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Found this course on GolfNow for $27 so I had to try it. Course is in great shape and very playable and fair. I was paired up with a member so he was very helpful at pointing out the spots to hit for. Generous fairways so if you are not hitting the ball straight there is some room for error, but that doesn't mean you can spray the ball all over the place. I didn't find a bad lie in any of the fairways and they are in very good shape. The greens can be tricky and they had some of the pins in some tough spots and unless you hit a very high ball you were not going to get close to some of the pins. With this course situated at the base of the Superstition Mountains almost every green broke away from the mountains, but not all. There are some fun holes that can sucker you into trying to drive the green, but you could end up in some tight spots to hit your approach from so driver is not always the club to choose. I can't say to much about the bunkers because I was only in one of them, but the one that I was in was very nice and well maintained. Plenty of sand and no rocks which was a nice surprise for a change. Pace of play was 4 hours which for a holiday weekend was not bad considering we were a threesome and we followed a foursome all day. Staff was very friendly and the facility is nice with a decent practice area. If you are on the east side of the Phoenix valley or even in the Phoenix area its worth the 45 minute drive not to mention the great views of the mountains.
First let me tell you it was hot!!! 107 out.... The course is definitely feeling the heat with a lot of bare areas in the fairways, but with that being said it is still in relatively in decent shape. The fairways were punched so getting a smooth lie was a challenge. The layout is fun with a lot of rolling fairways, but fairly wide and generous landing areas so you can spray the ball around and still come out alright, but miss the green stuff entirely and you will be hacking out of the desert along with the rest of the wildlife. The greens are slow and a little on the thick side because of the heat, but they roll pretty smooth and they are green. The fringe is another story. Quite a few holes had a lot of repair done around the greens and you could definitely see where a lot of sod has been patch worked in. With a lot of thin area especially around the greens I found that you were better off taking your putter then using a wedge from anywhere within 20 yards from the greens. Some areas it was like hitting off of hard pan or concrete so better to just run it up with a putter. Bunkers are decent with just a few rocks here and there in them. The people there are very friendly and helpful and the cart girl must have been around about every 2 or 3 holes to see if you needed anything or ice. Definitely make sure you have plenty of water if you are playing this time of year. I played through GolfNow for $32, but I definitely would not pay full price for the shape it is in now.
Played the Wild Burro/Saguaro nines and I have to say it is a wonderful course. I won't lie the lack of rain has hurt this course and there are a few thin spots, but all in all the course is very playable. Typical Jack Nicklaus design where off the tee you have options either to let it rip over forced carry's or fairway bunkers or play it safe and set yourself up in the fairway. Fairways are wide so you have a lot of play and can afford to spray the ball a bit off the tee, but if you do miss the green stuff prepare to play out of the desert. This is target golf, but more forgiving. With the dry conditions expect a lot of roll out of the fairways, but be careful because you may run out of runway and end up in with the cactus. The greens are just as big and move like a rollercoaster. Some of the greens are bigger than most houses so make sure you are on the right level because you can easily find yourself with a 100' putt up and over hills and swales. The only thing that I had an issue with was with the bunkers. Most were hard and wet so it made blasting out a real chore and combine that with the steep faces on them you could spend a few shots trying to excavate yourself out of them. Even with the dry conditions, the heat and soggy bunkers it was still a joy to play and I look forward to playing it again.
This is a course that you want to play early in the morning before the wind picks up. Miss a fairway here and you are hitting out of the desert and rocks. With that saying the course is in good shape and The greens roll pretty true. The course is pretty flat, but has some interesting holes where pulling out the driver could get you into trouble. Most of the fairways are not very wide and stray from them will put you in the desert where you will find your ball resting on hard dirt and rocks. Perfect lie to break a club or damage one for sure. Even though the scorecard shows some water there is only one lake as the rest are dried up. Most of the greens are large, but have multiple tiers that make being in the wrong spot will make for a roller coaster of a putt. The staff was friendly and helpful and the price was right. Beware of the wind because it blows all of the time....
Was invited to play here and it was a good thing because there is no way that this course is worth $320 to play. Don’t get me wrong the course is in good shape, but not immaculate and the layout is fun and enjoyable. I just find it hard to justify that kind of price to play golf, but it was a course marked off my bucket list and the weather and view was excellent. Greens had great pace and rolled smooth. Bunkers were for the most part soft with plenty of sand below the ball. Fairways were in good shape with very few bare spots and the rough was thick. Customer service was great and they have a nice driving range to warm up on with plenty or room and all the balls you can hit. Fun round all in all, but unless you are getting a huge discount or playing for free take your $320 and spread it around a few courses instead of just one.
First time playing this course and was surprised that the course was not crowded for a Saturday. The course is in fairly good condition with some bare spots in the fairways, but most of them are in decent shape and roll very good. The tees are in ok condition with some bare spots and divot damage. The greens were in good shape and rolling pretty true and very receptive of shots in to them. Speed was medium to slow, but rolled flat and true. The bunkers are not great with most of them having a lot of rocks in them making club damage a big possibility. Most of the course is surrounded by houses so accuracy off the tee is a must.Fun layout with a good mix of long and short holes and a few holes where water comes in to play. Considering the recent heat wave that rolled through the area the past couple of weeks the course is holding up very well.
I played this course about 7 years ago and it was a fun layout, but after multiple owners a flood and a lengthy closure the course is open for business. Truthfully it should remain closed for play for at least another 6 months because this course is not in playing condition with the exception of the greens. Tee boxes were in good shape and just a little long. The greens are the best thing about the course. They hold shots very well, but are a little slow due to them letting the grass take hold and not cutting them close. The fairways are thin in most places and the areas that have grass its long. The rough, well there is none! Every hole was roped off so carts were not allowed off the paths. The rough is all dirt with very little grass to be seen. They are attempting to grow grass, but they have a very long way to go and even when they do get grass your going to have to worry about digging out rocks as you swing. The bunkers were just ok, some were well groomed and had good sand in them and other were like a rock quarry. The staff was friendly and even let me go out early since I had arrived about 2 hours before my tee time. Hopefully in a year this course will be good. It is a fun layout and a typical links style course. Rolling fairways, no trees, burns that run through some of the holes forcing some layups off the tees and in the fairways. I hope that they can get this place back to where it was before, but until then I will stay away for now.
Hadn't played Via Verde Country Club in over 30 years and you could tell that the years and the drought has taken its toll on the course. Still not in terrible shape, but you can tell that they are trying to recover from the past few years of drought and the current heat wave. Tee boxes were good with only a few bare spots to contend with. The fairways were decent, but not great. They are starting green up, but were still on the dry side with few bare spots to deal with. All in all not that bad. The greens were in good shape with the exception of a lot of unrepaired ball marks. It doesnt take that long to repair a couple of ball marks on the greens, but I am seeing this a lot more lately. The bunkers were perfect, well groomed and plenty of sand in them. For a private course its not what you would expect and that would account for the low membership, but it is still a fun course to play and its not a long course and can be fun for all handicap levels.
Marshall Canyon is not as bad as some would lead you to believe. Yes there are a few areas where the fairways are thin, but all in all the course is in relatively good shape. Tee boxes need a little work,but nothing that closing them for a couple of weeks to let the grass take hold. Greens are in good shape and are very receptive of just about any shot thats fired at them. Even low shots were holding pretty good. What makes this course play tough is the slope in the fairways and trying to figure out the break in the greens. Most of the holes run east or west and the slope runs south away from the mountains so landing on the proper side of the fairway is imperative to make sure that your ball doesn't roll down the slope and into the rough and trees. I can't say to much about the bunkers because I didn't hit in to any so no report there. The greens can be tricky to read and unless you have played here before or are playing with someone who knows them it can make for a long day with the putter. If you are riding be prepared to have your teeth rattled loose. The cart paths are horrendous and are in need of serious replacement. Staff was very friendly and even let me tee off about an hour early. Not many people out on the course on a monday morning so play was a little over 3 hours to play. The morning sports some wild life as there were about 20 deer grazing along the first few holes. If you hit your driver long and can work the ball then holes 8, 9 & 12 are reachable off the tee and can lead to some eagle attempts. Holes 1, 10 & 17 are par 5's and with good tee shots are reachable in 2 and with the way the greens are holding hitting a fairway wood or a hybrid is not a bad choice. For a county course this course is not that bad and it can be a great place for all skill levels to enjoy.
Got on today through Golfnow for $12.Not bad for a sunday. Played in about 2 and a half hours due to not much going since the men's club had a tournament going on. I have played this many times and always remembered it being in good shape, but not now. Fairways were thin and in a lot of areas there was no grass at all. You had a lot of lies where the ball was sitting down on dirt or very little grass. Sad to see the course like this especially after all the rain this past season. The tee boxes weren't much better. Many tees were uneven and not much grass to hit off of so it made finding a level spot impossible. The only thing that was good and consistent was the greens. They would hold shots well and were rolling pretty true. Not many ball marks were visible and they looked good. The bunkers were a bit wet and hard to hit out of and there were a lot of rocks in them. Definitely not the course that I used to play, but for the price and as fast as we played it still wasn't incredibly horrible. Hopefully they will get this course back to the fantastic track that it used to be.
Typical William P. Bell course. Very traditional much like Brookside in Pasadena. Wide fairways and multi tier greens. Fairways are tree lined, but you can still work your way through them. Some of the greens are well bunkered and some very tight pin positions make getting close to the flag a challenge. Course was built back in the 1940's so very mature trees where some of them come into play on your approach shots to the greens so positioning is important. Easy course to walk and enjoyable. This was a private course, but was sold about 2 months ago and turned public.
Found a deal on Groupgolfer for $39 so it was worth the drive. Friendly staff and very helpful. Practice area is large with plenty or putting greens and chipping areas to work on your game. The course was in fantastic shape and the weather was perfect. Fairways are just like carpet and the ball sets up perfect. There are a couple of par 4's that are reachable for the long straight hitter. A few hole don't require a driver, but a well placed tee shot with a hybrid or a long iron to set yourself up for a good approach to the green. Bunkers are well maintained and plenty of sand to hit out of. The greens are smooth and roll medium to fast with plenty of undulations and multi tiers. Greens are well bunkered and are very large. Not rare to find yourself with a putt of 80' or longer. I recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a fun and fair layout.
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