indicated that conditins would be mixed as "the end of summer was really hard on the course" and there was no overseed this season as the goal is to return kikuyu to prominence. Also there had been issues with the greens that were being attended to. It also seemed apparent that the club does not host many outings as there were not enough carts for every one, the bar and dining room were not available and the snack bar was also closed. Driving range has limited stalls so cooperation and patience was required. Staff was very friendly and worked hard to pull off the event.
Fairways were generally ok with some being quite nice and others looking more like a public course. Lies therefore varied from good to thin. Rough was cut down so very playable. Tees had adequate cover but a few were sloped and some appear to need a rebuild as they have settled since the 1968 opening. Bunkers looked to have been renovated were well groomed and had nice fine but compacted sand with fairway bunkers more on the firm side which I prefer.
Greens overall played better than they looked as some had some damage and a few had areas of repair. They were fast and all had more slope than was easily deciphed. Again after 50 plus years the on going influence of terraine and topography. I gave up keeping track of 3 putts and really celebrated any inside of 4 foot that i made. #15 was especially diabolical to the point of ridiculous as anything above the hole that got an inch past the hole settled at 15 feet and even below the hole a putt could stop a foot away and roll back to 10 feet. I got so lucky that my 2nd putt got about 2 inches past the hole came back and teetered on the edge before falling in--kinda a tiger moment but for a bogey.
I would like to have seen a set of markers for old guys laid out between the white and the reds. Still had fun enjoyed the round with Kris, Scott, and Dan. Pop was about 445 without waiting genedrally arriving at our balls as the group ahead moved on. until our last 3 holes. Guess it was mostly all those extra putts and time spent trying to get better reads.
Overall a good outing, not the conditions or ammeneties often found at a private CC but a good price for a setting that is mostly unavasilable. I would do it again for sure.
12/4 GK birthday bash, again a well oiled machine of an event and a teatament to Johmmy's vision and hard work.Played with Lindsey, and David and Kevin who were completing the GK cup championship providing an additional element of drama to an outstanding grouping. Reviews have covered the course conditions so not much to add other than that the greens had improved since the proir Monday.
11/28 using golf moose $70 2some on an initially cool am. Smooth check in and easy 3 hr POP. Fairways have been getting plenty of water and were generally soft so divots were magnified and in abundance, probably because there are many walkers. Grass conditions were mixed as the kick you is dominent so lies tended to be shaggy and iffy. The sodded areas are quite good but often in areas where the ball wasn't. Some areas that have been seeded are still pretty bare. Rough is short but tricky. Due to the topography it is easy to find uneven stances.
Bunkers were recently groomed and looked good. Tees were mostly level and playable.
Greens were rather disappointing as they did not appear to have recovered well from the maintainence as punching was still visible and there were areas of damage/bare spots on many of them. Overall they played better than they looked but early on before the mower got to them they were bumpy/grainy and unpredictable. Speed picked up as the morning warmed and mowing helped smooth them out but did not help the looks.
Staff were friendly and welcoming. Range was open. Large practice area for chipping. Practice green was in much better shape than those on the course.
11/14 al ittle late on this one the joy of getting old I guess. Overall conditions are good. Fairways have good cover a little tight but due to recent rains were on the soft side providing good cushion for irons but a little more challenging for metals. Did notice quite a few unfilled divots as there were a few days of CPO that may have been a factor. Rough 1-2 inches and varied as sometimes whispy and others juicey.
Tees ok with some being rested so markers were generally moved up. Bunkers have ample heavy sand requiring committed swings.
Greens are really good, fully recovered, receptive and quick. Layout allows for some tricky pin placements tucked behind bunkers or near perimmeters to make getting short sided a possibility.
Staff friendly and welcoming as ever and using the birdie card cost was $50.
11/7 guru outing on a balmy somewhat breezy am following a rather slow 4somw waiting almost every shot for a 440 POP but heck nic3 day, good views and even better company thanks to Steve and Wade.
Course just opened to no CPO so there were a fair number of unfilled divots but it was evident that staff had been making the rounds to catch up. Fairways in really good shape providing excellant lies. Rough was minimal and in come areas dry and whispy. Tees lush and level. Bunkers well groomed but depth of sand tended to vary requiring attention prior to swinging.
Greens rolled very smoothly medium fast with some tricky reads as topography definitely was an influence but often hard to detect.
Great staff easy check in. Carts have interactive GPS. Really nice DR with grass and quality balls. Practice green replicated on course conditions.
Fun day in the desert. Thanks Johnny for setting it up.
11/3 100 tee time using teeoff $34 after $10 rewards deduction, breezy a little cool but nice for a fall afternoon. POP right at 3. Current conditions are good to fair with fairways a little thion so lot of tight lies. Rough about 2 inches playable but definitely impeds roll. Tees vary as there are new ones in play and more under construction. Oldert tees are worn and not very level. Bunkers have been refilled with ample sand some of which is heavy and thick.
Greens have recovered but the variable weather seems to have made a few to look a little stressed. Overall rolled well medium fast and pretty true.
Easy check in by friendly staff. Renovations continue and progress is evident. Anticipating completion Feb 2023.
10/3 off at about 830 on a pleasant SC morning slightly overcast with an intermittent light breeze following a 4some and a single walker but played steady with 3 1/2 POP.
Found many lies in the fairway rather thin or settling down to the ungrassed area between the better cover. Funny how today a few inches would make quite a difference as to the lie while last week here my ball was better at finding the grass. Oh the humanity or thats the rub. Rough about 1-2 but enough to slow the ball and to be grabby at times.
Tees level but well worn but playable. No bunkers but they looked good. Some have been reconfiguered to have the layered faces. Quite the look.
Greens were dry faster and rolled true and receptive. Most are elevated and do not forgive misses as every close shot bounces away.
Friendly staff, easy check in with golf moose voucher. Was glad to hear that punchng was moved back a week so the Goat gets to punish me again next week.
9/26 using golf moose $80 2some on a really nice fall am with a 320 POP with some time spent looking to find the errant shots. Had not been here for 6 mo or so and overall was impressed with the upgarades, lot of grass where it was dirt and some new tee boxes. Fairways varied for quite good to thin in places as the heat has been an issue. Lies were ok to good. Rough was cut short but caught yout to shot making. I founf that the rough was actually helpful as it prevented excessive roll out and kept the ball in play. Never hit a bunker but they looked well maintained.
Tee boxes were level but some were chewed up. Most teeing areas are rather small so even with rotation they take a beating.
Greens are healthy with good cover. At 8 am they were wet and had not been brushed nor mowed so were on the slow side but got better as the round progressed.
Easy friendly check in. Range is closed early mondays. Carts are basic but effective. Fun layout where accuracy is primary.
9/8 finally back to a golf course after a layoff due to traveling etc,played 9 holes 5 weeks ago and then this outing. Have not really been able to hit balls due to a toe injury so rusty does not even come close to how my attenpt at golf was. Must say I did his an occassional ok shot and made a few good putts but overall this was a social outing.
The course itself is showing the effects of summer weather and the recent heat/humidity has left things patchy. 50% good lies 30% fair and the rest iffy. Fairways are spotty and in places 3 feet can make a difference as to the lie. Tees are a little worn. Did not get into any bunkers.
Greens overall were good with some thin areas but very playable, medium fast and rolling well. POP about 3 1/2.
Construction projects are in full swing so a lot of dirt being moved. Areas beyond the rough on slopes had been scraped a while back so the ball comes back into play but it looks rather stark.
Easy check in by friendly staff.
7/18 finally getting back to play after a 4 plus week layoff and with limited opportunity to do much practice the rust was quite evidident. Pleasant but a little humid and no wind in the beginning with back 9 start so the typical finishing hobut still plenty of les 16/18 had no wind issues and 7/8/9 play with a following breeze. Easy POP under 4 even with a little waiting on the last few holes.
Conditions are quite good, fairways firm but with mostly good cover and cushion. Rough cut down and the areas in front of the greens woud allow some short shots to roll up. Tees are ok. Bunkers have ample sand and generally groomed.
Greens have really improved as the poa is more controlled providing smoother faster putts with some subtle breaks right near the hole.
Friendly staff and easy check in.
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