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3/1 playing at 830 for the twilight rate thanks to Josh who provided a discount due to a prior really slow round--nice customer care as he had read the review posted on their site and GK and wanted us to have a better experience. Today POP was right at 4 hr but seemed slower as we were a 3some following a 4some so there was waiting on many shots--could not tell if they were out of position because tee times were rather sporadic. Time was still well under target time and it was a very nice day.
Fairways are winter condition with generally good lies some better than others often impacted by the type of grass as some is growing better than others. Way too many unfilled divots considering that sand is provided. Used 4 bottles trying to help out. Rough is equally variable with some clumpy areas and some challenging extractions around the greens.
Bunkers have adequate sand more on the firm side but playable. Tees were rather thin and often firm.
Greens have good cover, receptive to well struck shots but playing firm for pitches with considerable roll out. Tricky to read needing to dial in pace and line as often the major break was right at the hole.
Enjoyable layout with remote feel even with streets and houses nearby. Good variety. Really friendly and welcoming staff.
2/27 playing with my son Grant and two of his friends from the old neighborhood, Rod and Richard for an enjoyable recreational round of golf full of trash talk and laughter especially at the misfortune of others interspersed with some good golf shots and the mandatory exchange of a few dollars. Had a 30 min frost delay which compacted the groupings leading to a 5 hr POP which was offset by the company in the 4some.
Fairways are in winter thin condition with some patches of grass that can provide better lies.
Firm conditions helped with the roll out. Rough is generally short with a few areas on slopes that were downright brutal. Beyond the rough there is a variety of weeds shrubs bushes etc so even finding your ball is going to likely cost you a stroke or more.
Tees are thin and some very firm. Bunkers mostly have adequate sand but even with grooming really showed the wear from all the traffic and lack of rakes.
Greens are firm at least medium fast and tricky with some pin placements today leaving little margin for error and inviting an easy 3 putt.
Staff is friendly and welcoming. Drink cart was actively circling.
2/22 using GK coupon @39 on a balmy but breezy morning good spacing on tee times no waiting but still a 4hr POP due to our random ineptitude. Course is challenging and extremely scenic being remote and mostly surrounded by wild lands. Fairways have decent cover some thinish areas but quite playable. Mostly firm but generally enough cushion to prevent too much bounce. Rough was varied out in the open rather whispy and easy to hit from while in some shaded areas thick and grabby. Tees were just ok with some lacking cover and being really firm. Also depending on tee placement there was occasional slope--we played the whites ands though the yardage looked on the shorter side the course still has teeth.
Bunkers were the weakest part as they played tougher than they looked. Were groomed and looked and even felt soft but tended to have a hard base making it easy to bounce and thin shots--could use a good deep churn which also could be counter productive due to current covid no rake provision.
Greens are in good condition and are quite the challenge with many being elevated and all being quite firm with tough reads and breaks at the hole. It became apparent the putts really had to carry speed through the hole but that lead to some 4-6 foot come backers and way too many 3 putts.
Small driving range with soft matts. Informative GPS with distance to trouble. Welcoming friendly staff. Great layout with good variety.
2/18 using GK coupon $45 good value for desert golf. Conditions overall were much better than 6 weeks ago as most of the fairway areas have filled in rather nicely. Still a few thin areas but had mostly good lies with the ball sitting uo and good cushion underneath. Not much rough except for a few patches on some side hills and yes I found them on occasion and did not play smart with 4 inches of clover and ball above my feet rolled it out into the bunker and tried to make it all up in one swing--did not work either and found another patch of rough. Same brain lock and same result minus the bunker. Found 4 bunkers total which were playable but did notice that several were really wet. Tees mostly level but some were rather thin.
Greens were good and played better than they looked as some were blotchy in appearance. Only #11 had some bare areas. Rolled medium fast and have some slope that at times was difficult to detect putting 3 jacks in play. Layout is enjoyable with good variety except today the par 3s were playing about the same yardage from the whites. There is water that can come into play depending on pin placement like on 16 a par 5 with the lake along the right side and fronting the green with the pin in the far back right.
Quick easy friendly check in and was sent to the tee early--no waiting no pressure from behind 330 POP. Wind started to come up on 11 but was gone by 14 so avery pleasant morning and an enjoyable round.
2/17 playing with my son Grant his best friend Rod and joined by David an actor who urrently plays a lawyer on SWAT and is best known for being Spocks replacement on an unreleased series of Star trek where he was the full Vulcan science officer--trekies look it up--he had stories to tell and kept us well entertained during our waits. Also was recovering from major ankle surgery so needed to use a walk through swing--good golfer who had also played with a few notables thru the years,
On to the course, if you like green you will love it here, expansive green from wall to wall. Fairways are lush and rough is cut down to about an inch. Most divots have been filled either the golfers are very attentive or the crew spends a lot of time and attention to detail. Tees are mostly level and have good cover. Bunkers have good sand but no rakes.
Greens are healthy rolling out medium fast and mostly smooth.
Layout provides ok variety but does not have a lot of character, mostly flat some water adjacent with only 1 hole where it was necessary to hit over water, I guess with this being a retirement community this 18 was designed with the senior in mind though the course does have some length.
Driving range was grass but well worn. Starter was very efficient and moved us up as the group scheduled was tardy. POP right at 4ish with some waiting especially on the back.
Used golf moose came out to about $75 per which is more than I usually go for but I used gift certificates which I had gotten for Xmas and my birthday.
2/16 guru outing in a stiff breeze 1-3 clubs worth with a 4 hr POP with Johnny, Gus and Brian a really fun grouping. Fairways are mostly lush good roll and good cushion, a few too many unfilled divots but considering that the course gets a lot of "resort" play it unfortunately is mostly expected. Rough is dormant so the beige in contrast to the deep green of the fairway is a sight to behold. Tees level and playable. Found 1 bunker which looked to have adequate sand bt was a little firm under the surface.
Greens were somewhat soft but still quick rolling well at medium fast speed. Greens have enough slope and contour to make for some challenging putts.
Excellent customer service.
2/13 Not much to add to Andrew's comprehensive review as he is spot on. I found 1 bunker which had ample sand and was playable. Tees on the thin side. Fairways are best played winter rules as a few inches in any direction could make a difference between a good to awful lie. Not much rough and equally inconsistent so that was rub 0of the green and beyond the rough well let's not go there.
Greens are the highlight and are challenging and with the contours amoeba shapes pin placements could be downright wicked.
We used under par vouchers came out $36 per golfer and is quite the value.
Played 2/8 and 2/10 course conditions are above average for this time of year. Fairways have mostly good cover with a mix of grasses so some parts are near perfect and a few are on the thin side but still with good cushion. They have done some nice work on #11 to help with drainage so it has filled in nicely. #16 has a few chronic bare areas which typically would be GUR, Sand bottles provided but not used often enough as quite a few unfilled divots with some deep enough to make a potato farmer happy. Rough is thick enough to slow the ball and can present a challenge for extraction.
Tees are ok a little on the thin side and 1 or 2 were slightly crowned. Par 3s somewhat worn. Bunkers have mostly deep heavy sand with no rakes.
Greens are in good shape considering the amount of play. A few too many pitch marks and just occasional bumpy issues. Mostly however rolled well medium fast and consistent through the round. Winter conditioning is set to start 3/15,16 according to the proshop and follow up email from Josh.
Really friendly staff and starter was on top of things as he moved us up both days to be paired with other 2 somes to keep things moving.
Had an unusual POP situation on 2/8 with the 4some ahead being quite deliberate and from the start looked to have open holes ahead although because of the winding nature of the holes they may have had to wait themselves but bottom line was a nearly 5 hour round. When I mentioned the POP in my course review Josh reached out to help address the issue and to offer a return booking at a discount. Impressive to know that management is connected to the golf experience and committed to excellent customer service. 2/10 POP was back to normal at 415.
2/1 slight overcast but very pleasant overall. POP 4 hr with more waiting on the back 9. Friendly check in. Nice practice area for chipping including bunker and large putting green about the same speed as on course. Soft mats on DR, interactive GPS and sand bottles on cart which apparently many players have forgotten how to use as there are way too many unfilled divots. Segway to fairways which are dormant giving good roll but some thin lies but soft ground underneath which leads to some big divots. Some areas on the wet side and there was some type of organic fertilizer which consisted of small dirt balls(not from plugs) spread over random areas which frequently adhered to the ball. Rough cut down along fairways but long and juicy on slopes around greens.
Tees ok with some damage on the par 3s. Bunkers have a lot of deep heavy sand.
Greens have some camo coloring and appear to be doing ok even with the amount of play and lack of attention to ball mark repair. They appear somewhat fragile but roll pretty well with just occasional bumpiness.
1/31 guru outing pleasant day good grouping and an overall enjoyable round even with my erratic play. Course is relatively flat with a few somewhat elevated greens lots of waste areas and bunkers that are4 well placed to provide some extra challenge if the pin is tucked behind. Myself I did not find any of those bunkers but they looked to have good sand==no rakes here however. Fairways provided mixed conditions with some areas quite thin and others having good cover--looked like the overseed did not consistently fill in. Rough was minimal. Tees ok. Greens were adequate with a little grain and some subtle slope that made for a lot of almost made putts. POP was right at 4 with more waiting on the last 9 for some reason.
Nice driving range but for some reason the stations were move to the front edge leaving a down hill lie. Big putting green that was a little quicker than on course conditions. Friendly and welcoming staff. comfortable cart with basic GPS.
the rating came out on the low side more accurately 7.1/7.2
1/23 playing GK cup match with John Eric and Andrew on a day that started out cool--5-6 holes-- and overcast which turned to wet and cold with rain stopping for the last 4 holes. Fairways seem to be typical winter condition thin in places and some areas ok. Rough is minimal. Tees mostly thin but ok. Bunkers were wet by the time I found one and it had enough sand. Greens were fairly soft but did not always hold full shots and were generally quick. Would be nice to come back when it was not raining.
Overall the course except for the greens which were the best part looks like a tract that had been dormant for a long time and is in the process of recovery. I would guess that by this time next year it will be substantially better. Still the layout with some elevation changes, forced carries. water features and strategically placed bunkers makes it a worthwhile play as it is.
Friendly staff but limited amenities, basic cart, no GPS and no driving range but well maintained putting green.
1/14 Guru outing with Greg Steve and Perry very enjoyable group on a picture perfect day and a course fit for golf in the kingdom. Very visually appealing with deep green fairways and rough with desert scape, abundant water fowl in the lakes and white sand in the bunkers. I will start my review with the afore said bunkers as I became the resident expert in our group having found 3 fairway bunkers, 3 waste areas and at least 6 greenside Found conditions almost ideal as the waste areas were firm, fairway ones might have been a little firmer for my liking and the greenside had nicely compacted fine sand--oh and the course had rakes. My play out of the traps improved what with all the practice.
Fairways were fantastic with lush healthy growth and very few unfilled divots. Rough is also lush not overly penal but required focus and attention. Tees level and in good condition with some wear on the par 3s.
The greens are very healthy with tight full growth smoothly mowed. Very little evidence of ball marks as the combination of grasses and the highly technical use of water provides a turf condition that resists damage. I do not hit a high shot with spin so I can not judge how well good shots would hold. Chips and pitches tended to run out and our group seemed to adjust accordingly. Speed on putts was medium fast. Greens had some slope and sometimes subtle break or lack of as there were so many putts that came oh so close.
Great customer service from arrival to departure. Grass range with quality balls good pitching area and a huge putting green that provided a good preview of what to expect.
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