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1/29 using their cyber monday special $60 including rangeballs. POP 415 with no waiting on a balmy wam morning. Overall conditions were mostly ok as the course is still healing from the serious rain event a little over a week ago. fairways have some really good areas with excellent lies but patches that are quite thin. Turf is still quite soft and vulnerable to large divots many being left unfilled partly die to an extended CPO. and a couple were showing their age as over time some slope or crowing has developed;
Rough is very inconsistent with some areas quite short and others a tangled challenge which was often closer to the greens so had quite a few swing and pray shots.
Bunkers were well filed with groomed comLike the layout with nice variety and pacted sand. Tess were also inconsistent with some rather shaggy and some showing their age with some slope or crowning.
Greens rolled medium medium fast were soft and receptive but again due to the rain were a bit grainy and sometimes bumpy, Just witing for the drying out period to alow for a rolling.
Easy check in friendly staff. Good layout with nice variety and is very visually pleasing
1/2 using black friday voucher $100 2some with range balls after 11 M-TH able to finally snag 1130 tee time. Paired with a couple of 30 yr old long ball golfers and very good company who played the blues while us oldsters played the gold. Conditions overall were mixed with 4 holes plus par 3s CPO mainly due to recent rains. POP right at 445 which apparently is within their goal for after 10 starts. Waited on a few holes front 9 then due to some uncaracteristic scattering of the ball often shared by more than 1 of our group we did not have anymore waits and the 4 some following never really caught up so the pace seemed better than the clock showed.
Fairways were ok with some thin lies but overall lies were adequate. Rough consisted of mixed grasses often lumpy so lies were randomly ok or just plain nasty. Found 1 bunker which had finely compacted sand. Tees were shaggy but level.
Greens continued the theme of mixed varietals leaving a camo look and contributing to occassional bumpiness. Played better than they looked but seemed to be inconsistent on speed or as a group we really did a poor job of reading slope. Green complexes are large with considerable contour and topography to consider.
This course plays hard and wayward shots are punished. But the overall setting makes the suffering worthwhile.
Friendly staff good gps soft mats on the range and nice chipping area and large putting green with less slope than those on the course.
12/9 8 am tee time with a comfortable 4 hr POP. Fairways have good cover overall and are mowed fairly tight but with the underlying soft turf full irons and hybrids present no issues. There are some areas that have a proliferation of small clumps of grass. Recent newsletter reported plan to remove poa from fairways so that may be related. Rough is not long but stops forward roll and depending on how much the ball sinks in the shot is easy or requires more precision. Bunkers have ample sand. Tees are generally good with the par 3s needing some love.
Greens roll well medium fast and today pins were often place at the edge of the identified zone which added to the challenge.
New carts were arriving and we were required to switch out at the turn. Fancy and comfortable.
12/11 nice late fall morning. POP right at 4hr on a fairly busy day. Course is in generally ok shape with some residual damage from the hurricane. Some fairways were flooded and #13 specifically has about 1/4 of its fairway left with sand and dirt adjacent to the river. No overseeding so fairways are a mix of grasses and lies are varied and random. So you get the rub of the green experience on occassion. Rough is spotty with again varied grasses so some areas thin others coud be longer and thicker. Tees on the par 3s are beat up. Bunkers have enough sand and overall were playable.
Greens have good cover but tended to vary in speed and had some grain to factor in along with the slope. Overall River View is worth the occasional play and considering green fees now days it is definitely a value play, just dont expect higher end fancy.
9/9 GK event on a great late fall day 70ish no more thanan occassional light breeze playing on a scenic well maintaned and managed golf resort. Conditions overall were very good with an easy checkin with assigned carts and easy access to the DR and practice areas.
Fairways have good cover with very few slightly thin areas where possibly the overseeding was affected by wind or water. Lies were good from the fairway and were sometimes tighter near the greens. There were more unfilled divots that I had expected. Rough was not long but as noted previously it could be quite sticky at times.
Bunkers have nicely compacted fine sand and had good cover with only 1 we encountered being thin at the low point. Tees overall lush and level with some issues on a couple of the par 3s where there were and overwhelming # of un filled divots. I played from the tan markers and in general the boxes were quite small so not easy to rotate the markers.
Greens were very healthy rolled medium fast and were fairly consistent. Their surface seemed a little crusty or maybe grainy but overall rolled smothly. Needed to have more local knowledge as they were tough to read as the prevailing topography was a definite factor(where was the Indio is that way sign) and some pin placements were downright devilish.
Fun layout with good variety and deceptively difficult as the wide appearing fairways were elusive. Additionally with pins often near edges short sided mises were often a given.
Well worth the spluge and Johnny once again was the consumate host.
11/29 425 POP generally keeping up with 4 somes ahead and waiting on the par 3s and then about 10 min starting the back 9. Nice day partly sunny with a few gusts of 1 club wind on the last 4-5 holes. Fairways have ok cover and good cushion. Some random wet areas and more than a few unfilled divots. Lies were good with a few being rather tight but with the cushion still very playable. Fair amount of roll out. Rough cut to less than 2 in but sticky and would definitely stop forward roll. Bunkers were in good shape. Tees level but a few were thinnish mostly on the par 3s.
Greens were posted at 10.5 for speed and were fairly consistent. Greens were somewhat on the soft side and were receptive to well struck shots and consequently vulverable to pitch marks with a few unattended and some visible scars.
Greens still show some discolorization from aereation and also were a little bumpy on occassion. For whatever reason putts still seem to wander off right and left at the hole if not nearly dead center and sufficient pace.
good chipping area with a bunker and practice green that was a little slower and smoother than on course. Range has well cushioned mats. Carts are comfortable with interactive gps.
Friendly staff and smooth check in. Palm card still is a reasonable 300 for 5 plays M-TH.
played last week with Nick who graciously enabled my son Grant and I to join him at this great location. Course was coming out of overseed so still CPO so there was for me considerable walking. POP started off fairly slow as the 4some ahead was deliberate. However at 10 they stopped for something so we as a 3some played on and turned a potential 445 round into a 4hr one as it was completeluy open from 10 on.
Course is lush with great cover on the fairways for really good lies but with rather soft conditions roll was limited. Rough was not that long but sticky at times. Tees level and lush.
Bunkers had very playable sand and were well maintained.
Greens were also quite good and roll,ed well at mediums fast speeds. Due to the recurring influence of topography they were often tough to read so even with the expert assist from Nick I was left SMH on more than 1 occassion.
Very enjoyable time with good company and some exceptional vistas.
10/9 740 tee time that just happened to be available as of last night. Started out damp and foggy for about the 1st hr with continued warming but overall quite nice. POP 430 following a pretty deliberate 4some but in reality we might not hac=ve done much better as 1 or more of our 4 some had some intermittent struggles.
Check in was easy and welcoming. Range was open this a m and th echipping area as well. Putting green was a little slow from the morning moisture kinda like the 1st 4-5 greens.
Course will start mainainence next week so the so the current conditions are not going to be all that relevant. Fairways remain full and lush providing good lies and cushion but less roll out. Rough about 1-2 inches but has some thicker areas that are more punitive. Plan iis to fertalize both and not sure if that will include plugging.
Bunkers were well groomed with mostly compacted sand which has a somewhat heavy texture. Tees have good cover overall but some of the markers were placed far forward bringing some slope into play.
Greens are very soft so there is evidence of pitchmarks mostly repaired but due to the nature of the surface seem to be slow to heal. Rolled ok with just some minor deviation.
9/19 using teeoff $19 for 9 playing with 2 really nice guys and following a 2some and 4 some had POP of about 115. 1st time here and a fun layout and more difficult than the length would indicate with the fairways having good cover but quite soft from the recent hurricane. Nice lies but limited roll out. Rough was tough being long and tangled roviding quite a challenge to advance.
Tees were not in the best of shape with the par 3s mostly beat up and thin. Many also were uneven with some pronounced slope. Did not get into any bunkers which looked to have acceptable sand and were groomed.
As indicated earlier the course plays harder than the length as the fairways are more narrow than they appear from the tee. There is often enough of a dog leg to also shrink the landing area. And then there are the greens all having significant slope often maginfied by the prevailing topography. Most were in nice shape with # 8 having significant issues with a large bare area. I had trouble getting the pace. And way too often found myself short sided which did not go well. Overall an enjoyable outing a nice scenic location, good weather and good company. Staff was friendly and welcoming.
9/13 playing as a guest with the Wed mens club 825 teeoff with an outstanding POP of 4 hr.Fairways are in overall good shape with the turf being quite healthy with good cushion and is well watered to the point that the ground is rathw soft limiting runout.Due to the soft conditions there are a lot of large divots about 1/4 of which were not filled. There are some areas that have retained water and need to be marked off to prevent cart traffic. Also there are some areas in the swales close to the greens that are wet enough to qualify as casual water and are so soft and spongy that it could easily swallow an approch shot.
Rough is cut fairly short but is still a factor as it quickly stops shots andextraction varies depending on whether the ball sinks or sits up. Tees are in ok to good shape. Some par 3s have unfilled divots even with mix available but no scoops. Tee markers are being rotated but it did not appear that anyone was responsible to fill the divots from past locations.
Bunkers look to have ample sand but many are thin at the bottom and often damp. Many bunkers do not have the self grooming rakes so there were often some major fot prints even though the bunkers looked to hac=ve been freshly maintained.
Greens follow the theme of being quite soft leaving them very receptive but prone to large pitch marks and with the rather thin cover repairs are difficult. Many of the treens look damaged with spots and small bare spots. Don't know if the weater has imped3ed the greens growth or if they are getting too much water and not enough sun but they just look fragile. # 15 the par 3 and the 1st hole of the quandry looked to have the berst conditioned green with very good turf. Maybe due to more sun and a consistent breeze. IN spite of the appearance greens rolled pretty well even with the occasional bumps.
Check in was easy. Very friendly welcoming staff. Nice practice area with practice bunker, large chip and pitch green and well maintained putting green. @nd week in a row that the driving range had a delayed opening due to required work so did not get a full warm up but some things take priority and overall the course consistently is working to provide a really good golf experience.
9/6 415 POP with easy check in. Range was closed as crew was fixing a water leak in front of the bays. Fairways have good cover to the point of not giving all that much roll, but really good lies. Found a few unfilled divots but not horrible. There were a few wet areas, maybe left over from the last rain and was surprised that they were not roped off as it was evident that carts could leave significant tracks. Rough not very long but thick and grabby both limiting roll and affecting the clubhead.
bunkers were varied, some being wet and some thin at the bottom. All were freshly groomed but a few had rakes that lacked instruction as to how to use to smooth out foot prints.
Tees were level with good cover. Did notice that on the par 3s markers looked to have been rotated but a lot of unfilled divots were left from the old marker placements. Also there were boxes with divot mix but no scoops.
Greens were reported to be 10.5 but seemed a little slower, maybe due to being more on the damp side and being rather soft. Appearance wise they looked a little beat up with lots of spots and color variation. Overall rolled fairly well and played better than they looked.
8/9 a little late but I am olfd and easily distracted. Nice POP of 415 with minimal waiting playing with the mens club as a guest and must say that they kept all the groups moving. Fairways are really good with lush coverage so good lies but less rollout. Only a coucple of wet areas and limited divot damage. Rough is cut down but is very healthy and rather sticky. Bunkers were groomed and looked good but a couple had very thin coverage over wet hardpack if the ball was at the bottom of the trap. Deep and generally heavy sand on the slopes.
Tees had good coverage and only #8 with the markers up toward the front had some slant.
Greens looked rather beat up. They were fairly damp and on the soft side so maybe the ball marks were very slow to heal. Overall rolled ok but ball tended to wander a bit with loss of speed.
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