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6:40 tee time. Cold but warmed up nice. Right now the greens are perfect! Just virta cut! Very pure, and this is one of the courses biggest defenses. They have seeded a lot of the tee boxes so most were moved up! P of P here can be hit or miss, lots of carts, mixed with walkers. Greens are tough to read for most and takes most groups longer to finish but that's the beauty of Wilson. Some bunkers were super firm, others we're fluffy. They are punching next month so Now is the time to enjoy! Go Play!!
Played at 12:40 today and as GDR23 mentioned, walked, but everybody is walking!! LOL! All I would say is that a ditto everything that GDR23 wrote and his review as well exact same pace of play exact same slow up on the back nine but overall fantastic the weather held up throughout the day with a one-club breeze it was a joy to be out and playing highly recommended but remember every day is a Saturday now because nobody is working book early!
Social distancing in place! Check in outside through the window. No cash. Walking only, plan on bringing your own cart because they run out early. There are no rakes, ball washers, drinking fountains and most importantly, NO FLAGSTICKS! Pins are Front, Middle and Back, use GPS or if you can Lazer the guys putting on the green in front of you? ;) Greens are still recovering from areation and are a little bumpy and slow but in great shape, fairways are perfect, Rough is high and thick in some places as they haven't had time to mow everything, so keep on eye on where your ball goes! Very relaxing pace of play because everyone is walking. Tee times by phone or in person only! It was great to get out to play! Masks are a must at check in and perhaps on the driving range. I looked maxed out when I left at 1:30. 8-9 am not as crowded. But remember, right now everyday is a Saturday because no one is working!
So speaking about the last two reviews pace-of-play on a Saturday during a holiday weekend not surprised and neither should you be?
Played Tuesday and just a few things about booking a tee time. I had a hard time on their website, it transfers you to the GolfNow website that they're using because I have four different types of players two seniors to Walker's but book the tee time for riding with cart and thought we can adjust the rate when we got to the course, not so! but the starter said you should book it for the lowest rate possible, seniors and then they can adjust it. not sure why they couldn't adjust the more expensive tee time they had something to do with golf now so FYI call the course and booked it through them and you won't get locked into some rate that you don't want.
Okay on with my review, this golf course is a different type of golf, the fairways are firm, the greens are firm the bunkers are firm, it's windy! it is a links-style golf course you must embrace that style in order to enjoy this place. I ended up with two birdies, eight pars, seven bogeys andone double. pretty good for this place I'll take it all day we play the white tees. everything was really great about this course it is winter time the fairways are semi-dormant and rolling out quite a bit you must play your shots accordingly I musta hit at least eight greens in regulation the greens were holding for high lofted shots. my friends had a very difficult time putting on these greens they are hard to get used to and they're hard to figure out so when you come here have those expectations. if you haven't played here before, this is a very tough golf course and a very tough test of your golf abilities, Club selection, green reading, patience! I was told that they were going to go away from their ABC pin placements will no longer be in effect and that they're going to have five different pin locations on each green after they map the greens? anyway my buddies all shot in the hundreds normally there in the low-90s to mid-80s definitely not their cup of tea on the type of golf they enjoy but I still think this is an outstanding test of golf. Go play!
Played on Tuesday the First with an long time golf buddy. Tee boxes were in good shape, The fairways were freshly mowed and we're rolling out. They were so tight that you really should putt from the fringes. Bunkers looked fine and normal. The greens were receptive and rolled pretty good considering the amount of play this course gets. POP was a miracle 4.5 hours because the two groups in front of us only played 9! Other wise??? Fun and challenging track! No sign or word about areation. Starter said they have nothing scheduled so Go play!
So walked on today at about 9 and walked with one other player and another guy that rode. got around pretty nicely in just about 4 hours or a little under. fairways are in great shape. it look like they mowed them and there was some cuttings on the fairways but other than that the fairways were in great shape. greens were firm but holding shots for the most part, I've always had a tough time reading and putting on these types of greens but still had a good time. had two birdies for the round which was always nice encouraging one on 6 and on 9. sand traps vary depending on where you were. some of them are natural sand traps others are man-made so they vary depending I was in two of them today both are in good condition tee boxes are in great condition no problems there. a tough place to play if you're walking make sure you have lots of water and sunscreen and patience!! have fun go play ??
play it on Monday with my regular group we play all over southern California and knollwood happened to be on the agenda for today. The biggest thing were the greens the practice green was perfect enroll true the actual Greens on the course we're a little slow. I hear they may be airtating soon? I have always wondered why number 10 was cart path only? makes no sense to me and kind of disappointing because it makes you definitely not want to go anywhere left which is not good anyway but then focuses on trying to go straight or right or hitting a fade. other than that course was in pretty decent shape and pace of play was pretty good.. Call and ask about areation in the next week..
Took a nice "walk" around the "Shire" yesterday. 7:20 tee time. Get there early as it is ladies day on Tuesday AM . The course itself is in fantastic shape.The greens are pure and the fairways mowed. The rough was a little up but playable. Overall always a very enjoyable day at Penmar.
all right, played here on Wednesday the 25th and it was spectacular! I have not seen this course in better shape in a long time. The last time I played here It was so windy that I couldn't even review the course fairly. This time they were mowing fairways greens and tee boxes! You might want to ask why were they mowing fairways? Well they were lush. They had a good inch/inch and a quarter of grass on them so you could get the club on the ball, it was fun! Greens were typical links-style big false front, very firm and fast very challenging but they held shots overall. The course is in fantastic shape. like I said never seen it greener!! Go Play!
Played this morning with a 8:30 tee time. Fivesome. Starter squeezed in a twosome in front of us behind a foursome??? Local players who knew him... Not cool. Fairways for the first four holes were all punched a were wet mud plugs all over the fairways. Those greens were tracked on muddy footprints all over. The twosome pushed through and we never saw them again, back to normal pace of play. The rest of the course was in poor shape except the greens. Fairways were patchy and thin. Greens were fast but very moist. Hard to repair divots because they were so wet underneath. As you all should know.. small greens all well bunkered. Most green side bunkers were also damp sand but playable. Tee boxes were being mowed so Mondays must be maintenance day. Brookside#1 had a charity event and might be in better shape??
Played at 7:00 am today. Very nice POP. The greens are in the best shape I've seen in a year. Felt like they were freshly cut. Rolled very true! Bunkers were moist and heavy sand, due to overwatering? The front of the 10th green was like a sponge, very, very soft because there is no drainage for that hole and all of the water ends up at the bottom right front so do not be short right on your approach! Fairways are in decent shape with a little bit of bare spots here and there. The rough is well.... Kikuyu so it can be tough to get your club through it. Depending on your lie, take an extra club! Driving range Opens at around 7:30am and the Back nine snack shack was not open at 9:30 so plan accordingly if you go out early! Very fun day! Go Play! ;)
Played here yesterday, 3.15.16 in absolutely perfect conditions! Clear sky's, very little wind! (unexpected). Had a 10:00 am tee time. arrived at 8:45, had a nice breakfast burrito, Checked in. The guys in the pro shop were very, very nice. Very good CS. They asked us it we would like to hit balls and we did, (hence the early arrival, got to warm up a little) Bought the balls and went to the range to find it was closed until 10:00 am. Huh? The pro shop should have known that, so back to the pro shop and a refund. I told the starter up at the Vineyard shack to call the pro shop to tell them the situation, so they could stop selling range balls until the range was open. Oh well, on the putting green. Checked in early with the starter and dropped a couple on the putting green. Lightly sanded? Hmmmm??? After a few rolls, the greens were rolling very nicely, 9.5 even with the light dressing. Got out as a twosome and off we went! Tee boxes were all perfect, fairways were very decent, 1st cut of ruff, very manageable, then well you know the further off you go the thicker, nastier it gets! Bunkers, ( I played out of 5, two in one hole!) were raked and soft in places and a little crusty in others, Playable. We waited a little longer than was normal, even for a twosome, for a foursome of guys who looked like PGA stars and must have been trying to qualify for something?? After my buddy almost holes out number 7!, ( I mean it was 1/2 divot next to the cup, hit the pin on the bounce up and stayed right there!!) We turn the corner at 9 no snack shack! Not open, and there wasn't going to be a beverage cart? Come on RiverRidge, you should have one or the other period. We played the loop and stopped again at 11 to watch the PGA guys (just kidding, but a lot of white belts! ;) miss the Par three green when we saw a marshal. We asked about the bev, cart and snack shack and he kind of agreed with us that something should be offered. He offered to go and get us some beers or something for us and we agreed, got a Pepsi and a Diet Pepsi! How cool was that? Thank you Sirfun. Saved the day! All the greens have a lightly sanded top dressing right now. Shots held for the most part. Rolled true! Great Day... Go Play!
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