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Tuesday morning tee time at BP. Strict covid protocols being followed, check in and first tee very organized and on time. Tee boxes, fairways and rough had good coverage and were very green. Traps were well maintained with a good depth of sand. Greens are in bad shape with some sort of fungus some had been repaired and sand covering the repaired areas. POP was a little under four hours which is good considering how crowded the course was. The views and weather are always a plus.
Early morning Wednesday tee time. Course is following all covid requirements. Check in and first tee were right on point. Tee boxes had good coverage and were level. Fairways and rough were very green and lush with the problem being they were very wet from watering. Traps had plenty of sand but had not been raked from the previous day. Greens were receptive to good shots and had good coverage. Very few unrepaired ball marks, medium speed and putts held their lines. POP was 3.5 hours. Course was very busy when we finished.
Tuesday Morning tee time at EG. Check in and first tee well organized and running on time. Tee boxes level with ok coverage, fairways and rough are very dry/brown and hard to pick the ball cleanly. Many sand traps have bees swarming in them and played them as GUR in our group. Green complexes are the best part of the course, smooth and lush running at medium speed. POP at a little over four hours.
Tuesday morning tee time at Montebello. Covid requirements being followed, check in smooth. Course is very dry, tee boxes were beat up from lack of moving tee markers. Fairways and rough are dry and provide a lot of roll out. Greens are the best part of the course they are lush and smooth and running a little on the slow side. POP was a little over three hours.
Morning tee time at DMGC today. Covid 19 precautions in place, allowing walk up singles. The course was in great shape. Tee boxes, fairways and rough have very good coverage. The rough actually had some bite to it and really had to work at advancing the ball. Traps were well groomed but no rakes. The greens were lush and smooth running at medium speed. Two things that were wrong with the greens is that there were no pins so you had no idea where the cups were located. The other thing is the amount of unfixed ball marks, I have noticed this at other courses since things have opened up. Tee times are spaced by 12 minutes and POP was a tick under four hours. Basic golf with very good conditions.
Morning tee time Wednesday morning. Covid restrictions being followed by everyone. First tee introductions are awkward. Tee boxes in good shape fairways have good coverage but a little on the brown side. They are cutting back the rough and the cuttings made it tough to find balls lost two balls in the loose grass. Greens were firm and quick lots of unfixed divots. POP at four hours. Walking the back nine is no joke. Aerating greens on Tuesday and Wednesday
Monday morning tee time trying to beat the forecasted rain. Course is in really good shape for this time of the year. Tee boxes had good coverage and are level. Fairways are transitioning from winter thin. Traps looked in good condition and well groomed. Greens were in great condition with very few unfixed divots. Greens are a little tricky with subtle breaks around the hole and large green complexes. Staff here are always pleasant and organized. POP was a little under four hours.
Had a Friday morning 8am tee time at BPGC. Check in and first tee were well organized. Course is in very good condition and very busy, tees fairways and rough had good coverage. Traps had a good layer of sand and well groomed. Starter gave me a heads up on the speed of the greens and he was right. Greens were smooth and quick with little to no unfixed divots. POP was a little over four hours and was an enjoyable day of golf.
Walked on as a single Friday morning and was sent right out. Really enjoy the location and the layout of the course. Tee boxes were level with good coverage. Fairways are dormant and provide a lot of roll, rough is down and really not a factor. Traps were all well groomed and had nice sand. Aprons around the greens were lush and provided good lies for chipping. Greens were the highlight of the course. Well struck shots held the green, smooth surfaces, little to no unfixed divots and plenty of speed. Green complexes have undulations that you need to be on the right side of.
POP was a little over three hours. Course has a private club feel to it.
Played Sunday morning with a shotgun start. Customer service here is top notch and it was a beautiful day at Monarch. The course did not handle the rains very well. Entire course was CPO. Tee boxes were level with good coverage. Fairways were very thin and muddy. Lots of unfilled divots in landing areas. Rough had good coverage. This course has many sand traps and many were in need of maintenance from the recent rains. The greens were in good shape. Smooth and running at medium speed. Lots of mounding in the green complexes.
Two holes near the ocean are the signature holes and make you appreciate golf in Cali in the winter months.
Walked on Friday morning to LMGC and to my surprise was sent out right away. Check in was very smooth. The young man and young lady behind the counter are always a pleasure to deal with. Not an easy task with the players at this course.
The course is very green with all the rain we have had. Tee boxes were level and lush. Fairways were on the thin side, hit a drive on 16 and had an iron into the green. To the courses credit they did have a couple holes CPO. Rough was thick but could easily get out of. Traps had good sand and well groomed. Greens were lush and medium speed. As has been mentioned before it seems the norm that divots do not need to be fixed. Fixed as many as l could not the courses fault. POP was right at four hours which is not bad for LM. Bring your sense of humor and remind yourself you are not working.
Mid morning tee time at Westridge as a single. Check in was smooth and was informed that the course was wide open. Received a discounted rate due to rain the day before and it was CPO. Nice touch and let the ranger on the course know that CPO was a good choice for a very wet course.
Tee boxes were flat and lush. Fairways and rough were on the thin side and very wet, quite a few mud balls and thin lies. Sand traps were still soaked from the rain, crews were out draining and working to repair. Greens were in great shape and very lush. Greens were smooth and a little on the slow side. Quite a few unfixed divots which isn’t the courses fault just players who fail to repair them. POP was a little over three hours. Fun day and really enjoy the layout. With CPO you do get a little workout.
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